• (In case if you don't know me, I am Lance, a youtuber, and I love Criminal Case. Last, last year, I did some childish and dramatic things, so you can read my apology if you want to.)

    Hello everyone, 

     Before, I joined this wiki when I was underaged, I got several warnings due to minor offenses, I did some mistakes, I was dramatic and childish, and a bit immature.

     Your warnings, suggestions, and messages made me change my behavior.

     After the block, I realized that I was rude. 

     Some didn't like my behavior on the wiki.

     I turned into a changed member of this wiki.

     I am sorry for what I did. Also, if you wish to talk to me what I did in the past, don't worry, I am open to criticism, so I can correct my own mistakes.

     Now, I am inspiring others on my YouTube channel, LanceTheYouTuber.


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