Tilly Harper appeared as a quasi-suspect in Hocus Pocus (Case #23 of Supernatural Investigations). She later made minor appearances in four more cases in Supernatural Investigations.


Tilly is Gwen's 13-year-old sister. She has green eyes, freckles and short red hair in a bob. She wears a pale yellow shirt with a white flower on each side of a beige collar, as well as an orange hairclip with a fuchsia and orange flower. It is known that Tilly owns a black cat.

Height 4'7"
Age 13
Weight 85 lbs
Eyes green
Blood AB-

Events of Criminal Case

Hocus Pocus

Mid-investigation, Gwen and the player were forced to file the former's mother, supernatural hunter Dolores Harper, as a suspect. Dolores was accompanied by Tilly, who told Gwen that she missed her. Dolores told Gwen that she had brought Tilly to the Hocus Pocus Museum in order to educate her on the dangers of the supernatural after she learned that she had befriended a Wiccan classmate.

After arresting Agnes Leek's killer, Dolores informed Gwen and the player that Tilly had gone missing from the museum. Per Hope, they tracked Tilly to a train station, where she revealed that she was trying to escape from Dolores' control. She begged Gwen to let her live with her. Exasperated, Dolores relented and allowed Tilly and Gwen to live together, although she predicted that Tilly would be knocking at her door in no time.

The Third Degree

Amidst the murder investigation of convicted archaeology professor Theresa Rosenthal, Tilly wanted to come along with FBI Agent George Mathison, Gwen, and the player to talk to her mother. Unfortunately, Gwen refused to bring her, saying that they wanted to talk about grownup stuff.

Death at a Funeral

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To the Lighthouse

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The Hunted Hunter

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