• I stopped playing the game for about a year and just started again. I’m in Mysteries of the Past. When I played previously, I would get Energy point gifts from my Teammates (like Lars, Elliot, etc) when I’d use them as my partner to play and then send them the two cards at the end of play. I’m not receiving those Energy point gifts from my partners (like rose, DuPont, the chief) now that I have started playing again. Has this feature changed within the past year? Or is this a problem with my specific game that I’m having? Anyone who has an answer, I’d really appreciate hearing from! 😊

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    • I’m the one who wrote the original post. This is not about the issues with the new apps and continuing from Grimsborough to PB to WE. I am on the old app where all content carries over to Myseries of the Past. Everything is fine with my game except for not getting the 2 Energy Gifts from the Teammates anymore. And not Teammates who are real people but teammates on the game - such as rose, the chief, etc. Can anyone please help me and/or direct me to the correct place to get this question answered?

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