Prof. Theresa Rosenthal (1962–2020) was a suspect in the murder investigation of university student Eric Prynce in No Leg to Stand On (Case #21 of Supernatural Investigations) and the killer of archaeology student Dan Quang in Scarab to Death (Case #24 of Supernatural Investigations). She was then killed in The Third Degree (Case #25 of Supernatural Investigations), where Theresa herself later reappeared as a ghost and became a suspect in the investigation into her "suicide".


Theresa was a 58-year old archaeology professor at Highsmith University. She had black eyes and short graying black hair. She wore a dark green turtleneck top underneath a light brown cardigan with brown buttons and a front pocket on the left lapel, which carried a blue pen and a pencil. She also sported mauve lipstick, a pair of black glasses, long silver earrings and a brown and silver bead necklace.

In her first appearance, it is known that Theresa was left-handed, ate Philly cheese steak sandwich and read Arthur Darkwood books.

In her second appearance, Theresa sported a bandage on the right side of her forehead. It is discovered that she had insomnia, drank IPA and was dyslexic.

At the time of her death, she wore a white undershirt underneath an orange prison jumpsuit. She also ditches her bandage.

In her third suspect appearance, Theresa's body glows blue and her eyes and hair turn respectively gray and white due to being a ghost.

Height 5'3"
Age 58
Weight 145 lbs
Eyes black
Blood B-

Events of Criminal Case

No Leg to Stand On

Theresa became a suspect after Gwen and the player found her article on the link between the kraken and boat races. She told the team that the kraken was only a legend believed by the indigenous Chyil'met people who paid respect to the kraken before their boat races. At the end of the race, the losing team was consumed by the kraken. When Gwen told Theresa that they thought that a kraken had eaten the victim's legs, she reassured the team that the kraken was only a myth.

Theresa was spoken to again about her fingerprints being on a dagger sheath. She described the sheath as a fabulous artifact potentially from the Viking period. Gwen told her that they suspected that it was the sheath of the murder weapon, shocking Theresa. She told the team that she did not know where the dagger was, saying that she had not removed the dagger from its sheath.

Theresa was found to be innocent after the team incarcerated Muriel Cove for Eric's murder.

Scarab to Death

Theresa became a suspect again after Luke and the player discovered that she was the victim's archaeology professor. After being told about the murder, she explained that she focused more on Native American archaeology as opposed to Ancient Egyptian archaeology. When asked about the scarab amulet that the victim was holding, Theresa suggested that Dan had found it in the museum's storage facility, prompting the team to investigate there.

Theresa was spoken to again about her rejecting the victim's thesis. She revealed that Dan honestly believed that an ancient Egyptian pharaoh had built a city where Washington DC stood before any other civilization. After deliberating over the thesis, Theresa, decided that she no longed wished to be associated with Dan's research, which Dan found unfair. However, Theresa believed that if she signed off on Dan's thesis, she would lose her tenure.

In the end, it was proven that Theresa was Dan's killer. She said that she was getting tired of Dan's theories about Ancient Egyptians in Washington, D.C. and regarding the scarab amulet. To prove to him that ancient curses were not real, Theresa threw the amulet at him. After Dan instinctively caught it without his gloves, the curse traveled from his palm up to his heart, killing him. The team then delivered Theresa to the authorities.

Later, Gwen and the player asked Theresa about The Pilgrim after learning that she was the lead on an excavation next to the Hocus Pocus Museum in 1994. She described The Pilgrim as creepy and noted that there was a baby with him, although there was no mother. She revealed that The Pilgrim called himself Bob Nelson, which Gwen made a note of. Before Theresa could tell the team any more, Officer Blake interrupted the interrogation and informed Theresa that she was being transferred to FBI custody.

At the end of the investigation, Felix informed the team that Theresa had been found dead inside FBI headquarters.

The Third Degree

Appearing as a ghost, Theresa became a suspect for the third time after she surprised FBI Agent George Mathison and the player at her home. She told the team that her memory was very hazy and that the last thing she remembered was someone coming in, injecting something into her arm and putting a pistol on the table before her. She recalled picking up the gun and pulling the trigger, but was unable to remember why, although she was adamant that she would not have done it unless the circumstances had forced her hand.

Theresa was spoken to again about her last moments after she informed the team that she had remembered what had happened. She told the team that she thought she was hallucinating as her interrogator was large and red and had horns. The demon kept asking her about Bob Nelson's baby. Although she had not seen the importance of Nelson and his baby, she told her interrogator everything that she knew. Exhausted, she then dissipated. After she left, the team concluded that the killer was a demon.

Theresa was found to be innocent for the third time after the team incarcerated Reggie Pratt for her "suicide".

Murder details

Theresa's body was found in an FBI interrogation room, appearing to have shot herself in the head. Given the circumstances, George and the player suspected foul play. Ben confirmed that the gunshot was self-inflicted. He also found truth serum in her bloodstream, identifying the substance as Veritainium, a new experimental truth serum that was yet to undergo formal testing. This allowed Ben to conclude that the killer had access to experimental truth serum.

At the same time, George and the player also found the gun Theresa used to shoot herself. After finding fingerprints on the gun, they dispatched it to Chief Arrow, who confirmed that the fingerprints belonged to Theresa. The gun was stolen from evidence, although Theresa had not stolen it as the gun had been locked up until her interrogation. Priya found traces of fiddlehead ferns in the gun's magazine. After Ben confirmed that Theresa had not eaten any, Chief Arrow concluded that the killer ate fiddlehead ferns.

Relationship with suspects

Before her death, Theresa was interrogated by FBI Director of Interrogation Balthazar Torres, who ruled her charge of manslaughter as accidental. FBI consultant Bucky Johnson intended to speak to Theresa about the scarab amulet for supernatural intel, but had been told to leave by younger agents. FBI informant Reggie Pratt attempted to break into Theresa's house, hoping to find valuable supernatural artifacts to sell. Supernatural hunter Dolores Harper sent Theresa a letter, hoping to speak to her about Rathimael.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be Reggie, whose real identity was a demon.

Gwen and the player confronted Reggie, who admitted that he drove Theresa to suicide by digging through her memories for any information regarding Rathimael and the fifth key to the demon queen's cage. The pain of the demon's infiltration combined with the truth serum in her body was enough for her to go frantic and kill herself with a gunshot to the head. Reggie then promptly teleported away.


  • Theresa is one of the characters to appear as a suspect thrice.
    • She is also one of the characters to appear as a suspect in two consecutive cases in Supernatural Investigations.
  • Theresa is one of the killers who was interrogated again in the Additional Investigation.
  • Theresa is one of the characters to become a suspect, killer, and victim.
  • Theresa and Nefertiti are the only two characters to become a suspect and a victim of the same case.
  • Theresa is the only victim in the game to actually kill herself, although her suicide was coerced by her "true killer".

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