• I personally think mytories of the past is the worst season so far. I like it but it's stinkers stick out

    New haven Best case shear murder. I like this case so yea

    Worst case everything else. Welcome to Concordia is a first case so it's doomed from the start. I hat slash and burn for killing off harietta. I outright didn't care about in the line of fire or what it's called I forgot. The murder carol is flawed it's just not a good case. In the name of the father is easily one of the weaker finales.

    Elysium fields

    Best case let me down gently good case is good. Worst case that sinking feeling. It's not a bad case it just has stiff competition. The rest of the district is top notch.

    Century mile. Best case the higher you rise. It's a bad finale but century mile was a bad district but that may just be me not liking the subplots.

    Worst case the monkey one I forgot its name. I just hate this case really do. It's forgettable and that is worse then bad

    Sinners end.

    Best case none. I am serious sinners end sucked. Pretty simple please unless you are going back to the 10 case per district set up don't do multiple subplots for 1 district it will fail both off the subplots and sadly it did.

    Worst case all of them

    Coyote gorge Best case none. I really don't care for gangster storylines EVER so I am definitely biased against this district and crimson banks. So I didn't really care for this district.

    Worst I don't know.

    Crimson banks. Best case burning bridges this is the best case so far I love this case. The quality of crimson banks is lobsided because the first 4 cases where a drag and the last 2 being burning bridges, and love and war where great.

    Worst case the rest of chrimson banks. Again I don't like gangster plot lines so I didn't care for the first 4 cases.

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    • Best District In MOTP So Far; Either Crimson Banks Or Elysium Fields

      Worst District In MOTP So Far; Century Mile

      Best Case In MOTP So Far; Either Shear Murder In New Haven Or In Love In War In Crimson Banks

      Worst Case In MOTP So Far; Monkey Business In Century Mile

      Favorite Suspect In MOTP So Far; Gladys Perrin

      Least Favorite Suspect In MOTP So Far; Adrienna Brassiere

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    • Are you referring only motp or the whole world?

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