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Eduardo Ramirez: <Rank> <Name>! You're called up at the lake. A car has been pulled from the deep waters!
Jones: Ramirez, I know littering is punishable by law, but don't you think you're wasting <Rank> <Name>'s time?
Ramirez: It's not just a car! When it got pulled out, the trunk opened slightly and there's... there's something dead-looking!
Ramirez: So I told them to stop everything and I ran back here to get you, <Name>!
Jones: You did the right thing. <Name>, let's go to the lake!

Chapter 1

Investigate Lake.
David Jones: So our victim was called Mary Gray. She looks like the heroine in a tragic novel... Look at her white dress, it's almost as if she was going to get married.
Jones: Let's send the body to the lab. Hopefully Nathan will be able to tell us what the poor woman died from!
Jones: Let's see what else we've got. A pile of algae fell from the trunk when they opened it. We might find something in there, you're right!
Jones: And what about this bunch of soggy, torn letters? Do you think you can manage to piece it back together without everything crumbling down?
Ramirez: <Rank> <Name>, a woman wants to talk to you. She says she's your victim's sister!

Autopsy the Victim's Body.
Nathan: I am happy to say that this time, your victim's cause of death couldn't be more obvious: she drowned.
Jones: So she was still alive when the killer drove her car into the lake?
Nathan: Most definitely so. She's got a few bruises, the killer must have knocked her out so they could place her in the trunk of the car, but her lungs are filled with water.
Jones: Stuck in the trunk of a car, surrounded by rising water... this must have been a very lonely, very scary death.
Nathan: I found something else on her body, as well. There was a letter pinned to her chest. It reads "I have taken my due. I am appeased, but my anger shall never completely disappear."
Jones: "I have taken my due"?? What could that mean? Can you make sense of it, <Name>?
Nathan: I can't either. But here's one very interesting thing: the letter was tacked to the victim's chest... with a stamp hinge. It's an adhesive flap exclusively used by stamp collectors.
Jones: So our killer is a stamp-collector?! Who would have thought those people would have been violent murderers!

Talk to Elizabeth Hopkins.
Elizabeth: Mary was my big sister. I recognized her car at the lake. She's... she's dead, isn't she?
Jones: We're very sorry for your loss, Mrs Hopkins.
Elizabeth: The most tragic thing is, I'm not completely surprised. I always knew Mary was too much of a dreamer for her own good...
Jones: How can dreams kill someone?
Elizabeth: Well, Mary had always been waiting for Prince Charming. She would have followed any man, just as long as he acted like a gentleman!
Elizabeth: She seemed to have met someone recently, actually, but she wouldn't give me a single detail about him. She said I would "spoil everything", as if I cared.

Examine Seaweed.
Jones: <Name>, I agree: the scales you found in this pile of algae don't look like any fish I've ever seen, either! That color can't be natural, can it?
Jones: Look, there's a fisherman over there! Maybe he could tell us what kind of fish this comes from!

Talk to Floyd Russel.
Floyd: D'you think your investigation is going to last long, <Rank>? That spot where you found the lady's the best fishing spot!
Jones: Sorry to be intruding on your fishing! Should we remind you that this is a murder investigation?!
Floyd: Of course, of course. Tragic, what happened to her. Must have happened during the night, too. I've been fishing here every single day for 40 years! I'd have noticed a car sinking in the lake!
Jones: Actually, we found those scales in the victim's car. Do you know what kind of fish this comes from?
Floyd: I'll be damned! This doesn't come from just any fish! These scales belong to The Creature of the Lake!
Jones: The... what?
Floyd: The Creature of the Lake! It's a mythical monster that's been living in the lake since... well, forever! I can't believe you've never heard of it, how long have you been living here?!
Floyd: Few are the ones who've seen it, but sometimes, in the deep of night, you can hear it's mournful wail as it calls to people, trying to lead them into the water!

Jones: Great. Another loony thinking a mythical creature is a suspect in a murder investigation.
Jones: I'd never even heard about that "creature" before! Mind you, not that I would have paid it any attention...

Examine Torn Letters.
Jones: Oh great, you managed to piece those soggy bits of paper back together! You really can do anything, can't you?
Jones: The water got to those letters badly. Let's send them to the lab. Maybe Alex will be able to make sense of all that blurred ink.

Analyze Letters.
Alex: Well, that was a challenge! The letters you found on the crime scene were so soggy, I almost gave up, but I finally managed to clarify the text on some of them.
Alex: They're all addressed to the victim, but there's no sender's name... Unless "Your Lovelorn Stallion" is a name.
Jones: Mary must have cherished those letters... and yet we found them torn to pieces! Whoever killed her must have some serious issues with love!
Alex: Her correspondent certainly didn't seem to have any. The very last letter I could find told her: "I am waiting for the day we finally meet with bated breath. I will be running all the way to the yard sale, my beloved!"
Jones: The yard sale? Oh, you mean that annual thing when people sell the stuff they don't want to people who don't need them?
Alex: I guess so. This year's sale started two days ago and is still going on.
Jones: Perfect! Our victim must have had a stand there! Let's go have a look, <Name>!

Investigate Victim's Stall.
(Before investigating Victim's Stall)
Jones: Bingo! Over there, this stand is registered to Mary Gray, our victim's name! Let's have a closer look at what she was selling.
(After investigating Victim's Stall)
Jones: Well, our victim was hoping to sell a lot of things in this yard sale! Can I have a look at the scrap of paper you found, <Name>?
Jones: This is a newspaper advert from the Lonely Heart's column... But half of it is almost erased. Maybe you could clarify everything for us, <Name>?

Examine Newspaper.
Jones: So this Lonely Hearts column you found was actually published by the victim! She was hoping to meet new people...
Jones: "Hopeless dreamer looking for her white knight. If you like poetry and watching the stars, write to me and let us share our dreams!"
Jones: Poor Mary. I wonder if anyone replied...
Thomas: <Rank>? I'm sorry to interrupt but... what are you doing, looking at Mary's things?
Jones: You knew Mary Gray? Then <Rank> <Name> will have a few questions for you, sir.

Talk to Thomas Benson.
Thomas: Mary... Mary's dead? But how, by whom? She was loved by everyone!
Thomas: We've been friends since we were teenagers. Mary was the nicest woman I know, always a kind word for everyone.
Jones: Do you know anything about that ad she placed in the Lonely Hearts column?
Thomas: I told her this was a bad idea! But she said her soulmate and that this ad would help her find him.
Thomas: I know that at least one man did reply to her ad. I saw him, he came to see her at her stand just yesterday.
Jones: Could you describe him?
Thomas: I guess so... He looked like he was out of a romance novel. Long brown hair, blue eyes, and a rather feminine mouth.

Jones: Thanks to the description Thomas just gave us, we should be able to find the man who came to visit our victim at the stall!
Jones: Let's have a look at the Central Police Department, <Name>! We're looking for someone with long brown hair, blue eyes, and a feminine mouth, whatever THAT means!

Examine Suspect's Description.
Jones: Amazing job, <Name>! You managed to find a suspect who matches Thomas' description to a tee!
Jones: Our mystery man is called Alexander Vladinsky. He was arrested two years ago for... stealing roses?!
Jones: Well, let's bring this Mr Alexander to the station and see if he was the one who replied to our victim's Lonely Heart's advert.

Talk to Alexander Vladinsky.
Alexander: Are you telling me my sweet Mary is no more? My heart! I knew I had felt my heart breaking last night!
Jones: ...Okay. You were Mary's lover, is that correct?
Alexander: Not in the crude way you're meaning it, I'm sure. Mary and I were soulmates. She was the person I have been waiting for my entire life.
Alexander: When I read her ad in the Grimsborough Gazette, I knew instantly that she was The One. She was the moon to my sea.
Jones: Did you and Mary exchange letters?
Alexander: Letters aren't enough when your heart meets the match, <Rank>! I had no time for words, I went to see Mary as soon as I could!

Later, At The Police Station...
Jones: You know, <Name>, I keep wondering about that note Nathan found on the victim's chest.
Jones: "I have taken my due. I am appeased, but my anger shall never completely disappear." ...What could this possibly mean...
Ramirez: It means my theory is correct!
Jones: Ramirez? You have... a theory? About OUR murder?
Ramirez: Yes! I looked at the archives from the Grimsborough Gazette and... this murder has happened before!
Jones: What?!
Ramirez: It's the truth! <Rank> <Name>, let me tell you a story...

Chapter 2

David Jones: What do you mean, Ramirez, this murder has happened before? How could our victim have been drowned twice?
Ramirez: She wasn't killed twice, but somebody ELSE was killed just like her! 50 years ago, on a dark and stormy night, a car was driven into this very lake... The victim was a woman called Sybil Price.
Ramirez: They never found who the killer was. It's believed that the Creature of the Lake took her life!
Jones: Oh there we go again...
Ramirez: But it's true! There is a Creature in that Lake! There is even photographic proof, look!
Jones: All I'm seeing is a blurred blotch in the middle of the fog. How does that prove anything?
Ramirez: I'm telling you, every 50 years, the Creature comes back to the surface of the lake to take its toll! 50 years ago, it kidnapped its victim on the borders of town!
Ramirez: What if it happened the same way this time? <Rank> <Name>, don't you think it might be interesting to have a look there, just in case?

Investigate Town Exit.
Jones: Well, I'll be damned, Ramirez's theory was correct: our victim has been here! This keychain you found has her name on the tag!
Jones: So Mary was kidnapped here, then taken to the lake to be drowned...
Jones: What else did you find, <Name>? A... claw? It's huge, what the... You're right, let's have a closer look at it!
Jones: And this... this glove is covered in some kind of scales. They look exactly like the scales you found near the victim! Ha! Creature of the Lake, as if!
Jones: I can't believe anyone would be crazy enough to disguise themselves as the Creature! Let's send this glove to the lab, <Name>!

Back At The Station...
Elizabeth: <Rank> <Name>? They told me to wait here. May I have a word with you, please? It's about my sister.
Jones: Of course, Mrs Hopkins. <Rank> <Name> will be right with you.

Examine Claw.
Jones: It's a good thing the claw you found on the outskirts of town is so freakishly big, <Name>: you managed to collect tons of fingerprints off of it!
Jones: Let's give them to Alex and see who it belongs to!

Analyze Fingerprints.
Alex: I compared the fingerprints you found on that claw you picked up on the outskirts of town with our database, but I shouldn't have bothered.
Jones: Why? You couldn't find a match?
Alex: Oh no, I could. It's just that it would have been quicker to compare the prints with your suspects straight away!
Alex: The claw you found on the outskirts of town belongs to Floyd Russell!
Jones: What is our Lake Creature expert doing with such a thing?! Let's go ask him about this claw, <Name>!

Talk to Floyd Russel.
Floyd: My claw! Sweet mother of Jesus, you found it, <Rank> <Name>! I was worried sick about it!
Floyd: My grandfather ripped off that claw from the Creature of the Lake, y'know. Said the only way to hurt the Creature was with this claw, so I always carry it with me!
Jones: If you say so. <Rank> <Name> found this claw right on the spot where Mary was kidnapped, Floyd.
Floyd: Of course that's where you found it! I lost it trying to save that poor woman from the Creature!
Jones: ...I'm sorry, are you telling us that you SAW the kidnapping?! Why didn't you say this earlier?
Floyd: Why you didn't ask me 'bout it! See, I was on my way to the lake when I saw the Creature attack someone on the outskirts of town.
Floyd: I didn't even think! I rushed towards the creature, and struck its face with my claw. It pushed me away, and I fell unconscious. When I came to, the Creature was gone, and that woman as well.

Jones: I'm starting to wonder if there is anybody sane in this town apart from you, <Name>.
Jones: I wouldn't even be surprised if Floyd was delusional and he WAS the Creature of the Lake, but I guess we don't have enough proof to arrest him.
Jones: Still, he said he'd struck the creature with the claw, so our killer must have scratches on their face... let's right it down, <Name>!

Analyze Glove.
Grace: That's a mighty strange glove you found on the outskirts of town, <Name>. I did not know scales were in fashion this year.
Jones: They're not. We think our killer must have dressed to avoid being recognized.
Grace: They definitely did. I found DNA from your victim on the outside of the gloves... and none of it inside.
Grace: Which confirms this glove was worn by your killer! And I found something else inside it: dog hairs.
Jones: So our killer is in contact with dogs?!
Jones: Thomas Benson has a dog, he was carrying it in his arms.
Jones: But you're right, we know someone else who has a dog... and hangs around the outskirts of town! <Name>, let's go have a talk with James Savage, the local huntsmen!

Talk to James Savage.
James: Let me see if I'm getting this straight: you say I'm a suspect in another murder investigation just because I've got a dog?!
Jones: Calm down, James. <Rank> <Name> just wants to know if you knew our victim, Mary Gray.
James: I just saw her around the market, from time to time, that's all. Never really talked to her.
James: But I DID see her with someone yesterday. She went with them to the outskirts of town. I wouldn't be surprised if that was her killer.
Jones: How convenient that you saw that. I'm guessing that you didn't see that person's face, of course?
James: No, I didn't. But I'm not a hunter for nothing. That person Mary followed... even from afar, I could tell they were bad news. They were acting like Mary was their prey.

Talk to Elizabeth Hopkins.
Elizabeth: <Rank> <Name>, I've discovered that my sister intended to sell all her things and leave Grimsborough forever!
Elizabeth: The fool must have been bamboozled by someone! I told her putting that ad in the newspaper would make her a target for maniacs!
Jones: I don't mean to be rude, Mrs Hopkins, but you do not seem to have thought highly of your sister.
Elizabeth: Just because we were related by blood does not mean we could relate, you know.
Elizabeth: Mary always complained about being lonely, but who would have looked twice at such a wallflower? She should have settled for what she could get.
Elizabeth: Love is overrated, anyway. I've got money, I'm the mistress of my house, my husband provides for me! Love has got nothing to do with any of it, and yet I'm happier than my sister ever was.
Elizabeth: I like things ordered and clear, like stamps on their board. Mary wanted romance, and look where it led her!

Jones: <Name>, if our victim intended to sell everything she owned, then we'd better have another look at her yard sale stall! Let's go!

Investigate Stall Shelves.
Jones: This tiny box is chock-full of junk! But if someone can find the proverbial needle in the haystack, it's you, <Name>!

Examine Box.
Jones: The stamp you found in this box looks pristine, apart from the postal ink. And look at the picture... romantic!
Jones: <Name>, you're right! This stamp must come from one of the letters Mary kept! If you can retrieve DNA from it, we know who sent those letters to her!

Examine Stamp.
Jones: Great job, <Name>! You managed to collect DNA from the stamp you found in Mary's stall!
Jones: Quick, let's send this DNA to Grace!

Analyze DNA.
Grace: So I analyzed the DNA you found on the stamp your victim kept in her stall.
Grace: It was badly damaged, the stamp must have been licked a long while ago, but through extrapolation and partial reconstruction, I managed to get a DNA sequence big enough for comparison.
Grace: <Name>, this stamp was sent to your victim by Alexander Vladinsky!
Jones: So he WAS corresponding with Mary! Let's go bust his chops, <Name>!

Talk to Alexander Vladinsky.
Jones: Mr Vladinsky, <Rank> <Name> has found your DNA on one of the stamps Mary kept!
Jones: And yet, you had told us you had never written to Mary, that you wanted to meet her straight away!
Alexander: I'm... terribly ashamed, <Rank>. I knew in my soul I should confess, but my heart took the lead.
Alexander: You see, what I had with Mary was pure and true. I know she would not have wanted our love to be the subject of scrutiny!
Alexander: For many months, Mary and I poured our hearts onto paper. I handpicked the most beautiful stamps from my own collection, for Mary deserved the best.
Alexander: You MUST understand, <Rank>! Mary was everything to me! I would have never hurt her, ever!

A While Later...
Jones: Aah... it's such a pity what happened here. This lake is so peaceful... I can feel the fresh air clearing my thoughts, can't you, <Name>?
Jones: And, just saying, I still can't see any trace of that silly "Creature" Ramirez and Floyd keep talking... a... bout...
Jones: Did... did something just move over there, in the fog?
The Lake Creature: COWER, MORTALS!
Jones: What the...
Jones: Grimsborough PD, freeze!

Chapter 3

The Lake Creature: COWER, MORTALS!
Jones: What the...
Jones: Grimsborough PD, freeze!
The Lake Creature: Hahahahaha!
Jones: Damn, it dived right into the lake!
Jones: <Name>, we need to follow it... whoever they are! Let's get our scuba gear and dive after it!

Investigate Underwater.
(Before investigating)
Jones: The Creature dived into the lake, <Name>! We need to follow it! Are you ready to go underwater? Then let's go!
(After investigating)
Jones: Damn it, the Creature has vanished!
Jones: Uh, I mean the person dressed as a creature, of course. I don't believe in it, haha!
Jones: Anyway, whatever this is, it's covered in the same scales as the glove you found on the crime scene. If you could only manage to piece it back up...
Alexander: <Rank> <Name>? I would like to talk to you, it's about Mary's killer.
Jones: What the... I'm sorry, but what are you doing here, Mr Vladinsky?
Alexander: Why, I came to see where my poor darling Mary... where she... well, you understand, don't you?

Talk to Alexander Vladinsky.
Alexander: <Rank> <Name>, I know you must be very busy trying to find Mary's killer, and I thought I might be able to help.
Alexander: Mary had always mentioned a man she was scared of. An old "friend" who kept following her around.
Alexander: I urged her to get a dog to defend herself. I've got a German Shepherd myself, just to keep safe. There are so many unbalanced beings in the world...
Alexander: But she would not listen to me. She said she was just being paranoid... what if she'd been wrong?
Jones: Did she mention who that man was?
Alexander: She said he was an old flame of hers, whose love she had never returned. A certain Thomas Benson.

Jones: So Alexander owns a dog... Oh, and I've heard that Elizabeth also has dogs, she even breeds them! ... Is EVERYONE in this town a dog person? What about goldfishes? They're great pets!
Jones: I can't say I trust our Casanova a great deal, but every lead is worth investigating, you're right.
Jones: Let's go talk to Thomas again and see if he was really stalking our victim.

Talk to Thomas Benson.
Thomas: I don't care what anyone told you! I would have never stalked Mary! I respected her!
Jones: Why didn't you tell us you loved her?
Thomas: I did not think it mattered! She... she did not return my feelings. She never did.
Thomas: I would have offered her the world, if only she'd let me! But she never even gave me a chance, even though she kept saying she was lonely!
Thomas: Anyway. The only reason I even went to the yard sale was to find new stamps for my collection! It wasn't to stalk Mary!
Thomas: Like I said, I would have never, ever hurt her. I even... I know you'll laugh, but I even named my puppy after Mary. Now Little Mary's all I've got left.

Jones: You know, our suspects are really starting to get on my nerves. Between the one who thinks there's a creature living in the lake, the reincarnation of Casanova and the lovelorn friend...
Jones: I think I need a change of scenery. Let's go back to the outskirts of town, <Name>.

Examine Torn Suit.
Jones: A diving suit with scales on it! So THIS is the Creature of the Lake!
Jones: <Name>, let's send this to the lab straight away! We're one step closer to finding Mary's killer!

Analyze Suit.
Grace: I never saw a suit quite like the one you found in the lake, <Name>. Whoever made this is quite crafty!
Grace: Unfortunately, they're also quite cautious. I could not find a single hair, a single skin follicle. The water washed everything away.
Grace: Everything... except some mud.
Jones: Well, <Name> found the suit in the lake, so that makes sense.
Grace: You misunderstand me, Jones. This mud was trapped between the two layers of the suit. It was there BEFORE the suit was disposed of in the lake.
Grace: That means that whoever wore this suit got his clothes stained when he put it on. And because they've just taken the suit off...
Jones: They still have a mud stain on their clothes! <Name>, let's add this to our killer's profile!

Investigate Dilapidated Road.
Jones: A broken medal? Once again, you strike gold, <Name>! Do you think you can repair it? We need to know who it belongs to!

Examine Broken Medal.
Jones: "Mary Gray"! So this medal belongs to our victim!
Jones: She must have lost it when the killer knocked her out... Let's have a closer look at it, <Name>!

Examine Medal.
Jones: I cannot believe you managed to collect skin cells from that medal, <Name>? But even if Grace can analyze it, they'll just come back positive for our victim, won't they?
Jones: I guess you're right: better wait and see the results.

Analyze Skin Cells.
Grace: <Name>, I applaud your good sense: the skin cells you collected from Mary's medal didn't belong to her!
Jones: What, so her killer touched the medal? But how? They were wearing a suit!
Jones: OH! You're right, <Name>! They lost a glove in the same location! So they must have touched Mary's medal with their bare hand!
Grace: Exactly. Working on such a delicate skin cell takes time, and I'll need a few days to give you a complete DNA profile...
Jones: But we can't wait a few days!
Grace: ...But because I know you can't wait a few days, I already have one deduction for you, for what it's worth.
Grace: Based on a very rough DNA profile, I can tell you that Mary's killer has got blue eyes!

Jones: Well, this is it, <Name>! We have once again proved that science beats superstition.
Jones: Let's go put our so called Creature of the Lake behind bars, shall we?

Take care of the killer now!
Jones: Alexander Vladinsky, you're under arrest for the kidnapping and murder of Mary Gray.
Alexander: I cannot believe you saw through my ruse, <Rank> <Name>! I had spent a lot of time creating that Creature costume, I thought it would fool anyone.
Alexander: I just wish I hadn't lost Mary's medal in the grass. I planned on keeping it, a little souvenir, you see.
Jones: I don't get it. You kept saying you loved Mary! You sent her all those romantic letters! Why did you kill her then?!
Alexander: Love, passion, murder... those are all so similar, aren't they? Murder... Murder can be the greatest form of desire.
Jones: That's... I don't even know what to reply to that. And what about the costume? If it was a crime of passion, why did you disguise yourself, uh?!
Alexander: But for the romance, of course! Can you picture it? Mary, alone, waiting for me in her white dress... The Creature, creeping up behind her, kidnapping her to take her to it's underwater lair!
Alexander: Can you imagine anything more romantic? I am sure Mary would have approved!
Jones: You... <Rank> <Name>, can you put the cuffs on this madman before I lose it?

Judge Hall: Alexander Vladinsky, you are brought before this Court to answer for the murder of Mary Gray. What do you have to say for yourself?
Alexander: I loved Mary. Shouldn't one be allowed to show their love whichever they see fit?
Judge Hall: Not when it involves locking the object of your affection in the trunk of a car and leaving them to drown!
Alexander: Well, I could not hold my breath long enough to drown her. I had to find another way, you know. The car seemed... practical.
Judge Hall: I will not hear another word from you, Mr Vladinsky. You obviously feel no remorse for your crime, or even seem to understand why you were wrong.
Judge Hall: This Court hereby condemns you to 30 years in prison, and I will recommend that you are followed by a psychiatrist during your stay. Court is adjourned!

Jones: Some days I can't help but think it's dangerous to fall in love in this city of ours, <Name>.
Jones: Mary trusted her heart, like many of our victims, and it led her to the same fate at the hands of a maniac...
Jones: Ah, it's not always easy to be the one dealing with those dark minds. I don't know who you manage to keep your cool, <Name>. I'm not as strong as you.
Jones: Let's... let's go back to the station, shall we? I could use a cup of coffee. And some sugar.

Additional Investigation

Eduardo Ramirez: <Rank> <Name>! Congratulations on a job well done! I'm glad you exposed the faker!
Ramirez: All those talks about the Creature of the Lake were fascinating! I heard Floyd Russel started guiding tourists around the lake, he knows everything about the real Creature!
Jones: Oh, come on, Ramirez! This "Creature" is just a myth! Why are you still talking about this urban legend?
Ramirez: Sure, Jones, keep believing this... Now, <Name>, can you come with me to the Lake Tour with me? I have a lot of questions to ask Mr Russel.

Jones: Hey, <Name>, when you're done with Ramirez, I'd like to check on Thomas Benson! He's a nice guy, I feel sorry for him and his puppy... we should talk to him a little--
James: <Rank> <Name>! There is a problem with... Oh, I'm interrupting! Sorry, but I need to talk to you quickly, <Name>! I'll wait for you over there.

Ask James Savage What's Wrong.
Jones: So, James, what's the matter? It's pretty rare to see you in town. Are you and your dog alright?
James: Don't worry, I'll be back to the forest soon enough... My dog's fine too, but I didn't come here to chit-chat!
James: Sorry, I just mean... Well, I could use your help, <Rank> <Name>. There seems to be some hurt animal out of town, but I can't find it!
James: I was just passing the outskirts of town when I heard some cries. An animal is possibly hurt or stuck somewhere. We can't let it die there, right?
James: I trust your skills, <Rank> <Name>. Could you help me search the place?

Investigate Town Exit.
Jones: James was right, <Name>! Aw, poor fox! It seems really weak. Maybe it hurt itself? That wouldn't be surprising with all the litterings here...
Jones: I don't see any wounds, though, maybe it's sick? Can you inspect it? We must find out what's wrong with this poor lad!

Examine Sick Fox.
Jones: Those insects you found in the fox's fur don't look like ordinary fleas, more like mites... I'm worried, <Name>, our little guy seems really sick!
Jones: Grace knows a lot about animals and insects, she'll be able to tell us what those are!

Analyze Insects.
Grace: <Name>! Those insects you brought me are very interesting mites. That fox is lucky you found it. It probably felt lost so close so the city...
Jones: Mites? I knew those weren't fleas... so what did those mites do to our fox?
Grace: They're Sarcoptic Mange Mites. They transmit the mange disease, or scabies, to mammals such as fox or dogs. It makes their skin itch a lot, and their fur to fall.
Grace: The discomfort they caused it must have rendered your friend here unable to eat correctly. Hence its current weakened state.
Grace: But now, it just needs some medicine to kill the mites, and some rest. It's a young fox, so it'd be best if it had someone to make sure it doesn't run away before being cured.
Jones: I can't really take care of a wild animal at home... But I bet James knows a lot about foxes and their habits. I think we should ask him to watch over the fox!

Ask James Savage To Take Care Of The Fox.
Jones: Here is the fox you heard in the outskirts of town, James. It caught some mites, and they gave it the mange disease. Apparently, it made it too uncomfortable to eat properly, and really sick.
James: Mange mites? Yeah, I've already seen animals infected with this disease... Adult animals are usually strong enough to get over it, but this one is young... Did you treat it already?
Jones: Yes, we gave it a treatment, but it needs calm. And it'd be great if you could watch over it to make sure it really rests. You know more about foxes than us, after all.
James: Oh! Are you giving a fox to a hunter, <Rank> <Name>? You do know what's my job concerning those animals, right?
James: Just kidding, don't make that face! This kind of fox is an endangered species, I'd never hunt it. Don't worry, I'll take care of this fox until it is strong enough to go back into the wild!

Talk To Floyd Russel About The Creature.
Floyd: Hello <Rank> <Name>! To what do I owe the pleasure of your visit? Do you want to take my Lake Tour?
Ramirez: Actually, Mr Russel, I'm very curious about the Creature of the Lake! See, I did some research and I have a few questions... Has the Creature made many victims?
Floyd: Of course there was! The Creature has attacked people living here for decades! Every five or six years, someone mysteriously vanishes! The medias are requested to keep it down, but it's true...
Ramirez: I knew it! I knew the Creature of the Lake existed!
Floyd: If you're so interested, I have printed some pamphlets explaining the Creature's story and all the evidence of its existence I collected...
Floyd: I had one left... Damn! It must have fallen from my bag... It was my last one! Do you think you could help me find it? It has to be around here!

Investigate Lake.
Ramirez: This lake is huge, I'm glad you found something so quickly, <Rank> <Name>! You're probably right, this shredded paper seems related to the Creature of the Lake!
Ramirez: I really can't make anything from it in its current state. Do you think you can restore it?

Examine Torn Paper.
Ramirez: What was just torn paper looks like a shiny new pamphlet now! I'm starting to think you're more of a supernatural being than the Creature itself, <Rank> <Name>! Let's go back to Mr Russel!

Tell Floyd Russel You Found The Pamphlet.
Floyd: You were quick, <Rank> <Name>! This is indeed my last pamphlet! I'm glad you found it! By all means, keep it.
Floyd: You seem so interested in the Creature, Officer Ramirez, and this is the most reliable source you'll ever find! Nobody knows more about it than me!
Ramirez: This is amazing! Thank you so much, Mr Russel, I'll read this pamphlet thoroughly. I'll probably come back to ask you questions though... I want to know everything about the Creature!
Floyd: It'd be a pleasure to discuss it with you! And, <Rank> <Name>, I've had a great idea to attract tourists! I plan to sell Creature costumes!
Floyd: That's a good idea, isn't it? I'll soon be able to start a little themed gift shop! Here, since it's all thanks to you, <Rank> <Name>, I'm giving you my first costume for free!

Check Up On Thomas Benson.
Jones: Hello, Thomas! We came to make sure you were holding up alright. So, how are you?
Thomas: That's very nice of you, <Rank> <Name>, I still have trouble realizing Mary's dead. We've known each other for so long... Thought I have to admit having my puppy helps a lot.
Thomas: Actually, I have a problem: I have to bring Little Mary here to the vet in a short while. She's supposed to be vaccinated.
Thomas: But Mary's family will come to take her things from the yard sale soon. They gently agreed to let me have Mary's fairytale book, but I haven't found it yet.
Thomas: It was her favourite book, so I want to read it to my Little Mary. I'm sure they'll share that love for fairytales and happy ending!
Jones: Aw! That's adorable! You know, <Rank> <Name> is an ace when it comes to finding stuff! Just bring your puppy to the vet, we'll stay here and find that book for you!

Investigate Stall Shelves.
Jones: You're as quick as ever, <Name>. The book Thomas wanted must be in this suitcase.

Examine Suitcase.
Jones: You were right, as usual, <Name>: this fairytale book you found was in the suitcase you found. I love Thomas' idea of reading Mary-the-dog's book to human-Mary...
Jones: Wait, it's the opposite! Reading human Mary's favourite book to Mary-the-dog... It sounds better, right? I'm lost to those two Marys.
Jones: Anyway, <Name>, you know what I meant! Let's bring this book back to Thomas!

Give The Book To Thomas Benson.
Jones: Hey Thomas, we found the fairytale book you wanted! I hope your puppy will like them as much as Mary did!
Thomas: Thank you so much, <Rank> <Name>! I would have really been miserable if you hadn't found it!
Thomas: You can tell Little Mary will love these tales. She's just as beautiful and gentle as Mary was... They would have gotten along so well! Isn't she the cutest puppy ever?
Thomas: The vet said I should enroll her in the dog pageant, and I think he's right. I'm sure she can win! Please, don't hesitate to come cheer for her.
Thomas: Please, let me cook something as a thank you, <Rank> <Name>!

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