Thomas "Tommy" Boyd was the victim in Bridge over Troubled Water (Case #31 of Mysteries of the Past).


Thomas was a taxicab driver. He had short brown hair, brown eyes, and a mustache, and donned an olive green chauffeur's suit with a name tag. Additionally, he sported a dark green chauffeur's cap with goggles.

Murder details

Thomas' body was found in a slaughterhouse, gutted and arranged like a butchered pig. Per Dick, Thomas bled to death when his killer cut his abdomen open with a V-shaped cut. Evie added that a character of Pistols & Petticoats died the same way, meaning the killer gained inspiration from the magazine, confirming that the killer read Pistols & Petticoats.

On the bridge, the team found a butcher knife, which was filed as the murder weapon. Per Viola, it had Thomas' blood and lipstick traces mixed with it, which meant that the killer wore lipstick.

Relationship with suspects

Butcher Betty worked at the slaughterhouse that Tommy had been butchered in. Irishman Scott Buckley befriended Thomas and gifted him a pocket watch. However, their relationship soured when Thomas, who promised to teach Scott how to drive, berated him and called him too old to drive. Italian lady Margherita Morello was one of Thomas' frequent customers. She was also engaged in a relationship with him, despite the Irish-Italian feud. Thomas used to frequent released convict Dermot McMurphy's pub in Sinner's End. When he was incarcerated, he gave Thomas his car to look after. However, Thomas kept the car and started his taxicab business. Italian mobster Tony "The Scorpion" forced Thomas to pay him if he wanted to work on the Italian side of the river.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be Margherita.

After denying involvement, Margherita admitted to the crime. She called herself a fool for believing in their forbidden romance as Thomas was too afraid to show public affection towards her. However, the final straw was Thomas dumping her after learning that she was part of the Italian gang, leading her to fight Thomas, hoist him up by his feet, and gut him like a pig. In court, she confessed that Butcher Betty had helped her hide the body. Judge Lawson sentenced her to 25 years in jail.

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