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Florence, Italy, 16th century...
Amy Young: <Name>, I can't describe how relieved I am that we found Penelope and convinced her to break up with that musketeer!
Amy: I understand she's beside herself with grief, but refusing to let her stay here in the Renaissance is definitely for the best!
Jack: And now that we've also saved Leonardo da Vinci from the Inquisition, and helped him finish painting the mural for King Francis...
Jack: ... and also solved the murder of a vizier in the Ottoman Empire...
Jack: ... we can finish recalibrating our time machine's computer, and go back to good old 2029!
Jack: Our last stop before returning to the present is Da Vinci's workshop here in Florence!
Amy: <Name>, you and Jack accompany Leonardo to his workshop first to make sure the coast is clear, and we'll follow after.

Later, outside Leonardo da Vinci's workshop...
(Jack is seen wearing a Swiss guard uniform throughout the case.) 
Da Vinci: Ah, home, sweet home!
Da Vinci (holding a letter): Hmm, it appears I've received a wedding invitation! From King Henry VIII!
Da Vinci: The bride is one Lady Fiore Giovanna Piera Grazia de Medici.
Jack: <Name>, I know Henry had multiple wives, but I thought all of them were named Catherine or Anne... I've never heard of this "Fiore"!
Wedding Guest: Guards! Guards! Lady Fiore is dead!
Jack: Wait, "Lady Fiore" as in King Henry's bride-to-be?
Wedding Guest: Yes! She was discovered dead in her changing room! Please, come quick!
Jack: We'll be right there!
(Wedding Guest leaves.)
Jack: Man, <Name>, we already investigated the murder of Henry's previous wife, and now we hear he's not only marrying someone we've never heard of, but she's dead too!
Jack: I'm sorry, Leonardo, but given the sensitivity of the time stream, <Name> and I are obligated to look into this.
Da Vinci: I understand. I'll be here.
Jack: Well, <Name>, let's head to the bride's changing room!

Chapter 1

Investigate Bride's Changing Room.
Jack Archer: <Name>, this woman must be the bride, Lady Fiore! Damn, dying on your wedding day...
Jack: Hmm. It looks like she was shot through the heart.
Jack: That windowpane is broken. The shot must have come in through there, then hit Lady Fiore in the heart!
Jack: There's an exit wound in her back - the shot went right through her! That means the killer used some kind of bullet, rather than an arrow...
Jack: Ah, good eye, <Name>! That pouch of sewing supplies has a hole in it that's about the same size as the hole in the victim's torso!
Jack: I wonder if the bullet pierced the pouch after passing through the victim's chest. Let's look inside!
Jack: And this is a pretty fancy box. It could belong to the victim. You'll have to get it open to see.
Jack: Well, this marriage might not have happened in history, but we're not gonna let anyone get away with murder!

Examine Locked Box.
Jack: <Name>, that box is holding King Henry and Lady Fiore's wedding rings!
Jack: And there's an inscription here in the lid. It says, "My royal blessing on this union, Alberto de Medici."
Jack: I've gotta say, <Name>, Renaissance history is a little blurry for me, I'll have to check Alberto de Medici on the tablet...
Jack (searching through his tablet): Ah, Alberto de Medici rules the Republic of Florence, and Lady Fiore is apparently his cousin! So he gave the couple their rings as part of his blessing and hosting to their union here in Florence.
Jack: Well, it looks like we should talk to Lord Alberto about the murder!

Talk to Alberto de Medici about the victim.
Jack: Your Grace, we are the guards investigating Lady Fiore's murder. We understand she was your cousin.
Alberto (sweating): Oh, yes! What a tragedy! And what's worse, her murder will cause an international crisis!
Alberto: Just yesterday my family was proud of me for securing this wedding. I had done so well! I found the best rings I could on such short notice!
Jack: Ah, does that mean this wedding was a sudden development?
Alberto: Yes, a much desired strategic coup fell suddenly into my lap! This marriage would seal an alliance between the kingdom of Enlgand and the Republic of Florence.
Alberto: It could never have happened were it not for the recent sudden death of King Henry's previous wife. That misfortune gave me such a boon! And now...
Jack: Speaking of King Henry, is he nearby? We would like to speak with him as well.
Alberto: I believe you'll find him at the wedding venue. And godspeed, loyal guards!

Talk to Henry VIII about his bride's murder.
Henry: Guards! Why does your presence not surprise Us. The last time your path crossed with Ours, One's wife was murdered...
Henry: And now murder has afflicted One's bride! What is your explanation?
Jack: We were hoping YOU might explain, Your Highness. We understand this wedding was planned only recently. Please tell us more about your bride Lady Fiore.
Henry: One was still unfamiliar with the Lady, but Our marriage would produce an alliance between England and Florence, and a male heir to One's throne - a matter of utmost importance to Us!
Jack: Does one- er, do you suspect anyone regarding her murder, Your Highness?
Henry: One is surrounded by jealous enemies, frothing at the mouth like rabid dogs to bite off a greedy hunk of One's kingdom! The possibilities are countless!
Henry: You, guards, must find the Lady's murderer, forthwith! Their head must roll!
Jack: Leave everything to us, Your Highness! <Name>, we should investigate this area to see who else was here!

Investigate Wedding Ceremony Room.
Jack: <Name>, it looks like this broken sculpture is made of sugar.
Jack: I had flipped through a book Orlando has on Renaissance sugar sculptures. Sugar was a luxury item, so sculptures made of sugar were a popular way for nobles to show their opulence.
Jack: But in my experience, stuff usually gets broken when everyone's drunk AFTER a wedding, not before!
Jack: You're right, if we piece it back together, maybe we'll learn who broke it.
Jack: And this goblet looks like it was important to the wedding ceremony. Let's recover the faded writing on it!

Examine Broken Sculpture.
Jack: <Name>, this is a sugar sculpture of the bride and groom!
Jack: These were often presented as gifts to the couple. I wonder if this coat of arms will tell us who this one is from.
Jack: Good idea, let's see if we can find this coat of arms in any of our research material to see whose it is!

Examine Coat of Arms.
Jack: The coat of arms on the sugar sculpture is Anne Boleyn's!
Jack: We saw Miss Boleyn in England, and then again in France.
Jack: It's interesting that the sculpture is from Miss Boleyn, since according to history, she eventually married Henry!
Jack: Could this gift have been a strategic move to get in his good graces?
Jack: Given her close connection to King Henry, it makes sense that Anne would be here for his wedding. Let's have a word with her.

Ask Anne Boleyn about her connection to the victim.
Anne: Guards! It's so terrible, what's happened! I've lost my best friend!
Jack: Wait, you knew Lady Fiore? We found the sculpture you gave to the couple, and assumed you were here as a guest of King Henry's.
Anne: The gift was for both of them. Fiore and I were childhood friends. Her death is a great loss to me.
Anne: I fondly remember traveling to various palaces with Fiore, occupying ourselves while the parents discussed politics with dukes and duchesses, kings and queens. Oh, the pranks we played!
Anne: Once, we spread birdseed on the floor and opened all the windows! The birds came and made such a mess, shattering vases and relieving themselves on the tapestries!
Anne: Our parents screamed and screamed, while Fiore and I just laughed and laughed.
Jack: Sounds fun. Do you know of anyone who deplored Lady Fiore, uh... presently?
Anne: No, Lady Fiore was beloved by all. Especially for me, her best friend.

Examine Fancy Goblet.
Jack: <Name>, this goblet belongs to Cardinal Cisneros!
Jack: We first saw the Cardinal in Spain, while he was the Grand Inquisitor.
Jack: Do you suppose he's here to officiate the wedding? Good thing that's not happening. I can just see him interrogating all the guests about their loyalty to the Church.
Jack: And speaking of interrogations, let's ask him some questions!

Talk to Cardinal Cisneros about the murder.
Jack: Greetings, Your Holiness. We are here investigating Lady Fiore's murder. We understand you are here as the wedding officiant?
Cisneros: Yes, I believed a royal wedding would be a nice respite from the constant grind of questioning heretics.
Cisneros: But it appears nothing is sacred! You must find the evildoer, and support the small of their back upon a pike until they confess to the crime!
Jack: Ah... leave the serving of justice to us. Do you know who might have harbored hatred toward Lady Fiore?
Cisneros: I can't imagine, no. But whoever they are, they were working against the Will of the Lord!

Examine Sewing Pouch.
Jack: <Name>, you were right, the bullet that killed Lady Fiore was in the bag of sewing supplies!
Jack: And that is one crazy-looking bullet! Let's have Theo take a look at it.

Analyze Bloody Bullet.
Theo: <Name>, the bullet you brought me is fascinating!
Jack: Yeah, isn't it strange-looking? And it shot through a window, the victim's torso, and finally a sewing kit, which is where <Name> found it.
Theo: I believe it! The teeth on the nub make it like a drill bit, and I'm guessing it spins while it travels...
Theo: ... which means it can easily chew through many materials, if shot with enough force! I just wonder what sort of gun was used to fire it.
Jack: Did you learn anything else from the bullet?
Theo: Yes! It had stains of fig liqueur on it. Probably your killer needed a little fortification before committing the murder, and they had some on their hands when they loaded their weapon.
Jack: It's going to take more than drinking fig liqueur to help our killer cope with the punishment they'll get for this, <Name>!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Janis: <Name>, I've never heard of this "Lady Fiore Giovanna Parmigiano-Whatever" before. Surely she wasn't one of Henry VIII's wives.
Jack: No, that's just it! This wedding didn't happen in history. And someone else clearly disagreed with this union!
Janis: Indeed! She was shot with incredible force. The projectile passed between her ribs, smack-dab through the center of her heart, and out her back!
Jack: It's impressive, considering the shot came from outside. Through the window, even!
Janis: Yes, given they got her square in the heart, your killer is clearly quite the sharpshooter!
Jack: Well, <Name>, it's only a matter of time before we'll set our sights on this killer!

Later, aboard the time machine...
Jack: Well, <Name>, we're nearly finished fixing the time machine with Da Vinci's help...
Jack: ... but another murder has pulled us away! King Henry's mysterious new bride was shot in the heart before their wedding could take place!
Jack: Historically, the wedding never took place anyway, but now all the royals of Europe demand that we find her killer!
Jack: We know King Henry had a horrible track record when it came to keeping his wives alive.
Jack: Though historically he at least saw the weddings through before he had them beheaded.
Jack: And it turns out Anne Boleyn was childhood friends with the victim! She's understandably distraught about the murder.
Jack: And the victim's cousin Alberto de Medici is frightened of the repercussions the murder will have on the projected alliance between England and Florence.
Jack: And Cardinal Cisneros naturally thirsts for the blood of the culprit.
Jack: I wish we had more concrete leads to-
Da Vinci: <Name>, you must come to my workshop right away!
Jack: Yes, Leonardo, but we have to solve Lady Fiore's murder first.
Da Vinci: Precisely! I've just discovered that the killer shot her from within my workshop!

Chapter 2

Jack Archer: Well, <Name>, we're in Florence, Italy, and we got so close to finally fixing our time machine, with Leonardo da Vinci's help, and getting back to the present...
Jack: ... then we found out about a wedding between Henry VIII and one Lady Fiore Grazia that never was supposed to take place, according to historical record.
Jack: And it still won't, because the bride was murdered! But now all the royals of Europe want us to find her killer!
Da Vinci: <Name>, you must come to my workshop right away!
Da Vinci: I heard tell of Lady Fiore's murder, and I suspect your killer fired the murderous shot from my workshop window, with a weapon of my creation!
Jack: What?! But how did they get into your workshop?
Da Vinci: My door is always open, as I have many commissions, and allow clients to pick up the work themselves. But I never expected my workshop to become the scene of a crime!
Jack: Well, there's a first time for everything. Let's head to the workshop!

Investigate Da Vinci's Workshop.
Jack: <Name>, do you think that strange gun is the weapon used to shoot the bride?
Da Vinci: I can tell you for certain that this is your murder weapon. It is a weapon of my own design, and when I left for Spain it was safely packed away!
Jack: You're right, <Name>, the window has a perfectly clear line of sight to the changing room in the palace across the road. So this is where they fired the gun.
Da Vinci: Yes, and I had specifically designed the projectile to spin as it traveled, with as little precession as possible.
Jack: We appreciate the help, Leonardo! So we've got our murder weapon. And it looks like there's a smudge of something on it. Let's collect a sample!
Da Vinci: Also, that locket you found, <Name> - I have never seen it before. It is not mine.
Jack: Well, let's see what's inside... Looks like a lock of hair. And there's an inscription, but it's scratched away. Let's recover it!

Examine Experimental Gun.
Jack: Great, now let's get this sample you took from the murder weapon to the lab!

Analyze Purple Liquid.
Jack: Theo, did you learn anything from the sample <Name> took from the murder weapon?
Theo: Yeah, I found out your killer is sick!
Jack: I'll say they're sick! They shot a bride in the heart just before her wedding!
Theo: No, I mean your killer is literally sick. Your sample contained colchicine, a common contemporary remedy for gout.
Theo: Gout is a disease in the joints of the foot, and was very common at this point in history, especially among the upper class.
Theo: Your killer was suffering a flare-up of their gout around the time of the murder!
Jack: Well, <Name>, it looks like our killer will have a tough time running away from us!
Jack: On this note, <Name>, we should do another sweep of the wedding venue and see what we can find! Let's go!

Investigate Wedding Benches.
Jack: <Name>, who do you think broke this object? If we piece it back together, it might give us a lead!
Jack: And this basket of flowers is the perfect place to hide something. Let's dig in!

Examine Broken Porcelain.
Jack: <Name>, the design on this plate shows King Henry's Tudor Rose, and also irises, which are the official flower of the Republic of Florence.
Jack: Clearly this plate was meant as a symbol unifying the bride and groom's dominions...
Jack: But someone broke it, which is an ominous sign... Let's get it to the lab!

Analyze Porcelain Plate.
Jack: Theo, what have you learned from examining the plate <Name> found?
Theo: Well, this plate was made with very fine porcelain, so it was very strong. My grandma had dishes like that - they practically bounced when you dropped 'em.
Theo: So I can tell you that to break it so badly, one would have to throw it pretty hard. This could have been broken in anger.
Jack: But who would have been that angry?
Theo: Well, lucky for us the person was so angry that they also spat on the plate before they broke it!
Theo: I ran a test on the saliva, and found a partial match with the victim's DNA, which means it was someone related to her by blood.
Jack: Related to Lady Fiore by blood? That must be her cousin Alberto de Medici!
Jack: Well, we'd better go ask Lord Alberto why he would spit on and break a symbol of his cousin's marriage!

Ask Alberto what he had against the marriage.
Jack: Your Grace, we understand you were the one who broke this plate representing your cousin's union with King Henry. Why?
Alberto: Please don't misunderstand me, initially I was overjoyed about this wedding. As I said, it was a big diplomatic coup for Florence!
Alberto: My uncle, Pope Leo X, was proud of me. And my whole family said my scheming was worthy of the Medici legacy...
Alberto: But as the wedding approached, King Henry revealed his true face. He saw me as a weakling he could manipulate! He planned simply to use me to seize power over Florence!
Alberto: If he were to challenge me to a duel, that would be one thing. I am an excellent shot, even if I were drunk on fig liqueur I could get him right between those beady eyes of his!
Alberto: But politics are not my strong suit. And I stood to lose both Florence and the respect of my family if I let King Henry encroach on my territory! I'd be just another gout-ridden failure!
Jack: You clearly had reasons to stop this wedding... Hopefully you didn't take drastic action to do so!

Examine Flower Basket.
Jack: <Name>, there was a letter in this basket of flowers...
Jack: ... and the letter is addressed to the victim!
Jack: The letter says, "It is beyond my comprehension how you could be so two-faced! You are SCUM!" Whoa, harsh words!
Jack: Then it says, "gird your loins, because I'm coming despite your wickedness!" And it's signed by Anne!
Jack: Looks like Anne had a bone to pick with Lady Fiore! Let's ask her about it!

Question Anne about her angry letter to the victim.
Jack: Lady Anne, in our investigation, we happened to learn of your fiery hatred for your childhood friend Lady Fiore.
Anne: Of course I burned with hatred - the hussy didn't invite me to her wedding!
Jack: Wait... so you came uninvited?
Anne: Imagine, I hear rumor of the wedding, I trouble myself with the making of a beautiful gift of a sugar sculpture of Fiore and King Henry, only to find I'll never receive my invitation!
Anne: After all these years, believing us genuine friends! Then finally the moment comes along when she is to marry and become SOMEONE, and she excludes me from the celebration!
Anne: Well, while enjoying a bit of fig liqueur, I hatched a plan to insert myself into the festivities anyhow! It was my chance to shine before the European nobility!
Anne: So here I am, and to my delightful surprise, King Henry has been saved the embarrassment of marrying Fiore altogether! She was beneath him, if you want the truth!
Jack: Lady Anne, if you were the one who "saved him" from that embarrassment, you'll have to answer to us!

Examine Locket.
Jack: <Name>, the text engraved in that locket says, "For Alexandre, my love," signed Penelope! Which means this is a lock of her hair!
Jack: Wait, you're right! The locket must have been a parting gift from Penelope to Alexandre.
Jack: But how did it end up here in Leonardo's workshop? After breaking up with Alexandre, Penelope hasn't left the time machine since landing in Florence!
Jack: So if Alexandre was the one who left it here... does that mean he was here in the workshop? Let's ask him about this!

Ask Alexandre Devereaux why he's in Florence.
Devereaux: Oh, Guard <Name>, it is good to see you! Someone so close to my beloved! It is as close as I'll ever get, now that she's left me!
Jack: Yes, we were sorry to hear the news, Alexandre. If it's any consolation, we found the locket she gave you.
Jack: Tell us, what is it that brings you to Florence?
Devereaux: Eh bien, King Francis decreed that I was to represent France at the wedding of King Henry and Lady Fiore.
Jack: I see. And what made you visit Leonardo da Vinci's workshop?
Devereaux: I believe while I was here, I could consult Mr Da Vinci about constructing an automatic feeder for my horse. Such a device would ease my travels, certainement!
Devereaux: But I arrived to find that Mr Da Vinci was not in. Then I heard the wedding was canceled after the tragedy of the bride's death!
Devereaux: I hoped the festivities would hide my drinking of fig liqueur by the barrelful to quell my heartache.
Devereaux: But now, murder has struck! Sacrebleu! Is no romantic union safe from the tortures of this world?!

Later, at the wedding venue...
Jack: Well, <Name>, despite being unknown to the history books, the victim made quite a strong impression on our suspects!
Jack: Lady Anne was driven into a rage because Lady Fiore didn't invite her to the wedding...
Jack: Meanwhile, Lord Alberto had second thoughts about the alliance being struck between King Henry's England and Lady Fiore's Florence.
Jack: Of course, it would be easier for Alberto to get away with murdering his cousin than murdering King Henry. Did he resort to such a solution?
Jack: And we discovered that the shot was fired by a prototype weapon from the window of Da Vinci's workshop, hitting the victim square in the heart! Quite a trick!
Henry: Guards! GUAARRRDS! One must speak with you, f-forthwith!
Jack: Yes, Your Highness?
Henry: A bit of news: One has realized that YOU - hic - are the deadly pall that has destroyed these wedding festivities!

Chapter 3

Jack Archer: <Name>, we've learned quite a bit more about the murder of King Henry's mysterious bride-to-be...
Jack: ... including that the killer shot her from the window of Da Vinci's workshop, with a gun of Da Vinci's creation!
Jack: Of course, Leonardo was with us the whole time, so we know he's not the killer.
Jack: So we need to consider all the clues we have and see-
Henry: Guards! GUAARRRDS! One must speak with you, f-forthwith!
Jack: Yes, Your Highness?
Henry: A bit of news: One has realized that YOU - hic - are the deadly pall that has destroyed these wedding festivities!
Henry: First you appear on the occasion of Catherine's murder, and now this one! One might take you to be - urp - witches, conspiring to keep One without an heir!
Jack: Your Highness, I assure you we aren't the murderers, here! And if <Name> and I are to solve this case, we all need to keep our heads... Literally!
Anne (with Henry): Guards, is he bothering you? I apologize on his behalf. He's just drunk.
Anne: This is not the first time I have seen him in this state. I'll tend to his needs and ensure he doesn't make any irreversible decisions.
Jack: Yes, thank you. I'm sure the pressure of being king is already very great, and top of that his bride-to-be was murdered!
(Anne and Henry leave.)
Jack: Speaking of, <Name>, let's take another look around the crime scene!

Investigate Changing Room Table.
Jack: Ah, <Name>, you found the bride's veil! And it's got some kind of powder on it... We'll collect a sample to identify it!
Jack: And here is... a jar, full of a strange, cloudy liquid and... are those worms? What on earth is this?!
Jack: There's a label, but the text has been rubbed off. Let's recover it!
Jack: And I agree, restoring this torn paper could prove helpful!
Jack: Well, let's hope Lady Anne can keep drunk King Henry at bay until we're done examining these clues!

Examine Jar.
Jack: Whoa, <Name>, the label on this jar says, "Fiore Giovanna Piera Grazia de Medici, urina." Hmm, I know that "urina" is Italian for "urine"...
Jack: Wait... URINE?! This is a jar full of PEE?! And why are there WORMS in it?!
Jack (disgusted): Oh, this is too gross, <Name>. I think I'm going to... Quick, let's get this to the lab before I...

Analyze Jar of Urine.
Jack: So, Theo, what can you tell us about the - ugh... victim's urine <Name> found?
Theo: Well, it shows that Lady Fiore was in very good health before her untimely death!
Jack: Healthy?! Really? What about the worms?!
Theo: Well, the worms are just a natural result of urine mixing with bacteria. If you left your pee sitting out, for example-
Jack: Oh, don't worry, I won't! But why was it kept in a jar, and labeled?
Theo: Well, during the Renaissance it was a common method for testing a person's fertility.
Theo: A person would pee in a container, leave it for several days, and if worms appeared, it meant the person was infertile.
Jack: Is that true?
Theo: No, it's wildly inaccurate! But science in the 16th century still had a long way to go.
Jack: Accurate or not, these people would believe it... like King Henry! He can't shut up about a male heir. He would totally test his bride's fertility!
Jack: And if he discovered that current science declared her infertile... who knows what he'd do! <Name>, we'd better talk to King Henry, sober or not!

Talk to Henry about the victim's fertility.
Henry: You, buzzing flies here again... We are hardly well enough after Our bout of revelry to talk to you. Our headache could cleave an ox in two!
Jack: We're sorry to hear about that, Your Highness, but our question is urgent. We found Lady Fiore's... uh... fertility test, and...
Henry: So you are aware the worms revealed that Our bride-to-be was barren! What news to receive on One's wedding day!
Henry: Why is One cursed with barren women? One is a virile man! One can shoot an apple in midair, and not even Our gout diminishes our manly charm!
Henry: Ah, well, now that fate has saved One from this quite fruitless marriage, perhaps One could find a candidate who WILL provide US with a male heir to the throne!
Jack: Yes, it is a convenient escape for you, Your Majesty.
Henry: You scoundrels had better not imply that One is complicit in murder! Now go, before We grow ever more vexed with you!

Examine Torn Paper.
Jack: <Name>, these are wedding vows. These were most likely provided by the Cardinal, since he was officiating.
Jack: They must have been written in English as the bride and groom's common language. Well, it's nice not to have to translate something for once!
Jack: But look, someone wrote comments on the vows, saying they're "drivel, utter manure, and laughable"!
Jack: I can understand their reasoning - the text is pretty authoritarian! "Wives, submit to your own husbands... The husband is the head of the wife..."
Jack: Was Fiore the one who wrote these comments? No matter who it was, the Cardinal wouldn't have been happy with this feedback! Let's talk to him about it!

Ask the Cardinal about the mockery of his vows.
Jack: Your Holiness, these are the vows you wrote for King Henry and Lady Fiore's wedding ceremony?
Cisneros: Yes, and excellent vows they were! But the bride took objection to them!
Jack: Oh, so it was Lady Fiore herself who wrote those negative comments?
Cisneros: Yes! I took her for a good Catholic girl, but she had the temerity to call my words into question!
Cisneros: But the text is traditional! The Lord has laid down His laws, and our freedom within His traditions is wholly satisfactory!
Cisneros: I am loyal to my Lord, and I lead a full life. I imbibe fig liqueur, mindful to avoid excess. I am a skilled and accurate huntsman. I collect art...
Cisneros: The Lord tests my loyalty with curses such as afflicting my body with gout, such is His way. But that little sinner didn't understand it!
Cisneros: Lady Fiore balked at the Lord's traditions, and has paid the ultimate price! Serves her right!

Examine Bridal Veil.
Jack: Perfect, now let's check out the powder you got from the bride's veil under the microscope!

Examine Brown Powder.
Jack: <Name>, the powder you found on the victim's veil is... itching powder and tobacco?
Jack: Itching powder at a wedding can only be meant as some sort of sabotage! But who could've done this?
Jack: Ah, you're right, <Name>, the tobacco mixed with it is a French strain! That means it came from Alexandre!
Jack: Maybe he was doing this in the name of France, to cause a stir and cancel the alliance the wedding could create between England and Florence.
Jack: Let's see what Alexandre has to say about it!

Confront Alexandre about his sabotage attempt.
Jack: Alexandre, can you explain why you put itching powder on Lady Fiore's bridal veil?
Devereaux: Oh, you found that! King Francis was very concerned about this alliance between England and Florentines.
Jack: So he ordered you to pull this partical joke?
Devereaux: No, that was my idea. I wasn't sure how else to sabotage the wedding without hurting anyone.
Devereaux: And I would also relieve myself of my own romantic pain. I had spent some idle time tossing pebbles into the air and shooting them away, but my mood did not improve.
Devereaux: The sadness of my rupture with Penelope pains my mind like the gout throbbing in my foot, and I couldn't stand witnessing a happy wedding ceremony!
Jack: I hope your jealousy wasn't satisfied by murder!

Later, aboard the time machine...
Jack: After speaking with our suspects, it seems the fates were stacked against King Henry and Lady Fiore's wedding today!
Jack: Alexandre wanted to prove his loyalty to France by sabotaging the alliance!
Jack: Then Cardinal Cisneros, who was officiating the wedding, was offended by Lady Fiore's rejection of the vows he wrote, and called her a heretic.
Jack: Even Henry was having second thoughts, as that disgusting test he did made him believe Lady Fiore was barren.
Jack: There's a lot of turmoil swirling around this one! Despite not happening in the normal time stream, this wedding seems to have left a severe mark on everyone involved!
Jack: And if we don't solve Lady Fiore's murder, these nobles could leave a severe mark on us! We'd better get cracking and wrap this up quick!
Jack: You're right, the killer fired the shot from Da Vinci's workshop, let's see if there's any more clues there!

Investigate Leonardo's Workbench.
Jack: <Name>, there's blood on this rolled-up paper. And unrolling it reveals some kind of diagram...
Jack: You're right, <Name>, it's a diagram showing how to use the gun that shot Lady Fiore!
Jack: The killer must have gotten a paper cut when they unrolled the diagram. We'll need to get a sample of the blood!
Jack: And you're right, this caddy of mechanical parts is a great place for the killer to hide something. Let's dig through it!

Examine Bloody Diagram.
Jack: We've flooded Theo with clues in this case. So let's see what Janis can discover about this blood the killer smeared on the gun diagram!

Analyze Blood Sample.
Janis: You know, <Name>, I'm excited to go home, but it's been fun to see some of the backward things that passed for science throughout history.
Janis: Theo told me about the "fertility test" you guys found.
Jack: I'd rather not talk about that ever again, thank you. So, what can you tell us about the blood the killer smudged on the gun diagram?
Janis: Paper cuts. All it takes is one little slice, and sometimes they just bleed and bleed. Which means you got a great sample, <Name>?
Janis: I had enough to determine the killer's blood type! It's O negative!
Jack: So, <Name>, our killer's got O negative blood... and an O negative chance of escaping justice!

Examine Toolbox.
Jack: Ah, there was a flask of fig liqueur hidden in that box of machine parts.
Jack: We know the killer drinks fig liqueur...
Jack: This flask is definitely the killer's! Let's send it to Theo!

Analyze Fig Liqueur Bottle.
Jack: Theo, did the killer leave any trace of themselves on the flask of fig liqueur <Name> found?
Theo: Well, one thing that's great about this fig liqueur stuff is it's a bit sticky. And sticky stuff is always fantastic for forensics!
Theo: Tuck to the outside of the flask I found bits of gold embroidery threat that had come off the killer's clothing.
Theo: So the killer wears gold embroidery!
Jack: Gold embroidery, huh? Well, the killer will be downgrading their outfit real soon!

After completing all the tasks...
Jack: We've got enough evidence to catch Lady Fiore's killer! There may not have been a wedding today, <Name>, but after this arrest we'll still have something to celebrate!

Take care of the killer now!
Jack: Cardinal Cisneros! You are charged with the murder of Fiore Giovanna Piera Grazia de Medici!
Cisneros: Murder?! I am a loyal servant of the Lord!
Jack: Well, can you tell us which of the Lord's orders you were obeying when you snuck into Leonardo da Vinci's workshop, loaded a gun...
Jack: ... and fired it through the window of Lady Fiore's changing room, sending the bullet straight through her heart?
Cisneros: How do you know that?!
Jack: The Swiss Guard works in mysterious ways, Cardinal. Now, why did you do it?
Cisneros: I wanted Fiore to marry NO ONE! That is why I killed her!
Jack: But... why didn't you want her to marry?
Cisneros: Before this wedding was conceived, Lady Fiore was chaste! She was pure as the baptismal waters, and wholly devoted to the Lord!
Cisneros: And she was so beautiful. Many a time I confessed to having impure thoughts of her, but held my sinful desires at bay for fear of tainting the blessed virgin Fiore!
Cisneros: Only the Lord deserves such perfection, so I knew I could not have her. And neither could Henry, the brute!
Cisneros: So if I can't have Fiore, and if the Lord can't have her, then NO ONE can have her!
Jack: So you murdered her. As if torturing people wasn't bad enough. You're definitely not the holy man you profess to be!
Jack (pointing): Well, thou shalt not get away with murder, Cardinal! The Pope will determine your punishment!

Shortly later...
Leo: Cardinal, your actions are horrific, and we will deal with you accordingly!
Cisneros: I fear not your threats, for you have not the heaviest hand. The Lord will mete his own brand of justice.
Leo: That may be so, but we will take our turn in your punishment before the Lord takes His!
Leo (pointing his finger): You are hereby excommunicated from the Church! You must hand over your Bible and rosary within the hour!
Cisneros: But... the Church is my life! What shall I do now?

Later, aboard the time machine...
Jack: Well, <Name>, it appears the Cardinal got what was coming from him, after he had orchestrated the torture and murder of so many others!
Jack: And so much for this wedding between King Henry and Lady Fiore, which was never mentioned in the history books.
Da Vinci: <Name>, just to be safe, I've designed a lock for the door to my workshop! Hopefully that will keep any other murderers from using my things for their terrible plans!
Da Vinci: But in the meantime, let's finish fixing your time machine so you can get back to the future!

A Stroke of Genius (5/5)

Jack Archer: Well, <Name>, we solved Lady Fiore's murder, and turned the killer Cardinal over to the Pope.
Kai: Great timing! Leonardo is almost done preparing the formulae we'll need to reconfigure the time machine's computer.
Kai: But first, <Name>, he said he needs to see you about something before we proceed.
Nebet: And <Name>, Lady Anne was looking for you. She says it's urgent.
Kai: Well, <Name>, you and Nebet can go see what Lady Anne needs, and then come see Leonardo in my lab when you're ready!

Talk to Leonardo in Kai's lab.
Da Vinci: <Name>, I have an embarrassing admission to make...
Da Vinci: In the tempest of work on your time machine's formulae, I seem to have misplaced my mechanical calculator...
Kai: That's not a huge problem. I can build a computer application to calculate the formulae-
Da Vinci: There's no need! I already calibrated the calculator's gears for these formulae, and I know it is somewhere in my workshop!
Kai: Well, in that case, let's go find your calculator!

Investigate Da Vinci's Workshop.
Da Vinci: <Name>, there's the calculator! Oh, dio mio, thank you for finding it!
Da Vinci: The idea for it came to me in a dream. I saw numbers etched onto gears, and they turned as if to calculate the passage of time, but I could manipulate them to change the results.
Kai: I remember seeing this device in a museum when I was a kid. I wanted to try it out so bad!
Da Vinci: Well, now is your chance! We'll feed our calculations into it and decipher the results!

Examine Da Vinci's Calculator.
Da Vinci: Perfect, we have the results of our calculations, now we have only to enter them into my prototype!
Kai: Your prototype?! You built a time machine here in your workshop?
Da Vinci: I wanted to save the surprise.
Da Vinci: The final piece necessary to test my prototype is a time crystal. Would it be possible for you to provide me with some from your time machine?
Kai: Oh, definitely! I'll bring you some right away!
Da Vinci: Perfect! I'll use our calculations to calibrate the prototype, and you can help me test it!

Analyze Calculator Data.
Kai: Leonardo, I'm so excited to test your time machine prototype!
Kai: The time crystal I brought will be enough?
Da Vinci: It will be plenty. I will only make a ten-minute jump into the future to ensure our calculations are correct.
Da Vinci: Still, I am in utter disbelief of what I am about to experience! To... to traverse moments in a single bound... to glimpse temporal vistas collapsing around me!
Kai: Well, <Name> and I will stand back. You tell us when you're ready!
Da Vinci (holding his time machine prototype): I am more than ready! Three... two... one... GO!
(Da Vinci disappears.)
Kai: Well, now all there is to do is wait ten minutes, when hopefully he'll be back, and we can talk to him!

Await the results of Leonardo's time travel test.
Kai: <Name>, I can't believe we just watched Leonardo da Vinci test his own prototype time machine!
Kai: Assuming all the calculations were correct, he should have been zapped ten minutes forward in time.
(Kai is seen waiting.)
Kai: Hmm... it's been ten minutes, unless my clock is fast. He should be here by now...
Kai: Oh, God, <Name>, what if he accidentally jumped back to prehistory, and he's been eaten by a dinosaur?!
(Da Vinci appears.)
Da Vinci (holding his prototype): Did it work? Is this the future?
Kai: YES! Success! Oh, thank God! How was it?
Da Vinci: I feel like the very fabric of my understanding of the universe has acquired a fold that will forever inspire wonder in me!
Da Vinci: I also feel ten minutes younger than the rest of you!
Kai: Fantastic! Well, <Name>, we now have the calculations to get our time machine back in perfect working order!
Kai: We can take flight as soon as you're finished tying up loose ends here in the Renaissance!
Da Vinci: I will see you again to bid you farewell, but for now, I'd like you to have this little gift.

See why Anne wants to see us.
Anne: Greetings, guards! Many thanks for having come to see me!
Anne: You did a wonderful job uncovering Fiore's murderer. I am very impressed with your skills of detection!
Nebet: This is the nicest you've ever been to us... I feel a special request coming on.
Anne: Yes, well, you see, while tending to Henry's hangover, there appeared a spark between us.
Anne: Henry recognized as well as I that there could be something wonderful there! To abridge the story - we're getting married!
Nebet: Wow! That's a bit sudden.
Anne: There is but one detail amiss in this plan, and it is that I lack a proper dress for the occasion!
Anne: Fiore's dress was bloodied by her murder, but there's surely more fabric in the changing room. Please find it so a new dress may be fashioned. Now, I must go see to the other preparations!
Nebet: We're on it, Lady Anne! And we know just the person to task with making this dress!
(Anne leaves.)
Nebet: Wow, so Henry is marrying Anne? Just like what happened in the normal timeline! History is getting back on track! Come on, <Name>, let's head to the changing room!

Investigate Bride's Changing Room.
Nebet: <Name>, there'll definitely be something we can use to make a wedding dress in this tack of beautiful fabrics! Let's dig through it and see!

Examine Stack of Fabric.
Nebet: Oh, this fabric is the best of the stack!
Nebet: I think Orlando will make a beautiful wedding dress for Lady Anne with this! Let's take it to him!

Analyze White Lace.
Orlando (with Penelope): <Name>, I cannot believe I've designed a dress for a royal wedding!
Nebet: I'm so excited to see it!
Orlando (holding a wedding dress): I hope Lady Anne likes it. Of course, I took cues from traditional Renaissance style, but I also gave it a little of my personal flair here and there.
Nebet: Oh, Orlando, it's beautiful! It's perfect for a Renaissance wedding!
Penelope (crying): Yes, it's just the kind of dress I wanted to have at my own wedding! But now... Oh, that won't happen anymore!
Penelope (crying): Oh, Alexandre! My love! My only! My... my... musketeer!
(Penelope leaves.)
Orlando: Poor girl. Her breakup with Alexandre is still a very sore subject.
Nebet: Yes, I hope she feels better soon. Well, <Name>, let's go present the dress to Lady Anne!

Deliver Anne's wedding dress.
Nebet (holding the wedding dress): Lady Anne, we have your dress ready.
Anne: Oh, you wasted no time in fabricating it! I'll try it on at once!
(Anne leaves.)
Nebet: Here it comes, <Name>. The moment of truth...
(Anne is seen wearing her wedding dress throughout the case.)
Anne: It's BEAUTIFUL! In this dress, I will be the toast of both Florence and England! You have outdone yourselves, guards.
Anne: Now, I must confess, I have one more request...
Anne: The Pope agreed to marry us, but you know how Henry is when he gets in a mood... He thought it funny to hide the Pope's bible!
Anne: But we can't turn our back on the Church! It would be a disaster! Please, you must find that Bible!
Anne: The only information I could wrench from Henry's petulant lips was that it's not far from the wedding altar.
Nebet: We are at your service, Lady Anne! Let's away to the wedding altar!
Nebet: And if you don't mind, <Name>, let's eat a little something too.

Investigate Wedding Ceremony Room.
Nebet: Excellent, <Name>, you found the Bible!
Nebet: Ah, but some of the text is faded away! We'd better fix that before we return it to the Pope.

Examine Open Bible.
Nebet: Bingo! The Pope's Bible is good as new!
Nebet: <Name>, you've had a long day, and soon there's a wedding to go to! I'll deliver the Bible. You go ahead to the time machine and take a break.

Later, aboard the time machine...
Jack: <Name>, now that we've finally gotten the time machine back in working order, we can go HOME!
Amy: I know! It feels like we've been gone FOREVER!
Amy: But one last thing - we've got to go to King Henry and Lady Anne's wedding.
Jack: I mean, all we have to do is blast off. It's not like they'll come after us for not going to their wedding.
Amy: There was a time stream crisis averted when Henry didn't marry Fiore...
Amy: And now this marriage between Henry and Anne MUST happen to keep the time stream moving in the right direction. It's best you go, to make sure everything goes according to plan.
Jack: Good point. Well, <Name>, let's head to King Henry's wedding!

Attend Henry and Anne's wedding.
Leo: Do you, King Henry Tudor VIII, take Lady Anne Boleyn, for better or for worse, till death do you part?
Henry (with Anne): I assure you, there will be no "worse" if the Lady provides Us with an heir!
Anne: Henry! Say the vow!
Henry: Yes. We do!
Leo: I now pronounce you King and Queen! You may kiss the bride!
(Anne and Henry kiss.)
Leo: May all the Lord's blessings shower you and your kingdom with good fortune.
Henry: And now, We share some of Our good fortune with you, Our humble supporters!

Anne: Guards! Thank you again for your help in making this possible!
Henry: Yes! You not only apprehended the murderer of Our former bride-to-be, but you also provided Us with a new bride!
Henry: And now, there is no time to lose! Anne, We must produce an heir before opposing circumstances can intervene!
(Henry and Anne leave.)
Jack: Well, <Name>, there goes quite a pair.
Jack: I'm glad that worked out, since the history books already showed that Henry and Anne were destined to marry.
Da Vinci: Ah, time is but a spring. When stretched beyond its capacity, it breaks. But you have allowed it to relax back into its original form.
Jack: Well, thanks to you, Leonardo, we can get outta here to make sure it stays that way!
Da Vinci: <Name>, it has been an honor and privilege to meet you and your team.
Da Vinci: As much as it tempts me to beg to leave with you, my duties are here. You have inspired in me another lifetime's worth of inventions!
Da Vinci: I wish you all safe travels. Farewell!

Later, aboard the time machine...
Amy: Oh, <Name>, I can't believe we're finally going home!
Amy: To think that all of this started with Caesar's murder...
Zara: And we've been to Ancient Egypt, Gaul, Rome, Greece...
Jack: Don't forget the far-out 1960s, where we got wrapped up in Cold War espionage and intrigue!
Kai: And now the Renaissance, where Leonardo da Vinci helped us fix our time machine! I'll never get over that!
Amy: Yes, and we also made another valuable friend during our adventures.
Nebet: I hope Chief Scott will let me remain on the team!
Jack: I'm so excited to sleep in my own bed.
Zara: Yeah! And drink the crappy coffee they make at the T.I.M.E. Agency! I actually miss it now!
Amy: Well, as Chief Scott says, opportunities are like kittens - you've got to grab them before they're big enough to bite and scratch you!
Amy: So, team, let's seize this opportunity while it's still soft and fuzzy! We're going home!
Kai: Strap yourselves in! We're off in three... two... one...

Outside the time machine, 2029...
Amy: Oh, it's wonderful to smell the sweet, somewhat polluted air of the present!
Zara: I thought I'd be ready to crawl right into bed after that jump, but I actually feel great! It's nice that time travel doesn't cause jet lag!
Theo: Hey, none of these buildings look familiar...
Zara: Yeah... New York isn't at all like I remember it!
Amy: Guys, is that a giant pyramid in the middle of the city? What... happened while we were gone?

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