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Amy Young (nervously): <Name>, you're here! We've got a new assignment!
Amy (angrily): Andrea wants us to go patrol the Rhine Canyon oil well. She says it's important for us to know all the facets of the district...
Amy (holding her hands up in disbelief): But on oil well? Come on! There are tons of places in Rhine Canyon nicer than a big old polluted oil well!
Amy (nervously): Sorry, <Name>, I should be more open-minded... Who knows what wonderful discoveries we might make at the oil well...

Later on, at the oil well...
Amy: Well this is... interesting, I guess. I mean.. Oil wells are certainly a big part of our economy and...
Amy (nauseated): Oh, I'm sorry, but this place is horrible! I've got oil on my shoes and the air is thick with pollution! It's turning the desert sand black!
Amy (disgusted): And I can see on your face that you're as uneasy as I am, am I wrong?
Amy (nervously): Oh, you're making that face because you've spotted something wrong? That doesn't sound good. Let's have a look around, quick!

Chapter 1

Investigate Drilling Site.
(Amy and the player find a vulture eating a man on a pipe.)
Amy Young (nauseated): Oh dear God, was this man attacked by vultures? They ate his eyes! I think I'm going to be sick again...
Amy (yelling): Go away, vulture! Shoo! Shoo!
(The vulture flies away.)
Amy (angrily): You're right, this poor man was tied to that pipe! Someone wanted to make sure he couldn't escape... which means there is a killer at large! <Name>, we need to catch them!
Amy (pumping her fist): And maybe that badge you found will help us do just that! Half of it has broken off, but I'm sure you'll be able to find that face in the database, <Name>!
Amy: And what about that toolbox? If you think a clue might be hidden inside, let's get digging!

Examine Damaged Badge.
(At the station...)
Amy: Hm, the man on that badge you found on the crime scene doesn't look like our victim, but he may still help us. His name is Jake Drill.
Amy (takes out her notepad): The badge says he's a drilling foreman on the oil well, which means he might have seen the murder... or even committed it!
Amy (puts away her notepad, grinning): I couldn't have said it better, <Name>: we need to go talk to this Jake Drill!

Ask Jake Drill if he knows anything about the murder.
Jake (winking and giving a "thumbs up" gesture): What can I do for you, <Rank>? You shouldn't walk around this place dressed like that, you might slip in an oil spill.
Amy: It's a risk we will have to take. In case you haven't noticed, a man was murdered here. Here's his picture; did you know him?
Jake (shocked): Is that Mr Green? What the... Why would anyone kill that guy?!
Amy (takes out her notepad): So you knew the victim. What can you tell us about him?
Jake: His name was Bruce Green. He's some kind of scientist, often came to have a look around, kept asking us about earth pollution, that kind of thing...
Jake (nervously): To be honest I never really understood what he was on about. He'd take some earth samples then go back to his fancy laboratory, a few miles south from here.
Amy: Do you know if anyone had anything against Mr Green? Did he bother the workers?
Jake: Nah, he never made trouble for himself. And Miss, we have more than enough work to do without wasting time killing people!
(After talking to Jake Drill)
Amy (optimistically): Mr Drill seemed nice enough! Very dirty, though... I mean that literally, of course!
Amy (saluting): Anyway, you're right, <Name>! He mentioned our victim. He's a man named Bruce Green who worked in a nearby laboratory. We should definitely head there next!

Investigate Bio Lab.
Amy (in awe): Whoa, this lab is pretty impressive, don't you think, <Name>? I wonder what the victim was working on...
Amy (pumping her fist): But of course. That's what you've been trying to figure out! This capsule looks like a solid lead! Is that what they call an incubator?
Amy (smiling, curiously): What's inside, is that a corn stalk? And it seems something was written on the incubator... Well I know you'll retrieve what was written in a flash!
Amy: And you also picked up... a torn photo? Alright, let's try and piece it together!

Examine Torn Picture.
Amy (inspired): That's some pretty impressive headgear! And that's Zuma Tlatoani, the Aztec tribe chief we met on our previous investigation together!
Amy: But who is that next to him...
Amy (confused): Wait, is that our victim? Why is he wearing an Aztec hat, <Name>?
Amy (saluting optimistically): You're right, there's no time for conjecture. Let's go ask Zuma directly!

Ask Chief Tlatoani about the photo of him and the victim.
Zuma: It's nice to see you again, <Rank> <Name>. And your partner as well... I guess...
Amy (in disbelief): Are you being gruff because I refused to call you "Chief" last time we met? Come on, Mr Tlatoani, when murder is the topic of the day, courtesies are overrated.
Zuma (nervously): Murder? Does that mean you are here to talk about death once again, <Rank> <Name>?
Amy (taking out her notepad): Yes. Bruce Green has been killed, and we've found evidence that you two were close. Did you give this headgear to him?
Zuma (sadly): Bruce is dead? I am sorry to hear of it. And yes, that headpiece was a gift from me.
Zuma: He came to me to learn more about the desert. I respected his interest in Mother Nature.
Amy: <Rank> <Name>'s right, giving traditional Aztec headgear to an outsider looks like a deep mark of honor. Was there anything else at play here?
Zuma (holding his hands up in thanks): We were friends. It is not so often we meet people who are humble enough to ask for our wisdom...
Amy (in disbelief): I hope that last remark wasn't directed towards me, Mr Tlatoani. Anyway, I agree, <Name>, we're done here.

Examine Corn Incubator.
Amy: So someone wrote "Bruce, we did it!" on that incubator... Was our victim working on this corn?
Amy (pumping her fist): Good idea, whoever wrote this message could tell us more about Bruce. Let's get this incubator to Hannah so she can find them!

Analyze Message.
(Yann is also present in the lab.)
Hannah (optimistically): You should have seen Yann's face when I showed this incubator to him, <Name>! I don't know much about biology, but he was super excited about that corn!
Yann (excitedly): I'm surprised you weren't, Hannah! <Name>, have you look closely at this incubator? Look! They managed to make that corn grow in dry earth!
Hannah: I still don't get what's so exciting about that...
Yann (enthusiastically): Do you realize what this means? If people can grow corn in the desert, we'll never have to worry about starvation again! This could save entire populations!
Hannah (grinning): I guess you have a point. So anyway, I had a look at the lab files, and the person who worked most closely with Bruce on this project is called Jess Prakti.
Amy (pumping her fist): Great! <Name>, let's go talk to Mrs Prakti!

Ask Jess Prakti about her work with the victim.
Amy: Mrs Prakti, <Rank> <Name> found this incubator with your message to the victim... You were working together, correct?
Jess (holding a flask, sadly): So it's true, Bruce really is dead. We'd been working together for five years. Such a tragedy for him to die right when we had finally succeeded!
Amy (takes out her notepad): You were trying to... make corn grow in dirt?
Jess (pumping her fist): We were trying to make corn grow in the DESERT! And we finally did it! The corn in this incubator requires almost no water to grow!
Amy (putting away her notepad): That sounds... impressive. But maybe some people didn't want you to succeed? Could someone have killed Bruce because of it?
Jess: I don't think so. What we have accomplished is going to help a lot of people. The desert will no longer be a wasteland, it will stop expanding and destroying the fertile lands around it!
Jess (putting down the flask, sadly): Bruce and I... We were going to change the world for the better. I just wish he were alive to see the fruits of his labor...

Examine Toolbox.
Amy (disgusted): The wrench you found in that toolbox is covered in blood! Could this be related to the murder?
Amy (inspired): Oh, you're right! We know the victim was tied with heavy chains... The killer must have used this wrench to bolt the chains to the pipe!
Amy (optimistically): Well, there's only one logical course of action... Let's collect some of that blood!

Examine Bloody Wrench.
Amy (saluting with a wink): Perfect job as always, <Name>! Let's get the blood you collected from the wrench to the lab!

Analyze Blood.
Yann: <Name>, I can confirm the blood you found on this wrench is the victim's blood!
Amy: So the killer did use that wrench... But how did the victim's blood get on it?
Amy (inspired): But of course, <Name>! They must have used the wrench to knock the victim out, so they could tie him up! Did you find anything else, Yann?
Yann (grinning): There were microscopic fragments in the blood. Shards from the shell of a Helianthus annuus, also known as the sunflower seed!
Amy (optimistically): Oh, I love sunflower seeds! They're such a healthy snack!
Amy (disgusted): Oh dear, that means I share something in common with our sunflower seed eating killer! Ugh, makes me shudder just thinking about it!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Roxie (holding her fists with excitement): <Name>, do you know how many times in a career you get to autopsy a man eaten alive by vultures? Never, that's how many!
Amy (angrily): Roxie, I really wish you wouldn't get so excited about dead bodies. Think about that poor man's life cut short!
Roxie (stumped): Sweetie, if I didn't joke about death, I'd kill myself. Anyway! Fun facts about your victim! First, the killer cut the victim's torso open, but the vultures that were snacking on him are what killed him!
Amy (disgusted): So the killer DID use the vultures as a murder weapon! How gruesome!
Roxie (enthusiastically): They definitely wanted to torture the victim. Vultures are used to dead meat, so they take their time. He was probably still alive when they pecked his eyes out!
Roxie: But there's more! I found traces of mucus on your victim's face; the killer must have coughed on him! Sand, oil and vulture feathers made the DNA unusable, but I found something else.
Roxie (grinning): In the mucus were strong traces of salbutamol, which is a drug used to calm asthma attacks. Which means...
Amy (pumping her fist): Which means the killer has asthma! At least they won't be able to run from us, will they, <Name>?

Later, at the station...
Amy (holding her notepad): <Name>, I know you probably have all the key facts in mind, but personally I could use a little recap! Let's see...
Amy (putting away her notepad, sadly): Bruce Green was tied up and left to be eaten alive by vultures at the oil well...
Amy (optimistically): We know he was a scientist, working on making corn grow in the desert with the help of Jess Prakti, which sounds pretty exciting! Obviously our victim wanted to make the desert a better place.
(Chief Marquez runs in the room.)
Chief Marquez (frantically): <Name>, you need to go! NOW!
Amy (shocked): Go? Go where? What's happening? Should we be worried?
Chief Marquez (pointing a finger): A sandstorm is on its way to Dust Town! You need to go there before it scatters all the evidence away!

Chapter 2

Chief Andrea Marquez (pointing a finger): <Name>, a sandstorm is on its way to Dust Town! You need to go there before it scatters all the evidence away!
Amy (holding her hands up in confusion): Dust Town? But why would we find evidence about Bruce Green's murder there, Chief?
Chief Marquez (hands on her hips): Because I know this district like the back of my hand and Dust Town is the only route the killer could have taken to get in and out of the oil well!
Chief Marquez (pointing a finger): Now go to the town, before the sandstorm hits! And make sure to protect your faces from the sand!

Investigate Deserted Street.
(Amy is now seen wearing a scarf and goggles while sand blows all over the town.)
Amy (shocked): <Name>, this is insane! It's like the desert is about to swallow this town whole!
Amy: You think you've found new clues about Bruce Green's murder? How did you even manage to see them in that wind?!
Amy (curiously): Whoa, this book is called "Everything about vultures"! A book about the birds used to murder Bruce... What are the odds?
Amy (inspired): I agree, this book must be the killer's! They must have read up on vultures before the murder and discarded the book on their way back from the oil well!
Amy: The book is stained with some kind of liquid... Can you collect a sample, <Name>?
Amy (shocked): And what about that paper? It reads "Grow food in the desert!" and there's a picture of corn growing out of the sand... That's the project our victim was working on!
Amy: You're right, it looks like something up for auction... The number listed could tell us more, but it's torn in half! You'll have to somehow decipher it!
Amy (saluting): And this paper shows another plant. Half of it is faded... Well, <Name>, get your dusting kit out, I'll shield you from the wind!

Examine Stained Book.
Amy (winking): This sandstorm is no obstacle to your skills, <Name>! Let's get the sample you collected from the killer's book to the lab!

Analyze Unknown Substance.
Yann (holding his mug, happily): <Name>, the substance you collected from that book on vultures is unrefined oil!
Amy (pondering): That was oil? But it's transparent and shiny! Isn't oil always black?
Yann: Actually, it looks like that because someone tried to clean it up! The oil was mixed with cleaning agents, but oil isn't that easy to get rid of!
Amy (shocked): So that means the killer tried to clean the book after the murder! But why?!
Yann (crossing his arms and grinning): Oil wells are pretty messy. If oil got on that book, you can bet it got on the killer's clothes, too! And no matter how much they tried to clean it up... They won't have managed!
Amy (pumping her fist): So what you're saying is that the killer has an oil stain on their clothes? Well, they'll soon have a stain on their police record, won't they, <Name>?

Examine Call for Bids.
Amy (pumping her fist): Great, you've deciphered the auction number on this call for bids about the victim's corn project! Let's send it to Hannah!

Analyze Auction Number.
(Amy is now seen without the goggles and scarf.)
Hannah: So I had a look at the auction number you sent me, <Name>. The auction was set up by the victim in order to sell his research on desert corn.
Hannah (shocked): The auction was advertised to all the biggest companies, and a lot of them were ready to pay big bucks for such an opportunity!
Amy (puzzled): I don't get it. Bruce's associate said they were working for the good of the people. They didn't seem to have been in it for the money!
Hannah (sighing): Well, that's where it gets tricky. Jess's name isn't mentioned anywhere in the auction papers. In fact, the victim took complete credit for the scientific discoveries they made.
Amy (angrily): So the victim decided to sell their work and didn't even intend to share the profits with Jess... I agree, <Name>, she must have been furious! Let's go talk to her!

Question Jess about the victim's betrayal.
Amy (holding her notepad): Mrs Prakti, <Rank> <Name> found this call for bids the victim posted. We know he was trying to sell your discoveries to the highest bidder.
Amy (putting her notepad away): If I were you, I'd have wanted to kill him for betraying everything you'd worked for...
Jess (sadly): So you've figured it out, <Rank> <Name>.
Jess (angrily picking up a flask): I didn't want to speak ill of the dead, but yes, Bruce was just a money-grabbing thief!
Jess (shouting): You know he didn't even tell me about the auction? And when I confronted him, he acted as if it didn't concern me!
Jess (sadly putting the flask down): I was so mad, I had my first asthma attack in years. What Bruce did to me... I never saw it coming. I really thought he wanted to make the world a better place, like me!
Jess (angrily picking up the flask): I told him: "When the last tree is cut down, the last fish eaten, and the last stream poisoned, you will realize that you cannot eat money..."
Amy (seductively): At least now he's dead the auction will not go through. Quite a fortunate turn of events for you...
Jess (nervously): Yes I... I'm not gonna lie, I'm very happy about that.
Jess (angrily): I've worked for years on this project. I've spent countless nights bent over my microscope, eating sunflower seeds by the packet just to keep me going!
Jess (pumping her fist): And I will share this discovery with the people who will use it to do good! The desert will never again be a barren place, <Rank> <Name>!
(After talking to Jess Prakti)
Amy (angrily): I can't imagine how mad Jess must have been at Bruce's betrayal. Who knows what she may have done out of anger...
Amy (curiously): You're right, <Name>, the victim may have had other dirty secrets. We should have another look around his lab!

Investigate Experimental Greenhouse.
Amy: What are those bits of stone doing in the victim's lab? I agree, we'd better put them back together, it may be a new lead!
Amy (excitedly): And that roll of film is so tiny... Is that a microfilm, like spies use in movies to record secret information?! How thrilling!
Amy (winking): You're right, someone tried to burn this microfilm, but a code is still faintly visible on it... <Name>, it's time to use your spy-tastic deciphering skills!

Examine Damaged Microfilm.
Amy (pumping her fist): I knew you'd do it, <Name>! You've deciphered the code on that microfilm you found in the victim's lab in no time at all!
Amy (optimistically): Now it's Hannah's turn to exercise her skills and crack the code. Let's get this microfilm to her!

Analyze Microfilm Code.
Hannah (optimistically): <Name>, I feel like it's my birthday! The microfilm you found in the victim's lab was such a treat!
Hannah (excitedly): I hadn't been faced with such a challenge in a long time! That code you retrieved from the microfilm? I traced it back to the GIA servers!
Amy: The GIA? As in "Government Investigation Authority"?! They're in charge of national security, aren't they?
Amy: Why would the government be snooping around our victim's lab?!
Hannah: Well, you could try asking the agent in charge of keeping watch on your victim...
Amy (excitedly): Does that mean you managed to get a name?
Hannah (grinning): Not a real name, those are even more heavily encrypted, but I got you his codename. A certain Agent Z was in charge of keeping track of the victim's every move...
Hannah (optimistically): I managed to crack the GIA servers just long enough to send a message to this Agent Z. He's waiting for you in the interrogation room, <Name>!

Talk to Agent Z about his surveillance of the victim.
Amy (holding her notepad): Agent Z, is it? What does the Z stand for? "Zebra"?
Agent Z: That is classified information. <Rank> <Name>, I have been contacted by unauthorized means. I only came by to warn you the GIA will not permit this again.
Amy (putting away her notepad): Well, the thing is, you're a suspect in a murder investigation, Mr Z. <Rank> <Name> found your microfilm in the lab where Bruce Green used to work.
Amy: And when we deciphered this microfilm, we discovered you had been tasked with keeping tabs on the victim! Why were you spying on Bruce Green?!
Agent Z (angrily): You did not have clearance to look at that microfilm's contents, <Rank> <Name>. I will have to file a report with the GIA.
Amy (angrily holding her fist): File all the reports you want, but we'll find your weaknesses, Mr Z, and you'll have to talk!
Agent Z (shrugging with a grin): The only weakness I have is asthma and that's never stopped me before!
Agent Z: The government wanted to make sure Mr Green could proceed with his research safely. It might have caught the attention of... dangerous people.
Amy: So you were assigned to protect the victim? Well, that didn't bring him much luck, did it? Stay close, Mr Z, we'll be in touch.

Examine Broken Stone.
Amy (gasping): There's a threat on the rock you put back together! It says: "Bruce, you shouldn't play God"!
Amy (nervously): And is that... Is that a drawing of the victim being swallowed by a vulture?! Talk about foreshadowing!
Amy (angrily holding her fist): Who could have sent this threat to the victim, <Name>?!
Amy (inspired): Duh, of course! The elaborate, colorful drawing, the reference to a God... This must be the work of Zuma! Let's go bust his Aztec chops, <Name>!

Question Zuma about the threat he sent to the victim.
Amy: Mr Zuma, <Rank> <Name> found this sculpture you sent to Bruce... Didn't you say you were friends? You'd even given him that headgear!
Zuma (holding his hands up in thanks): Yes, I treated Bruce like a friend. I welcomed him into our Aztec ways, and in many ways I respected him.
Zuma: But it doesn't mean I approved of everything he did. We fought often about his unnatural experiments and his God-complex.
Amy: You mean you fought because Bruce wanted to grow corn in the desert? I know he was in it for the money, but it would still have made the desert a better place, and fed tons of people!
Zuma (angrily): Why did he want to change the desert? Mother Nature made the desert dry for a reason! It is not the desert which must change, it is Man!
Zuma (shouting): Look around you, <Rank> <Name>! Mankind has destroyed Nature! It has polluted every inch of it! And now, mankind must pay.
Amy (holding her hands up in disbelief): So you objected to the victim's experiments because you think we should all die for polluting the earth?! You're mad!
Zuma (holding his hands up in praise): Sometimes things need to die to regrow stronger than before. It is like a delicious sunflower seed: small and gray, like a dead thing, but inside there is new life!

Examine Faded Picture.
Amy: Did you figure out what was written on that picture you found in the town, <Name>?
Amy (shocked): The message reads: "Bruce, come be one with nature!" and it's signed by a certain Ezra Hope!
Amy (taking out her phone): "Come be one with nature"? Could this Ezra Hope be another colleague of our victim? I'll text Hannah to get an address.
Amy (holding her fist): Got it! He lives nearby. Let's go talk to Mr Hope, <Name>!

Ask Ezra Hope about the message he wrote to the victim.
Amy (nervously): Are you... Are you Ezra Hope?
Ezra (high): Police officers? Groovy!
Amy (curiously): Mr Hope, <Rank> <Name> found this message you wrote to Bruce Green. Were you two close?
Ezra (taking out a cigarette): Ah yeah, the green man! He's pretty cool, I like the way he always babbles on about sciency stuff. And he brings me sunflower seeds, he knows I love them.
Amy (sadly): Well, we're sorry to tell you that Mr Green is dead. He was murdered.
Ezra (puts the cigarette away and holds his head): Someone murdered the green man?! Not cool, man! I liked smoking with him!
Amy (in disbelief): ... smoking? Are you telling us our victim liked to... get high?
Ezra (high): High like the vultures in the sky! For a scientist, he was pretty down with the beauty of nature! I'll miss him!

Later, at the station...
Amy (shaking her head): <Name>, things have surely taken an unexpected turn in this investigation!
Amy (sadly): First, we've discovered that our victim was not trying to grow corn in the desert to help people, but to make money by selling it to the highest bidder.
Amy (angrily holding her fist): Jess's feeling of betrayal must have been extreme... Maybe extreme enough to kill!
Amy (shocked): And as if things weren't bad enough, a secret agent was keeping tabs on the victim because of his research!
Amy (nervously): And let's not forget Zuma, who thinks humanity must pay for mistreating the Earth!
Amy (holding her hands up in disbelief): Honestly I'm not sure this case could get any weirde-
(A nervous Ezra walks in the room.)
Ezra (scratching his head): <Rank> <Name>, I've done something bad. Something really bad. I think... I'm pretty sure I killed the green man!

Chapter 3

Ezra Hope: <Rank> <Name>, I've done something bad. Something really bad. I think... I'm pretty sure I killed the green man!
Amy (gasping): What?! You're saying you've killed Bruce Green? But... why?!
Ezra (furiously taking out a cigarette): I don't know! I just know I was really ANGRY with him!
Ezra (high): And then I had that trippy vision of him being eaten by a giant bird and...
Amy: Alright, Ezra, <Rank> <Name> will talk to you soon. Until then, you'll be put into custody!
(Ezra leaves.)
Amy: <Name>, do you believe this... hippie might have killed our victim? That talk about Bruce being eaten by a bird certainly matches our crime scene!
Amy (saluting): You're right, the only way we can make sure is by finding more evidence. But where should we look?
Amy (pumping her fist): Good point. We know the killer went through the nearby town after the murder. The sandstorm may have scattered the clues around, but that won't stop you! Let's go!

Try to determine if Ezra really did harm the victim.
Amy (holding her notepad): Mr Hope, have you come back to your senses? Did you really kill Bruce Green or are you just wasting <Rank> <Name>'s time?
Ezra (scratching his head): It's all such a blur... Like I said, I just remember being angry with the green man, REALLY angry...
Amy (putting away her notepad): Why were you so angry with Bruce anyway? Weren't you friends? You told us you... you smoked together!
Ezra (sadly): Yeah, but when I asked him to use his skills to make weed grow in the desert, he wouldn't do it!
Ezra (furiously): It's just so unfair, man! Bruce made Nature better, but he wanted to keep it all for himself!
Amy (in disbelief): Wait... You were mad at the victim because he refused to give you access to something illegal?!
Ezra (optimistically): Hey, I take weed for medicinal reasons, it's totally legit! It makes my asthma better. Chief Tlatoani taught me that, and it works!
Amy: Look, I don't know if this... hippie-thing you're pulling is real or just an act, but if you did kill Bruce Green, beware: <Rank> <Name> is on the hunt!

Investigate Waste Containers.
(Amy is now seen wearing goggles and a scarf.)
Amy (holding her fists): The wind is still vicious! Did you manage to find anything in all that flying sand, <Name>?
Amy (curiously): Ah, I see you're going back to the basics with this trash can. It will have protected what's inside from the sandstorm, we'd better have a look!
Amy (grinning): And is that... a phone? It looks like a piece of plastic, which probably means it's advanced technology. But you've proven that no locking system is unbeatable!

Examine Trash Can.
Amy (holding her fists): You found a torn magazine in the trash can? We need to piece it back together before the wind scatters the pieces to the four corners of town!

Examine Torn Magazine.
Amy (shocked): The torn magazine you found in that trash can was a farming magazine. And you're right there's a message from the victim on it!
Amy: The message reads: "Jake, this is your son's future!"... Was Bruce writing to Jake Drill, the oil worker?
Amy: You're right, Jake didn't tell us he was close with the victim! Let's go talk to him again, <Name>, I'm right behind you!

Ask Jake about the farming magazine given to him by the victim.
Amy: Mr Drill, <Rank> <Name> found this farming magazine the victim gave to you. Were you two close?
Jake (nervously): Not really. We talked a little when he came by, so I told him about my wife and my son, but that's all.
Jake: Bruce just dropped that magazine on my doorstep one day. He thought he would change everybody's life around here, he was always bragging about it!
Amy (optimistically): Well, I guess if people could grow corn in the desert, it would change quite a lot of things in this region...
Jake (angrily): Yeah, but did he have to be so happy about it? We've been drillers for three generations. I always expected that my son would take over when he grew up.
Jake (nervously): I admit though, life on the oil well ain't easy. A lot of the guys get asthma from breathing in all that oil. I've been on medications for years for it.
Jake (giving a thumbs up): I guess Bruce was right. My son will have a better life with this farming thing. He could grow sunflowers, we've always loved the seeds...
Amy: If you don't mind me saying, you've changed your mind rather quickly. We'll stay in touch, Mr Drill. Don't go anywhere.

Examine Locked Phone.
Amy (excitedly): And <Name> does it again! I knew this fancy-pants phone would be no obstacle for you!
Amy (holding up a finger): But you're right, we can't waste time congratulating one another, the clock is ticking! Let's get this phone to Hannah so she can have a look inside!

Analyze High-tech Phone.
(Amy is no longer wearing the goggles and scarf.)
Hannah (happily): Two treats in one day, you're really spoiling me, <Name>!
Amy (holding her fists): Keep the playful banter for later, Hannah. We're getting close to nabbing Bruce's killer but we need all the help we can get!
Hannah (optimistically): Sorry. The phone was, of course, completely encrypted. And funnily enough, the encryption algorithm was the same as the one used on that microfilm you found earlier!
Amy (gasping): You're saying this phone belongs to Agent Z?
Hannah (excitedly): Indeed. Most of the data had been erased, but I managed to retrieve one message: "Green about to sell research. Stop him at any cost!"
Amy (angrily holding her fist): "Stop him at any cost"? That sounds like a license to kill! I agree, <Name>, we need to talk to Agent Z straight away!

Confront Agent Z about his orders concerning the victim.
Amy: Agent Z, <Rank> <Name> found your phone. We know you had been asked to stop Bruce from selling his research "at any cost"!
Agent Z: You did not have clearance to lo-
Amy (yelling): Oh cut the crap, Agent Z! Just tell us whether you killed Bruce Green or not!
Agent Z (shrugging with a grin): I was tasked with making sure Mr Green did not sell his research on corn-growth to enemy countries. My powers were limitless.
Amy (angrily holding her fist): So you confess! You killed Bruce because he was trying to auction off his research!
Agent Z (angrily): I do not confess to anything, but Bruce was a traitor to his country! He would have sold it to anyone, as long as they paid him enough!
Agent Z: <Rank> <Name>, it will be up to you to discover the truth. I have already said too much. I need to report back to the agency.
Amy (shouting): You can bet <Rank> <Name> will get to the truth! We're not scared of you, Mr Dark Glasses! If you killed Bruce, <Rank> <Name> will soon find enough evidence to put you behind bars!

Later, at the station...
Amy (angrily holding her fist): <Name>, we need to decide what to do next! We mustn't let Bruce Green's killer vanish like rain in the desert!
Amy: And we must be careful. I don't know for you but I don't trust that Agent Z! He looks like he'd have no qualms about killing someone if it were an order!
Amy (saluting): What we need now more than anything is evidence, and by the look in your eyes, you know where to get it!
Amy (pumping her fist): Of course, the oil well! The killer could have tried to hide evidence amid the workers' gear, thinking you wouldn't look at it! Let's go right now, <Name>!

Investigate Storage Area.
Amy: You found an opened sunflower seeds bag, <Name>?
Amy (inspired): You're right! A bag of sunflower seeds, on our crime scene, when we know sunflower seeds are an evidence... This must be the killer's!
Amy (holding her fists): Nicely spotted, there seems to be something in the bag's opening... We must collect some of it!
Amy (angrily holding her left fist): And this crate may hide a clue! After all, we already know the killer tried the conceal a wrench in a toolbox! Let's look inside!

Examine Sunflower Seeds.
Amy (gasping): Those things on the sunflower seed pack were actually feathers?! They must have come from the vultures! Quick, let's send them to the lab!

Analyze Feathers.
Yann (happily): <Name>, you've outdone yourself with those vulture feathers!
Amy (seductively): Well let's hope you'll outdo yourself with a clear and concise explanation...
Yann (crossing his arms, sternly): Amy, if you continue to be this cheeky I will make you sit in a corner!
Yann: Anyway. <Name>, there was the blood of your victim on these feathers!
Yann (excitedly): And I also found faint traces of disinfectant on some of the feathers!
Amy (pondering): Disinfectant? But... Okay, the victim obviously can't have used disinfectant, and I can't see the vulture using it, either!
Yann (grinning): Then there's only one choice left! <Name>, your killer used disinfectant! Which means that the vultures attacked them!
Amy (pumping her fist): So we're looking for a killer with scratch marks? Well they're about to feel the bite of the Law!

Examine Oil Well Equipment.
Amy (confused): <Name>, I know this is really not a good moment to argue, but what makes you think the bit of plastic you found in that crate is important?
Amy (nervously): I'm not doubting you! I guess I just need to hone my detective senses further. Let's send this plastic bit to the lab and see what Yann can do with it!

Analyze Piece of Plastic.
Yann (curiously): This broken piece of plastic was quite interesting, <Name>. Guess what substance I found on it?
Amy (yelling): Yann, if we wanted to play mind-games we'd go see Russell, and at least we'd get some eye-candy! Just tell <Name> what you've found!
Yann (crossing his arms, sternly): Young lady, you really need to relax! Anyway, <Name>, I found traces of sunflower oil and salbutamol on this plastic strap!
Amy (inspired): Great, so this plastic thingy belongs to the killer! But what new info does that give us about them?
Yann: Look closely at the plastic, <Name>. See, right there? It spells "GO."
Amy (pondering): "GO"? Could that be the killer's initials?
Yann (excitedly): Not exactly. Those letters are the beginning of the word "goggles"! From there it didn't take long to match this strap to the ones used on transparent goggles!
Amy (winking): Well, the killer may be wearing goggles, but they won't see <Name> coming, I'd bet my life on it!

After completing all tasks...
Amy (pumping her fist): And <Name> does it again! We've got everything you need to catch Bruce Green's killer, so let's go bust their chops, partner!

Take care of the killer now!
Amy: Jake Drill, you're under arrest for the murder of Bruce Green!
Jake (shocked): What are you talking about, <Rank> <Name>? I'm just a drill worker, why would I kill anyone?
Amy: That's what we would like to know! <Rank> <Name> found the wrench you used to knock Bruce out. You'd left sunflower seeds all over it!
Jake (angrily): There are 200 men working on this well. You'll never prove that wrench was mine.
Amy (grinning): We also know you attracted the vultures with some of the seeds to make sure they'd attack Bruce!
Amy (angrily holding her fist): But despite the book you read, you couldn't handle them, could you? One of the vultures scratched you!
Jake (nervously sweating): No! I cut myself shaving, it could happen to anyone!
Amy (shouting): Stop the charade, Jake! And tell us why you used such a cruel murder weapon! Why did you have to torture Bruce?
Jake (shouting): Because HE was a vulture, and he wouldn't admit it! He was preying on us desert-folk, waiting to grow his corn on our bones!
Amy (shocked): What are you on about? Bruce's discovery would have helped you, not killed you!
Jake: Oh yeah? Helped us how, by having the oil well shut and turning our sons into farmers?!
Jake (shouting): That wouldn't have happened for years, if ever! But in the meantime, companies would have closed and we'd have lost our jobs!
Amy: But surely replacing oil wells with farms is better for the planet?
Jake (angrily): Maybe you can afford to be worried about the pollution, missy, but I can't! I've got to put food on my family's plate! Oil drilling is all I know, I'd have never found another job!
Amy: Well, now you've killed a man and your wife and son will have to manage somehow. Mr Drill, you're under arrest!

Honorable Dante (curiously): Mr Drill, I read in the file that you're an oil well worker? Any chance you could fill up my tank? I've had to walk to the Courthouse for two weeks now.
Jake: I only drill it, sir, I don't sell it.
Honorable Dante (puzzled): Yes, it appears you are too busy killing people with... vultures?
Honorable Dante (excitedly): Now that is interesting! I've always thought vultures were charming animals! They're like the trash can of the desert, very tidy.
Honorable Dante: That doesn't excuse using them to kill a man, though. They're meant to digest dead things, you see. God knows what this fresh meat might have done to them!
Honorable Dante (holding the gavel): Therefore, for the murder of Bruce Green and the abuse of animals, this Court condemns you to 25 years in prison!
Jake (panicking): 25 years?! How will my family survive so long without me?
Honorable Dante (sternly): Next time maybe you should think ahead. Court is adjourned!

Amy (saluting with a wink): Well, <Name>, here's to another investigation under our belt!
Amy (sadly): It is quite a sad story, though. Bruce was a greedy man, but he might have made the desert a better place...
Amy (sadly): And Jake wanted to protect his family, but he chose the worst possibly way to do it.
Amy (optimistically): Ah well, I do hope we'll live to see corn fields in the desert, don't you, <Name>? That must be a sight to see!

Map to the Stars: Part 3

Amy Young: According to Zuma, that crystal skull represented the "Gods from the stars" and was made thanks to the technology the Gods gave to the Aztecs...
Hannah (excitedly): This means aliens may have visited the Aztecs in the past and helped them build their civilization!
Hannah (grinning): Of course, it's only a theory for now... We'll need more proof! I'm counting on you, <Name>!
Amy (holding her hands up in disbelief): You want us to help you prove aliens are real?! We'd have better chances of proving Frank can go sober for a day!

Chief Marquez (scratching her head): Good job with this investigation, <Name>, but we still have some mysteries to solve!
Chief Marquez (crossing her arms): The oil well is a mess, the employees are getting restless, especially since one of them has just been arrested for murder. Please make sure we can let them go back to work safely.
Chief Marquez (angrily placing her hands on her hips): And I want you to keep an eye on Agent Z. I don't believe he's in Rhine Canyon only to monitor the victim!
Amy (pumping her fist): I'm sure <Name> will be happy to grill Agent Z again! Or do you want to start with the oil well?

Question Agent Z's presence in Rhine Canyon.
Amy (angrily holding her fist): Agent Z, it's about time you tell <Rank> <Name> what you're really doing in Rhine Canyon!
Agent Z (shrugging with a grin): I don't owe you anything, you don't have the clearance. My mission in the lab is confidential, it's just bad luck that it tied me to your victim.
Amy (pumping her fist): Haha! So that's why you're here? You're working at the lab?
Agent Z (sweating): I can't confirm nor deny anything. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a job to do!
(Agent Z leaves.)
Amy (angrily holding her fist): I can't believe he left the room! <Name>, let's go back to the lab to see what Agent Z was really doing there!

Investigate Bio Lab.
Amy (pumping her fist): Ha! You've found an interesting suitcase, <Name>! Look at this logo on it, it looks like a government division... It must belong to Agent Z!
Amy (grinning): We'll finally know what he's up to! I'll leave you the honor of having a look inside his suitcase!

Examine Suitcase.
Amy: I admit I was expecting you to find something more exciting than torn paper in this suitcase, <Name>. Like... spy gadgets!
Amy (curiously): You want to piece this document back together? Sure, go ahead, maybe there'll be more information on Agent Z...

Examine Torn Document.
Amy (gasping): Great job, <Name>, you restored a file... And it's all blacked out! I bet this is important to Agent Z!
Amy (puzzled): And who is that little girl on the picture? Why would an agent of the government have a file on her?
Amy (pumping her fist): I agree, this is definitely a job for Hannah! Let's send her this file!

Analyze Secret File.
Hannah (optimistically): <Name>! You'll never believe what I've discovered thanks to the file you sent me!
Hannah (excitedly): The little girl on the picture... it's Andrea! Yes, Andrea Marquez, our fearless and beloved leader! I think she was 8 years old when it was taken...
Amy (shocked): But why would Agent Z have a file on Andrea?
Hannah: That's what I wondered. But I couldn't find anything about it! The file has been wiped from the servers, you'll have to ask Agent Z about it.
Amy (angrily holding her fist): You bet we will talk to Agent Z! We need to protect Andrea!

Interrogate Agent Z about his file on Andrea Marquez.
Amy (yelling): Agent Z, you owe us answers! Why do you have a file on our Chief?!
Agent Z (shocked): This little girl is your Chief? I hadn't realized... This file is old, it's part of a big investigation...
Amy (angrily holding her fist): And you expect us to let you go? <Name>'s right, we can arrest you for obstruction if you don't cooperate!
Agent Z (shrugging with a grin): No need to try intimidating me, as I said this file is old, I can tell you a few things about it...
Agent Z: We started working on this years ago; the mission was to interview people who claimed to have met aliens in Rhine Canyon.
Agent Z (angrily): I know it sounds crazy, but-
Amy (gasping): Hold on! You're saying Andrea met... aliens?!
Agent Z (shrugging with a grin): She claimed she had, that's why we interviewed her. You should ask her, I wouldn't want to interfere... But take this, <Rank> <Name>, I think you'll soon need all the help you can get.
(After talking to Agent Z)
Amy (sweating nervously): You're right, <Name>, we can't just go to Andrea with this info. I mean, she can't really have claimed to see aliens, can she?! We need to think this through!

Investigate Drilling Site.
Amy: Well, everything seems normal here... Except for that weird poster you picked up!
Amy (holding her hands up in confusion): This looks like the oil well... But why are there explosions?!
Amy (angrily): You're right, this photo can't be real, it must have been retouched! But why? Maybe the faded text could explain... Think you can make it legible?

Examine Faded Picture.
Amy (gasping): Whoa, look at the message you revealed on that picture, <Name>... It reads: "IT WILL BE YOUR FAULT"!
Amy (nervously): That sounds threatening... Especially considering the picture above shows the oil well on fire...
Amy: You're right, we need to find who's writing these threats! Let's ask Russell to analyze the writing style!

Analyze Accusing Message.
Russell: <Name>, the person who made the poster you found at the oil well is obviously paranoid.
Russell (skeptically): The aggressive writing suggests our "artist" is a man. Probably a bit unstable, seeing how the letters aren't aligned. Scared too, considering the pressure of the pen...
Russell (taking out his book): The explosions do not look like an attack on the oil well, but more like a natural apocalypse... The author seems obsessed by a hypothetical end of the world.
Russell (puts away his book and bites his glasses): He's probably concerned with the environment... But he's paranoid and prone to delusions.
Amy (shocked): A man unstable and prone to delusions... <Name>, could this poster have been left there by Ezra?! I didn't think he could be so aggressive, but...
Amy: No matter how much the oil well might be polluting the area, we can't let Ezra threaten people like that! Let's go talk to him!

Question Ezra Hope about the threat he left at the oil well.
Amy: Ezra, <Rank> <Name> found your little poster at the oil well! Care to explain what it means?
Ezra (scratching his head): It's their fault! They pollute the Canyon! They'll destroy the area, and then the whole planet! Everything will go to ruin and it'll be their fault!
Amy (nervously): What the... Ezra, are you high right now?
Ezra: Maybe... But soon there'll be nothing left! I've seen the signs, haven't you? They're destroying the planet!
Ezra (scratching his head in panic): The sandstorm was just a warning, humans are destroying the planet and now it's fighting back!
Ezra (angrily): You don't believe me? Go check the town! I've seen the signs!
Amy (nervously): Look, Ezra, why don't you stay here for a while and calm down? <Rank> <Name> will go back to Dust Town to... look for the signs, I guess.
Amy (nervously): <Name>, can we just grab a snack before we head out? All this traipsing around in the sand has exhausted me!

Investigate Deserted Street.
(Amy is now seen wearing goggles and a scarf.)
Amy (prompted): The sandstorm is going on as strong as ever! But if you think this pile of wood might be hiding something, let's take a look!

Examine Pile of Planks.
Amy (pumping her fist): Nice catch, <Name>! This isn't a piece of wood, it's made of stone. And it looks a bit... weird.
Amy (inspired): Oh! You think this is an Aztec item? It wouldn't be the first artifact we've found... Good idea, let's ask Zuma about this!

Ask Chief Tlatoani about the Aztec stone.
(Amy is no longer wearing the goggles and scarf.)
Zuma: You're really good at finding Aztec antiques, <Rank> <Name>!
Amy (determined): What does this stone mean?
Zuma (holding his hands up in praise): It's a prophetic prediction. A long term calendar... It indicates all our days till the day the world is supposed to end!
Amy (in disbelief): So it... predicts the end of the world?
Zuma: Ah, well, it's about how you interpret it: some say the end means destruction, others say the calendar announces the return of our Gods!
Zuma (sadly): Some people find this idea scary. Ezra reacted badly when I told him... He started yelling that big companies were to blame.
Amy: Ezra? You're right, <Rank> <Name>, that explains why he suddenly started threatening the oil well...
Zuma (holding his hands up in hope): Maybe he wasn't in his right state of mind, he's rather liberal with his asthma medication... But he'll calm down soon enough!
Zuma (nervously): By the way, he always leaves stuff when he comes over... Please, take this, <Rank> <Name>, I have no use of it.

Later, at the police station...
Amy (shaking her head): First alien "Gods", now the end of the world... I'm not sure I want to know more about the Aztecs' beliefs!
(Chief Marquez walks in the room.)
Amy (nervously): Talking about aliens... I'm not sure Agent Z told us the truth about his investigation, but I really don't want to ask Andrea...
Chief Marquez (skeptically): Ask me what?
Amy (gasping): Chief Marquez! I didn't know you were here!
Amy (nervously): Well... <Name> found a file belonging to Agent Z... And there was a picture of you when you were younger... Did you really report meeting aliens?
Chief Marquez (sadly crossing her arms): Oh dear, I'd been hoping nobody would ever find out about that!
Chief Marquez (scratching her head): It's all very hazy to be honest. I've been trying to remember for years and I can't bring up anything clear, but I've got flashes of meeting with something I can't explain.
Amy (nervously): But... But aliens aren't real, Chief...
Chief Marquez (angrily placing her hands on her hips): Don't you think I know that? For years after the event, everybody thought I was crazy, or even worse, a liar! It ruined my childhood!
Chief Marquez (crossing her arms): I don't know what really happened that day. As I said, it's hard to remember anything but brief flashes.
Chief Marquez: But with everything you've found lately, <Name>... I'm starting to wonder if it was all just in my head. I think Rhine Canyon has more in store for us, and we'd better be ready for it!

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