Timothy appeared as a quasi-suspect in Writer's Blocked (Case #21 of The Conspiracy), prior to which he made a video appearance in No Mercy for Old Men (Case #20 of The Conspiracy).


Timothy is a 25-year-old member of The Higher Truth, a cult. He has light brown hair and green eyes. He is seen wearing a brown shawl over a light blue shirt as well as a pendant.

In his quasi-suspect appearance, he ditches his pendant. 

Height 5'7"
Age 25
Weight 170 lbs
Eyes green
Blood A-

Events of Criminal Case

No Mercy for Old Men

Timothy first appeared in a DVD about The Higher Truth. He explained that he used to be frightened of a lot of things in his life, and that The Higher Truth had remedied his fear.

Writer's Blocked

After arresting Reggie Liotta's killer, Gabriel (disguised as a jetsetter) and the player ran into Timothy, who overheard Gabriel's musings about his supposed wealth. Gabriel and the player then helped Timothy find his necklace, who "convinced" Gabriel to join The Higher Truth and took him to meet The Enlightened One.

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