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In Campanilla, Colombia...
Jack Archer: <Name>, we had adventures of Olympic proportions in Rio. And I don't just mean my little hallucinogenic trip. But I could use a reminder about our new mission...
Dupont: We're in Campanilla, Colombia! The village was named after a beautiful 12th-century bell, or "campana" in Spanish! It is located in the tower behind us!
Carmen: Dupont, there's no time for a guided tour! We've come to Campanilla because of another Spanish word: SOMBRA!
Carmen: According to an old flyer we found in Rio, and the testimony of Hector Montoya...
Carmen: SOMBRA may have started in the village, many years ago, as a circle of intellectuals!
Dupont: All the more reason to study Campanilla thoroughly! If SOMBRA started here, we're bound to find something on El Rey, too!
Jack: El Rey? I don't know, are we sure that dude's even alive? He must be older than dirt! And if h-
(A heavy metal object falls, creating a loud sound.)
Jack: <Name>, did you hear that? My ears are still ringing!
Carmen: It came from that old bell tower over there! <Name>, let's see what's going on!

Chapter 1

Investigate Old Bell Tower.
Jack Archer (shocked): Oh my God! Michelle!
Jack: <Name>, we need to get her to the hospital!
Carmen (sadly): Jack... She's not breathing. That bell crushed her. It's too late.
Jack (angrily): But she can't be dead! She left the office just five minutes ahead of us... And she was fine!
Carmen: She was fine... until she was killed! Look at that rope <Name>'s found! Someone cut the bell down! We should examine that rope for forensic clues!
Jack: Michelle was murdered?! But who could've done this?!
Carmen: I don't know, but that ferry ticket might tell us! Let's run that flash code through the database and see who bought it!
Carmen: We've walked into SOMBRA's turf. I guess we can't be too surprised that they greeted us by killing Michelle...
Carmen: In fact, <Name>'s right: this only confirms that we're close to a breakthrough! There's something, or somebody, in Campanilla that SOMBRA doesn't want us to find!
Jack (in despair): But this is insane, <Name>! As if being betrayed by a mole wasn't enough, now they had to kill our agent, too?
Carmen: We'll have to mourn her later. Jack, take Michelle's body to the morgue. Tell the team no one should wonder off alone. <Name> and I will start the investigation!

Examine Cut Rope.
Carmen: <Name>, you've collected some brown leaves from the rope that suspended the bell! Lars will help us figure out who cut it down!

Analyze Brown Leaves.
Lars: <Name>, I can't believe Michelle's dead!
Lars: She was getting REALLY good at my knock-knock jokes!
Carmen: Lars, you're still reeling from what happened with Angela. If you aren't feeling up to this, we'll ask Grace to help.
Lars: No, <Name>, I want to play my part in bringing SOMBRA down!
Lars: Now, the result on that residue from the rope in the bell tower. In short, it was a particular kind of tobacco leaf called Corojo.
Lars: Corojo's grown in the Vuelta Abajo region of Cuba, and it's used for the outer wrapping of cigars!
Lars: The tobacco must've gotten on the rope via the knife that was used to cut the bell down!
Lars: Which means the killer used the same knife they also use to cut their cigars!
Carmen: So the killer smokes cigars! They might think they're a cut above the rest, but cutting the bell down on Michelle will be THEIR downfall!

Examine Ferry Ticket.
Carmen: <Name>, the flash code on the ferry ticket from the crime scene identified a passenger: Alejandro Pratx!
Carmen: You're right, we've heard that name before... Alejandro Pratx is SOMBRA! He sailed their ship to Antarctica in the 1950's.
Carmen: In Argentina, you arrested Pratx's granddaughter. She was frantically loyal to SOMBRA, and refused to tell us what became of her grandfather...
Carmen: We later learned Alejandro went to Luzaguay, but there we lost track of him again.
Carmen: You're right, <Name>, Alejandro Pratx clearly has a long history with SOMBRA! I wonder what brings him to Campanilla now, but in a small village like this, he won't be hard to find!

Question Alejandro Pratx about his visit to Campanilla.
Carmen: Señor Pratx, are you the Alejandro Pratx who sailed a ship to Antarctica back in the 1950's?
Alejandro (saluting): Yes, I am! At your service, <Rank> <Name>.
Alejandro: I'm surprised anybody'd remember that old exploration! A ferry trip is all I can manage these days!
Carmen: No need to be modest, Señor Pratx. You and your family have managed to do quite a lot for SOMBRA. Is that what brings you to Campanilla, too?
Alejandro: SOMBRA?! <Rank> <Name>, those daredevil days are behind me! It was time for the youth to take over!
Alejandro: I'm just an old man visiting his birthplace, <Rank> <Name>. At my age, climbing up to the bell tower is a thrilling adventure.
Carmen: "Thrilling" is one way to put it. One of our agents has just been killed there. 
Alejandro: I'm sorry to hear that, <Rank> <Name>. Looks like not everyone's lucky enough to live to be my age!

Carmen: <Name>, I'll eat my badge if Pratx is "an old man visiting his birthplace," like he said!
Carmen (cluelessly): He makes no secret of his SOMBRA affiliations! And why would he come home now, after a lifetime of laying low in South America?
Carmen: Tell you what: he's exactly how I picture El Rey! Old, arrogant, good at giving orders and better at dodging questions. But if he killed Michelle, it'll be the end of his hiding!
Carmen (confused): But you're right, we haven't had a look around the village square yet. We were here when we heard the bell fall... Let's go back there now!

Investigate Marketplace.
Carmen: <Name>, I don't get how this lost wallet is going to lead us to Michelle's killer, but go on ahead, check for an ID!
Carmen: That antique coin is a less common thing to lose! Let's see if we can lift some skin cells off the surface!
Carmen: <Name>, Michelle's dead, but we're already on the killer's trail! They'll be sorry to have messed with our partner!

Examine Wallet.
Carmen (shocked): <Name>, what's Michelle's old business card doing in this wallet?!
Carmen (cluelessly): That means the wallet's owner knew Michelle! What are the chances-
Isabel: Por Dios, that's my wallet! Give it back or I'll call the police!
Carmen (showing her badge): Don't worry, Ma'am, we ARE the police. And we need to have a word with you!

Ask Doña Amarga how she knows Michelle.
Carmen: Doña Amarga, we need to ask you about this business card in your wallet. How did you know Michelle Zuria?
Isabel: I only knew her as a little girl, <Rank> <Name>. I locked her up in the closet many a time when she disobeyed me!
Carmen: You locked up Michelle in a closet? That's... charming. Are you her relative?
Isabel: I was her governess. Señor Zuria was an army officer stationed in the Americas. I looked after Michelle until they moved to the US, when she was 12.
Isabel: Por Dios, that child needed discipline! I tried to teach her to be useful, to contribute, and she'd answer back, looking at her nails like a little madam!
Carmen: Yeah, she kept that habit well into adulthood...
Isabel: But I had hopes for her! I told her, it's a man's world, but a woman can rule it if she's strong! When I learned Michelle became a lawyer, I saw my hard work rewarded!
Carmen: Well, being a lawyer didn't save her from being crushed by a bell...
Isabel: Michelle was here? And she's dead? Dios mio!
Isabel: That's unfortunate, <Rank> <Name>. But maybe Michelle answered back to the wrong person. Who knows?

Carmen: <Name>, I didn't get a maternal vibe from Michelle's old governess... Not sure I'd have her look after Sanjay!
Carmen: I know times were different back then, but she locked Michelle up in the closet!
Carmen: You're right, her talk about "contributing" was suspiciously familiar, too. This town is clearly swarming with SOMBRA. Let's keep an eye on Doña Amarga!

Examine Antique Coin.
Carmen: <Name>, let's put that skin cell example from the antique coin under the microscope!

Examine Skin Cell Sample.
Carmen: <Name>, the DNA on the antique coin you picked up at the marketplace matched a certain Ignacio Muñoz!
Carmen: Muñoz, isn't that the name of that SOMBRA collaborator we met in Argentina? Interesting that he's dropping coins like breadcrumbs wherever we go!
Carmen: You're right, Muñoz being here just when Michelle's killed is suspicious! Let's grill him!

Ask Ignacio Muñoz what he's doing in Campanilla.
Ignacio: Fancy meeting you again, <Rank> <Name>. Is little Michelle not with you today?
Carmen: Michelle's been murdered. Don't pretend you don't know about it!
Ignacio: Michelle's dead?
Ignacio: My, my, that is regrettable. But not surprising. SOMBRA doesn't like traitors.
Carmen: We know what YOU like, Muñoz: anyone who pays you in antiques, including SOMBRA! Tell us what you had to do to earn this coin!
Ignacio: Nothing that concerned Michelle.
Ignacio: <Rank> <Name>, it's true I like beautiful things. Michelle was also beautiful... I never wished to see that beauty destroyed!
Carmen: We'll see if your story checks out, Muñoz. Don't skip town!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Grace: Michelle and I joined the Bureau almost at the same time, <Name>... I'm gutted to see her on my autopsy table!
Carmen: Michelle's murder shocked us all. But maybe we should've seen it coming. SOMBRA is clearly furious that we've found this place.
Grace: Using the bell as the murder weapon was clever. Without direct contact between the killer and the victim, forensic clues were impossible to obtain.
Grace: The only clue I found was something the killer wanted us to find. Look! In Michelle's pocket, there was this torn book page. It says, "Chapter 2: For Whom the Bell Falls."
Grace: I didn't even need Monsieur Dupont to identify the book: it's Ernesto Cárpena's novel, Rayuela de Ficciones. In Chapter 2, a character dies the same way as Michelle.
Carmen: Even criminal masterminds have weaknesses... This killer has two: vanity and Argentinian literature! They've read Rayuela de Ficciones!
Carmen: You're right, <Name>, this book can only end one way: with the killer's arrest and SOMBRA's downfall!

Later, at headquarters...
Carmen: <Name>, I still can't believe Michelle's dead! We've been so busy investigating that we haven't even had time to mourn her!
Carmen: It's true that we didn't warm up to her immediately... But Michelle'd found her place on the team.
Chief Ripley: It's disheartening that the Bureau should suffer another loss so soon after Angela's betrayal.
Chief Ripley: But <Name>, I don't expect you to be deterred now that we're so close to a breakthrough with SOMBRA!
Carmen: Well, Campanilla's definitely a place of strategic significance. Even an old veteran of SOMBRA, Alejandro Pratx, crawled out of the woodwork.
Carmen: Another suspect, Ignacio Muñoz, is already known to us for his links with SOMBRA. And we also met Michelle's childhood governess, who's a little too fond of discipline and "contributing." But-
(Dupont runs in, panting.)
Dupont: <Name>, there you are! I ran all the way from the village! I've made a discovery!
Carmen: Dupont! What were you doing alone in the village?
Dupont: <Name>... Listen! I've found El Rey!

Chapter 2

Carmen Martinez: <Name>, I still can't believe Michelle's dead! We've been so busy investigating that we haven't even had time to mourn her!
Carmen: It's true that we didn't warm up to her immediately... But Michelle'd found her place on the team.
Elizabeth: It's disheartening that the Bureau should suffer another loss so soon after Angela's betrayal.
Elizabeth: But <Name>, I don't expect you to be deterred now that we're so close to a breakthrough with SOMBRA!
Carmen: Well, Campanilla's definitely a place of strategic importance, but-
(Dupont runs in, panting.)
Dupont: <Name>, there you are! I ran all the way from the village! I've made a discovery! I've found El Rey!
Carmen: Dupont, what are you talking about? Take a deep breath and tell us everything!
Dupont: <Name>... Listen! There's an old gentlemen's club in the village called The King's Shadow!
Carmen: Wait, we're trying to find Michelle's killer, and you're spending your time in a pub? Dupont, I-
Dupont: Michelle's dead? But... how...
Carmen: She was crushed under the bell. SOMBRA clearly doesn't want us in Campanilla.
Dupont: Mon Dieu! I shall miss her very much, <Name>! She was the only one who appreciated my linguistic explanations.
Dupont: Which brings me back to my original point: <Name>, the club I found is called The King's Shadow!
Dupont: El Rey means "king" and SOMBRA means "shadow"! <Name>, tell me you get it! The King's Shadow must be SOMBRA's birthplace!
Carmen: <Name>, I've got to admit it sounds plausible. Dupont, show us the way to The King's Shadow!

Investigate The King's Shadow Club.
Dupont: <Name>, look at this place! Imagine it back in the day... drinking, politics, jazz... It fits SOMBRA's start as a group of intellectuals!
Carmen: I see The King's Shadow captured your imagination, Dupont. But we need proof that this is SOMBRA's lair!
Carmen: Alright, that file has "confidential" written on it! Let's look inside!
Carmen: And hopefully that torn paper will bring new leads on SOMBRA and El Rey! We owe it to Michelle to finally unmask them!

Examine Torn Paper.
Dupont: <Name>, that old record you restored has "King of the Trumpet" written on it! It's another reference to a "King"! Trust me, we're finally on El Rey's trail!
Carmen: Dupont, we're all desperate to bring SOMBRA down and find Michelle's killer, but this mostly sounds like a coincidence...
Dupont: Leave this record with me, <Name>! A little research in my library, and you'll change your tune about this clue, I promise!

Analyze Jazz Record.
Dupont: <Name>, this old record you found in The King's Shadow will jazz up your investigation!
Dupont: I've identified the musician who was known as King of the Trumpet in the 1950s-60s. His name is Arsenio Castillo.
Dupont: Arsenio performed regularly in The King's Shadow at the time SOMBRA began!
Carmen: <Name>, I'm still skeptical about this. Just because a local musician called himself King of the Trumpet doesn't mean he's El Rey! What else do we know about this Arsenio?
Dupont: We know that he's back in Campanilla! Just when Michelle's killed! You can't say that's a coincidence too!
Carmen: Alright, if this King of the Trumpet is here, we can at least take a closer look at him, <Name>!

Find out more about Arsenio Castillo.
Arsenio: Welcome to The King's Shadow, <Rank> <Name>! Have a cigar and make yourself comfortable!
Carmen: Señor Castillo, we're investigating a murder. We suspect this club was the birthplace of a secret organization many years ago. You were a regular here at the time.
Arsenio: Ah, those were the days! Music, discussions, drinking every night! The King's Shadow was bustling with life! Many of the regulars became prominent figures in later life.
Arsenio: Alejandro Pratx spent the night here before he sailed to Antarctica! Adolfo Herrera plotted his coup in Luzaguay from that table! Of course, they were just young men back then.
Carmen: And they were all part of the organization we're chasing! What did these young intellectuals talk about?
Arsenio: I was busy playing music, <Rank> <Name>, I had no time for chatter.
Carmen: Alright, let's talk about more recent events. Does the name Michelle Zuria sound familiar?
Arsenio: Nah, I don't think I know her. I don't get out much anymore.
Arsenio: I prefer to read. I never tire of Rayuela de Ficciones, such a masterpiece. Pity the author was tortured to death.
Arsenio: It was nice to reminisce about old times, <Rank> <Name>. Come back tonight, I'll tell you more if you buy me a drink!

Carmen: <Name>, Arsenio confirmed several SOMBRA agents used to meet here in the 1950s.
Carmen: Which also supports Dupont's claims that The King's Shadow was where SOMBRA was first thought up by a group of intellectuals!
Carmen: But we're still missing a crucial piece: El Rey! So many clues point to him, yet he keeps slipping through our fingers!
Carmen: But who more than El Rey would want to see Michelle dead? She betrayed SOMBRA, and led the Bureau to their hideaway!
Carmen: <Name>, we're so hot on El Rey's trail, but a little hint wouldn't go amiss! If only Michelle could help us now!
Carmen: Good point, Michelle may be gone, but we can still retrace her steps! She must've gone to that bell tower for a reason! Let's go back there and figure it out!

Investigate Staircase.
Carmen: <Name>, that's Michelle's phone! I recognize it!
Carmen: Maybe it's silly, but I can't help feeling like Michelle left it here for us to find...
Carmen: That wrought iron key must be how the killer gained access to the bell in the tower! And then they dropped it when they ran away. Let's vacuum up that brown residue on it!
Carmen: The writing on that postcard was erased... and then the card was thrown away! Restoring the text might explain why!
Carmen: <Name>, I feel like we're on the right track! Let's do this for Michelle!

Examine Faded Postcard.
Carmen: <Name>, that postcard's addressed to a prisoner: Lorena Pratx! That's the SOMBRA agent you arrested in Argentina!
Carmen: And the message reads: "El Rey doesn't forget those who are loyal," signed: "your grandfather."
Carmen: So Lorena's grandfather recently mentioned El Rey to her! <Name>, we're finally getting somewhere!
Carmen: Señor Pratx is a SOMBRA old timer, and judging from his tone, familiar with El Rey... if he's not El Rey himself! And if he killed Michelle, too, then we've come full circle!
Carmen: Alright, <Name>, time to grill Pratx again!

Question Alejandro Pratx about his postcard.
Carmen: Señor Pratx, you said you were done with SOMBRA a long time ago...
Carmen: But we found evidence that you're part of El Rey's inner circle... If you aren't El Rey yourself!
Alejandro: Me? El Rey? <Rank> <Name>, you have some ideas!
Alejandro: El Rey's stayed in the shadows for decades, hiding his identity even from SOMBRA's most loyal allies! Why would he reveal himself to you now?
Carmen: He can't hide for much longer! If El Rey killed our partner, like we suspect, it'll be the end of his reign!
Alejandro: Here, have a cigar as a price for your naivety, <Rank> <Name>, and leave Campanilla now! Unless you want to end up like your friend. That's El Rey's message to you.
Carmen: Well, <Rank> <Name>'s message to you is that you're under arrest for threatening the Bureau!

Examine Locked Phone.
Carmen: <Name>, let's send Michelle's phone to Elliot! He'll find something in it that'll turn this case around!

Analyze Michelle's Phone.
Elliot (crying): <Name>, I can't believe those dirtbags killed Michelle!
Elliot: Looking at her phone brought back memories... When she sent me messages as X... Or how she used to call me Mr Clayton...
Elliot: But there was some pretty disturbing stuff on her phone, too.
Carmen: Disturbing how?
Elliot: Some creep named Ignacio kept harassing her with suggestive messages.
Elliot: Sometimes Ignacio quoted kinky passages from that book called Rayuela de Ficciones... Or talked about adding Michelle to his "art collection."
Carmen: That slimy Muñoz?! Yuck! Poor Michelle!
Carmen: At least that explains why she'd look so angry when she checked her messages...
Elliot: That perv had followed her everywhere since we left Argentina! I don't know why Michelle never told us about this, <Name>!
Elliot: I mean, Michelle knew that she could trust us, right? She knew we were her friends!
Carmen: Michelle wasn't the type to ask for help... But it doesn't mean she didn't trust us!
Carmen: And <Name> will give Muñoz what he deserves, even if it's all we can do!

Interrogate Muñoz about harassing Michelle.
Carmen: Muñoz, you've been stalking Michelle since we left Argentina! What did you want from her?
Ignacio: I'd leave that to your imagination, if I didn't know how unrefined that is.
Ignacio: Michelle was too exquisite for you Bureau peasants. I was more worthy of her!
Carmen: Stalking Michelle across four countries was a strange way to show your appreciation!
Ignacio: Michelle was like an addiction to me, <Rank> <Name>! Like smoking! Or beautiful antiques! It was a force I couldn't fight!
Ignacio: I only worked with SOMBRA to get closer to her! When she left to join you, the pain was unbearable!
Carmen: And so you led SOMBRA to her! Maybe you even did their bidding, and cut down that bell yourself! You probably got a kick out of that, too!
Ignacio: How dare you?! Michelle'd still be alive had she not joined the Bureau! YOU are the ones who destroyed her!
Carmen: You're lucky we can't arrest you for harassment! But if <Rank> <Name> finds out you had anything to do with El Rey, you're going down!

Examine Bell Tower Key.
Carmen: <Name>, let's send those brown particles to Lars! He'll know what they are, and how they got on the bell tower's key!

Analyze Unknown Substance.
(Lars is with Jack, who is holding a copy of a movie called "Love Factually".)
Jack: ... and after dinner, we can watch this movie together!
Jack: Oh, hi, <Name>!
Carmen: Dinner and movie, that sounds like a nice date!
Lars: What? It's not a DATE! It's just bro time!
Carmen: Jeez, I was just teasing! It's good to see you guys have some fun...
(Jack leaves the room.)
Lars: Yes, well, let's move on to more important matters... <Name>, about that sample you gave me...
Lars: It's a textbook case of cross-contamination: your killer ground some fresh coffee, then transferred some particles to the key when opening the bell tower.
Carmen: So now we know our killer drinks coffee! But all the caffeine in the world won't help them stay ahead of <Name>!

Examine File.
Carmen: <Name>, I know you're interested in that notebook, but how about the rest of the file? It's all about Michelle!
Carmen: This is classified information! How did anyone get a hold of it?
Carmen: Let's give that notebook a good dusting and see who kept tabs on Michelle!

Examine Notes.
Carmen: <Name>, the writing in that notebook you found in the file says, "Subject left Hacienda del Rey. Heading to Campanilla"! The rest of the file was about Michelle, so this must refer to her, too.
Carmen: And the notebook's stamped with the logo of the British intelligence agency!
Carmen: You're right, we met an MI6 agent before, in Peru!
Carmen: But why would an MI6 agent track Michelle's movements? Looks like Pryce's got some explaining to do!

Question George Pryce about his surveillance of Michelle.
Carmen: Mr Pryce, you've compiled a hefty file on one of our agents, who's now dead. Care to explain?
George: Since we're on the same side, <Rank> <Name>, I might as well tell you. The MI6 knew Michelle used to be SOMBRA. We suspected she was in danger.
Carmen: And you also knew about SOMBRA all along! Why did you lie about it in Peru, if you really are on our side?
George: I don't work for the Bureau, <Rank> <Name>. I report to her Majesty the Queen.
George: I've done hours and hours of surveillance on Michelle. Enough to smoke dozens of cigars and read the entire Rayuela de Ficciones. But saving her was above my pay grade.
Carmen: We'll take your word for it. But if it turns out you're lying again, it won't be above our pay grade to arrest you!

Later, at headquarters...
Elizabeth: <Name>, tell me you're making headway with Michelle's murder, and finding SOMBRA's leader!
Carmen: The good news is, we've traced SOMBRA's birthplace to a club called The King's Shadow.
Carmen: We talked to a musician who often performed at the club... But he insisted he wasn't one of the young intellectuals who founded SOMBRA.
Carmen: Meanwhile, we're certain that Alejandro Pratx knows something about El Rey! He mentioned him to his granddaughter!
Elizabeth: Then you know what to do, <Name>! Prove that El Rey's Michelle's killer, and let our partner's murder be his downfall!
Carmen: We're on it, Chief! We-
Ingrid: <Name>! I've just had the MI6 headquarters on the line!
Ingrid: They demand to talk to you!

Chapter 3

Carmen Martinez: <Name>, we've managed to trace SOMBRA's birthplace to a club called The King's Shadow...
Carmen: But we still don't know who El Rey is, though we keep finding proof that he's around!
Carmen: And some of our suspects, like Alejandro Pratx, clearly know his identity, even if they refuse to reveal it!
Carmen: But whoever El Rey is, we know he wanted Michelle dead more than anyone! And once we prove he killed her, we'll have nailed SOMBRA's leader down for good!
Ingrid: <Name>, I've just had the MI6 headquarters on the phone!
Carmen: The MI6? They have an operative here, George Pryce. We've already questioned him.
Ingrid: That's the problem! The MI6 said George Pryce doesn't work for them anymore!
Ingrid: Pryce was forced to retire a few years ago for reasons the MI6 couldn't disclose. But they warned us not to trust him!
Carmen: That's insane! If Pryce isn't with the MI6 anymore, how did he get a file on Michelle? Her past with SOMBRA, the Bureau's investigations...
Carmen: <Name>, we have to know who Pryce works for, and if MI6 won't tell us, we'll find out from the man himself!
Ingrid: And when you're done, go back to the The King's Shadow! We're all counting on you to avenge Michelle and finally catch El Rey!

Find out who George Pryce works for.
Carmen (pointing her gun): Hands up, Pryce! Tell us who you are and who you work for! We know you aren't MI6 anymore!
George: <Rank> <Name>, you've blown my cover again...
George: It's true the MI6 forced me to retire! They said I'd become "too invested" in SOMBRA! Only because I proposed a more open approach!
Carmen (holding her gun up): A more open approach to SOMBRA? You mean, like trailing a Bureau agent and reporting her moves to them?
George: Of course not, <Rank> <Name>! But to fight SOMBRA efficiently, we need to get closer to them, to understand how they operate!
George (holding a notepad): That's why I followed your colleague who used to be SOMBRA! I kept other individuals under surveillance, too! Here, look at my notes!
George (showing notes): "Yesterday, at 15.47, I had freshly ground coffee with Ignacio Muñoz. He was disappointed with Luzaguay's Olympics performance."
Carmen: How close did you get to SOMBRA then? Close enough to know who El Rey is?
George: I don't know who that is, <Rank> <Name>. I don't have the resources you guys have at the Bureau...
Carmen: If you changed allegiance from Her Majesty the Queen to SOMBRA's El Rey, we certainly have the resources to send you to jail!

Investigate Lounge Corner.
Carmen: That stained piece of paper looks old! Let's recover that faded writing, it could finally tie one of our suspects to El Rey!
Carmen: And taping that torn picture back together should help us solve the puzzle of Michelle's murder, too!

Examine Stained Paper.
Carmen: <Name>, the writing on that old paper says: "El Rey's Manifesto"!
Carmen: The text is familiar: "The smart rule, the strong command, the fast work, the weak die." The cornerstones of SOMBRA's ideology!
Carmen: But look at all the corrections! It looks like they were still refining their motto...
Carmen: You're right, this must be the original first draft of SOMBRA's Manifesto! Let's get Elliot to identify the author!

Analyze El Rey's Manifesto.
Elliot: <Name>, deciphering old handwriting is frustrating! If only tablets had existed in the 1950s!
Carmen: Elliot, get to the point: who wrote El Rey's Manifesto?
Elliot: Luckily, the town hall's database is stuck in the 19th century, so I had handwriting samples from most of the citizens.
Elliot: And the writing matched one of your suspects: Doña Amarga.
Carmen: What?! Michelle's old governess?
Carmen: I almost forgot about her, probably because I assumed "El Rey's Manifesto" was written by a man...
Carmen: But you're right, <Name>... Doña Amarga could've been part of the circle of intellectuals who started SOMBRA! Remember her weird talk about "contributing"?
Carmen: And she knew Michelle well enough to have recognized her in the bell tower... It all fits together, <Name>!
Carmen: But then we don't have a minute to lose! Let's find Doña Amarga!

Question Doña Amarga about El Rey's Manifesto.
Carmen: Doña Amarga, we know you weren't just Michelle's childhood governess! You've been involved with SOMBRA since it began! You drafted their Manifesto!
Isabel: You never asked me about that, <Rank> <Name>! But I'm used to being overlooked because I'm a woman.
Carmen: Is that why you chose to operate behind a male alias? Admit it, Isabel: you're El Rey!
Isabel: If I were, why would I be so stupid as to tell you? Because you shove an old composition in my face?
Isabel: I'm disappointed, <Rank> <Name>. You can do better than that.
Carmen: Were you the one who indoctrinated Michelle to join SOMBRA, too? But then you had to kill her before she could've unmasked you to us!
Isabel: You sound like a character from that nonsensical Rayuela de Ficciones, thinking I'd confess to anything without proof!
Carmen: <Rank> <Name> will find proof! And if you're El Rey, and hurt Michelle, you'll write your next composition in jail!

Examine Torn Newspaper.
Carmen: <Name>, that article's about Michelle! That's her photo, and the headline says, "Newly qualified lawyer wins murder case!"
Carmen: But wait, we also know the defendant! It's Arsenio Castillo, the musician who used to perform here!
Carmen: But Arsenio said he didn't know Michelle... Funny he forgot the lawyer who acquitted him of murder.
Carmen: I don't think Arsenio suffers from dementia, so it must be plain old lying! Time to jog his memory again!

Question Arsenio about his court case.
Carmen: Arsenio, you told us you didn't remmeber Michelle Zuria. But she defended you in court, and in a murder case, no less! Weren't you grateful enough to remember her name?
Arsenio: Oh, well, I was innocent, so I didn't think it mattered. Besides, it was fifteen years ago.
Carmen: It matters, because Ms Zuria was killed by the criminals she used to represent in court. They belong to the organization that used to gather in this club.
Arsenio: I told you, I don't know anything about them! I've never belonged to "criminal organizations"... Unless you count jazz bands, hah!
Arsenio: Now if you'll excuse me, I have a cup of freshly ground coffee waiting for me.
Carmen: Enjoy your coffee, Señor Castillo. It'll be the last one if <Rank> <Name> discovers you repaid Michelle by killing her!

Carmen: <Name>, El Rey has managed to stay in the shadows for decades, but finally the pieces of the puzzle are coming together!
Carmen: Isabel Amarga was the one who drafted SOMBRA's Manifesto! For all we know, she could be the one who coined the name "El Rey"... And the one hiding behind it!
Carmen: Or take George Pryce! We thought we blew his cover in Peru... but his MI6 shtick was equally false!
Carmen: What do you want to bet Arsenio isn't a simple jazz musician, either? He was accused of murder once, and his lawyer was Michelle! And we know she used to represent SOMBRA in court!
Carmen: We've discovered so much, but we're still missing something! Let's go back to the village square, where it all started!

Investigate Fountain.
Carmen: <Name>, that's Michelle's necklace!
Carmen: She didn't have the necklace when we found her body... The killer must've dropped it here! There's bound to be some sample on it we can analyze!
Carmen: And El Rey must've used that knife to cut the bell's rope! Let's collect some of those fibers!
Carmen: <Name>, El Rey must be a mastermind, and our suspects may all be practised liars... But no one can outsmart science!

Examine Michelle's Necklace.
Carmen: <Name>, let's get this substance from Michelle's necklace to Lars, NOW!

Analyze Transparent Substance.
Lars: <Name>, the results I've gotten from Michelle's necklace will seal the killer's fate!
Carmen: That's encouraging, but a bit more detail would help...
Lars: The sample you collected from Michelle's necklace was sweat, <Name>. And the DNA in it didn't come from Michelle.
Lars: I've identified the genes responsible for brown eyes, but the rest of the sequence didn't match Michelle's genetific profile.
Lars: So the sweat came from another brown-eyed person: the killer!
Carmen: Exactly! <Name>, it's too late for Michelle but we can't pay a better tribute to her than bringing down El Rey!

Examine Knife.
Carmen: If these fibers from the knife came from the rope in the tower, Lars might tell us who cut down the bell! Let's rush this to the lab!

Analyze Fibers.
Lars: <Name>, you were right! The fibers on the knife did come from the bell's rope!
Carmen: So the killer did use that knife to cut down the bell!
Lars: There were some other fibers in the mix that didn't come from the rope. They had lower tear resistance, typical of fabric used in everyday clothing.
Lars: And the color was different, too: dark red.
Carmen: So the killer wears dark red! It's certainly a color of royalty, but El Rey will soon have to change into an orange jumpsuit!

After completing all the tasks...
Elizabeth: <Name>, you're about to arrest El Rey, the head of SOMBRA! Go and make the Bureau proud!

Take care of the killer now!
Carmen: Arsenio Castillo, <Rank> <Name> is arresting you for Michelle Zuria's murder! And before you try to deny it: we know everything!
Carmen: We've chased SOMBRA halfway through the world! <Rank> <Name> arrested many of your cronies! And now we've finally got YOU, "El Rey"!
Arsenio: Slow down, <Rank> <Name>! I'm an old man, I can't keep up. What is it you think I've done?
Carmen: After a lifetime of leading SOMBRA, your crimes would take too long to list! But you're finally going down for killing our agent!
Arsenio: Is it still about that woman? The one who was my lawyer? I told you, I didn't even remember her!
Carmen: You're lying! She was SOMBRA's lawyer before she joined the Bureau! That's how you recognized her when we arrived in Campanilla!
Arsenio: I told you, <Rank> <Name>... I was innocent back then... And I'm still innocent now!
Carmen: You got away with murder once, probably thanks to Michelle! But this time, you had <Rank> <Name> to reckon with!
Carmen: Letting the bell crush Michelle was a clever way to kill her! But it doesn't mean we can't prove you did it! We found your DNA on her necklace!
Arsenio: I'm impressed, <Rank> <Name>. Yes, I did kill Michelle myself.
Arsenio: But there's no shame in going to jail for killing a Bureau agent. At my age, it's quite a feat!
Carmen: So you admit it! You killed Michelle because she became a Bureau agent, and led us to you!
Arsenio: She should never have been allowed to live after she betrayed us!
Arsenio: And she had the audacity to bring you Bureau vermin to MY hometown!
Arsenio: Of course, I recognized her in the tower! El Rey never forgets those who betray him! I laughed as the bell flattened the little traitor to a pancake!
Arsenio: Leaving that book page in her pocket was probably my downfall. But at least others will learn from that traitor's fate.
Arsenio: I don't care you caught me, <Rank> <Name>. This is a glorious end to my long career!
Carmen: Your reign is definitely over, "El Rey"! You're under arrest!

Judge Adaku: Arsenio Castillo, you stand trial for murdering a Bureau agent, Michelle Zuria... But the true extent of your crimes is far greater than that!
Judge Adaku: <Rank> <Name>'s proved you and your friends founded SOMBRA several decades ago. At first, you were just discussing ideas...
Judge Adaku: But those ideas turned into a nightmare: child trafficking, experiments, corruption, murder!
Judge Adaku: They even led to a foundation of a totalitarian regime in Luzaguay!
Judge Adaku: As SOMBRA's leader, you were responsible for all of this! Until <Rank> <Name> brought you to justice! Do you have anything to say?
Arsenio: You think you've figured it all out! You don't know the first thing!
Arsenio: I admit it, I killed that Bureau agent. But I don't mind going out with a bang!
Arsenio: Now I can look forward to a quiet retirement, while your problems are just beginning!
Judge Adaku: Your retirement will be a life sentence in a maximum security prison! We won't give you the chance to plotting anything with your cronies from the inside!
Arsenio: I've done all the plotting I needed! Let's see how you deal with the fallout, <Rank> <Name>!

Later, at headquarters...
Elizabeth: <Name>, congratulations for putting El Rey behind bars! It's the most important victory in the history of the Bureau!
Elizabeth: It's also the best tribute to Michelle we can hope for. She'd be proud of you, <Name>, and so am I.
Elliot: <Name>, you've caught El Rey! Take that, SOMBRA!
Jonah: Congratulations, <Name>! Let's see how they get back on their feet now that their leader's gone!
Carmen: I certainly hope they won't. But something tells me we're not done with SOMBRA yet.
Elizabeth: <Name>, the team deserves a moment to celebrate this important victory over SOMBRA...
Elizabeth: But I agree with Carmen, I'm worried about Castillo's words at his trial.
Elizabeth: It could've been mere bravado, but I don't like to take chances. Come and see me in my office when you're ready. We have to discuss the way forward!

Birth of Evil (6/6)

Chief Elizabeth Ripley: <Name>, you've arrested Arsenio Castillo for killing Michelle, and you've proved that he's El Rey!
Elizabeth: I've notified Michelle's family of her death. Her body will be taken back to the US to be buried.
Elizabeth: SOMBRA's accomplices, Isabel Amarga, Ignacio Muñoz and Alejandro Pratx will also be sentenced. This is an amazing victory, <Name>!
Elizabeth: But let's not delude ourselves, we're clearly not done with SOMBRA. El Rey's made some alarming comments at his trial. You must interrogate him again!
Carmen: I'll come with you to talk to El Rey, <Name>!
Jack: <Name>, I need your help, too. Something very strange happened. Can I see you before you go?

Question El Rey about his threats.
(Arsenio is now in his prison uniform.)
Arsenio: Are you missing SOMBRA already, <Rank> <Name>?
Arsenio: You and the Bureau arrested or killed some of my best agents. But SOMBRA dealt you a few blows along the way, too!
Arsenio: Like when your coroner turned out to be the mole! I wish I'd seen your face when you discovered that!
Carmen: It's all over now, El Rey! Your cronies are going to jail, too, and SOMBRA will crumble to dust without its leaders!
Arsenio: You think you've ended SOMBRA because you arrested an old man, <Rank> <Name>? Your naivety is disappointing. I almost thought you were my equal!
Arsenio: But I've enjoyed our little games so much, I can't help giving you a hint, <Rank> <Name>.
Arsenio: Go back to The King's Shadow. I've prepared one last surprise for you. Take these antique coins as well, to see I'm not holding a grudge!
Carmen: We'll find whatever you've hidden in that club! And then bulldoze your hideout to the ground!

Investigate The King's Shadow Club.
Carmen: <Name>, El Rey promised us a surprise, and here's a box decorated with SOMBRA's motif! Let's unlock it!

Examine Locked Box.
Carmen: <Name>, that letter in the box is signed by El Rey!
Carmen: <Name>, this letter could answer many questions... Or it could be El Rey's last trap! I don't trust my Spanish enough, better give it to Dupont!

Analyze El Rey's Letter.
Dupont: <Name>, this letter from El Rey confirms our worst fears! SOMBRA's far from over!
Dupont: According to some tests Lars made on the paper, El Rey wrote this letter at least a decade ago.
Dupont: And in his letter, Castillo hands the title of El Rey to another SOMBRA member!
Carmen: What?! Are you saying Castillo hasn't been SOMBRA's leader for at least ten years?!
Dupont: I'm afraid there's more, mes amis. In his letter, Castillo gives his successor this advice: "Let your enemies chase shadows. Hide in plain sight."
Dupont: He continues: "It is not yet the moment for us to step into the light. But the day when the strong will rule is approaching."
Carmen: Hold on, if the "moment to step into the light" was close ten years ago, it must be even closer now!
Carmen: You're right, <Name>! This explains Castillo's taunting at his trial! He said he'd done all the plotting... And he knows the new El Rey will carry out SOMBRA's plans!
Carmen: <Name>, I can't believe this! Is there really no end to SOMBRA?
Carmen: We've chased them halfway through the world! We've foiled dozens of their schemes! We've lost two of our agents! And after all this time, it's STILL not over?!
Carmen: Well, if SOMBRA thinks we're going to give up, they've got another thing coming! Let's go and bust Castillo's chops!

Interrogate El Rey about his successor.
Arsenio: Admit it, <Rank> <Name>: I managed to surprise you again!
Carmen: So you haven't been SOMBRA's leader for a while. Are you going to tell us who's really in charge?
Arsenio: That'd be too easy. But I can tell you this much: you've already met my successor.
Arsenio: But the leader isn't that important, <Rank> <Name>. What's important is that our plans are unfolding in the North.
Arsenio: You'll hear about it in the news soon, if you haven't already.
Carmen: The North? Where in the North? What are you talking about?
Arsenio: The time has finally come for SOMBRA to step out into the light!
Carmen: Well, you won't step out of your jail cell ever again! And <Rank> <Name> will stop whatever you've planned, you can be sure of that!
Arsenio: We won't meet again, <Rank> <Name>, but it's been a pleasure. Have something at The King's Shadow for me, that's my parting gift to you!

Ask Jack what's wrong.
Carmen: Jack, I don't know if you've noticed, but we're kinda busy with El Rey right now. What's up?
Jack: While you were gone, Ingrid took a phone call...
Jack: ...Next thing I know, she yells, "Ramon, how could you?" into the phone, then breaks down in tears and runs away!
Carmen: Ingrid CRIED?
Jack: I know! <Name>, after what happened to Michelle, I hate to see another member of the team so distraught! I think we should make sure Ingrid's alright! She ran towards the bell tower!

Investigate Old Bell Tower.
Jack: <Name>, I don't see Ingrid anywhere...
Jack: But you're right, she left her purse here! What can we do but search it for clues?

Examine Ingrid's Purse.
Jack: There was a torn photo in Ingrid's purse! Let's tape it back together and see if it explains her weird behavior!

Examine Torn Photo.
Jack: <Name>, this picture's lovely... But who's this couple?
Jack: Good idea, maybe Elliot will make sense of this picture!

Analyze Couple's Photo.
Elliot: <Name>, this photo proves how little we know about the people we talk to every day!
Jack: What do you mean? You know the people in the picture?
Elliot: I know the woman. And so do you, <Name>! It's Ingrid!
Jack: What? That blond hottie in the bikini is Ingrid? All smiling and loved up? You're pulling our legs, Elliot!
Elliot: The database doesn't lie: it's our Ingrid... Or who she was, years before she joined the Bureau.
Jack: Haha, look at her cuddling up to that Latino guy! I bet it was her boyfriend!
Elliot: It's Ingrid's ex-husband. His name is Ramon Cortez.
Jack: Ingrid was MARRIED? But we had no idea!
Jack: But you're right, <Name>, Ramon was the name of that guy who called. The mere mentioned of his name made Ingrid dissolve in tears!
Jack: They must've had a painful divorce... I wonder why Ingrid never said a word about him!
Jack: But then she never tells us anything, except when she yells orders at us.
Jack: <Name>, maybe Ingrid's back at the office now. Let's go and ask her about this Ramon!

Ask Ingrid about her marriage to Ramon Cortez.
Jack: Ingrid, we're glad you've come back! Are you feeling better?
Ingrid: I apologize for my unprofessional behavior, <Name>. But Ramon's name brought back some painful memories.
Jack: Yes, we know you two were married. Is that why he called you?
Ingrid: I don't know. I haven't seen him since the divorce.
Ingrid: Ramon was the love of my life. We were very happy... For a while.
Ingrid (crying): I don't want to remember the rest, <Name>... It's too painful, even after all this time!
Jack: Please, Ingrid, don't cry!
Ingrid (wiping tears): I've done everything to erase that time of my life, <Name>. I don't want to revisit it now.
Jack: I don't think that's a healthy attitude, Ingrid. You see, I had my heart broken, too... But I didn't dye my hair gray over it! I talked to my bro, we had some drinks, and-
Ingrid (wiping tears): <Name>, I'll take the rest of the day off! Have these before I go... I wanted you to have them, to remember Michelle by!

Jack: <Name>, this was... intense!
Jack: I can't believe Ingrid got her heart broken! Maybe that's why she's so cold and distant now. She never confides in us... Maybe she's too afraid to get hurt again.
Jack: But you're right, <Name>, we should call this Ramon back and make sure he won't trouble Ingrid again!

Call Ramon and ask him what he wants.
(Jack and Ramon talk through the phone.)
Jack: Mr Ramon Cortez?
Ramon: Yes? Are you Ingrid's colleagues? She hung up on me!
Ramon: Listen, I don't want to bother her, but the Bureau needs to dispatch a team to Mexico! They're building a wall!
Jack: Who's "they"?
Ramon: The USA! They're building a wall on the Mexican border! The government is behind it, but it's all sketchy as hell if you ask me!
Ramon: <Rank> <Name>, you need to come to Mexico! Trouble is brewing!

Jack: <Name>, between Michelle's death and Ingrid's breakdown, this case was an emotional roller-coaster!
Carmen: Learning that SOMBRA's leader is still at large, despite us catching Castillo, was another kick in the teeth!
Jack: It's a lot to take in, <Name>, and-
Sanjay: <Name>! I've got something to show you! You have to come to the coffee room!

A few minutes later...
Sanjay (holding a picture): <Name>, look what I found on Michelle's desk!
Carmen: Oh, look, it's Jack, Michelle, and me, having a laugh in the cafeteria!
Jack: I remember that day, <Name>! We were teaching Michelle how to interrogate suspects. I pulled her leg by saying we always ended it with a pun!
Carmen: Still, she got quite good at those puns in the end!
Sanjay (holding Michelle's notes): Look, <Name>, I found Michelle's notes, too: "Accidentally got high with Jack last night. It was dreadful but hilarious. Must hang out more with team."
Carmen: Sanjay! What did I tell you about ransacking people's belongings?
Carmen: But I'm kinda glad you've found Michelle's notes. It's nice to show she was happy among us.
Jack: It's hard to believe Michelle was SOMBRA when we first met her! Who'd have thought she'd be our partner one day? And our friend!
Carmen: <Name>'s right, we should hang that picture in the cafeteria.
Sanjay (holding the picture): I'll go fetch a frame!

Some time later...
Elizabeth: <Name>, you've done an excellent job uncovering SOMBRA's past in South America, but now we have fresh challenges to face.
Elizabeth: Even though you've arrested Michelle's killer and SOMBRA's former leader, the fight isn't over.
Elizabeth: You discovered Castillo appointed a successor many years ago... And it's clear that SOMBRA is already working on their next hit.
Carmen: Of course, Castillo's only giving us vague hints! That his succcessor's someone we've already met, and that something is happening "in the North."
Jack: Funny you should mention the North! <Name> and I had a strange conversation with Ingrid's ex-husband, about a huge wall being built between Mexico and the USA!
Carmen: Ingrid was married?
Jack: Yeah, but don't mention Ramon in front of her. It makes her cry.
Jack: But the important thing is that some trouble is brewing in Mexico! What do you want to bet SOMBRA's involved somehow?
Carmen: Then we've got no time to lose! We've got to stop SOMBRA's plans, whatever they are!
Elizabeth: I couldn't agree more! We've dealt a heavy blow to SOMBRA, but it's time to strike them down for good! We're heading to Mexico!

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