• About two weeks ago, I have clicked to use a burger. However, instead of giving me 120 energy, it gave me none and the option for using the burger was no longer available, even after I have restarted the game. Also, the burger count on the trophy list (the Better Start Jogging trophy) didn't say that I have used that burger. I have contacted the Criminal Case developer in various ways, but each time, I got an automatic email saying that that's the only message I'll be getting for the inquiry. Can someone please tell me how to contact the Criminal Case developers and get a reply back from them?

    Also, a few days ago, I received a burger after finished helping one of the innocent suspects in a case. I didn't use the burger because I wanted to save it to use later. However, when I clicked the energy button (the electricity icon) for getting more energy, the burger was no longer available for use (the use option has disappeared).

    I'm playing the game on desktop (computer). Does anyone have the same issues as I do? Please tell me what the issue is if you think you have the answer. Or, can anyone please tell me how to contact the Criminal Case developers regarding the issues and get actual human answers back from them? Thank you very much.

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    • Is it possible to get the two accidentally lost burgers back for use?

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