• Hello all,

    I've got a technical issue.

    I have just synchronized my iPod copy of CC, where I have reached lvl 143 and progressed up to case #42, but never connected to facebook, with my facebook (+other iOS) copies which were synchronized, but with much lower progress (like case #8 or such).

    The problem is, that everyhing synchronized fine (level, progress, lucky cards, scores, pets etc) but the Collection progress did not. This remained from the old facebook version, so now I have just few stickers from cases #1-7 instead of much more stickers from cases up to #41..

    Does anyone have the same experience? Is there a way, how to get this fixed? I've opened like 83 packs just before synchronization and like 200+ more in the past. But I can't see them now even on the original iPod device.

    Thank you all for any help / suggestions.

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