• For this revived game, things will be a lot more casual. Instead of full dialogue rewrites, each poster will simply give a description (brief or otherwise) of their re-imagining of the case with a different suspect as the killer (i.e. describing why the new culprit killed their victim and their trial if applicable, along with any other details you might like to include). Here's an example of how the game will go:

    Poster A: Rewrite "The Death of Rosa Wolf"

    Poster B: Ash Bison is revealed to be Rosa Wolf's killer. In this version, we see Ash after an unseen interrogation by the player character, which has him angrily confess to the murder. As Ash reveals, he had recently gotten into an altercation with a Vipers gang member, which ended with Ash pushing the guy to the ground, causing him to fatally hit his head on the curb. Rosa was an inadvertent witness to the crime, so Ash chased her down and slashed her throat after cornering her in an alley, moving her body to the entrance of town to cover his tracks. After being sent to his trial, Ash was sentenced to 45 years in prison.

    Now, to start us off: Rewrite "Corpse in a Garden"

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    • Maria Sanchez was revealed to be the killer of Ned Dillard. Maria immediately laughed and proudly admitted to killing Ned. Maria said that Ned was a pain and that she always wanted to get rid of him. Maria approached Ned and told him that she had a surprise, and when Ned got up, Maria grabbed a saw and cut his hand off. Judge Hall sentenced Maria to life in prison.

      Rewrite "Mad World"

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    • Savannah Austin turned out to be the killer.After confessing she said that her mother was evil and she made Adam and was her creation that she put her in here.She then said that she was going get the patients and do a rally to the next hospital.She then said that she was sorry for killing her mother.

      Rewrite “The Tree Of Death”

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    • Haseya Roanhorse turned out to be the killer of Annette Strong. After denying the accusations, Haseya said that she tried to meet with Annette to talk to her about her life about demons. However, Annette said no, but Haseya didn't take no for answer, she yelled at her to talk to her, but Annette just went away. Thinking Annette was hiding something, Haseya followed her to Wyoming and saw her guarding the crystal. Thinking she was planning to take it, Haseya grabbed a shotgun and shot her. Haseya was sentenced to life in prison.

      Rewrite "Death as Old as Time"

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    • Brutus is found to be Caesar's killer. When confronted, Brutus tried to deny it before being tricked into admitting guilt by Jack. When questioned for a motive, Brutus broke down and revealed that his primary reason for killing his father was not anger at his rejection, but as a means of protecting the man he loved. Caesar caught Brutus kissing his male lover, and after he told Brutus he intended to kill his son's lover to prevent him from "embarassing" him, Brutus hid in Caesar's throne room and stabbed his father to death.

      Brutus declined to reveal his lover's name to protect him (he's later revealed as Mark Antony), and when brought to Cleopatra, the queen was persuaded to give Brutus mercy and spare him from execution, instead deciding to banish him from Egypt--both as punishment and to allow him to escape backlash from vengeful citizens.

      Rewrite Blood Lust.

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    • Roxanne Vega was Revealed to be the killer.After denying accusations she confessed saying that she was sad for Lucy as she was dating Erik and she tried to persuade her to love her.Lucy said no so she sucked her blood and killed her.Dr.Aculas decided for Gwen to kill her which Gwen Did.

      Rewrite No Leg to Stand On

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    • Marcello Companio is revealed as the killer. After initially trying to deny the allegations, Marcello confesses. Gwen asked Marcello why he would kill his roommate over a damaged book, with Marcello angrily revealing his real reason for killing Eric: as a prank, Eric altered a poem Marcello was submitting as an assignment and sent it to his professor, with the revised poem mocking Marcello for his fear during his boating expedition with Eric.

      The prank resulted in Marcello getting an F and nearly getting kicked out of the class. Furious at his roommate for nearly ruining his chance at a good education, Marcello took his revenge by luring Eric to the boat dock under the claim of wanting to go boating, where he stabbed Eric to death with a dagger. Marcello fiercely denied feeding Eric's legs to the kraken (an act later found to have been done by Vanessa Sadler in revenge for Eric judging her) before he was brought to the authorities, who sentenced him to 20 years in prison.

      Rewrite The Devil's Playground

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    • Dylan Cobbs is revealed as the killer. Dylan admitted to killing Tom Blackwater, saying that Tom overheard he was planning to tear down his friend's old shack because it just took up space. However, Tom said that there were a lot of memories in there. Dylan didn't listen to him, which caused Tom to get mad and attack Dylan. In self-defense, Dylan grabbed a pitchfork and stabbed him. Dylan was sentenced to 12 years in prison.

      Rewrite "Summer of Death"

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    • Ian Devine is revealed as Noah's killer. Upon being confronted, Ian weakly attempted to claim innocence before confessing, swearing that Noah's death was an accident. Ian revealed that he had genuinely grown to like Noah, and was remorseful over his LSD drug trip scaring Noah away. He wanted to apologize and make amends with Noah, even planning to ask him to join his band (knowing about how disapproving his father was of his sexuality). But fearful and nervous that Noah would reject him, Ian got a small hit of acid from one of his bandmates, thinking the amount he took was just enough to calm his nerves.

      But as he began trying to talk to Noah, who was reluctant about joining Ian's band, Ian suddenly began having another violent hallucination. It didn't last as long as the first, but when Ian came back to reality, he found that he'd accidently shoved Noah against the van, killing him when he struck his head. Horrified and remorseful, but fearful that he would be accused of intentionally killing him, leaving the note and flowers behind as a show of remorse. Ian broke down in tears as he bemoaned having accidentally killed his friend, with Zara assuring Ian a judge would be lenient given the circumstances before having him taken in. Later research would find that Ian's arrest would have no effect on the timeline that led up to his successful career, as Orlando would find out through research that Ian would later confess out of guilt and be sentenced to two years in prison, with his first album being dedicated to Noah's memory.

      Speaking of Ian Devine, rewrite The Saddest of All Keys

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    • Rose Sweet turned out to be the killer of Ian Devine. After denying the accusations, Rose finally admitted and said that Ian was going to make a song insulting her, but when Rose said she didn't like that, Ian ignored Rose and called her an idiot. So, Rose met up with Ian before his concert at a restaurant, and left early to set up the murder. When Ian came, Rose used the sound-emitting device to play a infrasound frequency, liquefying his brain. Judge Powell sentenced Rose to 40 years-life in prison. 

      Rewrite "The Young and the Lifeless"

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    • Reggie Perez is revealed as Felicia's killer. After trying to deny the accusation, Reggie slipped up and accidentally admitted guilt before confessing. Shortly after Felicia broke up with him, Reggie went to Felicia's house with plans to win her back. But upon arriving, he heard noises coming from her bedroom and eavesdropped on his ex-girlfriend, becoming angered to learn that she was having a tryst with her agent, Gary Silver.

      Enraged that Felicia had moved on so quickly, Reggie stole Gary's phone and used it to send a text to Felicia, arranging a meeting at the Ivywood Sign for a passionate tryst. Upon arriving, however, Felicia was attacked and slashed to death with razor blades by Reggie, who stated he wanted to make Felicia hurt as much as she hurt him. Reggie was promptly arrested by a disgusted Frank and sentenced by Judge Dante to 40 years in prison with mandatory anger management.

      Rewrite Bayou Blood

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    • The killer of Lee Dupree turned out to be Eugene. Eugene broke down in tears and admitted that he killed Lee. Eugene said that Lee found one of his favorite dolls in the forest (who he called "Eugene Jr.") Eugene found Lee holding it and asked him to give it back. Lee acted like he was going to give it to him, but suddenly, he ripped the doll in half. Eugene got angry, and grabbed a BBQ skewer, and killed Lee. Eugene then tried to attack the player, but Frank shot Eugene in the arm, and then arrested him. Eugene was later sent to psychiatric hospital. 

      Rewrite Fool's Gold.

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    • Zayden Ito was revealed to be Ramses' killer. After trying to claim innocence, Zayden confessed to killing the pharaoh. After being reminded about his dispute with the pharaoh about not letting him study the time machine, Zayden revealed why he was so fixated on getting access to the machine: he had begun having vivid dreams about the original timeline, to the point where he was certain that he could use the timeline to get himself back to his old life as a member of T.I.M.E.

      After trying to no avail to convince Ramses to entrust him with the machine, Zayden resorted to killing Ramses by programming a drone to dump molten gold on his head. Now believing his chance at returning to his original timeline were over, Zayden produced a poison pill and ingested it, succumbing to the poison and dying as the player and Amy watch in horror. Thankfully, the team was later able to use the notes Zayden left behind to successfully get access to the machine and escape the Ptolemy timeline.

      Rewrite In the Dead of Night

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    • Edward Ramis killed Frddy. He overheard Freddy saying he was using Julian for robberies. Edward went to the park with a crossbow and told to turn himself in. Freddy said he would not and unless Edward gave him 1000 dollars he would blame everything on Julian. Edward was so mad he shot and killed Freddy. After being arrested Edward was sentenced to 10 years in prison with a possibly of parole in 5.

      Rewrite Cross My Heart

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    • Javier Morales turned out to be the killer of Brad Price. Javier denied the accusations but later admitted to killing Brad. Javier said that he didn't want to be in a relationship with Brad, and he wanted him to only have a relationship with Brooke Long. Brad was going to tell Brooke that he loved Javier, but Javier tried to stop him. Without thinking, he grabbed a bow and shot at Brad, killing him. Javier was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

      Rewrite Shipwrecked!

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    • Quentin Montague was eventually revealed as Evangeline Rousseau's killer. When confronted by the player and Zara, Quentin tried to deny the allegations and threatened to have them exiled from the village, he eventually confessed when cornered with the evidence. While Zara initially believed Quentin killed Evangeline for trying to keep him and everyone else stranded on the island, Quentin revealed his true motivation: he had become infatuated with Evangeline's daughter Miranda, and was prepared to ask for her hand in marriage.

      However, when Evangeline found out about Quentin's intentions, she destroyed the ring Quentin crafted for Miranda out of leaves and grass and informed Quentin that Miranda would only marry a man she deemed worthy. Furious at Evangeline for denying him both freedom from the island and Miranda, Quentin waited until Evangeline was alone on the beach before stabbing her in the neck with a fishing spear. When Quentin was brought before the village and begged Miranda (who was now named leader of the village) to understand that his actions were for her, Miranda rejected his obsessive pursuit of her and ordered him banished to the barren north of the island. Driven mad from rejection, Quentin attempted to attack Miranda, only to be killed by Monday in self-defense by striking him with a piece of the ship wreck. After helping the village preserve Quentin's body for proper burial, the team departed with Mary for Skull Island.

      Rewrite What Happens in Vegas...

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    • The killer of Lorna Westerberg turned out to be Nicoletta Marconi. Nicoletta denied the accusations but later admitted to killing her. Nicoletta said that she robbed Lorna's room and found a very expensive goblet. Nicoletta took it and later went to the casino, and brought little Tony with her. However, Lorna saw the goblet in Nicoletta's hands. Lorna tried to get it back, but when young Tony wasn't looking, Nicoletta shot her. Nicoletta was handed over to the police, and Tony now lives with Clifton Shapiro

      Rewrite The Ties that Bind.

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    • Ezra Hope was revealed to be Spangler's killer. Instantly confessing, he said that he knew Spangler since he was younger, and he always made fun of his long hair. One time, Spangler even pointed a fake gun at him, and threatened to shoot him. When he saw Spangler again, he didn't remember him him until he pointed the fake gun at aim again. Ezra got very angry, made a molotov cocktail and killed Spangler. He was sentenced to life in prison.

      Rewrite Eve of Disaster

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    • Jon Benson's killer turned out to be Oswin Piper. Oswin denied the accusations but then admitted to the murder. Oswin said that he and Jon used to be good friends in college, until Jon became a security guard and Oswin became a climate change activist. Oswin later thought to himself what it would be like to kill a close friend. Oswin planned to kill Jon to find out. So while Jon was distracted, Oswin killed him with a sonic mineral extractor. When Gloria tried to arrest Oswin, she noticed a red dot on his head. Gloria tried to save Oswin, but it was too late. Oswin was shot in the head by a rifle installed in the wall. 

      Rewrite Deadeye.

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    • Blaise Studebaker is revealed as Sam De Witt's killer. When confronted, Blaise tried to deny it and claimed his only crime was planting a camera in the locker room. But upon being cornered by evidence, Blaise broke down and proclaimed he had to kill Sam to protect Ashley. When questioned further by Gloria, Blaise admitted that he'd had a crush on Ashley ever since he first met her at a party, with the two eventually starting a secret relationship.

      When he found out about Sam harassing Ashley for being transgender, Blaise confronted Sam in an attempt to convince her to leave Ashley alone. Instead, Sam mocked Blaise's interest in Ashley and began spreading homophobic rumors about him around campus. Fed up with his ex-girlfriend's actions, Blaise snuck into the university paintball arena during the sorority's game, eventually spotting Sam and shooting her in the eyes with a marble he'd loaded into a paintball gun. At his trial, Judge Powell stated that while Sam's actions were disgusting, they didn't justify murder. Blaise was sentenced to 10 years in prison, with a tearful Ashley (who was attending the trial) promising Blaise that she would wait for him.

      Rewrite Stonewalled

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    • Constance killed Stella. Stella had taken out a book from the library and she returned it destroyed. Constance went to Stella's apartment and demanded that she'd pay for it. But Stella laughed at her and she said it is just a stupid book. Constance in a fit of rage bashed Stella in the head. When Constance camee to she quickly his the body in the wall. Powell sentenced Constance to Life in Prison

      Rewrite To Cruel For School

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    • Vicky's killer turned out to be Julian Ramis. Julian broke down in tears and confessed to the murder. Julian said that Vicky caught him going inside the girl's locker room as a dare by his friends. Vicky took a picture of him, and dared to show the teachers if he didn't be her servent. Julian accepted. However, one day, Julian dropped a dollar.

      Julian took the dollar. However, Vicky said that Julian didn't deserve the dollar, so she tried to yank it away. Julian threw sulfuric acid on Vicky's face. However, Vicky started yelling, and Julian afraid someone would notice. Julian grabbed a computer cable and strangled her to death. Judge Powell said that Julian should be tried like an adult, so Julian was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

      Rewrite Doom Service.

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    • One Eye Jill is the killer but it was a total accident. She liked messing with the Admiral by taking his things and rearranging things in his room. One day she decided to scare the Admiral so she waited for him in his room and when she saw him she jumped out and yelled BOO. But the Admiral got so scared he died. Jill apologizes for what she did in tears. Instead of jail Lawson sentenced her to daily counseling.

      Rewrite Shark Attack

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    • Carly Lewis is the killer. Ice P told her he wanted to divorce and he wanted to start publicly dating Zach. Carly did not want it to happen since Ice P was making her rich and she decided that if she couldn't have him then Nobody could. She lured him him to the beach and fed him to the sharks! After being arrested she said she regretted nothing. Judge Dante is horrified by her lack of remorse and sentences her to life in prison with no chance of parole.

      Rewrite Blaze of Glory.

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    • Izzy Ramsey was revealed as Denise Daniels' killer, with the player and Gloria Hayes confronting her outside City Hall. Izzy wasted no time confessing to the murder, proclaiming that Denise was a "weak-minded drone" and that her neohuman army deserved a strong leader like herself at their helm. She also revealed that she had been keeping tabs on all of Denise's activities dating back to her daughter Rozetta starting DreamLife, having figured out Denise's endgame long ago and been waiting to the perfect time to strike and take over--all while putting on the image of a delusional conspiracy theorist to keep everyone off her track.

      When Denise sent her neohumans to conquer Grimsborough, Izzy knew she had to act fast and followed Denise to the viewpoint, where Izzy forcibly tied Denise's hands and forced her to kneel before beheading her with a machete. But as Izzy declared that the neohumans would conquer the world under her reign, she was suddenly killed when someone shot her through the head from behind. After Izzy's death, her killer was revealed as Otto Kessel, who revealed himself as another neohuman creation of Denise's and had killed Izzy to insure that he and the neohumans would be free from any human ruler.

      Rewrite Hearts of Ice

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    • The killer of Juan Rodrigo Vasquez turned out to be Desire Bower. The mayor denied the accusations before admitting to killing Juan. Desire said that he wanted to become a figure skater as a child. Desire would always watch figure skating. However, when Desire told Juan if he thought he was a good figure skater, Juan started laughing. Feeling embarrassed, Desire slashed his face with an ice skate. Desire was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

      Rewrite The Final Journey.

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    • Gertrude Piccadilly is the killer. She killed Daniel because he was a bad employee always messing up orders and breaking cup and instead of firing him she decided get him ill she gave him the Viaticum not knowing how deadly it was. She apologized in tears and gave herself up to the police. Hall sentenced Gertrude to 20 years in prison with the possibility of parole in 7.

      Rewrite In Plain Sight

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    • Elliot Clayton is revealed as Lavinia De Brills' killer. After initially trying to deny it, Elliot broke down and confessed, but stated he didn't remember why he'd done it. Having come to believe Lavinia was aligned with the mole on the team, Elliot turned off the CCTV cameras and went to Lavinia's cell to question her, bringing Jack's gun with him for protection. As Elliot described it, one second he was demanding Lavinia tell him who the mole was, and the next, Lavinia was dead. Breaking down in tears, Elliot was comforted by Michelle, who concurred with the player on suspecting something was off.

      At his trial, Elliot continued to proclaim he had no intent of killing Lavinia and fiercely denied being a mole for SOMBRA. Judge Adaku remanded Elliot into custody pending a psychiatric evaluation, with Elliot pleading with his fellow Bureau members for forgiveness as he's taken away. The AI reveals that Angela Douglas (the true mole) had drugged and brainwashed Elliot after realizing SOMBRA was trying to kill her, wanting to prove herself to still be an asset to them and manipulating Elliot into killing Lavinia after catching him interrogating her.

      Rewrite Bad Medicine.

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    • Donna Sandover's killer turned out to be Warren Goodfellow. Warren denied the accusations but then admitted to the murder. Warren admitted that he was investigating SOMBRA and found out about some missing kids. When Warren was walking near the Taj Mahal, he saw Donna talking to Sanjay Korrapati about calling the animal services on his elephant. Warren became immediately worried, thinking Donna was part of SOMBRA. Warren later poisoned Donna. Warren was sentenced to 4 years in prison.

      Rewrite A Pointy End.

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    • Christy Cole's killer is revealed to be Harley Sackville. When confronted, Harley attempted to claim he only killed pests, not people, before being cornered by the evidence by Gloria. Caught, Harley remorselesly confessed to killing Christy, declaring that she had begun doing something much worse than pestering him about chemicals: he was trying to take everything from him.

      During work one day, Harley saw Christy going through Julia Brine's files, and when he asked her about what she was doing, Christy said that she suspected corruption going on in AgriMeadows and she was planning to expose it. Having been left with nothing but his work after his wife left him and took sole custody of their son, Harley became desperate to stop Christy from putting an end to AgriMeadows and eventually decided he had to kill her, injecting her with a syringe of cyanide after luring her to the office under the claim of having information about Julia.

      After his confession, Harley attempted to kill himself by ingesting cyanide himself, only to be stopped by Gloria knocking the cyanide out of his hand. Harley was then put on trial, where he expressed remorse over killing a woman who was attempting to take a stand against AgriMeadows, which he admitted had sinister intentions for Spring Fields. Judge Powell ultimately sentenced Harley to 15 years in prison with mandatory psychiatric counselling, with the AI having Harley help the player find more information about AgriMeadows' plans and its connections to Ad Astra.

      Rewrite Checkmate.

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    • Surprisingly, the killer of Casper Rove turned out to be Jude Jenkins. Jude cried and immediately admitted to the murder. Jude said that he had an argument about chess with Casper, and they started insulting each other. Casper then said Jude should have also died with his parents, which caused Jude to cry. Casper then realized he went too far and tried to apologize and cheer him up. Jude then got mad and said he wanted to be alone for a while. Casper then stood and sighed, while Jude set up a propulsion device. Jude then fired a bishop at Casper, killing him. Jude realized what he'd done and then started crying again, trying to get Casper to get up. Jude then gave Casper a final hug, and then left. Judge Takakura felt bad for the crying child, so he sentenced Jude to 2 years in prison.

      Rewrite Scarab to Death.

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    • Dan Quang's killer is revealed to be Cleo Sinclair, who angrily confessed to the murder after being confronted by the player and Gwen confronted her with the evidence. Cleo revealed that during their time as friends, she had fallen in love with Dan due to their shared interest in history. Upon learning that Dan was only using her to get access to restricted archives, she became furious and plotted revenge.

      After feigning an apology and offering to give him the archives he needed, Cleo arranged to meet Dan at the archeological dig. Hidden inside one of the archive folders was the cursed amulet, which Dan unwittingly picked up while looking through the folder, resulting in the curse killing him. Cleo bitterly declared that Dan deserved to die for breaking her heart (even remarking that his death via heart attack was "poetic justice") before being turned over to the authorities.

      Rewrite Head Case.

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    • Dr Jennifer Russo killed Zoe . She admitted that she knew that Zoe was in so much pain and she couldn't bear to see it anymore so on the next visit she bought Zoe to the courtyard and then she killed her out of mercy. After being arrested Powell sentenced Jennifer to Life in Prison.

      Rewrite Hear me Cry

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    • Edward's killer turned out to be his son, Julian.

      Julian admitted that his father found out that he sell drugs. When Edward was cleaning his room, he found weed under the bed. Edward then confronted him and wanted to call the police on him. Not wanting to go to jail again, Julian gave him poisoned Rocket Cow and gave his father a heart attack. It is also revealed that he is the Rocket Cow Killer. Judge Powell sentenced him to life in jail with mandatory counseling.

      Rewrite Breaking News

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    • Louis's killer, surprisingly, turned out to be Mallory Banks.

      Mallory said that she silenced Louis for good. Mallory interrogated Louis in his cell one day, trying to ask about Zoe's murder, but all Louis wanted to talk about was Ad Astra. Mallory tried to get Louis to stay on topic, but then realized that she missed important information while asking Louis to stay on the topic of Zoe's murder. Mallory asked that Louis tell her all about Ad Astra, but Louis said she should have listened. 

      Mallory got angry and demanded Louis some information about Ad Astra. Louis smirked and said that Mallory wasn't getting anything. Mallory then decided that in order to get information out of Louis, she would have to injure him. She set up an explosive in the cell's lightbulb, and watched as Louis turned it on. However, Mallory didn't realize how strong the explosive was, and realized that she killed Louis. Gloria told Mallory she was under arrest, but Mallory just smirked and raised her gun to her head, and pulled the trigger, killing her.

      Rewrite When Shadows Fall.

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    • Pietro's killer is shockingly revealed to be Fiora Tosca. When confronted, Fiora tried to deny everything, but was eventually forced into a corner by the evidence against her. When asked by Carmen if she had killed Pietro for his stance against the unification of Europe, Fiora revealed that she had no affiliation with the Promethians and tearfully revealed her true reason for being against Pietro being named the next Pope: he had been blackmailing her with the fact that she falsified her rags-to-riches story, forcing her not only to give him money whenever he wanted it, but also having sex with him whenever he desired.

      After being violently raped by Pietro, Fiora finally snapped and decided to kill him to put an end to the abuse. When Pietro later asked Fiora for more money, Fiora arranged to meet Pietro at the Piazza di Spagna to pay him, only to instead kill him by branding him to death with a Promethian symbol (doing so in the hopes of ruining Pietro's posthumous reputation by framing him as a member of the cult). At her trial, Fiora professed remorse for taking a life, but not for killing a man who used faith to cover his true malicious nature. Sympathetic to Fiora's suffering, Judge Adaku sentenced Fiora to 10 years in prison with a possibility for parole in 6 with good behavior and psychiatric treatment.

      Rewrite Day of the Dead.

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    • Cindy's turned out to be her brother Marvin.

      Wyhen Marvin heard that a wall was going to be built in Mexico, he was mad and wanted to stop the construction by telling her sister. When Marvin told Cindy to stop building, she got angry and called him an outsider. Angry at her denial, he knocked his sister out, tied her on a hook and beat her to death. Judge Adaku sentenced him to 20 years in prison.

      Rewrite Crime and Punishment

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    • The killer of Lev Romanov was Zavrazin.

      Zavrazin admitted to the crime. Upon questioning Lev, Lev questioned Zavrazin's education. Zavrazin started having flashbacks of being abused, and what made Zavrazin violent was when Lev reached down and popped a bottle of champagne. Zavrazin started having violent flashbacks of being attacked and shot at at his own home, which was enough for Zavrazin to think he was back in his home on the day of the attempted murder. Zavrazin thought Lev was the man, so he grabbed a garrotte watch and strangled Lev to death. Zavrazin sank to his knees, crying, as he was going to be sent back to the Soviet Union to await his punishment.

      Rewrite A Slice of Death.

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    • The shogun's killer turned out to be swordmaker Yoshimune.

      Upon admitting to the murder, Yoshimune said that the shogun denied him to become a samurai. After hearing Jyunpei's retirement, he asked permission to work for him as a samurai. However, Yoshinobu laughed, telling him he should be his slave. Angry for Shogun Gojo calling him his slave, Yoshimune sliced him in half. Gojo's wife, Tokiko, banished him from the city.

      Rewrite Summer of Death

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    • The killer of Noah Lowe turned out to be his father, Alfred Lowe.

      Alfred proudly admitted to murdering his son, saying that he had to go. Alfred said that he was raising a sick child who liked other men. This sickened Zara Tien, who said that liking men is alright and his son did nothing wrong. Alfred was taken to local authorities.

      Rewrite Out of Steam.

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    • Orville's killer turned out to be Lady Hyacinth Pendergast.

      Upon admitting to the murder, Lady Pendergast revealed that Orville killed her other dog in the festival. Hyacinth said that Orville was working on his steampack while holding her dog. Suddenly, the steampack exploded, killing Hyacinth's dog.

      With Orville surviving the blast, she went to see his steampack test, shot him with a steam-powered shotgun and left the scene. Judge Takakura sentenced her to 10 years in prison.

      Rewrite Pain in the Neck

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    • Rene Narcisse's killer is shockingly revealed to be his TA, Gregory Lynn. Immediately, Gregory broke down in tears as he confessed to killing Rene. When pressed for a reason, Gregory revealed that he had been planning to meet Rene in the cafeteria and ask for his job back, promising to improve however was necessary. But Rene refused, throwing more insults at Gregory and even threatening to have him expelled. Then, out of nowhere, Gregory picked up a nearby fork and stabbed Rene to death, with Gregory being horrified when he snapped out of his trance and saw what he'd done.

      After tearfully proclaiming he hadn't intended on killing Rene, Gregory was put on trial, where he continued to show remorse and a complete lack of knowledge as to what drove him to his murderous deed. Believing there was something amiss, Judge Powell sentenced Gregory to undergo psychiatric evaluation pending sentencing. The AI had the player and Gabriel Herrera learning from Gregory (who was placed in a mental health institute) that he had suffered from severe anger issues in the past, but had been taking medications that provided relief. It would later be revealed that Gregory's girlfriend Polly O'Brien (a sociopathic member of Ad Astra) had been switching her boyfriend's medications with a placebo, doing so out of morbid curiousity as to what it would make him do.

      Rewrite Uncivil Rights.

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    • In a shocking turn of events, Mayor Arbor's killer turned out to be her daughter, Colbie.

      Colbie laughed and denied to be her mother's killer but later confessed. When asked why, she revealed that the robots need to be stopped. In order to stop them, Colbie need to talk to Mayor Arbor to end them. Colbie called her mother to the scrapyard about ending the robots. Instead of the mayor accepting her message, Annette berated her and will call security immediately.

      Angry at her mother, Colbie pushed her to a car crusher and crushed her to death. Disgusted by her, the team arrested her and put her on trial. Judge Dante sentenced her to life in prison.

      Rewrite A Family Affair

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    • In a shocking revelation, Leopold Rochester's killer is revealed to be his niece, Bernadine Rochester. After initially claiming innocence, Bernadine laughed and congratulated the player on finally unmasking her true nature. When probed further, Bernadine confessed that she had been working closely with her other uncle, Horatio Rochester, in his various schemes to keep her family successful--revealing in the process that she feigned disdain for her family's treachery and had been dating Arthur Wright for the sole purpose of keeping an eye on the flying squad's investigations into the Rochesters.

      After learning that Leopold had been speaking out against her brother Malcolm, Bernadine saw her uncle as a threat to her family and high status and decided to kill him, luring him to the family memorial before stabbing him to death with a letter opener. After being arrested and put on trial, Bernadine remained remorseless in her confession to Judge Takakura and denied the implication that Horatio put her up to killing Leopold. For her savage murder of her own uncle and the hand she played in Horatio's crimes against Concordia, Bernadine was sentenced to life in prison--with Arthur being left heartbroken by the revelation that Bernadine had been using him for her own gain.

      Rewrite The Bloom of Doom.

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    • The killer of Valereea Valz turned out to be her ex-boyfriend, Astro Hawtee.

      Astro admitted to the murder. Astro said that Valereea wanted more people visiting her gallery, while Hawtee and Son's was filled with people. Valereea later got an idea. She walked into Astro's store, and started going up to people and advertising her art gallery. Astro saw this and told Valereea to go somewhere else if she wanted to advertise. Valereea just smirked and continued. This got Astro mad, who stalked Valereea back to her gallery and impaled her with a metal sculpture. 

      Astro said that what she did was unacceptable, but Judge Powell said that murder is even more unacceptable, and sentenced Astro to 30 years in prison. 

      Rewrite Lifeless in Seattle.

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    • Kelly Purnell's killer turned out to be barista Ana Guiterrez.

      Ana denied being Kelly's killer but later confessed, saying that she need to shut up. When asked why, Ana said that Kelly was treating her like a slave because she is Mexican. When Kelly first asked her to make her a coffee, Kelly told her to go see her family before the wall is finish building. A few months later, Kelly still kept calling her names and wished she was dead.

      Wanting Kelly to stop being racist to her, Ana snuck into the USNay bus and stabbed her with a pocket knife. Ana was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

      Rewrite Mad World

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    • The killer of Dr Lucrezia Stein turned out to be Willie Hicks.

      Willie immediately admitted, and said that he saw Lucrezia doing something to Adam Enstrom. Willie found out that Enstrom was created by Lucrezia and  being mistreated. He wanted to put a stop to her evilness. Willie grabbed a trepanning tool and drill through her head, killing her. Willie was later met by Adam, who thanked him for saving him. The two shook each others hands before the El Paso police took Willie away.

      Rewrite A Shot of Beauty.

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    • Kerry Ann Buxton's killer is revealed as photographer Dwayne Vermont. When confronted by David and the player, Dwayne tried to deny everything, only to give up and confess when he was cornered by the evidence. Dwayne went on to detail how, when he initially met Kerry Ann, he saw her as "another dried-up Hollywood has-been". But after seeing her during their nude photo shoot, Dwayne became infatuated with her and eventually worked up the nerve to ask her out.

      Kerry Ann, however, turned Dwayne down, infuriating him and causing him to view Kerry Ann as a "gold-digging tease". Enraged at the rejection, Dwayne found Kerry Ann by her pool while she was intoxicated, using the opportunity to inject her with 57 collagen injections and dump her in the pool to die. At his trial, Dwayne tried to argue he went mad from a broken heart, only for Judge Hall to reprimand him for killing a woman for not wanting to date him before sentencing him to 40 years in prison.

      Rewrite Dead Girl Rolling.

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    • The killer of Susie Pickley turned out to be Mona Middlefinger.

      Mona denied the accusations but later admitted to the murder. Mona said that she needed to find Susie's weakness in order to beat her. So, when Susie wasn't looking, Mona laced her drink with Rocket Cow, which later killed Susie. Mona was sentenced to 21 years in prison.

      Rewrite Oh! Crazy Kill!

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    • Park Eun-ji is the killer. She overheard Gwak on the phone that he would never stop brainwashing kids. She decided that the only other option was to kill him. She snuck into the studio and rigged the piller to fall on Gwak. She is sentenced to 5 years in jail.

      Rewrite Behind these walls

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    • Mason Bloom's killer turned out to be his sister, Chelsea.

      Chelsea admitted to the murder and said that she was still getting over Vicky Lopez's death. Her grandmother Violet showed Chelsea pictures of her and Vicky playing together. Anita talked to Chelsea about handling with loss. Even her father Clive felt sympathy for Chelsea. Chelsea realized that Mason didn't say anything to her. Chelsea talked to Mason about Vicky, but he just kept on insulting her when she was trying to speak. Chelsea then got made and swung a halberd at Mason, killing him. Chelsea said that she wasn't sorry for what she did, which made Judge Powell decide to try her as an adult, giving her 25 years in prison.

      Rewrite The Grim Butcher.

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    • Raoul Collett is the killer. He confesses that he killed Jennifer but it was to save Trish's life. Jennifer had been planning to Kill Trish so she could date Raphael she hung herself on the ceiling as a sneak attack. Raoul said he had to protect Trish at all costs he dreesed up as Trish and went in the house and when Jennifer attacked he grabbed the butcher knife and killed her. Instead of being arrested Raoul is sentenced to Daily Counseling.

      Rewrite The Darkest Hour

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    • Max- Um......there is no case called Edge of Darkness. Sorry.

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    • Fixed it. Sorry

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    • Higuys6262 wrote:
      Max- Um......there is no case called Edge of Darkness. Sorry.

      There is an addition investigation called that in North America of World Edition.

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    • Alright, Rewrite Blood in the Water

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    • Lola Vallez killed Martha. She had released the Demon Fish as a distraction as she was stealing money and items from the residents of Maple Heights who left due to the flood. Martha found out and asked Lola to meet her in the Animal Control Facility. She told Lola she knew what she did and she 24 hours to turn herself in. She refused and told Martha that no one would ever find out. She pushed her into the tank and watched her get eaten alive by the Demon Fish. Lola was sentenced to Life In Prison.

      Rewrite The Darkest Hour

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    • To the team's surprise, Natasha's killer turned out to be the president's wife, Olivia.

      Olivia immediately confessed and revealed that Natasha was spying on President James Hewett. When Olivia was going to sleep, she spotted someone on a tree looking at them. Olivia screamed and James demanded his bodyguards to search the place. The bodyguards came out with nothing and the pair became paranoid.

      The next day, Olivia was reading a book in the president's office and spotted the same person who was from last night. Olivia saw that the stalker was Natasha. Olivia called the bodyguards again and began searching, only to turn up nothing

      Few days later, Olivia saw Natasha again. This time, outside the white house. Olivia confronted her and told her to stop spying on them, but Natasha refused. Angry at her response, Olivia knocked her out with a candlestick, grabbed a letter opener and slashed her throat. Not wanting Natasha's body outside the White House, she put Natasha's body in the car, drove to Time Square and dropped her body there. Jack then asked her if she kidnapped her husband, Olivia denied about the president's kidnapping and revealed that Vice President Sarah Bennett kidnapped him. Olivia was sentenced to life in prison.

      Rewrite Scry for Help

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    • The killer of Natasha Romanova turned out to be Angela Douglas.

      Jack Archer, Armand Dupont, and Lars Douglas went to confront Angela. They found Angela, who was holding James Hewitt in place, with a gun to his head. They told Angela to drop the gun, and she didn't. Lars was devastated at the sight of his wife, and started crying. Jack and Armand raised their guns, and demanded to know why Angela killed Natasha. Angela said that before SOMBRA was ended, they promised her a virtual utopia. She could have anything she wanted. Armand got mad and ran at Angela, who dodged his attack and tripped him. She then shot at Jack, who got hit on the hand. Angela then started attacking Jack, which Armand used the oppurtunity to free the President. Angela saw this and angrily punched the President in the face, making him stumble back. Angela then raised her gun at Jack, who was on the ground, coughing up blood. Suddenly, a bullet hit Angela in the heart. Angela fell down, dead. The shooter turned out to be Lars, who then saw that he killed his wife. Lars then went over to Angela, crying. Jack and Armand tried to comfort Lars. Lars then grabbed his gun and tried to shoot himself in the head, but Lars had no more bullets, causing Lars to cry harder. Jack and Armand carried Lars back to their car, and drove him home. Jack later asked Marina if she could have a talk with Lars later, to which Marina accepted. 

      Rewrite A Greek Tragedy.

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    • To get us back on track, I'll do both Scry for Help and A Greek Tragedy

      Scry for Help:

      Avery Mitchell is revealed as Belinda's killer, with the team confronting her after discovering her and the rest of the missing children who had been kidnapped by Morgana Blackhawk. In response, Avery confessed to the murder, and revealed the shocking secret that drove her to kill Belinda: she was working with Morgana in her kidnapping scheme, wanting to reap the enhanced powers her sister's demented actions detailed.

      Disgusted by her actions, Avery lured Belinda to the abandoned castle by claiming Morgana asked her to pass along a message saying to meet there, where she knocked Belinda unconscious before drowning her in the cauldron. Before she could be arrested, however, Avery was taken hostage by a gun-wielding Morgana, intent on killing Avery both to enhance her powers and to avenge her sister. The AI had the team locating and rescuing Avery from Morgana's clutches, after which she was turned over to the authorities for Belinda's murder, with the team being informed that Avery would be given a lenient sentence given the circumstances.

      A Greek Tragedy:

      Solon was revealed as Pelagios' killer. After initially trying to deny everything and then (when cornered) attempting to use his false demi-god powers against the player and Zara Tien, Solon surrendered and confessed. While Zara initially believed Solon killed Pelagios for simply disbelieving his demi-god stature, Solon confessed the true reason: Pelagios was threatening to dismiss him as the temple's model.

      As Solon revealed, the job was his sole source of income, and losing the job would mean living with his "family of commoners", as he put it. Unwilling to do that or admit to not being a demi-god, Solon shot Pelagios to death with an arrow at Mount Olympus, cutting himself with one due to his inexperience with arrows. Solon was brought to authorities, who were quick to banish Solon for his lack of remorse and continued delusional claims of being a demi-god.

      Rewrite God Save the Prince.

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    • Prince Albert's killer turned out to be his brother, Count Rupert.

      Count Rupert smirked and congratulated the team sarcastically, saying that his motive was simple: to become the Prince. Rupert said that he was next to become prince, at it was an offer he simply couldn't refuse. He then rigged a phone booth with a poison device and called the Prince, who picked up the phone. Count Rupert was taken to the Queen, who said that "Poo-pert"'s punishment would be announced soon, but said for Rupert to go to his room. Rupert angrily stomped up the steps to his room. 

      Rewrite The New Truth! 

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    • Chester Holt is revealed to be Satoshi Takakura's killer. When confronted, Chester again professed he was a changed man and hadn't returned to his criminal ways. But when cornered with the evidence, Chester tearfully confessed, but proclaimed he'd been in a blind rage after what Takakura had said to him before he killed him.

      When pressed for more information, Chester dropped shocking news: when confronting Satoshi for not paying him what he was owed for his milk deliveries, Takakura threatened him by proclaiming he insured he was thrown in prison before and could easily do it again now that Concordia was under Lawson's corrupt rule. As Chester explained, he was convicted of a violent store robbery in which a bystander was nearly killed because a witness claimed to have seen him, though Chester revealed that at the time of the robbery, he had been tending to his ailing father--who ended up dying while Chester was incarcerated.

      Takakura's remark made Chester realize that he had railroaded him into prison, as revenge for his past acts of minor deviance when he was a teen. Enraged at having had his life ruined by the judge, Chester later returned to Takakura's house and bludgeoned him to death with a hammer. At his trial, Lawson dismissed Chester's claims against Takakura and proclaimed he was proof that he was right to discriminate against ex-convicts, and decided that he would be executed for murdering a judge. The AI had the team working to save Chester from execution, instead having sent to an Australian penal colony to serve out a proper sentence.

      Rewrite A Study in Pink

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    • Barbara Coldwell's killer turned out to be Callum Edwards.

      Callum denied killing Barbara but then confessed. Upon admitting to the murder, Callum complained that she didn't like him to marry her daughter, Verushka.

      When Verushka revealed her love to him, he was excited but he had to ask Verushka's mother to marry her before he makes a proposal and a wedding. After telling Verushka's mother about the news, she was disgusted and told him that her daughter has to marry a rich man instead of a poor drunk.

      Angry, Callum angrily pushed her, making her trip on a open window and fall to her death. Callum then cried and told Issac that he didn't mean to kill her. Callum was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

      Rewrite This American Death

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    • The killer of Dan Kelly turned out to be Moose Nylund.

      Moose denied the accusations but later admitted to the murder. It was late when Luke and the player confronted him. Moose denied the accusations, but then transformed into a werewolf and admitted. Moose said that he was seperated from his brother years ago. Luke asked who his brother was, and Moose shocked the team by saying Zander Stark was his brother. Moose said that he ran into Parkford, where he decided would be a good place to stay.

      Moose became a vetenarian, but things went downhill when Dan started questioning where Moose came from. Moose lied and said he came from Washington. Dan looked suspicious. Not wanting his identity as a werewolf to be revealed, Moose grabbed a shovel and bashed his head in. Not wanting to hand Moose over to local authorities, Luke told Moose to get away from Parkford. 

      Rewrite Apprehend Me If You're Able.

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    • To the shock of the team, Diego del Lobo is revealed as Jade Carnegie's killer. While Maddie initially accused Diego of resorting to murder to continue his criminal activities, Diego desperately professed that while he did kill Jade, he only did so in self-defense.

      When questioned further, Diego revealed that in addition to blackmailing him into keeping quiet about her counterfeiting, Jade had begun using Diego's former counterfeiting as a means of forcing him to sleep with her. Eventually, Diego couldn't bear it anymore and tried to resist Jade, only for her to pull out a handgun and use it to force herself on Diego at gunpoint. Diego eventually fought back and got into a struggle with Jade over the gun, resulting in the weapon going off and shooting Jade in the neck, killing her. Sympathetic, Maddie comforted a distraught Diego before placing him under arrest.

      When questioned by Judge Lawson why he didn't come forward about Jade's sexual extortion before, a tearful Diego expressed shame in having been assaulted and fearful that his criminal past would make people disbelieve him. Fully convinced Diego's actions were purely of self-defense, Lawson sentenced Diego to three months of community service for not coming forward immediately about Jade's accidental death, in addition to being barred from consulting with the Flying Squad until his sentence was served.

      Rewrite The White Peaks Project.

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    • The killer of Virginia Watchbird turned out to be Allen Muir.

      Allen denied the accusations but later admitted to the murder. Allen said that he had a little squirrel named "Erick" as a pet, and he loved it very much. Allen would always let the squirrel run around the forest before coming back. However, Virginia began filming in the forest. One day, Allen let Erick out into the forest, but Virginia came out of nowhere and the squirrel got scared and ran away.

      Allen tried to look for his beloved squirrel, but couldn't find it. Allen swore that he would get revenge on Virginia. The next day, when Virginia came to film again, Allen came out of nowhere and attacked her. Virginia fought back though, clawing at Allen's face. Allen finally got the upper hand, and pushed her into a branch, impaling her. Judge Dante believed that Allen needed some serious help, and handed Allen over to White Peaks asylum. 

      Rewrite Rebel Without a Pulse.

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    • Virginia Watchbird's killer turned out to be her cousin, Charlie.

      Charlie denied the accusations but then confessed. Upon admitting to the murder, Charlie killed his cousin to prevent her from revealing his second job. When asked about his second job, Charlie revealed that he works as a porn star.

      At a movie set, Charlie said that he and his co-workers made a porn video called "It's Not Snow". Charlie then told Frank that he forgot the video tape at the movie set and went to go get the tape. When he got there, he saw Virginia holding the tape and watched it. Charlie tried to stop her but didn't stop her in time. After the video ended, Virginia laughed and said she will show to her friends, even Amy and Duncan.

      Not wanting her to reveal his other job, Charlie pushed his cousin to a tree, impaling her. When Charlie realized he impaled her, he cried and told Frank that he did that out of anger. When Frank asked him where is the tape, Charlie said he burned it so no one can't watch it. Charlie was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

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    • Storm Huxley's killer turned out to be resistance spy, Ravi Jabari.

      Ravi denied the accusations but later admitted it. Ravi cried and said he did it for self defense. When asked how, Ravi revealed that Storm was going to kill him.

      When Isabelle introduced her son, Ravi fell in love with him. Ravi kept it a secret and began working with him. But Storm felt disgusted when he was touching him inappropriately. Storm confronted Ravi about him being sexually to him. Ravi couldn't take the pressure and then confessed his love to him. After confessing, Storm got angry and told him he has a girlfriend and a son. Angry at him for not loving him, Ravi began spying on him. But then Storm found out he was spying on him.

      At the alley, Ravi heard a footsteps behind him. When he looked behind him, Ravi was shocked when Storm ran at him with a lightsaber. Not wanting to die, Ravi grabbed a laser gun and shot his crush in the chest. Zara then took him to Isabelle, where Isabelle fired him for his punishment.

      Rewrite Fool's Gold

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    • The killer of Ramses XLIII turned out to be Ravi Jabari.

      Ravi denied the accusations but later admitted to the murder. Ravi said that he used to be Ramses favorite. However, Ammon Bast grew more popular and became Ramses favorite. Ravi became jealous and killed Ramses. Ravi was planned to be exacuted, but thanks to the team, Isabelle promised to keep him safe.

      Rewrite Don't Die over Spilled Milk.

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    • Todd Anderson's killer is revealed to be former basketball player Jeffrey Michaels. When confronted, Jeffrey broke down as he confessed to the murder. Jeffrey went on to confess the true reason his ring was found at Todd's apartment: the two were engaged in an affair, with Jeffrey wishing to keep his homosexuality a secret for fear of losing his image as a masculine sports hero.

      But after Todd began writing unflattering articles about him, Jeffrey confronted him and learned that Todd had only seduced him to get more stories, and Todd went on to threaten to out Jeffrey if he didn't get him more juicy scoops on his former teammates. Devastated and enraged by his boyfriend's betrayal, Jeffrey called Todd and claimed he had a story for him and to meet at Bellevue Towers, where Jeffrey killed Todd with a hook, hoping to pass Todd's death off as the work of a crazed Milkman fanatic. Jeffrey was handed over to the authorities, with the team theorizing that he would receive a lenient sentence due to his remorse.

      Rewrite Good Girls Don't Die.

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    • Abigail Price's killer turned out to be Veronica Johnson.

      Veronica denied the accusations but later admitted to the murder. Abigail and Veronica became friends, but one day got into an argument over who was more popular. As a result, Abigail secretly dated Veronica's boyfriend. Veronica got mad and met with Abigail at the treatment room, where she smirked and admitted to dating her boyfriend.

      Veronica got mad and grabbed Abigail by the neck, and sat her down on a chair, later grabbing a hair removal laser and firing at her heart. Veronica was sentenced to 17 years in prison.

      Rewrite Fashion Victim.

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    • Lucy Campbell's turned out to be her girlfriend, Kim Aoki.

      Kim broke down and confessed she did kill Lucy. When confronted, she said that Lucy was going to break up with her. Before the murder, Lucy called her to tell her something. Kim was excited to think that Lucy was going to surprise her. But instead of a surprise, Kim got a sad Lucy and asked her what's wrong. Lucy said that she and Kim should break up without a reason why.

      Angry at her for breaking up, Kim strangled her with a hanger and impaled her on a mannequin stand. After realizing what she done, she broke down even more and told David that she can't control her anger. Judge Hall sentenced her to 20 years in prison.

      Rewrite Death at a Funeral

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    • Bernie Silverman's killer is revealed as Beauregard Lomax. When confronted, Beauregard attempted to deny the allegations, but eventually confessed. Beauregard's financial situation had become more and more dire as he struggled to keep his business above water, escalating to the point where he was at risk of losing his house.

      But then, Bernie received a call from Bernie's wife Clarissa, who made Beauregard a shocking offer: $50,000 in exchange for him killing Bernie, blaming him for the "death" of her lover, Larry Zarus (the car crash, in this case, being nothing but a tragic accident). Desperate for the money and the chance to keep Bernie quiet about his questionable business practices, Beauregard accepted the offer.

      Beauregard decided to use the funeral as his chance to kill Bernie, offering to get a grief-stricken Bernie a slice of pie--which Beauregard laced with poison, killing him after Larry shockingly came back to life. Beauregard was handed over to the authorities, with the team later learning that Clarissa was also arrested after Beauregard outed her as the mastermind of her husband's murder to the police.

      Rewrite The Final Countdown.

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    • Frank Knight's killer turned out to be Derek Stone.

      Derek immediately admitted to the murder with a smirk. Derek said that he was walking through The Wastes when he dropped his anti-pollution mask. Derek put it back on, but was confronted by Frank, who held his gun and told Derek to put his hands up. Derek refused, and the two attacked. 

      Derek managed to get the upper hand, and tie up Frank, grab his gun, and shoot him in the head. Derek then got out Frank's gun and pointed it at the team, saying Tesla will heal them. Amy tried to get Derek to snap out of it, but failed. Derek was about to shoot, until somebody attacked him from behind. It was Bobby Prince. Bobby struggled in pinning Derek down, and Amy took her shot, hitting Derek in the head. Bobby jumped up and asked Amy if she was OK, and told them to follow him, as he quickly said that they don't have much time left.

      Rewrite Double Trouble.

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    • Agrafena Raskolnikova is the real killer. She killed Nilo since he knew that she planted the bombs and he was about to report her to the police . After being arrested she is sentenced to Life In Prison. In the AI Agrafena says she didn't try and kill Jack. The team find out that the one who shot Jack was Joel Heller at the request of SOMBRA. He then tries to Kill the Player but is Shot and killed by Jonah.

      Rewrite Snake in the Grass

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    • The killer of Nathan Pandit turned out to be Jackson Peacock.

      Jackson denied the accusations but later admitted to the murder of Nathan. Jackson one time came over to the tiger exhibit in the zoo, where Nathan was taking care of the tigers. Jackson accidentally called them lions, and Nathan had a good laugh about it. Things were fine, until Nathan realized that Jackson was struggling with remembering the species of the animals. 

      Nathan questioned Jackson knowledge in zoology, which apparently got Jackson to think Nathan was calling him dumb, and marched into his office. Nathan came in to apologize, but instead of forgiving Nathan, Jackson punched Nathan in the mouth, and stomped on his head, making Nathan go unconcious. Jackson then put Nathan into a zoo cart and drove him to an exhibit, where he dropped Nathan on the ground. Jackson then got an eastern coral snake out of the exhibit, making sure to handle it carefully, and put it on a exhausted Nathan, who screamed when the snake lunged at him, and bite him several times. Jackson was sentenced to life in prison.

      Speaking of snakes, rewrite Snakes on the Stage

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    • Roland Vane's killer is revealed to be Gerald Riverton (aka the Opera Phantom). When confronted, Gerald tried to deny everything before finally giving up and confessing. When probed for his motivation, Gerald revealed that Roland ousting him from the opera wasn't the first time he'd interfered with his opera career. In their younger years, Roland and Gerald attended the same performance arts college, with Gerald beating Roland out for a part in the school's end-of-the-year play: a musical that Gerald was counting on to get him exposure in the opera world.

      But Roland, not wanting to be upstaged, sabotaged Gerald by slipping him sleeping pills on the day of the performance, causing him to oversleep and miss the performance--allowing Roland to take over. Still holding a grudge, and driven to the edge by Roland's second act of career sabotage, Gerald decided to take his revenge by drugging Roland with sleeping pills before leaving him locked in his dressing room with a boa, which proceeded to suffocate him. At his trial, Gerald tried to justify his actions and say Roland deserved to die for ruining his career, only for Judge Hall to admonish Gerald for letting his ambition drive him to murder. He was then sentenced to 20 years in prison.

      Rewrite The Ship of Dreams.

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    • The killer of Fabrizio Gallardo turned out to be Tyler Snakes.

      Tyler admitted to the murder, he said that Fabrizio was a big fan of his, and offered him a main role in his next movie. However, Fabrizio declined. Tyler became stressed and had no idea who to cast in his place. He tried to confront Fabrizio at Gigantic movie set, but Fabrizio walked away. Tyler shot a flare gun at Fabrizio, not intentionally trying to kill him, but acidentally did, when it hit him in the eye. Tyler was sentenced to 10 years in prison without parole.

      Rewrite A Russian Case.

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    • Dimitri Balanchine is the killer. He wanted to run the restaurant and told Anton that he had been his henchman for years and he deserved it but Anton said he would never give the restaurant and he would always play second fiddle to him. Dimitri was so mad he picked up the meat tenderizer and killed Anton. Dimitri was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

      Rewrite Muddying the Waters

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    • Jordan Coprolite's killer turned out to be Danny Gibbs.

      Danny admitted to the murder, saying that Jordan got Danny in trouble for underage drinking when Danny was 16. Danny said that he had an abusive father, and he and his brother Greg were planning to run away. However, once they got near a bar, Jordan said that Danny was too young to be in a bar, and called the cops on him for underage drinking. However, Danny was not fined or arrested.

      Danny decided to get revenge on Jordan for almost sending to jail, so he swung a bat at Jordan, hitting him in the head. Danny was sentenced to 5 years in prison.

      Rewrite Bone of Contention

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    • To the team's surprise, Penny Farrell's killer turns out to be mayor Martha Price. When confronted by the player and Gloria, with the latter suggesteing Martha killed Penny because of her negligent work as her assistant, Martha quickly confessed and proclaimed that Gloria was wrong about her motivation.

      As Martha elaborated, she had decided to confront Penny in person at the dog shelter when she didn't answer her emails about her negligence costing Grimsborough relief funds, but it was upon arriving that she overheard Penny and dogwalker Kitty Young talking. It was then that Martha learned a shocking secret about her assisant: Penny was colluding with Kitty in her dog-napping scheme, taking a cut of what Kitty was getting in exchange for giving her the addresses of wealthy dog owners in Maple Heights.

      Being an avid animal lover, an enraged Martha confronted Penny, with the confrontation escalating to the point of Penny coming at Martha with a letter opener. Wanting to subdue the crazed Penny, Martha began strangling her with a dog leash, only intent on knocking her out so she could call the police. But when she realized she'd accidentally killed Penny, Martha panicked and fled, not wanting the public to see her as an insane murderer. At her trial, Judge Powell concluded that while Martha may have acted in self-defense, her error was in not reporting what had happened imediately. With that, Martha was sentenced to 2 years in prison with the possibility of parole in 8 months, with Martha apologizing for letting Grimsborough down as she accepted that her sentence would strip her of her mayoral position.

      Rewrite Game, Set, Murder.

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    • The killer of Stephanie Griff turned out to be Lucius Roth.

      Lucius denied the accusations, even saying he loved Stephanie, but then admitted to the brutal murder. Lucius said that he was in a sports class with Stephanie and she would always say how she was better than him at everything. One day, Lucius and Stephanie were doing a mile run, and Lucius was winning, but when Lucius came to the finish line, Stephanie tripped Lucius, and ran over the finish line first. Lucius was mad over this and said that cheaters must be punished. 

      Lucius later met Stephanie in the workshop, where he caught Stephanie off guard by telling her he loved her. Lucius acted like he was going to sharpen a pencil, but instead picked up the pencil and stabbed Stephanie in the neck. Stephanie screamed, so Lucius put her in a headlock until she fainted. Lucius went over to put Stephanie's head in the vise, where Stephanie would regain consciousness and scream as the vise tightened on her neck. Lucius tried to distract Jones by saying that he had a rumor about Monica Pozie, but it didn't work on the team, who arrested Lucius.

      Lucius admitted that what he did was wrong, and said sorry to the Judge. Judge Powell was going to sentence Lucius to life in prison, but his sentence was shortened to 50 years in prison. 

      Rewrite The Secret Experiments.

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    • Carl Ackerman is the killer. He says he doesn't know what happened. He said he followed Rachael in the secret room then he felt a big pain in the arm and when he woke up he Found Rachael deadin the tank . In the AI the team finds out that Alden and James injected Carl with a serem that made Carl kill Rachael without knowing what he was doing. They wanted Rachael dead since she was about to expose them. In the end Alden and James are sentenced to life in prison while Carl is let off with counseling. Rewrite A killer among us

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    • Much to Amy's dismay, Danny Moto's killer turns out to be PBPD Profiler Russell Crane. When confronted by a tearful Amy, Russell broke down and revealed that he'd had no other choice but to kill Danny. Russell went on to reveal that on the morning of Danny's death, he received an anonymous note on his front door with a horrifying message: his father Jupiter had been abducted, and if he didn't kill Danny before he was put in prison, Jupiter's kidnappers would kill him.

      Believing that the Utopian Cult was responsible and wanted to punish him for helping disband the organization, Russell opted against telling the rest of his team for fear he was being followed and would risk his father getting killed if he tried to get help. So instead, Russell followed Frank Knight as he was driving Danny to the police station. After ramming Frank's car at the dam until he stopped, Russell (who was masked) knocked Frank out with a stun gun before using the same weapon to shock Danny to death. Shortly after Russell's confession, Amy received a call from Andrea Marquez saying that Jupiter was thrown out of a car at the police station, disoriented but otherwise OK. Grateful that his father was alive, Russell surrendered himself to arrest from the player (as Amy was too emotional to do so).

      At his trial, Russell expressed remorse for killing Danny, who he truly respected for his cunning mind, and stated that he only did so to save his father's life. Sympathetic, Judge Dante sentenced Russell to remain in police custody until the true mastermind behind Danny's murder was found and could answer for the crimes. The AI had an imprisoned Russell helping Amy and the team find the mastermind and his father's abductor, who was revealed to not only have no ties to the Utopians, but to actually be the sixth member of the Mennagio robbery heist: Karen Knight.

      Rewrite The Sting of Death.

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    • The killer of Karen Knight turned out to be Dr Rascher.

      Rascher denied the accusations but later admitted to the murder. The victim made Rascher work on a weapon to defeat Albert Tesla. Rascher said that he was tired and that he worked hours and hours on it, not even getting time to rest. Rascher finally finished the his weapon, but Karen swiped it from him and shot it at the wall. She yelled at him to fix it, but Rascher was not willing to do so and fired the gun at her. It hit her on the chest, and she fell to the ground, where Rascher released scorpions to kill her. Rascher was later shot in the head by an angry Frank, who told the player to follow him.

      Rewrite Hell is Other People.

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    • Elaine Seabrook's killer is revealed to be Fairview Steak House waiter Tyler Schultz.

      When confronted, Tyler initially tried to claim innocence before angrily confessing, angrily proclaiming that "Charlotte" had rejected him for the last time and that she was a "no-good tease" who got what she deserved for laughing off his advances. While Gloria and the player were confused by Tyler referring to Elaine as Charlotte, Tyler cackled as he refused to say another word without a lawyer. At his trial, Tyler continued to argue that he had done nothing wrong ridding the world of "another ungrateful s**t", to which a disgusted Judge Powell sentenced him to life in prison.

      The AI had the team searching Tyler's background and discovering the meaning behind him calling Elaine "Charlotte": Two years prior, Tyler had a math teacher named Charlotte Maddox, who bore a striking resemblance to Elaine. Tyler formed a crush on Charlotte and confessed to her, and when she turned down his advances, Tyler retaliated by setting her house on fire, killing her as well as her husband.

      Rewrite Flatline.

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    • Greg Gibbs’ killer was revealed to be Celeste Masters.

      Initially denying involvement, Celeste admitted that she had killed the doctor one night when she was trying to steal morphine from his office. When he saw her, he threatened to call the police. Celeste, in the heat of the moment, used a hunting knife and slit his throat. Knowing she would get caught, she brought his body to the center of town, hoping the earthquake’s lava would burn him. Judge Powell sentenced her to life in prison with mandatory drug rehabilitation.

      Rewrite The Hunted Hunter

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    • Dolores Harper's killer turned out to be Bathsheba.

      Bathsheba admitted to the murder and said that she saw Dolores fight with Gwen (whom she considers to be her best friend) and tried to help Gwen fight back. However, Dolores saw Bathsheba and tried to hunt her down. Bathsheba ran towards Dolores and tackled her, not realizing that Dolores got impaled by swamp vines. However, Gwen apparently didn't see her mother get murdered, as she ran off before. Bathsheba was taken to Roxanne Vega, who blasted Bathsheba for killing Dolores. Roxanne then told the player that Bathsheba sent to a prison in Romania for 200 years.

      Rewrite Immortal Combat.

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    • Pierce Cromwell is the real killer. He had fallen in love with Gwen and asked Dr Aculus if he could marry her. Aculus said he could never marry a human and he is a disgrace to vampires everywhere. Pierce was so mad he decapitated Aculus . Before being arrested Pierce gets away.

      Rewrite An Elementary Murder

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    • Irina Nemovska's killer is revealed to be her employer, Dennis Mills. When confronted by the player and Jones, Dennis confessed that he had grown infatuated with Irina, having fallen out of love with his wife Janice a long time ago. After learning that Janice was trying to get Irina to return to Russia for five years, Dennis decided to meet with Irina at the school to convince her to run away with him.

      But upon arriving, Dennis was shocked to find Irina in the midst of a passionate kiss with her secret lover, Jenny Honeycomb. Infuriated, Dennis waited until Irina was alone in Jenny's classroom and confronted her, with Irina refusing Dennis's advances and slapping him when he tried to force himself on her. In response, Dennis sprayed Irina in the eyes with his inhaler to stun her before grabbing a pair of scissors and slashing her throat. Before being arrested, Dennis accused Irina of being a "tease" and referred to his wife and daughter as "deadweight" that was holding him back. At his trial, Judge Hall blasted Dennis for murdering a woman for the "crime" of not wanting to be with him and for being so willing to abandon his wife and child before sentencing him to 40 years in prison with no chance for parole.

      Rewrite One Wedding and a Funeral.

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    • Walter Fairbanks's killer turned out to be Yan Gobin.

      Yan admitted to the murder and said that he wanted Lola to marry his son, not Walter. However, Lola was not interested and said that she liked Walter better. Yan then learned about Walter and Lola's engagement, and was furious. Yan ended up sneaking to Walter's plane, and put a fake de-icing fluid inside of it. Yan then left.

      Yan then sneaked into the party, and then watched as Walter's plane crashed. Yan looked on in satisfaction as he knew that he could now convince Lola to marry his son. Judge Hall blasted Yan for killing Esteban because he didn't approve of their relationship, and sentenced Yan to 30 years in prison.

      Rewrite The Curse of Black Ridge.

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    • Anika Cross killed her husband. It turns on she had committed a murder in the past the person she killed was her first husband so she could marry Jermey for his money. Jermey found out and confronted her and said he was going to turn her in to the FBI. But then Anika picked up the axe and killed him. The team handed Anika to the FBI.

      Rewrite Things Fall Apart

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    • The killer of Rupert Winchester turned out to be Tony Marconi.

      Tony admitted to the murder, saying that Rupert would still be alive if it wasn't for Jones. Tony thought that Rupert was sent to spy on Marconi, so Marconi killed him. Tony was sentenced to 12 years in prison.

      Rewrite Domesday.

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    • Dr Ernesto Vega is Fred's killer. He confesses and tells the team that when Fred was looking though the labs and he found Ernesto doing something very illegal. He was going to leave the dome and tell the police so Ernesto attacked Fred and killed him. When Ernesto is asked when Fred saw him doing he says we never find out he then attacks David and the Player when they wake up they find out that Ernesto got away. In the AI the team find out that he was doing some strange experiments.

      Rewrite Death in my Hand

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    • (Continuation of Max Panke's case rewrite)

      To the team's surprise, James Savage turned out to be Dr. Ernesto Vega's killer. When confronted, James immediately confessed, saying he'd figured the player would catch him soon enough. James went on to reveal that he'd made a friend in fellow hunter Tommy Warner, but that he suddenly stopped coming to their hunting expeditions soon after the meteor struck Grimsborough.

      One day, while out in the forest, James found himself outside the DreamLife dome and was surprised to see Vega come out, having heard the news of him fleeing arrest after killing Fred Drucker. He was talking with Rozetta Pierre (who was found in the AI to be harboring him in the DreamLife labs to continue with their human experiments) on the phone about how he'd had to kill on their subjects when he came close to escaping, with his description of the subject causing James to realize who he was talking about: Tommy, whose disappearance was a result of him being kidnapped by DreamLife for their experiments.

      Devastated and angry about his only friend's murder, James confronted Vega outside the dome the next day, declaring he would make sure he rotted in prison for all he'd done. Vega mocked James in response, claiming no one would believe "backwoods trash" over a revered scientist. Enraged, James grabbed a rock as Vega turned his back to him and bludgeoned him to death. James was arrested and put on trial, where he expressed remorse for letting down the player (who he said was the first person to treat him with respect), but that he had no remorse for killing Vega--who he referred to as a monster. Having already been suspicious of DreamLife, Judge Powell sentenced James to 20 years in prison with mandatory anger management classes.

      Rewrite Turn for the Worse.

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    • The killer of Lynn Hart turned out to be Twinkles the Clown.

      Twinkles playfully denied the accusations but later admitted to the murder. Twinkles admitted he used to be a famous actor and by the name of Tommy Jackson, until a newer and younger actor replaced him, causing everybody to say that Tommy was just a "has-been". Tommy grew sad and left to join a circus in Concordia, under the name "Twinkles".

      Tommy started getting people cheering for him, and started to feel good as he got support. However, the knife thrower, Lynn Hart, found out about Twinkles true identity, and blackmailed him by saying she'd reveal his true self if he wasn't her personal servent. This caused Tommy to have to polish Lynn's shoes every time before her performance. However, one day, Lynn argued with Twinkles that her shoes were not "as bright as a star", causing Tommy to get mad.

      Tommy saw Lynn practicing one day and decided to steal some of her throwing knives and throw it at her, pinning her to a target. Lynn insulted Tommy one last time before he threw a fifth knife into her heart. Tommy was sentenced to 15 years in prison, causing Tommy to panic, knowing that everybody would know who he was.

      Rewrite The Sweet Escape.

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    • Riaja Somalinggi's killer is shockingly revealed to be her own brother, Alam.

      When confronted, Alam continued to claim he loved his sister despite her troubles, only to be confronted by the evidence against him. Cornered, Alam laughed as he mockingly congratulated the team for seeing past his facade. When asked why he would kill his own sister, Alam simply said that his sister was "weak" and that she deserved to die for trying to run away from SOMBRA. It was then that the player and Jack realized that Alam was a SOMBRA ally, with Alam revealing that he sent Riaja to the SOMBRA camp when she began to act out as a teen.

      While visiting the camp to make sure his sister was going along with SOMBRA's recruitment program, Alam caught Riaja making her escape and chased after her, eventually shooting her dead with a spear gun after she refused to listen to him. At trial, Alam continued to defend SOMBRA and expressed no remorse for killing his sister, who he referred to as a "weak-minded brat" who chose her own demise. Disgusted by Alam's callousness and allegiance to SOMBRA, Judge Adaku sentenced Alam to life in prison with no chance of parole.

      Rewrite Dead Heat.

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    • Jerry McKenzie's killer turned out to be Zander Stark, much to the shock of the team.

      Zander admitted to murder. When Zander's pack came across Utah, Zander decided to disguise himself as a promoter for Rocket Cow. However, he shook hands with Jerry McKenzie, and felt like something was wrong. Zander finally remembered why he felt that Jerry seemed strange. Zander told the team that Jerry was a werewolf, who betrayed him when they were cornered by supernatural hunters. Zander wanted to get back at him for betraying him, so he snuck a curse jar into his car and waited for Jerry to drive. Zander was sent back to his pack, where his punishment would be announced.

      Rewrite Of Rats and Men

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    • Ethel Hubcap is the killer. She felt so bad about letting Scott go free she decided to take justice into her own hands. She followed him into the theater. She then knocked him out , tied him up and let the rats eat him! After being arrested Ethel is sentenced to Life In Prison

      Rewrite Last Stand for Justice

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    • Charles Dupont's killer turned out to be Rose Zhao.

      Rose denied the accusations, and later admitted to the murder angrily, and revealed herself as the new leader of the Justice Corps. Rose grabbed a gun and aimed it Maddie, who tearfully asked Rose why she killed Charlie. Rose said that she confronted Charlie about having a plan to help the city of Concordia recover financially. When Charlie denied having the plan, Rose shot him in the heart. She then found Charlie's notebook and skimmed through the pages, where she found what she was looking for. Maddie got angry that Rose was planning to steal Charlie's plan and pass it off as Lawson's, but Rose just shrugged and ran off.

      Isaac Bontemps later found out where Lawson and Rose positioned themselves: on the top of Concordia Tower. He decided he needed backup, so he called up Evie Holloway and Diego del Lobo. Rose and Lawson stood on the top, waiting for the team. Evie became shocked when she saw who was behind them: Katherine Woolf. Evie couldn't believe her eyes as she saw her girlfriend being held in place by Rose, who was planning to throw her off the tower. Isaac yelled at Rose to let Katherine go, who shook her head with a smirk. Isaac pulled out his gun and aimed it at Lawson. Lawson looked surprised for a moment before pulling out his gun, which Rose supplied him with. Lawson quickly shot at Isaac, who dodged the bullet. However, Katherine managed to get out of Rose's hold, causing Lawson to get distracted and Evie shooting Lawson in the heart killing him. Rose was cornered by Isaac, Evie, Diego, and Katherine. Rose smirked and jumped off the building, shooting at the team while she fell. One bullet hit Diego, who stumbled back, and fainted. Rose tried to activate a parachute attached to her, but it wouldn't budge. Panicking, Rose tried harder. Rose met her demise as she fell to her death (her body was later found impaled on a branch of a tree). In the AI, Diego was rushed to a hospital, where he miraculously made a recovery. 

      Rewrite The Seeds of Death.

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    • Agent Z was revealed as Bruce Green's killer. When confronted, Agent Z attempted to claim he had only been tailing the victim, not killing him. But when confronted with the evidence, Agent Z sighed before taking off his sunglasses and admitting the truth: he had been trying to steal the corn growing technology from Bruce, wanting to sell it on the black market. As Agent Z explained, his wife was recently diagnosed with cancer and his daughter was struggling to pay for college, leaving him in a bind.

      But while trying to make off with the technology, Agent Z was caught by Bruce. Not wanting to be exposed, Agent Z knocked Bruce out with a sleeper hold before chaining him in the oil well and slicing his stomach open for the vultures. After his confession, Agent Z proclaimed he had disgraced his country before setting off a flash grenade, allowing him to escape. The AI had the team finding Agent Z's deceased body, him having hung himself from a tree out of remorse.

      Rewrite Into the Vipers' Nest.

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    • Salvador Cordero's killer turned out to be Ginger, much to Jones's surprise.

      Ginger denied the accusations before admitted to the murder. Ginger regularly met with Salvador for her services, and marked him as "abusive", as he would punch Ginger whenever she did something wrong. 

      Salvador came to pick up Ginger one day, and drove him order to his home. Salvador later tried to force himself onto Ginger, who accidentally slipped out of the way, causing Salvador to punch her in the face. Hard. Ginger got mad, yelling at Salvador that punching her was no way to treat a woman. Salvador yelled back, saying that he could treat her however he wanted to. This caused Ginger to grab a bottle and smash it against Salvador's head, smashing his skull into pieces. Ginger then attempted to seduce Jones into sleeping with her, to no avail. Ginger was arrested and sentenced to 50 years in prison.

      Rewrite Bloodywood.

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    • Priya Joshi's killer is revealed to be fellow Bollywood star Arsha Raju. When confronted, Arsha attempted to claim she was an actress and not a killer, but after Carmen Martinez made a crack that she killed Priya over a script change, Arsha snapped and proclaimed that Priya had done much more than that: she was trying to ruin her first chance at real love.

      Having given herself away, Arsha confessed and revealed that she had met and fallen in love with Priya's cousin Vikram, who she described as the first man to see her as more than just a beautiful movie star. But when Priya found out, she went to Vikram and claimed Arsha was sleeping with Gurvinder Chowdhury, resulting in Vikram breaking up with her. Enraged at Priya's lies, Arsha confronted Priya and beat her to death with Dandiya sticks. At her trial, Arsha tried to justify her actions by saying Priya was a "deceitful wretch" who had ruined her life, only to Judge Adaku to say hurt feelings didn't justify murder before sentencing her to 40 years of prison--a sentence that upset Arsha, who said it meant the end of her career.

      Rewrite Open Wounds.

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    • The killer of Joe Stanford turned out to be Veronica Blade.

      Veronica denied the accusations but later admitted to the murder. Veronica revealed that she was not actually Dexter Blade's descendent. Veronica said that she didn't know who the actual descendents are, but Veronica claimed she wanted to become famous. However, Joe Stanford denied that she was Dexter's descendent, and started asking hard questions about Dexter. Veronica later found Joe doing drugs behind a bar, and called the cops. However, Joe found this out, and rubbed the substance all over her, causing Veronica to get arrested. Veronica finally snapped.

      Veronica attended the Civil War reenactment and controlled a cannon when nobody was looking, and fired at Joe, killing him. Judge Dante sentenced Veronica to 50 years in prison.

      Rewrite Once Upon a Crime.

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    • Jenny Galguera's killer is revealed to be novelist Gaston Dumas. When confronted, Gaston nervously tried to deny the evidence against him before breaking down and confessing. As Gaston revealed, he was adamantly against the changes Jenny wanted to make to his script and went to her while she was alone in her dressing room, hoping for her to listen to reason.

      But in response to Gaston's argument that a more serious role would benefit her career, Jenny scoffed and said Gaston was a "gross has-been writer" and that the changes she insisted on were going to make his "dumb story" better. Furious at Jenny's callous insults, Gaston flew into a rage and shoved Jenny from behind, sending her smashing into the mirror. Panicked at seeing what he'd accidentally done and not wanting Jenny to tell anyone, Gaston grabbed a shard and stabbed Jenny, dealing the fatal blow.

      At his trial, Gaston declared that his attack on Jenny was an accident and killing her was just him panicking. Judge Dante, however, reminded Gaston that Jenny was a child and he shouldn't have let her remarks drive him to assault and murder, ultimately sentencing him to 35 years in prison.

      Rewrite The Lost City.

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    • The killer of Karen Boulder turned out to be Skylar Sage.

      Skylar admitted to the murder, but said her motive didn't have anything to do with The Higher Truth. Skylar said that she was Karen's main target in college, with Karen bullying her and makign fun of her. Skylar heard about the Higher Truth, and thought that maybe that could fix her. But instead, it just made her want to get revenge on Karen more. Skylar finally decided to end her bully by forcefeeding her tar. Skylar was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

      Rewrite Hold Your Tongue.

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    • To the team's surprise, Talmadge's killer is revealed to be his own daughter, Adelia Baldwin. When confronted, Adelia broke down in tears as she confessed to killing her father, stating she did so to protect her unborn baby. Adelia revealed that, on the night of her father's murder, she confronted Talmadge in his office and stated that while she didn't object to being forced to leave home, she had no intention to give up her baby when it was born. In response, Talmadge lambasted his daughter and revealed that he would sooner see her baby (which he referred to as a "bastard child") dead than have it "disgrace their family name".

      Enraged and believing her father was capable of killing her child, Adelia decided to kill Talmadge, going after him when he went to the docks to drink after their fight. Using a curved blade, she quickly struck her father's head from behind, killing him instantly. Adelia denied being responsible for cutting Talmadge's tongue out (a deed committed by Reggie Bates to send a message about Talmadge's spying) before being arrested and put on trial, where she continued to argue she acted in defense of her baby. Judge Lawson concurred that Talmadge was cruel to be willing to murder an innocent child, it still didn't justify premediated murder and sentenced Adelia to 15 years in prison, with a stipulation that her baby would given into the custody of Adelia's mother when it was born.

      Rewrite One Dead More.

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    • Albertina Thenard's killer turned out to be her son, Enzo Jonas.

      Enzo denied the accusation but later admitted to the murder. Enzo said that he forgot to tell the team something else about his father. A few years ago, Enzo's father passed away. Albertina said that he passed away in his sleep, and Enzo believed her. However, Enzo recently went inside his childhood home, where he found an old note near his father's bed. He read it, and was devastated when he saw that his father didn't die in his sleep; Albertina killed him. 

      Furious, Enzo tracked down Albertina and stabbed her to death. Dora Umbright didn't care about his motive, and blasted him for being careless and murdering his mother, saying that he was a spoiled little brat. Enzo was sentenced to 50 years in prison.

      Rewrite Good Cop Dead Cop.

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    • Ed Dunkin's killer turned out to be dog fight organizer, Angel Martinez.

      Angel angrily denied being the killer but then confessed. Upon confessing, Angel said he found out that Ed was a cop. When he first opened his dog fight organization, Ed became his first customer and had a great time with him. But when Ed excused himself to go to bathroom, Angel searched his bag and found a police badge with Ed's name on it.

      Furious that Ed was going undercover and being a cop, he asked him to go to the subway with him. At the subway, Angel confronted him and wanted to tell him the truth. While they were confronting, Ed pulled out his gun but slipped out of his hands. Not wanting to go back to jail, he grabbed Ed's gun and shot him to death. Angel was sentenced to life in prison.

      Rewrite The Hunted Hunter

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    • Dolores Harper's killer turned out to be her daughter, Gwen, much to the team's shock.

      Gwen denied the accusations, but later admitted to the murder, saying that it was an accident. Gwen confronted Dolores one day about hunting the supernatural, which turned into Dolores shoving Gwen. Gwen needed to defend herself, so she pushed Dolores unknowingly onto some swamp vines. Luke handed Gwen over to the local authorities, with Hope taking Gwen's place.

      Rewrite Hot Mess.

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    • Voodoo Vince's killer is revealed to be fellow stripper Thunder Dave. When confronted, Dave attempted to deny the allegations, but ultimately confessed and revealed that there was something about his relationship with Vince that he hid: one night, after work, Vince stopped Dave and apologized for upstaging him and revealed he was attracted to Dave, with the two sharing a kiss.

      The two began a relationship, with their mutual attraction bringing a lot more to their act and getting them more money. But one night, while leaving work, Dave spotted Vince making out with Christian Bateman in the latter's car, enraging Dave. He then resolved to kill Vince in revenge for his betrayal, lacing his drink with botulinum toxin. At his trial, Dave continued to blast Vince for cheating on him, with Judge Powell reminding Dave that a broken heart was still no excuse for murder before sentencing him to 25 years in prison.

      Rewrite The Art of Murder

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    • Meera Kat's killer turned out to be her mother, Eleanor.

      Eleanor denied the accusations but later admitted to the murder. Eleanor admitted that she didn't know what type of art Meera did until she found a picture by her, and was shocked to see that Meera did vicious drawings of dead bodies. After confronting Meera, Meera just laughed and said it was her style of art. Eleanor grew angry, and knocked her out, put her into a cage, and dipped her into lava. Eleanor was sentenced to life in prison.

      Rewrite Playing Dead.

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    • Savannah Blake's killer is revealed as her boyfriend, Leif Strom.

      When confronted, Leif claimed he loved Savannah and would never dream of killing her. But when confronted with the evidence, Leif confessed and said that Savannah broke his heart. When asked to elaborate, Leif revealed that he had put a tracking device on Savannah's phone after she repeatedly turned down his proposals, suspecting her of cheating. When he saw her continuously go to a house registered to a Brad Price, he took that as confirmation of his suspicions and decided to kill Savannah for her betrayal.

      Leif confronted Savannah in the studio and demanded she confess to sleeping with Brad, and when she denied even knowing a Brad, Leif splashed her in the face with the drain cleaner, fleeing the scene as Savannah suffered her agonizing death. Much to Leif's shock, however, Gloria Hayes revealed that Brad Price was dead, and the person Savannah was visiting on a regular basis was her half-sister, Brooke Long. Horrified, Leif broke down in tears as he bemoaned having killed his girlfriend over a misunderstanding. At his trial, however, Judge Powell denounced Leif for resorting to murder after having his heart broken and sentenced Leif to 25 years in prison.

      Rewrite Murder by Proxy.

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    • Adam Hassan's killer turned out to be Omar Bahir.

      Omar denied the accusations but later admitted to the murder. Omar revealed that he was part of a terrorist organization who wanted to wreck havoc all over the world. When Jack asked Omar why he killed Adam, Omar said that Adam caught him searching through his boat to find any information on this terrorist organization. Omar refused to give any information away, so he was sentenced to life in prison by Judge Adaku.

      Rewrite The Witching Hour.

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    • Aubrey Miller's murderer was revealed to be her own husband, William Miller.

      When confronted, William tried to argue that while he was an adulterer, he wasn't a killer. But after being cornered by the evidence, William confessed. As William revealed, despite Aubrey having helped deliver many children, the couple had been having troubles starting their own family--with all of Aubrey's fertility treatments proving ineffective. This was part of the reason William began his afffair with Abigail Walcott, and it was on the day of the murder that Abigail revealed to William that she was pregnant.

      While William was previously intent on making up with Aubrey, he decided to instead kill his wife so that he could spare himself the scandal of leaving his wife for his pregnant mistress. After following Aubrey to the pond, he knocked her out with a rock before tying her to the dunking bar and drowning her, writting "WITCH" on her body to make it seem as though she were killed by one of the many villagers who believed Aubrey to be indulging in witchcraft.

      At his trial, William's only statement to Judge Lawson was that he was a desperate man who did what he thought was his only option to keep his good name and remain in his unborn child's life. Lawson reminded William, however, that nothing justified killing an innocent woman--especially an adulterous affair--before sentencing William to 40 years in prison, with William crying out to Abigail to take care of their baby.

      Rewrite Doctor, Interrupted.

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    • Irving Blackmoor's killer turned out to be Gregory Stravinsky

      Gregory admitted to the murder. Gregory also admitted that Irving didn't work at Gryphon Asylum; he was a patient. Maddie said that Irving seemed sane to them, but then was blasted by Gregory, who said that he says who sane and who is insane. Gregory then said that Irving came into his office, saying he had a concern that most of the people in the asylum were sane, but were slowly getting more insane day by day. Gregory got mad at Irving, and said that everybody in the asylum needs help. Irving then pointed out that he was fine, and that Gregory just sent him to the asylum for no reason. Gregory then couldn't control his rage and knocked Irving out, put him in a electric chair, and electrocute him to death. Gregory was sentenced to life in prison.

      Rewrite Back to the Future.

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    • Christopher Scott's killer turned out to be his brother Emmett.

      Emmett acted confused and said he never killed his own brother. But when Amy showed him the evidence, he panicked and claimed he remembered that he was working at a mechanic in a non-altered timeline. At first, when paranoid Christopher told him about the note, he thought he was crazy and ignored about it. After Christopher panicked about the note, Emmett then did some research. In a website called "Into the Unknown", he saw that people claimed that the timeline was not taken over by a pharoah and also saw a picture of the T.I.M.E. building.

      After researching, Emmett began seeing himself fixing a time machine, which Emmett didn't remember. Soon after, he had a dream where he was talking to someone named Oscar about fixing a flying car that need to be fixed. After the dream, he began seeing Christopher in a police uniform, telling him that the team are investigating Julius Caesar's altered murder. Emmett then told Amy that he had to go to a doctor. When he told it to him, Emmett's doctor couldn't explain, saying that this never happened to anyone before.

      Emmett then claimed that it was Christopher's fault for telling him about the note. Thinking that killing Christopher would help him stop getting memories from his non-altered self, Emmett broke into his brother's apartment and slashed his throat out. After killing him, Emmett's memories came back, frustrating him. Before the team could take him to the guards, Emmett then pointed a handgun on his head. But when the team tried to stop Emmett from committing suicide, Emmett said his last words, saying "having these memories makes me not wanting to live". After he said his last words, Emmett shot himself in front of Amy and the player.

      Rewrite Divided We Fall

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    • Roxanne Vega's killer turned out to be Wendall Goh.

      Wendall denied the accusations but later admitted to the murder. Wendall admitted that he saw Roxanne trying to make a spell in her house. Wendall said that he thought Roxanne was summoning a demon, and that she was on the demon's side. In turned out that Roxanne was trying to protect her mind from demons, but Wendall did not think that was the case. Thinking he was doing the right thing, Wendall snuck up behind Roxanne and stabbed her with a stake, before throwing her out of the window. The team decided that Wendall needed to be punished, so Wendall was handed over to Fabien de la Mort, who said that the vampires are preparing a special prison for him that he will live in for the rest of his existance.

      Rewrite The Impossible Dream.

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    • Jacqueline Proust's killer is revealed to be Cardinal Salieri. When confronted in custody where he was already apprehended for his assocation with the Promethian Cult, Salieri remorselessly confessed, deciding he was already going to jail and had no reason not to confess his "sins committed in necessity". When asked why he killed Jacqueline, he screamed that Jacqueline betrayed the Promethian Cult and deserved to die for such a travesty.

      So after luring Jacqueline out near the windmills with a note claiming he had information to give her, he instead attacked and braned Jacqueline before leaving her to burn in the bronze bull, wanting to show the full extent to which he was devoted to the Promethians. With this new crime under his belt, Salieri was sentenced to life in prison, boldly refusing to give up the name of the Promethians' leader.

      Rewrite Lights Out.

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    • Ryan Min's killer turned out to be Izzy Ramsey.

      Izzy denied the accusations, but later admitted to the murder. Izzy said that she wanted to do an experiment: what Grimsborough would be without the power plant working. Izzy decided to put that plan into action, shooting Ryan Min and causing a blackout. Izzy was sentenced to life in prison.

      Rewrite Graveyard Shift.

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    • Edgar Woe's killer turned out to be self-proclaimed vampire Count Blutsauger. Count attempted to deny the murder, but eventually confessed after the evidence proved he was guilty. As Count revealed, he had had non-believers visit him and denounce his vampire persona before, but Edgar's hurt more because of his appearance: he resembled the Count's father, who often beat Count when he was a child for his fascination with vampires.

      After Edgar's insults became known around Grim Chapel, Count received a letter telling him where to find a blood pump, prompting Count to attack and drain Edgar of his blood in the cemetary, boasting to Edgar as he did that he was a real vampire and Edgar would be his first victim. Before the team could arrest Count, the killer decided he wanted to "die a dignified vampire's death" before pulling out a stake and impaling it into his heart, killing himself.

      Rewrite Ice Rage.

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    • Julia Lloyd's killer turned out to be Sharon Jeung.

      Sharon admitted to the murder. Sharon said she still had some stuff to learn about psychology. Sharon said that she wanted to see a real life reaction to somebody getting murdered. Sharon decided that now was the time to do so, so that she could see Blair Carpenter's reaction. Sharon then butchered Julia with a paddle in the snow, and told Blair about it. Sharon was sentenced to life in prison.

      Rewrite When In Rome

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    • Flavia Pulchra's killer turned out to be Scorpius

      Scorpius tried to deny the murder but then confessed when Jack showed him the evidence. Scorpius revealed that Flavia was going to expose him. Scorpius said when Flavia broke is arm, Scorpius accidentally screamed something about cheating in the chariot race. After Scorpius screamed that, he gasped and the victim giggled, telling him that he will tell that to Octavian.

      Not wanting to get exposed of cheating, he "strangled" her with a rope at the Maximus box. Jack and the player were confused and asked him how he strangled her with one arm. When asked, Flavia's daughter Claudia appeared and revealed that she was part of her mother's murder.

      Claudia explained that Scorpius asked her to strangle her when he found out that Flavia was a bad mother to her. Claudia agreed and actually strangled her while he watched. The team took them to Octavian, who was shocked when they showed him Flavia's killers. Octavian then banished them from Rome.

      Rewrite Fake News

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    • Tabu Kebu's killer is revealed to be Tamat Loren. When confronted, Tamat tried to deny the accusations, though she was ultimately forced to confess when the evidence was brought against her. Tamat angrily stated that she grew up poor and had to fight to get where she was, and she was not about to let Tabu hog the spotlight and keep her from getting her dreams. So after getting her pet scorpion and learned to milk its venom, she did so and laced it into Tabu's coffee to kill him.

      Tabat then suddenly pulled out a futuristic gun, intent on killing the player and Jack Archer now that they were also obstacles to her path to fame. But before she could fire, she was knocked out from behind by Akhen Khaba, who revealed that as much trouble as Tabu caused him, he didn't deserve to die for it thanks to professional jealousy. The unconscious Tamat was then handed over to the proper authorities.

      Rewrite A Death Wish.

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    • Yuto Watanabe's killer turned out to be Sanjay Korrapati, much to the shock of Jack Archer and the player.

      Sanjay laughed and called the team silly before admitting to the murder. Sanjay admitted that he was the adopted son of Emily Wallace and Shiro Watanabe. Sanjay said that one night, Shiro was killed by Yuto. The other night after that, Yuto sent a man named Georgi Young to kill Emily and Sanjay, but after seeing what they have been through, he decided he didn't want to kill them. Emily and Georgi later married. However, Yuto was enraged that Georgi didn't do his duty, and then killed Georgi with a shotgun right in front of Sanjay. Wanting revenge, Sanjay took out a pistol and fired at Yuto, to which Yuto tried to grab a sword and commit seppuku, only to no avail. Sanjay then shot him in the head. Sanjay was sentenced to 3 years in a correctional facility for children.

      Rewrite Smart Money.

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    • Ernest Turing's killer turned out to be his wife, Teresa Turing.

      When confronted, Teresa attempted to deny everything before finally confessing, saying that Ernest wasn't waiting until he had his robot duplicate of her completed. After becoming suspicious that Ernest being unfaithful, Teresa began following Ernest covertly and eventually discovered that he was in fact having an affair--and she was horrified to learn that his mistress was none other than Greta Meduse, Teresa's own mother.

      Furious at Ernest for his affair with her mother, Teresa hacked Per-Sephone in order to control her and use her to steal money from an ATM and stuff money into Ernest's mouth, suffocating him. At her trial, Teresa smugly stated she did what any woman would've done after being betrayed by a "worthless, ungrateful louse of a husband", only for Judge Dante to tell her he'd heard enough and sentenced her to 30 years in prison. However, as one last bombshell, Teresa revealed that she had planted a bomb somewhere where it would likely kill her mother, and laughed as she said she would never tell where the bomb was.

      The AI had the team rescuing Greta before the bomb went off and killed her, and as a result of her attempt at her mother's life, Teresa was given an extra 20 years to her sentence.

      Rewrite Resistance Is Fatal.

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    • Dylan Mitvok's killer turned out to be Giulietta Capecchi.

      Giulietta was shocked for a moment before admitted to the murder. Giulietta said that Dylan was not only spying for the Justice Corps, but also spying on her. Giulietta confronted Dylan for spying on her, Dylan acted all innocent. Furious, Giulietta knocked Dylan out and crushed him with a printing press. Giulietta was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

      Rewrite A Murder of Crows.

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    • To the surprise of the team, Norm White's killer is revealed to be teenage runaway Dolly Hale.

      When confronted, Dolly attempted to say she would never let someone die in such a terrible way, but once the evidence was brought against her, Dolly confessed and said Norm ruined her life more than anyone could imagine. Dolly went on to say that, as a result of her fear of lions, she became an overall timid and easily frightened child--something that greatly frustrated her mother, who emotionally abused Dolly over her fears before abandoning her and her family, devastating her father.

      Blaming Norm for destroying her life, Dolly ran away from home to Aquamarine City to confront and kill Norm, knocking him out from behind before tying him to a tree and splashing him with violence-inducing elixir, leaving him to be eaten alive by crows. Dolly was then turned over to the authorities, with Luke telling Dolly that Norm had never intended to cause Dolly such pain and thus didn't deserve to die such an agonizing demise.

      Rewrite The Scent of Death.

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    • Hank Buxton's killer turned out to be his wife, Kerry.

      Kerry admitted to the murder, saying that she married a cheater. Kerry said that she would have murdered Hank way before to get his money, but then she found out that Hank slept with Lola. She also found out that he used her credit card to go to fancy plays and parties, because he wanted his money to be "Plan B money".

      Kerry confronted Hank about all of the stuff he did, only for Hank to try to punch her, which she dodged. Kerry then took out a pantyhose and strangled Hank to death. Judge Hall sentenced to Kerry to life in prison.

      Rewrite Plagued by Death.

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    • Sunil Dhudwar's killer is revealed to be his ex-girlfriend, Averly Worthington. When confronted, Averly once again tried to deny breaking into the lab to steal the virus used to kill Sunil, but was forced to confessed when all the evidence was brought against her. When questioned why, Averly revealed what truly ended her relationship with Sunil: her brief relationship with Sunil resulted in her becoming pregnant, with Averly telling Sunil and saying they could go back to America together and be a happy family.

      However, Sunil refused and said he'd worked too hard to get into the university and advised that Averly terminate the pregnancy, saying that neither one of them were "parent material". Insulted by Sunil's statement and refusal to be a father to her unborn child, Averly decided to get revenge by breaking into the lab and stealing the virus, injecting him after luring him to the Shiva temple by claiming she wanted to talk to him and say she understood why he wanted her to abort. At her trial, Averly said that Sunil got what he deserved for abandoning her and her unborn baby, while professing that she hadn't intended on causing an outbreak. Nevertheless, Judge Adaku reminded Averly that she had inadvertently killed hundreds of people due to lashing out due to heartbreak before sentencing her to 50 years in prison with no chance for parole.

      Rewrite Drive, Swing, Die.

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    • Tony Webb's killer turned out to be his caddy, Danny Doyle.

      Danny denied the accusations, but later admitted to the murder. Danny said that he was caddying for Tony one day, and he asked Tony if he could try. Tony accepted, and Danny got a lower score than Tony, shocking Tony. Tony got filled with jealously, and said that he was still a champion, to which Danny said that he wasn't in this game. Tony got angry and tried to hit Danny on the head with a golf club, only for Danny to snatch it from his hands and hit him instead. Realizing that he would get in trouble if Tony found out he hurt him, Danny bound his hands and legs, buried him, and played the 5th hole, making Tony choke to death on the golf ball. Judge Hall sentenced Danny to life in prison.

      Rewrite Murder on Campus.

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    • To the team's great shock, Rani Goshwalla's killer turned out to be Grimsborough University dean Donna Walker.

      When confronted, Donna tried to say she would never murder a student. But once the evidence was brought against her, Donna broke down and said she hadn't intended to kill Rani, but rather "teach her heartless mother a lesson". When asked to elaborate, Donna revealed another tragic secret from her past: on the same night as her hazing ritual, her best friend Nora had been tied up and forced to drink by Psi Sigma Gamma, with Nora dying as a result of alcohol poisoning.

      The university covered up the sorority's involvement in Nora's death, and Donna was threatened with expulsion if she told anyone the truth. While scared into silence, Donna never forgot about anyone involved in the hazing ritual that killed her best friend, and developed a deep hatred for the sorority president at the time: Monika Goshwalla, Rani Goshwalla's mother. After learning that Monika's daughter was enrolled in Grimsborough, Donna decided to inflict the same humiliation on her to make Monika to give her "a taste of her own medicine".

      After stalking Rani for some time, she took the opportunity to set her plan in action after seeing her leaving a hazing ritual at Psi Sigma Gamma. After forcing her to down some more alcohol under the claim of wanting to help "calm her nerves", Donna tied Rani down and forced her to continue drinking until she passed out, leaving her there to be found the next day. Donna pleaded that she had no idea about the ant hill, and broke down in tears as she realized what she'd done. At trial, Donna said there was no excuse for what she did, and that she realized she was taking out her decades-long pain out on a bright young woman who had done nothing to her. Concurring, Judge Hall sentenced Donna to 30 years in prison, with Donna apologizing for letting Grimsborough University down. The AI had the team talking to Donna in prison for help finding evidence of Grimsborough University's complicity in Nora's death, resulting in Monika and all her other accomplices finally facing charges and a crackdown on hazing at Grimsborough U.

      Rewrite Weirder Stuff.

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    • Rex Lane's killer turned out to be Arthur Darkwood.

      Arthur denied the accusations but admitted to the murder. Arthur revealed that he was a demon, but calmed Gwen down as he told her he was there to help. Arthur said that Rex was planning to kill Ruby Rees after he learned she was a woodland spirit. However, Arthur came in to stop him, to which Rex tried to defend himself with a flamethrower. However, Arthur snatched the flamethrower out of Rex's hands and burned Rex instead. Not wanting to get Arthur into trouble with the murder, Gwen took Arthur to Jacob, who told Arthur to get out of Idaho.

      Rewrite A Mongolian Tale.

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    • Mergen killed Argat. Mergen confesses and says he didn't mean to kil him. When Argat banished him Mergen refused to leave after much arguing Argat attcaked him and tried to stab him. Mergen managed to get the sword from Argat and stabbed him in self defense. Mergen then runs away to find a new tribe.

      Rewrite Eve of Disaster

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    • Much to the team's shock and Amir's heartache, Jon Benson's killer turned out to be Jasper Everett. When confronted, Jasper again tried to deny any involvement. But once he realized the evidence exposed him, Jasper laughed as he mockingly congratulated them on figuring him out--revealing himself as Denise Daniels' partner in her plan to take over the world. Jasper then revealed he had been conspiring with Denise since she told him all about her plan during his internship, and callously admitted to only getting involved with Amir so as to act as a mole for Denise.

      As for Jon, Jasper had been at the S.A.R.A. facility to collect the meteorite core to cause a mega-earthquake to destroy Grimsborough, and he resorted to killing Jon with the sonic mineral extractor when he caught him in the act. Jasper then began to boast about how the meteorite core was in the reactor, and before the team could interrogate him for how to stop the earthquake, Jasper was killed when Denise remotely activated the chip she implanted inside him, calling Gloria afterwards to state that she killed her accomplice due to him being "dead weight" to her now.

      Rewrite The Third Degree.

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    • Theresa Rosenthal's killer turned out to be Dolores Harper.

      Dolores admitted to the murder, but said that she was forced to kill Theresa. Dolores said that Balthazar Torres ordered her to check up on Theresa, but when Dolores went in, Balthazar locked them in and instructed Dolores to use harsh interrogation tactics. Dolores refused, but Balthazar ordered her to, unless she wanted Theresa to be killed. Dolores then did the tactics Balthazar told her to, but it was too much for Theresa to take and she committed suicide. Because Dolores was forced to torture Theresa, and Theresa killed herself under pressure, it was decided that Dolores would not serve any prison time, but would visit a therapist every once in a while.

      Rewrite Death Without Parole.

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    • Kev O'Connell's killer is revealed to be prison guard Cosimo Silvestri.

      When confronted, Cosimo tried to deny the allegations and claimed he took Kev under his wing, only to confess once the evidence cornered him. Cosimo revealed that Kev had recently been losing fights, costing him more and more money. After another loss, Cosimo confronted Kev in the courtyard to ask what was going on, with Kev revealing that he was done with the prison fights, as he had grown tired of enduring beatings just to line Cosimo's pockets.

      When Kev threatened to report Cosimo to the warden if he didn't let him quit fighting, Cosimo flew into a rage and struck Kev in the head with an iron bar, killing him. At trial, Cosimo tried to argue that he flew into a rage and that Kev's death was "no great loss" due to him being a murderer. Judge Lawson, however, argued that Kev's past crimes didn't justify Cosimo's, and he sentenced him to 45 years in prison.

      Rewrite The Reaper and the Geek.

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    • Joe Turner's killer turned out to be Tess Goodwin

      Tess denied the accusations, but admitted to the murder. Tess said that she killed Joe for what his parents did to hers. Tess said that their parents were enemies, and they always wanted Joe and Tess to compete against each other. One day, Tess and her family were driving home, when Tess's dad noticed a car following them, and it was the Turner family's. Tess tried to get them off their track, but ended up throwing the car off the road, where the car crashed down and killed both of Tess's parents. Tess suffered major burn and injuries, and was barely living when the police found her. 

      Tess saw Joe in the present day, and remembered him as the person who caused the death of her family. Tess saw red and pushed Joe onto a statue, which impaled him. Tess was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

      Rewrite The Hunger Planes.

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    • Celine Dernier is the killer. She says doesn't remember what happened. All she Remembers was that she confronted Harry for killing her dog then a man with long hair appeared then she blacked out. When she came to harry was dead

      In the AI much to Amy's sadness the team finds out that Bobby killed Celine's dog and made it look like Harry did it and when she came to confront him Bobby hypnotized her into killing Harry!

      Bobby is sentenced to life in prison while Celine is cleared of all charges

      Rewrite Shooting Star

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    • Ronald Rooney's killer turned out to be Annie Schmidt.

      Annie admitted to the murder. Annie said that she wanted someone new to play the main character of the Transmutator series. Annie admitted that she was getting tired of Ronald Rooney and wanted a new person to take the role. Annie said that she went near the red carpet, and saw Ronald, then shot him dead, hoping that someone new would replace his role as the main character. Annie was sentenced to life in prison.

      Surprisingly, Yoshinobu Akagi took over Ronald's role, and was a great actor. Yoshinobu thanked the team for helping him deal with Ronald's death, and then walked off, starting his new life of acting.

      Rewrite Stick to Your Guns.

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    • Edna Owens's killer was revealed to be her ex-boyfriend, George Blanton.

      When confronted, George initially tried to play innocent, but eventually confessed to killing Edna and being a mole for the Italian gang. George also revealed himself as fellow gang member Gianna Verdino's lover and conspirator in using a car to break into the police station, with Gianna fleeing the scene afterward while George went inside to begin stealing from the armory.

      Suddenly, though, George was confronted at gunpoint by Edna, who offered to let George go without telling anyone about his crimes if he promised to leave the gang. But George, loyal to the Italian gang and (more specifically) Gianna, George pulled out his own handgun and shot Edna dead, fleeing with as many weapons as he could afterwards. At trial, George continued to voice his loyalty to the Italian gang and referred to Edna as "dead weight" that should've just kept her nose out of his business. Disgusted, Judge Lawson sentenced George to life in prison, saying he was a disgrace to the Concordian Police Department.

      Rewrite Kicking the Bucket

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    • Jacob Gilbert is the killer. He had fallen in love with Kayla. He met up with her and asked her to Break up with Kwanele Kayla refused and She told him she was going to marry him. Jacob was so mad he pushed Kayla in the water and drowned her. After being arrested Jacob is sentenced to 50 years in prison

      Rewrite Color Me Murdered

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    • Marcus Butler's killer turned out to be his father, William.

      William denied the accusations but admitted to the murder. William said that Marcus was too wrapped up in his comic books that he never would get a "real" job. What pushed William to force Marcus to get a "real" job was when Marcus fell in love with a cosplayer wearing a Miracle Girl costume. William said that he had enough of Marcus's fantasy world and forced Marcus to go into law school. Marcus refused, saying that he already found something better. William flew into a rage and put on a white bear claw and slashed Marcus to death. William was blasted by Judge Powell for murdering his adoptive son, and was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

      Rewrite Spineless.

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    • Dr. Mark McKenzie is the killer. He confesses and says he killed Angus to take his spine for a secret Project he is working on at the command of Mr X Frank tries to get information from Mark he laughs and says they will never find out he then takes out a gun and tries to kill the player but is knocked out by officer Ramirez. After being arrested Mark is sentenced to Life In Prison

      Rewrite Under The Skin

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    • Nikolai Kamarov's killer turned out to be Sergei Yablokov.

      Sergei denied the accusations but later admitted to the murder. Sergei told Frank that he didn't murder Nikolai out of jealousy, but instead, he wanted to help Nikolai's son, Andrew get away from his abusive father. Sergei said that he saw how Nikolai treated Andrew, and was enraged that Nikolai would treat a boy that way. Sergei confronted Nikolai and ordered Nikolai to stop abusing his child, to which Nikolai just smirked and said he couldn't tell him how to treat his child. Sergei grew furious and stabbed Nikolai, and later skinned him with a scapel, and tied him to a parade float. Sergei then took Andrew and gave him to his mother, who turned out to be Sue Xiong. Sergei was sentenced to life in prison. 

      Rewrite A Pirate's Death for Me.

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    • Blackbeard's killer turned out to be Black Sparrow's crewman, Rags.

      Rags attempted to deny the accusations but was concerned when the evidence was put against him. Rags said that Blackbeard was going to kick him out of the Black Sparrow. Rags revealed before the murder, he stole a lot of rum in the ship's rum and hid Blackbeard's valuables under his bed. However, when Blackbeard knew about it, he confronted him and said he will kick him off the ship and report him to privateers.

      Not wanting to be out of the ship, Rags injected poison in an orange he got from the market and gave it to Blackbeard.  Once he gave it to him, he waited in the ship until he saw him collapse. Rags was then taken to the authorities.

      Rewrite To Hell and Back

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    • Shocking the team once again, Arthur Darkwood's killer is revealed as demon Maetheron, formerly known as FBI agent George Mathison.

      When confronted, Maetheron tried to deny the murder, becoming increasingly uncomfortable as the evidence was brought against him. Finally, Maetheron confessed and revealed that he had to kill Arthur and drain his blood in order to stop the Demon Queen from ripping the veil. As Maetheron revealed, he had genuinely grown to enjoy life as a human and (more importantly) value the team as friends, having previously put on the act of a heartless traitor for fear that the Demon Queen or one of her minions was nearby.

      Wishing to stop the Demon Queen and protect the human world that he'd grown to care about, Maetheron saw no other option than to kill Arthur before the Demon Queen had the chance to, draining his blood and giving it to Jacob Arrow for safe keeping--unaware that the Chief had aligned with the Demon Queen. Soon after his confession, Maetheron was stabbed in the back by Edwinata, later revealing she promised the Demon Queen she would kill whoever tried to foil her plans and that she was going to be the Demon Queen's righthand woman in exchange for proving her "loyalty". As he died, Maetheron apologized for deceiving the team and begged for them to stop the Queen's plans before succumbing to his injuries.

      Rewrite Murder on the Dance Floor

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    • Surprising the team, Tony Marconi turned out to be the killer of Kalua Kaboom.

      Tony denied the accusations, claiming that he was a changed man, but later admitted to the murder of Kalua. Tony said that he was embarrassed that Kalua completely changed the Blue Flamingo. What crossed the line for Marconi was when Kalua made a song insulting Tony. Tony threatened Kalua to stop playing music insulting him, but Kalua didn't listen. A furious Tony grabbed an electroshock gun and electrocuted Kalua with it many times. Tony was sentenced to life in prison.

      Rewrite A Slice of Death.

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    • Shogun Yoshinobu Gojo's killer turned out to be his wife, Tokiko.

      Tokiko tried to deny killing her husband but was forced to confess. Tokiko revealed that Yoshinobu was going to help the Mongolians to win the war. When she informed him that the Mongolians are going to attack the Chinese, Shogun made a plan to help the Mongolians instead of the Chinese. When sheasked him why, he said he didn't care about the Chinese and told her that they will protect themselves.

      Angry because she had relatives in China, she confronted him and demanded him to help the Chinese, but refused. Infuriatied, Tokiko pulled out a sword and sliced him in half. The team then handed her to Emperor Shijō, who sentenced him to commit seppuku as punishment.

      Rewrite Bash of the Year

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    • Gérard Arnault’s killer turned out to be Safiya Hanif.

      Safiya denied the accusations but admitted to the murder. Safiya said that she saw a paper in Gerard’s drawer about King Ramses XLIII, insulting him and saying that he was not good to be a leader. Safiya, surprised that Gerard would write this, confronted him, where Gerard lashed out and said that there has got a be a better leader out there. Safiya flew into a rage when she heard this, and killed Gerard, bashing his head in. Safiya was sent to the King.

      Rewrite Cheaters Never Win.

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    • Oscar Rojas' killer is revealed to be his girlfriend, Olga Chizhova.

      When confronted, Olga tried to deny the allegations, but was ultimately forced to by the evidence against her. Olga reminded the investigators of how depressed she became after learning of Oscar's infidelity, but also revealed that her loss caused her to be verbally berated by her coach before he dropped her as his client, putting Olga's chances of returning to the Olympics at risk.

      Blaming Oscar for jeopardizing her career, Olga went to the favela bar to drown her sorrows, and it was there that she drunkenly told a friendly bar patron about her heartache after he inquired about why she was so sad. At that, the man offered her to help her get revenge by ruining Oscar's career like he did hers, later providing her a syringe which he claimed was filled with a chemical that would render him unable to perform. Olga believed the man and injected Oscar with the syringe, but was horrified when the substance ended up killing her ex.

      At trial, Olga tearfully said she acted out of blind heartache and had never wanted Oscar dead. With that, Olga was sentenced to 5 years in prison, with the AI having her tell the player and Carmen that her drunkenness on the night she was approached by the mysterious man prevented her from telling the player who provided her with the poison she used to kill Oscar, him having left the syringe inside an envelope he hide at the favela bar for her to find--with the discovery of that envelope confirming that SOMBRA was the orchestrator behind Oscar's murder.

      Rewrite A Murder Carol

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    • Rowdy Rick's killer turned out to be his landlady, Maggie Scrubber.

      Maggie attempted to deny the accusations but was forced to confess when the evidence was put against her. Maggie said that she knew why Rick couldn't pay the rent. When he first rented the room, Rick would lie to her for not paying the rent, claiming he was poor and only had coins.

      Before the murder, Maggie heard little chimney sweeper Pip mumbling to himself about Rick. When she asked the little chimney sweep about Rick, Pip told her that "he" (Disguising herself as a boy) saw him gambling with people in a den.

      Angry for Rick lying to her, Maggie confronted when he was done gambling. However, when confronted, Rick kept lying and claimed he never gambled. Infuriated, Maggie grabbed a brass tap and hit him in the head. Maggie was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

      Rewrite The Hunger Planes

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    • Captain Harry Hugo's killer turned out to be his wife, Betty.

      Betty admitted to the murder, saying that her husband was a cheater, and was cheating on her with a flight attendent. When Betty found out about this, she was mad. One day, Betty got onto the plane with Harry, but didn't know the plane was going to crash. When it did, Harry shouted at Betty to get some food. Betty then flew into a rage and knocked out Harry, and roasted him alive and ate his body to keep herself alive. Betty was sentenced to 60 years in prison.

      Rewrite No Place Like Home.

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    • Randolph's killer turned out to be UFO ethuantist, Astrid Saucer.

      Astrid denied killing the local fat man until the evidence was shown to her. Astrid explained she only slice open Randolph to prove aliens existed. When she got her job in PASA, she became fascinated with aliens when she saw a light speeding fast. But she later quit when PASA believed she was crazy.

      Wanting to prove aliens exist, Astrid searched Rhine Canyon to find something that have to do with them. When she got back to PASA, she learned that Randolph was an alien. Wanting to show PASA that aliens are real, Astrid sliced open Randolph and found a green alien inside him. Thinking the team she was really crazy, Judge Dante sentenced her to 15 years in a psychiatric hospital.

      Rewrite Fields of Murder

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    • Gus McGuff's killer is revealed to be chicken Farmer, Abby Lee.

      Abby initially tried to deny the accusation, but was forced to confess when the evidence was against her. As Abby revealed, she was in fact poisoning her neighbor's chickens, revealing that the traction her neighbor's chicken farm was receiving had begun affecting her own business. So Abby began poisoning the chickens to give herself an advantage, with Gus becoming suspicious due to being close with Abby's neighbors.

      After having her poison box confiscated by Gus, who threatened to have her arrested if she continued her actions, Abby was approached by a mysterious man who offered to pay her handsomely in exchange for killing Gus. Needing the money and wanting to get even with Gus, Abby attacked and killed Gus at the burning field, shooting him dead with a shotgun. Abby was sentenced to 20 years in prison, with the AI having her tell the players she had little information about the man who masterminded Gus's death, other than hearing him talk to a "Fornax" over his cell phone.

      Rewrite Fashion Victim

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    • Lucy Campbell's killer turned out to be Joey Manzano.

      Joey denied the accusations but later admitted to the murder, saying that he was not interested in Lucy, but Kim Aoki. Joey tried to flirt with Kim before, only to get rejected repeatedly and get slapped. Joey decided to order Lucy to break up with Kim, only for Lucy to refuse. Furious that Lucy was stopping him from getting his dream girl, Joey grabbed a hanger and strangled her to death, and then set the body up on the shop window to frame Odell Toole for the murder. Joey was sentenced to life in prison.

      Rewrite Crash and Burn.

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    • Jakobo Nkosi's killer turned out to be the co-pilot, Jasmine Hart.

      Jasmine denied killing Jakobo until the evidence proved she was the killer. Upon confessing, Jasmine revealed she was the one who blew up one of the engines in the plane. As Jasmine revealed, she blew one of the engines to make SOMBRA proud. Jasmine planned to blow up the plane's engine to kill everybody on board. When the engine blows up, she would jump off the plane with a parachute and land on a rice farm, but that debunked when the emergency door wouldn't open.

      When the plane came down, Jasmine was surprised when everyone on board survived the crash. As Jakobo got down from the plane to report the crash, she came down with him to "find the authorities". Angry that everyone survived, Jasmine pulled out her hunting knife that was used when she will land and slashed Jakobo's throat. Jasmine was sentenced to life in prison.

      Rewrite A Tudor Murder

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    • Catherine of Aragon's killer turned out to be Henry VIII.

      After sighing and saying that the timeline has been altered some more, Nebet and the player confronted the king. Henry denied the accusations but then admitted to the murder. Henry said that he gathered everybody over for a feast one day, and said that they needed a plan if France was going to attack England. Later, Henry forced Catherine to come up with a plan, to which she made the plan. Henry decided that he would show the plan and say that he made it himself. Catherine didn't argue with Henry. He then gathered everybody for a feast again, and showed the plan. Everybody saw that the paper was in Catherine's handwriting. Everybody blasted him for lying.

      Embarrassed, Henry blasted Catherine for making him look bad, and he grabbed a morning star and threw it at her face, ripping half of it off. The king said that he would think up a fair punishment for himself.

      Rewrite The Ghost of Murders Past.

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    • R.J. Fielding's killer turned out to be former cop and psychiatric hospital patient, Greg Schmidt.

      Greg denied the accusation until the evidence was showed by the team. Greg panicked and claimed the ghost made him do it. When asked to elaborate, he said when he went in the abandoned house to investigate, a ghost appeared and told him to kill R.J.

      Greg agreed and went to Devilman's Bridge to kill him. Waiting for R.J., Greg knocked out Fielding and hanged him from a cactus. Before the team were going to arrest him, Luke was possessed by Abigail Riley and escaped with Greg chasing after them.

      Rewrite Houston, We Have a Problem

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    • Thomas Segan's killer is revealed to be mathematician Betty Hawkins.

      When confronted, Betty attempted to argue she would never jeopardize her career over someone like Thomas. But eventually, Betty broke down and confessed, saying that Thomas was a "low-down pig" who deserved to die. Betty went to reveal that Thomas cornered her one night and made her offer: he would give her credit for her work if she had sex with him. Disgusted, Betty refused, only to be nearly raped by Thomas when he tried to force himself on her before Betty managed to fight him off and escape.

      Disgusted and deciding to kill Thomas for revenge and to protect other women, Betty pretended to take Thomas' offer and asked him to meet her that night at the launch pad. Once Thomas arrived, however, Betty took out the defibrilator and shocked Thomas to death. After that, a tearful Betty was taken to the proper authorities.

      Rewrite Death as Old as Time

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    • Julius Caesar's killer turned out to be Nebet.

      Nebet denied the accusations but later admitted to the murder. Nebet revealed that she was a time traveler by the name of Nefertiti. Nebet said that Julius Caesar's murder was just the start of the time disturbance, and that there would be more time disturbances soon. Nefertiti was held inside the time machine until her sentenced would be announced.

      Rewrite Star Crime.

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    • Rex Logan's killer turned out to be costume designer Lucy Armstrong.

      Lucy denied the accusations until she was forced to confess. Lucy said that Rex was a "pain in the ass" and was ruining the movie. When Ted introduced Rex to her, he was nice to her until Ted's 2013 sci-fi action film, "Planet of War". While making the film, Rex started to come in late and made up his lines and arrangements without being a film producer.

      When asked how this has to do with her to murder Rex, she revealed that she had a fling with Rex but ended up being raped by him. After the day she was raped by him, she confronted him about it, with Rex revealing that his father would hit him or his mother if they tell him to stop drinking. Believing he was lying because she never seen his father never drink alcohol or hit him or his mother, she took acid off the design counter and threw it at him for lying to her and beating her up. At trial, Judge Dante revealed to Lucy that Rex was telling her the truth, confirming Rex's mother informed the police about her husband and was in jail until he died from a heart attack. After informing Lucy about Rex's father, she was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

      Rewrite Die by the Sword

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    • Anir Aznag's killer is revealed to be soldier/hired gun Jonah Karam. When cornered, John tried to deny everything and claim that Marina Romanova's paranoia had gotten to the player. But once the evidence proved it was him, Jonah smirked and confessed, admitting to Anir's murder and to being The Sword. Jonah proclaimed that SOMBRA was the only organization he felt truly valued his abilities, and that he had accepted the mission he was given to kill Anir in order to lure the Bureau into a trap.

      Furious at the player for catching him, Jonah pulled out a gun and prepared to kill them before Carmen Martinez shot and killed him with her own gun. Before dying, Jonah laughed as he admitted to having planted explosives in the Bureau to kill them all, refusing to say where they were before succumbing to his injuries. The AI had the team working together to find the explosives with the bomb squad, eventually finding and disabling them in the nick of time.

      Rewrite Bomb Alert on Grimsborough

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    • Henry Crosby's killer turned out to be his son, Shaun.

      Shaun denied the accusation, but later broke down in tears and admitted to the murder. Shaun said that he never wanted to be in the military, and he wanted to work as a doctor. However, Henry forced Shaun and his brother, Dave to join the army, which they did. One day, Shaun was called to the battlefield, where he went out to fill in for a wounded soldier. Unfortunately, Shaun watched his brother Dave get shot in the heart, and die in his arms. Shaun began drinking heavily and breaking down in the streets. Shaun became so heartbroken that he attempted suicide, but failed. Blaming it all on his dad, Shaun decided to invite Henry over for lunch, and hid a bomb under a bench. Once Henry sat on the bench, Shaun acted like he had to go to the bathroom, and then activated the bomb, which blew up, killing Henry. Shaun took his gun and claimed that there was no reason to live anymore, and shot himself. 

      Rewrite Sinners and Saints.

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    • Barnaby Wilson's killer is revealed to be his father, Frederick.

      When confronted, Frederick smugly denied the allegations and threatened to have the Flying Squad disbanded in retaliation. But once the evidence was put against him, Frederick angrily confessed to killing his son, saying he was trying to steal Marla from him. It was then that Frederick confessed to having met Marla and become smitten with her, only to be furious to learn she was engaged to Barnaby.

      Wanting to marry Marla himself, Frederick arranged to meet Barnaby behind Paddy Whack's to confront him, ordering him to leave Marla and even offering to pay him to break the engagement. Barnaby refused, angrily accusing his father of only wanting Marla because he's in love with her and declaring he had never been a good father to him. Furious at his son's rant, Frederick shoved Barnaby to the ground before donning a pair of brass knuckles and beating his son to death, leaving his body in the streets (declaring it was where he had always belonged). Disgusted by Frederick's cruelty, Maddie arrested him and Frederick was sentenced by Judge Lawson to life in prison when he continued to show no remorse for killing his own child.

      Rewrite Death in My Hand

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    • Ernesto Vega's killer turned out to be Doris Black.

      Doris denied the accusations but then admitted to the murder. Doris said that Ernesto was so obsessed with Doris, that he slipped a drug into her drink when she was eating, and then later took the chance to rape her. Horrified at what Ernesto did, Doris grabbed a rock and confronted Ernesto, who said he had no idea what she talking about. Furious, Doris slammed the rock into Ernesto's head many times. Doris was sentenced to 6 years in prison.

      Rewrite Anatomy of a Murder.

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    • The killer of Wilfred was his own brother Stanley Turnscrew. Stanley was about to be kicked out of his apartment and he went to Wilfred for help. He refused and said he is a disgrace to the family name. Stanley was so mad he killed Wilfred. After being arrested Stanley is sentenced to 15 years in prison.

      Rewrite There will be blood

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    • To the shock of the team, but especially Alex, Delsin Peota's killer is revealed to be college student and Chief King's granddaughter Cathy King.

      When Cathy was confronted by the player, David and Alex tried to argue the player was mistaken, but Cathy smirked that the player was right before confessing to being Delsin's killer and a member of the Crimson Order. When asked how she could be a part of the cult that drove her grandfather to suicide, Cathy laughed and dismissed her grandfather as a "weak fool" for trying to leave the Crimson Order, which she said was not a cult, but an organization "trying to save Grimsborough from weak-minded drones like the GBPD". As for Delsin, Cathy said she was simply following orders of the Crimson Order's leader to eliminate Delsin as a threat, which she did by ambushing him in the woods and descalping him.

      When asked about the message carved into Delsin's chest, Cathy laughed as she said she carved that as a warning to the GBPD before revealing another bombshell: she had planted explosives all throughout the police station, which were set to explode at midnight. While Alex tried to talk sense into Cathy and convince her to help them deactivate the bombs, Cathy simply smirked as she callously said she never cared about Alex or anyone on the police force before pulling out a vial of poison and drinking it, killing herself. The AI had the team apprehend Milton Grimmes and his fellow Crimson Order conspirators, with Howard Johnson (wanting a lenient deal in exchange for his information) eventually breaking down and giving up the location of the detonator Cathy set up to make all the explosives go off in unison, allowing the team to deactivate it and save the station.

      Rewrite Corpse Chic

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    • The Real killer is Charles Pilsnerfeld Elise was going to report him for animal abuse and that wolud have ruined his career. He then tampered with her perfume and applied it with the poison. After being arrested Charles is sentenced to 30 years in prison.

      Rewrite The Final Cut

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    • Cindy McMinn's killer turned out to be her co-star Sally Hooper.

      Sally denied the accusations but then confessed after the evidence was presented to her. Sally revealed that Cindy was ruining her reputation by something she posted to the whole campus. When asked about the post she sent, Sally explained it was about her kissing director Toby Hansen and them having sex.

      When Sally didn't know about the post, the students in the universitytalked about her behind her back and asked her friends about the students whispering about her. When one of her friends showed her the video, Sally was shocked and angry that Cindy posted a video about her and Toby making out. At the campus, she confronted Cindy and told her to delete the post. But when she told her that, Cindy laughed and refused to delete it, saying her popularity will go down when people hear about it. Enraged, Sally grabbed a chainsaw off a wooden table and sliced her in half. After slicing Cindy up, Sally then took a picture of her dead body and texted the post, "R.I.P. This B*tch". Sally was then sentenced to 18 years in prison.

      Rewrite The Final Countdown

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    • Frank Knight's killer turned out to be voodoo priestess Erikah Mabayo.

      Erikah denied the accusations but then admitted to the murder. Erikah said that Frank was suffering and that he needed to be "set free". Erikah escaped and saw Frank struggling and weeping, in pain and wanting to see his family again. Frank started begging Erikah to kill him, which Erikah refused to do at first, but Frank forced her to. With that, Erikah tied up Frank and shot him in the head. When Amy and the player were about to arrest her, Bobby Prince shot Erikah in the head, and told Amy that Albert Tesla wants to see her.

      Rewrite Off With Their Heads.

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    • Annette Sommeur's killer is revealed to be photographer Grace Goude.

      When confronted with the evidence against her, Grace freely admitted to killing her boss, but proclaimed Annette deserved it not only for threatening her career, but for what she'd done to her boyfriend. When asked who her boyfriend was, Grace admitted it was mime Marcel Robin, revealing that she kept their relationship out of the public eye so she could be taken seriously in the photography world.

      After learning that Annette had been harassing Marcel, Grace confronted Annette at the Hall of Mirrors to try and make her stop, leading to a fight in which Grace revealed her relationship with Marcel. Annette laughed and revealed she was going to tell everyone to humiliate Grace in retribution for "disrespecting her authority". Not wanting her career ruined or her boyfriend to face further harassment, Grace grabbed Annette and forced her into a guillotine, taking a photo of her boss before beheading her. After insisting Marcel knew nothing of her murderous actions, Grace was arrested and sentenced to 20 years in prison.

      Rewrite Hell is Other People

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    • The killer is Rosamund Wilcox. She says on a drunken night she told Elaine that she was helping students cheat on the SAT tests. Then Elaine started blackmailing her she said is Rosamund did not pay her she would tell the school board. Rosamund knew she needed to get rid of Elaine so she waited for Aaron to leave then she Attacked Elaine and killed her. Rosamund is sentenced to 40 years in prison.

      Now that Rosamund is in jail rewrite Hear me Cry

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    • The killer of Elaine Seabrook turned out to be the doctor, Greg Gibbs.

      Greg immediately admitted to the murder. Greg said that he prescribed a drug to Elaine that she was supposed to take once a day. However, once Elaine took it for the first time, she said she felt perfect and she started suggesting it to her friends. However, one of her friends overdosed on the drugs and died. Greg felt guilty for what he had done, and decided that Elaine had taken it too far. Greg said that he saw Elaine was drunk one day, and felt furious, and grabbed a nail gun and shot Elaine in the head, killing her. Greg was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

      Rewrite Dead Heat.

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    • To fix this double response, I'll do both Hear My Cry and Dead Heat.

      Hear My Cry:

      Much to the team's shock, Edward Ramis' killer is revealed to his son, Julian. Upon confronting Julian at his home, the player and David were horrified to see Julian holding a gun to his head, tearfully confessing to the detectives that he killed his father. As David tried to calm Julian, the teen confessed to a terrible secret: Edward was the Rocket Cow Killer. Julian became suspicious of his father's frequent late nights out, and decided to follow him the night of the murder.

      Upon arriving at his father's destination, he was shocked to see him at his and Greg's hideout with a gagged and chained up Gloria (Edward having kidnapped her at the end of the previous case). After Edward left for a smoke, Julian looked over the hideout and found articles of the Rocket Cow victims, as well as a cup of Rocket Cow and some amlodipine next to it. Realizing Julian was preparing to force-feed Gloria poisoned Rocket Cow, Julian spotted his father's own can of Rocket Cow and laced it with the drugs and hiding before Edward came back. Julian then fled the scene after hearing Edward succumb to the poison, with Gloria not seeing him due to being unconscious the entire time.

      David was eventually able to calm Julian down and convince him to put the gun down, telling him he did what he had to save a woman's life and his own. Judge Powell later concurred and sentenced Julian to only a stay at Grimsborough Psychiatric to treat the trauma left by his experience, but before being taken away, Julian revealed one other thing: he found a coded diary in his father's bedroom, and having thought it over, he believed there was information in it indicating Edward had an accomplice in the Rocket Cow murders. The AI had the team piecing together the journal information to discover his accomplice was doctor Greg Gibbs, with Greg revealing he paid Edward handsomely to kill people with Rocket Cow as his effort to destroy the company and their "unhealthy garbage" for good.

      Dead Heat:

      Jerry McKenzie's killer is revealed to be Mormon racing fan Flake Winningham. While Flake initially tried to argue he was a devout Mormon who would never commit murder, he eventually began sweating nervously before breaking down and confessing, claiming that he had to stop Jerry from putting him on the "fast track to eternal damnation". When asked what he meant, Flake confessed that he had been in love with Jerry ever since they were kids, and that he even almost kissed him while they were doing their mission in Ecuador together.

      However, having firmly been raised to believe homosexuality was a sin, Flake tried to repress his feelings, but found himself unable to due to his love for Jerry. Believing it was either Jerry or his soul, Flake obtained a curse jar and placed it in Jerry's car, causing his fatal accident. After going into tearful dismay at how killing Jerry didn't "cure" his sexuality, Flake remorsefully agreed to turn himself in, and while the team informed him he wouldn't face charges due to the indirect nature of the murder, he later turned himself in and claimed he used explosives to blow Jerry's car up the way it had.

      Rewrite Killing Time

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    • Much to Hannah's sorrow, Vito Pioni's killer turned out to be fashion columnist Heather Valentine.

      Heather denied the accusations but then admitted to the murder of Vito. Heather said that Vito acted like he didn't know what the word fashion meant. Vito said that Heather's taste in fashion was horrible, despite most of the fashion items getting good reviews. Heather complained to Vito about this, but Vito yelled at her and told her that she does what he says. What pushed Heather to the limit was when she was on a bus with her friend, but the bus stopped to pick up a drunk Vito, who started bothering everybody, and then started throwing insults at Heather.

      To get Vito back for making her look bad, Heather chloroformed Vito and then strapped him onto a clock, which strangled him to death at 11:05 pm. Heather was sentenced to 60 years in prison, causing Hannah to run out of the courtroom crying.

      Rewrite Road to Nowhere.

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    • The killer is Bubba Wyatt. It turns out he accidentally hit and killed a teenage girl one day when the gang was driving over the speed limit and they all swore that they would never they would never tell. But Cal felt very guilty and told Buba that he turn himself in. Bubba said he would not and pushed him into the cactus and killed him. After being arrested Bubba is sentenced to 40 years in prison and the rest of the gang are sentenced to 10 years

      Rewrite Trick or Treat

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    • Gregory Lynn's killer turned out to be costume shop owner Lily Chen.

      Lily denied the accusations before admitting to the murder, revealing that she was a real witch, shocking Gloria and the player. Lily said that she kept her identity a secret, until Gregory was getting close to finding out. One day, Gregory saw her cat, and thought that Lily did something to it. Afraid that Gregory is too close to finding out her identity, Lily grabbed a scythe and sliced Gregory in half. Before Gloria could arrest Lily, Lily threw a liquid at her eyes, making them burn, and took this distraction to escape.

      Rewrite A Deadly Game.

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    • Steve Wood's killer turned out to be anthropologist and author of The Human Burger Theory Nelson Campbell.

      Nelson tried to deny killing a random homelessperson until the evidence proved it was him. Nelson said that people didn't like his cannibal book because of its dark story. He then wanted to show people how cannibalism feels like.

      When Nelson read a non fiction book called Eat Right or Eat Your Parts, he read a sentence that said, "Stefan Woods is a victim of cannibalism". When he read the sentence over and over again, Nelson started to make a reenactment of the sentence. When he found someone who is similar to the victim's name, Nelson took Steve into a creepy basement, pushed him into an iron maiden and closed it on Steve, killing him with the spikes inside. When asked what he did to Steve's liver, Nelson told them that human liver tastes better with caviar. After Nelson creepily revealed he ate the victim's liver, he was sentenced to life in a psychiatrist hospital and was forced to wear a mask and a straitjacket.

      Rewrite Winter Murderland

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    • Much to the team's shock, Wyatt Ewing's killer turned out to be Zeke Davis.

      Zeke denied the accusations but then admitted to the murder. Zeke revealed his identity as a demon, but said that he'd let the player live...for now. However, Zeke said that he killed Wyatt because he caught Zeke trying to turn the lake monster into an aggresive creature, that would destroy the pond. Zeke then disappeared, leaving Luke and the player behind.

      Rewrite Into the Wastes.

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    • David Rosenberg's killer is revealed to be storm chaser Andy Pascal.

      When confronted, Andy tearfully confessed to the murder, saying he had done so to get his niece back. When asked to elaborate, Andy revealed that he had been approached by a woman, who told him that in exchange for killing David, she had technology that could bring Peggy back to him. Regretful over how estranged he was with Peggy before her death, Andy killed David by knocking him out and shoving him into an acid puddle.

      When Andy gave a description of the woman who had him kill David, the player and Amy realized the woman was Karen Knight, who was on the run after holding Andrea Marquez at gunpoint to allow her husband Frank be released from police custody. All of a sudden, Andy was shot and killed from behind, with Karen being revealed as his killer as she held the player and Amy at gunpoint and told them they were coming with her.

      Building off this case, rewrite The Sting of Death

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    • Karen’s killer turned out to be Agent Z, much to the team’s shock.

      Agent Z admitted to the murder, saying that he tried to help the team, as Karen was trying to empty a tank of scorpions to finish off the team. To stop this, Agent Z emptied it on Karen, killing her. Agent Z was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

      Rewrite One Bigfoot in the Grave.

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    • Bigfoot's killer turned out to be cryptozoology museum Darius Wexler.

      When the team confronted him, Darius attempted to deny the allegations until the evidence was presented to him. Darius explained he didn't mean to kill it and said he was trying to protect himself. Before the murder, he set a trap to catch a bigfoot and put them in his museum alive.

      But when he finished setting up the trap, Bigfoot appeared behind Darius and charged at him. Using self-defense, Darius picked up a rock off the ground and bashed it on Bigfoot's head, killing it. Darius was then taken to the authorities for killing Bigfoot and theft from the artifacts in his museum.

      Rewrite The Rorschach Reaper

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    • To the team's surprise, Madison Springer's killer (as well as the Rorschach Reaper) was revealed to be Grimsborough University dean Donna Walker.

      While Donna initially rebuked the idea that she was a serial killer targeting her students, she eventually laughed and confessed, saying that she initially started out orchestrating the murders of incoming sorority girls to have vengeance for what she went through during high school. After being indirectly killing Rani Goshwalla, Donna felt a sense of sadistic satisfaction in hypnotizing people to commit murder and decided to test out her skills further before going after Madison.

      As Donna admitted, Madison was the "splitting image" of the sorority President who was the ringleader of the traumatic prank she endured during a sorority hazing ritual, driving her to kill the girl by planting explosives in the Prom Ball tiara--anticipating that Madison would win the title Queen of the Prom Ball. Unwilling to surrender, Donna suddenly hypnotized the player to try and force them to kill Jones, claiming they were the one responsible for all the GBPD's success and that Jones was "dead weight". But suddenly, the player blacks out and wakes up in the hospital, where Jones and Ramirez reveal that the latter knocked the player out with a frying pan before they could kill Jones, and Donna was sentenced to life in prison for her crimes.

      Rewrite Dead Man Running

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    • Troy Takiguchi’s killer turned out to be head nurse Karimah Breen.

      Karimah denied the accusations but then admitted to the murder, saying that Troy kept on bullying her son and making him lose confidence in himself, making Karimah angry. In order to teach Troy a lesson, Karimah mixed EPO into Troy’s insulin, knowing it could be fatal, and watched Troy take it. Karimah was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

      Rewrite The Curse of Black Ridge.

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    • Anika Cross killed her husband. It turns on she had committed a murder in the past the person she killed was her first husband so she could marry Jermey for his money. Jermey found out and confronted her and said he was going to turn her in to the FBI. But then Anika picked up the axe and killed him. The team handed Anika to the FBI.

      Note I already posted this Rewrite but I just posted it again to keep this thread on track

      Rewrite Time's Up

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    • To the team's surprise, Cleopatra's former slave Nefertiti turned out to be the team's coordinater, Amy Young.

      When the team went to the crocodile pond to confront her, they saw Amy holding the dagger used to kill and remove the hearts of Nefertiti and Ammon Bast. When Zara asked her why she killed them, Amy said it will stop them from altering timelines.

      As Amy explained, she learned that if killing someone who altered time will stop them from preventing the timeline, it would work on Nebet and Ammon from making New Cairo. As the team landed in 47 BCE, Amy left the time machine without anyone noticing and killed Nefertiti with a dagger.

      But when Zara and the player arrested Ammon before sabotaging the machine, Amy made a plan to kill him for destroying their machine and altering history. When she got to Ammon's cell, she killed him with the same dagger used to kill Nefertiti and dragged his heartless body to the pond. After explaining what happened, Amy said goodbye to the player and Zara before stabbing herself in the heart for what she did. When the team went back to 2029, it was revealed that it did work and Chief Scott is alive in non-altered 2029.

      Rewrite Off With Their Heads

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    • Annette Sommeur's killer turned out to be Marcel Robin, not surprising Carmen even a little bit.

      Marcel tried to stay silent but was then forced to speak by Carmen, and he admitted to the murder. Marcel said that Annette was trying to kill him and make it look like suicide so she could get away with it, as revenge for mocking her. Marcel said that he caught Annette stalking him out of the corner of his eye and waving a knife at him. Knowing that he was about to be killed, Marcel tripped Annette and knocked her out, and dragged her into a guillotine, where he cut her head off. Marcel was sentenced to 39 years in prison.

      Rewrite Auf Wieder-Slain

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    • Mayor Nagel killed Hans . It turns out she rigged the election so she would become mayor and Hans found out and he was blackmailing her. One day she had enough and decided to get rid of him. She called him into town saying she would give him some money and she killed him. After being arrested she is sentenced to Life In prison

      Rewrite Down To The Wire

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    • Shocking the team again, Prime Minister Jason Stone's killer turned out to be the heir to the crown, Prince Rupert.

      Prince denied the accusations but then took off his crown and revealed that he was never related to the royal family. "Prince Rupert" explained that that his real name was Kang Fairchild, and that the real Prince Rupert died as a toddler. Kang told the team that he was a child of SOMBRA, and that El Rey made a right decision to make him. Kang then told the team that Queen Mary is being held hostage in Washington DC.

      Rewrite Total Eclipse of the Heart.

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    • Asal Hawaa killed Zolia it turns out that Zolia was going to kill Jack and the player during the Eclipse and Asal found out and she shot Zolia to save us. After being arrested Asal is cleared of all charges.

      Rewrite Game Set Murder

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    • Stephanie Griff's killer turned out to be her girlfriend, Miranda Cohen.

      Miranda denied the accusations but then admitted to the brutal murder. Miranda revealed that Stephanie was looking for a more "arousing" way of torture to practice on each other. Stephanie told Miranda that she was going to wait at the workshop, which Miranda didn't think was a good idea, but followed in on it. However, around that time, Lucius texted Miranda, saying that Stephanie started a rumor that she would get paid to have sex with other guys, making Miranda mad. When Miranda confronted Stephanie, Stephanie said that she had no idea what she was talking about, so Miranda slammed her head down in the vise and tightened it until Stephanie told the truth, where she said again that she didn't know about the rumor. Thinking she was lying again, Miranda tightened the vise, and left Stephanie to die. Miranda was sentenced to 26 years in prison.

      Rewrite The Machiavellian Candidate.

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    • Lissa Avery's killer turned out to be Veronica Rochester.

      When confronted, Veronica attempted to deny the allegations and threatened to have the Flying Squad dismantled for the defamation. But once she was cornered with evidence, Veronica confessed, and said she had learned what Lissa's true agenda was with her social climbing: to steal her husband Malcolm from her. As Veronica explained, she saw Malcolm talking with Lissa at a function, with Veronica seeing what she believed to be Malcolm flirting with Lissa and Lissa reciprocating.

      Furious at Lissa for (in her mind) trying to enchant her husband, Veronica decided she had to kill Lissa to save her marriage. Knowing Lissa's stepmother Gertrude used cyanide to treat her diabetes, Veronica stole some and used it to poison Lissa's wine at the luncheon, hoping one of her husband's political rivals would be blamed for the crime. Veronica was put on trial and sentenced by Satoshi Takakura to 25 years in prison, with the AI revealing that Lissa had complained to her stepmother about Malcolm making unwanted advances on her--thus revealing that Veronica was mistaken when she believed Lissa was trying to steal Malcolm from her.

      Rewrite Blood and Glory.

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    • Shocking the team, Jerry Bigwall's killer turned out to be Mayor Howard Johnson.

      Howard denied the accusations but then admitted to the murder. The Mayor said that Jerry was going to ruin his reputation as Mayor. When asked how, Howard explained that Jerry made a fake video of Howard drunkingly getting into a fight with a man in a bar, while also hurling insults at him. Jerry blackmailed Howard into giving him money or he will release the footage. Howard decided enough was enough, and hid razors in a piece of cake that Jerry Bigwall ate at Howard's garden party. With this, Howard was immediately stripped of his title as Mayor and sentenced to 40 years to life in prison, while Martha Price became the new mayor.

      Rewrite The Last Supper.

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    • Gabriel Thompson killed his wife . He and Ashley were in it together Ashley got the poison for Gabriel and then he would go to the restaurant and talk to Daisy then sneak the poison in her dinner. Thier motive was so Gabriel could collect insurance. After being arrested Gabriel and Ashley were both sentenced to 35 years in prison.

      Rewrite Blaze Of Glory

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    • The killer of Denise Daniels turned out to be Mayor Joe Warren.

      Joe denied the accusations before admitting to the murder, saying that it was Denise's fault that Dolores Zamora died. Joe revealed that he was doing research on the Neohumans and found out that Shane Redfern is a Neohuman created by Daniels, and was sent with a mission to kill Dolores to break one of Ad Astra's member's heart. After finding this out, Joe confronted Denise, who tried to calm him down, only for Joe to behead her and display her head on a statue. When the team was going to arrest him, a neohuman killed Joe.

      Rewrite Corpse in a Garden.

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