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Chief Andrea MarquezHurry up, <Name>! We have to get out of Jazz Town before the storm hits, we don't have a minute to lose!
AmyBut chief, we have to stay in Jazz Town, that storm must be stopped!
Chief Marquez: Don't tell me you really believe that someone is controlling the weather! This is ridiculous!
HannahDon't speak so fast, chief! I found something, a signal emitted from the weather tower! It's crazy, but I think the signal controls the storm.
Chief Marquez: Not you too, Hannah!
Amy: But chief, if <Name> believes this signal might lead us to the weather machine, we have to investigate it! So many lives are at stake!
Chief Marquez: Are you sure this storm can be stopped, <Name>? Are you ready to bet your life on a fairy tale?
Chief Marquez: Then you better act fast! Go to the weather tower and see what this is all about!

Chapter 1

Investigate Weather Tower.
Amy Young: Oh dear! You found a body bound to the weather tower!
Amy: Oh no, you're right, this is Peggy Pascal, the stormchaser! How horrible that she should die during the storm!
Amy: And what about this kite? There's a message on it: "You will never stop the storm!" ... You think this must have been left by Peggy's killer, <Name>?!
Amy: And if the killer doesn't want the storm to be stopped... Then it means they must have created it! Which means there really IS someone controlling this storm! I can't believe it!
Amy: You're right, <Name>! This also means that if we find Peggy's killer, we'll be able to stop Hurricane Zelda! Let's have a closer look at that kite!
Amy: There's also this metal piece you picked up from the tower! Do you think we should send it to Hannah? Alright then!
Amy: And you also found keys? I just hope you can find what's written on them before the wind blows us all away!

Examine Kite.
Amy: I don't know what that substance you collected from the killer's kite is, <Name>, but I'm sure Yann can find out! Let's get this sample to the lab!

Analyze Strange Fluid.
Yann: You've sent me plenty of disgusting substances over the months, <Name>, but I have to say that snot is a first!
Amy: So that substance on the killer's kite was snot?! Yuck, that's disgusting!
Yann: But oh-so-useful. I studied the molecular structure of the fluid, and I can tell you Peggy's killer has nasopharyngitis!
Amy: Nasophari-what? Is it some sort of naval hobby?
Yann: No, it's a disease you might know better as the common cold! Watch out for any sneezing suspect, <Name>, because your killer has a cold!

Examine Keys.
Amy: Great job, <Name>, the tag you found on the keys reads "Van keys, if lost, return to Peggy"!
Amy: Which means those keys unlock Peggy's van! Let's take a look at it, <Name>!

Investigate Stormchasing Van.
Amy: Oh dear, <Name>, I've never been this close to a storm before! This is so scary!
Amy: Yes, you're right, I have to control my fears and stay focused! What did you find in Peggy's van?
Amy: You think her camera might have recorded something interesting? You'll have to find out its password first, though!
Amy: You're right, this box of electronic parts could hide something! Let's get to work, <Name>, the clock is ticking!

Examine Box of Electronics.
Amy: Great job, <Name>, you found a flyer in that box! It's about climate change, but there's something else written on it, you're right!
Amy: "Peggy, this should be your fight! Rose Field"... Hm, you're right <Name>, this Rose must be an ecology activist!
Amy: <Name>, I have an idea! Ecologists have been protesting near the Courthouse since Hurricane Yves struck. Maybe we could find this Rose Field there, don't you agree? Let's go!

Talk to Rose Field about her message to Peggy.
Rose: Hurricane Zelda is the result of climate change! We're all to blame for this storm!
Amy: Mrs Field! <Rank> <Name> wants to talk to you about Peggy Pascal! She's been murdered!
Rose: Really? Well, that's what you get for chasing storms instead of fighting their cause! Peggy thought storms were beautiful, can you believe it?
Rose: But the worse thing is, she had the nerve to say that the storm was man-made!
Rose: It's all a lie! Storms are the result of mankind's disinterest in the Earth! It's the result of climate change, anything else is just fantasy!

Examine Camera.
Amy: Great job unlocking Peggy's camera, <Name>! There's so many files on it, let's send it to Hannah for analysis!

Analyze Unlocked Camera.
Hannah: That camera you found in Peggy's van was pretty interesting, <Name>! In the middle of all the storm videos, I found recent footage from a fight!
Hannah: The footage shows Peggy arguing with none other than Veronica Blade! I'm sure you remember Frank's sweetheart, <Name>?
Hannah: Unfortunately the sound was off, so I have no idea what they were arguing about.
Amy: Veronica Blade? I'd never thought she'd be involved in this case... You're right, <Name>, we'd better ask her about her fight with Peggy!

Ask Veronica Blade about her fight with Peggy.
Veronica: If you're here to make me evacuate, <Rank> <Name>, you can go back to where you came from! I'm not moving!
Amy: <Rank> <Name> is not here for that. Why did you fight with Peggy Pascal? We have a recording of you two having an argument!
Veronica: That little... She was panicked, saying the storm was headed straight for my house! I told her to leave, but she just wouldn't hear about it!
Veronica: This house is my life! Everything I have left, everything I am is linked to this house, you think I'm just going to leave it?!
Veronica: I won't move for all the Peggy Pascals of the world. That little hack, what does she know about storms? She was just a kid looking for thrills, not a scientist!

Analyze Part of the Tower.
Hannah: Congratulations, <Name>, that piece of metal you took from the weather tower is exactly what I needed to prove the weather controlling machine created the hurricane!
Hannah: See, this part is made from an extremely rare metal that allows it to receive the signal from the machine, amplify it and send it to the sky!
Hannah: And this signal disturbs the wind in such a way that it creates hurricanes!
Amy: How is that even possible?! It almost sounds like magic!
Hannah: Yeah, it's pretty incredible! And unfortunately, this means the tower is only a receptor, not the machine itself.
Hannah: I'll have to use... unconventional methods to find out where the signal is coming from. I don't know how long it'll take.
Amy: But Hannah, the storm is almost upon us! Is there anything <Name> can do to help you?
Hannah: Actually, there is! <Name>, I found a logo on the back of that metal piece, but I haven't had time to check it out.
Hannah: Could you have a look in the police archives? I've filed every organization, even the most secret ones. I'm sure you'll find out who's controlling that tower!

Examine Mysterious Logo.
Amy: Great job finding a match for the logo from the weather tower, <Name>!
Amy: You're right, it's the logo of the science division led by Colonel Spangler!
Amy: I can't believe it! He pretended that the army's weather machine could only create a little rain! But this logo proves it created Hurricane Zelda! How could the army do such a thing?!
Amy: I'm sorry, <Name>, I'll calm down. You're right, first we need to talk to Colonel Spangler and get him to explain all this! After you!

Talk to Colonel Spangler about the Weather Tower.
Colonel Spangler: You again, <Rank> <Name>?! Why didn't you evacuate with the rest of the civilians?
Amy: Peggy Pascal was assassinated on the weather tower, Colonel! The weather tower on which we found the logo from your division!
Amy: And <Name> found proof that the army is using this tower to control the hurricane!
Colonel Spangler: For the love of God, I'm telling you there is no way our weather machine could do that much damage!
Amy: Stop lying, Colonel! Our tech expert proved your tower is transmitting a signal that controls the storm! You must stop this madness!
Colonel Spangler: I can't do anything! The weather machine was stolen months ago!
Colonel Spangler: I didn't tell you because losing this machine could mean the end of my career! I can't suffer through such humiliation!
Colonel Spangler: The truth is, if you traced the signal from the weather tower, <Name>, then you're closer to finding the machine than we've ever been!
Colonel Spangler: As the Head of this project, I'm begging you! Find the machine and stop it! You're the only one who can save Jazz Town!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Roxie: When I think Chief Marquez tried to make me evacuate! As if I would ever leave you without a coroner, <Name>! But let's get to the point, we don't have all day!
Roxie: Most obvious thing is, dear Peggy here has been killed by electrocution!
Roxie: And seeing how she was bound to a metallic tower with iron wire, that's exactly what her killer wanted!
Roxie: I looked a little closer, and Peggy was also hit on the head. Must have been how your killer incapacitated her before getting her on the tower.
Roxie: And guess what? I found some molecules there, belonging to a rare kind of tea on the point of impact! There's no doubt your victim was struck with something carrying tea, like a teapot!
Roxie: Believe me, we're talking about high quality tea. Your killer is a tea connoisseur!

Back at the Police Station...
Amy: <Name>, the storm is approaching! It'll soon be too late to catch Peggy Pascal's killer!
Amy: Let's see... We know Peggy died electrocuted. And from the message left by the killer, it is clear they created the storm!
Amy: You've also found proof that the weather tower is receiving signals from the weather controlling machine, and that's how the storm was created!
Amy: And we know Colonel Spangler's department is somehow involved in all of this, since they built the weather tower for this purpose!
Amy: I don't know if we should believe his story about the weather machine being stolen months ago, but he did ask for our help to stop the storm...
Amy: We met with Rose Field, who resented Peggy for not supporting the ecologists, and Veronica, who had a fight with Peggy over her evacuation!
Amy: Dear me, <Name>, all those people, and we're no closer to finding the machine or Peggy's killer! It'll soon be too late!
Hannah: <Name>! I found the machine! I know where the signal comes from! We can stop this storm!

Chapter 2

Amy Young: Dear me, <Name>, we have to find Peggy's killer, but the storm is almost upon us! What can we do?!
Hannah: <Name>! I found the weather machine! I know where the signal comes from! We can stop this storm!
Amy: WHAT?! You found the weather controlling machine, Hannah? Quick, tell <Name> where it is!
Hannah: The machine is in an old bunker from the fifties, on the outskirts of Jazz Town! I'll show you the way, <Name>, just follow me!

Investigate Derelict Bunker.
Amy: You've found the weather machine, <Name>! You did it! I knew you would!
Amy: But I can't find the button to turn off Hurricane Zelda anywhere! Can you see it, Hannah?
Hannah: I'm afraid that turning off wouldn't stop the storm anyway. We need to change the nature of the signal for it to destroy Hurricane Zelda.
Hannah: But for that, we need to find the remote controlling this machine! The killer is controlling the storm from a distance, and this remote is the only thing that can stop it!
Hannah: I better go back to the lab to keep working on that, <Name>! Be careful, you ain't got long before the storm hits!
Amy: There must be clues in here to lead us to the remote! You're right, we know Peggy's killer created the storm, so they must have touched that rotating cylinder!
Amy: There's also that torn paper, but I know you'll restore it in no time!
Amy: You think there's something valuable in that old survival kit? Then let's look through it!

Examine Torn Paper.
Amy: Great job restoring that flyer, <Name>! There's Peggy on it, saying that the storm was man-made! She really wanted people to learn the truth!
Amy: You're right, someone wrote a message on it... "Don't scare people, help them! - Susanna Towers".
Amy: You're right, <Name>, we'd better call Hannah so she can tell us who this Susanna Towers is!
Amy: Hello Hannah, could you look up a certain Susanna Towers for <Name>, please?
Hannah: Give me a second... Here! Susanna Towers is one of the rescue workers working in Jazz Town right now! You'll probably find her in the flooded areas!
Amy: Thank you, Hannah! You're right, <Name>, we have to talk to Susanna Towers!

Ask Susanna Towers about her relationship with Peggy.
Susanna: What are you doing here, <Rank>, the storm is about to hit! Here, take some of my tea, to warm your bones!
Amy: We've come to talk to you about Peggy Pascal's murder, Susanna. <Rank> <Name> found your note, you seemed to be quite angry that she didn't care about helping people.
Susanna: Peggy was a piece of work! She was way over her head in her stormchasing stuff!
Susanna: I wanted to use her knowledge of storms to be more efficient in the evacuation, but she said she didn't have the time!
Susanna: What can be more important than helping people? You're a cop, <Rank> <Name>, you understand. But Peggy didn't care!
Susanna: Now, I'm sorry, but I have to keep moving. Someone might still be in need of help!

Examine Survival Kit.
Amy: Good job finding this diary in that survival kit, <Name>!
Amy: The diary reads: "I cannot let Peggy prove"... Someone was writing about Peggy!
Amy: The bookmark ribbon has got the word "Rose" on it... Do you think this diary could belong to Rose Field, the environmentalist we talked to earlier?
Amy: I agree, we need to know what she wrote about Peggy, but the second page has been torn! Do you think you can retrieve what was written, <Name>?

Examine Faded Diary Entry.
Amy: Great, you've managed to retrieve the last entry in Rose's diary! Let's see...
Amy: The entry reads: "I cannot let Peggy prove the weather can be controlled!"
Amy: Why wouldn't Rose want Peggy to prove Hurricane Zelda wasn't natural? This seems counterproductive, I agree! Let's go talk to her!

Ask Rose about the note in her diary.
Amy: Rose, <Rank> <Name> found your diary! Why didn't you want Peggy to prove that Hurricane Zelda was man-made?
Rose: Isn't it obvious? You don't understand the implications of a weather controlling machine being public knowledge! Can you imagine...
Rose: Sorry. But the public must never know that weather can be controlled! Can you imagine if the polluting industries knew about that machine?
Rose: They would use the machine to "prove" that climate change doesn't exist! That it's just malfunctioning machines, that climate change isn't their fault!
Rose: Climate change is an important matter! We can't risk having it ridiculed because of someone's experiment! I will do anything for my fight.
Rose: But first, I need some tea to nurse this cold! ACHOOO!

Examine Rotating Cylinder.
Amy: I wonder what those pieces you found on the rotating cylinder are, <Name>! But since we know the killer must have touched the machine to set off the storm... We'd better send this sample to the lab!

Analyze White Pieces.
Yann: Still investigating, <Name>? Well, I better give you the news fast, before the storm blows the lab away! The pieces you collected from the rotating cylinder are pieces of plastic!
Yann: Not only that, but this plastic was specially treated to be hydrophobic! Before you ask, Amy, it means it repels water!
Yann: So I looked a little more closely at the molecular composition, and I can tell you that those pieces of plastic come from a raincoat!
Yann: The fibers weren't enough to determine the color, but I can guarantee your killer is wearing a raincoat!

Amy: Oh <Name>, what do you think we should do? Hannah said we had to find the weather machine's remote to reconfigure the storm, but where could it be?!
Amy: You think the remote might be on the crime scene? Alright! Let's go there and give it our all!

Investigate Roof.
Amy: Oh dear, the wind is even stronger than before! We better act fast before the storm blows the evidence away! Hold on tight to that torn photograph, <Name>!
Amy: And what about this insurance policy? It's worth 700.000$! You're right, we have to find out who it belongs to! Can you decipher the client ID? The rain got to it!

Examine House Insurance.
Amy: Great job finding out the account number for that house insurance, <Name>! Now that we have the client ID, Hannah can find out who insured their house for such a sum!

Analyze Insurance.
Hannah: It must have been the gods that sent you this insurance paper, <Name>! The account number belongs to Veronica Blade!
Hannah: I looked into the account's history, and I learned that Veronica tried to cash her insurance money in right after Hurricane Yves, claiming it caused considerable damages to her house!
Hannah: Thing is, the demand was denied! One of the experts, mandated by the insurance company, proved that the damages on Veronica's house were not caused by the hurricane!
Hannah: And do you know who this expert was? Peggy Pascal! She worked there for a few months before dropping everything to become a stormchaser!
Amy: Peggy kept Veronica from cashing in her insurance money? She must have been mad! You're right <Name>, we have to talk to Veronica!

Talk to Veronica about her house insurance.
Veronica: You again? Please, <Rank> <Name>, just accept a cup of tea and begone! My patience only goes so far!
Amy: We know about the insurance, Veronica! <Rank> <Name> found out that you tried to cash it in, and that Peggy prevented you from doing it!
Veronica: That little hack! What does a kid like her know about hurricanes? Nothing! When I said my house was ripped to shreds by Hurricane Yves, I meant it!
Veronica: But that child fed her lies to the Insurance Company, saying that Hurricane Yves was too far away from my house to have caused the damage! She LIED! That lit--
Veronica: ACHOO!
Veronica: Sorry, <Rank> <Name>, I got kind of carried away. It's just, when Peggy came by to ask me to leave the house, like nothing had happened between us, I got so mad!
Veronica: My house is coming to pieces! I have no money to fix it, and no money to leave! I'm stuck! I don't know what to do!

Examine Torn Photo.
Amy: Great job restoring that photograph, <Name>! It shows Peggy Pascal as a little girl, you're right! I'd recognize her hair anywhere!
Amy: The note on the photo says "Like uncle, like niece"! So the person next to Peggy is her uncle!
Amy: You're right, we should find this man to tell him about his niece's death! I just hope he's in town!

Tell Andy Pascal about his niece's passing.
Andy: What can I do for you, <Rank> <Name>? Want to take a closer look at dear old Zelda? Here, grab some tea, enjoy the show!
Amy: Mr Pascal, you may not know it, but your niece died... I'm so sorry.
Andy: Oh I knew about it. But it's part of the job, you know. Being a stormchaser is dangerous... Peggy knew what she was getting into.
Andy: We don't usually get murdered, but there's a high mortality rate when you deal with storms!
Amy: I'm... surprised by how well you're taking the news of your niece's death, Mr Pascal!
Andy: To be honest, I was in town for Hurricane Zelda, not for Peggy. We... didn't keep much in touch lately.
Andy: Still. Peggy was a nice kid. I used to take her with me, she was never as happy as when she was next to a tornado! Don't believe her death leaves me cold.

Back at the Police Station...
Amy: Brrr, I can feel the wind shaking the walls of the station! Yes, you're right, <Name>, that's why we shouldn't wait to recap!
Amy: The big news is that you finally found the weather machine! I still can't believe such a machine exists, but at least we found it!
Amy: But Hannah said that we needed to find a remote to stop it! And this remote is in the hands of Peggy's killer!
Amy: We met Rose Field again, who is convinced that if the weather controlling machine becomes common knowledge, no one will believe climate change is real!
Amy: Oh yes, you're right <Name>, there's also this insurance con that Veronica tried to pull on her house, but which Peggy thwarted!

Chapter 3

Amy Young: Eeeee!
Amy: What was that, <Name>?!
Chief Marquez: The storm is here, <Rank> <Name>, it's too late! We all have to leave, including you!
Amy: No Chief, <Name> is right, we can't leave! We have to stop Peggy Pascal's murderer, it's the only way to stop this storm!
Chief Marquez: That's an order, <Rank> <Name>! You're not staying here alone!
Amy: No, not alone! I'll stay be <Name>'s side until this case is solved! I know they'll find a way to stop the machine!
Yann: So will I, Andrea. I'll stay as long as <Name> needs me. I believe in them.
Roxie: As if I would let you have all the fun, <Name>! I'm staying too!
Hannah: This machine is one of the greatest mechanical achievements I've ever seen. No one could make me leave! Oh, and, I'm with you, <Name>.
Amy: It's our choice to stay with <Name>, Chief. Even if it means disobeying you.
Chief Marquez: What did I do to deserve such a team of daredevils... I know you all want to help <Rank> <Name>, but I don't want any of you to get hurt!
Amy: And as a team, we'll face this hurricane together. Right <Name>? Where do you want to go next?
Amy: You want to go back to the bunker, take another look at the machine? Alright! Let's do this!

Investigate Bunker Floor.
Amy: At least we're safe in this bunker, <Name>! Even if that machine gives me the creeps... You think that torn card could be interesting?
Amy: And what are those broken pieces about? Everything seems to be destroyed around here!
Amy: You also found an envelope? Wait a minute, the address... "To the President of the United States"?! Someone wrote a letter to the White House?
Amy: The sender's address is half erased... I hope you can retrieve it with some dusting powder!

Examine Sealed Letter.
Amy: Susanna Towers wanted to write to the President of the United States? But what could she want to tell him?!
Amy: I'm afraid we really cannot read the President's mail, <Name>, it wouldn't be proper...
Amy: But you're right, we can ask Susanna about what she wrote! Let's go!

Talk to Susanna about her letter to the President.
Susanna: <Rank> <Name>, I'm sorry but I'm gonna have to ask you to evacuate! It's not safe anymore, you might get killed!
Amy: Not before you tell us what this letter you wrote to the President is all about! What's in there?
Susanna: I wanted to ask him for help! Such a hurricane, so soon after the damages of Hurricane Yves? There'll be nothing left!
Susanna: Have you seen the damages caused by Hurricane Yves? How many lives were destroyed, how many people were left to live in flooded ruins? No one came to our help!
Susanna: So I thought if I wrote to the President, maybe...
Susanna: ACHOO!
Susanna: Maybe he would finally do something to help what will be left of the population of Jazz Town!

Examine Torn Card.
Amy: Great job restoring that card, <Name>! And look, it belongs to Peggy's uncle, Andy! It's his stormchaser license!
Amy: But the license was revoked! You're right, Andy must have been furious about this! Should we go talk to him?

Ask Andy about his revoked stormchasing license.
Andy: ACHOO!
Andy: God, what a storm, it's not often I get such a cold!
Amy: Andy, we know that your stormchaser license was revoked! <Name> thinks this might have something to do with Peggy...
Andy: It was her fault! All her damn fault! She called them up, saying that my stormchasing methods were dangerous and reckless! That I was more interested in the adrenaline than the science!
Andy: The guys at the Stormchaser Association went ballistic on me! They revoked my license! I don't have the right to approach a storm anymore, it's a nightmare!
Andy: Chasing storms is all I know! And my own flesh and blood, my little apprentice just back-stabbed me without any remorse? Who the hell did she think she was?!

Examine Broken Pieces.
Amy: Oh dear, this doll you restored is terrifying! My mother had the same one, it would stare at us when we were in the bathroom! But what is up with its eye...
Amy: You think the doll's eye is actually a camera, <Name>? So that means someone has been recording everything that happened near the machine!
Amy: You're right, <Name>, we have to send this doll to Hannah right away, she'll find out who was spying on the machine!

Analyze Surveillance Camera.
Hannah: Let's cut to the chase! The camera inside that doll is a military bug, but the shock that smashed it stopped its signal!
Amy: Military?! So you mean...
Hannah: Oh yeah! This spying doll is Colonel Spangler's work!
Amy: But the doll was next to the machine! So this means Spangler lied when he said he had no idea where the machine was!
Amy: That's it, enough of the Colonel's lies, lives are at stake! Let's go, <Name>, we have to talk to him!

Ask Spangler about the weather machine.
Colonel Spangler: Ah, <Rank> <Name>! Have you found the machine yet? Can you put an end to this madness?
Amy: Oh, <Name> has found the machine. And they also discovered that you knew where it was all along! We know about your bug!
Colonel Spangler: Of course you found it... This is not my day, if only I had some tea for this conversation...
Colonel Spangler: The machine my department created is a thing of beauty. It is invaluable, but the knowledge it brought came with a cost.
Colonel Spangler: Its devastating effects surprised everyone, me most of all. I thought we could control it, but when it proved impossible, I hid it in the bunker and placed it under surveillance.
Colonel Spangler: But the remote was stolen before Hurricane Yves. I've been searching for it ever since, but I can't just go and say to my superiors I've lost the control of our most powerful weapon!
Amy: What tells us that you didn't steal it? Maybe YOU killed Peggy Pascal to protect your secret!
Colonel Spangler: Peggy was a nosy girl that tried to destroy a beautiful achievement in engineering! I have nothing to do with her death, but I'm relieved that she's out of the way!
Colonel Spangler: ACHOOOOO!

Back at the Police Station...
Amy: <Name>, the wind is becoming unbearable! I'm almost falling over every time we're outside! The storm is upon us!
Amy: I'm so scared, <Name>! I feel like we'll never find the remote in time, and yet there are so many people counting on us!
Amy: Yes, you're right, I can't lose hope! I have to stay strong like you! What do you want to do next?
Amy: You want to take a last look at Peggy's van? You think the key to this case lies there?
Amy: Alright <Name>, let's fight against the elements and close this case!

Investigate Van Interior.
Amy: Alright <Name>, I have to forget about the wind that is trying to bring us down! I'll hold on to that teapot while you look at it!
Amy: Oh, you're right, Roxie told us during the autopsy that Peggy was knocked out with a teapot! It must be this one, maybe there's still something on it!
Amy: And there's this box of weather instruments... Quick, let's see if there's something interesting in it, the storm is upon us!

Examine Weather Instruments.
Amy: Great job finding that iron wire among those weather instruments, <Name>! The storm didn't even slow you down!
Amy: You think this wire might have been used by the killer to tie Peggy to the weather tower? This is huge! Let's get it to the lab, <Name>!

Analyze Iron Wire.
Yann: The wind is making the windows of the lab start cracking, so let's not waste any time! The iron wire you found was the same one used to bind Peggy to the weather tower!
Amy: Yeepee! So the killer must have touched this wire, right?
Yann: Exactly. I had a look at the end of the wire, and I found some DNA traces!
Yann: Thing is, the DNA was badly damaged because of the rain. But I still managed to find out something about your killer!
Yann: <Name>, I can affirm that the killer you're looking for is female!

Examine Teapot.
Amy: You found blood on the teapot! It proves it's the one used to knock Peggy unconscious, <Name>!
Amy: Let's see what more Yann can tell us about this blood sample! We're getting closer to the killer, <Name>, we can't let the storm stop us!

Analyze Blood.
Yann: Let's get to it, <Name>, before the storm blows us all away! The blood sample you collected on the teapot was composed of the blood of two different persons.
Yann: Part of the blood was your victim's, since the teapot was used to knock her unconscious.
Yann: But there was another blood type in that sample! Which means the killer must have cut themselves when handling that teapot!
Yann: Which is how I can affirm, <Name>, that your killer is AB-!

After completing all tasks...
Amy: This is it, <Name>! We can finally arrest Peggy's killer...
Amy: And hopefully stop the storm! This is our only chance <Name>, let's go!

Take care of the killer now!
Amy: Veronica! Stop this madness now! We know you control the storm! We know you have the remote!
Veronica: NEVER! Peggy tried to stop me, and see what happened to her! Do you want to suffer the same fate, <Rank> <Name>?
Amy: But why, Veronica?! Why do you want to unleash a storm on Jazz Town?
Veronica: My family created Jazz Town, but nobody remembers that! Our ancestral home is in ruins and the city won't even help!
Veronica: I can't even leave! I can't sell my land, it's protected! This town my family built is now trapping me like a lion in a cage!
Veronica: When I found the machine, I knew it was my chance to finally turn things around! And that's how Hurricane Yves was born!
Amy: What the?! You created Hurricane Yves just to destroy your home so that you could get the house insurance money?!
Veronica: Of course! That insurance is the only thing of value I have left! Thanks to Hurricane Yves, I could finally claim that money and escape Jazz Town!
Veronica: But Peggy ruined everything! She claimed the hurricane could not have caused that much damage to my house, and the demand got denied!
Amy: So that's why you created Hurricane Zelda! To fully demolish your house?
Veronica: Oh, no. This time I want to destroy the entire town! Turn it back into a swamp, just like the way my ancestors found it!
Amy: We cannot let you do that! Give <Rank> <Name> the remote, Veronica!
Veronica: Never! Just try and...

Veronica: Noooo, the wind blew the remote from out of my hand!
Amy: I've got the remote, <Name>, I've got the remote!
Veronica: Don't you dare touch it!
Amy: So if I turn it off...
Amy: ... the storm will stop.
Veronica: NOOOOOOO!
Amy: It's gone! The storm is gone! You've done it, <Name>!
Veronica: Argh! You've ruined everything!
Amy: You should know that <Rank> <Name> always wins! Veronica, you're under arrest. You have the right to remain silent...

A few hours later at the Courthouse...
Honorable Dante: Before we start, I'd like to once again express my gratitude to the Pacific Bay Police for stopping Hurricane Zelda before it could destroy the city...
Honorable Dante: And more specifically, <Rank> <Name>'s team for their arrest of Veronica Blade before it was too late. Even if it was too late for my flooded basement.
Amy: We only did our duty, Judge!
Honorable Dante: As for you, Veronica Blade, you tried to destroy Jazz Town with a storm, not once but twice! All that to destroy your house and get some money!
Honorable Dante: And poor Peggy Pascal tried to stop you, and you killed her! What do you have to say for your defense?
Veronica: Nothing. I couldn't afford a lawyer, so I'm not saying anything.
Honorable Dante: Suit yourself! Veronica Blade, for being the cause of Hurricanes Yves and Zelda, you're held responsible by the law for the death and destruction they brought! And for that...
Honorable Dante: I condemn you to life in prison! Court dismissed!

Amy: I still can't believe everything that's happened, <Name>! It all sounds so crazy!
Amy: A machine that can create hurricanes, and an heiress using it to get insurance money by destroying half the city... Nobody will believe me when I tell them this story!
Amy: But as always, you kept your cool and you got to the bottom of it all, <Name>.
Amy: I just hope the weather clears out soon. I know the hurricane is gone and that's the most important thing, but I miss hanging out in the sun, don't you?

Additional Investigation

Amy Young: Well, <Name>, I'm glad the storm is over. I hope the weather will clear up soon, now that the machine is turned off...
Chief Marquez: <Name>! Stop whatever you're doing, there's been a break-in at the bunker!
Chief Marquez: We don't know what happened yet, but if somebody else has an interest in that weather machine, I want to know who it is and why! We've had enough trouble with it already!
Amy: Of course, Chief! After what happened to Peggy, we have to keep an eye on this machine!
Amy: Poor Peggy, nobody but you believed her theories, <Name>. Yet she was right about that machine! I bet even her uncle didn't listen...
Amy: I wonder what Andy's up to now that there's no more hurricane, by the way... You're right, maybe we should check up on him!
Amy: Should we go to the bunker before checking up on Andy, though? Your choice, <Name>, we're going to be quite busy!

Check up on Andy Pascal.
Andy: <Rank> <Name>, I'm glad to see you here. I wanted to apologize for what I said about Peggy...
Andy: She was my niece, after all, and she became a stormchaser because of me. It's all that matters.
Andy: Right now I'm sorting her stuff out. I'll keep her van, but not all her knick-knacks. Could you help me go through everything?
Amy: Sure, helping you tidy her place a bit is the least we can do! Peggy was a very... driven girl, and her hard work helped us stop that hurricane!

Investigate Van Interior.
Amy: Really, Peggy kept a lot of random stuff... Hey, <Name>, you even found a days-old newspaper! Want to check if your horoscope said anything about stopping a hurricane?
Amy: Oh! You're right, there is something about the Puppeteer in that newspaper's readers' mail! I had almost forgotten about them with that storm...
Amy: Do you think something bad happened? That readers' mail is illegible... Could you take a closer look at it?

Examine Daily Dawn Newspaper.
Amy: Listen to this, <Name>: "PUPPETEER BEWARE! Your show's over, I am taking the stage. Drop your mask, cut the strings, it's time to close the curtains on your little dolls' hell."
Amy: <Name>! The text you revealed is an open letter to the Puppeteer! If they're still around, this provocation could push them to kill again!
Amy: You're right, we can't take any chances! Let's get this newspaper to Hannah, she'll figure out who published this!

Analyze Letter to the Puppeteer.
Amy: So, Hannah, did you find anything about the person who wrote that threatening letter to the Puppeteer <Name> found?
Hannah: Yeah, I had a look at the Daily Dawn's files, but, uh... the person who wrote that letter... it's Yann! I asked him to come explain himself...
Hannah: Seriously, Yann, why would you provoke the Puppeteer? And why didn't you tell us beforehand?
Yann: Because I knew you'd try to stop me, obviously! I had to do it, it's the only way I can force the Puppeteer out of hiding!
Hannah: Don't be an idiot, <Name> has been there for you the whole time, investigating this Puppeteer with you! Trust your teammates a bit!
Yann: Yeah, just like you trusted us when that anarchist group tried to recruit you?
Hannah: And look how well that turned out! We have to learn from our mistakes, Yann, don't be an idiot like I was: let <Name> help you!
Yann: But you don't understand! Investigating has brought me no closer to catching them... I'm sick of waiting, I had to publish this letter!
Yann: Ever since I started looking into those old files, the nightmares have come back. I don't even enjoy spending time with my family anymore... This needs to end now!
Yann: It doesn't matter anyway. What's done is done, at least I'll be ready when the Puppeteer comes out!
Hannah: Damn! I don't know what has gotten into Yann... Who knows what may happen now?
Amy: You're right, <Name>, we can't do anything about it for now... Except let Andy know we're done looking at Peggy's things...

Tell Andy Pascal you're done looking at Peggy's stuff.
Andy: So you're back, <Rank> <Name>? I assumed you had an emergency with the way you hurriedly left with that newspaper you found!
Andy: Anyway, thank you for your help with Peggy's stuff. Going through her mess made me think...
Andy: I feel bad about her death, but I've decided to listen to her. She thought I should stop chasing hurricanes, and she was right: I need to settle down!
Amy: So you're going to stay in Jazz Town then?
Andy: Yes, I want to help the people around here. There's a lot to do to rebuild the damage caused by those hurricanes!
Andy: By the way, I found Peggy's emergency stash. She would have wanted you to have this money, after everything you did to bring her killer to justice.

Investigate Derelict Bunker.
Amy: Nice catch, <Name>, I'd never have spotted that cigarette butt! It's still burning, which means the smoker was just here!
Amy: After what happened, it could be terrible if someone started the machine again! You're right, we need you to find who smoked this cigarette!

Examine Cigarette Butt.
Amy: Well done, <Name>! I'm sure this saliva sample you collected from that cigarette will allow Yann to find out who broke into the bunker!

Analyze Saliva.
Yann: <Name>, I don't know what's the deal with that saliva you took from this cigarette butt, but the DNA matches one of your suspects, Susanna Towers!
Amy: What? But why would she break into the bunker? <Name>, do you think she could have wanted to re-create the hurricane?
Amy: After all, we know she believed a hurricane would attract the attention of the President...
Amy: I agree with you, <Name>, we must ask Susanna why she broke into the bunker! Let's go!

Ask Susanna Towers why she broke into the bunker.
Amy: Susanna, <Rank> <Name> has found DNA evidence of your presence at the bunker, a restricted access area!
Susanna: I... I'm sorry, I know it was foolish, but I was just trying to help Jazz Town!
Amy: Help? By creating another hurricane so people get evacuated somewhere else? Or so the Government finally pays attention?
Susanna: Of course not! Look, even if Hurricane Zelda was stopped, Jazz Town won't restore itself magically after all the damage the hurricanes, looting and riots have caused!
Susanna: The bad weather persists, people are barely hanging on... Yet nobody will help us! I HAD to do something!
Susanna: A sunny Carnival would give everyone hope! And if the machine can create hurricanes, I'm sure it can clear the sky up!
Amy: Bringing some sun is an honorable idea, but this weather machine is dangerous. The only ones allowed to handle it are the military!
Amy: Good idea, <Rank> <Name>! Colonel Spangler might be glad to use the machine for such a good cause... How about we grab a quick lunch, and go talk to him?

Ask for Colonel Spangler's help.
Colonel Spangler: You want to use the weather machine again, <Rank> <Name>? I thought you'd be happy to get rid of it after it nearly brought two hurricanes to Jazz Town...
Amy: Well, someone has given us the idea of using it to help Jazz Town. Wouldn't it give everyone hope to have a sunny Carnival?
Colonel Spangler: That's a great idea, <Rank> <Name>! This was the original purpose of the project: helping people! I'll help, I can program the machine myself!
Colonel Spangler: Sadly, the signal booster at the weather tower is broken. We won't be able to change the weather on time for the Carnival without it...
Colonel Spangler: Unless... Would you agree to go to the weather tower and check the back-up antenna we put there, <Rank> <Name>?

Investigate Weather Tower.
Amy: Nice catch, <Name>, you've found the broken device Colonel Spangler told us about! I hope it'll be powerful enough to transmit the machine's signal...
Amy: I'm sure you can repair that antenna. It'd be awesome if you could bring the sun back to Jazz Town!

Examine Broken Antenna.
Amy: Well done restoring that antenna, <Name>!
Amy: I hope it won't take too long for the signal to dissipate the clouds!
Amy: You're right, <Name>, we need to tell Susanna the good news!

Tell Susanna Towers about the upcoming good weather.
Susanna: Really, <Rank> <Name>? You've convinced the military to use the machine? They'll help with the weather for the Carnival?
Amy: Yes, Susanna, Jazz Town will have its sunny Carnival! The machine is currently working to disperse the last clouds from Hurricane Zelda!
Susanna: Good! It won't bring back the destroyed houses, nor the victims of Hurricane Yves, but Jazz Town's Carnival has always been a symbol of optimism!
Susanna: Sun is mandatory, of course! So, <Rank> <Name>, take these as a thank you. You'll be able to take part in the fun too!

Later, at the police station...
Amy: Look, <Name>! The sun is finally back! Such a good weather is perfect for the upcoming Carnival!
Amy: I'm sure it'll help people like Andy and Susanna, who are doing their best to look towards the future.
Amy: Whereas Yann's obsession with the past is getting dangerous... His letter could put everyone at ris-
Yann: <Name>! Look! The Puppeteer... They answered my letter! Listen...
Yann: "Hello, little puppet! I can't wait for our meeting. In the meantime, I hope you'll like my show. After all, what would be a Carnival without a good puppet show?"
Amy: Oh my God, <Name>! This letter basically says the Puppeteer will start killing again!

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