• Here's a new game for those who have enjoyed other case-writing games found on here! The basic jist: you have a set of six CC characters, and you have the challenge of fitting them together into a case. Here's what to include in your write-ups:

    1. Assign which character will be the victim of the case, as well as how/where they died and what weapon was used to kill them.

    2. Describe each suspect's connection to the victim as well as the revealed motivation for potentially killing them.

    3. Reveal who the killer is and their full motivation for their deed, as well as what happens to them after they get caught (not limited to simply a prison sentence)

    4. Provide the next set of characters for the next player!

    Hopefully, I've left enough room for creativity and for everyone to put a spin on the format if they wish to. Anywho, here's the first set of characters:

    Summer Klein, Dr. Jennifer Russo, Marcus Butler, Chelsea Bloom, Dana Lopez, and Trudy Lively.

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    • Victim:

      Dana Lopez


      Summer Klien-Got in a argument with the victim

      Jennifer Russo-Gave victim counseling after her daughter died

      Chelsea Bloom-Wouldn’t let her visit Vickys grave

      Marcus Butler-Refused to draw her Daughter in a comic

      Trudy Lively-Promosised to get her daughters killer life sentence but didn’t


      Trudy Lively (Revealed that she was getting more crazy and even attacked her in the office.Got 5 Years in prison)

      Next Set: Summer Klien,Ruth Wu,Dolores Harper,Jake Arrow,Falcon,Gwen Harper and can we include some Fanmade characters to

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    • BlueyBluePaw: No, I don't think so. Depends on what Ezekiel says.

      Victim: Falcon (found with his eyes taken out)

      Murder Weapon: Knife


      Summer Klein (Her and Falcon took an art class together, became friends and hung out after class)

      Jacob Arrow (Was Falcon's student, Falcon called him old and stupid when he performed something wrong)

      Dolores Harper: (Worked with Falcon on a project, Falcon started flirting with her)

      Gwen Harper: (Saw Falcon stalking her mother, tried to stop him)

      Ruth Wu: (Interviewed Falcon right before the murder)

      Killer: Gwen Harper (Gwen admitted that she couldn't stand Falcon stalking her mother, so she stabbed Falcon's eyes out. Gwen was sentenced to life in prison)

      Next Set: 

      1. Ruth

      2. Kayla Pieterse

      3. George Mathison

      4. Lenny Spitfire

      5. Tom Zhang

      6. Daisy Thompson

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    • BlueyBluePaw: I'm actually good with fanmade characters now, just make sure you establish who they are so we're not scratching our heads. Also, as you'll see in the below case, continuity is something you can ignore or follow as you please for this game.

      Victim: George Mathison (found in the streets stabbed in the chest repeatedly)

      Weapon: Knife


      Ruth (began dating George a year prior, who broke up with her when he found she was a clone due to wanting to keep "supernatural craziness" out of his personal life)

      Kayla Pieterse (was George's next-door neighbor; Kayla initially claimed to have been friendly with George before the player catches her defacing his home. As it turns out, Kayla is still loyal to the disbanded SOMBRA, and she was even plotting to kill George in an effort to show the authorities that SOMBRA could--and would--return)

      Lenny Spitfire (was being stalked by George, who had suspicions Lenny was a supernatural being)

      Tom Zhang (created George when he came to his recently opened massage parlor for stress relief, only to get mad at George for supposedly making his back problems worse)

      Daisy Thompson (went out for coffee with George a few times after his breakup from Ruth, though Daisy became frustrated when George often had to cancel dates with her for work)

      Killer: Tom Zhang. When cornered with the evidence, Tom confessed to the murder, but declared that this time was different than the last time he was put away for murder. In addition to his allegations against his parlor, George also threatened to sue Tom for his carelessness, informing him over the phone that he'd found five other past clients of his who reported having worsened pain after visiting his parlor. Insistent that George was lying and trying to destroy his second chance at life after being receiving an early release from prison, Tom followed George as he was leaving a bar one night after work, attacking and stabbing him to death from behind with a knife. Tom was put on trial and reprimanded for having clearly not taken his prison sentence as an opportunity to change himself for the better, and was given a life sentence--much to his dismay.

      Next Set: Sergei Yablokov, Joey Kim, Patricia P. Harris, Ophelia Lincoln, Amir Devani, and Theo Zane.

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    • Victim: Amir Devani (found inside of an experimental room, plants growing out of his body)

      Weapon: Poisoned Water


      Sergei Yablokov (fell in love with Amir, but Amir didn't like him back)

      Joey Kim (Made Amir's wedding fancier and fancier, so that Amir would have to pay more)

      Patricia P. Harris (Amir insulted her new book, saying that the plot was very confusing)

      Ophelia Lincoln (Amir thought Ophelia tried to steal something, but was wrong)

      Theo Zane (Turned out to be the victim's cousin, disapproved of his homosexuality.)

      Killer: Ophelia Lincoln. Ophelia denied the accusations but later admitted, saying that she was sent by Sergei. Ophelia said that Amir rejected Sergei advances, so Sergei hired Ophelia (who became a scientist) to take him out. Ophelia agreed to do that. Ophelia found Amir and told him to follow her. Ophelia then handed him a cup of water, (which was poisoned), and showed off some experiments. Amir was impressed and said good work to Ophelia. A few minutes later, Amir fell to the floor, trying to breathe, and started foaming at the mouth. Ophelia laughed at him struggling and put seeds in his mouth. The seeds later started growing. Sergei and Ophelia were both brought to court. Sergei was sentenced to life in prison, while Ophelia was sentenced to 10 years.

      Next Set:

      1. Christian Bateman 

      2. Hector Fernandez

      3. Daniel Lambert

      4. Ignacio Munoz

      5. Lisa Edwards

      6. Vito Pioni

      Also, quick question, are MOTP and TiT characters okay to use?

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    • Higuys: Of course. It'll be interesting to see what stories will result from that :)

      Victim: Ignacio Munoz (bludgeoned to death in his home)

      Weapon: Paperweight

      Christian Bateman: was contacted by Ignacio due to being interested in joining Ad Astra (this occuring during the Conspiracy arc). Christian rejected him due to labelling him "too old" for what they had planned, though Ignacio continued pestering him.

      Hector Fernandez: meet Ignacio at an art gallery, where he became mad at Ignacio for buying a sculpture he was planning to get for his wife Gloria in an effort to make up for the death of their son.

      Daniel Lambert: was caught trying to destroy Igancio's corpse with acid in revenge for talking to Christian, as Daniel had become intensely infatuated with him after learning of his sociopathic murder of Meera Kat.

      Lisa Edwards: worked as Ignacio's assistant, and attacked him with a vase when he tried to seduce her.

      Vito Pioni: pestered Ignacio for an interview with the Daily Dawn.

      Killer: Daniel Lambert. When confronted, Daniel boldly confessed to killing Igancio, describing him as a "lecherous oaf" for trying to "steal" Christian from him. He had wanted to date Christian not just to be with him, but to learn more from him to become a much more illustrious killer than he was.

      In an effort to get his start, Daniel stole the spare key Lisa had to his house and used it to break in, where he tied Ignacio to his bed and taunted him to hours with the fact that he was going to kill him. He then let Ignacio free and challenged him to run away, not letting him know he'd barracaded the bedroom door. After Ignacio's failed escape attempt, Daniel took the paperweight and bludgeoned Ignacio to death, leaving him alone to bleed out.

      Daniel then pulled out another bottle of acid to attack the player, only for the cap to come loose as he pulled it out and result in him splashing it into his own face. As a result, he was rushed to the hospital, where he would stay under police custody until he was deemed well enough to face trial.

      Next Set:

      1. Meera Kat

      2. Nomena Leroy

      3. Veronica Johnson

      4. Dave Simmons

      5. Thunder Dave

      6. Lucy Winters

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    • Victim: Meera Kat (found in the middle of a desert, with a head wound)

      Murder Weapon: Hammer


      Lucy Winters: (Got on Meera's nerves, calling her stupid and her art bad, even going as far as to date her rival)

      Thunder Dave: (Meera made a false claim about him, claiming that he raped her)

      Nomena Leroy: (Was friends with Meera, until Meera started a hoax that Nomena brought her car from a shady website)

      Dave Simmons: (Meera made claims that Dave was a New Hampshire serial killer that is still on the loose)

      Veronica Johnson: (was bullied by Meera, getting pushed around)

      Killer: Dave Simmons. Dave then admitted to the murder and said that he actually was the New Hampshire killer. Dave said that Meera was the only person to witness the crime. Dave threatened Meera to not tell anyone. And she didn't. Until, Dave moved to Grimsborough and Meera saw him, and she got reminded about the secret. Meera then put on her blog that Dave was responsible for 6 counts of murder in New Hampshire. Dave got mad and abducted Meera, put her in the back of his truck, and drove her away from Grimsbourough, and into the middle of a desert. Dave then got out, took an exhausted Meera out too, grabbed a hammer, and smashed her head in. Dave was sentenced to life in prison in solitary confinement for the murders of 7 people, including Meera.

      Next Set:

      1. Dora Umbright

      2. Eileen O'Malley

      3. Cornelius Castletown

      4. Tom Norris

      5. Eoin Cafferey

      6. Tony Webb

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    • (For the purposes of this case, the MOTP characters are still alive in the present, albeit elderly)

      Victim: Eoin Cafferey (found dead from poisoning at a nightclub)

      Weapon: Arsenic


      Dora Umbright: Eoin's neighbor, who resented him for the constant parties he held at his house keeping her up at night

      Eileen O'Malley: Eoin's great-great-grandmother, who Eoin was planning to place in a cheaper nursing home (one infamous for its terrible conditions and uncaring employees) to save money

      Cornelius Castletown: Invested a great deal of money with iPear, which ended up going pear-shaped when iPear took a bad publicity hit due to Eoin's connection to the Ad Astra scandals

      Tom Norris: Bouncer at the Green Arrow nightclub, with Eoin nearly getting Tom fired by falsely accusing him of getting rough with him in retaliation for cutting him off one night

      Tony Webb: Spokesperson for iPear, who got fired by Eoin when he wanted to replace him with someone with "more audience appeal"

      Killer: Tony Webb. When confronted, Tony tearfully confessed as he revealed that, after he was exposed for his womanizing ways, he was ejected from the golfing circuit and was forced to take on odd jobs. After his bad reputation got him fired from iPear, Tony went to Eoin begging for another job at iPear, only to be rejected. It was then that Dora Umbright approached him and offered him a generous payoff of $100,000 if he killed Eoin for her. Desperate for the money, Tony agreed, following Eoin to the Green Arrow before slipping the arsenic Dora gave him into Eoin's drink. Tony was put on trial and sentenced to 15 years in prison, due to agreeing to testify against Dora (who killed Eoin for disrespecting a former judge and, in her own word, a "persecuted warrior for justice") in exchange for a lighter sentence.

      Next Set:

      1. Nikolai Sharapov

      2. Pippa Goldfinch

      3. Enzo Jonas

      4. Orlando Ordelaffi

      5. Sadie Kek

      6. Sarah Mills

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    • Victim: Pippa Goldfinch (found dead in her classroom, her throat slit)

      Murder Weapon: Pocket Knife


      Sadie Kek: (had Aldo attend a class with Pippa, Aldo reported Pippa was yelling at him for almost no reason)

      Nikolai Sharapov: (approved of Pippa's research, started talking with her online)

      Sarah Mills: (became friends with Pippa, but then ended the friendship, saying it was not "cool" to hang out with a teacher)

      Enzo Jonas: (attended church with the victim, said she was loud and annoying)

      Orlando Ordelaffi: (helped design a costume of Cleopatra for Pippa, but Pippa said it looked ugly and ripped it up)

      Killer: Sarah Mills. When confronted, Sarah initially denied the accusations but later admitted, crying. She said that once she stopped being friends with Pippa, she started to insult her. Sarah wanted this to stop, so she grabbed a pocket knife and slashed her throat. Sarah was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

      Next Set:

      1. Rosie Gatewood

      2. Christian Bateman

      3. Kelly Purnell

      4. Wayne Billings

      5. Aristide Akintola

      6. Lev Romanov

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    • Victim: Aristide Akintola (found suffocated to death in his bed) (In this universe, Aristide was not killed but instead arrested for his SOMBRA crimes before escaping prison and starting a life in Grimsborough under a false identity)

      Weapon: Pillow


      Rosie Gatewood: Approached Aristide after discovering his identity to interview him about SOMBRA for her new book, only to be feverishly rejected

      Christian Bateman: Rented out a loft apartment to Aristide; became furious at him for being consistently late paying rent and making a mess of his property

      Kelly Purnell: Was a reporter at the news studio where Aristide worked as a janitor; looked down on Aristide for being Black and tried to have him fired when he spilled cleaning chemicals on her new dress)

      Wayne Billings: Was accosted by Aristide during a war re-enactment when it brought back memories of Aristide's time in the war, with the commotion resulting in Wayne being cut from the re-enactment due to the organizers believing he brought on Aristide's violence

      Lev Romanov: Lived across the street from Aristide and became furious when he learned about his true identity, even sending him a "Welcome to the Neighborhood" cake laced with an overdose of stress relief pills (one of the Killer's Profile clues)

      Killer: Kelly Purnell. When confronted with the evidence against her, Kelly confessed, but fiercely denied Gloria Hayes' insinuation that her actions were racially motivated. Instead, Kelly broke down in tears as she revealed her tragic connection to Aristide: she had been dating a man in college named Bobby, whom she fell in love with and who proposed to her right before going to Madagascar for a summer abroad. But while there, Bobby inadvertently stumbled across SOMBRA while out late, resulting in Aristide attacking and killing him--but not before snapping a picture of him on his phone.

      Kelly found the picture after she was given his phone by coroners, and it was when Aristide began working at her studio under his false name that she recognized him as her fiancee's killer. Furious, Kelly used the spare key she had to Christian's rental apartment (having it from when they were briefly lovers) and snuck into Aristide's room as he slept. Driven mad by seeing him sleep peacefully despite having Bobby's blood on his hands, Kelly took a pillow and smothered him to death, with Aristide scratching her arm before he died (leaving blood on the bed that also became part of the Killer's Profile). Kelly continued to argue her reasons for killing Aristide weren't based in her "unpopular opinions" at trial, with Judge Powell sympathizing with Kelly's loss while reminding her she should've reported Aristide to the police instead of taking matters into her own hands. Kelly went into a racist rant at this, only to be silenced when Powell sentenced her to 18 years in prison with mandatory counselling.

      Next Set:

      1. Jenny Honeycomb

      2. Susan Blair

      3. Eugene Donkin

      4. Cleo Sinclair

      5. Lindsay Bannister

      6. Kim Aoki

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    • Victim: Eugene Donkin (found fatally shot in the chest)

      Murder Weapon: Shotgun


      Susan Blair: (helped Eugene put on makeup for his next show, wasn't even acknowledged by him when she asked for an autograph.)

      Lindsay Bannister: (tried to poison Eugene's coffee once he declined her request for a date.)

      Jenny Honnycomb: (Victim's ex-wife, had twins, divorced when she realized that Eugene was cheating on her.)

      Cleo Sinclair: (showed interesting artifacts to Eugene, who later decided to steal one for good luck.)

      Kim Aoki: (used to play Counter Compassion with Eugene, Eugene was always intentionally look over at her cards and not choose hers.)


      The killer of Eugene Donkin turned out to be Lindsay Bannister. Lindsay admitted to the murder and said that she was losing fame because Eugene started a comedy show. Lindsay decided that the only way to regain her fame was to murder Eugene.

      Lindsay went to Eugene's changing room and hid in his closet with a shotgun. Eugene later opened his closet, and was confronted by Lindsay. Eugene tried to escape, but Lindsay aimed the shotgun at Eugene and fired it at his chest, killing him. Lindsay was sentenced to 50 years in prison.

      Next Set:

      1. Annette Strong

      2. Sarah Bennett

      3. Erica Dupri

      4. Kevin Charles

      5. Jakobo Nkosi

      6. Tony Webb (Again)

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    • Victim: Jakobo Nkosi (succumbed to poisonous gas minutes before a flight)

      Weapon: Gas canister (found inside a vent)


      Annette Strong: Stewardess on the flight; an audio diary found on Annette's phone detailed how she feared Jakobo had discovered she was a werewolf and would expose her)

      Sarah Bennett: A passenger on the flight, having recently bribed her way out of prison for her various SOMBRA crimes; a photo of Jakobo with his face crossed out in red ink was found in Sarah's handbag, with Sarah revealing that she had hated Jakobo for going against a fellow SOMBRA ally, but boasted he had been killed before she could act

      Erica Dupri: Revealed as Jakobo's grandmother, who resented her grandson for not being there for her after her husband suffered a stroke, causing them to struggle financially due to depending on his income

      Kevin Charles: Jakobo's college roommate; Jakobo had recently tried to reconnect with Kevin, only for him to reject him due to believing he might have been a hidden member of SOMBRA who wasn't caught and not wanting to get tangled up with another evil secret organization

      Tony Webb: Golfed together with Jakobo; lost a tournament to him when he began suffering stomach cramps during the game and got distracted, with Tony believing Jakobo slipped him something to cost him the win

      Killer: Kevin Charles. When confronted, Kevin boldly confessed and proclaimed he'd saved humanity from "another piece of totalitarian trash". As he ranted, it became clear that his entanglement with Ad Astra had made him paranoid of anyone he suspected of being in any of the evil organizations investigated throughout Criminal Case (having even become convinced there were still members of the long-disbanded Crimson Order still at work).

      After being convinced Jakobo was a SOMBRA ally and learning he was a pilot, he became convinced he was up to terrorism and had to be stopped. Before Jakobo arrived at the flight, Kevin set up a canister of lethal gas in the cockpit air vent, setting it to release when Jakobo was in his seat. Minutes before the flight, the canister released the gas and Jakobo got a direct hit, quickly succumbing to the poisonous vapors. Kevin then pulled out another canister and prepared to spray the player, now believing them to be evil as well. Before he could, however, he was shot and killed from behind by Sarah Bennett, who proceeded to force the player and David Jones off the plane (having already kicked the other passengers out) as she boasted her intent to hijack the plane and crash into the White House to declare "the ultimate victory for SOMBRA"

      (Challenge: Whoever writes next, build off this case to wrap up this "Sarah Bennett Returns" storyline)

      Next Set:

      1. Sarah Bennett (Again)

      2. Laetitia Badu

      3. Ana Gutierrez

      4. Erin Bryant

      5. Jack Archer

      6. Agrafena Raskolnikova

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    • Victim: Jack Archer (found sliced in half in a van)

      Weapon: Saw


      Sarah Bennett: Stayed in a room next to Jack, and heard that he planned to take a plane to Washington DC and help save the president, saying that it would gain him some huge popularity points.

      Laetitia Badu: Was arrested by the victim for abusing a journalist, who apparently was stalking her.

      Ana Gutierrez: Fell in love with Jack, but Jack said he wasn't interested, breaking Ana's heart.

      Erin Bryant: Insulted the victim intentionally during an interview.

      Agrafena Raskolnikova: Jack started dating her, Agrafena said he was too much of a wuss.

      Killer: Sarah Bennett. Sarah admitted to the murder, and said that she hated the victim for even trying to go to fly over to Washington DC, and decided it was time to take action. Sarah met Jack near her van, and Sarah sliced Jack in half. Sarah shot herself in the head in order to avoid getting a sentence.

      Next Set:

      1. Alfie McNaulty

      2. Vanessa Kimmel

      3. Aileen Greene

      4. Otis Kidd

      5. Roberto Vasquez

      6. Roxanne Vega

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    • Victim: Otis Kidd (injected with an overdose of morphine; found deceased in his bed)

      Weapon: Syringe


      Alfie McNaulty (Victim's grandson; stressed about how much money it was costing to care for his grandfather)

      Vanessa Kimmel (Bingo parlor employee; made uncomfortable by what she perceived as lewd glances and remarks from Otis)

      Aileen Greene (Otis and Alfie's neighbor and Otis's occasional nurse-aid; remorsefully confessed to stealing a valuable pocketwatch of Otis' to pay off her late mortgage)

      Roberto Vasquez (Pharmacy employee; subject to fat-shaming comments from Otis that drove him to swap a few of his antacid tablets with laxatives)

      Roxanne Vega (Her fingerprints were found on Otis' walker; claimed she'd simply run into him at the grocery store, but her morbid comments about "elderly blood" made the team suspicious)

      Killer: Aileen Greene. When confronted and cornered with the evidence against her, Aileen went into a rage and proclaimed that Otis deserved to rot for destroying her family. As Aileen revealed, Billy Thompson was her distant ancestor, who in this timeline, committed suicide as a result of Otis' mistreatment. Aileen learned about Billy after graduating college, and came to believe Billy's suicide cursed her family and her life especially (her father having abandoned her as a baby and leaving her in the care of her emotionally abusive mother).

      Irrationally blaming Otis, Aileen schemed to become his neighbor and earn his and Alfie's trust. On the day of Otis's murder, he called Aileen and asked her to come over to help him with his medicine while Alfie was out of the house. Using this opportunity to get her revenge, Aileen put Otis into bed before injecting him with a morphine overdose, killing him. At her trial, Aileen tried to argue she did it to avenge her family, only for Judge Powell to call Aileen out for her irrational blame of Otis for her misfortune before sentencing her to 25 years in prison.

      Next Set:

      1. Rupert Winchester

      2. Crispin Ruff

      3. Dan Kelly

      4. Carter Hayes

      5. Ennis Sparhawk

      6. Riaja Somalinggi

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    • Victim: Riaja Somalinggi (shot in the head)

      Weapon: Pistol


      Rupert Winchester: (ran into the victim recently, reported that she seemed strangely worried about something)

      Crispin Ruff: (Remembered a series of tests being run on the victim and him)

      Dan Kelly: (Victim accidentally rode her bike over his lawn, messing it up)

      Carter Hayes: (grabbed his stuffed monkey and asked Riaja if she wanted to play with him, Riaja was creeped out and ran away)

      Ennis Sparhawk (wrote a song about the victim and how weird she was)

      Killer: Rupert Winchester. Rupert denied the accusations but later admitted. Rupert said that he was walking in the dark once, and heard somebody running behind him, thinking it was somebody weird, Rupert turned around and aimed his gun at Riaja, who surprised him and made him pull the trigger, shooting her in the head. Rupert was sentenced to 1 year in prison.

      Next Set:

      1. Clarissa Rochester

      2. Vinnie Costa

      3. David Jones

      4. Veronica Johnson

      5. Horace Foster

      6. Savannah Blake

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    • Victim: Veronica Johnson (found stabbed at the airport)

      Murder weapon: Kitchen Knife


      Vinnie Costa (Victim made xenophobic remarks about him)

      David Jones (Had fined the victim for underage drinking)

      Horace Foster (Victim wanted to star in a movie with him, he told her she's too young)

      Clarissa Rochester (Victim didn't accept her sexuality)

      Savannah Blake (Victim argued with her)

      Killer: Horace Foster. He killed Veronica in self defense. Sentence: 13 years

      Next set: Amanda Harrison, Zayden Ito, Cathy Turner, Manny Sanchez, Wilfred Turnscrew, Jacob Arrow

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    • Victim: Manny Sanchez (bludgeoned to death in his garage)

      Weapon: Wrench


      Amanda Harrison (Felt a foreboding aura about the victim after running into him in town, with her attempted warning being shrewdly ignored by Manny)

      Zayden Ito (Helped the victim fix his truck, got into an argument with him when Manny refused to pay him for his services)

      Cathy Turner (Sent the victim an angry message on FriendNet under her old @rtist alias; revealed that her best friend from high school got hooked on meth because of Manny, and had recently died of an overdose)

      Wilfred Turnscrew (Was accosted by the victim who believed he based his recent novel's plot off his recent drug smuggling operation)

      Jacob Arrow (The victim's neighbor; resented Manny for his past actions of using military equipment to make drugs)

      Killer: Cathy Turner. When confronted by the player and her shocked husband, Cathy broke down in tears as she confessed to the murder and revealed the whole truth about her past with Manny: one night, while walking home late from the library, Cathy was snatched by Manny and dragged to an abandoned building, where he injected her with drugs before raping her. Cathy was too traumatized afterwards to report Manny, and instead threw herself into her studies and hacker persona.

      In the present, however, Cathy began to see Manny everywhere, with the looks he gave her convincing Cathy that he recognized her and was plotting to attack her again. Wanting to protect herself and her family, Cathy confronted Manny as he was in his garage working on his truck and demanded he stay away from her, only for Manny to mock and threaten Cathy, revealing that he knew where she lived and was thinking of paying her husband and son a visit. At that, Cathy grabbed a nearby wrench and struck Manny in the head, killing him. Cathy collapsed in Alex's arms before going to trial, where Judge Powell sympathetically gave Cathy a 5 year sentence, with possibility for parole in 2 if she attended regular counselling sessions.

      Next Set:

      1. Amrita Kumar

      2. Serena Johnson

      3. Nikolai Kamarov

      4. Seamus O'Neill

      5. Tristan Collins

      6. Dan Quang

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    • Victim: Tristan Collins (found crushed by a chandelier)

      Weapon: Chandelier


      Amrita Kumar: (the victim helped her learn about archery)

      Serena Johnson: (the victim disliked her son Howard, causing her to dislike Tristan)

      Nikolai Kamarov: (the victim protested climate change in front of his home, causing Nikolai to yell at him to go away)

      Seamus O'Neill: (The victim's grandfather, who was mad at Tristan for never visiting him, and when he did visit him, he was always on his phone)

      Dan Quang: (the victim reviewed his book, and said it was bad, then teased him for ever thinking he could become an author)

      Killer: Amrita Kumar. Amrita started developing feelings for Tristan, so she told him. He laughed at her, saying that she was crazy and that there would be no more archery lesson. Feeling heartbroken, Amrita followed him home, and crushed him with a chandelier. Amrita was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

      Next Set:

      1. William Oland

      2. Stuart Huckabee

      3. Elliot Clayton

      4. John McKenzie

      5. Andre Roche

      6. Erikah Mabayo

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    • Victim: Erikah Mabayo (strangled to death inside her new brothel just outside of Grimsborough)

      Weapon: Fishing wire


      William Oland (Owned a small inn near the brothel; loathed Erikah for being a "deviant sinner")

      Stuart Huckabee (Had a niece working for Erikah after flunking out of Grimsborough University, got into an altercation with Erikah when he tried to get her out)

      Elliot Clayton (Was found by the player and David Jones trying to set Erikah's brothel on fire; revealed how his American cousin was one of the three girls Erikah had previously killed)

      John McKenzie (Played the occasional game of tennis when Erikah visited the Grimsborough Park; slipped a threatening drawing into Erikah's tennis bag when she consistently beat him in games)

      Andre Roche (Frequently visited Erikah's brothel; became furious when Erikah banned him from the establishment for getting too rough with one of her girls)

      Killer: William Oland. When confronted, William boasted of his deed, proclaiming that Erikah was burning in Hell where she belonged. But as William's later rant revealed, his motivation went beyond disapproving of Erikah's business: he had become infatuated with Erikah, believing he could "save her" if she became his wife. One night, William went to Erikah and confessed his twisted feelings, only to be rejected by Erikah as she threatened him to leave her alone--reminding him that she'd killed before and was willing to do it again if necessary. Enraged by Erikah's words, William went to the brothel armed with fishing wire and used it to strangle Erikah to death. After stating that it felt good to finally kill with his own bare hands, William prepared to strangle the player, only to be shot to death by Jones before he could.

      Next Set:

      1. Rani Goshwalla

      2. Mark Hamilton

      3. Adaline Galls

      4. Paul Sheppard

      5. Heather Valentine

      6. Jasper Everett

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    • Victim: Rani Goshwalla (found tied to a clock, strangled to death by the ropes)

      Murder Weapon: Clock


      Mark Hamilton: (Rani always questioned Mark if he really worked at NASA, annoying the former astronaut)

      Adaline Galls: (Rani would bully Adaline's smallest child, Max, who would always come home crying and hugging Adaline)

      Paul Sheppard: (Caught Rani taking a selfie during church, had to talk with the family about her being on her phone during church)

      Heather Valentine: (Starred in a movie with Rani and her girlfriend Hannah Choi, who got mad when Hannah started spending more time with Rani than her)

      Jasper Everett: (Jasper saw Rani bullying Max, tried to tell Rani it wasn't cool, who later claimed he was stalking her)

      Killer: Adaline Galls. Adaline immediately admitted to the murder, saying that Rani almost seriously injured Max. Through her tears, Adaline explained. One day, Adaline woke up Max and told him to rise and shine, and cooked his favorite breakfast, pancakes. She later hugged him and said goodbye. Max ran off to school. Later in the day, Adaline got a call from the school. The school told her to rush over. Adaline rushed over, where she saw security footage of Rani slamming a crying Max into a locker, and repeated doing it. Later, her sister Misha came in to stop the attack, but Misha was pushed to the ground by her sister and dragged away by Rani's friends. Adaline decided enough was enough.

      Adaline got Rani when she was going back home, and stabbed her in the abdomen. Rani later fainted, and then she took her to a train station, where she tied up the body to a clock, which later strangled Rani to death. 

      Judge Powell was going to sentence Adaline to 10 years in prison, but looked at Adaline's older son Cevit, trying to calm down a very sad Max. Judge Powell felt bad and decided to give Adaline a more lenient sentence. Adaline was sentenced to 1 year in prison with a possibility of parole in 7 months. Adaline accepted the sentence and tearfully said goodbye Cevit and hugged Max. An emotional conversation between Cevit and Adaline began, with Adaline saying that she will be thinking of him and Max in prison.  Adaline waved bye to her children as was placed in handcuffs.

      Next Set:

      1. Cathy Turner

      2. Annette Strong

      3. Giulietta Capecchi

      4. Amy Young

      5. Anbu Devanesan

      6. Omar Al Hadawi

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    • Victim: Amy Young (found poisoned in her house)

      Murder Weapon: Poisoned Cocktail


      Cathy Turner (The victim thought she was a traitor to the GBPD)

      Anbu Devanesan (An escaped prisoner, who was caught by the victim)

      Annette Strong (The victim found out she was a werewolf, and threatened to tell Dolores Harper)

      Omar Al Hadawi (The victim's neighbor, who once accidentally put salt in the tea he made for her, and she got mad at him)

      Giulietta Cappechi (The victim arrested her father, which almost made her kill herself)

      Killer: Omar Al Hadawi. He revealed himself to be a leader of a secret society, which Amy found out and planned to to tell the PBPD. In order to shut her up, he killed her. He was sentenced to life in prison for the murder.

      Next set: Marcello Campiano, Justine Bankston, Ernesto Vega, Seth DaemonLarry Zarus, Andy Mills

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    • Victim: Andy Mills (a bomb set off in his car)

      Murder Weapon: Bomb

      Marcello Campiano: (Recently got a job as a waiter, but Andy had a business party, and Marcello was stressed out when he had to keep coming back to Andy's table to bring him more food)

      Justine Bankston: (Bought a boat, decided to sail with the victim, who accidentally broke the boat)

      Ernesto Vega: (The victim managed to mess up all of Ernesto's data for fun, angering Ernesto)

      Seth Daemon: (Was the victim's friend, got prank called by the victim many times, for Seth, it was tiring)

      Larry Zarus: (Saw a picture of Andy in a cult group, Andy sweared to kill him if he didn't delete the video)

      Killer: Seth Daemon. Seth admitted to the murder and said that Andy was his test subject. Seth said that he wanted to see how much damage the bomb will do. Seth set it up in Andy's car, and waited. When Andy turned on the car, he was exploded. Seth was sentenced to life in prison.

      Next set:

      1. Tom Blackwater

      2. James Pemberton

      3. Franklin Caldwell

      4. Sally Hooper

      5. Maddie O'Malley

      6. Aaliyah Banks

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    • Victim: Sally Hooper (discovered bound with duct tape in the campus quad, having been tortured to death with various cuts, burns, and bruises on her body)

      Weapon: Scissors (an autopsy proving a stab to the heart was what ultimately killed Sally)


      Tom Blackwater (Victim's ex-boyfriend; became furious when Sally leaked naked photos of him on Friendnet in revenge for him sleeping with her best friend)

      James Pemberton (Victim's biology professor; felt Sally didn't respect him as she often corrected him in the middle of classes)

      Franklin Caldwell (Was in conflict with the victim of Sally taking issue with Franklin not recruiting female players for the Grimsborough Quails, accusing him of sexism)

      Maddie O'Malley (Grandmother of the victim's former roommate Leanne; hated Sally for having bullied Leanne so badly that she dropped out of the university)

      Aaliyah Banks (A fellow sorority sister of Sally's; resented the victim for spreading rumors about her being promiscuous and having had an affair with a teacher in high school)

      Killer: Aaliyah Banks. When confronted, Aaliyah broke down and angrily confessed to killing Sally, but denied Gloria Hayes' insinuation that she only did so because of Sally's nasty rumors, arguing that she'd done much more to her than that. As Aaliyah explained, she had been at a sorority party, trying to have some fun and get her mind off Sally, when she suddenly felt faint and blacked out. As it turned out, she'd had her drink drugged and, as a result, she woke up tied to a bed in Grimsborough's fraternity, and realized she had been raped.

      Aaliyah ran out in tears and, convinced Sally was responsible for the drugging that led to her assault, plotted revenge. As a way of making Sally experience what she had, Aaliyah chloroformed Sally as she was leaving the library before taking to an abandoned dormitory, tying her to a bed and gagging her with tape before she woke up. After taunting Sally and ranting about what she'd done to her, Aaliyah tortured Sally with scissors, cigarettes, and punches before delivering the fatal blow to her heart. She then tied Sally up with tape before leaving her body in the quad, wanting everyone to see Sally for how ugly she was on the inside.

      Aaliyah was arrested and put on trial, where Judge Powell, while sympathetic for Aaliyah being raped because of Sally's actions, pointed out that her violent murder was not justified and that she had no proof Sally was even the one who drugged her. As such, Aaliyah was sentenced to 30 years in prison with no chance for parole. The AI had the team discovering evidence in Sally's hidden diary that she had in fact drugged Aaliyah as a prank, prompting the judge to amend Aaliyah's sentence to give her a chance for parole in 15 years if she behaved well and attended regular counselling sessions.

      Next Set:

      1. Juniper

      2. Morgana Blackhawk

      3. Mia Loukas

      4. Raoul Colletti

      5. Lily Karam

      6. Miranda Cohen

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    • Victim: Juniper (found with her arm cut off)

      Weapon: Axe


      Morgana Blackhawk: (saw Juniper got injured in the middle of the forest one day, took her in to heal her)

      Mia Loukas: (Victim's friend, later drifted apart after Mia became a police officer)

      Raoul Colletti: (Victim dated his daughter, found out that Juniper didn't treat her right)

      Lily Karam: (Was always mocked by Juniper, getting called a slow racer)

      Miranda Cohen: (Miranda was the first to try Juniper's new VR game, which Miranda got bored of real quick)

      Killer: Raoul Colletti: Raoul admitted to the murder, saying that Juniper was going to take his daughter away from him. Raoul started wailing and said that Juniper was going to go off to Virginia and live the rest of her life there with Trish. Not wanting this to happen, Raoul grabbed an axe and chopped Juniper's arm off. Raoul was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

      Next Set:

      1. Alonzo Conte

      2. Vanessa Sadler

      3. Chad Baker

      4. Alexander Vladinsky

      5. Claudio Aguirre

      6. Rachel Priest

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    • Victim: Alexander Vladinsky (found electrocuted with a strange machine)

      Murder Weapon: Electrocuting Machine


      Alonzo Conte (the victim included a former mobster in one of his latest poems, which made him very mad, as he also used to be a mobster)

      Rachel Priest (while interviewing the victim, he accidentally broke her microphone)

      Claudio Aguirre (the victim's half-brother, he was jealous of him)

      Vanessa Sadler (stopped being friends with the victim after he said that his poems are more important to him than her)

      Chad Baker (the victim based a character in his poems on him, but depicted him as the villain, which drove him so far, he decided to sue him.)

      Killer: Vanessa Sadler. She admitted that Alexander caught her being drunk near the Highsmith University while visiting to advertise his poems, and threatened to report the dean. In order to shut him up, she killed him.

      Next set: Amir Devani, Bryan Vigman, Ronnie Hawk, Grace Goude, Hans Vogel, Beauregard Lomax

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    • Victim: Hans Vogel (found strangled to death)

      Murder Weapon: Rope


      Amir Devani: (was friends with the victim, until he realized that Hans never visited him when he was sick)

      Bryan Vigman: (Ran a restaurant with Hans, business fell apart when Hans left)

      Ronnie Hawk: (was a waiter at Hans's restaurant, heard him and Bryan arguing)

      Grace Goude: (Victim's wife, read in a tabloid that he was cheating)

      Beauregard Lomax: (Hans wanted to use his name as the main character of his new film, to which Beauregard laughed and declined)

      Killer: Bryan Vigman. Bryan thought it was unfair that Hans got to be famous while he just worked at a school. Bryan wanted to change that, so he asked Hans if he wanted to go to a restaurant, which Hans agreed to do. They met there, and Bryan acted like he had to go to the bathroom. However, Bryan then took out a rope, and strangled Hans to death. Bryan was sentenced to life in prison.

      Next Set:

      1. Samson Drake

      2. Emma Ternon

      3. Abigail Riley

      4. Lyla Heller

      5. Anakee

      6. Maximillian Poe

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    • K, here it is:

      Victim: Jack Archer (Shot in the chest with his own gun)

      Murder weapon: gun


      Samson Drake: (Victim’s brother. Was teased by Jack all through childhood)

      Emma Ternon: (Arrested her for drug dealing)

      Abigail Riley: (Claimed Jack killed her)

      Lyla Heller: (Would not let her continue her job after getting out of prison)

      Anakee: (Her entire village found out she had murdered someone long ago thanks to Jack’s investigation)

      Maximillian Poe: (His business was ruined after Jack gave it a bad review)

      Killer: Emma Ternon. She was in fact high when she met the victim, and was angry that she got arrested. When Jack saw her on the street, doing drugs, he was going to arrest her again. So, she fired his own gun at him, killing him instantly. The judge sentenced her to life in prison for the murder of a police officer.

      Next set:

      David Jones

      Gloria Hayes

      Rupert Winchester

      Amir Devani

      Rita Estevez

      Gabriel Herrera

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    • Agentpollo28: Of the 6 characters the previous poster gives, one of them has to be the victim with the other 5 as suspects. Sorry for the misunderstanding. Anywho....

      Victim: Amir Devani (forced to drink a chemical that liquified his insides; found dead in his lab)

      Weapon: Acidic chemical


      David Jones (Wrote in a digital diary that he'd been having violent dreams about killing Amir, as a part of him blamed him for his girlfriend Zoe's arrest and subsequent murder)

      Gloria Hayes (Got into an argument with Amir when she accidentally contaminated evidence he was examining)

      Rupert Winchester (Had developed a crush onn Amir, which he rejected due to his devotion to Jasper)

      Rita Estevez (A weapon from her collection was found in Amir's apartment, which Rita claimed Amir had borrowed for research a month prior and kept making excuses for not returning it)

      Gabriel Herrera (Asked Amir to make him a special perfume for his girlfriend Sofia, only for the concoction to end up burning Sofia's skin so badly she had to be in the hospital for three weeks)

      Killer: Gloria Hayes. When confronted, Gloria at first tried to feign innocence, only to eventually snap under the pressure of the evidence against her and confess, proclaiming that Amir was about to ruin her life. Gloria revealed that in Hear My Cry, she had been withholding the full truth about her past in Chicago. The suspect she killed was a drug dealer that she had been covertly working for on the side, doing so to provide for herself and Carter after her divorce. Eventually, Gloria tried to back out, only for the man to blackmail her and threaten to out to her station. Thus, when she had the chance to eliminate him the night he shot her partner, she took it and killed the man to keep her secret.

      But after learning about her shady past, Amir became curious and looked deeper, with Gloria spotting some search results about her when borrowing Amir's tablet one day. Fearful Amir's search would turn up her past as a crooked cop, Gloria confronted Amir and asked him to stop looking into her past. Realizing she was hiding something, Amir confronted her, leading to a fight in which Gloria force fed Amir the contents of a nearby beaker. The chemical quickly killed Amir, and a shocked Gloria fled the scene. Gloria broke down in tears as she expressed shame in both her past corruption and killing Amir, proclaiming she hadn't wanted her secrets to come out and risk losing both a job she loved and her son.

      At trial, Gloria continued to express remorse, describing Amir as a good man who deserved better than to be betrayed by a fellow team member. Agreeing, Judge Powell took Gloria's remorsefulness into account and sentenced her to 35 years in prison, with a possibility of parole in 20. Gloria accepted the verdict, and bid a tearful goodbye to Carter and the player, apologizing for letting them and the GPD force down.

      Next Set:

      1. Sofia Quadrelli

      2. Zoe Kusama

      3. Claude Lamothe

      4. Katherine Woolf

      5. Prince Albert

      6. Donna Sandover

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    • Victim: Zoe Kusama (found buried in a forest)

      Murder Weapon: Snake 


      Sofia Quadrelli: (Occasionally played board games with the victim, but then stopped coming over)

      Claude Lamothe: (Victim's father, argued with Zoe for dating David Jones)

      Katherine Woolf: (Started a rumor that Zoe is actually a ghost, which angered Zoe)

      Prince Albert: (became friends with Zoe, and started developing feelings for her, but got rejected by her, angering the Prince)

      Donna Sandover: (Zoe's best friend. Donna made a doll of Zoe, but Zoe said it looked nothing like her, and smashed it to pieces)

      Killer: Sofia Quadrelli. The player was surprised at first, and tried to deny she killed Zoe, but Sofia admitted. Sofia said that she was going to set up a date with both Zoe and one of her friends (because Sofia wanted Jones) and went over to Zoe's house after she left for the date. However, Zoe came home early and saw Sofia on trying to kiss Jones. Sofia quickly grabbed Jones's gun and hit him on the head, knocking him out. Zoe tried to attack her, but Sofia hit her on the head with the gun, knocking her out, too. When she saw that she was knocked out, Sofia put Zoe in her car and drove her off into the forest, where she dumped a exhausted Zoe on the floor. Sofia then took her snake (named Tommy), and placed it on Zoe, which bit her. After Zoe stopped moving, Sofia buried her body in the forest, where she hoped no one would find her. Sofia was sentenced to life in prison.

      Next Set:

      1. Samuel Waldorf-Ridgewood

      2. Annette Strong (Again XD)

      3. Rani Goshwalla

      4. Clayton Rose

      5. Anya Ivanova

      6. James Savage

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    • Victim: Anya Ivanova (Found hung from a noose in the middle of the GPD office, with marks on her throat indicating that she was strangled to death before being hung)

      Weapon: Bare hands


      Samuel Waldorf-Ridgewood (Victim's neighbor; was the previous owner of the Ice Hotel in Quebec where Anya killed Jean Connerie, which was forced to close down after the scandal destroyed business. Samuel claimed to have no recollection of Anya's connection to the event.)

      Annette Strong (Spotted the victim at a local nightclub; offered to let her join her werewolf pack, only for Anya to turn her down)

      Rani Goshwalla (Worked at the bakery that the victim frequented; gave her stale and moldly doughnuts as retaliation for her frequent racist remarks against her)

      Clayton Rose (Offered Anya a place in a diamond smuggling operation he was building him, only for Anya to mock him and claim he was no criminal mastermind and would be easily caught)

      James Savage (Ran into the victim while hunting; became furious when she near fatally shot his new hunting dog and refused to even apologize)

      Killer: James Savage. When confronted by the shocked player and David, James confessed and proclaimed he'd done it for the player. As he stated, the player was the first person to ever treat him like a human being and not a pariah, so he made a vow he would return the favor and help them when he could. So when he had his encounter with Anya and recognized her as a former SOMBRA ally (having been tracking the player's career journey), he decided to return the favor by killing her.

      While Anya was out late-night hunting, James snuck up on her and strangled Anya to death with his bare hands after a brief struggle between the two (which had James being cut by Anya with a pocket knife, resulting in his blood type being part of the Killer's Profile). Afterwards, James broke into the GPD station and hung Anya's body up from the ceiling, wanting the player to see what he'd done for them. David informed James that while he understood how James felt as a pariah, murder wasn't the way to show the player gratitude. James was arrested and put on trial, where he continued to claim he'd done what he did for the player and that Anya was a terrible person who deserved to die. Judge Powell disagreed, arguing that regardless of Anya's past crimes, James had no right to murder her out of twisted admiration for the player. With that, James was sentenced to 40 years in prison with mandatory psychiatric treatment.

      Next Set:

      1. Zander Stark

      2. Enzo Jonas

      3. Ignacio Munoz

      4. Ziggy Sparks

      5. Russell Crane

      6. Ross Barthe

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    • Victim: Ignacio Munoz (found displayed in an art gallery, a spear through his chest)

      Weapon: Spear


      Zander Stark: (Damaged the victim's car out of revenge for stalking his girlfriend, Priya)

      Enzo Jonas: (Saw a folder of illegal experiments drop out of Ignacio's briefcase, decided to keep it and tell the police)

      Ziggy Sparks: (Victim ruined one of the most expensive records in the store, angering Ziggy)

      Russell Crane: (became restless after Ignacio sent Russell death threats to get him to stop looking into an organization called SOMBRA)

      Ross Barthe: (Went on a cruise with the victim, Ross saw Ignacio lace his drink with pesticide)

      Killer: Zander Stark. Zander turned out to be a werewolf, and worked at the art gallery as in disguise. One day, Ignacio came into the art gallery and was looking at an item with interest. Zander told Ignacio more about the item, which turned out to be a very famous painting. Once Zander's back was turned, Ignacio swiped the painting and ran off. Zander noticed this and swore to get revenge on Ignacio.

      Once Ignacio came back, Zander showed him to an exhibit with another expensive painting. This time, Zander took a spear from a statue and impaled Ignacio. Zander later put Ignacio on display, and convinced visitors that it was a statue. Since Zander was a werewolf, the player told Zander to run out of town.

      Next Set:

      1. Haruki Kato

      2. Arthur Darkwood

      3. Greg Gibbs

      4. Gabriel Herrera

      5. Fiona Cummings

      6. Zoe Kusama

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    • Victim: Gabriel Herrera (Found stabbed in the neck in his study)

      Weapon: Ballpoint pen


      Haruki Kato (Hated the victim for betraying The Higher Truth, with photos found on his tablet revealing he had been stalking Gabriel for months)

      Arthur Darkwood (Formerly worked with the victim as a university intern under his human persona; believed Gabriel intentionally set him up to look stupid when he borrowed research material from him without asking)

      Greg Gibbs (Treated the victim for a broken foot he sustained the previous month; was given a lawsuit from Gabriel claiming he'd causing more damage to his injury)

      Fiona Cummings (Attended yoga classes with the victim; became frustrated when Gabriel turned down her advances)

      Zoe Kusama (Regularly had coffee with the victim; publicly fought with Gabriel when he began pestering her for more information about the powers she inadvertently got from DreamLife's sick experiments)

      Killer: Fiona Cummings. When confronted, Fiona denied killing Gabriel due to being spurned, instead revealing she was doing so out for "the woman she loved". As was revealed over the course of the case, Gabriel and his girlfriend Sofia Quadrelli broke up, and Sofia subsequently moved into Fiona's guest house. Fiona fell in love with Sofia, feeling good for the first time since her son's death and her subsequent rage-fueled murder of her husband. But after seeing that Sofia was still not over Gabriel, Fiona decided to seduce Gabriel to show to Sofia she was better off without him.

      But after her attempts to do so in yoga failed, an enraged Fiona became convinced that killing Gabriel was her only option. At that, Fiona went to Gabriel's house and asked to speak to him, claiming there was a problem with Sofia she needed advice with. But upon going to Gabriel's study with him, Fiona grabbed the pen and stabbed Gabriel in the neck, killing him. Fiona was put on trial and sentenced to 30 years in prison with mandatory psychiatric counselling, with Sofia publicly blasting her for killing Gabriel and declaring she would never love her--much to Fiona's heartache.

      Next Set:

      1. Angela Douglas

      2. Robyn Ash

      3. Jamie Buxton

      4. Biff Wellington

      5. Gus Smiffel

      6. Mark McKenzie

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    • Victim: Biff Wellington (found with scorpions all over his body)

      Weapon: Scorpions


      Angela Douglas: (Ate lunch with the victim, and got in a fight with him)

      Robyn Ash: (The victim wanted to investigate an abandoned house, however, Biff saw this and stopped her, saying it was dangerous, much to Robyn's embarressment)

      Jamie Buxton: (Bought the victim's old house in the summer, said that it was bad and weird to live in there, offending Biff)

      Gus Smiffel: (Was the boss of Biff's first job, would always mock Biff when he complained)

      Mark McKenzie: (Biff's friend, who accidentally broke Biff's hand while hanging out in an arcade)

      Killer: Jamie Buxton. Jamie admitted and revealed that she was a spy. Jamie said that there was an order sent out to kill Biff, so she tracked him down and chloroformed him before tossing him into a scorpion exhibit. Jamie was sentenced to life in prison.

      Next set:

      1. Savannah Austin

      2. David Breitman

      3. Melody Rivers

      4. Max Gaynes

      5. Marcello Campiano

      6. Radovan Radich

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    • Victim: Savannah Austin (found dead in the cafeteria of the mental health facility she had begun volunteering at)

      Weapon: High-voltage stun gun (found discarded in the dumpster of the local cafe)


      David Breitman (Had his daughter Eva placed in the clinic after she suffered a mental breakdown; confronted the victim with claims that his daughter wasn't being properly cared for)

      Melody Rivers (Professor at the victim's community college; became frustrated with Savannah's constant excuses for her late assignments)

      Max Gaynes (A patient at the clinic; became obsessed with Savannah and was even caught breaking into her apartment to collect things to remember her by)

      Marcello Campiano (An old friend of the victim's who frequently had lunch with her at the cafe; became upset when she began skipping their lunch meetings to do more volunteer work)

      Radovan Radich (Owned a shop near the clinic; left an angry note in the victim's car due to his belief that the clinic was damaging his business)

      Killer: Marcello Campiano. When confronted, Marcello tried to deny everything before angrily confessing once he was confronted with the evidence. As Marcello revealed, his brother Antonio was a former patient of Savannah's mother Lucrezia, and he abruptly disappeared shortly after he began seeing her. After Lucrezia's murder and the discovery that she had killed several of her patients, Marcello was heartbroken as he realized Antonio must have been one of her victims (this is confirmed in the AI).

      After learning that Savannah was now volunteering at a mental health clinic, Marcello became furious and believed she was following in her mother's footsteps, even coming to believe she had a hand in her mother's crimes. With that in mind, Marcello reconnected with Savannah and became familiar with her schedule and the clinic through their talks, using his information in his plot to kill her. After obtaining a stun gun and sneaking into the clinic, Marcello confronted Savannah in the empty cafeteria and demanded she admit to his brother's murder. When Savannah pleaded her innocence, Marcello zapped Savannah, killing her when the shock sent her into cardiac arrest. After being admonished for killing an innocent woman who was trying to make up for her mother's crimes, Marcello was handed over to the authorities.

      Next Set:

      1. Herman Jeffries

      2. Bridget Baker

      3. Subutai

      4. Donna Walker

      5. Officer Blake

      6. Trevor Neuman

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    • Victim: Bridget Baker (Found with her throat slashed)

      Weapon: Scissors


      Herman Jeffries: (Herman was unintentionally injured by Bridget when he tried to avoid colliding into her with his bike)

      Subutai: (Subutai was angry when he saw an article about him by Bridget not really being the hero the world thought he was, tried to confront Bridget, but she didn't answer)

      Donna Walker: (Donna was friends with Bridget, and said that she was a good person. However, Donna was sort of mad when Bridget didn't like her cooking)

      Officer Blake: (Blake was disliked by the victim, who tried to anger him)

      Trevor Neuman: (Grew popular for making a new type of medicine, which Bridget claimed was fake)

      Killer: Herman Jeffries. Herman denied the accusations at first but then admitted to the murder. Herman said that he was planning to run for mayor. Herman wanted his name to be known. However, Bridget didn't like this, so she started posting insulting articles about Herman, trying to get people to dislike Herman. Herman found out about this and was livid. 

      Herman snuck up behind Bridget one day and slashed her throat. Herman was sentenced to life in prison.

      Next Set:

      1. Gerard Arnault

      2. Will Wyoming

      3. Glen Coleman

      4. Ziggy Sparks

      5. Charlene Cody

      6. Avery Mitchell

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    • Victim: Avery Mitchell (found tied to a tree and fatally bludgeoned all over her body)

      Weapon: Stones


      Gerard Arnault (CEO of a new technology firm; resented Avery when she began leading a protest against his company's environmentally unhealthy practices)

      Will Wyoming (Victim's adoptive father; became estranged from Avery after he began dating a man, with Avery feeling he was disgracing her deceased adoptive mother's memory by moving on so quickly)

      Glen Coleman (Sold the victim her first car now that she was 18 and preparing to go to college; was threatened with a lawsuit when Avery tried to return the car under claims she almost died when smoke began pouring from the AC and Glen refused to give her a refund)

      Ziggy Sparks (Victim's cousin; sent her a frustrated text when she kept making excuses not to come see him at his new gig DJing at a club)

      Charlene Cody (Victim's hairstylist; hated the victim for constantly complaining that she did her hair wrong and was slapped by Avery when she accidentally cut her during an appointment)

      Killer: Charlene Cody. When confronted, Charlene attempted to claim innocence at first before breaking down and angrily admitting to the brutal murder, declaring that she did the world a favor getting rid of "that nasty little witch". When probed further, Charlene revealed that soon after Avery became a regular client, her beloved aunt died and her boyfriend left her for another woman, leaving her heartbroken. Upon learning that Avery was a witch, however, Charlene became convinced she put a curse on her out of petty revenge and decided she had to kill her in retribution and to end the curse.

      After following Avery for a while, Charlene grabbed and subdued Avery with chloroform before driving her out to the forest, where she tied her to a tree and gagged her with duct tape when Avery professed she hadn't cursed Charlene and pleaded to be let go. Charlene then went on to pelt Avery with stones, eventually killing her. At her trial, Charlene declared she gave Avery a death that a witch deserved, and that she was responsible for her aunt's death and her boyfriend deserting her. The judge, however, declared Charlene had no proof Avery was responsible for her misfortune and admonished her for killing a young woman in such a horrific way. Charlene was ultimately sentenced to 40 years in prison with mandatory psychiatric counselling, with Charlene being left in dismay at her belief that Avery's "curse" was still in effect despite her being dead.

      Next Set:

      1. Kiki Shae

      2. Dan Kelly

      3. Brian Chua

      4. Jean-Marc Bonneur

      5. Casper Rove

      6. Grace Delaney

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    • Victim: Brian Chua (found dead inside of an abandoned house, electrocuted to death)

      Murder Weapon: Electric Wall Device


      Kiki Shae: (attended one of Brian's silat classes, ended up with Kiki leaving in anger when Brian argued that he should have access to her strip club for free)

      Dan Kelly: (Learned that his wife Alice was having an affair with Brian)

      Jean-Marc Bonneur: (Recently did a political speech, Brian kept on teasing him for stuttering too much)

      Casper Rove: (Victim's rival, was embarrassed when Brian won against him in a chess match, and yelled at Brian for not knowing a thing about chess)

      Grace Delaney: (Caught the victim with drugs a couple times, started watching the victim closely in order to catch him red-handed)

      Killer: Grace Delaney. To the surprise of the player, Grace admitted to the murder and said that she didn't intentionally kill the victim. Grace said that she was watching over Brian one day, and saw him go into a weird house. Grace followed him there, to where she started hearing strange noises. Grace was weirded out by the noises, but kept on going. However, the more farther she went, the louder the voices became. Grace decided to set up an electric wall device if somebody tried to attack her. Brian then came down behind Grace, who thought someone was attacking her. Grace then threw Brian onto the wall, where the device started electrocuting him. Grace decided to run off. Grace was senetenced to 5 years in prison.

      Next set:

      1. Roy Loukas

      2. Jacob Gilbert

      3. Jacob Dawks

      4. Cornelia Trent

      5. Ana Gutierrez

      6. Easton Belmont

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    • Victim: Ana Gutierrez (found with her head bashed in behind the counter at Fairview Mall's Krazy Koffee)

      Weapon: Coffee maker (the killer having bludgeoned the victim's head against the machine several times)


      Roy Loukas (Had been checking in with the victim after she committed a drunk driving accident, which put a man in the hospital)

      Jacob Gilbert (Victim's boyfriend; had been pestering Ana to make their relationship open because she was often so tired after work that she wasn't in the mood for sex)

      Jacob Dawks (Performed theater skits in the mall outside Krazy Koffee; was frustrated that the victim often mocked his acting)

      Cornelia Trent (Victim's stepmother; was taking Ana to court over the stipulations of Ana's father's will)

      Easton Belmont (Owned a shoe store across from Krazy Koffee; left threatening letters for the victim in the hopes that the coffee shop would close if enough employees quit)

      Killer: Roy Loukas, much to the team's shock. When confronted, Roy tried to deny everything before breaking down and confessing, proclaiming he hadn't meant to. Roy went on to reveal the full truth about the accident Ana caused: the man hospitalized was his partner, and his condition was not improving. Roy became upset at seeing that Ana never visited the man in the hospital, and went to Krazy Koffee to confront her.

      Ana disinterestedly tried to brush Roy off, saying she was too busy to visit. Enraged at Ana's lack of remorse or even care for the man she injured, Roy flew into a rage and bashed her head against the coffee maker, killing her before he snapped back to reality. At trial, Roy admitted to losing himself and killing a young woman who (despite her actions) didn't deserve to die, and that he didn't deserve to be an officer of the law. Taking Roy's state of mind into account, Judge Powell sentenced Roy to 20 years of prison, while also having his badge and shield revoked.

      Next Set:

      1. Samuel King

      2. Sharon Jeung

      3. Colette Eckhardt

      4. Ruth Matuszak

      5. Basil Cavendish

      6. Beckett Blanton

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    • Victim: Beckett Blanton (found with his head smashed against the counter)

      Murder Weapon: Pistol (head was smashed against the counter before the killer shot him with a pistol)


      Samuel King: (expected Beckett to be a upstanding citizen once he was released for drunk driving)

      Sharon Jeung: (blasted Beckett for littering in the streets, where Beckett said that he didn't care)

      Colette Eckhardt: (movie reviewer, noticed that Beckett was being immature during one of the movies)

      Ruth Matuszak: (Beckett once reported Ruth to the police claiming that she poisoned his drink)

      Basil Cavendish: (witnessed Beckett drunk driving and called the police. When Beckett was released, Beckett said that he would get revenge on Basil)

      Killer: Sharon Jeung. Sharon initially denied the accusations but later admitted to the murder. Sharon admitted that she wasn't always a psychologist; she worked for Beckett for one year. However, Sharon felt uncomfortable near Beckett, and left the job when Beckett groped her. 

      Sharon ran into Beckett, who greeted Sharon with a smile. Sharon said she could see right through his act, and that Beckett still hasn't changed one bit. Beckett then walked away and threw his empty water bottle on the ground, where Sharon yelled at him to pick it up and put it in a recycling bin. Beckett refused though, making Sharon mad. Sharon then stalked Beckett into his shop, where Beckett was closing his store. Sharon then bashed Beckett's head against the counter. Sharon saw Beckett still moving on the ground, so she shot him in the back, killing him. Sharon was sentenced to 50 years in prison.

      1. Roy Loukas (Again)

      2. Gerard Arnault (Again)

      3. Sandy Lemko

      4. Fabrizio Gallardo

      5. Jemimah Mabayo

      6. Tsukada Hiroshi

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    • Victim: Sandy Lemko (impaled through the eye with a paintbrush)

      Weapon: Paintbrush


      Roy Loukas (Knew the victim for his hefty amount of parking tickets; jokingly left him a threatening drawing to get him to pay up)

      Gerard Arnault (Had the victim design the logo for his new technology company; fired Sandy when he rejected his sexual advances)

      Fabrizio Gallardo (Shared a loft apartment with the victim; became mad at Sandy for constantly borrowing his art supplies without asking)

      Jemimah Mabayo (Ran a voodoo shop that the victim frequented; became angry when Sandy stole some merchandise from her store and punched her when she tried to stop him)

      Tsukada Hiroshi (Waited tables at the cafe where the victim displayed his work; was fired after Sandy complained that Tsukada had spilled coffee on one of his paintings)

      Killer: Fabrizio Gallardo. When confronted, Fabrizio tearfully confessed, but said that the victim was trying to kill him and he acted in self-defense. As Fabrizio revealed, he and Sandy were both displaying their art at the same cafe, where Fabrizio's work sold better than Sandy's. Hating Fabrizio for the competition he presented, Sandy decided to kill Fabrizio. One night, Sandy left Fabrizio a note to meet him in his bedroom to talk, only for Sandy to ambush Fabrizio with a pocketknife when he walked in (cutting him a few times, resulting in the blood found on the carpet that was a part of the Killer's Profile).

      Fabrizio tried to flee, only for Sandy to grab him and drag him to his art studio to finish him off. Before he could, though, Fabrizio grabbed a paintbrush and stabbed Sandy in the eye, killing him before calling 911, claiming to have just walked in to find Sandy to cover his tracks. Fabrizio was turned over to the authorities, with the AI revealing that he was given a harsh sentence of 30 years due to a lack of evidence supporting his claims against Sandy. The team worked to find that evidence, and found it in the form of an audio diary Sandy kept that revealed his plan to murder Fabrizio. With this new evidence, Fabrizio was given a lighter sentence of 3 years, with parole possible in 1.

      Next Set:

      1. Ally Salinger

      2. Waldo Gigs

      3. Father Von Pratt

      4. One-Tooth Sam

      5. Megan Steel

      6. Callum Edwards

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    • Victim: One-Tooth Sam (found encased in concrete)

      Murder Weapon: Concrete Mixer (was stabbed with a paper knife before being encased in concrete)


      Ally Salinger: (was blasted by the victim for being a vegetarian, saying that real people eat meat to survive)

      Waldo Gigs: (wanted to learn more about Sam's time in the army, so Waldo requested an interview with Sam, which ended in Sam declining)

      Father Von Pratt: (worked at a bank before becoming a priest, reported that Sam would always sleep near the bank)

      Megan Steel: (Sam was fascinated by seeing a person who worked at PASA and asked for an autograph, making Megan think he was stalking her)

      Callum Edwards: (owned a farm by the victim's old shack, wanted to knock it down to get more land)

      Killer: Ally Salinger. Ally admitted to the murder and said that Sam was bothering her and kept on laughing at her when she walked by. Ally said that what made her snap was when he tried to steal her purse after she refused to give him money. Ally later stalked Sam, who was going to set up his tent at a construction site. Ally found the perfect oppurtunity to stab Sam with her paper knife in the chest, and then watched Sam stumble around in pain with joy. Sam eventually fainted, and Ally turned on the concrete mixer the encase Sam in concrete. Ally was sentenced to life in prison without parole. 

      Next set:

      1. Sally Perkins

      2. Fredo Mancini

      3. Penelope the Rebel

      4. Harriet Patrick

      5. Monica Pozie

      6. Rozetta Pierre

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    • Victim: Fredo Mancini (Found strung up outside Pacific Bay's City Hall, strangled to death and with a sign reading "Death to Fascist Government!" nailed to his chest)

      Weapon: Electric cable (found discarded in a bush near City Hall)


      Sally Perkins (Volunteered at a non-profit clinic in Pacific Bay; filed a restraining order against Fredo when he hounded her under the belief her clinic was conspiring with the government against the poor)

      Penelope the Rebel (Victim's girlfriend and fellow anti-government protestor; was criticized by Fredo for not being "dedicated enough" to their cause when she objected to his plot to bomb City Hall)

      Harriet Patrick (Worked as a clerk at City Hall; agreed to an interview with the victim that ended badly when Fredo slugged and threatened to kill her if she didn't quit her job)

      Monica Pozie (Victim's cousin; got into a fight with Fredo when she refused to let him hide out in her apartment)

      Rozetta Pierre (Offered the victim a job with DreamLife due to their shared desire for power; was rejected when Fredo claimed her and her company were just as bad as the government)

      Killer: Penelope the Rebel. When confronted, Penelope tried to deny everything, but eventually laughed and confessed, saying that she proved Fredo wrong about herself. As she revealed, Penelope had been involved with the Anarchist scene for a while now, and began dating Fredo as a means of getting accepted into Inner Chaos. However, Fredo always excluded her from the group, claiming she wasn't "fierce enough" to be a true "warrior for freedom".

      Wanting to prove Fredo wrong, Penelope decided to kill her boyfriend and take over as leader of Inner Chaos. Following Fredo to the junkyard where he was storing the explosives he planned to use for bombing City Hall, Penelope grabbed an old electric cable and used it to strangle Fredo to death. She then took his body to City Hall, strung it up, and put the sign there as a warning to Pacific Bay of her plans. Later on, after Judge Dante sentenced her to life in prison for her plans, Penelope laughed as she revealed that she'd already planted the bombs in City Hall after stringing up Fredo's corpse, before abruptly collapsing and dying before anyone could try to get her to reveal where the explosives were. The AI revealed that Penelope had ingested a slow-acting poison before her trial, and the player and Amy Young successfully helped the bomb squad stop the City Hall explosion.

      Next Set:

      1. Roxie Sparks

      2. Amy Young

      3. Joy Schneider

      4. Mark McKenzie

      5. Jordan Wilson

      6. Harold Coppersmith

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    • Victim: Jordan Wilson (found inside of a coffin)

      Weapon: Pesticide


      Roxie Sparks: (saw the victim drowning, told a lifeguard to save him)

      Amy Young: (Amy's cat ran off and Jordan saw the cat and took it in, and refused to give it back to Amy)

      Joy Schneider: (Was sued by the victim for making a character of her book for using his name, although Joy didn't intentionally do it)

      Mark McKenzie: (went to church with th victim, said the victim would always leave early)

      Harold Coppersmith: (The victim volunteered for one of his tricks, only to almost die after the trick went wrong)

      Killer: Mark McKenzie. Mark denied the accusations but later admitted to the murder. Mark said that he didn't kill Jordan, Harold Coppersmith did. Mark and Harold met and Harold showed him a couple of tricks one day. After, Harold asked Mark if he would like to get his mind controlled. Mark thought this was crazy, but accepted. Mark said that the last thing he knew, he was burying Mark's body. Mark was sentenced to life in prison (later shortened to 3 years)

      In the AI, Mark tried to convince the team he wasn't lying. The player confronted Harold, who admitted to making Mark kill Jordan. Harold said that his motive was a long time ago, when Jordan kept on stealing his props. Harold was sentenced to life in prison,

      Next set:

      1. Talmadge Baldwin

      2. Franklin Caldwell

      3. Rufus Murlock

      4. Ryan Min

      5. Tony Marconi

      6. Cardinal Salieri

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    • Victim: Cardinal Salieri (strangled with his own cross necklace in the megachurch he was leading)

      Weapon: Golden cross necklace


      Talmadge Baldwin (Regularly went to confessional; became furious when he heard rumors that Salieri was spreading fraudulous gossip based on what he heard in confessionals)

      Franklin Caldwell (Local football coach; was upset at the fact that Salieri's church got more donations than the school's struggling football program)

      Rufus Murdock (Victim's son; was disowned by his father after learning about his past as a drag queen)

      Ryan Min (An angry letter was found in the victim's home from Ryan; he revealed that he was angry that Salieri refused to let him and his fiancee Oscar Thompson from having their wedding at his church and referred to them as "godless deviants")

      Tony Marconi (Regular visitor of the church; during the investigation, Tony was caught vandalizing the church in retaliation for Salieri having barred him from services due to his past as a gangster and murderer)

      Killer: Talmadge Baldwin. When confronted, Talmadge tried to deny everything before being tricked into confessing. Cornered, Talmadge admitted to the murder, and revealed that he killed Salieri to protect a much darker secret than infidelity: years before, he had murdered his wife Eliza after learning she was planning to leave him for her lover, Orville West. After getting drunk one night, Talmadge went to confession and drunkenly confessed the murder to Salieri.

      While Talmadge initially believed Salieri would not turn him in due to being bound to maintain the sanctity of confession, his self-righteous and hypocritical attitude (on top of the rumors that he was a gossip spreader) drove him to believe his secret was at risk and that he had to kill the priest. Late one night, Talmadge snuck up on Salieri in the church and strangled him with his own gold necklace, with Salieri tearing some hair off Talmadge's arm (which later served as a clue) before suffocating to death. At his trial, Talmadge expressed no remorse for killing either Salieri or Eliza, believing both deserved to die for their "sins". At that, Talmadge was sentenced to life in prison.

      Next Set:

      1. Jakobo Nkosi (again)

      2. Clive Bloom

      3. Charles Parker

      4. Poppy Winters

      5. Roland Vane

      6. Oswin Piper

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    • Victim: Clive Bloom (found with his head bashed in)

      Murder Weapon: Easel


      Jakobo Nkosi: (Jakobo was childhood friends with Clive, but Clive got mad at Jakobo for missing his grandmother's funeral)

      Charles Parker: (Victim's former brother, was called a disgrace by the Blooms and got kicked out of the family and put up for adoption. Charles tried to reconnect with Clive, to which Clive pretended he didn't know who he was)

      Poppy Winters: (Victim wrote an article trying to debunk the Roundhead Lake Monster theory, which turned into an online argument between Clive and Poppy)

      Roland Vane: (tried to get the victim to run for mayor, even though Clive repeatedly refused)

      Oswin Piper: (Clive bullied Oswin, always throwing rocks at his families house years ago)

      Killer: Charles Parker. Charles tearfully admitted to the murder. When Charles wanted to visit Clive again, he forgot to mention that Clive tried to shoot him, saying there was no trespassers allowed. However, Charles decided to confront Clive about shooting him, but when he saw him, he saw a painting of a moon with a disturbing smile and a glare. Clive had made the same picture and hung it up on his wall. Charles was devastated when he saw what his brother had become. Clive then painted words on his wall, and Charles saw...


      Charles cried again at what his brother had become, and couldn't take it anymore. He bashed Clive's head in with his easel. Charles apologized for the murder, which caused him to get 5 years in prison, accompanied by a psychiatrist.

      Next set:

      1. Ryan Min (again)

      2. Gwak Sung-ho

      3. Sirius Atwood

      4. Holly Hopper

      5. Calvin Ono

      6. Aldo Huxley

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    • Victim: Gwak Sung-ho (Strangled to death in the California studio where the American remake of Oh! Crazy Kids! was filmed)

      Weapon: Microphone cord


      Ryan Min (Friend of the victim who he shared coffee with on numerous occasions; cut off ties after Gwak snapped at him for accidentally spilling coffee on his work tablet--even though the fluid didn't damage the device)

      Sirius Atwood (Had the victim's son as a student in his community college history class; had heated text conversations with Gwak over his belief that Sirius was intentionally failing his son)

      Holly Hopper (Interviewed the victim for her new gossip website; was assaulted by Gwak when he learned Holly had posted deragatory rumors about him on her site)

      Calvin Ono (Made a deal with Gwak to have King Dairy as a sponsor for his new show; was enraged when he learned the victim was considering dropping King Dairy in favor of Korean-based businesses)

      Aldo Huxley (Now 16, and working as an intern for the victim; defaced Gwak's car in response to his boss continuously hounding him for every little mistake and even began docking his pay for every minute error)

      Killer: Calvin Ono. When confronted, Calvin tried to deny it before snapping and confessing, stating that he was sick and tired of King Dairy being pushed around. As Calvin revealed, King Dairy ice cream was what got him through all the terrible things life threw at him: his mother's death, his father's physical abuse, and his first love leaving him for another man. Now in adulthood, Calvin was happy to have the opportunity to help the brand that meant so much to him.

      Having already dealt with one client disrespecting King Dairy, Calvin snapped when Gwok planned to do the same and decided to act. Knowing Gwok regularly worked late in the studio alone, Calvin snuck up behind Gwok as he was seated and working in the studio, strangling him to death with a corded microphone. At his trial, Calvin continued to say he was defending King Dairy's good name, resulting in him being sentenced to 35 years in prison with mandatory psychiatric treatment.

      Next Set:

      1. Storm Huxley

      2. Noah Richards

      3. Agatha Christmas

      4. Janie Sanders

      5. Carol Blanton

      6. Prisha Chandra

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    • Victim: Carol Blanton (found with her hands tied behind her back outside of a gas station, on fire)

      Murder Weapon: Molotov Cocktail 


      Storm Huxley: (worked at the gas station, didn't see the murder, but saw Carol before the murder, who yelled at him for "working too slow")

      Noah Richards: (Noah was also at the gas station near the time of the murder, was also yelled at by Carol when she saw the amount of cigerettes he was buying)

      Agatha Christmas: (Victim's friend, teased by Carol when she saw that Agatha had a ton of survival kits in her closet (just in case a big storm hits), saying she's "overprepared")

      Janie Sanders: (Got mad when the victim refused to donate to the poor, saying that she was enraged by Carol not caring at all)

      Prisha Chandra: (Was blasted by Carol for sleeping with her son, an argument that ended with Carol throwing hot tea on Prisha)

      Killer: Agatha Christmas. Agatha admitted to the murder, saying that Carol got her fired once. Before Agatha was a landlady, Carol and Agatha once worked in a gas station, until Carol started a theory that Agatha was sleeping with other employees. This got her fired. Wanting revenge, Agatha tracked down Carol near the gas station, tied her wrist behind her back, shot her, and set her on fire. Agatha was sentenced to 20 years in prison with a chance of parole in 10 years.

      Next set:

      1. Wilhelm Moss

      2. Martha Baker

      3. Florence Samuels

      4. Martha Price

      5. Per-Sephone

      6. Sven Blattner

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    • Victim: Martha Baker (Found bludgeoned to death in her living room)

      Weapon: Mantel clock


      Wilhelm Moss (Victim's brother; gave an unflattering portrait of the victim to Martha in retaliation for her degrading his art career)

      Florence Samuels (Delivered groceries to the victim for her part-time job; became upset at Martha for frequently being short in payments)

      Martha Price (Once made a mayoral campaign speech at Martha's senior citizen center; was berated by the victim for not doing enough to help elders)

      Per-Sephone (Personal assistant robot to the victim; was often left locked in a closet by Martha, causing her to glitch from lack of use)

      Sven Blattner (Fellow senior citizen center member; was later revealed to be the victim's former boyfriend, with Sven sending Martha misogynistic letters blasting her for breaking up with him and accusing her of having cheated on him)

      Killer: Wilhelm Moss. When confronted, Wilhelm initially tried to deny it, but finally confessed and proclaimed he killed his sister not for disrespecting his career, but for the years of abuse he suffered because of her. As Wilhelm revealed, their parents were abusive drug addicts, with Martha running away from home when she was 18 and leaving Wilhelm behind, where he thus bore the brunt of his parents' abuse.

      Years later, Wilhelm harbored a hatred of his sister for abandoning him and her disrespect of his career reignited that hate and drove him to kill his sister. After confronting his sister at her house, with Martha trying to justify leaving her brother behind when she ran away, Wilhelm took the mantel clock and struck Martha in the head, killing her. At his trial, Judge Hall said that while she sympathized with Wilhelm for his tough childhood, it didn't justify killing his sister--who she reminded him was just as much a victim of their parents. Wilhelm was then sentenced to 30 years in prison.

      Next Set:

      1. Justine Bankston

      2. Freddy Gomez

      3. Molly Mocard

      4. Scott Lee Allan

      5. Ian Devine (Age 68)

      6. Orlando Ordelaffi

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    • Victim: Abrax Tiakken (Found in an airplane with his throat silt)

      Murder Weapon: Switchblade


      Justine Bankston (Gold Tycoon): Tried to hook her up by going out on a party.

      Freddy Gomez (Victim's Friend): Befriended him for almost killing him by one of his machine guns.

      Molly Mocard (Victim's Ex-Girlfriend): Broke up with him after Molly had an affair with Walter Fairbanks.

      Scott Lee Allan (Security Guard): Got into a fight when Abrax got drunk and used a flashlight to hit him.

      Ian Devine (Singer of The Henge): Started to kiss him in front of his band group; which made him embarrassed.

      Orlando Ordelaffi (Clothes Designer): Vomitted on one of his designs; making him infuriated and banning him from his store.

      Killer: Freddy Gomez

      Freddy denied being the killer but later confessed. Upon confessing, he revealed that Abrax was stealing money from him. While revealing, Freddy said that he and his family were rich and owned a mansion. After Freddy's parents died, he wanted Abrax to stay in with him; since he fears that someone might break into the mansion.

      While Abrax was still living with him, Freddy noticed the safe was opened. When he opened it, he found all the money was gone. After looking at the safe, he asked Abrax if he did it. When asked, Abrax got scared and said no. Few hours later, Freddy found Abrax's duffle bag filled with his money. When Freddy confronted him, Abrax punched him in the face and ran off with the money.

      Knowing that Abrax was going out of the city by a plane, he followed him; but then Abrax noticed him and then ran. Not wanting him to escape with his money, he knocked him out with his fist and silt his throat with a switchblade. Freddy was sentenced to life in prison.

      Next Set:

      Gail Harper

      Donna Walker

      Paul Gigs

      Chad Baker

      Miranda Cohen

      Olive Powell

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    • Victim: Paul Gigs (found dead when a huge IPear phone was tipped over onto him)

      Murder Weapon: Huge Phone


      Gail Harper: (wrote a list of flaws about IPear's new phone, making Paul angry)

      Donna Walker: (dated the victim, ended with an argument between Donna and Paul about Donna teaching at a school)

      Chad Baker: (Had a party last night, which ended up with them getting a noise complaint by Paul, who was trying to sleep)

      Miranda Cohen: (drove the victim frequently, Paul sometimes irritated her with his questions about his products)

      Olive Powell: (accidentally tripped over Paul, got yelled by him, called "stupid kid")

      Killer: Olive Powell. The player was surprised when they confronted Olive, who also denied doing the murder but then admitted to it. Olive said that she saw Paul's son, Waldo, who was drunk and crying, asking why won't his father pay attention to him. Horrified at seeing what Waldo became, Olive tipped over a huge phone onto Paul. Olive was sentenced to 5 years in prison.

      Next Set:

      1. Shi Miyuan

      2. Kevin Charles

      3. Walter Fellows

      4. Hector Fernandez

      5. Serena Kwame

      6. Radovan Radich

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    • Victim: Hector Fernandez (Found poisoned at a Chinese resturant)

      Murder Weapon: Hand Sanitizer


      Shi Miuyan (Resturant Owner): Owner of Shi's Sushi Buffet; frustrated by him when he made a mess at the grill.

      Kevin Charles (Professer): Visitor at the buffet; got angry at him for ripping the pages off his book.

      Walter Fellows (Bartender): Bartender at the buffet; got sued by him after Hector believed that he tried to poison him.

      Serena Kwane (Waitress): Waitress at the buffet; got rejected by him and called her a loner.

      Radovan Radich (Owner of Eastern Foods): Next to Shi's resturant and Hector's visitor; threatened him when Radovan saw him stealing pork.

      Killer: Walter Fellows

      Walter denied poisoning Hector but later confessed. Upon confessing, he told them that it was an accident. When asked how, he claimed that the sanitizer dropped at his drink. Walter also revealed that people at the resturant were poisoned by his drink and police found that hand sanitizer was the one that make people die. When Walter gave Hector the drink, Hector started to choke and then cough out blood, making him poisoned.

      When Walter was asked how he got away with it, he said that he lied to the police and got to take away the particles from the sanitizer washing his hands with soap and water. Walter was sentenced to life in prison.

      Next Set:

      Trixie Velvet

      Paul Sheppard

      Rachel Priest

      Alfred Lowe

      Isabel Vázquez

      Axel Bross

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    • Victim: Trixie Velvet (found dead from blast injuries outside of a strip club)

      Murder Weapon: Bomb (hidden inside purse)


      Paul Sheppard: (dated the victim once, broke up with her after a watching a movie after learning she was a stripper)

      Rachel Priest: (Trixie tried to get her to take drugs, said it would "enhance" her job as a journalist)

      Alfred Lowe: (Watched the victim's performance, tried to get his son Noah to date her, who told his dad that he was gay)

      Isabel Vazquez: (Welcomed Trixie to Spain, noticed that Trixie was always quite mean to her)

      Axel Bross: (Trixie told Axel to sketch her, was mad when he drew her as a ghost, to which Axel only shrugged and said he was into the supernatural)

      Killer: Alfred Lowe. Alfred denied the accusations but later admitted to the murder. Alfred said that he told Trixie about Noah one day, to which Trixie already said that she was not willing to meet Noah, saying he was a "loser". Offended that Trixie would insult his son, Alfred sneaked a bomb into her purse, which detonated when she stepped outside of the strip club. Alfred was sentenced to 7 years in prison.

      Next set:

      1. Seamus O'Neill

      2. Arsenio Castillo

      3. Jude Jenkins

      4. Victor Wollcraft

      5. Joe Littlehat

      6. Diane Parker

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    • Victim: Arsenio Castillo (Found with no head and hands)

      Murder Weapon: Exploding Cigar

      Seamus O'Neil (Tour Guide): Took him to a tour; got angry with him for smoking at the tour.

      Jude Jenkins (Kid): Show Aresenio his drawing of U.S. flag; cried after Arsenio broke his toy horse.

      Victor Wollcraft (Scientist): Used Arsenio as a volunteer for a truth detector test; yelled at him when he tried to take Arsenio a lie detector test.

      Joe Littlehat (Hunter): Took him to a shooting range; got into an argument after Arsenio almost killed him.

      Diane Parker (Visitor): The last person to see him; broke up with him when she found him cheating with another woman.

      Killer: Victor Wollcraft

      Victor acted confused and claimed he would never kill any of his visitors. But when they showed him the evidence, Victor sighed and explained that he almost ruined his life. When asked how, Victor revealed that Arsenio used to be assistant and fell in love with him. When he confessed his love to the victim, however, Arsenio yelled at him and began destroying half of his inventions.

      Few hours later, Victor saw him and asked him to come back to him. Instead of Arsenio saying yes, he laughed at him and told everyone that he's gay. Furious, Victor put gunpowder in a cigar, gave it to him as an apology and watched his head and the cigar explode. Victor was sentenced to 40 years in prison.

      Next Set:

      Henri Monplaisir

      Stephanie Griff

      Lev Romanov

      Mary Read

      Anne Boleyn

      Barb Bellamy

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    • Victim: Lev Romanov (Found dead in his bed from poisoning)

      Weapon: Homemade poison (Syringe of the substance was found on the floor of Lev's bedroom)


      Henri Monplaisir (Was directing a musical about the victim's Ambassador days; got into an argument with Lev when he saw the musical portrayed him in a negative light)

      Stephanie Griff (Victim's adoptive granddaughter; left an angry voicemail for Lev after he attempted to bribe her into breaking up with her girlfriend Miranda Cohen--believing she was too "low class" for his granddaughter)

      Mary Read (Haunted the victim's house as a ghost, it being on the same home she lived in after she came to America; left messages to the victim asking him to take better care of her old house, only for them to be ignored)

      Anne Boleyn (Haunted the auditorium where Henri's musical was held, having become a restless spirit after her unjust death; became infatuated with the victim and tried to haunt his home, only to be stopped by Mary Read)

      Barb Bellamy (A letter from Barb pleading for financial help from the victim was found in his kitchen garbage; Barb revealed she used to work as a bodyguard for Lev when he first arrived in Grimsborough, and she was begging him for more work to pay for her mother's cancer treatments)

      Killer: Stephanie Griff. When confronted, Stephanie continued to plea her innocence. But when cornered with the evidence, Stephanie broke down in tears as she professed that she must've killed her adoptive grandfather, but had no memory of it. Just then, Stephanie's body was taken over by the spirit of Mary Read, who revealed to the player that she killed Lev after learning he was planning to have his home undergo an exorcism to get rid of her. After boasting that they couldn't arrest a ghost for murder, Mary left Stephanie's body.

      The AI had the player deciding to let Stephanie off the hook due to the unusual circumstances of the case, and the team working together to perform a successful cleansing of Lev's home, destroying Mary Read's connection to the mortal plane.

      Next Set:

      1. Harriet Meadows

      2. Jane Pembroke

      3. Liam Hall

      4. Dylan Cobbs

      5. Betty Wyatt

      6. Miracle Girl

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    • Victim: Dylan Cobbs (found in a graveyard with a tree branch through his heart)

      Murder Weapon: Tree Branch


      Harriet Meadows: (Harriet got mad at Dylan once she heard him say he was not going to donate to the poor)

      Jane Pembroke: (Met Dylan on a dating website, when they met in real life, Dylan said she was not his type)

      Liam Hall: (Worked as a waitor in a Russian restaurant, overheard Dylan yelling at another waitor)

      Betty Wyatt: (worked as a tour guide, was annoyed when Dylan fell asleep on her bus and started snoring)

      Miracle Girl: (Almost won a cosplay contest, until Dylan dressed up as a Western cowboy and won the contest)

      Killer: Harriet Meadows. Harriet admitted to the murder, and confessed that Dylan was her brother. Harriet said that he didn't want to live with her, and ran off one day. Feeling angry, Harriet tracked down Dylan years later and killed him. Harriet was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

      Next set:

      1. Norma Cole

      2. Inspector Jaubert

      3. Marilyn Bullock

      4. Bucky Johnson

      5. Noah Richards

      6. Mighty Pete

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    • Victim: Noah Richards (Found shot through the eye)

      Murder Weapon: 1800s Gun


      Norma Cloe (Pet Shop Owner): Norma's customer; almost died from a heart attack when Noah showed her a snake.

      Inspector Jaubert (Security Guard): Noah's partner; got into a fight after accidentally breaking  an artifact.

      Marilyn Bullock (Curator): Worked with Noah around the area; revealed that they were dating but thought she wanted to break up with him because she didn't feel a good relationship.

      Bucky Johnson (Retired Security Guard): Knew Noah before he retired; felt offended by him when Noah told him that elders are not allowed in the museum.

      Mighty Pete (Cosplayer): Dresses up as a security guard for fun; got angry at him when Noah kicked him out because he thought Pete was an imposter.

      Killer: Bucky Johnson

      When confronted, Bucky played dumb until he confessed. Upon admitting to the murder, Bucky explained he killed him to date Marilyn. After retiring, Bucky couldn't stop thinking her. So when he thought about confessing his love to her, he took a bus, bought some flowers and went to the museum. However, when Bucky was going to confess his love to Marilyn, Noah got angry at him and kicked him out.

      After Noah kicked him out, he went back. But after his confession, Marilyn gave him a sad face and told him that he's dating Noah. Furious, Bucky grabbed a 1800s gun and shot him in the eye. Bucky was sentenced to 10 years in prison. After the arrest, the prison guards tell the team Bucky hanged himself in his cell; leaving a suicide note. In the note, he felt sorry about killing Noah and felt bad by Marilyn's rejection.

      Next Set:

      Sam Ellis

      Stanley Spark

      Clyde Black

      Taylor Kirby

      Lady Fiore


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    • Victim: Taylor Kirby (Found slashed to death outside her apartment complex)

      Weapon: Set of metal wolf claws (found in dumpster by the complex covered in victim's blood)


      Sam Ellis (Victim's next-door neighbor; Taylor made multiple complaints to the landlord about Sam coming home late and waking her up)

      Stanley Spark (Victim's great-great-uncle; resented Taylor for going into environmental activism rather than inventing, sending a letter to the victim accusing her of thinking herself better than him)

      Clyde Black (Knew the victim from Grimsborough University; briefly dated Taylor, but was abruptly dumped by her when he ordered a bacon cheeseburger on a date)

      Lady Fiore (Misplaced ghost who found herself trapped in the victim's apartment; was fearful of what would happen to her if Taylor exorcised her from the apartment)

      Belinda (Met the victim at the local bakery and struck up a friendship with her; invited Taylor to be in her new witch coven, only for the victim to call her a weirdo and shoved her away)

      Victim: Clyde Black. When confronted, Clyde attempted to deny everything. But upon being cornered with evidence, Clyde confessed, saying he'd done it to avenge his sister Doris--who he said had her life ruined by Taylor. Doris has previously opened a new restaurant in town, which became popular among Grimsborough University students. But Taylor, disapproving of the restaurant serving meat, retaliated by claiming Doris's restaurant was unsanitary, posting pictures online of filthy restaurants to make her claims appear truthful.

      As a result of Taylor's lies, Doris's business took a big hit, forcing her to sell the restaurant and return to a degrading job as a waitress. Furious at Taylor, Clyde confronted her, only for Taylor to claim she was standing up for defenseless animals and claiming that Clyde and his sister were "heartless monsters" who deserved to suffer. After that, Clyde began stalking Taylor and waiting for the perfect moment to kill her in revenge. After seeing that her neighbor was a werewolf, Clyde attacked and killed Taylor with a set of metal claws he fashioned, hoping the murder would be pinned on Sam.

      At trial, Judge Powell stated that while Taylor's actions were callous and reprehensible, it didn't justify committing a savage murder and trying to frame an innocent man, before sentencing Clyde to 30 years in prison.

      1. Dirk Evans

      2. Leif Strom

      3. Axel Bross

      4. Karimah Breen

      5. Santiago Sanchez

      6. Jordan Coprolite

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    • Victim: Leif Ström (Found with his face burned in a strip club)

      Murder Weapon: Acid (Used to burn his face)


      Dirk Evans (Stripper): Friend of the victim; was jealous of him for having a lot of girls.

      Axel Bross (Artist): Paints nude people; disgusted by Leif after he put his penis too close to his face.

      Karimah Breen (PE Teacher): Knew the victim in high school; always gets angry at him for doing weird stuff in her class.

      Santiago Sanchez (Ghost): Ghost in his mansion; also disgusted when he watches Leif and other girls have sex.

      Jordan Corprolite (Photographer): Take pictures of women; got confronted by him after he took a pictures on one of Leif's girls.

      Killer: Axel Bross

      Axel was shocked and told the team that he would never kill Leif. But when they showed him the evidence, he confessed; telling them that he did it to stop him. Few years ago, he lost his girlfriend and got depressed. While working on his painting, his teacher told him to paint Leif nude. When he first saw him nude, he fell in love with him. He then became good friends with him and they hanged out a lot. However, when Axel said he loved him, Leif got disgusted and told him that he doesn't like boys. Wanting him to love boys, he went to the strip club and brought him some sex toys, but it made Leif more angry.

      Few seconds later, Leif lunged at him and began repeatly punching him. Self-denfending himself, he used acid and threw it at his face. After confessing, Axel began to cry; telling them that he didn't mean to kill him. Axel was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

      Next Set:

      Rosie Summers

      Lorna Westerberg

      Billy Snapshot


      Janis Rivers (Summer of Death)

      Mina Reynolds

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    • Victim: Lorna Westerberg (her dead body was thrown from an apartment)

      Murder Weapon: Metal Bar (killed by blunt force trauma)


      Rosie Summers: (Tried to the victim in trouble for having drugs, ended up getting herself in trouble when Lorna stuffed the drugs into Rosie's purse)

      Billy Snapshot: (Victim's boyfriend, handed his nice truck over to her, which she accidentally drove into a river)

      Serap: (tried to assault Lorna for insulting Roxelana)

      Janis Rivers: (tried to get Lorna's social media account banned, only to get herself banned instead)

      Mina Reynolds: (The victim claimed that Mina was a vampire)

      Killer: Mina Reynolds. Mina admitted to the murder, claiming that it was self defense. Lorna one time stole Mina's gold ring, so Mina went to take it back. However, Lorna caught her in her apartment, and grabbed a metal bar and started swinging it at her. Realizing she needed to defend herself, Mina stole the bar and targeted Lorna legs, and then her head, killing her. In order to avoid suspicion, Mina threw Lorna's body out of the apartment. Mina was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

      Next Set:

      1. Alden Greene

      2. Frank Vogel

      3. Sam De Witt

      4. Astro Hawtee

      5. Aldo Huxley

      6. Rico Damascus

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    • Victim: Sam De Witt (impaled against a wall through the abdomen of Storm Huxley and Sadie Kek's home)

      Weapon: Sword


      Alden Green (Victim's boss, as Sam was an intern at his latest business venture--a computer company; text messages on Sam's phone revealed that Alden was threatening to fire her if she didn't submit to his sexual advances)

      Frank Vogel (Victim's adoptive grandfather; always resented his son and daughter-in-law for--in his mind--"sullying the family name" by adopting a Black child)

      Astro Hawtee (Frequented the same gym as the victim; hateful messages written by Astro were found slipped in Sam's gym bag calling her a murderer, with Astro confessing that he was Ashley Howard's cousin and that he blamed Sam for driving Ashley to commit suicide with her transphobic bullying)

      Aldo Huxley (The victim was a neighbor of his family and was being babysat by Sam the night of her murder; simply said he had been awoke by Sam's scream and cried as he said that Sam was the best babysitter ever)

      Rico Damascus (Local antique store owner; was seen on security camera striking Sam with his cane, telling the investigators he'd caught her trying to steal a valuable antique from his store)

      Killer: Aldo Huxley. When confronted, Aldo put on a show of innocence, with his parents being outraged by their 6-year-old son being accused of murder. But once all the evidence (particularly their son's DNA that was found on the sword) was revealed, Aldo confessed as he revealed a secret: he had been born with telekinetic powers, having recently discovered them when he caused all the kitchen cabinets to open during a disagreement with his mother.

      As for Sam, Aldo had been playing a video game when Sam told him it was time to go to bed. Aldo refused, leading to an argument that resulted in him becoming angry and his powers taking over. Before Aldo knew what was happening, things began to fly around the room, with a scared Sam backing against the wall. It was then that a display sword on the wall flew across the room and impaled Sam, killing her as Aldo cried out in horror.

      After being comforted by his parents, Aldo was put on trial, where he displayed his powers to a disbelieving Judge Powell by making her gavel rise in the air. Aldo went on to explain that he couldn't control his powers when he was angry or sad, and that he never would've hurt Sam if he was in control of his abilities. Believing the young boy, Judge Powell sentenced for Aldo to be placed in a specific facility specializing in children with supernatural powers, where he would remain until it was decided he was in control enough of his powers not to be a danger to himself or others.

      The AI had the team discovering that Aldo's powers were a result of Sadie being struck by lightning when she was pregnant with him, and ended with Diane Parker revealing that Aldo had been kidnapped from the facility by a masked figure.

      (Challenge to the next poster: wrap up this "Telekinetic Aldo" story)

      1. Isabelle Huxley

      2. Sadie Kek

      3. Storm Huxley

      4. Mallory Banks

      5. Summer Klein

      6. Andrew Lodge

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    • Victim: Summer Klein (found emptied of her insides)

      Murder Weapon: Samurai Sword


      Isabelle Huxley: (wrote a book about Aldo's telekenisis, only for Summer to claim Isabelle plagiarized her)

      Sadie Kek: (Summer called Sadie ugly many times)

      Storm Huxley: (Caught Summer skimming through his diary)

      Mallory Banks: (Was with Aldo lately, was apparently knocked out by a masked figure)

      Andrew Lodge: (Had studied up on telekinesis, but was annoyed by Summer as she kept on asking questions)

      Killer: Isabelle Huxley. Isabelle revealed herself as the kidnapper of Aldo, saying that she was trying to fix his telekinesis. When asked why she murdered Summer, Isabelle said that she was in the way and she had to do something. Isabelle was sentenced to life in prison.

      Aldo was rescued by the team later.

      Next set:

      1. Gail Harper

      2. Dolly Darnell

      3. Burt Montana

      4. Jenny Quaid

      5. Clyde Black

      6. Delsin Peota

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    • Victim: Sadie Kek (Found outside a barber shop with her scalp gone; her brain was also gone)

      Murder Weapon: Pumpkin Carving Knife


      Isabelle Huxley (Storm's Mother): Her son's girlfriend; felt suspicious of her when she hangs out with other boys.

      Storm Huxley (Victim's Girlfriend): Known to be Sadie's girlfriend; cried and felt sorry for not taking care of Aldo.

      Mallory Banks (Prison Warden): Knew her when Sadie was in her prison days; got into a brawl after she refused Sadie would not see her son until she gets out of prison.

      Summer Klein (Aldo's Friend): Friend of Aldo; didn't Sadie because she looked like a gang member.

      Andrew Lodge (Local Man): Knew Aldo but not his parents; got yelled at Sadie and slapping him hard in the face.

      Killer and the masked figure: Isabelle Huxley

      When the team got to her, they found her putting Summer at gunpoint. When asked why she killed Sadie and kidnapped Aldo, Isabelle laughed and said that people needed to know what would happen if the world ended. Angry, David tried to lunge at her; but if he did, she will shoot Summer. Isabelle also revealed that she tested more people. The people she revealed were Alden Greene (who has fire powers), Rico Damascus (hypnotizing) and Mallory Banks (Ice powers).

      At a dramatic scene, David got a call from Cathy, who told him that Aldo escaped prison. After the call, Isabelle laughed evily and knew this was coming. Isabelle had been working on this plan for hours and it worked.

      When David tried to calm things down, Isabelle revealed that the people are hiding somewhere in mountains. Before she can reveal where they were hiding, she was shot in the head by her son Storm. David got angry at him for shooting Isabelle too soon. Storm then told him to calm down and explained he did that to reveal his true feelings to Sadie's murder.

      After Isabelle was ended by her son, Storm told them that he would help. When David asked him how, Storm said he knows where they are hiding.

      For the next set, David and Storm are going to find out where they are hiding and finding out if they put an end to them.

      Next Set:

      Annette Strong

      Sirius Atwood

      Ruth Wu

      Marcus Butler

      Andrew Lodge

      Summer Klein

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    • Ok, I'll do S8333162's.

      Victim: Annette Strong (found dead at a museum)

      Murder Weapon: Nail Gun


      Sirius Atwood: (Owner of the museum, thought of Annette as suspicious)

      Ruth Wu: (Staying in a hotel room next to Annette, didn't know that Annette was a werewolf)

      Marcus Butler: (Suspected the victim was a werewolf due to her knowing a ton of information about werewolves)

      Andrew Lodge: (Hotel concierge, had a weird feeling when he saw a skull inside of Annette's purse)

      Summer Klein: (Learned the victim was a werewolf, started hanging out with Annette often)

      Killer: Andrew Lodge. Andrew revealed himself to be a demon, saying that Annette was too close to finding out who the demon queen was. To stop her, Andrew shot a nail into her skull. Andrew teleported before the player could decide what to do with him.

      Later, David and Storm broke into the hiding place of Alden, Rico, and Mallory. Storm was holding a futuristic gun, and Alden, Rico, and Mallory were there, along with Aldo. David yelled at the trio to stand down, to which Alden protested to do. Storm shot Alden with the futuristic gun, which made him disintegrate. Rico tried to control David and Storm's minds, only to be unsuccessful, as a spell was put on them to protect getting their mind controlled. Rico and Mallory raised their hands up and said they were defeated, to which David handcuffed Rico and Mallory, while Storm rushed over to look at his son. 

      Aldo cried about the loss of his mother, but Storm said he would take care of Aldo whatever it takes. Aldo and Storm shared an emotional hug. Storm then asked Aldo what he wanted to do next, to which Aldo responded he wanted to bike. Storm picked up his son and agreed to bike with him. The player then watched Storm and Aldo walk away, with a smile on their face. 

      Okay, here is my set:

      1. Gail Harper

      2. Dolly Darnell

      3. Burt Montana

      4. Jenny Quaid

      5. Clyde Black

      6. Delsin Peota

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    • Victim: Delsin Peota (Drowned at a lake)

      Murder Weapon: Drowning


      Gail Harper (Telemarketer): Send morse codes to Delsin to warn him that's he's in danger; got annoyed by him for rejecting her codes, saying that she's lying.

      Dolly Darnell (Actress): Made a donation to help the Indians; only to find out that she was using them as slaves. Dolly was then arrested for slavery.

      Burt Montana (Scavenger): Delsin's helper; fired him for being useless and told him to take a hike.

      Jenny Quaid (Author): Author of How the Indians Lost; got mad at him for using papers to make fire.

      Clyde Black (College Student): Helped the Indians; used to hate the Indians after he and his sister saw them whipping their father in the forest.

      Killer: Clyde Black

      Clyde was disgusted by the team accusing him of killing an Indian. But when they showed him evidence, he immediately confessed, saying that he deserved it, even his father. When they asked him why Delsin's father was mentioned, he revealed that the person who whipped his father was Delsin's father, Amoli Peota.

      Wanting revenge for his father whipping him, he knocked Delsin out with a stick and put his head in the water until he died. Clyde was sentenced to life in prison.

      Next Set:

      Brooke Long

      Sharon Decker

      Eric Prynce


      Ronnie Hawk

      Irma Anderson

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    • Victim: Brooke Long (found inside of a pool)

      Murder Weapon: Drowning


      Sharon Decker: (Victim's friend, got mad at Brooke when she got her an intentionally badly-designed sweater on her birthday)

      Eric Prynce: (Him and Brooke were attempting to make an elixir, to no avail so far)

      Roxelana: (A grocery store cashier, remembered Brooke was yelling at another cashier by the name of Brad Price)

      Ronnie Hawk: (Victim tazed Ronnie when she thought he was stalking her)

      Irma Anderson: (Brooke let her pet bird inside of a diner, yelled at Irma when she told her to take it out)

      Killer: Ronnie Hawk. Ronnie admitted to killing Brooke for studying into the elixir, and that they were getting so close on how to make it. However, Ronnie wanted to get the elixir first, so he stalked Brooke back to her house, where she drowned her in her pool. Ronnie also planned to kill Eric Prynce, but the police got to him first. Ronnie was sentenced to life in prison. 

      Next set:

      1. Sunil Dhudwar

      2. Claude Lamothe

      3. Fang Cheng

      4. Burt Montana (Again)

      5. Odell Toole

      6. Gus Smiffel

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    • Victim: Claude Lamothe (Shot in the throat at his pharmacy in Pacific Bay's new mega-mall)

      Weapon: Gun

      Sunil Dhudwar (Cashier at the victim's pharmacy; constantly got accused by Claude of stealing prescriptions, with Sunil believing his accusations to be racially motivated)

      Fang Cheng (Ran a Chinese restaurant across from Claude's store; sent a threatening message to the victim in revenge for Claude's (truthful) claim that his customers often complained of having stomach pain from eating at Feng's restaurant)

      Burt Montana (Frequent customer at the store; nearly died when the victim mistakenly gave him cough medicine rather than the medicine for his heart condition)

      Odell Toole (Janitor at the mall; believed the victim looked down on him like everyone else at the mall)

      Gus Smiffel (Victim's live-in grandfather; became frustrated by Claude's strict rules on cleanliness)

      Killer: Feng Cheng. When confronted, Feng tried to arrogantly claim the police were mistaken before confessing once all the evidence was brought up, saying the victim deserved to die for disrespecting him. Late one night, as Feng and his wife Fang Di Yun (who worked at his restaurant with him) were cleaning after closing, Feng became frustrated when Fang spilled cleaning solution on him and slapped her. After Fang ran away in tears, Feng was confronted by Claude, who revealed that he saw what he'd done and would report him to the police if he ever abused his wife again.

      Disgusted by Claude's so-called disrespect, Feng decided to kill him so he would stay quiet about his abusive ways, shooting him at his pharmacy and stealing several medications to frame the murder as a robbery gone bad. At trial, Fang argued that he was simply a man defending his honor and that what happened between him and his wife was none of Claude's business. Judge Dante, however, chided Feng for abusing his wife and killing a man to keep his abusive secret before sentencing him to 40 years in prison.

      Next Set:

      1. Daisy Woods

      2. Kai Malano

      3. Cathy Turner

      4. Dick Shakespeare

      5. Averly Worthington

      6. Father Von Pratt

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    • Victim: Daisy Woods (found poisoned)

      Murder Weapon: Poisoned Coffee


      Kai Malano: (helped Daisy get over a hard breakup, causing Daisy to start having a crush on him)

      Cathy Turner: (Victim learned about her "@rtist" identity a week ago, Cathy reported that she got furious)

      Dick Shakespeare: (Had the victim get on a movie, however, Dick had her fired when she didn't want to do a weird scene)

      Averly Worthington: (Victim's friend, spent $400 on nice earrings only for Daisy to throw it away)

      Father Von Pratt: (Accidentally crushed the victim's glasses)

      Killer: Father Von Pratt. Father Von Pratt later admitted to the murder, saying that Daisy poisoned his coffee in revenge for breaking her glasses. However, he saw this, and Father Von Pratt switched drinks with Daisy. Father Von Pratt was sentenced to 7 years in prison.

      Next set:

      1. Dylan Mitvok

      2. Sunny

      3. Javier Morales

      4. Teresa Turing

      5. Tyler Snakes

      6. Lyle Bass

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    • Victim: Teresa Turing (Found bashed in the head at a convention center)

      Murder Weapon: Wrench


      Dylan Mitvok (Farmer): His barn is next to the convention center; planned to destroy the robots but failed after Teresa saw him doing it.

      Sunny (Robot): Teresa's helper; said she abusing her power against it and its people)

      Javier Morales (Vendor): Owns a flower vendor where Teresa was last seen; called her a bitch when Teresa said she hated gay people)

      Tyler Snakes (Host): Host of convention center; got angry at her for being drunk at the convention last year.

      Lyle Bass (Ticket Seller): Sells ticket to the convention center; almost got into a fight with her when Teresa thought he was giving out fake tickets.

      Killer: Sunny

      When Sunny was confronted, he acted confused and said he would never kill his mentor. But when they showed it the evidence, Sunny was shocked and claimed he doesn't remember killing Terersa. The team got annoyed and confused, so they put him on watch until they find out what really happened.

      Later, it was revealed that Lyle was Teresa's true killer. When they confronted him, he got annoyed and believed they were drunk. But when the team showed him the evidence, Lyle got infuriated and yelled that Teresa deserved it. Few years ago, Lyle and Teresa were married and had baby. However, when she was going to get their first baby, the doctors told them that their baby died. Teresa then got mad at him and filed a divorce.

      After the divorce, he found out that Teresa was drinking alcohol and smoking while she was pregnant, making him angry because it was her fault. At the convention center, Lyle saw her coming to the convention with her friend. Showing his anger to her, Lyle controlled Sunny and made it kill Teresa. Lyle was sentenced to 35 years in prison and Sunny was later released on watch.

      Next Set:

      Orville West

      Dolores Harper

      Stan Jensen

      Stacy Lovely

      Roxanne Vega

      Beatriz del Castillo

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    • Victim: Orville West (found with his head bashed in)


      Dolores Harper: (Victim felt miserable when he hunted once, blasted the victim for asking him to go supernatural hunting)

      Stan Jenson: (Victim's old friend, victim fell in love with him, but Stan didn't feel the same way)

      Stacy Lovely: (Victim's ex-girlfriend, broke up when Stacy never visited Orville when he injured his leg in a plane accident)

      Roxanne Vega: (disguised as a magician, tried to guess what age Orville would die at)

      Beatriz del Castillo: (got her hand badly burned when Orvile accidentally slapped her hand near a campfire)

      Killer: Beatriz del Castillo. Beatriz admitted to the murder, saying that her healing business was failing, and she asked Orville to lend some money. However, Orville laughed in her face and said she wasn't getting any money. This caused Beatriz to go in a rage and bash Orville's head in. Beatriz was sentenced to 23 years in prison.

      Next set:

      1. Omar Al Hadawi

      2. Jennifer Carter

      3. Sam De Witt (again)

      4. Sandy Turner

      5. Norm White

      6. Chris McCoy

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    • Victim: Omar Al Hadawi (Badly beaten at Oasis Spa)

      Murder Weapon: Baseball Bat


      Jennifer Carter (Spa Worker): Worked at the spa; disgusted when Omar flirted at her.

      Sam De Witt (Revived): Resurrected from the dead; victim laughed at her when she told her story about her being rescurrected.

      Sandy Turner (Governor): Comes to the spa many times; punched Omar when he believed that Sandy's gay.

      Norm White (Actor): Knew the victim in college; angry at the victim for getting surgery by Omar shooting a paintball gun and getting a bullet inside Norm's stomach.

      Chris McCoy (Janitor): Cleaned the murder weapon thinking that the blood was shampoo; almost got fired by him after Omar falsely told the manager that he threw water at a customer.

      Killer: Jennifer Carter

      Jennifer claimed she was not there with Omar before the murder until the team proved it and she admitted it. Upon admitting the murder, Jennifer revealed that a mysterious man told her to do it. When asked who was the man, she claimed she don't know who. The mysterious man came up to her after closing the spa, telling her to beat Omar up with a bat. Jennifer denied it but accepted it after the man threatened her to do it. If Jennifer didn't do it, he would kill her family.

      Doing it to keep her family alive, Jennifer hit Omar and swung at him many times until he died. Jennifer then broke down and told the team that she didn't want Omar to die but to just knocked him out. Jennifer was sentenced to 23 years in prison.

      In the next set, the team are figuring out who was the mysterious man who made Jennifer beat up Omar.

      Next Set:

      Fabien de la Mort

      Otto Kessel

      Cardinal Cisneros

      Doris Black

      Joseph Pryor

      Clyde Black

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    • Victim: Clyde Black (Found shot death near an alley)

      Weapon: Gun


      Fabien de la Mort (Caught drinking blood from the victim's body after breaking into the lab; confessed to having become obsessed with the victim's blood and often broke into his house to drink from him as he slept)

      Otto Kessel (Ghost haunting Clyde's home; had been planning to possess his body to use to kill the player in revenge for their role in his death, only to have that plan foiled by Clyde's death)

      Cardinal Cisneros (Victim's priest; angrily rejected Clyde from the church after he confessed to having romantic feelings toward men)

      Doris Black (Victim's sister; fired Clyde from his job cooking at her new restaurant after receiving several complaints of customers getting sick from undercooked food, putting a dent in her business)

      Joseph Pryor (Journalist; was frustrated when Clyde repeatedly turned down his offers to interview him about his sister's connection to DreamLife's criminal activities)

      Killer: Fabien del la Mort. When confronted, Fabien tried to slyly deny everything. But once confronted, Fabien confessed to killing Clyde as well as to another secret: he was the mastermind behind Omar Al Hadawi's murder. As Fabien revealed, he was part of a vampire cult that was planning to combine the blood of 1,000 victims into one concoction, which they hoped would allow them to release the "Vampire Queen", who would be able to defeat the Demon Queen and allow vampires to take over the world. He had Omar targeted as a victim, but with him being in such a public area, he threatened Jennifer into committing the murder for him before extracting his blood.

      On the day of the murder, Fabien was trying to get blood from a woman he dragged into the alley, only to end up killing her when she fell and struck her head. Seeing that Clyde witnessed the murder, Fabien took out the gun he carried for protection and shot him to death to keep him quiet before absconding with the woman's body to extract her blood for the ceremony. Before he could be stopped, Fabien used his super speed to escape. The AI had the team discovering from Mina Reynolds (who had been investigating the vampire cult ever since her abduction at the hands of Eric Zwart) that the ceremony was likely taking place in the secret oasis in the forest, where the team hurried to stop the ceremony and apprehend the vampire cult.

      The next case wraps this story up :)

      1. Roxanne Vega

      2. Fabien de la Mort

      3. DJ Blood

      4. Ruth Wu

      5. Priya Desai

      6. Morgana Blackhawk

        Loading editor
    • Victim: Fabien de la Mort (Found staked to death outside the castle)

      Murder Weapon: Stake


      Roxanne Vega (Vampire Leader): Leader of the vampires; wanted to kick him out because he loves men.

      DJ Blood (DJ): Vampire DJ; broke Fabien's phone after Blood didn't like his remix called "Vamp", calling it trash.

      Ruth Wu (Supernatural Hunter): Hunts supernatural creatures; trapped Fabien in one of her traps and pulled part of his teeth out.

      Priya Desai (Werewolf): Victim's friend; angry at him for flirting at her boyfriend.

      Morgana Blackhawk (Witch): Leader of the witches; gave him a potion of immortality; which failed because the potion lasts for 3 months.

      Killer: DJ Blood

      The team stopped DJ Blood after it was revealed that he was Fabien's killer. When they stopped him, he acted confused and told the team that he would never kill one of his people until DJ later confessed after they showed him evidence. DJ laughed and believed that Fabien was going to leave the cult. At midnight, he heard Fabien mumbling to himself, saying that he should run away and move to France with his brother. Not wanting him to leave, DJ lunged at Fabien and staked him in the heart. The team then arrested him for killing Fabien and went to the cult's meeting to stop them.

      At the cult meeting, Roxanne pointing her gun at them, saying DJ will be here any minute, but failed. When they showed DJ in handcuffs, Roxanne got mad and tried to shoot them; which also failed when she forgot to get more. Without her gun, she lunged at them and began using her teeth to get the blood sucked out of them and release the Vampire Queen. While fighting for their life, Roxanne let out a gasp and died on top of David. The team saw Roxanne staked in the back by Priya, who told them the vampires are taken care of. After closing the cult case, all of the vampires were sentenced to be locked up in a Romanian castle. (End of the story)

      Next Set:

      Jesse Adams

      Bucky Johnson (Season 6)

      Twinkles the Clown

      Frankie Sparkles

      Dara Chey

      Avery Mitchell

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    • Victim: Bucky Johnson (found stabbed by a bladed boomerang)

      Murder Weapon: Bladed Boomerang


      Jesse Adams: (young FBI agent, decided to quit and go back Saguaro, angering Bucky)

      Twinkles the Clown: (another FBI agent, was often teased by Bucky for looking ridiculous)

      Frankie Sparkles: (was captured by Bucky, who thought Frankie was on drugs, which turned out to be wrong)

      Dara Chey: (Victim's neighbor, Bucky complained that Dara watched horror movies on full volume in the middle of the night)

      Avery Mitchell: (Apparently forsaw the victim's demise and tried to warn him)

      Killer: Avery Mitchell. Avery had a shack near the forest, which apparently the victim broke into to search for drugs, hearing from a person that there was a party going on nearby. However, Bucky accidentally stepped on a locket, which Avery got from Felix Reed. Avery saw this, and threw a bladed boomerang at Bucky, killing him. Avery was handed over to local authorities.

      Next set:

      1. Scott Morris

      2. Mighty Pete

      3. Paul Etter

      4. Jennifer Carter (again)

      5. Admiral Oak

      6. David Rosenberg

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    • Victim: Paul Etter (Fatally struck in the head with a paint can in his art studio)

      Weapon: Paint can


      Scott Morris (Haunted the victim's art studio, which was formerly his yoga studio; left a threatening message scrawled on the wall when Paul threw away his treasured Buddha statue)

      Mighty Pete (Owned a nightclub near the art studio; threw a molotov cocktail through Paul's studio window after the victim reported his club for admitting minors)

      Jennifer Carter (Took art lessons from the victim; made a grotesque portrait of Paul after he criticized her artwork as lacking creativity)

      Admiral Oak (Victim's brother; considered the victim "weak" for going into art rather than following in their father's footsteps and join the military)

      David Rosenberg (Made an offer to buy the victim's studio; wanted to turn the studio into an Internet cafe/co-working cafe, but was threatened by Paul into staying away from his studio)

      Killer: Jennifer Carter. When confronted, Jennifer attempted to claim innocence before angrily confessing, saying that Paul was trying to hurt the man she loved--who, to the team's shock, was Mighty Pete. Jennifer confessed that she often went to Mighty Pete's nightclub despite being underage, and ended up starting a sexual relationship with Mighty Pete after he complimented her. Paul found out when he saw texts from Mighty Pete on Jennifer's phone while she was in the bathroom, and told Jennifer that Pete was taking advantage of her and that he was going to report him to the police.

      Not wanting Pete to go to jail and put a stop to her plans of running away with him to Ivywood Hills, Jennifer grabbed a nearby paint can and struck Paul in the head, killing him. At her trial, Jennifer continued to claim she had been acting out of love, only for Judge Hall to concur that Pete was a child predator and that Jennifer had committed murder for a man who didn't truly care about her before sentencing her to 25 years in prison. The AI had the team uncovering physical evidence proving Mighty Pete's illegal relationship with Jennifer, resulting in his arrest for statutory rape.

      Next Set:

      1. Sebastian Morales

      2. Dana Lopez

      3. Alfred Ziegler

      4. Nina Rodionova

      5. Sveta Rasputina

      6. Jenny Galguera

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    • Victim: Sveta Rasputina (found dead near a store, with her face severly burned)

      Murder Weapon: Laser 


      Sebastian Morales: (Wanted to see Sveta for what would happen next in his life, was mad when Sveta turned the meeting into her flirting with him)

      Dana Lopez: (Sveta visited Dana's house and insulted the design, angering Dana)

      Alfred Ziegler: (Sveta recently bought a hot dog from him, Alfred accidentally handed her change to a guy in the back of her)

      Nina Rodionova: (got mad when Sveta tried to steal Nina's special crystal ball)

      Jenny Galguera: (played in a play with the victim, was apparently freaked out by her)

      Killer: Jenny Galguera. Jenny admitted to the murder, saying that Sveta really freaked her out. Jenny one time got Sveta angry, so Sveta started chanting in a weird language. Jenny was scared, so she got a laser and shot it at her face. Jenny was sentenced to 50 years in prison.

      Next set:

      1. Thanid Tongproh

      2. Christie Becker

      3. Mary Gray

      4. Theresa Rosenthal

      5. Ronin Ozawa

      6. Wendy Stokes

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    • Victim: Ronin Ozawa (Found beaten and strangled to death in an alley)

      Weapon: Rope


      Thanid Tongproh (Regularly bought drugs from the victim to enhance his fighting; admitted to beating up Ronin when he refused to sell him more steroids for an upcoming tournament)

      Christie Becker (Hung out near the victim's apartment with her friends; had a bottle thrown at her by Ronin, who felt Christie and her friends were loitering)

      Mary Reed (Sent the victim chocolates; revealed that she briefly dated Ronin and fell in love with him while vacationing in Japan, and was disappointed when Ronin didn't contact her and she went to his place to find the chocolates in the dumpster)

      Theresa Rosenthal (Victim's neighbor; often complained about the fowl smell coming from his apartment, which she believed to be linked to drugs)

      Wendy Stokes (An angry note from Wendy was found in the victim's P.O. box; Wendy confessed that her niece Mallie got addicted to heroin after buying it from Ronin, and she sent the note to Ronin after Mallie died of an overdose)

      Killer: Mary Reed. When confronted, Mary professed that she'd never kill the man she loved. But once the evidence was brought against her, Mary broke down in tears as she professed she'd had no choice. When probed further, she revealed that the day of Ronin's murder, she received a letter containing a horrifying picture: her sister, Elizabeth Hopkins, bound and gagged, with the letter telling her she had 24 hours to kill Ronin or Elizabeth would die.

      Wanting to save her sister, Mary did as she was told and found Ronin after he was beaten up by Thanid, strangling him to death with a rope. At trial, Mary professed remorse for killing the man she'd fallen in love with, while also expressing fear of what would become of Elizabeth now that she had been caught. Mary received a lenient sentence of 8 years, and the AI had her leading the player and Jack Archer to the letter she received from Elizabeth's captor, which containing a revealing symbol: the SOMBRA insignia, which indicated the organization was involved in orchestrating Ronin's murder--with Jack theorizing that he was killed for "betraying" the terrorist group. Later research found that several other former SOMBRA allies had been killed, and after the day ended with Elizabeth still not released, the team decided they had to rescue her and find out who had abducted her and was out to kill all SOMBRA allies.

      (Challenge: Finish off this tale)

      Next Set:

      1. Emily Wallace

      2. Elliot Clayton

      3. Jessica Stern

      4. Lars Douglas

      5. Anbu Devanesan

      6. Marina Romanova

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    • Victim: Lars Douglas (found burned to death and dropped into a lake)

      Murder Weapon: Flamethrower


      Emily Wallace: (found a weird message from SOMBRA that the team wanted to look at)

      Elliot Clayton: (had an argument with Lars before his murder about him being on his phone too much)

      Jessica Stern: (agreed to go with Lars to find Elizabeth, ended up staying back)

      Anbu Devanesan: (found out more about Elizabeth's kidnapping)

      Marina Romanova: (Helped Lars get over a weird feeling Angela was going to betray the team)

      Killer: Anbu Devanesan. Anbu admitted to the murder, saying that he was the kidnapper of Elizabeth Hopkins. However, Lars was getting too close to finding out that he kidnapped her, so he killed him. Anbu was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

      Elizabeth was later found in a weird van and taken back to her home, where police told her to rest up.

      Next set:

      1. Charity and Mercy

      2. Mysteria (as Faith Woodford)

      3. Roy Loukas (Again)

      4. Trevor Finn

      5. Triboulet

      6. Ian Devine (The Conspiracy)

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    • Victim: Ian Devine (Found impaled by a spike

      Murder Weapon: Spike


      Chairty and Mercy: Hired circus performer; victim mocked them and called them as a "mutated monster".

      Mysteria: Runaway from Concordia; revealed that the victim hurt her after Mysteria caught Ian trying to burn the circus.

      Roy Loukas: Sheriff; tried to arrest Ian but he drove away when he saw him stealing corn off a farm.

      Trevor Finn: Used the sharks for the circus; denied the victimfrom keeping a shark; which lead to them fighting.

      Triboulet: Clown; victim punched him after Triboulet mocked his style of music.

      Killer: Triboulet

      Triboulet was shocked and denied killing Ian. However, when the team showed him the evidence, he was surprised and claimed he didn't mean to kill him.

      Triboulet explained that after Ian punched him, he got pissed and pushed him; only for Ian to fall backwards and get his chest impaled. Triboulet then tell them to just arrest and he'll be fine in jail. Triboulet was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

      Next Set:

      Savannah Blake

      Teresa Martínez

      Voodoo Vince

      Thunder Dave


      Madison Springer

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    • Victim: Thunder Dave (collapsed during a performance at The Maneater)

      Weapon: Poison (Traces were found in the sandwich Dave ate right before the performance)


      Savannah Blake (Victim's ex-girlfriend; was dumped by the victim due to her being jealous of the women Dave stripped for at his job)

      Teresa Martinez (Owned a brothel near The Maneater; hated the victim for drawing clients away from her business)

      Voodoo Vince (Victim's co-worker; defaced photos of Dave were found in Vince's dressing room table drawer, with Vince confessing that he felt insecure in comparison to Dave)

      Ginger (Managed the nearby Blue Flamingoo; offered the victim a job as co-manager due to developing a crush on him, only to be upset when he turned her down)

      Madison Springer (Hired the victim for her roommate's bachelorette party; got upset when Dave got drunk and threw up on her)

      Killer: Savannah Blake. When confronted, Savannah tried to deny everything and accused the player of wanting to create a scandal for her. But once she was cornered by the evidence, Savannah confessed, but revealed that Dave wasn't her intended target. Her intended victim was Voodoo Vince, who often accompanied Dave in performances at The Maneater. After their break-up, Savannah became convinced by the duo's sexy performances that they were a couple and that Vince had stolen Dave from her.

      Deciding that Dave would come back to her if Vince died, Savannah snuck backstage with a poisoned sandwich and left it at Vince's desk. However, Dave ended up taking the sandwich for himself, eating it before going onstage and falling victim to the poison. At trial, Savannah bemoaned losing the love of her life and declared that it was all Vince's fault, only for Judge Powell to denounce Savannah for being willing to kill over a break-up that was her own fault before sentencing her to 25 years in prison.

      Next Set:

      1. Penelope Sage

      2. Amity Malone

      3. Anita Diaz

      4. Solon

      5. Lennie Adams

      6. Bruce Anderson

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    • Victim: Amity Malone (found with a bunch of syringes on her neck)

      Murder Weapon: Syringes


      Penelope Sage: (Victim hated Penelope's book about littering, said it made her want to litter)

      Anita Diaz: (was hired by Amity to do her work, was blasted by the victim about her sewing skills)

      Solon: (The victim hated Solon because he was a show-off, sent him poisoned berries)

      Lennie Adams: (broke into Amity's house and tried to steal her axolotl, but Amity caught him)

      Bruce Anderson: (Victim's friend, but Amity wanted to be more than just friends)

      Killer: Lennie Adams. Lennie admitted to the murder, saying it was just self defense. When Lennie tried to steal Amity's axolotl, Amity came at him with a syringe, which Lennie grabbed and injected her with. Lennie was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

      Next Set:

      1. Elaine Seabrook

      2. Tyler Snakes (Again)

      3. Teresa Turing (Again)

      4. Colette Pontmercy

      5. Mighty Pete (Again)

      6. Muriel Cove

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    • Victim: Migthy Pete (Found floating next to his yacht party)

      Murder Weapon: Poisoned Martini (Found traces of arsenic in the drink)

      Elanie Seabrook: Victim's fiancée; found out that her fiancé was cheating on her with 20 year olds.

      Tyler Snakes: Party guest; argued with the victim when he caught Pete flirting with his girlfriend.

      Teresa Turing: Brought a juice bowl to the party; was mad at him when he tried to give her a drugged cocktail.

      Colette Pontmercy; Local kid; was Mighty Pete's daughter but he denied being his daughter.

      Muriel Cove; Party guest; angry with him for Pete believing that she needs her hair straight, not dreadlocks.

      Killer: Muriel Cove

      When they confronted her, Muriel blushed and said she didn't kill him. But when the team showed her the evidence, Muriel got infuriated and to the team's shock, turned into a mermaid. She explained that she and Pete had a fling and found out she's pregnant. She then texted Pete to come to the beach for a surprise. However, when he got their and saw her revealing her true self, Pete freaked out and called her a mutated freak.

      Angry at Pete for not liking her mermaid self, Muriel put small drops of arsenic in his martini and waited for him until he let out a scream. Before the team could arrest her, Muriel vanished in water, not wanting to get arrested.

      In the next set, the team are going to arrest her and find out what to do with her. But until they do that, they into another murder.

      Next Set:

      Muriel Cove

      Rani Goshwalla

      Vanessa Sadler

      Eric Prynce

      Felix Reed

      Roger Strout

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    • Victim: Vanessa Sadler (found shot in her own house)

      Murder Weapon: Machine Gun


      Muriel Cove: (Fell in love with the victim, Eric Prynce caught them kissing in her room)

      Rani Goshwalla: (Was Vanessa's partner for a big science project, Vanessa refused to do anything)

      Eric Prynce: (Caught Muriel and Vanessa kissing, broke up with Vanessa)

      Felix Reed: (Accidentally pushed Vanessa overboard during a cruise)

      Roger Strout: (Found a new species, Vanessa claimed she saw it first and got all the credit)

      Killer: Felix Reed. After being confronted, Felix admitted to the murder. Felix said that his friend, Avery Mitchell, was bullied a lot by Vanessa. Furious, Felix confronted her at her home, to which Vanessa mocked him having to get around in a wheelchair. Furious, Felix grabbed a machine gun and shot her. Felix was sentenced to 46 years in prison with no chance of parole.

      In the AI, the team decided that Muriel should run away from the town, as there are people who are going to want to get her. Muriel accepted and swam away.

      Next Set:

      1. Alex Turner

      2. Tom Blackwater

      3. Dr Lucrezia Stein

      4. Sven Blattner (again)

      5. Ned Dillard

      6. Hector Fernandez

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    • Higuys6262 wrote:
      Victim: Vanessa Sadler (found shot in her own house)

      Murder Weapon: Machine Gun


      Muriel Cove: (Fell in love with the victim, Eric Prynce caught them kissing in her room)

      Rani Goshwalla: (Was Vanessa's partner for a big science project, Vanessa refused to do anything)

      Eric Prynce: (Caught Muriel and Vanessa kissing, broke up with Vanessa)

      Felix Reed: (Accidentally pushed Vanessa overboard during a cruise)

      Roger Strout: (Found a new species, Vanessa claimed she saw it first and got all the credit)

      Killer: Felix Reed. After being confronted, Felix admitted to the murder. Felix said that his friend, Avery Mitchell, was bullied a lot by Vanessa. Furious, Felix confronted her at her home, to which Vanessa mocked him having to get around in a wheelchair. Furious, Felix grabbed a machine gun and shot her. Felix was sentenced to 46 years in prison with no chance of parole.

      Next Set:

      1. Alex Turner

      2. Tom Blackwater

      3. Dr Lucrezia Stein

      4. Sven Blattner (again)

      5. Ned Dillard

      6. Hector Fernandez

      Nice case as always :) But it doesn't wrap up the Muriel Cove storyline.

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    • Ezekielfan22 wrote:
      Higuys6262 wrote:
      Victim: Vanessa Sadler (found shot in her own house)

      Murder Weapon: Machine Gun


      Muriel Cove: (Fell in love with the victim, Eric Prynce caught them kissing in her room)

      Rani Goshwalla: (Was Vanessa's partner for a big science project, Vanessa refused to do anything)

      Eric Prynce: (Caught Muriel and Vanessa kissing, broke up with Vanessa)

      Felix Reed: (Accidentally pushed Vanessa overboard during a cruise)

      Roger Strout: (Found a new species, Vanessa claimed she saw it first and got all the credit)

      Killer: Felix Reed. After being confronted, Felix admitted to the murder. Felix said that his friend, Avery Mitchell, was bullied a lot by Vanessa. Furious, Felix confronted her at her home, to which Vanessa mocked him having to get around in a wheelchair. Furious, Felix grabbed a machine gun and shot her. Felix was sentenced to 46 years in prison with no chance of parole.

      Next Set:

      1. Alex Turner

      2. Tom Blackwater

      3. Dr Lucrezia Stein

      4. Sven Blattner (again)

      5. Ned Dillard

      6. Hector Fernandez

      Nice case as always :) But it doesn't wrap up the Muriel Cove storyline.

      Sorry :) Fixed it :D Thank you

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    • I'll write my list down again just in case :D

      1. Alex Turner

      2. Tom Blackwater

      3. Dr Lucrezia Stein

      4. Sven Blattner (again)

      5. Ned Dillard

      6. Hector Fernandez

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    • Victim: Alex Turner (Found strangled in a gaming room with all of his fingers gone)

      Murder Weapon: Shoelace


      Tom Blackwater: Victim's roommate; jealous of him for being popular in GameCon.

      Dr Lurcrezia Stein: Doctor; did research on her and revealed that she was arrested for killing her neighbor's dog.

      Sven Blattner: Host of GameCon; victim called him an old man and told him that gaming is for teenagers.

      Ned Dillard: Owner of GameCon; threatened Alex to keep quiet after he found out that Ned was using gamers' money for himself.

      Hector Fernandez: GameCon worker; got mocked by Alex about his race.

      Killer: Dr Lurcrezia Stein

      When she got confronted, Lurcrezia told the team that she wouldn't kill someone who found out she killed a dog. But when they proved she was Alex's killer, Lucrezia got mad and said that Alex was going to expose her history. When asked how, she revealed that she was also arrested for cannibalism. She then revealed that she was sentenced for life from that but escaped in Texas Maximum Prison.

      After escaping the prison, she changed her identitiy, name and stole a ID card from a tire store and went to Grimsborough so Texas police couldn't get her. However, Lucrezia got angry with Alex when he browse her history. Not wanting to go to jail again, Lucrezia strangled him with a shoelace and cut his fingers up with a kitchen knife. When she was asked what she did to Alex's fingers, she evily grinned and said that the fingers "are all gone". Lucrezia was sentenced to a psychiatric evaluation, where she will be treated.

      Next Set:

      Poppy Winters

      Calvin Ono

      Jazz Foster

      Nathan Pandit

      Kane Glazebrook

      Susan Etter

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    • Victim: Jazz Foster (Crushed underneath a billboard outside the Wolfy Entertainment headquarters)

      Weapon: Billboard

      Poppy Winters (Appeared on a show the victim was producing on supernatural creatures; sent angry text messages when she overheard the victim bashing said creatures)

      Calvin Ono (Head of Wolfy Entertainment's sponsorship department; revealed to have been on the verge of getting fired due to arguments he got into with Jazz over him not wanting to use King Dairy as a sponsor for the studio)

      Nathan Pandit (Victim's cousin; was often mocked by Jazz via FriendNet about how much more money he made than Nathan)

      Kane Glazebrook (Had a show about arctic animals produced by Wolfy Entertainment; sent death threats to Jazz after he cancelled it for not being profitable enough)

      Susan Etter (Victim's neighbor; complained that Jazz's frequent parties scared her goats)

      Killer: Poppy Winters. When confronted, Poppy initially tried to deny the accusations, but was forced to confess because of the evidence against her. In addition to Jazz's anti-supernatural creature bias, Poppy also confessed that during one of Jazz's house parties, he roofied her drink and had sex with her. Traumatized and wanting revenge, Poppy decided on the best way to kill Jazz: by using her secret telekinetic powers.

      Having been strengthening her skills ever since childhood, Poppy hid on the roof of an office building near the studio, waiting for Jazz to arrive. Once he did and she saw him stop to answer his phone, she used her powers to knock down the billboard, crushing the victim before he could get out of the way. Poppy then attempted to use her powers to escape, only to find herself unable to due to having exhausted herself knocking down the billboard and eventually losing consciousness in the attempt. Poppy was taken to the hospital, where she was left in the care of the authorities.

      Next Set:

      1. Euterpe

      2. Teddy Brooks

      3. Anjulie Cruz

      4. Vittorio Capecchi

      5. Matt Barry

      6. Gabriel Thompson

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    • Victim: Gabriel Thompson (Found disemboweled outside G. Thompson's Hotel Co.)

      Murder Weapon: Letter Opener


      Euterpe: Greek priestess; drew him as Hades (God of the underworld) after he mocked Zeus as a helpless God.

      Teddy Brooks: Victim's assistant; Gabriel wanted to fired him for believing that he was messing with the stocks.

      Anjulie Cruz: Victim's ex-wife; divorced him after she found text messages of someone named Ashley Collins; who she never seen before.

      Vittorio Capeehi: Owner of Italian Guns & Defense; Gabriel ruined his business career after he made a 1 star rating for falsely commenting that his business almost killed a worker.

      Matt Barry: Victim's son; believed that Gabriel was not his dad because Gabriel never liked him.

      Killer: Teddy Brooks

      When the team confronted him, Teddy denied the killing until he confessed. Teddy said that after he got the job, he made a drawing of his own hotel called Brooks' Hotel Resort. However, when he showed it to Gabriel, he got mad at mad and told him that it is not his job to make his own hotel. Teddy got pissed and said he show it to his workers. When he showed the drawing to all his workers, they liked it and asked him to show it to Gabriel. But when Gabriel overheard about it, he got more mad and threatened him if he if had to anyone again, he will fire him.

      Wanting to make his own hotel, Teddy waited for Gabriel to get out his car and disemboweled him. Teddy then gave the team a sad look and said that's his only way to get his dream hotel come to life. Teddy was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

      Next Set: 

      Ziggy Sparks

      Gail Harper

      Kalua Kaboom

      Jane Pembroke

      Larry Zarus

      Ray Parker

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    • Victim: Larry Zarus (found dead in a office, a golf ball inside of his mouth)

      Murder Weapon: Golf Ball


      Ziggy Sparks: (Lived in an apartment next to Larry, Larry complained that Ziggy was too loud on his saxophone)

      Gail Harper: (managed to break into Larry's work locker and saw a bunch of love letters to Kalua Kaboom, prompting the team to talk to Kalua)

      Kalua Kaboom: (Victim's girlfriend, learned that the two were both DJ's and broke up when Larry switched to classical music)

      Jane Pembroke: (Made the victim a nice coat, was sad when Larry ripped it up and threw it away)

      Ray Parker: (Victim's best friend, was found out that Larry and Ray once beat up a guy and were thrown in prison)

      Killer: Kalua Kaboom. Kalua admitted to the murder, saying that Larry had a talisman that could that could help him come back from the dead. Kalua tried to convince Larry to get her one, too, so that they could live together forever. However, Larry brought up the breakup, so he refused to. Furious, Kalua hit Larry over the head with a rock, ripped off his talisman and put it in her pocket, then grabbed a golf ball and golf club in the corner and hit it into Larry's mouth. Kalua was sentenced to life in prison, and was forced to give up the talisman.

      Next set:

      1. Benjamin Fetcher

      2. Darya Chernova

      3. Arnold Nottingham

      4. Aileen Greene

      5. Tony Marconi

      6. David Rosenberg

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    • Victim: Arnold Nottingham (Found electrocuted in his bathtub)

      Weapon: Laptop (Thrown into the tub by the killer, electrifying the water)


      Benjamin Fetcher (Was dating the victim's daughter Susie; intimidated by Arnold into breaking up with her due to disapproving of the 7-year age difference between them)

      Darya Chernova (Encountered the victim through his janitor job at COSMORUS's HQ; reported him to HR for frequently slapping her behind as they passed each other in the hallways)

      Aileen Greene (Victim's daughter from an affair he had while his wife was dying; a torn up Father's Day card found in the victim's trash revealed that Aileen had come to meet her biological father for the first time, only to be viciously rejected by Arnold)

      Tony Marconi (Knew the victim in their younger years; sent him death threats to remind him that he reminded how he often hit his wife around, with Tony suspecting it but never being able to find proof to go to the police)

      David Rosenberg (Rent out the guest house on the victim's property; was constantly insulted by Arnold for his love of technology)

      Killer: Aileen Greene. When confronted, Aileen surprisingly made no attempt to hide her guilt, saying her father deserved all the suffering in the world for rejecting her and for having left her mother to raise Aileen all on her own. Looking for the perfect way to kill Arnold, Aileen stalked Arnold's house, eventually bearing witness to the tension between him and David regarding their differing views on technology.

      Hoping it would result in David being framed for the murder, Aileen broke into the house while Arnold was bathing and tossed a laptop she stole from David's room into the tub, electrocuting her father to death. At trial, Aileen continued to say Arnold got what he deserved, with Judge Powell saying that while what her father did to her was cruel, it didn't justify murder or the fact that she was willing to let an innocent man take the fall for her crime. Hence, Powell sentenced Aileen to 40 years in prison.

      Next Set:

      1. Biff Wellington

      2. Stewart Benedict

      3. Jessica Toussaint

      4. Tallulah Shropshire

      5. Giulietta Capecchi

      6. Odette Kamarov

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    • Victim: Stewart Benedict (found tied to a chamber)

      Murder Weapon: Hemlock


      Biff Wellington: (Security guard at the mall, tried to help Stewart when he fainted, only for Stewart to reveal he pranked him, angering Biff)

      Jessica Toussaint: (Victim's neighbor, reported that Stewart would often curse loudly when angry, which was not a good influence for their children)

      Tallulah Shropshire: (Victim met her at a shop, the two regularly talked, which caused Tallulah to develop a crush on him)

      Giulietta Capecchi: (Was afraid of the victim, would often think he was stalking her)

      Odette Kamarov: (Victim caught Odette locking her son in a cage because he didn't eat all his dinner, blasted Odette for her cruel parenting)

      Killer: Biff Wellington. Biff admitted to the murder, saying that Stewart was always disturbing everybody in the mall. Biff decided that this needed to be stopped, so he cornered Stewart inside of a room, and forced him to drink hemlock, then tied him up to a chamber so that he couldn't escape the room. Biff was sentenced to 40 years in prison without any possibility of parole.

      Next set:

      1. Danny Moto

      2. Gerard Arnault

      3. Simon Armstrong

      4. Adela Zhu

      5. Wendall Goh

      6. Samson Drake

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    • Victim: Wendall Goh (Found shot in the woods)

      Murder Weapon: Hunting Rifle


      Danny Moto: Techinical student; thought that Wendall was just some guy in a costume until Wendall let out a loud animal scream.

      Gérard Arnault: Manager of French Studies of Animals; tried to capture Wendall but ran into the trees, angering Gérard.

      Simon Armstrong: Gothic student; thought that Wendall was a demon he summoned but was shocked and happy when the team told him that it was a real wendigo.

      Adela Zhu: Janitor in French Studies of Animals; slashed Wendall in the cheek when Adela got scared by him.

      Samson Drake: Walking in the woods; when he encountered Wendall, he ran away from him because he was scared to get killed by him.

      Killer: Gérard Arnault

      Gérard denied shooting Wendall but confessed when the team showed him evidence. Gérard said after he encountered him, he was satisfied by him and wanted to take him in for experimenting. But when Wendall ran away from him, he followed him until Wendall stopped. When it stopped, Wendall looked back, which Gérard walk away from it because he didn't have anything to capture it.

      The next day, Gérard took his hunting rifle with him and waited for Wendall to come out. After waiting for hours, Wendall appeared behind him, scaring Gérard. Trying to protect himself, Gérard shot Wendall in the head. Gérard then claimed that he didn't mean to do that, he just want to take Wendall to the French Studies of Animals. Gérard was taken to the authorities for shooting Wendall.

      Next Set:

      Susie Nottingham

      Mason Bloom

      Martin Fuller

      Olivier Feraud

      Martin Davenport

      Rick Lewis

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    • Victim: Olivier Feraud (Found strangled to death with his own camera strap)

      Weapon: Camera strap


      Susie Nottingham (Often served the victim when he came to her father's cafe; got upset when she gave him the wrong type of coffee, splashing it all over her in retaliation)

      Mason Bloom (Victim knew Mason's girlfriend Anita Diaz; threatened Olivier when he learned that he was planning to publicize her past as a drug kingpin's daughter)

      Martin Fuller (Seen with the victim at a club; gave Olivier a free taste of a new cocaine that on the market, only to find out later that Olivier was using him for a story and beat him up)

      Martin Davenport (Knew the victim when he was in a French boarding school; sent the victim FriendNet messages revealing he had never gotten over an "incident" in college--that being when Olivier tricked Martin into kissing another boy during a party and publicized pictures of the act)

      Rick Lewis (Victim's editor; got upset when Olivier docked his pay for missing one small grammar mistake)

      Killer: Martin Davenport. When confronted, Martin attempted to argue that the detectives were wrong. But when Gloria Hayes accused Martin of killing Olivier over a years old act, Martin said that it was more than just a prank because of what happened to him after. Following the photo going viral, Martin was suddenly grabbed and thrown in a van by three men, who proceeded to beat Martin to within an inch of his life. Martin ended up in the hospital for almost a year recovering from his injuries, and he was additionally disowned by his parents due to the photo leading them to believe he was gay.

      After running into Olivier after all these years, Martin decided to take revenge for what happened to him. After stalking Olivier, Martin shoved him into a dark alley before using his own camera strap to strangle him to death. Martin recounted what Olivier indirectly made happen to him at trial, with Judge Powell sympathizing, but telling Martin he chose to deal with his pain using violence and murder. At that, Powell sentenced Martin to 28 years in prison.

      The AI had Martine Meunier revealing that, even if Martin hadn't killed him, Olivier wouldn't have lived for much longer. She had found that the cocaine he got from Martin Fuller contained an unknown chemical that she found was capable of causing heart failure about a week after ingestion. Visiting an arrested Martin Fuller in prison, David Jones grilled him about the cocaine, with Fuller declaring he had no idea it was had such a chemical in it.

      For the next set, finish off the storyline by having the murder be linked to this deadly cocaine and have the person responsible for creating it (along with their motivation) be revealed:

      1. Summer Klein

      2. Chelsea Bloom

      3. Marcus Butler

      4. Olive Powell

      5. Ruth Matuszak

      6. Henry Liu

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    • It was revealed that Henry Liu made the chemical in the cocaine. When they went to his lab, the team found him shot to death with a note.

      Victim: Henry Liu (Found shot in his lab with a note saying "Too late officers")

      Murder Weapon: Hand Made Gun


      Summer Klein: Victim's assistant; angry at him when he said that he will give her money if she help him, but never got it.

      Chelsea Bloom: High School student; had a talk with Henry when she found out that he was stalking her on social media.

      Marcus Bulter: Art student; was revealed that Marcus made the gun. When Gloria confronted him, he was shocked and didn't know that his own invention worked.

      Olive Powell: Judge's daughter; demanded him about the cocaine but refused to tell her.

      Ruth Matuszak: Said that the victim came to the Black Sparrow once a week; got mad at him for groping her.

      Killer: Olive Powell

      The team was shocked when they found out that Olive was Henry's killer. When they confronted her, Olive acted surprised as well and told the team that she would never do murdering. But when David showed her the evidence, Olive broke down and revealed that she was part of making the cocaine, which surprised the team even more. Olive also revealed that the chemical in the cocaine was something they made called "heartolos". When she was asked why she killed Henry, she explained that Henry was going to make another chemical called "xercade", which makes the person turn purple and would have a dog food smell.

      Olive then tried Henry to stop making the chemical because the police knew about the cocaine. However, Henry denied and told her that he will finish the other chemical before they stop. Angry, Olive grabbed Marcus' hand-made gun off the counter and shot Henry. When asked about the note, Olive didn't mean the note as a angry message but a sad one. Before they could arrest her, Olive pointed the gun in her mouth and shot herself. When they told Judge Powell about it, she got upset and believed that they drove her daughter to kill her. After that, Cathy then tells the team that Powell hanged herself in the courtroom, leaving a suicide note. End of case.

      Next Set:

      Martin Fuller

      Grace Goude

      Oswin Piper

      Jack Archer (Season 6)

      Cody Mays

      Brock Perry

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    • Victim: Oswin Piper (found with a UFO styled saw stuck in his chest at Area 61)

      Murder Weapon: UFO Styled Saw


      Martin Fuller: (The victim pulled a knife on Martin)

      Grace Goude: (Got mad at the victim for insulting France)

      Jack Archer: (Victim stole a jewel from Jack when he was at a casino)

      Cody Mays: (Caught the victim trying to steal corn from his farm)

      Brock Perry: (Warned the team that Oswin was trying to steal a serum from AgriMeadows)

      Killer: Brock Perry. Brock admitted to the murder, and revealed that he was one of the last members of SOMBRA. Brock said that Oswin tried to get in the way of Brock's mission to investigate Area 61, so Brock took a UFO shaped saw and killed Oswin with it. Brock was sentenced to life in prison.

      Next set:

      1. Aaliyah Banks

      2. Toduun

      3. James Savage

      4. Charles Parker

      5. Greta Meduse

      6. Thunder Dave

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    • Victim: Toduun (Found stabbed at a buddhist temple)

      Murder Weapon: Hunting Knife


      Aaliyah Banks: Visitor; told him to stop for telling her worship Buddha before leaving the temple.

      James Savage: His log cabin next to the temple; made the victim angry when he shot Toduun's eagle while hunting.

      Charles Parker: Temple gardener; got fired by Toduun after he accidentally broke a vase made in the 12th century.

      Greta Meduse: Victim's girlfriend; gets annoyed by him when Toduun tells her to worship Buddha.

      Thunder Dave: Stripper at The Maneater; filed a restraining order on him after he asked Toduun if he can do a stripping event in the temple.

      Killer: James Savage

      When the team confronted him, James denied killing Toduun but then confessed. James revealed that he accidentally killed his son Argat Noyan. Few weeks ago, James said he was hunting when he heard a tree branch crack. He only saw a silhouette but couldn't make out if it was an animal. Thinking it was, James shot the thing, only to find out that he kill someone who he didn't know. James then buried the body in the forest so nobody can find his body.

      After the day he killed the guy, Toduun knocked in his door and asked him if he saw his son Argat. While talking, Toduun then gave him a photo of his son, who looked like the guy who he shot. Before the murder, James then told him the truth. When he told him about his son's death, Toduun got angry and began to scratch him.

      Using self-defense, James pulled out his hunting knife and stabbed him in the stomach. When asked where he buried the son's body, James said he couldn't remember where because of the forest having too much grass. James was sentenced to 50 years in prison.

      After the arrest, Cathy tell the team that she found the burial. The team then head to the forest to dig up the body. While digging, they found Argat's body and took it in for autopsy. While autopsying Argat's body, Martine found out that he was still alive when James shot him. Martine explained that the bullet almost hit the heart and was unconscious. Martine then ruled Argat's death as asphyxiation.

      The team then tell James about Argat. While talking to James, he broke down and claimed he didn't know he was alive. James then tell them that if he checked Argat's pulse, he would of saved him.

      Next Set:

      George Mathison

      Fabien de la Mort

      Christian Bateman

      Edgar Woe

      Dolly Hale

      Heather Night

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    • Victim: Christian Bateman (Decapitated in his car)

      Weapon: Fishing wire (Was pulled against the victim's neck, eventually cutting his head off)


      George Mathison (A restraining order was filed by Christian against George; he revealed that he suspected Christian of being responsible for a local teen's brutal murder)

      Fabien de la Mort (Local vampire; photos of Christian in Fabien's hideout revealed that he was obsessed with Christian and wanted to taste his blood)

      Edgar Woe (Victim's grandfather; disowned Christian after he killed Meera Kat and was outed as a member of Ad Astra)

      Dolly Hale (A note reading, "I hate you!", from Dolly was found in the victim's car; revealed that Christian was her biological father from an affair he and her mother had when they were teenagers and her attempt to connect with him was rejected)

      Heather Night (Victim often visited her cafe; laced Christian's regular latte with laxatives in retaliation for his frequent sexual harassment of her and her co-workers)

      Killer: Dolly Hale. While the player and Gwen Harper were surprised, Dolly shockingly confessed right away, saying Christian deserved to perish for denying her. As Dolly admitted, she was responsible for the murder Mathison was investigating, revealing that she had always been driven to commit murder, even as a child. When she found out about Christian being her biological father, she set out to find him so they could team up to be an unstoppable criminal duo.

      But upon meeting Christian, Dolly found herself rejected by him, declaring that he had no children and that he was putting his murderous past behind him. Enraged, Dolly broke into Christian's car early one morning and waited for him to get in. Once he did, Dolly sprung up and began strangling Christian with fishing wire, pulling back hard until Christian's head was severed. Dolly continued to show no remorse at trial, resulting in the sociopathic teen receiving a life sentence, and was to be placed in solitary confinement due to the danger she posed to fellow prisoners.

      Next Set:

      1. Gunnar Burns

      2. Mikey Bolero

      3. Javier Morales

      4. Harriet Patrick

      5. Bradley Fields

      6. Valereea Valz

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    • Victim: Javier Morales (found in a parking lot, his throat sliced)

      Murder Weapon: Scissors


      Gunnar Burns: (Quit his job in Grimsborough University to work as a car mechanic, Javier said that his car was not fixed well, threatened to tell others)

      Mikey Bolero: (Javier was a fan of his, Javier got mad when people blocked his way to see Mikey)

      Harriet Patrick: (Victim's adoptive sister, came to meet Javier one day, only to get blasted by him for not contacting him since he went off to college)

      Bradley Fields: (was slapped by the victim when Bradley insulted his homosexuality)

      Valereea Valz: (Victim pointed out simularities between some of her work and a bunch of famous artists)

      Killer: Bradley Fields. Bradley admitted to the murder, saying that he killed Javier. One day, when Bradley just came out of college, his mother became really ill. Bradley visited her every day, even skipping some days of his work. Unfortunately, Bradley's mother died and Bradley was devastated. At her funeral, he invited Javier, his best friend, to come, but Javier skipped the funeral. Days after the funeral, Bradley became aggresive and started heavily drinking. Bradley said that he blamed it all on Javier.

      So, to end his thoughts about Javier driving him into alcoholism, he snuck up on him and sliced his neck in the parking lot. Bradley said that he lost his mother and best friend, and couldn't stand to live another second. Bradley stole the player's gun and shot himself in the head.

      Next set:

      1. Ellen Redfern

      2. Bodhi Green

      3. Henri Monplaisir

      4. Fred Drucker

      5. Theo Mercier

      6. Lucius Roth

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    • Victim: Bodhi Green (Found bashed at the Swann's Song Theatre)

      Murder Weapon: Wooden Post


      Ellen Redfern: Actress playing as a mummy; angry at him for the victim believing that a man should play as the mummy instead of a woman)

      Henri Monplasir: Owner of the theatre; wanted to fire him after he got drunk on stage in front of the crowd)

      Fred Drucker: Actor playing as a spy; was partnered by Bodhi but got angry when Bodhi tried to steal his character)

      Theo Mercier: Actor playing as the villain; was upset at Bodhi after Bodhi messed up his lines.

      Lucius Roth: Henri's assistant; claimed that Bodhi should play as a swan because the victim would get mad at him for doing nothing.

      Killer: Lucuis Roth

      When the team confronted him, he was disgusted and jokingly believed they want to arrest for being black. But when they proved he was Bodhi's killer, Lucius got pissed and said that Bodhi had to die. Lucius overheard that Henri wanted to take out one of the actors to get more money. Lucius believed that taking out Bodhi would be the best. However, when he told Bodhi to quit the stage, he yelled at him and believed Lucius wanted to do that was because he was a loser.

      Angry, Lucuis grabbed a wooden post used as a prop and bashed Bodhi in the head. At the trial, Henri was shocked and asked him why. After Lucius answered his question, Henri sighed and told him that he denied doing it. Lucius was surprised and said he did it for him. Judge Hall (the new judge after Judith Powell's death) sentenced him to 30 years in prison.

      Next Set:

      Alice Riddel


      Coach Kirk

      Santiago Sanchez

      Roxanne Vega

      Minnie Starr

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    • Victim: Tiffany (found dead in a forest, shot in the chest with a crossbow)

      Murder Weapon: Crossbow


      Alice Riddel: (Victim's friend, unfriended the victim when she wouldn't let Alice play with her doll)

      Coach Kirk: (Victim attack him after he yelled at her, has been avoiding her ever since)

      Santiago Sanchez: (Caught the victim trying to steal some fishing bait, said that he had ran out)

      Roxanne Vega: (Refused to sell an ancient tablet to Tiffany, as she was a little kid)

      Minnie Star: (Claimed that her mind was controlled by Tiffany)

      Killer: Roxanne Vega. Roxanne admitted to the murder, saying that Tiffany tried to steal the tablet. When Roxanne announced that the tablet could not fall into a ten year-old's hands, Tiffany got angry and snatched it out of her hands. Roxanne chased Tiffany into a forest, where she cornered Tiffany and shot her with an arrow. Roxanne was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

      Next set:

      1. Bronwyn Peters

      2. Gregg

      3. Blake Woodbine

      4. Afif Wahab

      5. Eliza Rheinberg

      6. Orville West

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    • Victim: Bronwyn Peters (Struck from behind and drowned in Gregg's swamp)

      Weapon: Drowning


      Gregg (Lived in the swamp and was playing the villain of the victim's new movie; claimed he was searching the forest for food and discovered Bronwyn when he came back, though Bronwyn's camera showed the two argued over Gregg thinking his character was too stereotypical)

      Blake Woodbine (Had a farm near the swamp; blamed the noise from Bronwyn's filming for the fact that his pet goose Lordy Gaga disappearing)

      Afif Wahab (Provided catering for the victim's movie crew; was actually a hitman hired by Bronwyn's ex-brother-in-law to kill her so he could take over the movie studio Bronwyn and her husband Jackson had started together before his death)

      Eliza Rheinberg (Lead actress for the film; got drunk on set and was told by Bronwyn that she'd be replaced if it happened again, upsetting Eliza)

      Orville West (Victim's husband; resented Bronwyn for having a more profitable career than her)

      Killer: Blake Woodbine. When confronted, Blake attempted to claim he was innocent before tearfully breaking down in a confession, proclaiming that it was Bronwyn's fault that Lordy Gaga was dead. Blake revealed that four days prior, he had found Lordy Gaga in the forest, having been attacked by a wild animal after having run away. Despite his attempts to nurse the goose back to health, Lordy Gaga succumbed to his wounds and died three days after.

      Enraged and believing Bronwyn and Gregg (who he referred to as a "swamp freak") was the cause of his loss, Blake went to the swamp and laid in wait for Bronwyn. When she arrived at the swamp alone to speak with Gregg, Blake punched Bronwyn from behind, stunning her long enough to drag her over to the swamp and drown her in the water. Blake stated that he'd hoped Gregg would be blamed for the murder before being released to the proper authorities by the player and Gwen Harper.

      Next Set:

      1. Janis Rivers (Age 73)

      2. Roxie Sparks

      3. Casper Rove

      4. Avery Mitchell

      5. Curtis Newman

      6. Tristan Collins

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    • Victim: Roxie Sparks (found inside of a drum, badly beaten and her heart missing)

      Murder Weapon: Strangled to Death


      Janis Rivers: (Victim's friend, disapproved of Roxie dating Louis De Rico)

      Casper Rove: (Chess master, taught Roxie a few tricks about chess in the bar, which caused Louis De Rico to think he was trying to hit on her)

      Avery Mitchell: (Victim's adoptive daughter, tried to convince Roxie that she was an actual witch, which Roxie thought was a joke)

      Curtis Newman: (Planned to kill Louis De Rico for not paying him back when Curtis let Louis go into a strip club for free)

      Tristan Collins: (Casper's boyfriend and Roxie's friend, unfriended the victim when she started drinking heavily)

      Killer: Casper Rove. Casper admitted to the murder, saying that Roxie had a stash of all his favorite drinks. However, Roxie would not let Casper drink one, or even have a sip. Later, Casper saw Roxie pick the drink from her stash and gulp it down, making Casper furious. Casper demanded Roxie that he should have a bottle right now, to which Roxie denied. Casper flew into a rage and pushed Roxie to the floor and started punching her. Casper then realized that Roxie could call the police, so Casper choked Roxie to death, and hid her inside of a drum, and later cut her heart out, and keeping it as a souvenir. Casper was sentenced to life in prison without any possibility of parole.

      Next set:

      1. Harper McAlister

      2. Antonio "The Scorpion" Dante

      3. Flavia Pulchra

      4. Ashley Collins

      5. John McKenzie

      6. Carter Hayes

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    • Victim: John McKenzie (Found whipped to death in Jezabela's strip club)

      Murder Weapon: Whip

      Harper McAlister: Stripper at Jezabela's; revealed that the victim treated her badly when John scratched her in the face.

      Antonio "The Scorpion" Dante: Italian mobster; was mocked by the victim for hating the Irish.

      Flavia Pulchra: Priestess who has a roman catholic church next to the strip club; caught him trying to burn down the church at night.

      Ashley Collins: Former stripper; was revealed that Ashley is John's mother. Ashley hated her son for stealing her money to get in the strip club she used to work in.

      Carter Hayes: Victim's babysitter; victim would abused him if he did something bad.

      Killer: Flavia Pulchra

      When Flavia was confronted, she denied the accusations and claimed that she only talks about beliefs in the church. But when they proved she was John's killer, Flavia confessed and revealed that he murdered her daughter Claudia. Flavia explained that the victim dated Claudia when they were in high school. When they graduated college, Claudia broke up with him because she will not be coming to the same college as him. After the break up, John got angry and killed her in her dorm room. After murdering Claudia, John was sentenced to 20 years in prison but was released for police having lack of evidence to pin him as the killer.

      Angry, Flavia went in the strip club, grabbed a whip and whipped John to death. At the trial, she told Judge Hall that John deserved it and then said that Claudia is in a better place while John will be tortured in a world of fire. Judge Hall had enough and sentenced her to life.

      Next Set: 

      Nomena Leroy

      Biff Wellington

      Moesha Decker

      Ace Boome

      Stacy Lovely

      Isabel Vázquez

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    • Victim: Ace Boome (found dead in his office, glass shards stuck in his head)

      Murder Weapon: Mirror


      Nomena Leroy: (tried to get away from her racing career by selling balloons, Ace fired her days later)

      Biff Wellington: (Victim found his expensive watch on the ground, decided to keep it)

      Moesha Decker: (Wanted to have Ace's balloon store to be torn down and replaced with an arcade)

      Stacy Lovely: (Wanted to get away from stripping, so she took a job as a balloon seller. However, this didn't stop Ace from asking her for a private dance)

      Isabel Vazquez: (Victim's wife, felt like his business was going to financially fail)

      Killer: Isabel Vazquez. Isabel admitted to the murder, saying that she and Ace used to sing together. She then said they were so happy, until Ace came up with the idea of making a balloon selling business. Isabel grew infuriated that Ace would just throw away their singing career, so she confronted Ace, who began to yell at Isabel. Suddenly, Ace swung at Isabel, who managed to trip Ace in the process, making him fall to the ground, and Isabel getting the upper hand. Isabel quickly grabbed a mirror and smashed it against his face, killing him. Isabel was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

      Next set:

      1. Fabrizio Gallardo

      2. Yoshimune

      3. Ruth Campbell

      4. Teddy Brooks

      5. Jenny Quaid

      6. Anton Levin

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    • Victim: Jenny Quaid (Found bludgeoned to death at her desk)

      Weapon: Victim's laptop


      Fabrizio Gallardo (Victim's boyfriend; was often criticized by Jenny for his paintings not selling as well as her first crime novel--a success Fabrizio admitted made him jealous of his girlfriend)

      Yoshimune (Found trying to set fire to a bookstore advertising the victim's first novel; claimed the book had a character based on his father, who was wrongfully accused of being involved in the drug trade, and that Jenny was adding more disgrace to his family name)

      Ruth Campbell (Had the victim as a part-time lab assistant; left a frustrated note in the victim's bag complaining about how she spent more time writing than assisting when she was in the lab)

      Teddy Brooks (Victim's ex-boyfriend; a crushed cake was found in Jenny's garbage, with Teddy revealed he gave Jenny a cake with her face on it in an effort to win her back, only to be heartbroken when Jenny called it creepy and tossed it across the room)

      Anton Levin (Had the victim as a regular customer at his restaurant; left death threats on the victim's porch after she posted on FriendNet that Anton's restaurant was disgusted and served her a sandwich with raw meat and stale bread--claims Anton dismissed as lies)

      Killer: Teddy Brooks. When confronted, Teddy tried to claim that despite the breakup, he still loved Jenny and would never hurt her. But when cornered with the evidence, Teddy admitted to the murder. He revealed that, the night before the murder, he snuck into the victim's house and began looking through her laptop, wanting to find something to use to win her back. But in addition to finding out about her new relationship with Fabrizio, Teddy discovered the crime novel she was writing, which had a character named "Freddy Hooks" as the psychotic main villain obsessed with his ex-girlfriend.

      Realizing that Jenny based the character off him and viewed him as a revolting stalker, Teddy decided to confront Jenny later. The next day, he confronted Jenny at her home while she was working on her book, with Jenny saying every word in her book about him was true and that he needed to stay away from her. In a fit of rage, Teddy slammed the laptop shut and used it to beat Jenny to death. At his trial, Teddy referred to him as "the perfect man" and that Jenny deserved to die for not appreciating his love. Judge Powell pointed out that Teddy's actions were the opposite of what a loving man would do, and sentenced him to 45 years in prison for both the murder and breaking and entering.

      Next Set:

      1. Timmy Tanner

      2. Archie Rochester

      3. Jordan Wilson

      4. Rivke Gelber

      5. Jemima Hatchett

      6. Madam Xiang

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    • Victim: Rivke Gelber (found with her head bashed in, her diary on her lap)

      Murder Weapon: Rock


      Timmy Tanner: (Wanted some money from the victim, was mad when Rivke wouldn't even leave him a coin)

      Archie Rochester: (Accidentally spilled wine all over Rivke during a fancy party, got slapped in the face)

      Jordan Wilson: (Victim's boyfriend, started a home equipment store with Rivke which she later left, causing the business to fail as Jordan was the only person running the company)

      Jemima Hatchett: (Nurse, was mad at Rivke for suspecting that she was a vampire because she drank blood, which just turned out to be red wine)

      Madam Xiang: (The victim accidentally ruined a book Madam Xiang was just starting on)

      Killer: Jordan Wilson. Jordan admitted to the murder, saying that he was afraid that Rivke was going insane. She started waking up at random hours, and at any time, she would always have a mood swing. Jordan became worried, so he snuck up behind Rivke one day while she was writing her journal, and bashed her head in with a rock. Judge Takakura sentenced Jordan to 28 years in prison.

      Next set:

      1. Gregory Lynn

      2. Kerry Ann Buxton

      3. Kev O'Connell 

      4. Per-Sephone

      5. Theo Mercier

      6. Angela Douglas

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    • Victim: Gregory Lynn (Found dead in the Grimsborough Uinversity Convention Center)

      Murder Weapon: Nanobots (Found inside the victim's body attacking his blood cells)

      Kerry Ann Buxton: Victim's mother; hated her son for stealing her deceased husband's money.

      Kev O'Connell: Wrestling teacher; was upset when Gregory defeated him in wrestling.

      Per-Sephone: Victim's creation; almost killed his creator after she shoved ATM money in his mouth.

      Theo Mercier: Professor; yelled at Gregory when he caught him breaking curfew around campus.

      Angela Douglas: Nurse at the university; got mad at Gregory when he stole bandages off the counter and used them for toilet papering.

      Killer: Kerry Ann Buxton

      Kerry denied killing her son but confessed after the team proved it. Kerry said when Gregory showed her his creation Per-Sephone, she liked it and thought she was more better than her husband. At the day the university was going to do a convention center, Gregory told her he will shut off Per-Sephone and take her to the convention.

      When he told her that, Kerry begged her son to not bring the robot but refused, saying that he made it not her. Angry, she went to the convention center, opened a cage of nanobots and made them kill her son. Kerry was sentenced to 30 years in prison. After the arrest, Cathy tell the team that Kerry died in her cell. When asked how, Cathy claimed that nanobots she let open went in her body and killed her.

      Next Set:

      Francis I

      Sandy Lemko


      Luke Harris

      Theo Vergeer

      Henry VIII

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    • Victim: Francis I (found with major blast injuries in his palace, set back up in his throne)

      Murder Weapon: Bomb


      Sandy Lemko: (Met Francis at a fancy party, victim drunkenly repeatly insulted him)

      Triboulet: (Victim's jester, was reportedly pushed around by Francis whenever he did a trick wrong)

      Luke Harris: (Victim met the king with some of his students, was told to get out when one of the students made a joke about his health)

      Theo Vergeer: (Town crier, complained that the town's people complained about his race, but Francis told him to bear it)

      Henry VIII: (Argued with the victim about having an aquarium near his dinnerplace, saying that the people's money was going into something useless)

      Killer: Luke Harris. Luke admitted to the murder, saying that he hated how Francis treated his own people. Luke said he would stop this, as he didn't like this type of leadership. Luke sent Francis a package, which Francis opened. There was a bomb inside, which blew up and made Francis suffer major blast injuries, killing him. Luke then later set his body back up on his throne. Luke was sentenced to life in prison for murdering a leader of another country.

      Next set:

      1. Kristopher Bauer

      2. Bigfoot

      3. Barnaby Wilson

      4. Nelson Campbell

      5. Dr Aculus

      6. Amy Young

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    • For the purposes of this case, Amy Young was born in the era of Mysteries of the Past and was a Concordia detective

      Victim: Amy Young (Found on the docks dead from being suffocated with ether)

      Weapon: Ether (An empty bottle was found in a trash can outside the Velvet Lounge club and a rag smelling of ether was found under a pile of rope at the docks)


      Kristopher Bauer (Owner of the Velvet Lounge; stated that Amy often visited the lounge and he offered her work as a prostitute, only for Amy to respond by splashing a drink in his face)

      Bigfoot (Dweller in the nearby forest; an apology note from him was found outside Amy's home, with Bigfoot revealing he accidentally scared Amy while she was out in the forest and felt bad about it)

      Barnaby Wilson (Victim's physician; began regularly visiting Amy due to her worries about her childhood friend Virginia Watchbird suddenly disappearing)

      Nelson Campbell (Victim's estranged father; disapproved of Amy's job on the police force, believing it to be "unbecoming" of a woman to be a detective)

      Dr. Aculus (Local vampire; an angry message on the walll of his isolated house revealed that Amy suspected Aculus of being involved in Virginia's disappearance--accusations Aculus denied while blasting Concordia for their prejudice against vampires)

      Killer: Barnaby Wilson. When confronted, Barnaby attempted to claim he would never hurt Amy and that he wasn't the only person in Concordia with access to ether. Maddie O'Malley pointed out, however, that they had never told Barnaby that Amy was killed with ether, exposing him as her killer. Caught, Barnaby confessed, but proclaimed he felt sick to his stomach doing it and was forced to by "that monster"--referring to pimp/Velvet Lounge owner Kristopher Bauer.

      As Barnaby revealed, Kristopher was a greedy and violent man, and after learning about Barnaby's habit for drinking on the job, he used it to blackmail him into killing Amy. While Kristopher provided Barnaby with a knife to use on Amy, Barnaby instead resolved to use ether and suffocated Amy to death after luring her to the docks with a claim of having information about Virginia, arguing that he made sure she wouldn't suffer.

      After professing that Kristopher refused to tell him why he wanted Amy dead, Barnaby was put on trial where he attempted to argue that he had no choice but to follow Kristopher's order. Judge Takakura, however, told Barnaby that he did have a choice, and chose to prioritize his career and his drinking habit over the life of an innocent woman. With that, Barnaby was stripped of his medical license and sentenced to 30 years in prison. The AI had the team arrest Kristopher for his role in orchestrating Amy's death, and he confessed that he did so because he was responsible for Virginia Watchbird's disappearance (she had become one of his prostitutes after running away from home and he ended up beating her to death during an argument) and was becoming convinced Amy was getting close to exposing him.

      Next Set:

      1. Abel Dreschner

      2. Elvira Milton

      3. Benjamin Scott

      4. Stella Ziarati

      5. Ben Shepherd

      6. Ruthie Samson

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    • In this case, Luke and the team head to a zoo in Florida to take a look at the animals. While looking at the animals, Jacob tells the team that Ben was found dead in the camper.

      Victim: Ben Shepherd (Found dead in his camper, his camper is parked at the zoo parking lot)

      Murder Weapon: Needle (Found in a monkey cage, containing steroids. Martine confirmed that Ben died from a heart attack and found tiny holes in both the victim's arms)

      Abel Dreschner: Gives corn to the animals and the zoo visitors; believed that Ben was the reason why the police incarcerated Jackson Peacock, his friend.

      Elvira Milton: Knew the victim in Parkford, Minnesota; sent him a cursed sapphire after Ben took Belinda's body in his camper and never gave it to the witches.

      Benjamin Scott: Ben taught him how to protect himself from the supernatural; was angry at him when the victim told him he can't come with the team because was not old enough to join.

      Stella Ziarati: Occult dealer; stated the victim would buy healing potions from her for first aid; wrote angry messages to him after she caught him stealing her healing crystals.

      Ruthie Samson: Zookeeper; build a sign saying, "If your name is Ben Sheppard (which she spelled his name wrong), you're banned from this zoo". When asked about the sign, Ruthie explained that she was annoyed by him for saying too much stuff about werewolves.

      Killer: Ruthie Samson

      When they confronted her, Ruthie angrily denied killing their team member but then confessed. Ruthie revealed that she is a supernatural hunter and Ruth's partner. Ruthie said after Ruth was killed by a werewolf while on Christmas vacation with her non-supernatural boyfriend, she never got to see Ruth's body or said her last goodbye to her.

      When she found out that the team are in a Florida zoo, she followed them and then confront Ben. When she confronted him, Ben told her to chill out and said she can't look at Ruth's wolf. Angry, Ruthie injected him with many needles of steroids until he died of cardiac arrest. Disgusted by her, the team took her to the zoo authorities and was sent to a Florida prison.

      Next Set:

      Emmett Scott

      Christopher Scott

      Rehema Tamun

      Anna Blanchard

      Abrax Tiakken

      Amy Young

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    • Victim: Anna Blanchard (found dead in her hotel in the Altered Present, circles carved into her chest)

      Murder Weapon: Silver Knife


      Emmett Scott: (Warned Anna to not get in his way asking him for money)

      Christopher Scott: (Believed that the circles were carved by a weird ghost)

      Rehema Tamun: (Victim's adoptive sister, was sad to see what she became)

      Abrax Tiakken: (The team found a photograph of him standing next to the Statue of Liberty, Abrax said that he found a poster in the street and didn't know what it was, so he bought it home and took a picture with it)

      Amy Young: (Owned the picture, learned that Abrax took it)

      Killer: Amy Young, much to the team's shock. Amy admitted to the murder, saying that the picture wasn't hers. It was Anna's. After learning about this, Amy tried to steal it to look at it more carefully. However, Anna saw her doing that, so Amy stabbed her and made circles in her chest. The team made Amy give up her role as team coordinater, and would be properly punished when the timeline gets fixed.

      Next set:

      1. Penny Farrell

      2. Lavinia De Brills

      3. Adam Hassan

      4. William Oland

      5. Warren Goodfellow

      6. Lindsay Bannister

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    • Victim: Lavinia De Brills (Found dead on the Pacific Bay beach, having been struck on the head)

      Weapon: Table (Roxie Sparks' autopsy results found that Lavinia was likely killed from hitting her head on a table after being pushed)


      Penny Farrell (Opened her own animal shelter in Pacific Bay; resented Lavinia for her habit of getting a new dog, keeping it for a few days, and then giving it to the shelter when she was bored with it)

      Adam Hassan (Met the victim at a bar and kissed her; a text to Lavinia from Adam reading, "Give me my money!", was found, with Adam revealing that on the night they met, Lavinia left him to pay their hefty bar tab)

      William Oland (Victim's uncle; hated his niece for never giving him a cut of the profits from the family diamond business, having always been estranged from his wealthy family)

      Warren Goodfellow (Had a Rising Hope charity event in Pacific Bay; blasted the victim on social media for using the event as a publicity stunt for her diamond company)

      Lindsay Bannister (Knew the victim when they went to the same boarding school; revealed that she still held a grudge against the victim for ratting her out about cheating on her homework, resulting in her being expelled from the school)

      Killer: Lindsay Bannister. When confronted, Lindsay tried to deny the allegations, but eventually confessed when cornered. Lindsay had recently been cut off by her father and stepmother for her recent drunken antics, and when she learned Lavinia was in town, she went to her for financial help while they were out at a club. Lavinia refused and excused herself to the bathroom, with Lindsay snooping through her phone (which she forgot on the table) while she was gone.

      It was through her phone that Lindsay learned that Lavinia was smuggling diamonds for SOMBRA, and being paid handsomely for it. With that knowledge, Lindsay invited Lavinia back to her place, where she confronted her about her SOMBRA secret and demanded to be paid $50,000 a month in exchange for her silence. In response, Lavinia attacked Lindsay, leading to a struggle that ended when Lindsay shoved Lavinia, causing her to hit her head on the glass coffee table in Lavinia's living room. Shocked, Lindsay dragged Lavinia's body into her car and dropped the corpse off on the beach, hoping it would look like an accident. Lindsay was arrested and put on trial, with Lindsay saying that Lavinia was the true criminal and that she was simply defending herself. Judge Dante reminded Lindsay that she caused the fatal brawl with her own greed, and Lindsay was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

      Next Set:

      1. Frankie Sparkles

      2. Irina Nemovska

      3. Coco the Magnificent

      4. Tobias Randall

      5. Rozalina Davidov

      6. Erin Bryant

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    • Ezekiel, can I name my case? If so, this is:

      "A Coin Flip to end a Life"

      Victim: Erin Bryant (found with a coin in her hand, shot several times in the chest)

      Murder Weapon: Shotgun


      Frankie Sparkles: (Victim ex-boyfriend, broke up with her when he found out that she was dating other guys)

      Irina Nemovska: (Told the victim she saw something in the forest, only for Irina to prank Erin by splashing ice cold water on her)

      Coco The Magnificent: (The victim bullied him as a child, said that he was getting teased more than ever because he was a clown)

      Tobias Randall: (Claimed the victim tried to stab him, which was false)

      Rozalina Davidov: (Got ignored by Erin when she asked her to join Glamm Modeling)

      Killer: Irina Nemovska. Irina admitted to the murder, saying that it wasn't over after she dumped cold water onto Erin. Erin got angry, and started shaking the branch, hoping Irina would fall off. Irina thought quick and flipped a coin to see if she should kill Erin or let her live. However, Erin stole the coin, only for Irina to pull out a shotgun and shoot Erin. Irina was sentenced to 40 years in prison.

      Next set:

      1. Andrei Beloglazov

      2. Danny Dedalus

      3. Pelagios

      4. William Oland (Again)

      5. Gregory Lynn

      6. Merv Waylon

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    • Victim: William Oland (Found stabbed at The Stake and Garlic tavern basement)

      Murder Weapon: Stake


      Andrei Beloglazov: Waiter at the tavern; send him a text message saying, "I know who you are". When asked about this, Andrei revealed that he found out that William is The Devil (the person who was part of Sandra Hwang and Edgar Woe's murder)

      Danny Dedalus: Ghost haunting the tavern; was angry and scared when William almost killed him with crystal rounds.

      Pelagios: Priest that has his church next to the tavern; wrote the victim a message in the tavern's basement saying, "You killed my friend". Pelagios revealed that he was friends with Edgar Woe but was killed by his girlfriend and The Devil.

      Gregory Lynn: Bartender at the tavern; stated that he only works at the tavern part-time, was enraged that William told work full-time because he believed that Gregory was doing that for William to get tired.

      Merv Waylon: Victim's friend; stated that they were good friends until William ended their friendship because of Merv being rich and not him.

      Killer: Gregory Lynn

      When the team confronted him, Gregory denied the accusations but then confessed after they put the evidence against him. Gregory got enraged and accidentally said he was part of Sandra's murder. Gregory gasped and said that he felt bored while he was studying in college. William saw him tired and asked him if he can come with him to do something fun.

      Gregory agreed and went to the outside of a house with Larry Rochester, who Gregory never met. William told Larry to strangled Sandra with a blue rope and take her heart out. After William too Larry what to do, Larry went into the house and strangled her to death. William then told Gregory to cut her heart out with a malachite blade. Disgusted, Gregory told him and Larry that are were psychopaths and left the house. After the day Gregory was almost part of a murder, William told to come to the basement to tell him something. When came down to the basement, William tackled him and tried to strangle Gregory with a metal bar.

      Using self-defense, Gregory pushed him, retrieved a wooden stake and stabbed him in the heart. Gregory then cried and said that he didn't know that he was The Devil. At the trial, Gregory told the judge he believed that William was going to silence him for not being part of Sandra's murder but failed. After the judge heard enough, she sentenced Gregory to 20 years in prison for murdering William and being part of Sandra's murder.

      Next Set: 

      Sylvia May

      Gregory Lynn

      Larry Rochester

      Steven Hwang

      Annabel Leigh

      Edgar Woe

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    • (This serves as a continuation of the above case)

      Victim: Gregory Lynn (Found hung in the prison showers)

      Weapon: Strangulation (Autopsy results revealed Gregory was strangled before being hung)


      Sylvia May (A threatening letter to the victim from Sylvia was found in his cell; revealed herself as William Oland's wife who was his partner in his Devil crimes and hated Gregory for killing him)

      Larry Rochester (Fellow prisoner; evidence found that Larry attacked Gregory with a shard of glass in the showers due to blaming Gregory for his arrest for Sandra Hwang's murder)

      Steven Hwang (Sandra's husband; was found to have visited Gregory in the prison, with Steven telling the investigators that he forgave Gregory after learning that he had no role in his wife's murder)

      Annabel Leigh (Fellow prisoner and cafeteria worker; tried to seduce Gregory into helping her make her escape, only to be enraged when Gregory instead reported her and got her sentenced to two weeks of solitary confinement)

      Edgar Woe (Ghost haunting the prison to terrorize Annabel with disturbing nightmares as revenge; began doing the same to Gregory for his association with William Oland, the mastermind behind his death)

      Killer: Annabel Leigh. When confronted, Annabel (already serving a life sentence for Edgar's murder) freely confessed, saying that Gregory deserved to die for sentencing her to solitary confinement--which she described as "Hell on Earth". Left alone, Annabel had no respite from the disturbing visions and dreams Edgar gave to her--not even in her sleep. After the two weeks were up, an enraged Annabel decided to kill Gregory in revenge, ambushing him and dragging him into a closet before strangling him to death. She then took some rope, tied it into a noose, and hung Gregory in the showers to make his death appear to be a suicide.

      Annabel was put on trial again, stating that Gregory drove her to kill him after he forced her to be alone with her disturbing hallucinations and claimed there was no further punishment she could be given. Judge Lawson, however, decided that the only choice he had was to sentence Annabel to spend the rest of her life sentence within solitary confinement--a fate Annabel was dismayed by, as it meant Edgar could torture her for the rest of her life. The AI, however, had the team convincing Edgar to cease his torment of Annabel so as to finally find peace in the afterlife.

      Next Set:

      1. Dominika Snegurochka

      2. Jezabela

      3. Cooper Anderson

      4. Miriam Young

      5. Maggie Ryder

      6. Guadalupe del Prado

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    • Victim: Miriam Young (Found frozen in her log cabin)

      Murder Weapon: Nitrogen Gun (Roxie confirmed that Miriam died from hypothermia from a gun-like weapon. The nitrogen gun was confirmed to be the killer's weapon)


      Dominika Snegurochka: Owner of Strip & Bar; worte an angry message at the victim for calling her place wack.

      Jezabela: Stripper at Strip & Bar; gifted her a dead rat after Miriam argued with her for whipping her crippled son.

      Cooper Anderson: News reporter; featured the victim on a show called "What Happens...?", revealed that she tried to get wooed by him.

      Maggie Ryder: Famous surfer; claimed she didn't know the victim until Maggie yelled at Miriam for blocking her view on the beach.

      Guadalupe del Prado: Tourist at White Peaks; stated she only saw her at her cabin; angered at Miriam after she threw her dog out the house, revealing that Guadalupe's dog went inside the cabin for smelling food.

      Killer: Dominika Snegurochka

      When the team confronted her, Dominika acted confused and denied the accusations. After Amy proved she was the killer by the evidence, Dominika confessed, saying that the victim was going to evict her. Dominika revealed that after she owned Strip & Bar, an angry Miriam walked into her bar and yelled that her deceased neighbor owned the building. Dominika ignored her until Miriam said that she will evict her if she closed down her bar.

      Not wanting to get evicted, Dominika broke into her cabin and shot Miriam with a nitrogen gun. By Amy's anger, she told the player to arrest her immediately. Dominika was sentenced to life in prison. After the trial, Amy cried and mourned her mom's death, saying that shouldn't have been angry with her. Few seconds later, Russell comforted her and told her that she's in a better place.

      Before finishing the case, the player found a note from Miriam. In the note, it said that Miriam loved Amy and Duncan so much but never got to showed them love. Amy then broke down, saying she loves her no matter what.

      Next Set:

      Rockley Rochester

      Brooke Long


      Ronald Rooney

      Liam Hall

      Harper Stone

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    • Victim: Pamiu (found stabbed with a spear)

      Case Name: Break the Sinner's Strategy

      Murder Weapon: Spear


      Rockley Rochester: (Victim messed up his chocolate river)

      Brooke Long: (Wrote a book about time travel, which the victim despised, saying it was "poppycock")

      Ronald Rooney: (Played in a movie as the main villain of a movie of Transmutators 12, got mad when he heard was going to die a very painful death)

      Liam Hall: (Victim's boyfriend, was mad when Pamiu never communicated with him)

      Harper Stone: (Ronald's girlfriend, said that Pamiu tried to flirt with her behind the scenes, causing her to slap him)

      Killer: Rockley Rochester. Rockley admitted to the murder, saying that Pamiu tried to get his chocolate factory shut down. When Pamiu messed up the chocolate river, Pamiu claimed that he almost drowned in there, and told people that it wasn't safe. Not wanting to lose his factory, Rockley stabbed him with a spear. Rockley was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

      Next set:

      1. Aubrey Miller

      2. Faith Woodford

      3. Yelena Tereshkova

      4. Theo Vergeer

      5. Jennifer Carter

      6. Megan Steel

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    • Victim: Yelena Tereshkova (Found shot at S.A.R.A. control room)

      Murder Weapon: Gun


      Aubrey Miller; Victim's friend; claimed Yelena would come to her house to do her witchcraft class, revealed that she used her witch powers too much and reminded her to use her powers wisely, but didn't listen.

      Faith Woodford: Knew Yelena as one of Aubrey's friend; was angry when Yelena used her plant powers on her by tying her from vines for a "test".

      Theo Vergeer: Victim's ex-boyfriend; stated that she broke up with him for unknown reasons; was revealed that Theo broke up with her after he found out she was doing witchcraft with Aubrey.

      Jennifer Carter: Fan of the victim; was sad that Yelena was murdered but was revealed that Yelena yelled at her for trying to get an autograph from her.

      Megan Steel: S.A.R.A. astronaut; said that only knew the victim when senior chief Harold Fuey introduced her, was revealed that they had bad blood when Yelena claimed that she was "too old" to fly a space ship.

      Killer: Aubrey Miller

      When the team confronted her, Aubrey denied being Yelena's killer but was forced to confessed. Aubrey cried and revealed that her witch coven told her to kill her. Aubrey revealed when the coven found out that Yelena was using her powers too much, they confronted Aubrey about it and one of the witches gave her a gun, telling her to killer her. When Aubrey refused, the witch leader threatened her if she didn't, they will kick her out of the coven.

      Doing as she was told, Aubrey sadly agreed and went to the S.A.R.A. in disguise to confront her. When confronted, Yelena got angry and tried to fight her with her witch powers she got from her. Feeling bad and protecting herself, she shot Yelena in the heart and ran after she heard someone run through the hallway. Aubrey was then taken to the FBI.

      In the next set, Luke and the player ended Yelena's case until Jacob tells the team that something happened to Aubrey.

      Next Set:

      Aubrey Miller


      Heather Night

      Morgana Blackhawk

      Agnes Leek

      George Mathison

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    • The case opens with Jacob telling Luke and the player that Aubrey's body was found dead in her holding cell, with the three going to the crime scene together.

      Victim: Aubrey Miller (Found chopped up in her holding cell, her body parts forming a cross symbol)

      Weapon: Hatchet (Found buried in the local park)


      Belinda (Member of the witch coven; expressed grief over Aubrey's death and swore she had nothing to do with her coven forcing Aubrey to kill Yelena)

      Heather Night (Waitress; revealed that she had defected from the coven long ago and wanted nothing to do with them--including Aubrey, who she regarded as "weak" for going along with the coven's murderous orders)

      Morgana Blackhawk (Caught after attempting to escape prison for orchestrating Yelena's murder; her diary in her cell revealed that she hated Aubrey for her "treachery" and was planning to kill her as an example to any other coven members thinking of defying her)

      Agnes Leek (Isolated witch; had started her own coven and had previously invited Aubrey to join, only for her to decline at the time due to her allegiance to her current coven)

      George Mathison (Joined the investigation of Aubrey's murder; was discovered to have briefly dated Aubrey, but broke up with her due to her involvement with witchcraft)

      Killer: Heather Night. When confronted at her diner, Heather attempted to argue she was innocent and would never try to cross the witch community. But when confronted with the evidence, she relented and confessed, saying she wanted to rid her town of "those sinful jezebels". As Heather revealed, she had since become a Christian after leaving the witch coven, joining a church led by Steven Crowe--who was well known for his stance against witchcraft. After learning of Aubrey's witch status and her murder of Yelena, Heather decided to kill Aubrey as part of her effort to "cleanse" her community of witchcraft.

      After sneaking into the FBI headquarters and to their holding cells, Heather (under the claim of being there to say goodbye) unlocked Aubrey's cell and went inside before drugging her with chloroform and chopping her up with a hatchet, leaving her parts arranged in a cross symbol as a show of her "faith". Heather then suddenly pulled out a gun, declaring that she would not let the investigators stop her mission. Before she could fire, however, Luke pulled out his own gun and shot Heather in the stomach. As she perished, Heather declared that Steven understood her mission and that the "sinful witches would soon burn in Hell for all eternity".

      For the next set, Luke and the player storm Steven Crowe's church, intent on stopping him from arranging the witch eradication.

      Next Set:

      1. Steven Crowe

      2. Paul Sheppard

      3. Morgana Blackhawk

      4. Caroline Fitzgerald

      5. Nikolay Woloch

      6. Grayson Rosewater

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    • As Luke and the player barged in the church, they found Steven Crowe crucified with the words "God can't save you now" written in his chest in blood. 

      Victim: Steven Crowe (Found crucified with the word "God can't save us now" written in his chest in blood)

      Murder Weapon: Dagger (Found outside the church. Ben confirmed that the killer choloformed him first, nailed him to a cross and wrote the words on his chest; making him died from blood loss)


      Paul Sheppard: One of Steven's priests; stated that Steven was helping his people to come closer to God, Paul drew a drawing of Steven getting killed by the demons. Paul revealed that he was not getting close and wanted to leave the church, but Steven stopped him and he was not praying enough.

      Morgana Blackhawk: Witch; wrote a death threat to the victim for letting Heather get killed by Luke.

      Caroline Fitzgerald: Member of Steven's church; believed that Steven would help her get closer to God, enraged by the victim when he tried to let her drink Steven's blood because "it will help her get closer to him".

      Nikolay Woloch: Only went once to his church to try; was angry when Steven banned him for being suspected of a murder that happened a long time ago.

      Grayson Rosewater: Steven's helper; was disgusted when he found out that Steven used to be a goth.

      Killer: Paul Sheppard

      When the team confronted him, Paul denied killing Steven until Luke showed him the evidence. Paul confessed and revealed that he was going to kill everyone in the church. Shock and confused, Paul explained that yesterday after he tried to quit his church, Steven gave him a glass of wine. When Paul drank the wine, he blackouted and found himself in his spot. When he thought that the people already left, he heard Steven, Grayson and a woman discussing about killing all the church members.

      Saving the church members, he choloformed Steven, nailed him and wrote a message in Steven's chest with a dagger. When asked who was the woman talking to Steven and Grayson, he claimed he doesn't know due to not hearing any members talking like that. Paul was taken to the authorities. After arresting Paul, the team then went to Grayson to take him down.

      When the team confronted him, Grayson laughed and told the team that they have 3 minutes before he dies from the poisoned wine. Angry that Grayson was going to end himself, Luke questioned him about the woman and killing all the members. When asked, Grayson said that "she" will tell them that but will tell the team who the woman is. Before Grayson can say who it is, Grayson choked on his blood and was beginning to die. While he was dying, Grayson said his last words to them saying that the woman is in Rhode Island.

      For the next set, lUke and player are going to finish the case with getting the woman in Rhode Island who was part of killing all of Steven's church members. Before they can get her, they found a dead body that might be linked to the mysterious woman.

      Next Set:

      Lissa Avery

      Joseph Hardcastle

      Skylar Sage

      Aubrey Miller (As a ghost)

      Brooke Long

      Muriel Cove

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    • Upon arriving in Rhode Island, Luke and the player were suddenly rushed up to by Brooke Long, who said that there was a dead body in the nearby church--a familiar face to the player.

      Victim: Skylar Sage (Hung from a rafter by a noose, her stomach cut open)

      Weapon: Carving knife (Found hidden in the church confession booth)


      Lissa Avery (Victim's neighbor; viewed Skylar as odd and became annoyed by her constantly having guests over)

      Joseph Hardcastle (Found trying to burn the victim's house; voiced a belief that Skylar was a witch due to her becoming a well-known spiritual healer and wanted to destroy her house to "rid the world of more witch curses")

      Aubrey Miller (Ghost; revealed that she was desperately searching for some way to return to life, with Luke suspicious that she might resort to murder to do so)

      Brooke Long (Claimed never to have seen the victim before; later investigation found that Brooke's younger brother Matthew was a part of The Higher Truth and suffered a nervous breakdown after it was disbanded, with Brooke admitting that she lost herself and got into a fight when she saw Skylar a day before her murder)

      Muriel Cove (Local mermaid; recognized Skylar as Steven Crowe's former devoted follower and feared she might share in his anti-supernatural creatures views and try to harm her)

      Killer: Lissa Avery. When confronted at the church (having been called to the church where Skylar was murdered), Lissa attempted to claim there had been a mistake before the evidence was brought against her. Cornered, Lissa snickered as she confessed to being Grayson and Steven's female accomplice. When asked why she and her accomplices were plotting to kill Steven's church congregation, Lissa revealed that she was a witch and that she and her accomplices had been hoping to turn the congregation into an army of witch hunters, but once they proved unwilling to agree with Steven's belief that all witches should die, they were planning to kill them all with poisoned communion wine before Paul Sheppard stopped them by killing Steven.

      After Grayson's suicide, Lissa decided she would go on her witch-hunting mission alone, and after fleeing to Rhode Island, she decided to kill Skylar after learning of her spiritual healing business (though the AI revealed that Skylar was not in fact a witch). After going to Skylar's house under the claim of wanting treatment, Lissa knocked Skylar out with a blow to the head before taking her to the church, hanging her from a rafter noose, and cut her stomach open with a carving knife. Realizing she had no other option, Lissa pulled out a vial of poison that she intended to swallow, only to be stopped when Luke shot the vial out of Lissa's hand. She was then handcuffed and arrested, being given over to the police. The AI had the team helping Aubrey come to accept her demise, allowing her to find peace. (End of case)

      Next Set:

      1. Diego del Lobo

      2. Gurvinder Chowdhury

      3. Peggy Buxton

      4. Scott Lee Allan

      5. Kevin Charles

      6. Trixie Velvet

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    • Victim: Scott Lee Allan (found with his face at a party, his head on a piano)

      Murder Weapon: Ice Skate

      Case Name: "Hitting a Cold C Note"


      Diego del Lobo: (Victim's piano teacher, felt that Scott needed a little activity to get his mind off of his criminal record)

      Gurvinder Chowdhury: (Victim saw the victim playing piano before, asked him to play a song that would be the theme of his new Bollywood movie, to which Scott refused to)

      Peggy Buxton: (Did a comedy special with Scott, got angry at him once he forgot his lines)

      Kevin Charles: (Professor, the victim recently tripped him while he tried to skate, and Kevin's skate turned out to be the murder weapon)

      Trixie Velvet: (Victim's ex-girlfriend, Scott tried to get her to stop taking drugs and stripping, to whch she slapped him and broke up with him)

      Killer: Kevin Charles. Kevin tried to deny the accusations but then sighed and admitted. Kevin said that Scott stole his song. Kevin made a little song for his class on the piano, to help them remember an equation, which helped them a lot. However, Scott stole the song, and rewrote the lyrics into a love song. Furious, Kevin saw Scott at a party and lashed out at him, only for Scott to say he didn't know what he was talking about. Angry and annoyed that Scott was playing dumb, Kevin slashed his face open, and put his head down on the piano, to make it look like he got drunk and passed out. Kevin was sentenced to life in prison.

      Next set:

      1. Serap

      2. Abner Milton

      3. Blake Woodbine

      4. Martha Price

      5. Madeleine Deville

      6. Edna Owens

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    • Victim: Madeleine Deville (Found dead in her therapist's office, impaled in the eye with a pen)

      Weapon: Ballpoint pen


      Serap (Victim's assistant; smashed Madeleine's desk lamp during one of their many arguments, with Serap saying Madeleine was impossible to work with)

      Abner Milton (Had the victim as a client; it was later discovered he had Madeleine banned from his building after she lost half her savings in an investment Abner advised on)

      Blake Woodbine (Farmer and victim's neighbor; left a picture that had Madeleine's face taped over a picture of a pig due to their many arguments over Blake's animals making too much noise)

      Martha Price (Victim's patient; sent furious texts to Madeleine when she began posting on Buzzer about having the Mayor as a client, as Martha had wanted to keep her seeing a therapist out of the public eye)

      Edna Owens (Knew the victim in college; still harbored a grudge against her for disbelieving her when she told her about her ambitions of being a police officer)

      Killer: Martha Price. The team was surprised that Martha was Madeleine's killer, with Martha quickly confessing and revealing that she lost herself in her anger. But she clarified that her anger was about more than just Madeleine breaking her privacy--she was angry at Madeleine for failing her daughter Abigail. As Martha revealed, she had previously sent Abigail to therapy with Madeleine when she started acting out after her father's death.

      However, the sessions failed to yield any improvement, eventually leading Abigail down the path that led to her becoming pregnant before her death. When Martha began taking sessions with Madeleine herself and eventually asked about Abigail, she realized firsthand how uncaring and unsympathetic Madeleine was as a therapist. In a blind rage, Martha grabbed the pen and plunged it into Madeleine's eye after knocking her glasses off her face, killing her.

      At her trial, Martha made no excuses for her actions and simply said she was "a grieving mother who committed a heinous act in a moment of anger". Judge Powell, while sympathetic due to being a mother herself, agreed that Martha was wrong to let her grief and anger drive her to murder before sentencing her to 30 years in prison, as well as being stripped of her mayoral title.

      Next Set:

      1. Gordon Michelli

      2. Kaitlyn Flynn

      3. Richard Dobbs

      4. Vanessa Sadler

      5. Haruto Matsushima

      6. Ruth Campbell

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    • Victim: Gordon Michelli (Pushed of his death on top of a construction building)

      Murder Weapon: Pushed to Death


      Kaitlyn Flynn: Game designer student; wrote an angry note saying "Tell your construction workers to stop working at night". Kaitlyn revealed that Gordon's workers were constructing that night while all the students are off campus.

      Richard Dobbs: Anatomy professor; left a defaced photo of him due to him telling Richard to stop reading a book made written by Edgar Allan Poe.

      Vanessa Sadler: Sorority president; stated that the victim accidentally went to her sorority house believing it was the dean's office, revealed that he slapped one of her members in the butt.

      Haruto Matsushima: Literary student; was caught by the team from running away with a bag full of money, revealed that if he keep Gordon's money, he would get rich and drop out of university.

      Ruth Campbell: Biology professor; claimed she didn't know the victim, later investigation revealed that Gordon and Ruth dated while they were studying in university.

      Killer: Ruth Campbell

      When the team confronted her, Ruth denied murdering her boyfriend until she was forced to confess. Ruth claimed that Gordon was going to build a nuclear testing room in the building's basement. Ruth explained that when her boyfriend was going to an apartment full of dorm rooms and a library, she was excited and wanted to see what it would look like next year. After talking to Gordon, Gordon told her that he was going to build a nuclear testing room under the dorm rooms.

      Thinking that building a nuclear room would make the students sick, she confronted him on top of the construction buolding to not build one, but he refuse. Furious, Ruth pushed Gordon until he lost his balance and fell. At the trial, Ruth tell the team to search the basement to proof she is telling the truth before she gets sentenced. After telling them, the judge sentenced her to 20 years in prison.

      The pair went to the building's basement, where they found a bunch of barrels of nuclear waste. While analyzing the nuclear waste, it was confirmed they were and if Gordon built the room, he would radiate the grass and the whole building.

      Next Set:

      Philip Ramsey

      Alfred Lowe

      Admiral Oak

      Edith Bradley

      Major Perkins

      Roy Loukas

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    • Victim: Philip Ramsey (found stabbed in the neck multiple times)

      Murder Weapon: Fork


      Alfred Lowe: (Victim's old friend, unfriended him once he learned he was gay)

      Admiral Oak: (Tried to get the victim to serve the country, only for the victim to insult him)

      Edith Bradley: (Victim's father was taken care by Edith, victim switched his pills around to try experience how it would feel like to lose his dad)

      Major Perkins: (Admiral Oak's girlfriend, blasted Philip for insulting Admiral Oak, only for Philip to slap her)

      Roy Loukas: (Victim threatened to "feed him to pigs" if he didn't stop talking to him)

      Killer: Alfred Lowe. Alfred admitted to the murder, saying that he didn't kill him because he was gay. His son Noah was a huge fan of Philip and began making everything he did. However, when Noah tried to make a special Father's Day dish for Alfred, he accidentally started a fire in the Lowe's house, causing it to burn down. Alfred and Noah escaped, but their house burned down. Feeling horrible that he ruined Alfred's day, Noah later hanged himself in his room. Alfred got angry and swore to get revenge on Philip for ruining his life. 

      Alfred got a ticket to a tour around Philip's kitchen, to which Alfred later grabbed a fork and repeatly stab Philip in the neck, killing him. Alfred was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

      Next set:

      1. Demetrios Metaxas

      2. Enzo Jonas

      3. Lucy Winters

      4. Casper Rove

      5. Theo Mercier

      6. Chad Whickman

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    • Victim: Casper Rove (Struck dead of a heart attack while embroiled in an intense chess game with Enzo Jonas)

      Weapon: Poison (An autopsy revealed that he was dosed within an hour before the match began)


      Demetrios Metaxas (Victim's father; a letter to Demetrios from Casper reading, "I will never forgive you!", revealed that Casper cut ties with his father for the physical abuse he inflicted on him while training him in chess--cruel and violent methods Demetrios defended as being why Casper became such a renowned player while dismissing his son as "ungrateful")

      Enzo Jonas (New competitor in the chess circuit and victim's current opponent; threatening notes from Enzo found slipped into Casper's bag revealed that Casper had taunted Enzo by trying to set up a wager saying that if he won their match, Giulietta Capecchi--who Enzo had affections for--would surely fall for his "superior intellect")

      Lucy Winters (Attendee of the match; claimed to be a mere fan of chess, but photos found in her purse would reveal she was obsessed with Casper and was stalking him)

      Theo Mercier (Victim's former high school classmate; was still bitter against Casper for allowing him to take the blame for trying to steal a car in their youths, which resulted in him spending seven months in jail and being disowned by his parents)

      Chad Whickman (Janitor at the chess hall; a plaque revealed Chad was a promising chess player before a devastating loss cost him everything, with Chad admitting envy for Casper)

      Killer: Lucy Winters. When confronted, Lucy attempted to claims she would never kill the man of her dreams. But once she was cornered with the evidence, Lucy confessed and said that Casper betrayed her devotion. The night before the match, Lucy approached Casper outside his home and confessed her feelings, wishing to become his. Casper declined, saying that he was still in mourning for the loss of his beloved Colette, who had died months prior. Furious at having been spurned, Lucy tried to change Casper's mind, only to be slapped by the object of her obsession when she shouted that Colette wasn't good enough for him.

      Now fully hating Casper for denying her, Lucy obtained a poison and stalked Casper to a nearby cafe, slipping the poison into his tea. At her trial, Lucy proclaimed she wouldn't have been driven to murder if not for Casper's "cruelty", with Judge Takakurra simply saying Lucy confused lunacy for love before sentencing her to 40 years in prison. The AI had the team uncovering that Lucy was also responsible for having killed Colette, having attacked and killed her in the streets and making it appear to be a mugging gone wrong. As a result, Takakura amended Lucy's sentence, instead condemning her to a life in prison.

      Next Set:

      1. Cedric Duchateau

      2. Meredith Dernier

      3. Count Blutsauger

      4. Penelope Sage

      5. Kitty LaBombe

      6. Cardinal Salieri

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    • Victim: Kitty LaBombe (found shot in the heart at a graveyard)

      Murder Weapon: Shotgun


      Cedric Duchateau: (Kitty was insulted by many people inside of a restaurant, with Cedric saying Kitty should probably not come again)

      Meredith Dernier: (Victim's grandmother, disapproved of his choice to be a drag queen)

      Count Blutsauger: (Caught the victim lurking around Count Blutsauger's mother's grave, so Blutsauger scared him away)

      Penelope Sage: (Kitty's ex-girlfriend, said that she didn't know that Kitty was a drag queen until she broke up with him)

      Cardinal Salieri: (Victim walked in on him asking God to forgive his sins, said that his sins would be remembered by God as he was so "rudely" interrupted)

      Killer: Cardinal Salieri. Salieri admitted to the murder, saying that he adopted the victim and took care of him, teaching him about God and religion. Later, Kitty drifted apart from Salieri as he went to college, and they met back up, only with Salieri getting furious as he saw that Kitty had became a drag queen. Saying that he created an abomination, Salieri stalked Kitty to the graveyard and shot him in the heart with a shotgun. Salieri was sentenced to life in prison.

      Next set:

      1. Martha Price (again)

      2. Trevor Finn

      3. Rene Narcisse

      4. Jakobo Nkosi

      5. Jason Stone

      6. Paul Etter

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    • Victim: Jakobo Nkosi (Found shot at an airport bar)

      Murder Weapon: Gun


      Martha Price: Mayor of Grimsborough; stated that she and Jakobo had a great bond, broke down when Jakobo told her that he was going to stay in Africa forever to take care of his sick brother.

      Trevor Finn: Took a flight with the victim; wrote an angry message in his plane about the plane's smell. Trevor claimed that his plane smelled like alcohol and took out the smell by spraying an air freshener, which got Jakobo to tell him to stop spraying.

      Rene Narcisse: University professor; stated that he was friends with the victim until Rene was charged for assualting a police officer.

      Jason Stone: Knew Jakobo at the bar many times; revealed that Jakobo got drunk and started hitting him in the victim's plane.

      Paul Etter: Artist; claimed he was going to Texas to paint a portrait of bulls; painted the victim as a black slave getting whipped by a white man. When confronted about the painting, Paul revealed that Jakobo claimed that he was the great grandfather of James Etter; who was a slave owner back in the 19th century.

      Killer: Paul Etter

      When the team confronted him, Paul denied shooting Jakobo until he confessed. Paul revealed that his ancestors were slave owners back in the late 19th century until the late 20th century. His parents thought him and his sister to hate all black people. After Jakobo found out that James was a slave owner, Paul angrily answered at him and told him to go back to his cockpit until the victim called him an old brat.

      Angry, Paul pulled out his gun and shot Jakobo in the heart. After shooting him, he disposed the gun in the trash before the police could get him. Paul was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

      Next Set:

      Callum Edwards

      Sandy Lemko

      Judy Strong

      Abigail Price

      Zeke Davis

      Stacy Lovely

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    • Victim: Judy Strong (found badly burned outside of a bank)

      Murder Weapon: Flamethrower


      Callum Edwards: (Blamed the victim for a recent hacking incident that took away almost all his money)

      Sandy Lemko: (Showed off his work, Judy claimed that his large vase almost crashed onto her)

      Abigail Price: (IPear worker, said that Judy always managed to break her tablet in the most unusual ways)

      Zeke Davis: (Started his own beer company and got mostly positive reviews, but Judy disliked it)

      Stacy Lovely: (Claimed that Judy tried to beat her up)

      Killer: Sandy Lemko. Sandy admitted to the murder, saying that after Judy claimed that his vase almost tipped over on her, Judy forced Sandy to read a curse. A few days later, his mother fell seriously ill, and died a day later. Then his dad fell ill. Wanting to remove this curse, Sandy killed Judy with a flame thrower. Sandy was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

      However, when coming to visit Sandy, his sister came out devastated, saying that Sandy Lemko had died of some sort of illness.

      Next set:

      1. Santiago Sanchez

      2. Rosamund Wilcox

      3. Walter Fairbanks

      4. Hunter McFarlane

      5. Pharoah Sephtah VI

      6. Brutus

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    • This is a continuation of the above case

      After Sandy's sister told the team that her brother died from an unknown illness, they find out how he died. Before they do that, they talk to Sandy's friend, Hunter McFarlane. But when they came to visit him, they found him murdered.

      Victim: Hunter McFarlane (Found shot in his bedroom)

      Murder Weapon: Sniper Rifle


      Santiago Sanchez: Ghost of a local pawn shop; stated that the victim would go to the pawn shop to trade valuables, was going to haunt the victim's house after Hunter broke his sword that was given to the Japanese Emperor.

      Rosamund Wilcox: Victim's wife; a drawing of stocks going down was outside the victim's backyard, revealing that Hunter did not pay their house bills.

      Walter Fairbanks: Victim's friend; stated they were friends a long time ago, later investigation found a torn photo of Hunter and Walter. Walter explained that Hunter started not seeing him after he almost killed his son during a flight.

      Pharoah Sephtah VI: Mummy; put a curse on Hunter's son when Hunter stole a cat statue from him.

      Brutus: Ghost haunting a movie theater; claimed he didn't know the victim until he tried to haunt his house when he mocked a replica of him.

      Killer: Walter Fairbanks

      When the team confronted him, Walter denied the accusations until he was forced to confess. Walter revealed that he was also the one who gave Snady an illness. Walter said that he made a virus that would wipe out anyone who is under 45 years old. Walter explained that a world with under 45 adults would get in his way and elders will rule the world. But when Walter showed Hunter the virus, he got angry and told him that he has a son who is 31 years old. He then backed out on it and told him to kill himself.

      Angry, Walter shot his friend in his bedroom while he was reading. Before the team could take him to the authorities, Walter tried to drink poison, but failed when Gwen shot the bottle. Walter was then taken by the authorities.

      Next Set: 


      Arthur Darkwood

      Jordan Wilson

      Martha Baker

      Will Grady

      Edith Bradley

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    • Victim: Will Grady (found thrown off a tower)

      Murder Weapon: Fell to Death


      Solon: (Victim's boyfriend, was not interested in sailing with Will, causing their relationship to start falling apart)

      Arthur Darkwood: (Wrote a book with the victim, didn't think their book was scary, making Will angry)

      Jordan Wilson: (Threatened to kill ruin Will's corn fields if he didn't pay him a bet he lost years ago)

      Martha Baker: (Victim's neighbor, said that she would always hear Will talking with a friend about how bad Martha was)

      Edith Bradley: (Victim's ex-girlfriend, said that she left the relationship because Will was abusive towards her, and found out that Will was dating Solon secretly)

      Killer: Martha Baker. Martha admitted to the murder, saying that she couldn't stand to see Will abuse Edith and decided to do something about it. When Will was having a date with Solon on top of a tower, Martha pretended to be a waitor, and waited until Solon left, and then punched Will and threw him over the tower, making him fall to his death. Martha was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

      Next set:

      1. Alam Somalinggi

      2. Sharon Jeung

      3. Jerry McKenzie

      4. Aaliyah Banks

      5. Glen Coleman

      6. Andy Choi

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    • Victim: Andy Choi (Found drowned in his backyard pool)

      Weapon: Drowning


      Alam Somalinggi (Former patient of the victim; threatened to sue Andy out of a belief that he overcharged him for his procedures)

      Sharon Jeung (Victim's friend; sent Andy a shredded copy of his own book, with Sharon revealing she hated the book for claiming psychology was "bunk science")

      Jerry McKenzie (Victim's neighbor; said he bonded with Andy due to him encouraging his racing career, unlike his uncle)

      Aaliyah Banks (Part-time receptionist at the victim's hospital; sent Andy an angry text reading, "You're gonna pay for selling me out!", and confessed afterwards that Andy caught Aaliyah stealing medications to sell to pay for her way through college)

      Glen Coleman (Victim's high school friend; cut off ties with Andy for disapproving of his shady deallings when it came to his luxury car dealership)

      Killer: Jerry McKenzie. At first, Jerry denied the allegations and said he would never kill his friend. But when the evidence was presented to him, Jerry confessed, saying that Andy deserved what he got for what he'd done to Lily, his ex-girlfriend. As Jerry revealed, Lily was involved in a terrible racing accident a year prior, and went to Andy for leg surgery. However, there was an incident during the procedure that caused further injuries, leaving Lily hospitalized for months and costing her her racing sponsorship.

      Having come to regret breaking up with Lily, Jerry was devastated by Lily's career falling apart, and pinned the blame to Andy. Late one night, Jerry snuck over to Andy's house, asking him to come to the backyard so they could talk under the claim of having gotten into a fight with his uncle. Once there, however, Jerry accused Andy of destroying Lily's life before attacking him, beating him until he was disoriented before shoving his head into the pool. Too injured to fight back, Andy drowned to death. Jerry was handed over to the authorities, with the team learning he was sentenced to 35 years in prison.

      Next Set:

      1. Tony Marconi

      2. Ryan Min

      3. Scorpius

      4. Charlotte Webb

      5. Jermaine Waaka

      6. Neha Adarsh

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    • Case Name: Here Comes the Dread

      Victim: Charlotte Webb (found shot in the neck with a dart at a slaughterhouse)

      Murder Weapon: Dart


      Tony Marconi: (Charlotte tried to poison Tony's spaghetti after he called her fat)

      Ryan Min: (Victim's friend, rejected her advances)

      Scorpius: (Called "idiotic" when he pointed out some mistakes in the slaughterhouse)

      Jermaine Waaka: (Rugby player, assaulted by Charlotte after a game because his team won against her favorite team)

      Neha Adarsh: (Victim's best friend, got mad when Charlotte refused to give her money)

      Killer: Jermaine Waaka. Jermaine admitted to the murder, saying that Charlotte not only attacked him, but tried to kill him after the game. Jermaine said that he wanted revenge, so he shot a dart at her neck, killing her. Jermaine was sentenced to 40 years in prison.

      Next set: 

      1. Ravi Jabari

      2. Ling Zhang

      3. Mateo Arias

      4. Maylin Park

      5. Wilhelm Moss

      6. Cardinal Salieri

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    • Victim: Maylin Park (Found crushed under a car in her shop, the jack having been pulled out from under it while Maylin was working on the car)

      Weapon: Car


      Ravi Jabari (Victim's boyfriend; got into a heated argument with Maylin that was caught on her shop's security cameras after Maylin discovered Ravi was sexting with another woman, with the argument ending with Maylin slapping and breaking up with Ravi)

      Ling Zhang (Cashier at victim's shop; was fired by Maylin after catching her stealing money from the register)

      Mateo Arias (Ghost drifting the world in the afterlife; left frightening messages for Maylin due to disapproving of a woman running her own business)

      Wilhelm Moss (Had the victim as a pupil for art lessons; claimed the victim was a novice painter, though bitter texts to Maylin from Wilhelm revealed he was jealous of a "lowly mechanic" having more artistic creativity than him)

      Cardinal Salieri (Cardinal at the victim's church; had become judgemental of Maylin after learning that her late boyfriend was a stripper)

      Killer: Ravi Jabari. When confronted, Ravi was shocked and denied the allegations, and even when the evidence was brought against him, Ravi professed to having no memory of killing his ex-girlfriend. Just then, Ravi was possessed by Mateo Arias' spirit, who revealed he'd used Ravi's body to kill Maylin. Having already grown to despise Maylin for her financial independence, he was infuriated at seeing her angrily break up with Ravi and slap him, labelling her as an "unruly woman who needed to be taught a lesson".

      Wanting to "empower" Ravi against Maylin, Mateo possessed Ravi and had him go to Maylin's shop while she was working on a car, pulling out the jack to crush Maylin to death. Mateo then professed that he intended to rid the world of unsubmissive women and "give the world its masculinity back" before leaving Ravi's body and disappearing. Realizing Ravi had no control over his actions, he was pardoned for Maylin's murder and recommended to seek counselling for the trauma of learning he was used to carry out a murder.

      For the next set, continue this Mateo storyline:

      1. Tony Marconi (Again)

      2. James Savage

      3. Troy Cassidy (The Conspiracy)

      4. Christine Ramsgate

      5. Chelsea Bloom

      6. Dana Lopez

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    • When the team found out that Mateo possessed Ravi's body to kill his ex-girlfriend Maylin, the team started a search for Mateo. While searching in Grimsborough, they found another dead body believed to be linked to Mateo.

      Victim: Dana Lopez (Found poisoned at the Skulls Microbrewery)

      Murder Weapon: Hemlock (Confirmed that the plant was crushed and put in her tea)


      Tony Marconi: Victim's ex-husband; claimed that the victim divorced him for not taking care of the kids but was revealed that she divorced him for being part of the mafia.

      James Savage: Victim's brother; wrote many angry messages to her after Dana killed her brother's dog while doing a hunting tutorial.

      Troy Cassidy: Owner of Skulls Microbrewery; stated the victim would come to the microbrewery just for a drink, wrote an angry note to the victim saying "Don't come back to my brewery!" Troy revealed that the victim would not pay after she leaves his place but he claimed he didn't kill her.

      Christine Ramsgate: Chief of S.A.R.A.; claimed she didn't know the victim until the player found a phone belonging to the victim. Christine said she knew the victim outside the brewery but got into an argument about Dana's beliefs about S.A..R.A.

      Chelsea Bloom: Was the friend of her daughter; was furious at the victim for Dana telling her to stop being friends with Vicky after Dana found out she was in love with her.

      Killer: Tony Marconi

      When the team confronted him, Tony denied killing his ex-wife, saying he never saw her after their divorce. But when they proved he was the killer, he confessed and claimed that he was hearing a man telling him to kill his ex-wife. Tony explained he doesn't remembered what happened, but he said that a man was telling him to do it. Tony couldn't reveal who the man was but stated that he was threatening him to kill her after 10 years for his wife gone. Tony refused to do it until he blacked out.

      When he woke up, he found himself laying on the ground next to Skulls Microbrewery and Dana's poisoned body. Tony then cried and claimed he didn't remember killing his ex-wife. The team believed that the ghost of Mateo possessed him and made Marconi kill his ex-wife. He was then taken to Agent Mathison for questioning.

      The AI revealed that Mateo is going to Las Vegas at the movie set filming Missing Person. When Luke and the player got into the camper, they saw Mateo's ghost. When Luke asked him why he is possessing men to kill their lovers, Mateo got furious and revealed that his fiancée wanted to break up with him after she found out that he was a torturer. Angry that Mateo's fiancée didn't want him anymore, he sliced her head off with an axe. After the murder, the swiss guards caught him murdering him and was sentenced to death. Mateo became more angry and believed that women breaking up with men will be punished by him. After his confessing, he vanished.

      For the next set, finish this story with Mateo finding peace.

      Next Set:

      Jeremy Bowman

      Stacy Lovely

      Frankie Paisley

      Eugenia Hestentrope

      Alfie McNaulty

      Mabel Whitney

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    • Case Name: The Coolest Death in Vegas!

      Victim: Jeremy Bowman (found with his neck slashed, landed on a statue)

      Murder Weapon: Dagger


      Stacy Lovely: (Victim's girlfriend, said that they just moved into a place in Las Vegas, and Jeremy kept on waking up in a cold sweat, screaming about someone named Mateo)

      Frankie Paisley: (Victim's friend, got mad when Jeremy accidentally knocked over a photo of his deceased mother, causing the frame to shatter)

      Eugenia Hestentrope: (Victim caught Eugenia stealing a expensive bald eagle statue from his room, tried to alert the police)

      Alfie McNaulty: (Stacy's ex-boyfriend, said that Jeremy hit him when he said an insult towards Stacy)

      Mabel Whitney: (Accused the victim of trying to grope her while using a slot machine)

      Killer: Stacy Lovely. Cornered with evidence, Stacy admitted to the murder. Stacy said she was tired of Jeremy waking up and yelling about "Mateo" and told him to stop or else she'd leave him. Jeremy then got mad and pushed Stacy to the ground, saying she wasn't leaving him, and calling her an "ungrateful sl*t". Stacy then got offended by Jeremy's insult, so she started pushing him. Stacy then decided that if Jeremy mentioned Mateo one more time, she'd leave him.

      Jeremy then did the same thing the next night, but then leapt up from bed and grabbed a knife and held it to Stacy's neck, telling her that they would be a happy couple, and she wouldn't say a thing. Stacy then grew furious and stole the knife from Jeremy and sliced his neck, and threw him onto a statue. Stacy was sentenced to 12 years in prison.

      After that, Luke found out that a woman named Isabel Vazquez was haunting the hotel, and he asked it if she knew a certain Mateo Arias. Isabel said that she wanted nothing to do with him, as she still hasn't forgotten that he tortured people and killed her. However, Luke then went back to the movie set trailer and talked to Mateo, and tried to get him to sort things out with Isabel. Mateo was unsure at first, then agreed. Mateo went with Luke to the hotel, where Mateo apologized to Isabel for being a torturer, and hurting people. Still not wanting anything to do with Mateo, Isabel ignored him. Tears started rolling down Mateo's face as he promised to never hurt anybody ever again. Still not believing Mateo, Isabel continued ignoring him. Mateo's tears continued to roll down his face as he said he was looking for her for so long. Isabel then said that Mateo should promise again to never hurt anyone. Mateo then said promised again, and then said that they should be together forever. Isabel waited a long time, then agreed to go with Mateo, and the couple then vanished and went off into the night sky....forever....

      Next set:

      1. Ambassador Lee

      2. Agnes Manners

      3. Lily Karam

      4. Savannah Blake

      5. Barnabas Dycker

      6. Taylor Kirby

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    • Victim: Lily Karam (Killed when she suddenly became trapped in her car as it filled with carbon monoxide)

      Weapon: Carbon monoxide (The killer sabotaged the car so that it would lock Lily inside during a race and start quickly filling with carbon monoxide, suffocating her to death before she could be freed)


      Ambassador Lee (Race attendee; was discovered to be the father of Lily's former race rival, who ended up hospitalized after a crash that Lily was responsible for causing)

      Agnes Manners (Victim's grandmother; sent Lily angry letters over her putting her in a nursing home rather than letting her move in with her and her boyfriend, Jerry McKenzie)

      Savannah Blake (Shadowing the victim for a role in an upcoming racing film; was often criticized by Lily for being "too fluffy" to play a serious racer)

      Barnabas Dycker (Ghost haunting the race track; hated the race track for being built on the land of his American cousins)

      Taylor Kirby (Environmental activist protesting the track for being unhealthy to the environment; police report showed Taylor was fined for spray painting "Enemy to Mother Earth" on Lily's car)

      Killer: Taylor Kirby. When confronted, Taylor tried to argue she was a peaceful protestor, but was eventually forced to confess. When grilled, however, Taylor revealed that her protests against the track had nothing to do with her killing Lily--instead, her motive was linked to Lily's relationship with Jerry McKenzie, who she referred to as her "soul mate". The two had met while they were attending the same Mormon church, with Taylor being heartbroken when Jerry left and began dating Lily.

      Her heartbreak turned to rage as she became convinced Lily stole Jerry from her by luring him into a racing career, so she decided to use her mechanical skills to kill her romantic rival. To do so, Taylor broke into the track late at night and set up the car to begin pouring carbon monoxide into the vehicle after she hit a button that would also lock the doors. Having been asked by Jerry to let him see his girlfriend's killer before they were turned over to authorities, Taylor was brought to Jerry, who was shocked to see his old friend had murdered his girlfriend. Taylor pleaded that she did it to "free him" from Lily's influence and that they were meant to be together, only for Jerry to blast Taylor as a selfish murderer before she was taken away.

      Next Set:

      1. Ignatius Dupree

      2. Aubrey Coprolite

      3. Henri Monplaisir

      4. Gertrude Piccadilly

      5. Bobby Prince

      6. Paula Mahler

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    • Case Name: With a Side of Murder

      Victim: Gertrude Piccadilly (found at her tea parlor, her head bashed in)

      Murder Weapon: Glass Bottle


      Ignatius Dupree: (Victim's husband, said he knew this was coming, but when he told Gertrude about her demise, she ignored him)

      Aubrey Coprolite: (Got into a fight with Gertrude after she accidentally left without paying)

      Henri Monplasir: (Victim wanted to join a ballet group, only to be denied by Henri)

      Bobby Prince: (Got lost in the woods, saw the light of the tea parlor, Gertrude refused to let Bobby into her tea parlor because he was "scaring people")

      Paula Mahler: (Stole the victim's camping spot a few days ago, angering her)

      Killer: Henri Monplasir. Henri admitted to the murder, saying that he secretly loved Gertrude. Henri said that she rejected him, though. Henri said no one rejects him, so he bashed her head in. Henri was sentenced to life in prison.

      Next set:

      1. Clarisse Gold

      2. Aaliyah Banks (again)

      3.Jonathan Stafford

      4. Leif Strom

      5. Delsin Peota

      6. Per-Sephone

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    • Victim: Aaliyah Banks (Bashed with a camera in a TV studio)

      Murder Weapon: Camera


      Clarisse Gold: Victim's assistant; discovered that Clarisse had problems with her while off set.

      Jonathan Stafford: Security guard; claimed that she wasn't a problem until the team found out that he was harassing the staff members, even Aaliyah.

      Leif Strom: Actor playing in another studio; written angry messages to her after Aaliyah claimed he can't act.

      Delsin Peota: Actor playing as an Indian; was mocked by her for his Native-American race.

      Per-Sephone: Robot playing in a sci-fi TV show called Galaxy Battles; stated that the victim was nice to him at first until Per-Sephone raged when Aaliyah accidentally spilled coffee on her.

      Killer: Jonathan Stafford

      When confronted, Jonathan denied the accusations and claimed he would hurt someone if they do something wrong. When they proved he was Aaliyah's killer, Jonathan panicked and said that she was going to report him. Jonathan explained that Aaliyah confronted him to stop sexual harassing the staff members and her. Jonathan nodded no and said he couldn't help himself from touching young girls. When he told her that, Aaliyah got angry and threatened him that she will tell his harassment to the boss.

      Not wanting to get in trouble, Jonathan grabbed a TV camera and bashed it on her head. At trial, Jonathan explained to the judge that he didn't want the boss to find out that he was sexual harassing women in the studio and also didn't want to get fired. The judge then told him that sexual harassment will get him in more trouble if someone saw or tell on him. Jonathan was sentenced to a psychiatric hospital, where he will be treated for losing his harassment against women.

      Next Set:

      Henri Monplaisir (Again)

      Paul Oaster

      Paul Etter

      Theo Vergeer

      Marta Ulanova

      Lorna Westerberg

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    • Victim: Theo Vergeer (Found dead in his art studio, stabbed in the neck with the leg of a broken canvas stand)

      Weapon: Sharp piece of wood


      Henri Monplaisir (Sent death threats to the victim; revealed that the pair had gotten into a bitter bidding war over Theo's studio, with Henri being enraged when he lost)

      Paul Oaster (Hired the victim to illustrate his latest book; got into a dispute with Theo over money when Paul tried to refuse to pay for what he considered low-quality work)

      Paul Etter (Fellow artist; was in a rivalry with Theo at the local art gallery, with Paul being upset that Theo sold more artwork than him)

      Marta Ulanova (Victim's lover; destroyed several of Theo's paintings after he callously broke up with her)

      Lorna Westerberg (Posed for one of the victim's artworks nude; threatened a lawsuit when Theo attempted to sexually assault her after a session)

      Killer: Paul Etter. When confronted, Paul tried to claim he would never kill a fellow artist, but confessed once he realized the evidence sealed his fate. Paul revealed that he'd discovered Theo was breaking into his studio to take pictures of his works, hoping to create a scandal for him by accusing him of being a plagiarist. Not content to let Leo destroy his career, Paul confronted him at his studio, where Theo smugly told him he'd never be as great an artist as him and that he should give up and join his "trashy sister" on her goat ranch.

      Enraged by the insult to his sister, Paul attacked Leo by shoving him, breaking his canvas holder. He then grabbed a broken piece of the holder and stabbed Leo in the neck, killing him. At his trial, Paul tried to defend himself by saying he was defending his sister's honor as well as his own career, only for Judge Powell to say he was simply a man driven to murder by hurt feelings--which was never excusable. With that, she sentenced him to 22 years in prison.

      Next Set:

      1. Orlando Ordelaffi

      2. Ekaterina Romanova

      3. Derek Stone

      4. Elwood Grimes

      5. Lupita Mendez

      6. Michelle Zuria

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    • Victim: Michelle Zuria (found shot in her car)

      Case Name: Feel the Wind Blow, and the Blood Flow

      Murder Weapon: Gun


      Orlando Ordelaffi: (Victim's ex-boyfriend, Michelle got mad once she found out he was dating Sirius)

      Ekaterina Romanova: (First met the victim while skydiving, Michelle disapproved of Ekaterina's vegetarian lifestyle)

      Derek Stone: (got punched by the victim after he mistaked her for a prostitute)

      Elwood Grimes: (Victim's old friend, but slowly drifted apart. When Elwood found a friendship necklace that Michelle gave him 20 years ago, he reunited with her)

      Lupita Mendez: (Revealed to be a SOMBRA spy, said she was sticking close to Michelle)

      Killer: Derek Stone. Derek admitted to the murder, claiming he did it in self defense. However, Derek refused to say anything more. Judge Powell sentenced to Derek to life in prison.

      Next set:

      1. Zoe Kusama

      2. Rachel Priest

      3. Stuart Huckabee

      4. Bucky Johnson (Season 6)

      5. Harold Fuey

      6. Inspector Jaubert

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    • Victim: Zoe Kusama (Found dead in the streets, having been fatally struck by a car)

      Weapon: Car


      Rachel Priest (Her number was found in the victim's phone; Rachel said that she was interviewing Zoe about her experiences having been kidnapped and experimented on by DreamLife, though Zoe began avoiding Rachel when she became uncomfortable with Rachel's questions)

      Stuart Huckabee (Victim's neighbor; revealed that he often gave Zoe rough drafts of his history novels to read, though he would later confess that he argued with Zoe when she made several complaints about one of his manuscripts)

      Bucky Johnson (A camera belonging to him was found with photos of the victim; claimed he was followingn Zoe on the orders of his higher ups to make sure she wasn't being used as a part of a new plan by a suspected new chapter of Ad Astra)

      Harold Fuey (Victim's adoptive father; old texts revealed that he had previously disowned Zoe for dating David Jones, though he declared he had realized the error of his ways since and was happy to have reconciled with Zoe before she died)

      Inspector Jaubert (Ghost haunting the victim's home; lashed out at Zoe by throwing knives around the kitchen when she began making sure he couldn't watch her in the shower)

      Killer: Bucky Johnson. When confronted, Bucky attempted to claim he was a secret agent and would never kill a woman without reason, but was forced to confess when the evidence was brought against him. When pressed for his reason, Bucky tearfully said Zoe ruined his life when he was 16. At that time, Bucky's parents frequently left him alone, which Bucky never minded. But once his school found out, Bucky was removed from their custody, with Zoe (then a 24-year-old social worker) taking his case.

      Bucky then went through a series of foster homes, with each of them being terrible in their own way. However, Bucky eventually wound up in a foster home where the father frequently beat him and left him locked in the basement for days. Years later, Bucky believed Zoe had abandoned him to the mercy of his abusive guardians and plotted to take revenge. After stalking her for weeks in preparation (having made up the story about a new Ad Astra chapter when asked about the photos earlier), Bucky took his opportunity when Zoe was walking home late at night and struck her with his car, killing her. Bucky was sentenced to 35 years in prison, and the AI had the player and David (refusing to believe Zoe abandoned Bucky) found that Zoe was removed from Bucky's case and replaced with another social worker when she was transferred to another agency, with Bucky being left stunned and remorseful at the revelation.

      Next Set:

      1. Agent Z

      2. Tristan Collins

      3. Sue Xiong

      4. Suleiman the Magnificent

      5. Benjamin Scott

      6. Jonah Karam

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    • Victim: Agent Z (found stabbed in the stomach and left in a cafe)

      Murder Weapon: Pitchfork


      Tristan Collins: (Turned out to be a GIA Agent, got mad when Agent Z considered getting him fired)

      Sue Xiong: (Victim's girlfriend, admitted that she went out with another guy during their relationship)

      Suleiman the Magnificent: (Had found out the victim was part of the GIA, said it didn't matter)

      Benjamin Scott: (was blasted by the victim for accidentally sneaking into Agent Z's base)

      Jonah Karam: (Jonah told Agent Z that he thought that Agent Z didn't do much as an agent, getting Agent Z angry)

      Killer: Suleiman the Magnificent. Suleiman admitted to the murder, but then said that Agent Z was working for a terrorist organization known as SOMBRA. Suleiman said that he found SOMBRA's logo on Agent Z's suitcase. Knowing that meant bad news, Suleiman cornered Agent Z with a pitchfork and stabbed him. Agent Z was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

      Next set:

      1. Kang Dong-yun

      2. Sheikh Faisal

      3. Mortimer Mutlog

      4. Amanda Love

      5. Samuel Rye

      6. Jackson Peters

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    • Victim: Sheikh Faisal (Found with his throat cut in his office at his recently opened Faisal Academy of Acting)

      Weapon: Switchblade


      Kang Dong-yun (Worked as a teacher at Faisal Academy of Acting; left an angry message to Sheikh carved in his desk in retaliation for his frequent racist comments)

      Mortimer Mutlog (Knew the victim in high school; sent Sheikh a taxadermied wolf due to still holding a grudge for Sheikh having pretended to be his friend before humiliating him)

      Amanda Love (Student at the Faisal Academy; was enraged when she found out the school had no qualified acting instructors and was just a scam to bilk people out of admission fee money)

      Samuel Rye (Amanda's boyfriend; security footage showed Samuel punching Sheikh when he refused to repay Amanda the money she gave to him)

      Jackson Peters (His number was on the victim's phone; Jackson revealed that he previously worked with Sheikh before his acting career went downhill, and said he had not been in touch with him for ages)

      Killer: Jackson Peters. When confronted, Jackson tried to deny everything before eventually confessing when the evidence cornered him. As Jackson revealed, he was Sheikh's partner-in-crime in the acting school scam, with Jackson posing for online ads to lure people in with claims they would be taught the art of acting by him. But eventually, Jackson became frustrated when he failed to see any of the ill-gotten profits from his and Sheikh's scheme, with Sheikh always putting off paying him.

      Finally realizing Sheikh intended to keep all their money to himself, Jackson snuck up on Sheikh in his office and slashed his throat with a switchblade, attempting unsuccessfully to break open his safe before fleeing. At trial, Jackson showed no regret for killing Sheikh, and said his only regret from not being able to take his well-earned money afterwards. Appalled by his lack of remorse, Judge Adaku sentenced Jackson to 50 years in prison for murder and his role in the acting school scam.

      Next Set:

      1. Kaitlyn Flynn (Again)

      2. Joshua Kempe

      3. Anika Cross

      4. Cliff Montgomery

      5. Richard Harding

      6. Peri Foreman

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    • Victim: Richard Harding (found stabbed in a restaurant many times)

      Case Name: When the Brutal Murder Starts, Eat

      Murder Weapon: Knife


      Kaitlyn Flynn: (former waitress, victim groped her after he paid a bill, said she switched to working at an arcade after)

      Joshua Kempe: (Barber, was blasted by the victim when he supposedly cut his hair wrong)

      Anika Cross: (Owner of a small business that sells milk, her company started failing when Richard started a rumour that the milk came from abused cows)

      Cliff Montgomery: (Victim's grandfather, victim got him glasses, but was blasted by the Cliff for assuming that he was too old)

      Peri Foreman: (Cosplayer, tried to get Richard to go to the Sci-Fi Festaval, only to be rejected)

      Killer: Cliff Montgomery. Cliff admitted to the murder, but said that Richard wanted him dead. He overheard Richard saying that Cliff was taking up space, and no one wanted to be related to a old has-been. Cliff got angry and ambushed Richard at a restaurant, then stabbed him many times. Cliff was sent to a maximum security psychiatric hospital.

      Next set: 

      1. Hannah Hersberger

      2. Joe Stern

      3. David Jones

      4. Elwood Grimes 

      5. Laura Knight

      6. Barb Bellamy

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    • Victim: Laura Knight (Found dead outside Joe Stern's mini-market, having struck her head against the curb)

      Weapon: Shoving (Autopsy showed the young girl was shoved hard, causing the fatal blow to her head)


      Hannah Hersberger (An Amish doll with her initials was found in the victim's bedroom; said she often ran into Laura when she was in town and gave her the doll as a present)

      Joe Stern (Owned the mini-market near where the victim was found; claimed not to know Laura, though security footage from his store showed him fiercely scolding Laura for trying to steal some bubble gum)

      David Jones (Often babysat the victim for her parents; confessed that, against her parents' orders, he spanked Laura after a night when she was particularly unruly--something he felt regret for now that she was dead)

      Elwood Grimes (Victim's godfather; admitted that he was jealous of Frank and Karen for having a child while his own daughter had been taken from him when his wife filed for sole custody)

      Barb Bellamy (Security guard for the victim's elementary school; her notebook revealed she viewed Laura as an "unruly child" who "never did as she told her")

      Killer: Hannah Hersberger. When confronted, Hannah attempted to deny the accusations, saying she would never go against her beliefs and harm a child. But when confronted by the evidence, Hannah burst into tears as she proclaimed she hadn't meant to hurt Laura. Hannah confessed to something she neglected to tell the player and David when they encountered her during an investigation: before his death, Hannah's boyfriend Tom Blackwater impregnated her when they "lost themselves" one night, with Hannah becoming especially attached to her unborn baby after her father was imprisoned for Tom's murder.

      But a few months later, Hannah was struck by tragedy again when she suffered a miscarriage. Having also lost her cousin and been separated from her brother when her Amish relatives took him in and shunned her for her pregnancy, Hannah was left all alone. So when she saw Laura, she became fixated on the young girl, as she was exactly how she imagined her unborn daughter might've been. One day, overcome with grief and longing for her deceased child, Hannah tried to get Laura to come home with her after seeing her outside the mini-market. Laura refused, however, and in the struggle, Hannah accidentally pushed Laura, causing her to strike her head against the curb and die.

      Heartbroken, Hannah broke down into a fit of sobs before submitting to arrest. At her trial, Hannah pleaded guilty to killing Laura, saying an innocent child was dead because of her and that she would accept whatever sentence the judge deemed fit. Judge Hall, feeling compassion for everything Hannah had been through, sentenced her to 6 years in prison with mandatory psychiatric counselling, with Hannah pleading for the Knights to forgive her as she was taken away. Shortly afterwards, however, Ramirez came to the player and David to reveal that Hannah had taken her own life in her holding cell, overcome by her guilt and anguish, with the AI having the team help arrange a funeral for her--which was attended by her brother.

      Next Set:

      1. Virginia Purnell

      2. Fabien de la Mort

      3. Sean Rubio

      4. Mama Yasmine

      5. Liam Hall

      6. Kitty Young

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    • Victim: Kitty Young (found with her head bashed in at a pet store)

      Case Name: Oh, What A Little Murder!!!

      Murder Weapon: Vase


      Virginia Purnell: (had a fight with Kitty about how she treated her pet)

      Fabien de la Mort: (Victim's boyfriend, was angry when Kitty rejected his owl he gave to her as a gift)

      Sean Rubio: (Victim insulted his dog training book)

      Mama Yasmine: (Got mad at the victim when Kitty accidentally tripped over one of her goats)

      Liam Hall: (Victim tried to flirt with him, but he didn't like it)

      Killer: Mama Yasmine. Yasmine admitted to the murder, saying that Kitty released her goats, which Yasmine was caring for. In revenge for making her lose her pets, Yasmine bashed Kitty's head in with a vase. Yasmine was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

      Next set:

      1. Astro Hawtee

      2. Ambassador Lee

      3. Larry Rochester

      4. Khalid Souleyman

      5. Archie Rochester

      6. Polly O'Brien

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    • Victim: Ambassador Lee (Killed in a explosion at the Halifax Hotel)

      Murder Weapon: Explosive Badge (Autopsy showed that Lee was wearing a VIP badge that had a rigged bomb)


      Astro Hawtee: Hotel guest; was happy when he heard the ambassador is coming to the hotel to visit; painted himself holding the victim's decapitated head. Astro explained the ambassador believed art was "too boring", angering Astro)

      Larry Rochester: VIP member; said Ambassador Lee was the greatest hero of North Freonia and Pacific Bay, revealed that Lee would make him carry his stuff like his butler)

      Khalid Souleyman: King of Sultanistani; shook hands with the ambassador in 1999 to join forces with North Freonia. Later investigation, Khalid panicked because North Freonia believed one of his people and him killed Lee)

      Archie Rochester: Larry's cousin; claimed the ambassador treated him like he was Lee's son, wrote a angry note reading "If you tell this to anyone, I will sue you". Archie revealed that Ambassador Lee caught him drinking alcohol.

      Polly O'Brien: VIP member; was shocked when the team informed her about Lee's death, claiming she haven't seen the ambassador yet. Further investigation found a cake with the ambassador's name saying, "Hope you die from eating", revealing she hated the ambassador for believing women are weak and men are strong.

      Killer: Larry Rochester

      When the team confronted him, Larry denied killing the ambassador and claimed he wouldn't kill North Freonia's greatest ambassadors. But when the evidence was put against him, he confessed and said he was ruining his family business. Larry explained that his family owned half of Grimsborough and Concordia. But when he heard Ambassador Lee was coming to Concordia, he was excited and said he will the ambassador whatever it takes.

      However, when he met the ambassador, he began screaming at him and told him he will be his assistant. Larry then told him he will show him his family, which Lee nodded yes and told him to meet them after lunch. But when Larry showed him his family, he was disgusted and said his family were weirdos. After leaving Concordia, Ambassador Lee made a statement on TV, saying Concordia had the worst people, like the Rochesters. This made Larry angry and discovered his family are going bankrupt because of the ambassador.

      When he found out he is going to the Halifax Hotel with Ambassador Lee, he felt he want to kill him for ruining his family. At the Halifax Hotel, Lee asked him to hold his VIP badge to go to the bathroom. Wanting revenge for ruining his family business, Larry put a tiny bomb in the badge, gave it to the ambassador and waited until he blew up. Larry was sentenced to life in prison.

      Next Set:


      Ruth Wu

      Joey Kim

      Jacob Arrow

      Francis I

      Camilla Brown

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    • Victim: Ruth Wu (found on a mountain, clawed to death)

      Case Name: I Volunteer as Victim

      Murder Weapon: Werewolf Attack


      Falcon: (Victim shot him, suspecting he was a werewolf)

      Joey Kim: (Had a short relationship with Ruth, left her when she started hunting the supernatural)

      Jacob Arrow: (Tried to get the victim to stop hunting the supernatural, to which Ruth refused to do)

      Francis I: (Sent Ruth back to the USA to be sent to prison because she was suspected to have shot a camper who was just getting firewood in France)

      Camilla Brown: (Spied on the victim taking money taking money from her neighbor's house, said that she was "going to get punishment")

      Killer: Joey Kim. Joey admitted to the murder, and turned into his werewolf form. Joey said that Ruth was so determined to hunt all of his friends down, and that he had to take action. Joey asked Ruth if she wanted to go hiking, and took action there, clawing at her until she died. Joey was taken to Annette Strong, who said that Joey would get his punishment as soon as possible.

      Next set:

      1. Peggy Buxton

      2. Tom Blackwater

      3. Chris McCoy

      4. Eduardo Ramirez

      5. Solon

      6. Jerry Bigwall

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    • Victim: Chris McCoy (Found impaled with a broken mop at the Livingstone Club, where he now worked as a janitor)

      Weapon: Broken mop


      Peggy Buxton (Club member; began blackmailing Chris to do odd jobs for her whenever she called after she caught him trying to steal from the club)

      Tom Blackwater (Victim's cousin; got into a fight with Chris when he mocked Tom for having an Amish girlfriend)

      Eduardo Ramirez (His number was found in the victim's phone; Eduardo revealed Chris was working as an informant and got the janitor job at the Livingstone Club as part of an investigation into the murder of socialite Alyson Breckett--a murder Eduardo pinpointed to being a Livingstone Club member; got into a squabble with Chris when he wanted to back out of their deal)

      Solon (Ghost found to be haunting the Livingstone; it was revealed that Chris was a descendant of his and that he was trying to possess him in order to regain his lost life and beauty, only to find himself failing due to not having enough power to do so)

      Jerry Bigwall (Club member; looked down on Chris for being poor and threatened to sue him when he spilled water on his new suit)

      Killer: Jerry Bigwall. When confronted, Jerry tried to say he was innocent and threatened to sue the player and David Jones for slander before finally confessing. As he revealed, Jerry was responsible for the murder of Alyson Breckett, having bashed her head in in a fit of rage when she turned him down for a dinner date. One night, while leaving the club, he overheard Chris on the phone with Eduardo, causing him to realize Chris was an informant investigating Alyson's murder.

      Believing Chris might stumble onto the truth, Jerry hid in the bathroom on the night of the murder to confront Chris while he was cleaning alone. Once everyone else was gone, Jerry shoved Chris to the ground, broke his mop in two, and impaled him with the makeshift weapon. At his trial, Jerry tried to plead momentary insanity, though Judge Hall didn't buy the excuse and sentenced Jerry to life in prison.

      Next Set:

      1. Bert Tucker

      2. Chad Baker

      3. Isaac Hersberger

      4. Sister Dolly

      5. Chief Medhekar

      6. Richard Dobbs

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    • Victim: Isaac Hersberger (found strangled to death on an Amish farm)

      Case Name: If It Was Murder...

      Murder Weapon: Rope


      Bert Tucker: (Bartender, sent Isaac back to his house once he accidentally wandered into his bar)

      Chad Baker: (Victim's friend, was devastated after hearing about Isaac's death, said that Isaac was like a brother to him)

      Sister Dolly: (Isaac was annoyed by Dolly because she kept on following him, trying to tell him the "Miracle of Christ")

      Chief Medhekar: (Broke down in tears once he heard of Isaac's murder, said that he had a feeling that his family didn't treat him right, and he was going to show him the city)

      Richard Dobbs: (Was annoyed at Chad as him and Isaac would always prank call him)

      Killer: Richard Dobbs. Richard admitted to the murder, saying that he wanted revenge on Ezekiel Herseberger, as he unintentionally got his son killed in a forest during a hike. Richard said that since Ezekiel got his son lost, Richard decided to go onto the Amish farms and saw Isaac checking on the crops. Richard grabbed a rope that was placed on a barrel and strangled Isaac to death, saying that murdering Isaac made him and Ezekiel equal. Richard was blasted for killing a kid, and was later almost attacked by a furious Chad Baker. Richard was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

      Next set:

      1. Joy Schneider

      2. Jezebel Lopez

      3. Ignatius Dupree

      4. Avery Mitchell

      5. Kate Murphy

      6. Luke Fernandez

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    • Victim: Ignatius Dupree (Found drowned to death in a pot of boiling water in the Gumbo Jumbo kitchen)

      Weapon: Pot of boiling water (Ignatius died as a combination of drowning and throat burns from the boiling water)


      Joy Schneider (Frequent Gumbo Jumbo customer; threatened Ignatius with a lawsuit when he spilled gumbo on her laptop)

      Jezebel Lopez (Worked at a strip club next door to Gumbo Jumbo; a drawing found in Jezebel's dressing room revealed she thought Ignatius was creepy and she always saw him watching her when she left work)

      Avery Mitchell (Waitress at the Jumbo Gumbo; left notes to Ignatius written on order receipts revealing that she was getting mad at him for delaying on her payments, which she needed to care for her ailing father)

      Kate Murphy (Victim's daughter; was in mourning when informed of Ignatius's death, but was revealed to have had a falling-out with her father after she refused to join her father working at the Gumbo Jumbo)

      Luke Fernandez (DNA of Luke's was found in Gumbo Jumbo; initially claimed he was there for a date, but later confessed that he'd actually been part of a poker club with Ignatius and a few of his cooks, and revealed that he stopped going after he and Ignatius got into a fight when Ignatius accused him of cheating)

      Killer: Avery Mitchell. When confronted, Avery tried to deny the accusation and claimed she was being harassed by the police for being a witch. But once she was confronted with all the evidence, Avery confessed and revealed a connection she had with Ignatius: she had been best friends with Shawna Knox before she was arrested for murdering Ignatius's nephew Lee. As Avery revealed, Shawna was the first person she confessed to being a witch to, but after serving her time for Lee's murder, Shawna left town, leaving Avery alone and heartbroken.

      Avery's heartbreak turned to anger against Ignatius, as she believed that if Ignatius had raised his nephew better, he wouldn't have attacked Shawna and driven her to murder. So while Ignatius was busy at work in Gumbo Jumbo, Avery snuck into the kitchen and waited for the perfect time to strike. Once Avery saw Ignatius prepare a pot of boiling water, she put on heavy plastic gloves and took the opportunity to use her powers to keep Ignatius from opening his mouth before shoving his head down into the water, eventually killing him from a combination of drowning and burns to his throat. After Gwen Harper informed Avery that she shouldn't have held Ignatius responsible for either Lee or Shawna's actions, Avery was handed over to the proper authorities.

      Next Set:

      1. Tyler Griffin

      2. Francisco Zayas

      3. Clayton Rose

      4. Constance Bell

      5. Madison Springer

      6. Velma Bannister  

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    • Victim: Tyler Griffin (found dead at a circus)

      Murder Weapon: Shotgun

      Case Name: The Show Must Go On!


      Francisco Zayas: (found out his girlfriend had an affair with Tyler, swore to kill him)

      Clayton Rose: (Victim mocked how he worked)

      Constance Bell: (Victim stole a precious book from Constance library, Constance said that she was motivated to kill him and bring the book back)

      Madison Springer: (Victim got in her fight with her boyfriend, in an argument about the recently murdered Isaac Hersberger)

      Velma Bannister: (Rejected the victim from joining the Utopian Cult)

      Killer: Clayton Rose. Clayton admitted to the murder, saying that he was recently fired from working at the mines. He had very little diamonds hidden in his house, and his family was starving. He met Tyler online, who said that he could help them, only if he gives him all of his diamonds he found in the mines. Clayton did so, but Tyler refused to send any food to them. Clayton was betrayed and furious, so he tracked down Tyler and shot him at the circus. Clayton was sentenced to 3 years in prison.

      Next set:

      1. Gretl Beutelspracher

      2. Jacob Gilbert

      3. Ahmet

      4. Giulietta Capecchi

      5. Leopold Rochester

      6. Billy Snapshot

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    • Victim: Jacob Gilbert (Found impaled in his yacht party)

      Murder Weapon: Pole


      Gretl Beutelspracher: Owner of Atlanic Ocean Bar; said the victim would come to her bar every night, was mocked by the victim for owning a bar as a German girl.

      Ahmet: Pickpocketing kid; claimed he never knew the victim, was angry when Jacob threatened him to call the police on him for stealing his wallet.

      Giuletta Capecchi: Party guest; claimed the victim was a great guy, revealed they were dating but Giuletta wanted to break up within for acting like a brat.

      Leopold Rochester: Victim's grandfather; was saddened by his grandson's death, gifted the victim a Christmas present with a black rose (which means hatred, death or despair in someone's relationship). Leopold revealed his hatred in his grandson, saying Jacob didn't care about his parents or their death.

      Billy Snapshot: Tourist; claimed he didn't knew the victim, was revealed they were friends until Billy got angry at Jacob for stealing half of his money.

      Killer: Giuletta Capecchi

      When the team confronted her, she denied the accusations until she confessed. Giuletta claimed it was an accident and never meant to kill him. Giuletta explained she and Jacob were arguing about breaking their relationship. As they were arguing, Jacob punched her in the chest and called her a slut.

      Out of anger, she pushed him off the railing, impaling him with a pole. When Giuletta saw what she did, she went to the nurse's office to get a first aid kit. However, when she got to him, Jacob was not pushing and found out he died. Giuletta then broke down and told the team she did it out of anger. Although she explained it was an accident, the team still have to arrest her for murdering Jacob. Giuletta was sentenced to 5 years in prison.

      Next Set:

      Leopold Rochester (Again)

      Nomena Leroy

      Reggie Pratt

      Victor Wollcraft

      Olivier Feraud

      Cindy McMinn

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    • Victim: Leopold Rochester (Found stabbed to death in his classroom at Highsmith University, where he teaches engineering)

      Weapon: Broken ruler


      Nomena Leroy (Highsmith alumn who came to campus to speak to students; was mocked by Leopold, who considered her racing career "meaningless")

      Reggie Pratt (Disguised as Highsmith U security guard; was nearly fired because of Leopold accused him of stealing equipment from his classroom)

      Victor Wollcraft (Highsmith U science professor; revealed to have been in conflict with Leopold, who threatened to report him to the Dean if he continued having students help him with his latest re-animation experiments)

      Olivier Feraud (Former student of the victim's when he taught in France; a drawing Olivier sent to Leopold revealed that he still held a grudge against Leopold for failing him, resulting in him having to attend the class again over the summer)

      Cindy McMinn (Transfer student from Grimsborough University; started an online petition to fire Leopold due to believing he wasn't knowledgeable enough to teach his class)

      Killer: Olivier Feraud. When confronted, Olivier tried to deny the murder, but when Gwen Harper confronted him with the evidence and blasted him for killing Leopold over having to go to summer schoool, Olivier screamed that Leopold cost him the opportunity of a lifetime. When asked to elaborate, Olivier revealed that in his senior year of university, he had been offered an exclusive internship with the most prestigious French news website there was, thrilling Olivier. But as a result of having to repeat Leopold's class, Olivier had to turn down the internship.

      Years later, Olivier was furious at the lost opportunity, and blamed Leopold for it. On the day of the murder, Olivier confronted Leopold when he was alone in his classroom, blasting him for costing him the chance to make his career. Leopold denied responsibility, saying it was Olivier's fault for slacking off in Leopold's class, enraging Olivier to the point where he broke a ruler he saw on Leopold's desk in half before using the makeshift weapon to stab his former professor to death. Olivier was handed over to the proper authorities, where he received a sentence of 35 years in prison. The AI revealed the true thief of Leopold's classroom was Cindy McMinn, who revealed that she stole the items to sell to help pay for tuition.

      Next Set:

      1. Greta Gundwood

      2. Albertina Thenard

      3. Agnes Manners

      4. Frank Vogel

      5. Enzo Jonas

      6. Edward Whimple

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    • Victim: Enzo Jonas (Found bashed in Mangy Lion Tavern's cellar)

      Murder Weapon: Broken Wine Bottle


      Greta Gundwood: Frequent Mangy Lion customer; threathened the victim after he accidentally spilled Sherry Cobbler all over her pocket watch.

      Albertina Thenard: Victim's mother and baker; showed sadness when informed about her son's death, Enzo started to work in Mangy Lion instead of Albertina's Bakery; leaving her all alone in the bakery.

      Agnes Manners: Owner of Mangy Lion; claimed the victim was the best employee, tore a picture of Enzo and Agnes smiling together when one of her customers complained about him putting a mouse on their caviar.

      Frank Vogel: Victim's friend; said he was friends with Enzo when they were working in the New Haven Center, later investigation found his broken medal in the center. Frank explained they got into an argument when he found out that he had syphilis.

      Edward Whimple: Evidence clerk; claimed he didn't knew the victim, was revealed that he was Enzo's father but denied being his son.

      Killer: Albertina Thenard

      When the team confronted her, she was shocked and denied the accusations. But when the evidence was put against her, she confessed and told them that he shouldn't have worked at the tavern. Albertina revealed she and Enzo never got along as a kid until now. When she told him he will work in her bakery, he was disgusted and said he wanted to work where someone is nice to him. Few months later, he got a job as a server in Mangy Lion, angering Albertina.

      On the day of the murder, Albertina went to Enzo in the tavern's cellar and begged him to work at her bakery. After begging him, Enzo denied her requests and called her "a fat pigeater". Angry for her son calling her that, she grabbed a bottle of wine and bashed it in his head, breaking into pieces and killing him. Albertina was sentenced to 18 years in prison.

      Next Set:

      Vanessa Sadler

      Polly O'Brien

      Lisa Edwards

      Kevin Charles

      Luke Harris

      Seamus O'Neill

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    • Victim: Lisa Edwards (found beheaded at a the university library)

      Case Name: Return the Book

      Murder Weapon: Sword


      Vanessa Sadler: (University studnet, Cheated off of Lisa on a test, led to Lisa confronting her, while Vanessa denied it)

      Polly O'Brien: (Victim's friend, got angry when Lisa forgot about attending a trip to Hawaii, leaving Polly to go alone)

      Kevin Charles: (Professer, said that Lisa's book report was unacceptable, and that she didn't follow any instructions)

      Luke Harris: (Professer, also attended a yoga class in the afternoon, and being teased by Lisa while doing so)

      Seamus O'Neill: (Victim's grandfather, planned to become a drummer for a band looking for a new drummer, but Lisa said that it was impossible)

      Killer: Kevin Charles. Kevin admitted to the murder, saying that he was irritated with Lisa not following any of his instructions and finally had enough of it. Kevin flew into a rage once he saw Lisa taking a selfie at the library, and snatched the phone out of her hand, and grabbed a sword and beheaded her. Kevin was sentenced to life in prison.

      Next set:

      1. Gregory Lynn

      2. Susan Peck

      3. Ryan Min

      4. Evangeline Rousseau

      5. Ignatius Cottingley

      6. El Desesperado

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    • Victim: Susan Peck (Found shot at the airport)

      Murder Weapon: Handgun (Thrown in a trash can at the waiting area)


      Gregory Lynn: Knew the victim at a bar; later investigation found a pack of cocaine that was given to the victim, revealing she gave it to him because she thought he was depressed.

      Ryan Min: Manager of Grimsborough Power Plant; was angry at her for getting him arrested and sentenced to 3 months for the police discovering a box of weed in his trunk.

      Evangeline Rousseau: Priestess from England; came to Grimsborough to learn about their Christianity, tried to make Susan stop using drugs and convert her to Christianity, but rejected her requests .

      Ignatius Cottingley: Medium from Concordia; claimed he knew her in the crystal ball and said she looks nice, team discovered a note from the victim sent to him saying "Prove you're a medium". Ignatius said the victim mocked him and called him a fraud.

      El Desesperado: Gaucho from Argentina; a note written in Argentine read "Smoke in front of me, you turn into ashes". He said the victim came up to him asking for a light while she was smoking.

      Killer: Gregory Lynn

      When the team confronted him, Gregory denied the accusations until he was forced to confess. Gregory explained that the victim broke their deal. When asked what deal, Gregory revealed he was working with her on drug dealing. Few days before the murder, Susan asked him to break into the police station to get the drugs out in the evidence room, saying she will give him the money he needed. However, when he broke in, the alarm went on and was caught by the police. Gregory then explained the victim did not pay the money she said she would.

      In the waiting area, Gregory saw Susan walking and carrying a briefcase. When he confronted her about the money, Susan acted like she can't remember and then ran. Feeling betrayed, Gregoyr grabbed a gun off the counter and shot Susan before she can get to her flight. Gregory was sentenced to life in prison.

      Next Set:

      Sam De Witt

      Arthur Darkwood

      Theo Mercier

      Janis Rivers

      Michael Fletcher

      Donald Barnes

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    • Victim: Michael Fletcher (Found partially eaten alive by sharks in a tank at the Parkwood Biology Lab he was interning at)

      Weapon: Sharks


      Sam De Witt (Fellow intern; was often pestered by Michael for only seeing the internship as a university requirement and mocked by him for her ambitions to start her own paintball business)

      Arthur Darkwood (Disguised as an intern at the Parkwood Biology Lab shadowing the victim; a shark-themed card expressing a love for Michael revealed that Arthur grew interested in him, only for Michael to gently tell Arthur he wasn't interested)

      Theo Mercier (Caught breaking into the lab; revealed he was homeless and simply began using the lab as a place to sleep)

      Janis Rivers (Victim's grandmother; was initially heartbroken by her grandson's death, but later admitted to have cut off ties with Michael after he accepted the internship offer at Parkwood, selfishly believing he was abandoning her)

      Donald Barnes (Bought out shares of the Parkwood Biology Lab; broke a pair of Michael's googles due to believing that Michael didn't respect his authority enough)

      Killer: Theo Mercier. When confronted, Theo attempted to argue he was only guilty of B&E, but was forced to confess when the evidence cornered him. Theo confessed that he lied about breaking into the lab for shelter, as he was actually doing so to steal equipment he could then peddle on the streets for money (saying he was saving to get an apartment). But on the night of the murder, Michael--who was working late--caught Theo stealing lab equipment and went to call the police.

      Not wanting to get sent to jail, Theo chased after Michael and knocked him out by shoving him against a wall. Then, to silence Michael permanently, he dragged him to a tank of sharks and shoved him into the waters, leaving him to be devoured. Theo was then given over to the authorities, where he received a 35 year jail sentence for both murder and theft.

      Next Set:

      1. Kurt Leary

      2. Eleanor Abernathy

      3. Moesha Decker

      4. Anna Blanchard

      5. Trishna Joshi

      6. Reggie Liotta

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    • Victim: Moesha Decker (found with glass shards all over her face)

      Case Name: The Classic Fashion Murder

      Murder Weapon: Mirrors


      Kurt Leary: (Cameraman, sent a gift to Moesha, which got her worried that Kurt maybe a stalker)

      Eleanor Abernathy: (Mother of Moesha's friend Meera, said that Meera was close to Moesha and that her death was hard to take)

      Anna Blanchard: (Homeless person, managed to steal Moesha's car after convincing Moesha that she was a mechanic)

      Trishna Joshi: (HAZMAT specialist, said that Moesha was jealous of Trishna getting to work for S.A.R.A)

      Reggie Liotta: (The victim tried to hit on him, but Reggie rejected her advances)

      Killer: Kurt Leary. Kurt admitted to the murder, and said that Moesha found out that Kurt was videotaping her changing. To stop her from telling anybody, Kurt smashed a mirror on her head. Kurt was sentenced to life in prison.

      Next set:

      1. Akiko Tanaka

      2. Harold Fuey

      3. Jorge de la Cruz

      4. Albert Tesla

      5. Caroline Fitzgerald

      6. Cleopatra

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    • Victim: Albert Tesla (Found dead in his lab following an experiment in which he brought three ghosts back to the mortal plane)

      Weapon: Computer monitor (Had his head shoved through the screen, with the shard cutting his face before he was electrocuted to death)


      Akiko Tanaka (Took a job as the victim's assistant while her baking business was on a decline; found Albert creepy and began looking for other employment)

      Harold Fuey (Ghost brought back to the mortal plane by victim; expressed a desire to go back to Houston, but was kept captive by Albert for experiments, much to Harold's anger)

      Jorge de la Cruz (Ghost brought back to the mortal plane by victim; ripped up a lab coat of Albert's out of resentment of having his eternal slumber disrupted by his experiments)

      Caroline Fitzgerald (Victim's neighbor; made numerous complaints about Albert being a noisy neighbor, with one occasion having her confront him directly, only to be shrewdly dismissed)

      Cleopatra (Ghost brought back to the mortal plane by victim; Albert took a special interest in Cleopatra due to her being ancient royalty, with Cleopatra being revolted at having been brought to the mortal plane to be "some madman's plaything")

      Killer: Caroline Fitzgerald. While the team was initially convinced that one of the vengeful ghosts Albert brought back to the mortal plane were responsible for the murder, a confrontation with Caroline revealed she acted on her own free will to murder Albert, claiming he was a menace to society and had to be stopped. Caroline went on to reveal that on another occasion, she went to complain to Albert about the noise he was making, and ended up inadvertently getting into his lab and discovering the ghosts (who were all being kept in special containment devices that rendered them unconscious).

      Caroline was caught by Albert and questioned him on what he was doing, with Albert revealing he intended to harvest ghostly energy to power a new supercomputer he and "his beloved" were creating together. Caroline expressed disgust in Albert's plan and called him delusional, with Albert slapping Caroline in responsible and saying she was a "pathetic busy-body" who had no business telling him how to practice scientific progress. Enraged at the insults, Caroline shoved Albert into his computer, killing him when the machine electrocuted him.

      After Caroline was handed over to the proper authorities, the AI had the team questioning the ghosts about Albert's plan, with the trio revealing that he was indeed harvesting their ghostly energy to power some device. None of them had seen the device, however, nor did they know who Albert's accomplice (and presumed love interest, given how he referred to them to Caroline) was. After releasing the ghosts so they could rest in peace once more, the team resolved to find this ghost-powered supercomputer and stop Albert's accomplice before they could put their plan in action.

      For the next case, have the team investigate another murder connected to Albert's ghost-energy-powered supercomputer and the search for his lover/accomplice:

      1. Ellie Argent

      2. Noah Lowe

      3. Nicoletta Marconi

      4. Tony Marconi

      5. Jess Prakti

      6. Alexandre Devereaux

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    • Victim: Ellie Argent (found stabbed in a graveyard)

      Murder Weapon: Knife


      Noah Lowe: (One of the ghosts brought back to the mortal plane, tried to get Ellie to destroy the machine so that he could rest)

      Nicoletta Marconi: (Mother of the late Tony Marconi (who died as a kid by drowning in a pool), blamed Ellie for Tony's death, who was taking care of Tony while she was gone)

      Tony Marconi: (One of the ghosts brought back to the mortal plane, asked Ellie for directions to Nicoletta's house, which Ellie refused to give him)

      Jess Prakti: (Scientist, fell in love with the victim, but the victim rejected her advances)

      Alexandre Devereaux: (One of the ghosts brought back to the mortal plane, accidentally lit Ellie's purse on fire while handling a lighter)

      Killer: Jess Prakti. Jess admitted to the murder with a smirk, and said that she was the accomplice of Albert Tesla. Jess said that she had some fun, so she brought Noah, Tony, and Alexandre back to the mortal plane and see who all three would communicate with first. All three of them went to Ellie. Believing Ellie saw too much, Jess stabbed her to death. Jess was sentenced to life in prison.

      After sending the ghosts off one more time, the team found the location of the machine.

      Next set:

      1. Philip Hoover

      2. Jack Cannity

      3. Aileen Greene

      4. Avery Mitchell

      5. Lyla Heller

      6. Howard Boehner

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    • Victim: Howard Boehner (Found dead in the rubble of an explosion in his mayoral office, having won the position of Mayor in Innovation Valley a few months prior)

      Weapon: Bomb (residue at the scene revealed it was left for Howard disguised as a present)


      Philip Hoover (Victim's adoptive son; was furious when Howard cut him off financially due to his assocation with the DreamLife scandal, worrying the assocation would ruin his political career)

      Jack Cannity (Police reports showed he frequently protested the victim's mayoral position outside City Hall; confessed that he resented Howard for reneging his promise to give more funding to the old folks homes of Innovation Valley, having been brought to a home in the valley after his family couldn't afford his previous home)

      Aileen Greene (Victim's assistant; had been considering filing an HR complaint after Howard grabbed her behind, but was paid off by Howard to let it go)

      Avery Mitchell (Attended a seminar the victim held at her new high school; defaced a poster of the victim due to viewing Howard as a "typical sexist politician")

      Lyla Heller (Lingerie with her DNA on them were found in the victim's bedroom; bashfully confessed to having had a brief affair with Howard, but ended it after Howard proved too "wild" for her)

      Killer: Philip Hoover. When confronted, Philip arrogantly tried to deny the allegations, but was goaded into a confession. While the detectives initially believed Philip killed Howard for disowning him, Philip revealed a shocking secret: he had actually infatuated with his adoptive father, having had a crush on him ever since he took him in when he was 14. After their falling out, Philip decided the only possible thing he could do to fix things was to confess his true feelings.

      But upon going to Howard's house, Philip was enraged when he saw Howard during a tryst with Lyla Heller. Furious at Howard's "betrayal", Philip decided to kill his adoptive father by leaving him a bomb in his office disguised as a present from a fan. At his trial, Philip was blasted for his disturbed crush on his adoptive father and for killing him because of his sick fixation before being sentenced to life in prison.

      Next Set:

      1. Myriam Miller

      2. Hilda Tipton

      3. Bathsheba

      4. Meiko Kato

      5. Sarah Cardwell

      6. Gloria Hayes

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    • Victim: Meiko Kato (Found hanged from a tree)

      Murder Weapon: Hanging Autopsy confirmed she was knocked out before being hanged)


      Myriam Miller: Victim would come to her deli some days; was paranoid by her believing she was a witch.

      Hilda Tipton: Nanny; claimed she didn't know the victim, threatened to call the police on her when Meiko turned her duck cane alive.

      Bathsheba: Vampire; tried to be friends with Meiko but cast an unconscious spell on her for sucking blood on her pet owl, Hooter.

      Sarah Cardwell: Victim's cousin; claimed they had a great bond, was scared of her when she realized she studied witchcraft.

      Gloria Hayes: Police detective; police reports showed that she failed to arrest the victim, revealing that she was suspected of vandalism at Shady Hollow, but was knocked out by her spell, resulting her to be suspended by the chief of police.

      Killer: Sarah Cardwell

      When the team confronted her, she tried to deny the accusations but then confessed. When the team believed she killed her cousin because she was scared, Sarah revealed she killed Meiko for not letting her do witchcraft. When Sarah discovered her cousin was studying witchcraft, she wanted to do a love spell to make her husband spend more time with her instead of other women.

      However, when she asked her cousin permission to study witchcraft, Meiko laughed and said she is her half-cousin. Furious for Meiko calling her "half-cousin", Sarah texted her to come to the forest for a surprise. As Meiko came to the forest, Sarah knocked her out with a tree branch and hanged her cousin on a tree. Sarah was then taken to the authorities.

      Next Set:

      Alice Kelly

      Teresa Martínez

      David Jones

      Vinnie Costa

      Abigail Riley (Alive)

      Elias Willingham

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    • Victim: Alice Kelly (found inside of a truck, her legs chopped off)

      Case Name: A Severed Leg!

      Murder Weapon: Ax


      Teresa Martinez: (Prostitute, found Alice's leg when drunk)

      David Jones: (Police Officer, admitted to dating Alice because she reminded him of Zoe)

      Vinnie Costa: (Owner of Costa Hotels, victim stole the hotel's pillows every time she left)

      Abigail Riley: (Victim's friend, blasted Alice for trying to flirt with Axel Bross)

      Elias Willingham: (Victim's father, was yelled at by Alice for being too protective over her)

      Killer: Teresa Martinez. Teresa admitted to the murder, saying that she loved Alice and that she wanted her for herself, but Alice wouldn't do it as Teresa was sleeping with over people. Furious, Teresa chopped off Alice's legs and put her in a truck. Teresa was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

      Next set:

      1. Gregg

      2. Admiral Oak

      3. Emperor Lizong

      4. Steven Crowe 

      5. Bigfoot

      6. Anuj Ghosh

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    • Victim: Gregg (Found strangled to death by his swamp)

      Weapon: Tree vine


      Admiral Oak (Regular hunter in the forest where the victim lived; an autopsy revealed that Oak shot Gregg in the leg, with Oak referring to Gregg as "disgusting" and that he was happy such a "revolting creature" was dead)

      Emperor Lizong (Displaced ghost roaming the swamp; was revealed to have been trying to possess Gregg just to feel what it was like to be alive again, only to find he didn't have enough power to due to being such an old spirit)

      Steven Crowe (Went to the swamp to meditate; said he encountered Gregg and invited him to join in, only for him to decline and flee)

      Bigfoot (Fellow supernatural creature living in the woods; left an angry message written in the dirt by the swamp for Gregg after finding he had accidentally destroyed his forest dwelling)

      Anuj Ghosh (Local restaurant owner; said that Gregg once wandered into town and tried to enter his restaurant before being scared away, with the encounter resulting in him losing business due to people believing he served to supernatural creatures)

      Killer: Bigfoot. When confronted, Bigfoot proclaimed his innocence, even as the evidence piled against him. As Bigfoot tearfully professed he had no recollection of killing Gregg, he was suddenly possessed by Emperor Lizong, who revealed he had used Bigfoot's body to kill Gregg. When asked why, Lizong revealed that he had learned that in order to gain the power to become corporeal again, he needed to find a soul that wasn't too strong for him to possess and use the soul's body to commit a murder. After finding that Bigfoot was a worthy candidate, he possessed him and used him to attack and kill Gregg, strangling him with a vine.

      After his confession, "Bigfoot" suddenly pulled out a sharp piece of wood and jammed it into his chest, as Lizong explained that the next step in becoming corporeal again was to kill his host and thus absorb their soul--giving him the strength to fully take over a human body. With Bigfoot dead and his plan complete, Lizong snickered as he disappeared.

      For the next case, continue this story with the team working to stop Lizong's plan to become corporeal by stealing someone else's body:

      1. Roxanne Vega

      2. DJ Blood

      3. Pierce Cromwell

      4. Chelsea Bloom

      5. Lily Karam

      6. Marigold Carson

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    • Victim: DJ Blood (Found floating in Roxanne's pool, with blood all over the water)

      Murder Weapon: Stake


      Roxanne Vega: Hosting a party in her castle; said Blood was supposed to be playing music for the party, only to be disgusted by one of his music tracks he made.

      Pierce Cromwell: Victim's friend; left an angry message in the victim's bag when DJ departed his band "The Gothic Vamps" to perform solo.

      Chelsea Bloom: Victim's ex-girlfriend; claimed they broke up when DJ started to go to Washington alone, revealed she broke up with him when she discovered he was a vampire.

      Lily Karam: Knew the victim as her biggest fan, filed a complaint about him when he slashed her tires for not getting an autograph from her.

      Marigold Carson: Often comes to his house to do her vlogs; was angry at the victim when he filed a restrainting order on her for trespassing on his property.

      Killer: Pierce Cromwell

      When the team confronted him, Pierce denied killing one of his friends and told the player that he/she knew about him. But when Pierce was put down by the evidence, he broke down in tears and revealed the ghost made him do it. When asked to elaborate, Pierce explained when he got outside to smoke, a ghost appeared behind him and told him to kill DJ Blood. Refusing to do it, the ghost got angry and threatened him, saying it will kill everyone in the castle if he didn't do what it said.

      Doing it to save everyone from the party, Pierce staked DJ and pushed him into the pool to lose a lot of blood. Soon after the team asked him if the ghost was Emperor Lizong, Pierce was then staked by Fabien, telling them that Roxanne is possessed by a ghost.

      The team then went to the garden, where they saw Lizong's ghost inside Roxanne. When the team questioned him why he is in her body, "Roxanne" laughed and told them that being a ghost can't be controlled without a body. "She" explained that his plan is to control the U.S. by bringing his army of Chinese soldier ghosts to possess everybody all around the states. He also revealed that DJ was supposed to help him but refused to do, making him to demand Pierce to kill him. After finishing his explanation, he disappeared in blue smoke with Roxanne's body.

      For the final case, finish this off with the team stopping Emperor Lizong before he could release his army of ghosts.

      Next Set:

      Fabien de la Mort

      Rick Lewis

      Admiral Oak

      Theodore Moon

      Dolores Harper

      Tsukada Chieko

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    • Victim: Dolores Harper (found inside of a coffin)

      Murder Weapon: Strangulation

      Case Name: Army of Terror


      Fabien de la Mort: (Vampire, was later revealed to be a demon, and said that didn't want anything to do with the Emperor's plan anymore)

      Rick Lewis: (Now a paranormal talk show host, Rick said that he wasn't prepared for being possessed again and freaked out)

      Admiral Oak: (Admiral, fell in love with the victim and took her out for coffee, but Dolores tried to poison him)

      Theodore Moon: (Technology Expert, tried to get Dolores into a game where she could hunt virtual supernatural creatures)

      Tsukada Chieko: (Waitress, wanted Dolores's daughter Tilly, to stop living with Gwen, as Chieko thought she was a bad influence)

      Killer: Theodore Moon. Shocking the team, Theodore admitted to the murder, and said he didn't get possessed. Theo said that he was on the Emperor's side, since he claimed that the Emperor would "fix" the world. Theo then revealed that he just contacted Emperor Lizong to release the soldiers. Theo then drank poison to escape being arrested.

      The team raced to Lizong's location, and looked for him. They found Lizong, and tried to convince him to stop. Lizong said that he would only stop if they found a special ring that he had during his leadership. The player eventually found the ring, and Lizong was impressed. Now, with his ring returned, Lizong could finally be in peace again.

      Next set:

      1. Carmen Garcia

      2. Dudley

      3. Lorena Pratx

      4. Philomena Highmore

      5. Abel Dreschner

      6. Monty Washington

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    • Victim: Monty Washington (Found bludgeoned to death in his home office)

      Weapon: Typewriter


      Carmen Garcia (Waitress at the Mexican restaurant the victim frequented; had a crush on Monty and made a special salsa for him, only to be incensed when Monty claimed it tasted awful before spitting it out onto her apron)

      Dudley (Homeless man; said that he often saw Monty pass by on his way to and from the library, and fumed as he said Monty often looked at him as though he were "vermin")

      Lorena Pratx (Librarian at the library the victim frequented; slipped a note reading, "Pay up or no more books for you!", into one of Monty's borrowed books, which she revealed was sparked by him often delaying on paying late book fees)

      Philomena Highmore (Victim's girlfriend; initially claimed Monty was the perfect man, but later confessed that he often relied on her for money and never paid her back)

      Abel Dreschner (Fellow author, having penned a book about his experiences with AgriMeadows after he defected from the corrupt company; was caught burning several of Monty's new crime thriller due to resenting him for beating him in sales)

      Killer: Dudley. When confronted, Dudley attempted to deny the allegation, but was forced to confess when he realized the evidence caught him. Dudley became angry as he declared that it was because of Monty that he was living on the streets, as his last crime novel ruined his family. As Dudley recounted, Monty's last crime novel Murder Most Foul had the killer with a suspicious similar name to his father, leading many townspeople to become convinced he was a serial killer.

      Monty played up the assumption to sell copies, with the rumors becoming so bad that Monty's father lost his job and became an abusive alcoholic, eventually driving Dudley to run away from home. Years later, Dudley held on to his anger at Monty and, after encountering him and seeing him regard him with disgust, Dudley decided to kill him. After breaking into his house on the night in question, Dudley confronted Monty as he was in his office writing, revealing his identity and blasting him for destroying his family. Monty argued that his father's downward spiral was no fault of his, leading Dudley to grab Monty's typewriter and bash his head in with it, killing him. Dudley was then sentenced to 20 years in prison.

      Next Set:

      1. Alfred Ziegler

      2. Louie Cooper

      3. Kai Malano

      4. Serena Kwame

      5. Lindsay Bannister

      6. Laetitia Badu

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    • Victim: Laetitia Badu (Shot at the mayor's election)

      Murder Weapon: Sniper Rifle


      Alfred Ziegler: Blind man; said the victim was supposed to take care of him, would get angry when she leaves him in his house while she manages the campaign.

      Louie Cooper: Victim's son; claimed the victim would get mad at him for no reason, was revealed that Laetitia was pregnant accidentally and Louie was depressed and angry when she couldn't tell him who is his real father.

      Kai Malano: Owner of Tic, Tat, Too; wrote angry messages to the victim after she wanted to take down his tattooing business for the campaign.

      Serena Kwame: Victim's mother; claimed she loved her daughter, a note reading, "Why can't you quit your job", revealing she didn't like her daughter for working as a campaign manager and wanted her to work as a nurse.

      Lindsay Bannister: Wife of Mayor Ives, one of the mayors being elected; security footage showed her throwing an ashtray at the victim, saying Laetitia was a flirt after she discovered that she had an affair with late USStay leader Sandy Turner.

      Killer: Louie Cooper

      The team was shocked when they found out that Laetitia's son was the killer. When they confronted him, he was shocked and claimed he would never kill his mother. But when the team showed him the evidence, Louie discovered he knew who was his father. Louie explained when his mother was not pregnant with him in California, she fell in love with Sandy Turner and had a fling with him. 3 days after the fling, she broke down and found out she was pregnant. She then argued with Sandy and started to not talk to him again. After the argument, Sandy was killed in a car explosion that killed both him and the driver. It was later revealed that a politics student named Terrance Williams killed the both of them.

      When Louie found out about it, he confronted his mother about his real father. As he told her that, Laetitia and him got into an argument and told Louie that Sandy was a dead man. Laetitia said Sandy deserved to die and he was better off without him. Angry that he never saw his father for 20 years (As in his age in 2020), he brought in a sniper rifle without anyone noticing, climbed to the second-floor balcony and sniped his mother out of depression and anger. Crying that he never got to see Sandy, the team sadly arrested him and was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

      Next Set:

      Lyle Bass

      Waldo Gigs

      Louis Leroux

      Kayla Pieterse

      Megu Hashira

      Enzo Jonas

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    • Victim: Kayla Pieterse (found beaten to death at her apartment, her heart removed)

      Murder Weapon: Sledgehammer

      Case Name: The Love is Gone


      Lyle Bass: (Next-door neighbor, hated Kayla because she was too loud)

      Waldo Gigs: (Author, got angry once Kayla compared him to his dad)

      Louis Leroux: (Journalist, had Kayla talk about her experience with SOMBRA, only for Kayla to say nothing about it and try to change the subject)

      Megu Hashira: (Art collector, claimed that Kayla's piece of art "Love" was copied off of one of Van Gogh's paintings)

      Enzo Jonas: (Old man, accidentally knocked over a clay sculpture that Kayla made)

      Killer: Megu Hashira. Megu admitted to the murder, saying that Kayla was not an artist at all, but just a wannabe. Megu flew into a rage when Kayla claimed that she was a better painter than Megu, and that Megu can just collect and not paint. Megu then challenged her to a painting contest, but lost, much to her embarrassment. Megu then grew mad and stalked Kayla back to her apartment, where she grabbed a sledgehammer and beat Kayla to death. Megu was sentenced to life in prison.

      Next set:

      1. Ilya Tretyakov

      2. Danny Gibbs

      3. Jean-Marc Bonneur

      4. Druk

      5. Brother Klaus

      6. Patrick Rufio

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    • Victim: Jean-Marc Bonneur (Found dead amongst the rubble of his office, following an earthquake that struck France)

      Weapon: Ketamine (Autopsy showed it was injected into his neck, killing him almost instantly)


      Ilya Tretyakov (A diamond was found in the victim's office, gifted to him by Ilya; initially claimed it was simply a gift for helping him with business, but later confessed that he and Ilya dated while attending the same boarding school, with Jean-Marc rejecting Ilya's attempt to rekindle their romance)

      Danny Gibbs (Crisis worker for the earthquake; was caught stealing valuables from Jean-Marc's office, stating he was doing so in retribution of Jean-Marc quashing any efforts to give additional medical care funds to French hospitals)

      Druk (French tourist; defaced a poster of Jean-Marc in retaliation for the President's racist ideologies)

      Brother Klaus (Began his own church in France following the Promethian Cult's dismantlement; made a public rant that was recorded and posted on Buzzer deriding Jean-Marc for wanting to close his church because of Klaus' radical views)

      Patrick Rufio (Sold the victim paintings from his collection; was slapped by Jean-Marc when he requested to visit the paintings, wanting to make sure the President was taking care of them--sommething Jean-Marc took as an insult)

      Killer: Danny Gibbs. While the team was surprised, Danny angrily confessed when the evidence was brought before him, declaring that the President deserved to die for his callous refusal to help the less fortunate. Danny revealed that in the past, he tried to open a free clinic in France for the impoverished, only for Jean-Marc to veto it due to finding it to be a "needless expense". Furious, Danny went to confront Jean-Marc, but it was on his way there that he saw a shocking sight: Jean-Marc meeting with a drug dealer to buy cocaine.

      Taking pictures of the exchange on his cell phone, Danny began blackmailing Jean-Marc with his secret, forcing the President to pay him regularly in exchange for the drug photos staying buried. Danny then began using the blackmail money to save up for his clinic, only to learn a few weeks into his scheme that the money he was getting from Jean-Marc was counterfeit. Enraged, Danny pretended he was still oblivious and arranged another meeting with Jean-Marc, bringing along a syringe containing ketamine. While Jean-Marc was retrieving another counterfeit payment, Danny made his move and injected Jean-Marc with the ketamine overdose, killing him before fleeing the scene. After remarking that he'd hoped the freak earthquake would cover up his crime, Danny was arrested and ultimately sentenced to 40 years in prison.

      Next Set:

      1. Barbara Coldwell

      2. Barnaby Wilson

      3. Jordan Coprolite

      4. Mary Gray

      5. Cal Stark

      6. Jason Stone

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    • Victim: Jordan Coprolite (Found dead in his car in the doctor's office parking lot)

      Murder Weapon: Poisoned Rocket Cow (Confirmed that the killer put poison in his Rocket Cow and died from drinking it)


      Barbara Coldwell: Victim's mother; showed remorse for her son's death, was ashamed of Jordan when he started to take pictures of nude women.

      Barnaby Wilson: Victim's doctor; said he would give the victim meds if Jordan was stressed, a note saying, "You better stay away from the meds or I'm going to confiscate them", revealing the victim was using the stress medicine as drugs.

      Mary Gray: Frequent patient at the doctor's office; said she comes here to see Dr. Wilson every Sunday, fell in love with the victim but never realized that he had a wife.

      Cal Stark: Dr. Wilson's son; security footage showed him and Jordan having a brawl outside the parking, explaining the victim was on drugs and began fighting him for Jordan thinking he was a lion.

      Jason Stone: Dr. Wilson's patient; claimed he never knew the victim, revealed that he was in love with Jordan's wife Aubrey but got into a fight with him after he caught him and Aubrey having sex.

      Killer: Barnaby Wilson

      When the team confronted him, Barnaby denied killing one of his patients and claimed he helps his patients, not hurt them. But when the team showed him the evidence, Barnaby said he couldn't stand Jordan begin high on drugs. Before, Barnaby said the victim was healthy and active. One day, Jordan came into his room, without permission, and began yelling at him. While he was yelling, Jordan shoved Barnaby and went into the medicine cabinet. Barnaby then stopped him and saw Jordan holding med bottles.

      Thinking that the victim ran out of stress meds, Barnaby told him to take them and forgot about it. Few days after the incident, Jordan came in acting weird and told Dr. Wilson he was seeing colors and unicorns. Barnaby began to notice Jordan was on drugs and told him to use the meds once for a few days. After giving him the prescription, his wife came into his room and told him that Jordan is now addicted to the meds he gave him. Wanting Jordan to stop taking stress meds, he put poison in Jordan's Rocket Cow and waited until the victim went in the car to drink. Barnaby was sentenced to 20 years in prison and was stripped from his medical license.

      The next set is going to be a continuation after Barnaby's arrest

      Next Set:

      Cal Stark

      Mary Gray

      Aubrey Coprolite

      Jason Stone

      Nathaniel Earl

      Marla de Paradis

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    • The player was contacted by teenager Cal Stark that a woman named Aubrey Coprolite has been found dead at her home.

      Victim: Aubrey Coprolite (Found dead at her home, poisoned)

      Murder Weapon: Poisoned Rocket Cow


      Cal Stark: (Witness, was found out that he wanted to be the adopted son of the Coprolite's, but didn't)

      Mary Gray: (Victim's friend, wrote a paper all about what Aubrey's was bad at and what she was bad at, and Aubrey got mad once she saw Mary wrote that she wasn't hot)

      Jason Stone: (Victim's boyfriend, revealed that Aubrey was hard to impress, and that he broke up with her)

      Nathaniel Earl: (Drug dealer, overheard Aubrey and Jordan talking about Nathaniel and how Jordan shouldn't hang out with him)

      Marla de Paradis: (Barnaby's fiancee, the team found out that she was near the Aubrey's house at the time of the murder)

      Killer: Cal Stark. Cal denied the accusations, but then admitted to the murder. Cal admitted that he and Barnaby are part of a group. Cal said that the Coprolite's were one of their targets. Cal said that Barnaby first got Jordan addicted to drugs, and then killed him, and then he visited Aubrey to "talk about things", and poisoned her Rocket Cow. However, Cal refused to reveal anything else about this suspicious group. Cal was sentenced to life in prison.

      For this next case, continue this story about the suspicious group:

      1. Sabrina Kingston

      2. Brett Nolan

      3. Rozalina Davidov

      4. Rozetta Pierre

      5. Sally Stone

      6. Felix Reed

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    • Before the team could officially begin an investigation of the mysterious group that orchestrated the deaths of Jordan and Aubrey Coprolite, they received a report of a dead body being found at the docks.

      Victim: Sabrina Kingston (Found dead by the docks)

      Weapon: Chokehold (Autopsy showed that Sabrina had her neck broken)


      Brett Nolan (Victim's cousin; resented Sabrina and the rest of their family for cutting him off after he became involved with the Utopian Cult)

      Rozalina Davidov (Hired the victim as a model; threatening texts on Sabrina's phone revealed that she learned about Rozalina's escort service and quit as a result, with Rozalina threatening to kill her if she told anyone about her illegal business)

      Rozetta Pierre (Frequented the same Internet cafe as the victim; viciously slapped Sabrina after she accidentally spilled her latte on Rozetta's laptop)

      Sally Stone (Homeless drug addict who reported finding the victim's body; her DNA was found on Sabrina's discarded wallet, with Sally admitting to stealing the money in the wallet, but swore it was only to buy food--as she was working to get sober)

      Felix Reed (Victim's neighbor; spoke fondly of Sabrina for coming over often to visit and help him around his house)

      Killer: Rozalina Davidov. When confronted, Rozalina smugly denied killing Sabrina, but confessed when the evidence proved she was caught. When asked if she killed her to keep her quiet about her escort service, Rozalina laughed and said she didn't, as she was certainly such a "cowardly little girl" would keep her mouth shut about that. She killed Sabrina, as she explained, because she caught wind of another secret of hers: she and her lover were also members of the group Barnaby Wilson and Cal Stark were a part of, with Rozalina revealing their mission was to rid the world of "disgusting drug-addled vermin". The night of Sabrina's murder, Rozalina was helping her lover dispose of a drug addict he'd killed when Sabrina happened on the scene.

      Seeing Sabrina, Rozalina chased her as her lover finished disposing of the body, with Rozalina catching up to Sabrina and killing her by snapping her neck. She and her lover then disposed of her body at the docks, knowing it was a regular hangout for drug users and hoping one of them would be blamed. Rozalina refused to name her lover and continued to do so at trial, while also showing no remorse for her crimes. With that, Rozalina was sentenced to life in prison.

      The AI had the team searching Rozalina's home for clues as to who her accomplice/lover was, only to come up with nothing. Once they returned to the station, they were informed by Eduardo Ramirez that Sally Stone had just been found dead.

      Next case, have the team investigate Sally Stone's murder, with the AI providing a reveal of Rozalina's accomplice/lover:

      1. Sally Stone (As victim, obviously)

      2. Veronica Johnson

      3. Molly Mocard

      4. Greg Gibbs

      5. Celeste Masters

      6.  Mason Bloom

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    • After learning about Rozalina's lover/accomplice, the team head to her home to investigate. While investigating, Ramirez tell them that Sally was murdered in her apartment. The team head to the apartment building where she lived. When they got inside her room, they found her shot in the chest.

      Victim: Sally Stone (Found shot in her apartment)

      Murder Weapon: Gun


      Veronica Johnson: Victim's friend; said she would come to Sally's apartment to get high, was angry when Sally hit her when she was high.

      Molly Mocard: Drug addict and victim's next-door neighbor; didn't care about the noise coming from her room, video showed Molly drunk and falling down the building's stairs, revealing the victim got her drunk and made her go to the stairs to film her drunk.

      Greg Gibbs: Victim's doctor; said he would give her anxiety and depression pills, was disgusted by her for using the pills as drugs.

      Celeste Masters: Dr. Gibbs's patient; comes to Dr. Gibbs some days for her daughter and her medication, gave the victim her pills due to her not wanting to get high on her daughter.

      Mason Bloom: Rozalina's son; claims he doesn't know who is his mother's lover and accomplice, revealed he used to be friends with Sally but ended their friendship for Sally being addicted to drugs.

      Killer: Greg Gibbs

      When the team confronted him, Greg denied killing his patient and claimed he would act like Dr. Wilson. But when he was forced to confess, Greg admitted to shooting Sally and revealed to be Rozalina's lover and accomplice. Greg also revealed that the group called, "Doctors of Death", told him and Rozalina to kill Sabrina.

      After the day of killing her, Sally found out that he was the accomplice of Sabrina's murder and was going to report it to the police. Not wanting the police to know the group, Greg barged into her door and shot her to silence her. When asked who is the leader of group, Greg refuse to answer and said telling them the truth will get him killed. With Greg refusing to answer, he was sentenced to life in prison.

      In the AI, Jason Stone came to the station and thanked them for arresting his daughter's killer, which shocked the team. Jason revealed that he was going to make his daughter finish his family's legacy but sadly failed. After he told his story to them, Diane Parker tell the team that the member of the group was murdered in prison.

      For the final case, have the team take down "Doctors of Death" group and investigate the murder of one of the group members. You can also choose who is the victim or a suspect in the next set.

      Next Set:

      Barnaby Wilson (Victim or suspect)

      Cal Stark (Victim or suspect)

      Rozalina Davidov (Victim or suspect)

      Greg Gibbs (Victim or suspect)

      Jason Stone

      Barbara Coldwell

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    • Victim: Greg Gibbs (found stabbed to death)

      Murder Weapon: Dagger

      Case Name: Death of a Doctor of Death


      Barnaby Wilson: (Member of the Doctors of Death, admitted that he wasn't happy with being in the group and tried to get out of it)

      Cal Stark: (Member of the Doctors of Death, revealed that his grandfather Jordan would be the group's next target, causing Cal to fly into a rage)

      Rozalina Davidov: (Member of the Doctors of Death, victim got mad once Rozalina slept with Barnaby)

      Jason Stone: (The Coprolite's friend, was targeted by the group because of his relationship with Aubrey)

      Barbara Coldwell: (Jordan Coprolite's mother, revealed to have helped Cal with the murder of Aubrey)

      Killer: Cal Stark. Cal admitted to the murder, saying that he didn't know what happened with him. Cal started crying and said that he couldn't murder his own grandfather,  but Greg forced him to. However, Cal stabbed Greg to death instead, not wanting to murder Jordan. Cal said that he wanted to go to jail, but was shot by Barnaby Wilson, who then aimed the gun at the player. Ready to shoot, Barnaby shouted at the player, who was held in place by Rozalina Davidov. However, the player saw someone out of the corner of their eye. It was Jordan Stark! Jordan saw that Barnaby shot Cal down, and was ready for revenge. Jordan tackled Barnaby to the ground where they struggled. The player then used this to their advantage, tugging their way out of Rozalina's hold and shooting Barnaby. With Barnaby dead, Rozalina was outnumbered 2 to 1. Rozalina surrendered. The player thanked Jordan for helping, and then arrested Rozalina, who was sentenced to life in prison.

      Next set:

      1. Rebecca Moire

      2. Elliot Clayton

      3. Cardinal Salieri

      4. Tyler Wright

      5. Rene Narcisse

      6. Isabella Narcisse

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    • Victim: Rene Narcisse (Found dead in his Grimsborough University office, his head bashed in)

      Weapon: Teaching Award


      Rebecca Moire (Student at Grimsborough U; left a threatening message written on Rene's planner in response to him mocking her witchcraft interest)

      Elliot Clayton (Transfer student at Grimsborough U; had a well-known rivalry with Rene, as they often faced each other for schoolwide debates)

      Cardinal Salieri (Victim's father; disowned Rene after he came out as an Atheist, even sending him a letter condeming him "the eternal fire of Hell")

      Tyler Wright (Student in victim's economics class; was caught by Rene trying to steal upcoming exams from his computer, threatening to expel him if he tried it again)

      Isabella Narcisse (Victim's wife; initially claimed Rene was a good husband, but was later found to have been planning to divorce him for his frequent emotional abuse towards her)

      Killer: Tyler Wright. When confronted, Tyler smugly denied killing Rene and threatened to have his father sue the police force for the false accusation. But when the evidence exposed him, Tyler confessed and said he did it for Rebecca. Tyler admitted to having been seduced by Rebecca into killing Rene, as she needed the blood of an enemy for some sort of witchcraft ceremony. Having already resented Rene himself for stopping his cheating scam, Tyler decided to go through with Rebecca's demand.

      With that in mind, Tyler went to Rene's office and confronted him for insulting Rebecca, and when Rene scoffed and said he could do what he pleased with "deviant students" like Rebecca, Tyler grabbed a teaching award of Rene's and struck him in the head, killing him. Tyler was arrested and, after a failed attempt by his father's attorney to have the charges dropped, Tyler was sentenced to 35 years in prison. The AI had the team tracking Rebecca down to the Grimsborough Forest where she was in the midst of her witchcraft ceremony, and after expressing dismay that the ceremony (which the team already discovered was not authentic witchcraft) failed to give her her desired supernatural abilities, Rebecca was arrested for masterminding Rene's murder.

      Next Set:

      1. Samson Drake

      2. Patricia P. Harris

      3. Joshua Gibson

      4. Luke Fernandez

      5. Tilly Harper

      6. Christy Mathis

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    • Victim: Samson Drake (found dead with a head wound)

      Murder Weapon: Rock


      Patricia P. Harris: (Crime novelist, Samson claimed her books were "unrealistic", and that they should be put in the fantasy section)

      Joshua Gibson: (Landlord, wanted to try to make Samson's old house nicer, even though Samson ordered it to be demolished)

      Luke Fernandez: (Supernatural hunter, claimed that Samson was part of Dr Aculus's vampire coven, as he knew a ton about the history of Concordia)

      Tilly Harper: (Young girl, revealed that Samson was her mother's boyfriend, and got scared whenever he got angry)

      Christy Mathis: (Student, claimed that Samson kept on trying to convince her to become a lobbyist)

      Killer: Joshua Gibson. Joshua admitted to the murder, saying that Samson stole his special boat. One day, Samson asked Joshua if he could buy one of his boats, which Joshua declined at first, but Samson bribed him with money. Joshua made Samson promise to not get the big boat, as that was his special boat. However, Samson didn't listen and used the big boat, and ended up crashing it. Furious, Joshua took a rock and bashed Samson's head in. Joshua was sentenced to life in prison.

      Next set:

      1. Maylin Park

      2. Fabien de la Mort

      3. Prince Abioye

      4. Sharon Kimmel

      5. Adrian Lynn

      6. Alam Somalinggi

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    • Victim: Alam Somalinggi (Found impaled by a fence post outside Fabien's castle)

      Murder Weapon: Fence Post


      Maylin Park: Mechanic; knew the victim in Indonesia on a fishing trip, got angry at him when he threw a fish, that she caught, into the water for believing that girls shouldn't be fishing in front of men.

      Fabien de la Mort: Owner of the castle; said he didn't see anything happening in his frontyard, Alam's blood were found on Fabien's ascot after he wanted to drink human blood for feeling tired.

      Prince Abioye: Victim's adopted father; Alam hated him for being his adopted father and wanted to find his real parents.

      Sharon Kimmel: Local woman from California; said she left Bayou Bleu to California after her daughter's death, punched Alam when he mocked her for her scar.

      Adrian Lynn: Victim's friend; claimed he were like best friends, notes were found in the victim's cooler with Adrian's anger towards Alam, revealing Alam wouldn't take him fishing because he doesn't know how to use a fishing rod.

      Killer: Prince Abioye

      When the team confronted him, Abioye denied killing his adopted son and said he is the prince of Mazunda. But when the evidence points to him, Abioye confessed and said Alam knew the truth. When asked what he meant by "knew the truth", he revealed that Alam's biological parents were killed by him. While he was in Mazunda, the victim's parents were his slaves and were sentenced to be fed by the crocodiles for attempting to escape Mazunda. As they were taken to the crocodile river, they were thrown into the river and Abioye watched them get eaten, with baby Alam alone with no parents.

      Prince Abioye then made Alam as his son and made him believedhe was his real dad. However, few years later, Alam discovered he wasn't his real dad and found out his parents were sentenced to death by him. Abioye and Alam then argued and Alam told him that he will emigrate in Indonesia without him. Angry for Alam finding the truth, Abioye called him in te frontyard of Fabien's castle to wish him farewell. When Alam, the prince took out a fence post from Fabien's fence and impaled his adopted son so they can live together. Abioye was then sentenced to 40 years in prison and was stripped as being prince of Mazunda.

      Next Set:

      Andy Choi

      Veronica Salter

      Gunnar Burns

      Pearl Montana

      Paul Etter

      Viola Pemberton

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    • Victim: Gunnar Burns (Found dead in his kitchen from poisoning)

      Weapon: Drain cleaner (Ben revealed that the chemical was mixed in with the victim's coffee)


      Andy Choi (Victim's doctor; was nearly fired due to Gunnar stealing medical equipment during his check-ups with Andy, with Andy being accused of the thefts)

      Veronica Salter (Anonymous threatening texts found on the victim's phone were traced back to her; Veronica revealed that Gunnar used to work at the orphanage she was sent to and was her main abuser)

      Pearl Montana (Victim's daughter from a one-night stand he had at 19; approached Gunnar to reveal herself as his child, only for him to accuse her of lying and throwing her out of his house)

      Paul Etter (Art teacher at the community center the victim worked at as landscaping; made a painting of Gunnar depicting him hanging in a noose after Gunnar destroyed his artwork and mocked him when he confronted him about it)

      Viola Pemberton (Displaced ghost residing in the victim's home; revealed herself to Gunnar, who expressed outrage at having a Black woman haunting his house)

      Killer: Viola Pemberton. While the team was shocked that a former Lab Chief would commit murder, Viola dejectedly confessed, saying she had done what she did to protect herself. Viola revealed that Gunnar was so against the idea of having a Black female spirit reside in his home that he was arranging an exorcism for his house--one which would send Viola to an eternal Purgatory. Not wanting such a miserable fate, Viola decided she had to kill Gunnar before he could hold the exorcism.

      Not wanting to possess someone to commit murder for her, Viola used her limited powers to retrieve the drain cleaner and pour it into the coffee pot Gunnar had brewing, just barely being able to put the cleaner back before Gunnar returned to the kitchen. Soon after her confession, Viola fell unconscious and disappeared, having used up her limited energy. The AI had the team holding a ceremony to give Viola her energy back, before then allowing her to return to her proper afterlife with her family.

      Next Set:

      1. Richard Wells

      2. Regulus

      3. Aicha Ben Malek

      4. Eddie Moretti

      5. Diego del Lobo

      6. Ellen Morowitz

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    • The case starts with T.I.M.E. going back to 2029 after all the events they had. However, upon arriving in 2029, they saw a huge portal above the sky. While looking at the portal, coroner Richard Wells tell them that Diego was shot with a huge hole in his chest.

      Victim: Diego del Lobo (Shot in the chest with a huge hole at an alleyway)

      Murder Weapon: Laser Gun


      Richard Wells: 19th century coroner of Concordian Flying Squad; was happy to see the player again but was sad when he saw Diego get shot, left a threatening message to Diego telling him to "stay away from Maddie", expressing his anger to Diego after he shot Charlie.

      Regulus: Roman flag-bearer; had almost gotten killed by Diego after he was testing his revolver and accidentally pulled the trigger on him.

      Aicha Ben Malek: Immigration officer from Inner City; now works as a security guard at NYC Airport after flying cars took over, revealed that Diego called her a racist after she couldn't let him in the airport because he was Spanish.

      Eddie Moretti: Italian chef; said the victim came to his cooking class and taught him how to cook lasagna, a cooking video of Eddie showed his disgusted towards Diego after he almost got his cooking class on fire.

      Ellen Morowitz: Artist; painted a portrait of Diego decipting him as a demon controlling Earth, revealing she was fired from her job as a sketch artist by his descendant Rico del Lobo.

      Killer: Richard Wells

      The team were shocked when they found out that Dick was he killer. When the team confronted him, Dick told the player that he knew him while he was in the squad and would never kill one of his friends. But when the evidence was put against him, he broke down in tears and proclaimed that it had to be done. As Dick revealed, he explained after the player resigned from the flying squad, he couldn't bear Maddie raising her child all alone and felt it was Diego's fault for not shooting Lawson instead of Charlie.

      As the player wasn't there with the squad, Dick planned to kill Diego in his prison cell but failed after a huge portal came up from the sky. While the portal was there, he remembered laying down in an alleyway of 2029 next to Diego. When he saw Diego, he woke up and questioned him what happened. Avenging Charlie, Dick retrieved a laser gun and shot him with a huge hole in his chest. Dick then told them that he thought the wound would be small and realized it was huge. Dick was then taken to the authorities and put him in custody until they find out what to do with him for his punishment.

      The AI has Kai revealing that the portal from the sky was made by someone. Kai also revealed that the portal was made by a machine but couldn't say where it is. However, he indicates that the machine was made by an inventor from 2029. Wanting to know about the portal, the team head to the inventor's home to talk to them.

      For the next case, have the team go to the inventor's house to question him about the portal, only to find him dead in his living room.

      Next Set:

      Ruby Armstrong

      Ziggy Sparks

      Orville West

      Trevor Neuman

      Leonardo da Vinci

      Veronica Salter

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    • Victim: Ziggy Sparks (found burning in his home)

      Murder Weapon: Flamethrower

      Case Name: Created a Murder


      Ruby Armstrong: (Volcanologist, found out that Ziggy had a crush on Ruby, but Ruby rejected his advances)

      Orville West: (Inventor who revived genius Leonardo da Vinci, had a problem with Ziggy being "the new big thing")

      Trevor Neuman: (Psychiatrist, thought that Ziggy was insane)

      Leonardo da Vinci: (Genius, said that the portal was a sign of the apocalypse)

      Veronica Salter: (Young lady, theorized that Ziggy was a robot)

      Killer: Veronica Salter. Veronica admitted to the murder, and said that she was dating Ziggy. Ziggy would always write in a journal, and told Veronica to never look inside of it. However, Veronica became super curious and looked inside of it, only to find that Ziggy was planning to make a "new apocalypse". Wanting to stop this, Veronica grabbed a flamethrower and threw flames at Ziggy, burning him to death. Veronica was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

      With the inventor dead, the team decides to ask anybody what they knew about the portal.

      Continue this story with the next set:

      1. Facundo Vidal

      2. Frank Vogel

      3. Jasper Everett

      4. Princess Torgoljin

      5. Lady Highmore

      6. Rani Goshwalla

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    • With portal inventor Ziggy Sparks dead, the team began working to find out if anyone else knew about the portal--as Cathy deduced that, not being an experienced inventor, Ziggy had to have had help creating the portal. Mia suddenly burst in, revealing that she had gone to investigate Ziggy's loft and discovered a notebook that revealed the identity of Ziggy's co-conspirator: Jasper Everett, with the revelation horrifying his husband Amir. The player, Gloria, and Amir decided to confront Jasper after tracking him down to an abandoned house via his cell phone, only to be horrified to find Jasper dead.

      Victim: Jasper Everett (Found dead in an abandoned house)

      Weapon: Stun gun (Found discarded in a bush outside the house; Martine determined that Jasper died of cardiac arrest after taking a shock right to the chest)


      Facundo Vidal (Victim's dance instructor, who taught him dancing in preparation for his wedding to Amir; texts revealed the two were illicit lovers, with Facundo revealing he loved Jasper and had been upset at him for constantly reneging his promise to leave Amir for him)

      Frank Vogel (Ghost lured into becoming trapped in the house by a contraption made by the victim; was heartbroken at being separated from his wife Marissa--the only woman Frank ever truly loved)

      Princess Torgoljin (Ghost lured into becoming trapped in the house by a contraption made by the victim; was subjected to the more intense of Jasper's energy-draining experiments due to being the oldest spirit captured, leading Torgoljin to use her weak remaining energy in fruitless attempts to kill Jasper)

      Lady Highmore (Ghost lured into becoming trapped in the house by a contraption made by the victim; was the most bitter and resentful of the ghosts, having been separated from being in the afterlife with her husband and niece)

      Rani Goshwalla (Love letters from Rani were found in the victim's possession; revealed that she developed a crush on Jasper after he spoke at a seminar for Grimsborough University and wrote to him, being upset when he only wrote her back asking to stop writing him)

      Killer: Facundo Vidal. When confronted, Facundo proclaimed he loved Jasper and would never have killed him. But during his refusal to believe the evidence proving his guilt, a stun gun fell out of Facundo's pocket, with Facundo saying he lost his old one and got a new stun gun--carrying one around for protection. Facundo then burst into tears as he realized he had to have killed Jasper, but professed having no memory of even doing it. When Facundo revealed he last remembered following Jasper to the abandoned house to confront him about not leaving Amir, the player and Gloria realized a ghostly presence was at work and took Facundo to the house to see who was responsible for possessing Facundo.

      As soon as Gloria demanded an answer from the group, Frank came forward and confessed to possessing Facundo, having done so to save himself and his fellow ghostly captives from being drained of all their energy by Jasper and sent to "the dark place" (Purgatory). Frank had been waiting for the chance to kill Jasper, though Jasper took all the necessary precautions to stop the ghosts from possessing him and forcing him to kill himself or doing anything else to harm him. So when Facundo confronted Jasper at the house and Frank saw a stun gun in his pocket, he acted fast and possessed Facundo, forcing him to kill Jasper with a shock to the chest. With that, Facundo was taken to the proper authorities, where he was likely to face a lenient sentence due to the circumstances.

      The AI had the team investigating to find what Jasper was up to with the ghosts, discovering equipment in the basement of the house that he used to extract energy from his ghostly prisoners. Notebooks also revealed more information: the portal had lost too much energy to be used again, and Jasper had been planning to store enough ghost energy to restore it and fulfill his and Ziggy's plans to bring about the apocalypse. After setting the three captive ghosts free to go back to the afterlife, Amir was heartbroken at the revelations made about Jasper and ran away, despite the team's attempt to console him. At the end of the case, as the team questioned why Ziggy and Jasper were wanting to destroy the world, Mia came in and revealed horrifying news: the abandoned house had been raided, with the culprit somehow making off with the equipment.

      For the next set, finish this story off by revealing who this thief/final accomplice is, as well as their motivation (along with Ziggy's and Jasper's) for wanting to end the world:

      1. Lorna Westerberg

      2. Blackbeard

      3. Lev Romanov

      4. David Rosenberg

      5. Ethel Hubcap

      6. Summer Klein

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    • Victim: David Rosenberg (found dead inside of a lake)

      Murder Weapon: Drowning

      Case Name: Drowned the Genius


      Lorna Westerberg: (Actress, was mad when David kept on following her asking for an autograph)

      Blackbeard: (Famous pirate brought back to life by Orville West, tried to convince the team that there was a book inside Orville's lab that showed a solution of how to stop the end of the world)

      Lev Romanov: (Former Soviet Ambassador brought back to life by Orville West, met David at a bar, but was confused about what year it was)

      Ethel Hubcap: (Pest control expert, threw a rock at David when he declined her offer to work for him)

      Summer Klein: (Botany Student, revealed that David was taking care of her after he took her away from her abusive parents)

      Killer: Ethel Hubcap. Ethel revealed that David was the thief, and that he was planning to kill Blackbeard and Orville and take the book and destroy it, that way the world would not know the solution to the apocalypse. To stop David, Ethel drowned him in the lake. Ethel was sentenced to 2 years in prison, with a chance of parole in 1 year.

      In the AI, the team asked Blackbeard if they could have Orville's book, which Blackbeard happily handed to the team, thanking them for helping the world. After destroying the equipment, the team found a control room with many switches behind the abandoned house, and saw a button that would stop the portal. After pressing it, the portal disappeared. With that, the team threw a party for another job well done.

      The end.

      Next set:

      1. Yelena Tereshkova

      2. Lam Ugyen

      3. Yoshinobu Akagi

      4. Brian MacKenzie

      5. Brother Klaus

      6. Sue Xiong

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    • Victim: Yoshinobu Akagi (found chopped into pieces in his sushi resturant)

      Murder Weapon: Cleaver


      Yelena Tereshkova: Russian cosmonaut; would come in his sushi restaurant on her breaks, filed a lawsuit on him after she almost died from eating his new food The Fish of Heaven.

      Lam Uygen: Monk; said the victim would come to the temple to worship Buddha, a note from Lam told Yoshinobu to "go to hell" after the victim started to not come to the temple and worship Buddha anymore.

      Brian MacKenzie: Candian policeman; made wanted posters of Yoshinobu to "shoot him if seen", saying the victim resisted arrest when he was suspected of drunk driving.

      Brother Klaus: Ghost haunting an abandoned castle; confessed that he wanted to possess Yoshinobu but couldn't when he discovered that the victim had a boyfriend.

      Sue Xiong: Chinese community leader of Inner City; claimed she didn't know the victim, audio recording showed her and Yoshinobu arguing and Sue calling him stupid after the victim asked him if he can join the Chinese community.

      Killer: Brian MacKenzie

      When the team confronted him, Brian denied the accusations until he was put down with evidence. Brian said that when he came to Yoshinobu's restaurant, he was surprised when he saw the victim coming out of the kitchen. As Yoshinobu came out, Brian panicked and excused himself to leave.

      At night, Brian became confident and came up to the restaurant to arrest the victim. However, as he was going to arrest him, Yoshinobu claimed Brian got the wrong guy and said he knew nothing about the drunk driving incident. Angry for him lying, Yoshinobu attempted to run out of the restaurant but slipped and hit his head in a wooden counter. Thinking that killing him would not let him escape again, Brian grabbed a cleaver and cut Yoshinobu into pieces. Brian was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

      Next Set:

      Hugo Mercier (City of Romance)

      Thomas Cox

      Samuel King

      Alexis Cardinot

      Martha Price

      Sarah Bennett

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    • Victim: Samuel King (found hanging from a noose in his home)

      Murder Weapon: Noose (Revealed that his head was bashed before being hung)

      Case Name:  Like a Lightning Bolt


      Hugo Mercier (Officer from Paris, wanted to investigate the murder of the former chief, but then convinced himself not to)

      Thomas Cox: (Journalist, was mad when the Chief and another officer ruined his house looking for evidence about the murder of his wife)

      Alexis Cardinot: (Model from Paris, Samuel tried to arrange a marriage between his son and Alexis, who Alexis was not interested in)

      Martha Price: (Mayor of Grimsborough, had lunch with the victim, but was disgusted by Samuel's political views)

      Sarah Bennett: (Vice President of the US, accidentally broke one of Samuel's trophies when thanking him for what he did for Grimsborough)

      Killer: Sarah Bennett. The Vice President of the United States immediately admitted to the murder, and said that Samuel made her lose her loved one. Sarah said that one day she got drunk and started flirting with Samuel, who walked away. However, Sarah's husband saw this, and then divorced her. The divorce was one of the top stories, making Sarah embarrassed. 

      Sarah then decided to get revenge, so she headed over to Samuel's home and bashed his head with a rock, before hanging him. Sarah was sentenced to 45 years in prison, and also stripped of her power as Vice President.

      Next set:

      1. Roxie Sparks

      2. Larry Rochester

      3. Ninah Zafy

      4. Tangzi Khatun

      5. Zeke Davis

      6. Nelson Campbell

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    • Victim: Zeke Davis (Found shot to death outside the Saguaro Chemical Plant's security fence)

      Weapon: Hunting Rifle (Found near the body)


      Roxie Sparks (Victim's ex-girlfriend; claimed she and Zeke only dated briefly and that she barely remembered him, though she later confessed that she broke up with him after reporting him to the police for drunkenly assaulting a chemical plant employee, with Roxie saying she had been afraid Zeke would come after her)

      Larry Rochester (Elderly president of Saguaro Chemical Plant; was frustrated when his attempts to pay Zeke to stop protesting his company's environmentally unhealthy practices failed to stop him, saying he wasn't about to let "some tree-hugging loon" ruin his empire)

      Ninah Zafy (Had the victim as a regular customer; said he once got angry at her for accidentally scratching the paint on his car, with Ninah being forced to repay him for the damages)

      Tangzi Khatun (Displaced ghost wandering Saguaro; took a liking to Zeke and was even considering possessing him to be as close to him as she possibly could in her current form)

      Nelson Campbell (Had the victim as an assistant; security footage showed him slapping Zeke for being on FilterPix on the job, with Nelson saying Zeke was always a lax assistant and he was considering getting rid of him)

      Killer: Ninah Zafy. When confronted, Ninah tried to deny it and say she'd be a serial killer if she went around killing every customer who got mad at her for something. But once the evidence proved her guilt, Ninah broke down and revealed that Zeke was a demon and that she sent him back to Hell where he belonged. Ninah later confessed that, as a child, she witnessed a demon kill her brother while they were home alone. But not only did no one believe her when she told her parents what happened, but they ended up believing Ninah committed the murder and had her placed in a psychiatric hospital, where she stayed until she turned 18.

      Years later, her bitterness at having had her life ruined by a demon, Ninah developed a hatred for demons. So one night, while closing up the shop, she spotted Zeke in his demon form and followed him, being shocked when she found out the demon was Zeke. Deciding Zeke had to be an evil demon and had to be killed, Ninah left Zeke a note to meet her by the Chemical Plant, claiming to have dirt on Larry Rochester. But when he arrived, Ninah took out a hunting rifle--the same one her brother had before his death--and shot Zeke to death. Ninah was then taken to the proper authorities, with her claims of Zeke being a demon being disbelieved by the police. The AI also had the team finding out that Zeke was a good demon simply wanting to live a life among the living, meaning that Ninah killed him for nothing.

      Next Set:

      1. Charlene Cody

      2. Anita Diaz

      3. Veronica Johnson

      4. Gita Desai

      5. Hector Fernandez

      6. Dr Henry Liu

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    • Victim: Veronica Johnson (Killed at the International Festival)

      Murder Weapon: Poisoned Cupcake (Autopsy revealed she was poisoned by a cupcake given by the killer)


      Charlence Cody: Festival organizer; hired Veronica as the decorator of the festival, was angry at her when she hanged a banner of former mayor Howard Johnson.

      Anita Diaz: Filipino maid; said she is going to meet other people about their race, wrote an angry message to Veronica after she falsely told people that Filipinos were part of the Pearl Harbor Attack.

      Gita Desai: Indian traveler; was angry at Veronica when she made a racist joke of her bindi, calling it a button used to explode all the people in the festival.

      Hector Fernandez: Mexican adoption worker; claimed Veronica was like a daughter to him, video footage showed Hector getting angry at the victim about his son, revealing his son died in a house accident and Veronica thought it was because "he was adopted".

      Dr Henry Liu: Chinese scientist; had bad blood with the victim for joking about Asians being smart, which she was referring to him as being a scientist.

      Killer: Charlence Cody

      When the team confronted her, Charlence denied the accusations and told the team she is about to do a speech in the festival. But when she was presented with evidence, Charlence admitted to killing Veronica and said she wouldn't leave. When asked to elaborate, Charlence told them that she was frustrated with Veronica being racist to everyone and wanted people to donate money to bail Howard and Serena Johnson.

      One day, Charlence called Veronica to come to her meeting about her racism. When Charlence told her to quit the festival, Veronica refused and said she liked joking around with the people. But when Charlence then told her to stop making racist jokes, Veronica believed she wasn't in good taste with her jokes and told her one day she will laugh at them. Enraged at Veronica not quitting, Charlence poisoned a cupcake and gave it to the victim before the festival started. At trial, she told the judge that Veronica wouldn't leave and thought that killing her would make her not be around the festival. After Charlence finished her motive, she was sentenced to 35 years in prison.

      Next Set:

      Trixie Velvet

      Chon Sansurin

      Veronica Salter

      Fleur Stone

      Trevor Finn

      Émile Bardot

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    • Victim: Trevor Finn (found stabbed at the beach)

      Murder Weapon: Dagger


      Trixie Velvet: (Stripper, was forced by Trevor to do a private show over his shark tank, which Trixie didn't like because she hated sharks)

      Chon Sansurin: (Bookmaker, said that he would have loved to see Trevor get eaten by a shark)

      Veronica Salter (Beach visitor, Trevor tried to grope her)

      Fleur Stone: (Pharmacist, was yelled at by Trevor that she was doing her job wrong and that anybody would be a better pharmacist than her)

      Emile Bardot: (Technology Expert, turned out to be one of the victim's friends, and wanted to show Trevor Paris, which Trevor rejected)

      Killer: Veronica Salter. Veronica admitted to the murder, saying that Trevor not only groped her, but he was doing horrible experiments with sharks. However, Veronica didn't know anything else about the experiments, but she knew that he had to be stopped. Veronica then followed Trevor at the beach and stabbed him to death. Veronica was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

      For the next case, continue the "Shark Experiments" story:

      1. Andrew Kamarov

      2. Tom Blackwater

      3. Seth Daemon

      4. Oracle Papadakis

      5. Ashton Cooper

      6. Agnes Manners

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    • After learning about Trevor Finn's illegal shark experiments, the team searched his home and found he had recently purchased an abandoned indoor swimming pool. Going to the location, the player and Amy were horrified to find sharks in the pools--as well as a child's eviscerated body by the pools. Midway through the investigation, the player and Amy were put on a time limit when Andrew's father Nikolai took Roxie hostage in the lab, threatening to kill her if they didn't find his son's killer and bring them to him in 24 hours.

      Victim: Andrew Kamarov (Found dead by the indoor swimming pool, having been eviscerated by sharks)

      Weapon: Sharks


      Tom Blackwater (Victim's babysitter; said that Andrew was a fun kid and the two got along, though Andrew's journal revealed he hated Tom for never letting him have candy while they were together)

      Seth Daemon (It is revealed that Seth's father did business with Andrew's father; claimed he rarely interacted with Andrew and that he believed Nikolai might be sick enough to kill his own child)

      Oracle Papdakis (Fingerprints were found on the victim's clothes; claimed she once simply helped him when he fell down at the local playground, though police records later showed that Cassandra--desperate to be a mother and unable to adopt due to her past ties with SOMBRA--had been charged with attempting to abduct a young boy from a mall, forcing her to confess she tried to do the same with Andrew before being stopped by Nikolai)

      Ashton Cooper (A regular at the local playground and son of Ben Cooper, who was playmates with Andrew; security footage showed him throttling Andrew after he shoved Ben off a slide, with Ashton saying the incident could've easily killed Ben)

      Agnes Manners (Ghost haunting the Kamarov home; said that Andrew reminded him of her own son when he was that age)

      Killer: Seth Daemon. When confronted, Seth jokingly tried to deny the accusation, but eventually smirked and confessed to being both Andrew's killer and Trevor Finn's accomplice in his shark experiments. When asked what the experiments were about and what he had to gain from helping Trevor, Seth said that he and Trevor had been working on a serum to give sharks ultra-strength, while making them easily agitated and volatile. Needing a test subject, Seth decided on Andrew since he would be easy to capture, snatching the young boy on his way home from school and feeding him to the sharks. He then pulled out his body to examine the sharks' work, being astonished at how easily and quickly they tore him to shreds. Seth then revealed he intended to keep some of the sharks as pets to use against his enemies now that he was taking over his father's business--revealing that Dr. Daemon (who he earlier claimed was out of town on business) was actually dead in their basement, Seth having killed his father to take over his position as the local crime lord.

      Seth then attempted to flee, only for Amy to stun him with a taser, allowing the player to handcuff him and take him to the lab to save Roxie from a grief-stricken Nikolai. Enraged at learning that Seth had killed both his son and a business partner he considered a friend, Nikolai prepared to kill Seth with the pistol he had been using to keep Roxie hostage, but was convinced by Roxie (who had been bonding with the despondent man) that if he killed Seth, he would get off easy for his heinous crimes. Convinced to let Seth answer for his crimes in court and spend the rest of his life in jail, Nikolai surrendered and Seth was taken under arrest. Seth was indeed given a life sentence, Nikolai was given 10 years in a possibility of parole in 5 if he attended counselling for taking Roxie hostage, and the sharks were placed under veterinary care to recuperate from Trevor and Seth's experiments. The End.

      Next Set:

      1. Linda Lovara

      2. Margot Kirkland

      3. Norma Cole

      4. Vanessa Carter

      5. Florence Brucker

      6. Captain Clementine

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