• Hopefully Skyline97 doesn't mind me reviving their old case rewriting game that I was a big fan of. As before, for each case the previous poster assigns, you'll flip the case to where the killer is now the vicitim and the victim is now the killer. However, for this iteration, you won't have to go all out and rewrite the arrest dialogue. Instead, summarize why and how the new killer committed their crime and how they're punished afterwards (if applicable)

    To start off, reverse The Death of Rosa Wolf (or, in this case, The Death of Matt Barry)

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    • David JonesMs. Wolf, you are under arrest for the murder of Matt Barry.

      Rosa Wolf: (laughing) Officer, I think you have the wrong person.

      David: Rosa, stop lying. We know you did it, so admit!

      Rosa: '(angry) You know what? I'll get straight to the point. Yes, I did kill the asshole.

      Rosa: Recently, while I was walking along, and I saw Matt behind me.

      Rosa: I thought he had to go somewhere, so I just kept walking.

      Jones: What happened? Did Matt assault you?

      Rosa: Yes! He did! He knocked me to the floor and stole my purse! I looked around, but nobody witnessed it!

      Rosa: So I got back at him. I found him, and I grabbed my knife and slashed his throat. 

      Jones: Rosa, what Matt did was terrible, but you shouldn't kill him! And for that, you are under arrest!

      (At court)

      Judge HallMs. Wolf, you are here for the murder of Matt Barry. How do you plead?

      Rosa Wolf: Guilty, Your Honor. I did the right thing.

      Judge Hall: Rosa, murdering someone is not the right thing to do! And for the murder, I sentence you to 20 years in prison.

      Rosa: I hope Matt rots in hell.


      David Jones: Hey, <Name>! Nice job solving your first case! 

      Jones: (winking) Say, what about you and I get a hot dog. I'm starving!

      Jones: dog....

      Reverse A Tudor Murder

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    • Rewriting dialogue isn't required in this variation.

      Now on to A Tudor Murder:

      Catherine of Aragon is confronted by Nebet and the player for killing Agnes Manners. After initially denying it and threatening to have Nebet and the player executed by her husband Henry VIII before finally confessing to Agnes' murder. When Nebet admonished Catherine for killing a woman just for not liking her tavern, Catherine proclaimed that she wasn't that petty and that her actions had been motivated by Agnes learning a "shameful secret" of hers.

      When pushed, Catherine confessed that while at the Mangy Lion, she became intoxicated and shared a drunken kiss with Alexandre Devereaux. Agnes confronted her with having witnessed the kiss and began blackmailing Catherine, threatening to tell Henry if she didn't pay her regularly. After finally growing tired of being "under the thumb of some lowly peasant" (her words), Catherine lured Agnes to the throne room while she was delivering cross buns, claiming to be giving her a valuable piece of jewelry for her latest payment. Instead, Catherine took a morning star mace and struck Agnes dead. When taken before Henry, Catherine was admonished by her husband for her murderous deed and demeaned as a "harlot" when she confessed to her kiss with Alexandre. While initially set to have Catherine and Alexandre beheaded, Henry was convinced by the player and Nebet that a more suitable punishment would be to have Catherine banished from the kingdom--but not before Henry had her publicly shamed for her dalliance.

      Reverse Summer of Death

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    • I'm sorry XD

      Summer of Death.

      The killer of Major Perkins turned out to be Noah Lowe. Noah denied the accusations at first, but then admitted to killing Major Perkins. Noah said that he went to Woodstock, where he met Major Perkins. Major Perkins seemed to be really nice to Noah, and Noah then brought up the subject about his homosexuality. Major Perkins then complimented him, making him feel better. However, Perkins heard a car backfire. Perkins tried to tackle Noah, but Noah accidentally pushed her back, and she hit her head against the van door, killing her. Noah was handed over to police.

      Reverse Niagara Fallen

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    • No problemo :)

      Niagara Fallen:

      Wendall Goh's killer is revealed to be Ronnie Hawk. After initially trying to claim he was busy editing a video, he was eventually cornered with the evidence and confessed. Ronnie had been trying to buy the cabin where Wendall was living in, with Ronnie confronting Wendall at the cabin and reminding him that he had no claim over the cabin due to not officially owning it.

      In response, Wendall refused to leave and threatened to harm Roxanne Vega (who Wendall had learned was Ronnie's mother via eavesdropping) if Ronnie didn't back down. Enraged at the threat against his mother, Ronnie strangled Wendall to death. After his confession, Ronnie was brought to the police for Wendall's murder, with the team concealing the fact that Wendall was a wendigo from the authorities before Ronnie was sentenced to 25 years of prison.

      Reverse Up in Flames

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    • Up in Flames:

      Tony Marconi turned out to be the killer of his son, Emilio Fuller. Tony denied the accusations at first but then admitted to the murder. Tony said that he found Emilio with a weird sword one day and asked where he got it. Emilio refused to tell him, so Tony told him to put it back. However, Emilio planned on keeping it, so Tony slapped it out of his hand. When Emilio tried to grab it, Tony grabbed a molotov cocktail and threw it at his son, killing him. Tony was sentenced to life in prison in solitary confinement. After, the team decided to take a closer look at the sword.

      Reverse Bewitched, Bothered, Bewildered.

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    • Agwe is revealed as Jorge de la Cruz's killer. When confronted, Agwe tried to claim that he loved Jorge too much to harm him. But when reminded by Jack that Jorge did not return his feelings, Agwe became angry and accidentally admitted to the murder. As Agwe revealed, he had begun to realize that Jorge wasn't interested as his continued efforts to flirt with him failed. But once he received a fruit cake from Jorge, he took it as a sign that he did return his feelings, but was too scared to be public about it.

      But as Agwe learned after eating two slices of cake, it was laced with laxatives, which left Agwe unable to work for almost a week. Upset, Agwe confronted Jorge on the beach, where Jorge told Agwe to leave him alone and insulted him for his homosexuality. In a blind rage, Agwe grabbed a nearby glass bottle and bashed it against Jorge's head, killing him. After being brought before Mary, the captain sympathized with how hurt Agwe was by Jorge's rejection, but still admonished him for turning to murder as a result. As such, Mary sentenced Agwe to stay on the island and await the voodooo gods' punishment.

      Reverse Snake in the Grass

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    • First of all I love this game and I am doing this and Can I do dialogue.

      Jones: Nathan,you Murdered Kit Partridge.

      Nathan: Yes,I will confess right now.

      Nathan: Before I join the Grimsborough Police Department I working with Kit as coroners.

      Nathan: One day his son was in a drug bust and got arrested and Kit asked me to destroy the evidence so he wouldn’t go to jail.

      Nathan: I thought he was joking and then he kept saying it.

      Nathan: It became so bad I asked for a transfer

      David: Then why did you kill him today

      Nathan: A couple weeks ago he came to the zoo and I recognized him

      Nathan: He came and said his son got in a bad fight in prison and died and he blamed me for it.

      Nathan: Then today he stole one of the zoos snakes and a snake wrangling tool and tried to attack me.

      Nathan: I then tooled the snake wrangling tool away and tried to get security to get him arrested when the snake came off the tool and bit him a couple of times before I got it.

      Nathan: When I came back after putting the snake away I realized that he was dead

      Jones: I am so sorry Nathan but we need to arrest you.

      (In The Court)

      Judge Powell: Nathan Pandiy you stand accused of the murder of Kit Partiridge

      Judge Powell: I Read your file and I am sorry about it.

      Nathan: Judge I just plead guilty

      Judge Powell: It was a very bad accident and I know you were trying to do the right thing.I sentence you to 6 months in jail and if your right about the panda smuggling I will give you 2 months.

      Rewrite The Third Degree

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    • Theresa Rosenthal turned out to be the killer of Reggie Pratt. After denying the accusations, Theresa showed her true form as a demon. Theresa said that Reggie was a weakling and that he couldn't handle that much. Theresa said that she already found the fifth key and that she killed Reggie just for fun. Theresa then vanished, leaving George and the player shocked.

      Reverse Byte the Dust.

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    • Blueybluepaw, if you prefer to do dialogue, it's not a problem for me :)

      Byte the Dust:

      Ash Bison is revealed to have killed his girlfriend Joy Schneider. Ash arrogantly tried to deny responsibility, even attempting to point a finger at Troy Cassidy. But after being cornered by all the evidence, Ash scowled and confessed, cursing the player for figuring him out. When demanded for a motive by David, Ash recounted how his daughter Kaitlyn Flynn had come to him and revealed who she was, only for Ash to reject her and claim she was lying to get his money. But as Ash revealed, he knew for a fact that Kaitlyn was his daughter, but had no interest in having her in his life, revealing that Kaitlyn's mother Natasha had her behind his back despite him demanding her to have an abortion.

      When Joy found out about Kaitlyn being her boyfriend's daughter and how he'd rejected her, Joy confronted Ash and broke up with him for his cruelty. Enraged, Ash later lured Joy out of her apartment before attacking and killing her with a razor. He then placed her body outside the Skulls Microbrewery in an attempt to frame Troy for Joy's murder. Ash was arrested and put on trial and, after showing no remorse for killing Joy or for rejecting his own child, Judge Powell sentenced Ash to life in prison.

      Reverse The Ice Queen

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    • Becky Walden turned out to be the killer of Derek Stone. Becky denied the accusations but then admitted to the murder. Becky said that she wanted to be super famous, so she decided to record herself committing a murder. Becky then stalked Derek, and got her phone out and recorded it. Derek got out at a gas station, where he first saw Becky, who pretended to ask the cashier where the bathroom was. Becky later purchased an energy drink, the drink that she would accidentally spill on Derek while committing the murder, leaving some evidence for the police to find. Becky got out her phone when Derek was smoking and some liquid nitrogen, and froze Derek to death. Judge Dante thought this was cruel, but Becky said it was art, and that everyone will know her name. Suddenly, Judge Dante started laughing. In tears, Judge Dante sentenced Becky to life in prison.

      Reverse Killer Takes All.

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    • Grace O'Brien's killer is revealed to be croupier Alfie McNaulty. After briefly trying to deny it, Alfie admitted to killing Grace, but claimed he acted in self-defense. Alfie also confessed to another secret: he had secretly been continuing his career as as jewel thief, but now had resorted to breaking into people's homes to steal jewelry to pawn at various shops (citing it was less risky than the jobs he pulled with Grace). While Alfie turned down Grace's jewelry store heist, he decided he would kill Grace before breaking into her house to steal whatever she got from the heist.

      While Grace was playing a game of cards at his table, Alfie left Grace a message on the shrimp plate, claiming he wanted to make the heist up to Grace by including her in a big-time heist he had planned. But after meeting Grace outside the casino, Alfie casually asked Grace where she'd stored the gains from the jewelry store heist before stabbing her in the eye with his croupier stick. At his trial, Alfie tried to argue he'd done the world a favor getting rid of Grace, calling her a "reckless, foolish criminal", with Judge Dante arguing that Alfie was not one to pass judgement before sentencing him to 30 years in prison for both Grace's murder and mutliple counts of burgulary.

      Reverse Welcome to Pacific Bay

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    • Amy: Christie Becker Your under arrest for the murder of your Boyfriend Tyler Griffin

      Christie: Yes I will confess I did murder him.

      Christie:he thought I was cheating on him but I am pregnant with his child

      Christie : He thought it was somebody else’s but he was trying to attack me when I defended my self and Accidentally killed him.I am sorry.


      Judge Dante:Christie Becker you stand accused of murder how do you plead. 

      Christie: Guilty just sentence me please.

      Judge Dante: I sentence you to 8 years in prison

      Reverse The Tree of Death

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    • The killer of Zeke Davis turned out to be Annette Strong. Annette denied the accusations but later admitted to the murder. Annette said that she met Zeke at a store and they struck up a conversation. Later, Annette and Zeke planned to meet up for some coffee at Wyoming. (Where Annette would soon guard the magic tree)

      Annette and Zeke met at Wyoming for some coffee as planned. Zeke said he had interest in the supernatural. Annette got surprised and asked him if he knew a lot about werewolves. Zeke said that he knew stuff. Later, Zeke got suspicious and asked Annette if she were a werewolf. Annette denied being a werewolf. However, Zeke thought she was lying, and asked again. Annette thought he was onto her, so she got out a knife and cut out his heart to keep the secret. Annette then decided to guard the tree. Gwen refused to turn her into the police (due to the fact that she was a werewolf), so she decided to have her pack decide her fate.

      Reverse The King's Shadow.

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    • Much to the team's shock, Michelle Zuria turned out to be Arsenio Castillo's killer. Upon being confronted with the evidence, Michelle immediately confessed and revealed how, while she was giving the team information as X, she began researching her former clients for SOMBRA ties. After some digging, she discovered Arsenio's status as SOMBRA's current leader. But believing Arsenio to be dead and the title of El Rey to have been passed on to someone else, Michelle thought the information irrelevant.

      But then Michelle ran into Arsenio while making a grocery run while the team was in Colombia, with Michelle fleeing as Arsenio attempted to kill her for betraying SOMBRA. After taking refuge in the bell tower, Michelle heard as Arsenio blasted Michelle for her betrayal and revealed how he'd had SOMBRA members keeping tabs on her and the team. When he made a threat to go after "her creepy little friend" (in reference to Elliot Clayton), Michelle's fear and anger took over and she killed Arsenio by using a pocketknife she carried with her to cut the bell loose, crushing him to death. At trial, Michelle admitted her guilt, but professed that her actions were motivated by her loyalty to the Bureau and her friendship with Elliot. Sympathetic and believing Michelle acted out of pure self-defense, Judge Nigel Adaku sentenced Michelle to 8 years in prison, with Michelle bemoaning that her arrest also meant she could no longer be a part of the Bureau.

      Reverse The End of the Night

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    • The killer of Duncan Young turned out to be Roberto Vasquez. After Amy yelled at him to tell him why he did it, Roberto said that he did Pacific Bay a favor. Roberto said that Duncan was the The Night Walker. Amy asked how he knew that, and Roberto said it looked just like him. Amy was shocked, and just because the Night Walker looked like Duncan, doesn't mean it was Duncan. Roberto still claimed that he was, and Judge Dante sentenced Roberto to life in prison with no possibility of parole.

      Reverse Burned to the Bone.

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    • Chad Wickman is revealed to be Joe Stern's killer. When confronted, Chad flippantly denied the accusations, but was ultimately cornered with the evidence. Chad revealed how he had been planning to leave the gang life for a while now, and applied for a job at Joe's mini-market in order to start providing an honest wage for him and his girlfriend Rose--who was planning to leave Grimsborough with Chad once he saved enough money.

      When Joe deliberately ignored his application, Chad attempted to find another job, only to be rejected due to his gang affiliations. Frustrated, Chad went back to Joe to plead for a job, only for Joe to scoff and declare he wouldn't let "gutter trash" work in his store. Driven into a rage, Chad waited in the abandoned parking lot for Joe, knowing he went through it on his way home from work, before dousing him in gasoline and lighting him on fire. Chad was arrested and, at trial, he dropped another bombshell as to why he was so desperate for a job: Rose had recently told him she was pregnant with his child. While sympathetic, Judge Olivia Hall admonished Chad for resorting to such severe violence and sentenced him to 15 years in prison, with a possibility for parole after 8 years if he regularly attended anger management classes. Chad declared he would, and tearfully begged Rose to forgive him and take care of their child while he was in prison.

      Reverse The Rorschach Reaper.

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    • The killer of Tess Goodwin turned out to be Madison Springer. Madison admitted but said it was a big accident. When Madison became Prom Queen, Tess looked jealous and asked if she could look at the tiara. Madison handed it over to her, but Tess tried to run away with it. However, the tiara was rigged, and it exploded, killing Tess. Madison turned out to be innocent as Donna Walker turned out to have rigged the crown in AI. 

      Reverse Marked for Death.

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    • Bryan Vigman's killer is revealed to be student Tyler Wright. When confronted, Tyler denied it and threatened to have his father sue the Grimsborough PD for the allegations, but slipped up when he accidentally revealed a detail about Bryan's murder that wasn't publicized. Caught, Tyler confessed and denied David's belief that he killed Bryan for threatening to report him for his cheating scheme, stating that he would've made sure his father dealt with that. Instead, Tyler killed Bryan for trying to expose Cathy King as The @rtist.

      As Tyler revealed, he truly did love Cathy's hacker persona, believing the @rtist to be "sexier and more dangerous" than Cathy--who he cheated on after she refused to use her hacking skills to help him cause mischief. While skipping class a few days back, Tyler overheard Bryan talk about how the @rtist was a menace to Grimsborough University and how he was going to find out who they were and have them expelled from campus. Furious, Tyler used the moment when Bryan took him to the dean's office to report his cheating as the opportunity to kill the security guard, taking the paper knife and stabbing him to death. At trial, Judge Hall blasted Tyler for his massive entitlement complex and total lack of remorse for his actions, sentencing him to life in prison--a sentenced Tyler scoffed at as he declared his father wouldn't let him spend even a night in "some gutter prison". The AI has the team work with Cathy (who was disgusted that Tyler killed someone in her name)  to prevent Tyler's father from getting his son off the hook for his actions.

      Reverse Dead Carpet.

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    • The killer of Velma Bannister turned out to be Tyler Snakes. Tyler denied the accusations but later admitted to the murder. Tyler said that he was at a fancy party with Velma one day. Once she left, she accidentally dropped a disc. Tyler thought about giving it back, but got curious, and decided to look at it. Tyler took it back to his house, got himself some popcorn, and put in the disc...

      Tyler started the video. The screen started to flash random colors. It then went dark. Tyler then saw a horrifying image. It was a man being stabbed to death by Velma. Tyler was horrified and scared as the man screamed in agony as Velma smiled at the camera. Tyler quickly turned off the video and decided to do something about this.

      Tyler then decided that since Velma liked cigerettes, he would put poison in it to kill her. Tyler then watched as Velma fell to the ground, dead. Judge Dante sentenced Tyler to 50 years in prison with a chance of parole in 30 years. In AI, the team reviews the tape and finds the identity of the man who got killed in the video.

      Reverse Shipwrecked!.

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    • Curly Stubbs' killer is revealed to be village leader Evangeline Rousseau. After trying to deny responsibility, Evangeline arrogantly confessed and revealed that, in addition to viewing Curly as the weakest of the group, she became furious when she found Curly and her daughter Miranda talking together by the waterfall, revealing that the two were plotting to flee the island together to escape Evangeline's grasp.

      Furious and believing that Curly was brainwashing her daughter against her, Evangeline waited for the right moment before killing Curly with a fishing spear while he was alone on the beach. Evangeline then ordered her fellow villagers to kill the player and Zara for going against her word, but when the remaining villagers refused and Miranda blasted her mother for killing her friend, Evangeline went mad and prepared to charge at the player with a rock to kill them. But before she could, she was impaled from behind with another discarded spear by Monday, killing her.

      Reverse The Last Supper.

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    • Jones: Daisy Thompson, you're under arrest for the murder of Valentine Montgomery!

      Daisy: Me?! How, I don't have access to the kitchen.

      Jones: We know you don't, but we got evidence that points to you.

      Jones: Confess Mrs. Thompson, or we take you to your last supper in freedom!

      Daisy: Alright, you got me! I did kill her,but she had to die!

      Jones: Why? Because she got you food poisoned?!

      Daisy: No! It's because she was putting drugs on the food!

      Jones: Wait, she was putting drugs on the food?!

      Daisy: Yes, and that's when I need her to stop!

      Jones: So you poisoned her lunch and wait until she died?!

      Daisy: Yep! But I'm glad it's over now...

      Jones: Wow Mrs. Thompson, you are a sick pup... You're under arrest!

      (Daisy was sentenced to 20 years in prison)

      Reverse Hell to Pay

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    • Isabel Vazquez's killer turned out to be Mateo Arias.

      Mateo said that he did kill Isabel, because she bought him the wrong flowers. Mateo ordered Isabel to buy him some flowers as a gift. Apparently, Isabel got the wrong flowers, and Mateo got angry and hit her on the head, knocking her out. Mateo then carried Isabel's unconcious body to the torture table, where he grabbed a sickle and slashed Isabel up. Isabel regained her consciousness and screamed, yelling for help, with got Mateo angry. Mateo slit her throat, killing her. Cardinal Cisneros was shocked by this, but Mateo said that she deserved death. The Cardinal shook his head and said that Mateo didn't even tell her what kind of flowers he wanted, so it wasn't her fault. As punishment, the Cardinal ordered the troops to take Mateos back to his house, and the next day, he would be executed.

      Reverse Murder Is No Joke.  

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    • Triboulet/Nicolas Ferrial is revealed to have killed his brother, Charles Ferrial. After being cornered with the evidence, Triboulet confessed and revealed that he was furious at his brother for disowning him, believing he only did so out of jealousy. While Triboulet was initially content to let his brother ignore him, he later learned through a family friend that his father had grown ill and passed away weeks prior, infuriating him when he learned that Charles had deliberately not told him and robbed him of his chance to bid his father goodbye.

      Triboulet (armed with a rapier for protection) confronted Charles at the fountain for his actions, leading to an argument where Charles blasted Triboulet as a disgrace to their family and claimed that their father's illness was brought on by the stress of having "such a embarrassing fool" for a son. In a blind rage, Triboulet killed his brother by stabbing him to death with the rapier. When brought before King Francis, Triboulet pleaded for mercy and tearfully expressed remorse for having murdered his brother in a blinding rage. With that, King Francis sentenced Triboulet to 10 years in prison, after which he would be banished from Chambord.

      Reverse Head Case.

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    • The killer of Louis Leroux turned out to be Zoe Kusama.

      Zoe immediately admitted to the crime. Zoe said that she was afraid that death would come unexpectedly. One day, Louis came to visit Zoe, and decided to pull off a little prank. He put on a fake arm, and went over to visit the hospital. 

      Zoe was sitting outside, and smiled when she saw Louis. Louis shook Zoe's hand, and the fake arm fell off. Louis started laughing, but Zoe was shocked, and then became angry. Thinking Louis was Death in the form of Louis, Zoe grabbed a fence post. Louis tried to convince Zoe it was a prank, but it was unsuccessful. Zoe smashed Louis's head in. A sad Judge Powell sentenced a crying Zoe to life in prison in solitary confinement, with no chance of parole.

      After, a very sad David Jones visited Zoe, who said that she'd be fine, and that Jones didn't have to worry about her. However, this did not convince Jones.

      Reverse To Kingdom Come.

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    • Surprisingly, Brock's killer turned out to be Mia Loukas.

      Mia immediately admitted to the crime, confessing to the team that Brock was going to blow up the station. Mia revealed that she saw Brock outside, planting a bomb. Mia then confronted him about the bomb, saying that Brock told her that one of the members from Ad Astra told him to do it. Hearing a beeping on him, Brock hugged her saying they will die together. Not wanting to die young, Mia pushed him into a police and watched him blow up in the car. Judge Powell sentenced her to 5 years in prison.

      Reverse Last Stand for Justice

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    • Much to Maddie sorrow, the killer of Diego Del Lobo turned out to be Charles Dupont.

      A furious Maddie confronted Charlie, who was scared. Charlie denied the accusations, but then admitted to the crime. Crying, Charlie said that Lawson was going to come for both Diego and him, and that he wanted both of them to live. But Diego couldn't take the pressure anymore and told Charlie to shoot him. Charlie said that he would never do that, but Diego ordered him to. Charlie denied it, so Diego tried to take Charlie's gun. Charlie and Diego struggled for a bit until Charlie's finger slipped, pulling the trigger and shooting his friend in the heart. Charlie cried over Diego's body and tried to revive him, to no avail. Charlie then took his gun, raised it to his head, and pulled the trigger, put realized there was no more ammo in his gun. Charlie cried even more, and ran away. Charlie was put into custody, and supervised by Isaac. 

      Reverse Death at the Circus.

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    • Mikey Bolero's killer is revealed to be his circus partner, Annie Capri. After initially trying to deny the accusation, Annie confessed and furiously proclaimed Mikey deserved to die for abandoning and betraying her. When asked by Amy to explain herself, Annie revealed that, in addition to wanting to leave the circus due to Orsino's mistreatment, she wanted Mikey to leave with her due to having fallen in love with him.

      However, during the rooftop party, Annie went into the stairwell to have a moment alone where she bore witness to something that shocked her: Mikey and Orsino kissing, revealing the pair as secret lovers and causing Annie to realize why Mikey refused to leave the circus with her. Enraged at Mikey for (in her mind) betraying her, Annie confronted Mikey while they were practicing alone in the circus. When Mikey defended his relationship with Orsino and dismissed Annie's statements about Orsino overworking her and the rest of the circus cast, Annie attacked and strangled Mikey with one of the silk ropes before leaving him suspended in the air to be discovered.

      After blasting Annie for referring to Mikey and Orsino's relationship as "disgusting", Amy arrested Annie and she was put on trial. Judge Dante admonished Annie for killing an innocent man simply because he wouldn't do as she wanted before sentencing her to 35 years in prison.

      Reverse Dead in the Water.

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    • Ellen Morowitz's turned out to be Li Jun.

      After denying to Ellen's murder, Li confessed and told the team that she need to be silenced. When questioning about why Ellen need to be silenced, Li revealed that Ellen saw her abusing her daughter.

      Outside the restaurant, Jun's daughter, Li Ying, asked Jun for her phone to call her boyfriend. After getting Jun's phone, Ying accidentally dropped her mom's phone, breaking it. Angry at her daughter for dropping her phone, Jun punched Ying in the face, making Ellen catch their attention. Ellen then tell Jun that she will call the police.

      Not wanting to go to jail, Jun chased her with a jade vase and bashed Ellen at the lotus river. Judge Adaku sentenced her to 15 years in prison.

      Reverse Going Once, Going Twice, Dead!

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    • The killer of Simone Severine turned out to be Henri Pelletier, much to the team's shock.

      Henri denied the accusations before admitting to the murder. Henri said that he was suspicious about Simone, saying that she was acting way too nice. Henri got suspicious, and went to pick up a cigar, but noticed that it was laced with gunpowder. Henri was terrified about this, and then, when Simone wasn't looking, laced her cigar with gunpowder. Simone didn't notice, and the cigar exploded, killing Simone. Henri was handed over to authorities.

      Reverse Lashing Out.

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    • Much to the team's surprise, Polly O'Brien's killer is revealed to be none other than Kevin Charles. When confronted, Kevin immediately confessed, but proclaimed that he had done in a desperate act of self defense--not just for himself, but for all of Grimsborough. Having suspected that Rozetta would send the newest member of Ad Astra to silence him, Kevin began investigating to find out the new members were, eventually discovering that Polly was among the members.

      Knowing Polly and her cohorts would eventually come after him, Kevin decided to take advance action to protect himself and possibly scare the rest of the new Ad Astra cohorts into staying away from him. Kevin followed Polly as she left the library one night, subduing her with chloroform before tying her to a pair of trees and whipping her to death, wanting to send a message to the new Ad Astra members that he wouldn't be stopped from taking them down. At his trial, Judge Powell reminded Kevin that his actions could not be ruled justified homicide due to the fact that Polly never directly tried to kill him, leading her to sentence him to 50 years in prison.

      The AI had the team being directed by Charles to proof he'd hidden in his office about Polly and Ad Astra, leading them to uncover the rest of Ad Astra's new members (Azeeb Patel, Lucius Roth, Courtney Guerra, and Dorothy Kix), as well as how Kevin found a message from Rozetta to the new Ad Astra members ordering them to kill Kevin. The team went to Judge Powell with the uncovered information, convincing her to reduce Kevin's sentence to 20 years with a possibility of parole in 10.

      Reverse A Brave New World.

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    • To David's surprise, Susan Huckabee's killer turned out to be her brother and Chief King's friend, Stuart.

      When asked why, Stuart found out that Susan was part of the Crismon Order and killed her by self defense. Feeling suspicious about her, Stuart followed her and saw her talking to the leader and members of the cult.

      The next day, Stuart called her to the lighthouse and told his sister about everything he saw. By her shock, Susan pulled out a oyster knife and tried to stab him. Self defending himself, Stuart grabbed the knife out of her hand and slashed her throat. Stuart then pulled her tongue out of her throat to send a message to the Crimson Order. Stuart was sentenced to life in prison.

      Reverse It All Ends Here

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    • Chief King's killer turned out to be Adam Bentley.

      Adam immediately laughed and admitted to the murder. Adam said that needs to be "fixed". Adam said that he started with the chief first. Adam abducted Samuel one night, and strapped him to a chair. He played a tape, apparently trying to brainwash Samuel into thinking he was his master. However, Samuel somehow managed to get out of the chair and attacked Adam. Adam saw Samuel's gun, and took it from him, and shot him in the head. Adam suddenly grabbed a gun and started shooting at the team. Jones closed his eyes, and shot....

      Adam fell to the ground, shot in the head. Ramirez was holding his gun, wide-eyed. 

      Reverse Murder, He Wrote.

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    • Lorena Pratx's killer is revealed to be author Ernesto Carpena. When confronted, Ernesto confessed and revealed how, late one night as he was leaving the library, he heard Lorena talking to someone--later revealed to be Hector Montoya--about the cache he discovered. Only able to hear bits and pieces of the conversation, Ernesto became convinced that the cache did in fact contain something valuable, and that Lorena was plotting to take it for herself.

      Determined to stop Lorena's plan, Ernesto snuck up on her with a book and knocked her out before tying her up. Ernesto began torturing Lorena with cigarettes in an attempt to learn who she was calling about the cache, and when Lorena refused to talk and challenged Ernesto to kill her, Ernesto flew into a rage and stabbed her to death. At his trial, Ernesto (having learned from the player and Michelle that Lorena was a SOMBRA cohort) tried to use that to justify his actions, only for Judge Adaku to sentence him to 40 years in prison after declaring that Lorena's SOMBRA ties didn't change the fact that he killed someone out of pure greed.

      Reverse Running Scared.

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    • To David's surprise, Mandy Pregodich's killer turned out to be Gloria's husband, Jake.

      Jake immediately confessed, revealing that Mandy going to shoot him and Carter. After they got kidnapped by Ad Astra, Jake and Carter woke up inside a tunnel. Jake was finding a way to get out, until hearing someone coming up the stairs. 

      Thinking that the person was Jones or Gloria, Jake burst out of the door and revealed to be Mandy. Mandy then pulled a gun at him and told them the getaway car is on its way. Protecting Carter and himself, Jake unexpectly pulled out his gun and shot her.

      Jake was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

      Reverse To The Lighthouse  

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    • To the shock of the player and Gwen Harper, Edwina Charles' killer is revealed to be FBI consultant Bucky Johnson. When confronted, Bucky immediately confessed to the deed, declaring that Edwina was a danger to the entire world and he did what he had to in order to stop her. When asked to explain, Bucky had suspected that a demon was afoot at Dr. Daemon's mansion, and his sleuthing eventually had him uncover Edwina's true identity as demon Edwinata.

      Realizing Edwina was using the mansion to bring demons into the world, Bucky killed Edwina as she was cleaning the pool by shooting her with an electroshock gun. Before Bucky could be taken to the proper authorities, however, Reggie Pratt suddenly appeared, grabbed Bucky, and teleported away with him. The AI had the player finding Bucky beaten nearly to death by the pier, who revealed before slipping into unconsciousness (resulting in him being placed in a medically induced coma at the hospital) that Reggie had tried to kill him in retaliation for kiling Edwina and foiling their nefarious plans.

      Reverse Bash of the Year.

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    • The killer of Eugene Donkin turned out to be Gerard Arnault.

      Trying to push blame towards Ammon Bast, Gerard denied involvement, but was cornered with evidence and admitted to the murder. Gerard said that Eugene wanted Gypt Technologies to go out of business, and started protesting against it. Eugene realized not a lot of people were on his side, so he started making false claims against it, going from stealing ideas to murdering people they didn't like. Gerard told Ammon about this, who said that he needed to get rid of Eugene. 

      As planned, Gerard showed up at a bar, and talked with Eugene. Eugene then apparently got drunk, and Gerard found out it was the perfect time to grab a cat statue and bash Eugene over the head with it. Gerard did just that. Eugene's body was later found by chef Philip Ramsay, who became a witness. Gerard was taken to Ammon. Gerard said it was all his idea, but Ammon just smirked and said he had no idea what he was talking about. Ammon then yelled at Gerard and said that he did nothing but cause trouble, and told some guards to bring him to Ramses XLIII where he would await his sentence.

      Reverse Best Laid Plans.

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    • Giulietta Capecchi's killer turned out to be Inspector Jaubert.

      Jaubert denied being Giulietta's killer but then confessed. While taking a walk through a park, he saw Giulietta being sneaky and went to the town square shops. Feeling suspicious about her, he followed her until Giulietta saw him following her.

      Inspector Jaubert asked her what she doing but she refused to talk. Wanting answers from her, Jaubert cuffed her and was going to send her to the prison cells. But Giulietta tried to get away from him and began fighting. While fighting, Jaubert pushed Giuletta to the guillotine and accidentally swung his baton to a rope, making the blade come down and almost slicing her. When the team were going to arrest him, Jaubert called his guards, making them run from them.

      Reverse How The East Was Won

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    • Seamus O'Neill's killer turned out to be Vittorio Capecchi, satisfying Isaac Bontemps.

      Vittorio denied involvement but then admitted angrily to the murder. Vittorio said that he caught Seamus stealing items from a store, but then decided to have Seamus work for him, and if he didn't he would tell the cops. Seamus started working for them, but then met Vittorio's daughter, Giulietta. Giulietta got Seamus a cold glass of water and asked him to tell her more about himself. Giulietta was fascinated by Seamus. Then, Vittorio found out about Seamus, and yelled at her daughter for speaking to his "worker". Seamus then firmly told Vittorio to stop yelling at his daughter, and in response, Vittorio took a cactus and shoved it in his mouth, making Seamus choke on his own blood, and watched his daughter cry over his dead body. Judge Lawson was horrified and sentenced Vittorio to life in prison.

      Reverse Deadeye.

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    • Sam De Witt is revealed to be Monica Pozie's killer. When confronted, Sam initially tried to deflect the accusations and point a finger at Courtney Guerra (who she referred to "creepy") before breaking down and confessing. While Sam had revealed earlier the rivalry between her and Monica due to Monica's belief that she was trying to usurp her for sorority president, she insisted it had nothing to do with her reason for killing her.

      Instead, Sam dropped a bombshell: she had developed feelings for Ashley Howard, her transgender roommate who she had previously mocked. Late one night, Sam found Ashley drunk and crying on the campus square and, at that moment, she felt remorse for her treatment of her. The two talked and, by the end of the night, Sam felt strong feelings for Ashley--feelings she'd never felt with her ex-boyfriend Blaise Studebaker.

      Later on, while hanging out in their room together, Sam confessed her feelings to Ashley, even going as far as to kiss her. Ashley reciprocated and the two began a secret relationship. But one day, Monica confronted Sam and revealed a video she took of her and Ashley making out, threatening to post it online if Sam didn't leave the sorority. Terrified that her family would disown her for being gay, Sam used the sorority's latest paintball game to kill Monica, loading her gun with a marble and shooting her in the eye. At her trial, a somewhat sympathetic Judge Powell sentenced Sam to 20 years in prison with the possibility of parole in 10.

      Reverse The Truth Hurts.

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    • The killer of Skylar Sage turned out to be Steven Crowe.

      Steven denied killing Skylar, and instead said that The Higher Truth made her believe. Skylar was losing hope in the Higher Truth, and became very angry and aggresive. She then began to talk back to Steven. Steven then said Steven wasn't her master. Steven decided to do something about this. Steven called Skylar to his room, and showed her some of his Higher Truth earrings. Steven then said that her hope in the Higher Truth will be restored, as he stabbed Skylar in the eyes with his earrings. Judge Powell sentenced Steven to life in prison in solitary confinement.

      Reverse Wild Wild Death.

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    • Luz Lucha's killer turned out to be film producer Horace Foster.

      Horace denied being the killer but angrily confessed. Horace told the team that he believes that women should not be wrestling because men are stronger than women. When Luz asked him to wrestle with her, Horace laughed and said that she will be taken down easily. But instead of him winning, Luz won and called him a fat loser, which made him furious.

      Later on the movie set, he found Luz sitting on a bench with her eyes closed. Thinking that she was sleeping, Horace tried to wake up, only to find alcohol on her hand. Wanting revenge for losing a wrestling match, Horace tied her limbs to the horses used for the set. Horace played a rattlesnake noise, making the horses scared and dismembering her. Judge Dante sentenced him to life in prison.

      Reverse The Curse of Black Ridge

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    • The killer of Rick Lewis turned out to be Jeremy Cross.

      Jeremy denied the accusations but later admitted to the murder. Jeremy said that he wanted to advertise somewhere other than Black Ridge, but the only reason he came over to Black Ridge was because Rick convinced him to work there. Jeremy gladly went there, but was surprised when he saw almost nobody there. When Rick explained that Black Ridge was a ghost town, Jeremy became very angry and chopped Rick up. Jeremy was handed over to Agent Mathison, who took Jeremy into custody.

      Reverse Hell is Other People.

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    • The killer of Cynthia Lane turned out to be Elaine Seabrook

      Elaine denied killing her, but later broke down in tears admitted the murder. Elaine said that Cynthia was trying to kill her after what she did to her flowers. Elaine felt upset about throwing up on Cynthia's flowers that when she come up to Cynthia's house to apologize, she sees Cynthia holding a nail gun. Shocked, Elaine tried to apologize to Cynthia, but she didn't listen to her and tried to shoot her, but kept missing. Elaine pushed her, took the nail gun and shot her in the head until she was dead. Elaine was sentenced to 10 years in jail.

      Reverse Tipping the Scales

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    • Archie Rochester was revealed to be Samson Drake's killer. When confronted, Archie smugly confessed, boasting that the team wouldn't be able to touch him due to being a Rochester. Having become brazen after getting away with the murders he orchestrated as Mr. Alastor, Archie decided he would begin a new killing spree by murdering his victims directly. After learning about Samson not getting a law degree, Archie deemed Samson low enough to be his first victim.

      After obtaining Swiss chloroform, Archie used it to render Samson unconscious before sawing him in half, placing his remains in the courthouse scales of justice as a show of superiority over Concordian law. However, Maddie declared to Archie that the evidence was too much for even his father to refute and had him arrested and taken to court. There, despite Malcolm's attempts to get him off the hook, Judge Takakura sentenced Archie to life in prison for his heinous crime--much to his dismay.

      Reverse Sweet Revenge.

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    • Violetta Blue's killer turned out to be Jack Goodwin.

      Jack denied the accusations, even pinning the blame on Verushka Coldwell, but later admitted to the murder. Jack said that he found out that Violetta was dating other guys. Isaac asked how Jack knew this, and Jack hesitated before admitting that he stalked her. Jack only knew the name of one of her boyfriends, and it was a drummer named Oliver.

      Jack then invited Violetta to the chocolate factory, where the two sat on a peanut butter chocolate bench and had conversation. Violetta then stepped away to look at Rockley's new three course meal gum, while Jack grabbed some licorice and tied up Violetta, and then used the Chocolometer 1000 to stuff Violetta to death. He later threw her body in the river. Jack was sentenced to 17 years is prison.

      Reverse Gut Out.

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    • Susan Etter's killer turned out to be her brother Paul

      Paul laughed and denied being Susan's killer, but later confessed. Paul found out that Suan has a chupacbra as a pet. When Luke asked him how did he know that, Paul said that when he was visiting her sister, he saw an animal that doesn't look like a lamb. Paul then told his sister that there is a strange animal in her farm. Before he could call the police, Susan stopped him and told Paul that's her pet dog. Releived by her response, Paul went up to the dog to go pet it, realizing that the dog was a chupacbra. Paul ran up to Susan to tell her that the pet is not a dog, but she knew it was and told him that's fine.

      Wanting the chupacbra to be gone, Paul made the chupacbra run after one of Susan's lambs. While the animals were running, the lamb jumped on Susan, making the chupacbra disembowel her. Luke then took Paul to cops.

      Reverse Death as Old as Time

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    • The killer of Pamiu surprisingly turned out to be Julius Caeser.

      Julius admitted to the murder, and said that he knew that Pamiu was trying to fool around with Cleopatra. Julius said that he wanted to wait for a bit, thinking that he wouldn't make much progress. But then Julius grew more and more concerned, and realized that Cleopatra was spending too much time with Pamiu, and Julius that he had the perfect idea.

      When it was late, Pamiu was locking the doors, and Julius grabbed a dagger. He waited for Pamiu to turn around, and then stabbed him. Julius was taken to Cleopatra, who said his punishment would be to be thrown to the crocodiles. 

      Reverse Crime and Punishment.

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    • Much to the team's shock, Graham Winslow's killer was revealed to be none other than Lev Romanov.

      When cornered with the evidence, the Soviet ambassador confessed. As he revealed, his attempt to blackmail Graham with his drug use backfired when Graham went on to uncover a secret of Lev's and used it against him: he and Agent Zavrazin were lovers, having begun their affair years prior. Graham caught the two kissing in Lev's embassy office and later photographed them during another romantic meeting, threatening to give the photos to the press if Lev didn't back down.

      Unwilling to surrender to Graham's demands or allow his affair to be publicized, Lev called Graham and claimed to be ready to make a deal, inviting him to the Soviet Union embassy. When Graham arrived, he was ambushed by Lev, who proceeded to strangle him to death with a garrote watch. After Jack chided Lev for inadvertently causing more conflict between the Soviet Union and the USA that could lead to his own country's demise all to protect himself and his secrets, Lev was handed over to the authorities.

      Reverse Slash and Burn.

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    • The killer of Colin James turned out to be Harriet Patrick.

      Harriet admitted to the murder, and said she did it in self-defense. Harriet had a complaint to tell to Oscar, but Colin thought that Harriet was going to do something violent to Oscar. Colin knocked over Harriet, so Harriet defended herself with a knife, and slashed Colin's throat. Harriet was sentenced to 4 years in prison.

      Reverse A Greek Tragedy.

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    • Zosime's killer is revealed to be her husband, Pelagios. When confronted, Pelagios arrogantly denied everything before being cornered with all the evidence against him. Frustrated, Pelagios remorselessly confessed to murdering his wife, referring to her as an "ungrateful harlot" for not providing him with the male heir he desired and for not obeying his order to abort her child (delusionally believing it to be proof she was unfaithful).

      When Zosime boldly refused to abort her unborn daughter, Pelagios lured Zosime to Mount Olympus under the guise of wanting to reconcile, only to instead kill his wife with a poisoned arrow. While Pelagios initially believed he would be let off the hook due to his status, the city guard blasted him for savagely murdering his pregnant wife before sentencing him to be executed for his crime.

      Reverse Over the Edge.

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    • The killer of Andrew Lodge turned out to be Sharon Decker.

      Sharon denied the accusations but later admitted to the murder. Sharon had been studying witches secretly for some time, and never told anyone. One day, she invited Andrew over to her house to hang out, and Andrew became interested in a rope hanging from the ceiling. He decided to pull on it, and it revealed Sharon's hideout. When Andrew was about to look inside, Sharon distracted him by saying they should go on a date on Charming Bridge, which Andrew agreed to do. 

      Sharon and Andrew walked to the Charming Bride, where Sharon suddenly attacked Andrew. To keep her witch studying a secret, she threw Andrew off of the bridge, killing him. Sharon was handed over to Clarksville authorities. 

      Reverse Hashtag Murder.

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    • Tiffany's killer turned out to be Marigold Carson.

      Marigold was shocked and told Gwen that she would never kill a little girl. But when Gwen got evidence from her, Marigold confessed and confirmed that Tiffany was not a real girl. When asked why, she revealed that Tiffany was actually one of the dolls from the island.

      When Marigold got to the Island Of Dolls, she walked around the woods when she saw a silhouette running from the woods. Marigoldran after the black figure and found an old man (José Carvallo) and Tiffany in the doll shrine. José told her to look after her for 5 minutes to collect spiders. While looking after Tiffany, Marigold at her and Tiffany gave her a creepy smile and . When José came back, Marigold thanked him and ran to the woods. When she stopped to catch her breath, Tiffany followed her and began to jump on her.

      Self-defending herself, Marigold grabbed a machete off the ground and sliced her head off. Before grabbing Tiffany's head, her body began moving and kicked her. Marigold then sliced her limbs and brought her limbs back to the shrine, except her head, where she placed it in an empty bag and left it outside a gas station. Marigold was brought to the police.

      Reverse Lashing Out

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    • The killer of Polly O'Brien turned out to be Kevin Charles.

      Kevin was surprised, saying he would never hurt a student, but then admitted. Kevin admitted that he had been in a cult named the Eighth Star. The Eighth Star was a group that would occasionally sacrifice a inexperienced member, and the leader would drink blood from the member's corpse with a goblet. When asked who the leader was, Kevin didn't answer.

      Kevin said that Polly found out about his cult when she sneaked in his desk and found a picture. Polly said that she was going to tell the teachers, which Kevin tried to prevent her from doing. In order to stop her, Kevin grabbed a chemical and threw it in her eyes, and then tied her up in the forest and whipped her to death. Judge Powell sentenced Kevin to 30 years in prison. The leader turned out to be Luke Harris.

      Reverse What Happens In Vegas...

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    • Frankie Paisley's killer is revealed to be famed actress Lorna Westerberg. When confronted, Lorna scoffed and tried to deny everything. But when cornered with the evidence, Lorna cursed the player and Nebet for exposing her before confessing. Lorna revealed that after her losing streak at Frankie's table, she approached him while he was on a smoke break and tried to seduce him into giving back her money.

      However, Frankie shrewdly refused and called Lorna a spoiled diva who had more than enough money before storming off. Furious that a "lowly card dealer" would refuse and insult her, Lorna took the .32 caliber pistol she kept in her purse for protection and shot Frankie when he was on another smoke break, killing him. Lorna was handed over to the authorities, and the AI had the player and Amy Young visiting Lorna in prison to find out what she did with the Ruminations on Time manuscript, only to leave and resort to other means of finding it after Lorna refused to cooperate unless the charges against her were dropped.

      Reverse Death at a Funeral.

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    • Vicki Silverman's killer turned out to be her father, Bernie.

      Bernie said that Vicki was being weird during Larry Zarus's funeral. When he asked what her problem was, she said that she found out that Larry had an affair with his wife. Right then, Larry rose from the grave, and Bernie got mad and decided to poison a piece of cake and hand it to Larry. But Larry offered the cake to Vicki, who accepted it and took a bite, and later went down, foaming at the mouth. Bernie was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

      Reverse Crime and Punishment.

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    • Graham Winslow killer turned out to be lev

      After admitting he said that Graham wanted to start a armed conflict and he was going Murder Lev.He then came and tried to strangle him before Lev strangled him in self defense.Lev was sent back to Russia

      Reverse To Eternity and Beyond

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    • The killer of John C. Birk turned out to be Trishna Joshi.

      Trishna admitted to the murder, but said that John was being a jerk to her. John usually insulted Trishna once she was working on HAZMAT suits, saying that she wasn't supposed to be doing that, and also saying that she was dumb and that they should have hired someone smarter. Not wanting to listen to John's insults any longer, Trishna sliced John's throat. Trishna was sentenced to 12 years in prison.

      Reverse A Russian Case.

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    • Mikhail Levin's killer turned out to be his own father, Anton.

      When confronted, Anton made no effort to deny killing his son, referring to Mikhail as a "worthless ungrateful brat" and that he deserved to die for what he'd taken from him and Eva. When questioned further, Anton confessed to having an affair with Mikhail's girlfriend Eva, with the affair resulting in a pregnancy. But one night, Mikhail stormed into his father's restaurant after closing and revealed that he'd found out about the affair and that he was putting a stop to it, while also boasting that he intended to force Eva to have an abortion.

      Furious, Anton struck Mikhail's head with a meat tenderizer, killing him. At his trial, Anton continued blasting his late son, while claiming he'd done so to keep him from killing an unborn child. Judge Hall, however, lambasted Anton for betraying and then killing his own child--as well as the untold number of crimes he'd committed or facilitated through his leadership of the Russian mafia--before sentencing him to 30 years in prison.

      Reverse Innocence Lost.

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    • The killer of Irina Phelps turned out to be Gail Harding.

      Jones was surprised because he thought of Gail as innocent, although Gail admitted once Jones confronted her. Gail wrote a book talking about her life as a personal intern of Rachel Priest. Irina saw the book and asked if she could take a look, which Gail happily accepted. Irina was very interested in the book, and said it looked very nice, making Gail even happier. Later, Gail grabbed a book made by Irina later, and read it, wanting to compliment her back about her book, but found out that she just plagiarized her book, just changing a few stuff. This made Gail mad and she asked Irina about it, who said that her book sounded kind of like her story of working for Derek Molina, so she "borrowed" the plot.

      Gail was angry about this, so at a party, she pinned Irina's hands behind her back and forced her into an empty room, where she forced Irina to snort cocaine. Irina later passed out, and Gail dragged her unconcious body into the construction site, where she later turned on a concrete mixer, encasing Irina in concrete, killing her. 

      Gail said that she felt bad for murdering Irina, and asked how long she was going to jail for. Judge Hall thought that her feeling bad for committing the murder was just Gail trying to get a more lenient sentence, so Judge Hall sentenced Gail to 28 years in prison.

      Reverse The Poisoned Truth.

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    • Ashton Cooper's killer is revealed to be history novelist Rosie Gatewood. When confronted, Rosie broke down as she confessed, saying that while she hadn't wanted to kill, she didn't want to die. When questioned further, Rosie revealed that she'd received threatening text messages from an anonymous number warning her not to speak out against the Crimson Order, and she pinpointed Ashton as the sender when she spotted him on his phone and glaring at her seconds after receiving a text while out grocery shopping.

      Fearing for her life and wanting to send the Crimson Order a message that she wouldn't be intimidated by them, Rosie retrieved some poisonous plants from the secret cave and used them to make a poisoned dart, which she used to kill Ashton in the same cave to complete her message. At trial, Rosie argued that her actions were self-defense and argued against Judge Hall's statement that she should've gone to the authorities by stating that the Crimson Order wouldn't be deterred from killing her by the law. Citing the circumstances as bizarre, Judge Hall sentenced Rosie to 2 years in prison with a possibility for parole. However, the AI would end with Eduardo Ramirez revealing that Rosie was found dead in her cell, having been shot with a poisoned dart like she had used to kill Ashton by Kirk De Haan.

      Reverse Scarab to Death.

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    • The killer of Theresa Rosenthal turned out to be Dan Quang.

      Dan denied the accusations, but later transformed into a demon in front of the team's eyes. Dan said that he acting as a student named Dan Quang, and that his reason for being in Washington DC was to find a weapon to kill Arthur Darkwood with. When asked why he wanted to kill Arthur, Dan smirked and said that he would like to see the shock on every one of the team's faces. Dan said that he got an amulet, and acted like it was okay to touch it, and handed it to Theresa, who later got cursed by the amulet, which killed her. Dan disappeared in front of the team's eyes, laughing at them while he went. 

      Reverse Egypt is Burning.

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    • Cleopatra's killer is revealed to be her boyfriend, Mark Antony. When confronted by the player and Nebet, Antony confessed and tearfully proclaimed it was a terrible accident. After realizing their efforts to defeat Octavian's forces were futile, Cleopatra finally agreed to Antony's plan to run away together, sending him to gather the necessary provisions they'd need for their new life.

      Going to Cleopatra's warship to search for supplies, Antony was surprised by a sound behind him. Believing it to be Octavian or one of his men sent to kill him, Antony turned and swung his sword--only to be horrified to see it was Cleopatra, whose throat was fatally slashed by Antony. After bemoaning the loss of his beloved, Antony shocked the team by pulling out his sword and impaling himself, deciding he would rather die by his own hand than at the hands of Octavian.

      Reverse Let Me Down Gently.

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    • Jordan Wilson's killer turned out to be Lucrezia Capecchi.

      Lucrezia admitted to the murder and said that Jordan was drunk when the murder took place. Lucrezia noticed that Jordan was flirting with Giulietta, who was pleading him to stop. Lucrezia took action and threw him out of the window. Lucrezia was sentenced to 5 years in prison.

      Reverse Stranded in Gaul.

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    • K, I’ll try it.

      Zara: Katurix, you are under arrest for the murder of Venextos!

      Katurix: What? Why would I kill one of my own? You know I do know the difference between allies and enemies, right?

      Zara: give it up! We know about the weapons you took without paying!

      Katurix: So what? It was cheaply made, he didn’t deserve my money! Anyway, how does that prove that I’m a killer?

      Zara: You know, your sentence might be a little less harsh if you just confess.

      Katurix: ....

      Katurix: Fine I did it! I killed Venextos!

      Zara: But why?

      Katurix: Because he made my life a living hell! And what he was going to do would make me leave the city I love!

      Zara: What did he do that made you turn to murder?

      Katurix: He knew my secret! That disgusting excuse for a man stole my journal and knew that I was going to kill the general!

      Zara: You were going to assassinate Mark Antony?

      Katurix: Yes, and I would’ve gotten away with it if he didn’t see my plans! But one day, as I was writing, he crept over me because he was trying to see what I was writing.

      Katurix: So, I went to his workshop, and asked to see what he was working on. Then, I took a stone and beat him to death!

      Zara: Well, you may have killed Venextos to stay in your city, but instead it’s going to bring you away! We’re handing you over to the authorities!

      Katurix: Nothing could make me love my city any less! For Gaul!

      Next, do Game Over

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    • Tim Cooper's killer turned out to be Dreamlife's virtual reality hostess, Juniper.

      When confronted, Juniper was shocked and denied killing Tim but then admitted it, telling David that Tim tried to ruin her life. When asked how, Juniper revealed that she and Tim were siblings and the victim was her parents #1 kid.

      But when Tim found out that she got a job as the hostess in the VR, he confronted her to find a different job. However, she ignored him, which made her brother to spread false rumors about her. While the rumors were spreading, they got into an argument, making it into the news. Angry that her brother made her a loser in the news, Juniper gave him a explosive VR headset and denotate the headset at the Dreamlife convention. Juniper was sentenced to life in prison.

      Reverse Too Cruel for School

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    • Gloria: Vicky Lopez, you’re under arrest for the murder of Coach Kirk!

      Vicky: What? <Rank> <Name>, I may have had some bad blood with the man, but that doesn’t mean I killed him!

      Gloria: The evidence doesn’t lie. We’ve caught you red-handed!

      Vicky: Alright, fine! I did kill the monster! But I did it because he was a pervert!

      Gloria: What do you mean, Vicky?

      Vicky: There’s no point in lying to you anymore, <Name>. The truth is, Kirk was spying on me!

      Gloria: How?

      Vicky: While the girls where changing, Chelsea and I saw a camera! We took it home, and found out that it belonged to Coach Kirk! We told him to stop, but he didn’t take us seriously!

      Vicky: (tearfully) He made me so insecure, <Name>! You have to understand!

      Gloria: I’ll admit that what Kirk did was wrong, but murder is never the answer!

      IN COURT....'

      Judge Powell: Vicky Lopez, you are charged with the murder of Coach Kirk. How do you plead?

      Vicky: I’m guilty, your honor. All I have to say is that Kirk didn’t deserve to live!

      Powell: But that gives you no right to go and murder someone! Due to the nature of this crime, I sentence you to 8 years in prison, with chance of parole in 3 years!

      Vicky: All I care about is that he got what was coming to him!

      Next, do Breaking News

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    • Shweta Noorani's killer turned out to be Louis Leroux, much to the shock of the team.

      Louis admitted to the murder and said that Shweta was doing something with his mind. Louis was shocked and said that she was controlling his mind and he did whatever she wanted him to do. Louis figured out the only way to break the curse was to kill Shweta, so he rigged Shweta's cell's light bulb and watched as it blew her up. Louis was placed in solitary confinement for his crimes.

      Reverse Operation Spyfall.

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    • Anya Ivanova's killer is revealed to be French Secret Service spy Jean Connerie.

      When confronted, Jean tearfully admitted to the crime, but declared it was a complete accident and that he realized it was a mistake not coming forward immediately. As Jean revealed, he had been romantically involved with Anya before he started seeing Asal Hawaa, having even planned to propose to her before their different career paths took them apart. In the present, Jean and Asal arrived at the scene of the Bureau satellite crash before Anya appeared and warned Jean of a terrible secret: Asal was a member of SOMBRA, acting as El Rey's most loyal henchwoman.

      At that, Asal produced a knife and got into a brawl with Anya, stabbing her several times before Anya could disarm her. Grabbing the knife, Jean made a move to stab Asal, only for her to dodge and result in Jean fatally stabbing Anya instead. Asal laughed at the scene and ran away as Jean comforted a dying Anya before fleeing the scene. At trial, Judge Adaku (understanding that Jean's murder of Anya was entirely accidental) waived all charges and instead sent him to report back to his superiors to have them deal out their punishment to him for the improper mission he and Anya were on. The AI also had Jean helping the team track Asal down to Montreal.

      Reverse Down to the Wire (and for added challenge, see if you can make it a continuation of this "Asal IS a SOMBRA double agent" story to some degree)

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    • The killer of Hector Montoya turned out to be Canadian Prime Minister Jason Stone.

      Jason laughed and admitted that he killed Hector and is El Rey. Jason said that he saw a plan by Asal to make the whole world fall into chaos by killing nation's leaders, one by one. When Carmen asked what he would do with himself, Jason said that he would kill himself. Jason decided he would start with Hector, so he ambushed him and strangled him to death. Jason was sentenced to life in prison.

      Reverse The Darkest Hour.

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    • Sarah Bennett's killer is revealded to be none other than Natasha Romanova. When confronted by the player and Jack Archer, Natasha tried to deny everything before smirking and revealing the truth when all the evidence was laid out before her: she had been broken out of prison by Jason Stone/El Rey's henchmen, and was instructed to kill the Vice President as part of his sinister plan to bring the world to chaos and take over the government.

      Natasha lured Sarah to Times Square by calling her private number and claiming she had information about El Rey's latest plan and wanted to help the Bureau take SOMBRA down. When Sarah arrived, however, Natasha attacked Sarah and slashed her throat with a letter opener, leaving her body in Times Square with a SOMBRA insignia pinned to her suit in order to frame her as a SOMBRA cohort and a conspirator in President James Hewett's kidnapping. After her confession, James Stone appeared and held the player and Jack at gunpoint, revealing that he'd had Angela Douglas plant a bomb in the Bureau HQ and would detonate it if they didn't allow him and Natasha to escape.

      The pair were forced to comply, though the AI had the team (with help from Baxter Fraser) locating and deactivating the bomb before catching James Stone, Natasha, Angela, and Asal Hawaa trying to escape together. A shootout began between the Bureau team and the SOMBRA cohorts, with James being killed while Angela and Asal were captured and arrested for their crimes.

      Reverse The Secret Experiments.

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    • Jones: Rachel Priest, you are under arrest for the murder of Alden Greene!

      Rachel: What? Why would I do that?

      Jones: just confess to your brutal act!

      Rachel: Fine, I did it! I can’t lie to you any longer, <Rank> <Name>!

      Rachel: I was peeking around, and I saw that general and Greene experimenting on humans!

      Rachel: It was my big break, <Name>! But that Greene tried to kill me!

      Rachel: So, I pushed him into a vat of acid! But now I can’t believe I was so bad!

      Rachel: Just take me to court. It’ll be easier that way.

      Rachel was sentenced to 78 years in prison for her crimes.

      RewriteThe Hunted Hunter

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    • Morgana Blackhawk's killer turned out to be Dolores Harper, much to Gwen's sorrow.

      Dolores admitted to the murder. After Morgana was stripped of her powers, Morgana asked Dolores if she could come and hunt supernatural creatures with her. Dolores was suspicious at first, but then nodded her head. The two set up their stuff in a cabin, where they waited until night to hunt creatures. 

      Morgana later admitted she was a witch, to which Dolores responded to pushing her into some swamp vine. Dolores was handed over to the police.

      Reverse The Heart of the Matter.

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    • Much to the team's shock, Larry Rochester's killer is revealed to be Deputy Mayor Sandra Hwang. When confronted, Sandra sadly confessed to the brutal murder, declaring she felt it was the only way she could make up for what she'd done to Concordia and to Leopold. As Sandra confessed, she and Leopold were once in a passionate love affair, but Larry ultimately broke it off to avoid a scandal for his family.

      Sandra understood, but still carried a torch for him--which she stated was what drove her to foolishly help the Rochesters get away with their crimes. But after Leopold's arrest, Sandra was heartbroken and became enraged at Larry for letting his father take the fall for his crime. Sandra confronted Larry after summoning him to her study and ordered him to tell the truth, only for him to scoff and declare that he owned her and that she would be out of a job if she went against him. As Larry mocked his father for taking the fall for him, however, Sandra went into a rage and strangled Larry to death. Sandra then fled the scene, promising the player she wasn't the one who cut out Larry's heart before going to trial.

      There, Sandra confessed to her corruption and Larry's murder, declaring she had failed Concordia and would accept any punishment Judge Lawson deemed fit. Taking her remorse and Leopold's own criminal ways into consideration, Lawson sentenced Sandra to 30 years in prison, while reminding her that her days as Deputy Mayor were over. Sandra accepted this and was taken away, but not before tearfully pleading for Leopold to forgive her. The AI had the team learning that her husband Steven was responsible for cutting out Larry's heart, having found Larry's body shortly after the murder and wanted to slow down the investigation to protect his wife.

      Reverse The Witching Hour.

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    • Cordelia Putnam's killer turned out to be Aubrey Miller.

      Aubrey tearfully admitted to the murder, saying that she found gold near Cordelia's cabin and decided to take it, not realizing that Cordelia was standing nearby. This caused Cordelia to fight with Aubrey, who took a rock and bashed her head, and then drowned her in a pond. Aubrey was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

      Reverse Doom Service.

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    • Johnny Torrents' killer is revealed to be Admiral Oak. When confronted, Oak tried to deny the allegations, but was forced to confess when he was cornered with the evidence. Oak revealed that while he was angry enough at Johnny for refusing to write his biography, his true reason for killing the man was because he had knew about a dark secret of his: during his time in the army, he'd had a pair of soldiers under his command murdered after learning they were in a homosexual relationship.

      Johnny confronted Oak and revealed that one of those men was his cousin, and that he would expose him in his latest book if he didn't leave him alone. Fearful Johnny would eventually reveal his secret, Oak decided to kill Johnny by swapping the sleeping pills he took for hallucinogenic drugs. Johnny was later startled when Gregory Stravinsky stumbled into his hotel room by accident while drunk, leading him to suffer a fatal heart attack after Gregory stumbled out. Oak was put on trial and admonished by Judge Lawson for killing two innocent men in the past and killing another to cover his secret, with Oak blasting the soldiers he'd killed as "deviants disrespecting our country" and Johnny as "a hack writer trying to destroy his good name". Disgusted by Oak's lack of remorse, Lawson sentenced him to life in prison.

      Reverse Blood in the Water.

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    • Surprisingly, Ernest Emerson's killer turned out to be Martha Price.

      Martha denied the accusations but then admitted to the murder. Martha was just 7 when her mother was dying. The Prices wanted everybody to be there when she passed on. When she became really sick, everybody came, except for Ernest, who went on a date with his girlfriend instead of visiting. Martha's mom died a day later, and Ernest's girlfriend broke up with him.

      Martha reconnected with Ernest a few days ago, and remembered that he never visited a sick family member. Martha tried to forget, but just couldn't control herself. She met back with Ernest at the animal control tanks, where Martha suddenly looked at the demon fish and had flashbacks of a fish tank in her mother's hospital room, and looking over at where Ernest was supposed to be, but it was empty.

      Martha suddenly felt angry and yelled at Ernest for not fulfilling her mother's wish at the whole family being there when she died, and Ernest tried to calm her down. This only got Martha angrier, which caused her to push Ernest into the Demon Fish infested waters, where he was devoured by the Demon Fish. Judge Powell sentenced Martha to 8 years in prison, and revoke her title as mayor of Grimsborough. A certain Joe Warren took her space.

      Reverse Domesday.

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    • Dan Scruffinsky's killer is revealed to be DreamLife manager Fred Drucker.

      When confronted, Fred attempted to deny the allegations before confessing, proclaiming that Dan went from being a mere annoyance to being a true problem. When asked by David to elaborate, Fred confessed to a secret: he had developed a crush on Rozetta Pierre, and kept romantic drawings he made of her in his office. Dan found them after snooping through his things, and took pictures of the drawings to blackmail Fred into letting him take charge of the dome.

      Infuriated, Dan decided to kill Fred to stop his blackmail. After stealing a homemade stungun he found in Dan's office, Fred confronted Dan on the platform and electrocuted him to death, while also discarding his phone to get rid of the pictures. At trial, Fred tried to justify his actions by saying Rozetta would've fired him had his crush on her been made public. Judge Powell, however, reminded Fred that murder was never the solution to blackmail and sentenced him to 20 years in prison.

      Reverse Hear My Cry.

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    • Rosamund Wilcox's killer turned out to be Edward Ramis.

      Edward denied the accusations but later admitted to the murder. Edward said that he had an affair with Rosamund, and later found out that she was the Rocket Cow killer. Later, Rosamund asked to drink with Edward after Edward yelled at his son Julian for getting a bad grade. Afraid that she would kill him, he went over, and switched her drink with his, with Rosamund unknowingly drinking the drugged drink. Edward was sentenced to 10 years in prison, much to Julian's sadness.

      Reverse Heartless.

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    • Ivana Golovanov's killer is revealed as her sister-in-law, Ling Zhang. When confronted in Piotr's presence, Piotr was quick to come to his wife's defense, only for Ling to stop him and confess to Ivana's murder--much to Piotr's shock. Ling revealed that she'd always known Ivana disapproved of her brother marryinig a Chinese woman, but tried to hold her tongue for Piotr's sake.

      However, one day while walking home, she overheard Ivana speaking with Tao Wei, leading her to make a shocking discovery: Ivana had paid Tao to woo her into marrying him, wanting to keep her away from Piotr. Finally fed up with Ivana for setting Tao's unwanted advances on her, Ling paralyzed Ivana with an acupuncture needle before stabbing her to death with a dagger and hanging her from a street banner. After denying removing Ling's heart (later revealed to be done by Mark McKenzie) and apologizing to Piotr for her actions, Ling was arrested. At trial, Ling expressed regret for taking a life, but blasted Ivana as a hate-mongering woman destroying the Inner City by perpetuating the race war. In response, Judge Dante reminded Ling that premeditated murder was never acceptable and sentenced her to 20 years in prison. As she was taken away, Piotr called out to Ling, saying he forgave her and would wait for her.

      Reverse A Shot of Beauty.

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    • The killer of Tom Norris turned out to be Kerry Ann Buxton.

      Kerry admitted to the murder. She admitted that she was mad when Tom quit his professional wrestling career and settled for becoming a scientist. Angry that Tom wasn't showing off his strength like Kerry wanted him to, Kerry confronted Tom, who said that wrestling just wasn't for him. Kerry then asked who she would cheer for, and Tom said she'll think of someone, angering Kerry.

      Kerry later couldn't control her anger and brought several syringes to a pool where Tom was swimming at. Tom came out of the water and asked for a towel, which Kerry responded by sticking a syringe in his neck. She threw several more into Tom's arm, causing his arm to grow into a weird shape. Tom later fell into the pool, where Kerry threw one more syringe near his eye. Kerry was sentenced to life in prison by a furious Judge Hall.

      Reverse Politically Incorrect.

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    • Sidney Hirsch's killer is revealed as US Secret Service agent Jonathan Stafford. When confronted, Jonathan attempted to deny everything before smirking as he confessed, referring to Sidney as a "insignificant fool" who needed to be eliminated. When Jack Archer deduced that Jonathan was a member of SOMBRA, Jonathan laughed as he not confirmed it, saying that his "special friend" (later revealed to be his lover, Sarah Bennett) had convinced him that SOMBRA belonged as the ruling party and that they both could stand in power together.

      Jonathan revealed that his affair with Olivia Hewett was simply a part of his and Sarah's plan to kill the President, and when Sidney suspended Jonathan, he retaliated by luring him to the lake before shooting him to death. Jonathan was put on trial and, after refusing to name his accomplice, was sentenced to life in prison.

      Reverse Death in the Desert.

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    • Mama Yasmine's killer turned out to be Donald Barnes.

      Donald denied the accusations but later admitted to the murder. Donald said that the victim tried to stop him from taking some of their spices back, so he strangled her to death, and then pushed her body into the fire. Judge Adaku sentenced Donald to life in prison.

      Reverse Out of the Blue.

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    • Brice LeBeau's killer is revealed to be scientist Marshall Metcalf. When confronted, Marshall immediately confessed, claiming Brice was a SOMBRA agent come to kill him for defecting and becoming a MOSSAD informant. After seeing Brice several times on the island and failing to get in contact with Asal Hawaa (who was deliberately ignoring his phone calls due to writing him off as crazy), Marshall decided to take care of things himself by attacking and killing Brice with a syringe full of poison.

      At his trial, Marshall continued to argue self-defense, only for Judge Adaku to reveal that the Bureau's investigation found no connection between Brice and SOMBRA, with Marshall being dismayed to learn he had killed an innocent man. Seeing Marshall was unwell, Adaku sentenced him to a 5-year stay at a psychiatric hospital pending re-evaluation of his sentencing.

      Reverse The Summoning.

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    • The killer of Ophelia Lincoln turned out to be Simon Armstrong.

      Simon denied the accusations but later admitted to the murder with pride. Simon said that he and Steven Crowe were doing a ritual when he spotted Ophelia out of the corner of his eye. Not thinking anything of it, he continued his ritual. However, Simon looked behind him again and caught Ophelia stealing a dagger, supposedly wanting to gift it to a friend for her birthday. Simon tapped Steven's shoulder, who grew annoyed when Simon took him out of his "beautiful worshipping". 

      Simon and Steven both caught Ophelia and Steven told her that she was going to be a sacrifice, as she stole a treasure. Ophelia sadly nodded, and lied down while Simon grabbed the dagger in her hand and scraped a pentagram into her skin, making Ophelia let out a bloodcurling scream, and die. Simon was sentenced to 40 years in prison. 

      Reverse Good Girls Don't Die.

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    • Sabrina Kingston's murderer is revealed to be her best friend, Abigail Price. When confronted, Abigail at first denied everything before angrily admitting to killing Sabrina, stating that her victim had stopped being her best friend a long time ago. The investigation had already revealed Abigail's past pregnancy and abortion, with Abigail revealing that she confided to Sabrina about her secret and her regret for allowing her mother to pressure her to terminate her pregnancy.

      Sometime later, however, Abigail learned that Sabrina (while drunk) blabbed her secret to Veronica Johnson, who in turn began blackmailing Abigail in exchange for keeping it out of the press. Enraged at Sabrina for breaking her trust, Abigail confronted Sabrina while she was in a treatment room at the hair salon, during which Abigail grabbed the laser and fired it at Sabrina. She believed it would simply set her clothes on fire, and was horrified when the laser instead burned through Sabrina and killed her.

      At her trial, Abigail continued to say Sabrina's death was an accident, and that she wouldn't have  been driven to such a rage if her friend hadn't betrayed her. Judge Hall reminded Abigail that Sabrina's betrayal was accidental as well, and that her anger resulted in her permanently losing her friend. Abigail was ultimately sentenced 20 years in prison.

      Reverse No Leg to Stand On.

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    • Muriel Cove's killer turned out to be Eric Prynce.

      Eric denied the accusations but later admitted to the murder. Eric surprised Gwen and the player by revealing to them that Muriel was a mermaid. Eric said that he found out she was a mermaid just recently, but he had suspicions a long time ago. He reported that Muriel was acing everything in marine biology. When he confronted Muriel, however, she put a curse on him. Eric freaked out and learned that the only way to undo the curse was to kill the person who cursed them.

      Eric later spotted Muriel on the dock and decided to stab her and leave her body on the dock. Gwen asked Eric about what happened to Muriel's legs, and Eric had no idea what Gwen was talking about. Eric was handed over to authorities, hiding the fact that Muriel was a mermaid. Muriel's legs turned out to have been eaten by the kraken.

      Reverse Shadow Nation.

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    • Valentina Silva's killer is revealed to be President Adolfo Herrera. When confronted, Adolfo attempted to claim innocence and threatened to have them expunged from his country before being forced to confess to killing his vice president. As Adolfo confessed, he was a member of SOMBRA and was working to break his nation's will down to where they would all become warriors for SOMBRA without any resistance.

      Part of Adolfo's plan was to have resistance fighter Sebastian Morales killed, with Valentina discovering evidence of the President's horrific intentions and confronting him. After hearing Valentina threaten to overthrow his dictatorial regime, Adolfo decided he had to eliminate Valentina, sniping her dead from a surveillance post. Adolfo then attempted to shot the player dead with a gun he pulled from behind his back, only to be stopped when Sebastian (who had been warned by a message Valentina left for him before she died about Adolfo's plan to kill him) charged in and tackled Adolfo, knocking him out and allowing the player to bring him into court.

      Adolfo remorselessly confessed to killing Valentina and trying to kill the player, claiming SOMBRA was the only true government and that the world would soon learn that. After Adolfo refused to turn against SOMBRA in exchange for a lighter sentence, Adolfo was given a life sentence with no chance of parole.

      Reverse Death is a Cabaret.

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    • Fiona Flanagan's killer turned out to be Gladys Perrin.

      Gladys admitted to the murder, saying that Fiona stole from Madam Xiang. One day, when Madam Xiang was in jail, Fiona decided to come in and take a special fan and keep it. Gladys saw this, and was furious that Fiona stole the fan, as it was Madam Xiang's favorite. Gladys quickly rushed over to Fiona, and grabbed a knife to disembowl her. Judge Lawson sentenced Gladys to life in prison.

      Reverse Death Match.

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    • Chon Sansurin's killer is revealed to be his client, Thanid Tongproh.

      When confronted, Thanid tried to deny everything before his temper got the better of him and he accidentally admitted to the murder. Caught, Thanid revealed that he and Chon made regular deals that Thanid would intentionally lose a few of his matches, allowing Chon to place bets against him that he knew would win. While Thanid agreed to the plan, it came back to bite him when he suffered a severe hamstring injury while throwing a match, with the treatment being far more than Thanid could afford, even with his cuts of Chon's ill-gotten profits.

      Meeting Chon at the boxing ring, Thanid asked for a loan, only for Chon to callously refuse and say his injury was his problem to deal with. In a blind rage, Thanid took a mongkol and used it to strangle his bookie to death. At his trial, Judge Adaku reminded Thanid (who continued to blast Chon as a greedy opportunist) that he willingly went along with his crimes, while also bringing up the allegations of domestic abuse made by his wife--which Thanid angrily denied. Regardless, Adaku sentenced Thanid to 40 years in prison, with Thanid bemoaning how (prison or not) his boxing career was over.

      Reverse The Machiavellian Candidate.

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    • The killer of Gertrude Avery turned out to be her daughter, Lissa, much to the shock of Maddie and the player.

      Lissa denied the accusations, but later admitted to the murder. Lissa said that Gertrude was desperate to get attention and be more popular than her daughter. Gertrude would always try to look prettier, but it just wouldn't work out. One day, Gertrude decided that she should try to pretend she was Lissa. Gertrude designed a mask that looked like Lissa's face and put it on. Gertrude instantly became popular, with everybody thinking it was Lissa. 

      A few days later, Lissa found the mask in Gertrude's room and asked Gertrude what it was for. Gertrude didn't want to lie, so she told Lissa the truth. Horrified at what her mother did, she smacked Gertrude.

      Lissa then decided that Gertrude must be punished for the terrible thing she did, so she made some wine for Gertrude and slipped cyanide in it, and handed it to her mother, who immediately drank it. Gertrude then started foaming at the mouth and her face turned purple. Judge Takakura sentenced Lissa to 58 years in prison. 

      Reverse Eastern Promises.

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    • Tom Zhang's killer turned out to be Manka's father, Radovan Radich.

      Radovan denied the accusations, but later confessed. Radovan admitted he killed Tom to send the Chinese a warning. When asked why, Radovan revealed that his wife was killed by the Chinese after a Chinese person broke into their house and stabbed his wife to death.

      Wanting the Chinese to see his anger, Radovan pushed Tom against a Cupid's arrow sculpture, impaling him. When Frank asked him what he did to Tom's lungs, Radovan claimed he just impaled him, but did not take his lungs. Radovan was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

      Reverse Murder is No Joke

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    • Charles Ferrial's killer turned out to be Triboulet.

      Triboulet playfully admitted to the murder, saying that murder would help him gain popularity and get the king to know his name more. Triboulet thought that murdering his own brother would make a huge headline, so he stabbed Charles with a rapier. Triboulet was blasted by Francis I. Since Triboulet, the jester of Francis, worked hard for France, Francis had Triboulet tell him how he wanted to die, to which Triboulet responded that he wanted to die of old age. Francis laughed and told Triboulet that he would have to get out of Chambord.

      Reverse Fountain of Death.

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    • Ayanchin's killer turned out to be General Subutai's eldest wife, Tangzi Khatun.

      When confronted, Tangzi attempted to claim she would never kill a man for being a poor merchant. But once the evidence was brought against her, Tangzi confessed and revealed that her resentment of the victim went beyond his trade. As Tangzi admitted, she always had a strange feeling about the way Ayanchin looked at her. It was one day that Tangzi finally realized that Ayanchin was lusting after her, making her uncomfortable.

      After refusing to pay failed to dissuade Ayanchin's silent advances, Tangzi told Ayanchin that he was a disgraceful man for longing after a married woman before firing him. Ayanchin swore to make Tangzi pay, and fearing what Ayanchin would do to fulfill his threat, Tangzi killed him by shooting him dead with an arrow. When brought to Ogedei Khan for punishment, Khan informed Tangzi she should've gone to her husband for aid in stopping Ayanchin's lecherous stares and chided her for believing he'd take a merchant's word that she had some fault. As punishment, Khan sentenced Tangzi to four year's banishment, after which she would be accepted back in Karakorum if she proved she had reformed herself. Tangzi agreed to the sentence, leaving after begging Subutai's forgiveness and sharing his sentiment when he said he'd wait for her to return from banishment.

      Reverse Death by Crucifixion.

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    • Dr Bishop's killer turned out to be Gordon Michelli.

      Gordon admitted to the murder, and revealed that he used to be a priest for the church. However, when the church was torn down, Dr Bishop wanted Gordon to make a new place, which Gordon agreed to do. However, once Gordon started the construction, Dr Bishop said that Gordon was a traitor for letting a church get demolished. Angry and confused, Gordon flogged Dr Bishop and left him to die on a cross. Gordon was sentenced to life in prison.

      Reverse Time's Up.

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    • Takhat Wabet's killer is revealed to be none other than Nebet. When confronted by the player and Jack Archer (the latter of whom revealed that they knew who Nebet really was and what she was planning to do), Nebet smirked before casually admitting to the murder of Takhat, saying she had become a problem that had to be dealt with when she tried to talk her and Ammon Bast out of their plans.

      So after luring Takhat to the alligator pond under the claim of needing help convincing Ammon to stand down, Nebet attacked her with a dagger and cut out her heart. At that, Ammon suddenly appeared behind Nebet as the two produced daggers with intentions to kill the player and Jack, then go on to murder the rest of the team and steal their time machine to fulfill their plan for the Ptolemy empire. But before they could attack, two gunshots rang out and Nebet and Ammon fell dead--with the surprise shooter being Orlando Ordelaffi, who said that he had a bad feeling about how confronting Nebet would go and came armed for protection. With both Nebet and Ammon dead, the team was left free to undo all the damage done by Nebet's time travels.

      Reverse Blood in the Blender.

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    • Nigel Campbell's killer turned out to be his wife, Ruth Campbell.

      Ruth admitted to the murder, saying that Nigel not only slept with a clone, but also tried drugged Ruth to do so. One day, Nigel and Ruth were painting the city, and Nigel offered to get her a glass of water, to which Ruth accepted. Ruth saw where Nigel got the water, and saw some drugs next to it. Figuring Nigel drugged the water, Ruth drove over to the research lab, where she found Nigel fooling around with her clone.

      Disgusted that Nigel tried to drug her in order to sleep with her clone, Ruth threw the clone away and sliced Nigel into pieces, and stuffed his body into a blender. Ruth was sentenced to 21 years in prison. 

      Reverse Deadeye.

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    • Monica Pozie's killer turned ot to be Sam De Witt.

      Sam denied the accusations but was forced to confessed. Sam revealed that Monica almost killed her. Sam explained that Monica was angry at her for being voted as sorority president. Monica then came up to her and gave her a cupcake. Not knowing that it has peanuts in it (which she is allegric to) ate it and then blackout. Sam then woke up in a hospital, saying that the doctors told her she was food poisoned by the cupcake.

      Wanting revenge, she put a marble inside a paintball gun and shot Monica in the eye. Sam was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

      Reverse Divided We Fall

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    • Fabien de la Mort's killer turned out to be Roxanne Vega, much to the surprise of Gwen Harper.

      Roxanne immediately admitted to the murder, but said that she found out that Fabien was working for the demons. Roxanne found Fabien's phone, where he saw a conversation months ago with Reggie Pratt, who was looking for the fifth key. Roxanne found out that Fabien told Reggie that Hope Newman was the last key to release the demon queen.

      Roxanne later confronted Fabien about this, who admitted to working with the demons, and grabbed a stake, planning to kill Roxanne with it. However, Roxanne defended herself and plunged the stake into Fabien's heart instead, and then threw him out of a window. Roxanne was taken to George Mathison, who said that Roxanne will be held in custody until further notice.

      Reverse At the End of the Rope.

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    • Penelope Rivera's killer turned out to be her best friend, Lisa Edwards.

      Lisa acted shy and believed they didn't have enough sleep. But when David proved to her she was her best friend's killer, she broke down and confessed, revealing that Penelope was cyber-bullying her.

      Lisa said she got many hateful messages on FriendNet and didn't know who it was until she got some help from The @rtist, telling her that the cyber bully was her best friend. Angry, Lisa confronted her, who told Lisa that Penelope was trying to keep her away from making new shy friends. Furious, Lisa punched Penelope; knocking her out. Without any witnesses in the library, she grabbed a rope, tied it like a noose and hung Penelope. Lisa was sentenced to 7 years in prison.

      Reverse Death at a Funeral

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    • Vicki Silverman's killer turned out to be Bernie Silverman.

      Bernie admitted to the murder, saying that he heard about demons and that she reported having nightmares about demons to Bernie. Bernie, who couldn't stand seeing his daughter in pain, got a piece of pie and poisoned it, to put her out of her misery. Bernie was sentenced to 17 years in prison.

      Reverse An Elementary Murder.

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    • Jenny Honeycomb's killed was revealed to be her secret girlfriend, Irina Nemovska.

      When confronted, Irina initially denied the allegations before confessing, saying that she lost control of herself when Jenny broke her heart. When asked to elaborate, Irina revealed that she was in love with Jenny and wanted to go with her back to Russia, both to be together openly and to escape the lustful gaze of her employer.

      But when Irina met Jenny at her classroom to tell her her plan, Jenny refused, claiming she had a responsibility to her students. But Irina could tell there was something more to it, and came to realize Jenny was still uncomfortable with being open about her sexuality. Hurt by the realization, Irina flew into a rage, and despite Jenny spraying her with her inhaler in self-defense, Irina attacked and killed her lover by stabbing her with a pair of children's scissors. She then left after using a paper towel to wipe her face, leaving inhaler fluid and DNA that would provide a Killer's Profile clue.

      At trial, Irina said that she loved Jenny dearly, but was driven to her deadly attack by Jenny (in her mind) choosing a close-minded community over her. Judge Hall reminded Irina that Jenny likely still loved her despite her fear, and that Irina killed the woman she claimed to love for simply not being ready to be open about herself. With that, the judge sentenced Irina to a sentence of 35 years.

      Reverse Up in Smoke.

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    • Terrance Williams's killer turned out to be Sandy Turner.

      Sandy denied the accusations, saying that he was a honest politician and did nothing wrong, but when cornered with evidence, Sandy accidentally slipped up and admitted to the murder. Sandy said that he was notified that he got a death threat when heading to San Francisco. Sandy said that Terrance signed his name at the bottom. Sandy decided to prepare if Terrance would try to kill him, so he got a tie clip with an explosive inside and snuck it into his pocket. When he arrived, he said his speech and noticed a red dot on his head after. He then saw Terrance holding a rifle, preparing to shoot him. 

      Prepared, Sandy got the tie clip and quickly hooked it onto Terrance's tie, and pretended that he was talking to him. After heading out, Sandy detonated Terrance's tie clip, ending Terrance's plan. Sandy said that he was going to die if he didn't do something, and said that he did what he had to do. Judge Adaku sentenced Sandy to 50 years in prison.

      Reverse Color Me Murdered.

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    • Haruki Kato's killer is revealed to be his friend, comic book artist Marcus Butler.

      When confronted, Marcus denied killing his friend, but was forced to confess when the evidence was brought against him. Marcus revealed that he had turned tto Haruki for help in finding his biological father, as he was no longer getting any answers from his adoptive father. The day before the murder, Haruki told Marcus he'd managed to find the identity of Marcus's father, but that he would only give it to him in exchange for money.

      While angered that Haruki would extort him, Marcus got the money Haruki needed and arranged to meet him for the exchange, bringing a sharpened bear claw with him for protection if things got ugly. After giving Haruki the money, however, Marcus was stunned when Haruki revealed that he didn't have any information and that he only said he did so Marcus would give him the money he needed for his "new friends". Enraged, Marcus pulled out the bear claw and slashed Haruki in a fit of rage, killing him.

      When asked why he was so desperate to find his biological father that he was driven to murderous rage, Marcus confessed that William had never supported his career as an artist and was always guilt tripping him into giving him money. At his trial, Marcus expressed remorse in having killed Haruki, even though he still resented him for having lied to him out of greed. Judge Powell, taking Marcus's regret into consideration, sentenced him to 20 years in prison with a possibility for parole in 10. The AI had the team deciding to check their records for Marcus's biological father, leading to the reveal that publisher Steve Roy was Marcus's biological father, him having never known a fling he had when he was 16 resulted in a pregnancy. After learning Marcus's biological mother died in a car accident when he was an infant, resulting in him being put up for adoption, the team arranged for Steve and Marcus to meet for the first time in a heartwarming reunion.

      Reverse I Lost My Heart in Xerda.

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    • The killer of Bruno Camper turned out to be his ex, Kayla Markham.

      Kayla admitted to the murder, and said that Bruno shouldn't just get away without any punishment after the way he abused her. Kayla then said that she would always have nightmares about Bruno beating her up or raping her. To stop these horrifying thoughts, Kayla stabbed Bruno at a sacrificial altar and removed his heart. Kayla was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

      Reverse Final Cut.

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    • Toby Hansen's killer was revealed to be Cindy McMinn. When confronted, Cindy tried to argue that she wouldn't kill Toby over some on-set disagreements, but was forced to confess when all the evidence was brought against her. As Cindy revealed, Toby was angry when he learned she was transferring schools and would have to leave before the movie was finished, but one night, Toby apologized and took her out to dinner to apologize, with Cindy thinking he'd calmed down.

      But the next day, Cindy awoke with a headache and found a horrifying email from Toby--one containing naked pictures of her in her bed. Cindy realized that Toby had drugged her drink during their dinner, and had taken the pictures in an attempt to blackmail her into staying at Grimsborough and finishing his movie. Disgusted and angered that Toby would violate her in such a way, Cindy arranged to meet Toby to shoot a scene, only to instead grab the chainsaw from Toby and cut him in half, taking his phone and deleting the pictures he had of her before fleeing the scene. At trial, Cindy said that Toby was a disgusting pervert who deserved to die, and while Judge Powell sympathized with Cindy for what Toby did to her, she reminded Cindy she should've reported him to the authorities rather than take justice into her own hands before sentencing her to 18 years in prison.

      Reverse Pain in the Neck.

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    • Isabella Narcisse's killer turned out to be Rene Narcisse.

      Rene angrily admitted to the murder, saying that Isabella didn't do what she was told. As it turned out, Rene was abusing Isabella, until she threatened to call the police. Rene flew into a rage and grabbed a fork, and started stabbing Isabella in the neck with in. Rene was sentenced to life in prison.

      Reverse Smoke and Mirrors.

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    • Erikah Mabayo's killer is revealed to be Vanessa Kimmel. When confronted, Vanessa initially tried to claim innocence, but was forced to confess when the evidence was brought against her. Vanessa revealed that Erikah was a brothel owner and serial killer, having been murdering any of her prostitutes who tried to escape her stranglehold. Vanessa was forced to begin working for her, but tried to get away when she discovered she was pregnant.

      During her escape attempt, Erikah caught her and tried to strangle her to death, while boasting to another dark secret: Erikah had previously killed Vanessa's father Ralph, revealing that his "abandonment" of Vanessa and Sharon was actually a result of him being murdered by Erikah when he turned down her advances. Driven by both rage and a desire to protect her unborn child, Vanessa struck Erikah with a rock to get her off before strangling her to death, later making her look like a voodoo doll to frame the murder as having been committed by a voodoo practitioner.

      At her trial, Vanessa said that Erikah was a monster and a danger to all of Bayou Bleu, and that she only killed her to defend herself and her unborn baby. Judge Dante sympathized and said he personally only faulted her for what she did to Erikah's body after killing her in self-defense, and thus sentenced her to 2 years in prison with a possibility of parole in 8 months if she attended regular counselling sessions. The AI had the team helping Vanessa set up a meeting with her mother, leading to mother and daughter reconciling their differences.

      Reverse In Vino Veritas.

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    • Jacinta Linares's killer turned out to be Cora Bateman.

      Christian tried to confront the team, saying that Cora had nothing to do with the murder of Jacinta, but Cora admitted, saying that she killed Jacinta, surprising Christian. Cora said that Jacinta was planning on killing Christian because he was involved with Ad Astra. Christian reacted with surprise, not knowing that Jacinta was targeting him. Cora confronted Jacinta about planning to kill her son, and drowned her in a barrel of wine. Cora was sentenced to life in prison.

      Reverse Of Rats and Men.

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    • Andre Roche's killer is revealed to be his former cellmate, Scott Lee Allan.

      When confronted in his jail cell, having been arrested for escaping prison, Scott tried to deny it before finally confessing, deciding he had nothing to lose now. Scott revealed that after his prison escape, he went to the location where he had hidden his treasure in the abandoned theater, only to be enraged to find it missing. Believing Andre had somehow found the treasure and stolen it, Scott collected some rats to use in his plan to reclaim his treasure.

      After aquiring the rats, Scott lured Andre to the theater before forcibly tying him to a chair. After Andre refused to give up where he'd stashed the treasure, Scott unleashed the rats on Andre, with the torture eventually getting Andre to confess. Even so, Scott still left Andre in the theater to be eaten alive by the rats, arguing that he "lived as a rat and died like one". A disgusted Frank arrested Scott, and a similarly revolted Judge Dante sentenced Scott to life in prison after he refused to tell where he'd stashed his treasure this time. The AI, however, had the team tracking it down to Ethel Hubcap's store, as Scott had hidden it under a floorboard.

      Reverse The Eye of the Storm.

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    • Veronica Blade's killer turned out to be Peggy Pascal.

      Peggy denied the accusations, claiming that she was just a normal stormchaser. Peggy was then cornered with evidence, and then admitted to the murder. Peggy said that she fell in love, and that Veronica was the one for her. Peggy took her out on dates and they went storm chasing together. One day, Peggy went over to Veronica's house to surprise her with a ring, when she found Veronica with a weather controlling machine, planning to create hurricane Zelda. 

      Peggy's heart broke as she realized that Veronica created the storms just for her because she loved her, and that the storms that they were chasing were just created by a machine. Peggy flew into a rage and bashed Veronica, and tied her up to a weather tower, where Veronica was electrocuted to death. Judge Dante firmly said that Veronica loved Peggy and that she killed the person she loved, causing Peggy to break down and apologize. For feeling horrible about committing the crime, Peggy was given a more lenient sentence of 15 years in prison.

      Reverse Burying the Hatchet.

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    • Shanaya Peota's killer is revealed to be social worker Sandy Grimmes.

      When confronted, Sandy initially meekly tried to deny responsibility. But once the evidence was brought against her and David accused her of killing Shanaya out of petty jealousy and of having robbed her children of a mother, Sandy confessed and proclaimed that Shanaya was an awful mother who got what she deserved. Questioned further, Sandy revealed the primary reason why she wanted to send Shanaya's kids into foster care: she'd discovered that Shanaya was abusing them, with Sandy believing their father Delsin Peota turned a blind eye to his ex-wife's actions.

      One day, Sandy found herself confronted by Shanaya on the settlement, who accused her of trying to steal her family before trying to attack her with a replica Indian hatchet. Fighting back, Sandy knocked Shanaya out and, believing Shanaya was a danger to her children who had to be killed, tied Shanaya up before cutting off her hands. At trial, Sandy admitted to having broken the law, but declared she had no remorse for protecting two innocent children from an abusive mother. Judge Hall stated that while Shanaya's abusive actions were repulsive, Sandy had no right to take justice into her own hands before sentencing her to 20 years in prison. The AI had the team discovering that Delsin had been unaware that Shanaya was abusing their children, with the team helping Delsin regain custody of them after he promised to give them a better life now.

      Reverse Murdertown

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    • Walter Fellows's killer turned out to be Lindsay Bannister

      Lindsay admitted to the murder, and said quickly that Frank should listen closely. She said that Velma was planning to kill her because she wouldn't rejoin the Utopian cult. She said that she went to a bar to clear her head, and got a drink from Walter. However, Lindsay overheard that Velma told Walter to kill her, and that Walter put poison in her whiskey. Lindsay spilled the drink and ran away and tried to call for help at the movie set, where Walter followed her. Lindsay grew angry and stabbed Walter through the heart with an antique dagger. Lindsay was sentenced to 5 years in prison. 

      Unfortunately, when Russell came to check up on Lindsay, she was shot dead by a member of the Utopian Cult.

      Reverse A Pirate's Death for Me.

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    • Lincoln Matuszak's killer is shockingly revealed to be pirate Blackbeard.

      When confronted, Blackbeard attempted to deny the allegations and threatened to have his crew deal with the player and Jack Archer before confessing to the truth. Blackbeard revealed that he'd decided to cut Lincoln in on finding Rackham's lost treasure, after Lincoln tearfully claimed to be in desperate need of money to help care for his ailing mother. But just as Blackbeard was prepared to share his findings with Lincoln, he learned the truth from a regular at the Crow's Nest Tavern: Lincoln's mother had died years ago.

      Enraged at Lincon for deceiving him and believing he intended to take all the treasure for himself, Blackbeard laced an orange with poison and gave it to Lincoln at the bar, with Lincoln dying as a result of the poison. Before being taken to the authorities, Blackbeard gave the player a letter to give to Ezola Alldred (who he revealed he still loved dearly), with Ezola revealing to the detectives that the letter contained the map to Rackham's treasure, with Ezola being touched that Blackbeard would give up the map to her.

      Reverse Dead Men Tell No Tales

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    • Carl Rossa's killer turned out to be Joshua Gibson.

      Joshua denied the accusations but later admitted to the murder. Joshua said that Carl was believing he was the actual Blackbeard, which caused Carl to try to steal Joshua's yacht. However, Joshua caught Carl trying to steal the yacht, but Carl pulled out a machete and swung it at Joshua, so Joshua picked up a pirate gun and shot Carl, and threw him overboard. Joshua was sentenced to 5 years in prison.

      Reverse Double Trouble.

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    • Joel Heller's killer is revealed to be Unified Nations envoy Niilo Virtanen.

      When confronted, Niilo tried to deny the allegation before confessing to the crime, saying that Joel was stupid to interfere with SOMBRA--revealing himself as an ally to the group. Having been a SOMBRA agent since beofe he became part of the Unified Nations, and that he was planning an event to set off a war between the UN and US.

      After realizing that Joel wouldn't stop trying to mandate strict security over him, Niilo chose him as his victim, shooting Joel dead with a sniper rifle and also shooting Jack as a warning to the Bureau to stop trying to destroy SOMBRA. Like past SOMBRA allies, Niilo refused to give up information for a lighter sentence, thus receiving a life sentence.

      Reverse Lifeless in Seattle

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    • Virginia Purnell's killer turned out to be her daughter, Kelly.

      Kelly denied the accusations but then admitted to the murder, saying that Virginia murdered her brother. Kelly said that when she was young, she had an older brother named Phineas, who she loved very much. However, one day, Phineas went missing, and Kelly was devastated. Virginia claimed that Phineas would come back soon, but he didn't, and his body was later discovered in a river.

      Recently, Kelly was looking through Virginia's notebook, when she found a confession written in it, saying that she killed Phineas. Filled with rage, Kelly grabbed a knife and tackled Virginia, and stabbed her neck, killing Virginia. Kelly was sentenced to 50 years in prison.

      Reverse The Lost City.

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    • Theresa Cole's killer is revealed to be archaeologist Karen Boulder.

      When confronted, Karen tried to joke she wouldn't kill over paperwork, but finally admitted to the murder, saying Theresa shouldn't have snooped in her business. As she revealed, she had found out about Theresa sending a private investigator to watch her, in hopes of catching her doing something illegal to stop her work on the lost city of Xerda. After learning that, Karen became fearful that Theresa would learn her secret side business: she was stealing Xerdan artifacts to sell on the dark web, doing so to finance her research.

      Wanting Theresa out of the way to keep her illegal business going, Karen arranged to meet Theresa at the excavation site, where she killed Theresa by force-feeding her tar. After being arrested, Karen was sentenced to 45 years for both the murder and her illegal artifact selling.

      Reverse Corpse Chic

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    • Alexis Cardinot's killer turned out to be Elise Marx.

      Elise denied the accusations, even going as far as flirting with the player, but then admitted. Elise said that Alexis wanted to be her "everything", and proposed to her. However, Elise said that she wanted someone cuter to marry. Heartbroken, Alexis tried to make himself the best he could be, only for Elise to lace his perfume with rat poison to show that she didn't want to be with him. Elise was sentenced to life in prison.

      Rewrite To Hell and Back.

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    • Much to the team's shock, Zeke Davis's killer is revealed to be fellow demon and ally Arthur Darkwood.

      Arthur remorselessly confessed to killing Zeke, saying that he was trying to obtain Arthur's blood for the Demon Queen to use in her plan to rip the veil between the Netherworld and Earth. Not intent on allowing the Queen to take over the Earth, Arthur fought back against Zeke's murder attempt and slashed him to death with his sword, killing Zeke. Before disappearing, Arthur warned the player that their chief Jacob Arrow had become fully allied with the Demon Queen, having become infatuated with her due to her resemblance to his late wife.

      The AI had the team saving Arthur when Jacob captured him in an attempt to get his blood, with Hope Newman subsequently drinking the River Styx water to transform into her demon form and defeat the Demon Queen. Afterwards, Jacob was arrested for attempted murder (the supernatural details of his crimes being withheld) and Arthur was free to live his life on Earth, thanking the team for everything they'd done to protect the world.

      Reverse O Deadly Night.

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    • Asal Hawaa's killer turned out to be Nick Kringle.

      Carmen (who is filling in for a heartbroken Jack) confronted Kringle, who admitted to the murder, saying that he finished his job at last. Nick revealed himself to be part of SOMBRA, and he said that in order to weaken down the Bureau, he needed to "attack the heart". To do this, he targeted Asal, who Jack fell in love with, and shot her with frozen bullet at Lake Baikal, and left her to die, her she got frozen. Nick was sentenced to life in prison.

      Reverse Fast Track to Murder.

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