Tiffany Dunn was a suspect in the murder investigation of her husband, delivery truck driver Manny Sanchez, in Crystal Death (Case #42 of Pacific Bay).


Tiffany is a 22-year-old meth addict who worked alongside Manny in the manufacturing process. She has messy brown hair with a bandana on it and blue eyes. She wears a plain gray sweater and has burn marks on her neck.

Height 5'3"
Age 22
Weight 105 lbs
Eyes blue
Blood B+

Events of Criminal Case

She was first interrogated when the team found a periodic table with her name on it in the meth lab. She denied it at first, but after a bit of coercion from Frank, she confessed that she took the drugs. But the victim began raising the prices and after Tiffany confronted him about it, he offered her a job helping him out.

Tiffany was interrogated by Frank and the player a second time after they found a wedding picture of her with the victim. Once she was told about it, she confessed that they got married two days before Manny was killed. Being an illegal immigrant and having to grab ingredients for his job, Manny always had to go over the border. He suggested he and Tiffany should get married so he could stay, but Frank suspected he did it just for the citizenship.

Tiffany was found innocent after Timothy Chubbles was found guilty of grand manslaughter. However, after the climax of the investigation and another look at border control, the player and Frank find out about Tiffany's past. Five years ago, Tiffany was a model high-school student. One day, both her parents left to pick her up as she was staying after school, but they both got into an accident and were killed. When confronted about this being the reason for her taking meth, she went defensive saying that their death was her fault. However, Frank explains that everyone deserves a second chance and recommends Tiffany to go to a rehab center to fix her problem. Before going, Tiffany thanks the team and says that Manny was making the drugs for someone else. This led to the player investigating the meth lab again, which then led to the arrest of the victim's boss, Gustavo Salamanca.

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