• Now I've had a lot of time to think about this theory, explain it to a few people and critique it, now I want your opinion on the theory. This will take me a while to type so lets get started. My Theory is that fan favorite Michelle Zuria isn't dead at all. There are so many twists and turns, but in the end it will make sense. So first you have to analyse the position of michelle's body, how much the bell weighs, what the bell is made of, and how long she was under there. but before we even do that.... we have to look at michelle's medical history. So far, she looks like a perfectly healthy woman. but there is something about her that she never tells us and that she doesnt want anyone knowing. now this is the biggest strech of this entire theory, and like I said this will confuse you but.... Michelle might have lung cancer (this part is still waiting to be proven by my friend, don't kill me if im wrong.) lung cancer's main problem is that it blocks up certain places for blood (AKA the heart, brain, stomach, and you guessed it, lungs) and doesn't allow movement for them. Amazingly, thats what helped her. Her being chrushed by that bell of coursed brutaly hurt her body, but at the same time couldnt have allowed any passage of blood out of the body, so blood loss is off the table. Now your thining "Kian, there is a pool of blood under her body plus on her, that doesnt make sense" Im calling Developers effect on that one. Developers Effect is when the developers put an unnecesary object/ thing into the crime scene to show remorse for the character. ex: Nick kringle being frozen didnt need to happen at all; asal could have just shot him. That blood at the crime scene is nothing but dramatic effect. Now lets get to the crushing element. When Michelle was crushed, 90% of her body is actually inside the bell. her upper half is the only thing not in the bell. Her legs are fine. in fact, the full pressure didnt even go on michelle. It was on the ground next to her! If Her left arm wasnt blocking her chest, she would have easily died and this would be an open shut case. But her arm being there removed any chances of her heart, ribs, or livers gettting crushed. here just wasnt enough pressure to push her arm into her chest and crush anything else now is the waiting time if she had been there longer than an hour, the bell would have eventually crushed her. She was only under that bell for 10 minutes, tops! once the bell got lifted off of her, she probably went unconcious from the shock. Carmen thought she was 100% dead, convincing her and jack to not check for a pulse. but when Graace checked, she new she was alive. She quickly stiched anything needing it up and Michelle woke up. Here's where Michelle did the right thing. Before Grace could even go and tell the team, Michelle told her to keep her life a secret until SOMBRA is completely gone. that way she wont get hunted down again by a sombra agent or even el rey. now youre thinking "why hasnt she come back to the beareu to say shes alive and thank you?" Becasue she new that The Beareu fell apart and for her to come back would be too risky. My main factor is that she knows SOMBRA isnt over even with every single listed agent arrested..... Not all of them are listed. He knows some by heart and keeps them out of the list, Hoping for the beareu to never find them. Thats the main reason she stays away from The Beareu. She knows even tho SOMBRA is almost gone...... SOMBRA will live forever.

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