• Hello! Our lovely staff at the Discord are in contact with a Pretty Simple developer. The community there submitted a few questions regarding the game and here is the summary!

    1. In Season 1 we used to get 00:30:00 analysis times. Will we see this again, or will it always stay like it is now?

    We have no changes planned at the moment concerning analysis times.

    2. Why is it that there are only 3 profile attributes and 2 appearance attributes now, instead of how it was in the first 2 Seasons?

    We made this change to add more structure to our cases. But it's not a fixed rule, and from time to time, we might change it up!

    3. What happened to Judge Hall? She never turned up this season. Did she retire after the events of "There will be Blood"? Also what's Judge Powell's first name?

    We thought Judge Hall might show up in The Conspiracy, but she never did! Maybe we'll run into her again one day...

    Judge Powell's name is Judith.

    4. Will the Master of Disguise, Jack Archer, still be wearing disguises in the next Season?

    In a way, they'll all have to become masters of disguise... you'll see what we mean!

    5. Is there going to be a way that new players could play Season 6 with the veteran players at the same time? I'm still on Season 1 in the original app and I would love to play Season 6 with everyone else.

    Sorry, that won't be possible, but when Season 6 is released as a standalone app, you can add/make new friends and play with them!

    6. How long does it take for the Art Department to make characters, crime scenes, murder weapons and whatnot?

    As you can imagine, there's a lot that needs to be done for each case, so work begins months before each case is released. The art department is tasked with creating the scenes & objects, designing the mini-game objects, drawing chapter screens, and of course, designing the characters and all their moods! It takes coordination and dedication, but we're pretty sure the time and effort is worth it.

    7. Will you make an epic transition from Season 5 to Season 6?

    We don't want to spoil anything about the end of Season 5, so you'll just have to play to find out.

    8. Any confirmation for when the Conspiracy standalone app will be released worldwide?

    We can't give a precise date yet, in case we need to make changes to our scheduling, but it will be soon!

    9. If you can, please fix the missing eye bugs and maybe do something about the game quality if possible?

    We are always making improvements so that you have the best playing experience possible with the tools and constraints that we have. Because the game now runs in JavaScript as opposed to Flash, it now requires a good graphics card to run optimally. If you have an older graphics card or an older computer, you may experience some lag. The "white eyes" issue has been fixed for almost everyone, but there are so many different setups out there (different browsers, computer settings & specs, graphic cards, etc.) that it's tricky to know exactly why this is happening. We're still working on it though and are always doing our best to make the game better.

    10. Will we see more amazing animations in Season 6? I love them and the Wilcox laughing one was AWESOME!

    Glad to hear you all enjoy the animations! A lot of work goes into them, and they certainly take extra time to make, but we'll still have some fun animations in Season 6.

    11. Do you have any tips for game developers-to-be?

    If you want to be a programmer, then start by learning some of the primary programming languages in the industry. For example, Criminal Case runs in Javascript.: There's a lot more to it than just programming though! Learn all you can about the game development process and figure out which part of it interests you the most, and focus on that! When possible, try to find an internship to get some real world experience. Oh, and play games... lots of them!

    12. Will the team members in Season 6 be from different eras?

    Keeping this Q&A spoiler free! We can however say that this is one of our most favorite teams yet. We think you'll really like them!

    13. Since we'll be going back in time, and some of our team members appear to be people we've met before, is there any chance we'll get any references to Mysteries of the Past?

    Since we'll be traveling in time, anything could happen!

    14. Will we finally know Amy's father or what happened to him?

    We haven't written all the cases yet, so you never know! We don't know either.


    Questions will be entertained in the Q&A channel of our wiki's Discord and in this forum so ask away!

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