Theresa Cole was the killer of archaeologist Karen Boulder in The Lost City (Case #19 of The Conspiracy).


Theresa is a 42-year-old city hall employee. She has shoulder-length blonde hair and green eyes. She is seen wearing a blue blazer over a black shirt, as well as a scarf with purple, yellow, pink and white stripes. She also sports lipstick. It is known that Theresa is a survivalist, has read The Lost City of Xerda and wears hiking boots.

Height 5'7"
Age 42
Weight 150 lbs
Eyes green
Blood O+

Events of Criminal Case

Theresa became a suspect after Jones and the player discovered that the victim had her phone number. She remembered receiving a call from the victim about permits for an archaeological dig, and told them that a murder in the ruins was the last thing she needed.

Theresa was spoken to again about her hiring Ramirez to follow the victim. She explained to them that she had been irritated by the victim's comments about her, so she had hired Ramirez in order to find an excuse to reject her permit request. However, Ramirez had failed to find anything, which had infuriated her.

In the end, it was proven that Theresa was Karen's killer. Upon admitting to the murder, Theresa said that she was exhausted from all the people hounding her ever since Xerda was discovered, and that she wanted Xerda gone to get her life back. One sleep-deprived night, she thought that an unsolved, strange murder would scare everyone from the site and would force the dig to be shut down. On her next visit to the dig, she snuck up on Karen, tied her up, and then pumped her home-made tar into her throat till she had suffocated. Judge Powell sentenced Theresa to 10 years in prison with mandatory counseling.

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