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Frank Knight<Name>, do you think I should take Amy's shift today? The kid's been through so much, she needs a break!
Frank: Amy's hometown is not the sweet and innocent place I imagined... Her brother's in a wheelchair, her mother's a harpy...
Frank: Not to mention her ex is a cannibal, and her best friend got killed! If it was me, I'd be drinking by now!
Amy: Thank you for your concern, Frank. But my family and past are none of your business. Or are you trying to say I'm not fit to work?
Frank: Amy! I didn't see you... but it's not what I meant!
Amy: Well, good, because Chief Marquez expects me to do my job. And so does <Name>.
Amy: All I need is fresh air, and I'll be fine! <Name>, shall we go for a walk before our shift starts?

Later, by the bridge...
Amy: <Name>, was I harsh with Frank? I'm sure he meant well, and... it's true, I've been through a lot.
Amy: But work is the best way to forget personal woes. And I'd hate to let you down. A little walk will do me good, and...
Amy: Oh, no! Is that a...
Amy: Sorry, <Name>. Deep breaths. I'm... fine. Totally ready to have a closer look at that bridge, over there.

Chapter 1

Investigate Covered Bridge.
Amy Young: Goodness me, we know this man! It's Roberto Vasquez, the guy who tried to make me his queen in the Love Village!
Amy: <Name>, you're saying Roberto's been attacked recently? Something to do with trying to film the Night Walker, to prove the legend is true?
Amy: Well, he's certainly dead now! I'll get the body to Roxie!
Amy: Wait, you found a paper boat? With the word "walker" written on it? Quick, can you retrieve the rest of the writing that got washed off in the water?
Amy: And is that the victim's phone? Do you think you can unlock it and see...
Amy: Hey! What was that?
Duncan: Hello, <Rank> <Name>! Hi, sis!
Duncan: Oh, wait... is that a body there? Now I'm in trouble, aren't I?
Duncan: Sorry for wandering into your crime scene, <Rank> <Name>. I know the drill: you'll have to question me now. I'll wait here until you're ready.

Ask Duncan Young what he was doing on the crime scene.
Duncan: <Rank> <Name>, don't let Amy treat me differently just because I'm her brother. I know I must be questioned. I was a cop once, remember?
Amy: But... I don't know what <Rank> <Name> could ask you, Duncan. It's so absurd to assume you could have killed Roberto!
Duncan: Well, I know a few things that might help: Roberto was fascinated with the Night Walker. <Rank> <Name>, I was with you when you found his photos, remember?
Duncan: Roberto must have crossed the Night Walker's path! Everyone who digs too deep into that legend ends up digging their own grave!
Duncan: Be careful, <Rank> <Name>! And Amy, you know what happens to cops who take personal risks... But I know you'll make the right decision when the time comes.

Examine Paper Boat.
Amy: <Name>, you restored the writing on the paper boat you found by the victim! Can I see?
Amy (holding the paper): Wait, I know these words! "If the birds are 'fraid to sing... and a chill the wind does bring... a shadow moves just out of sight... the Walker visits us tonight!"
Amy: It's an old lullaby about the Night Walker! Parents sing it to children so they stay out of the woods! Scared me stiff when I was little!
Amy: <Name>, you think this message is the killer's attempt to scare us? But then we need to find out where this boat came from!
Amy: Hmm, you're right: the paper is a little soaked, so the boat spent a few minutes in the water... Long enough for the writing to fade... But not long enough for the boat to sink!
Amy: And if the boat was launched about five minutes upstream from here, then it must have come from the mountaintop! Amazing feat of deduction, <Name>! We should go there!

Investigate Mountaintop.
Amy: <Name>, you've found a pile of paper under that information board? You think it might hide something interesting?
Amy: And goodness me, what is that... thing?
Amy: A scarecrow? But... that face! It's the Night Walker's face!
Amy: You want to take a sample of the fabric? To see what this thing is made of? Ugh, OK...

Examine Pile of Paper.
Amy: <Name>, you've unearthed a poster from under that pile of paper?
Amy: Let's see: "Notice: The Night Walker doesn't exist!" Who could have put up this sign on a hiking trail?
Amy: Nicely spotted: there's a stamp at the bottom!
Amy: <Name>, can you look up the stamp in the database, so we know which town hall issued this warning?

Examine Stamp.
Amy: So, the stamp you found on the poster by the hiking trail is from the Mayor of the Love Village?
Amy: You're right, <Name>, we've met Mayor Bower in a previous investigation...
Amy: And his constituency, the Love Village, is right by the mountains. But I agree, it's odd that he makes posters to deny the Night Walker's existence.
Amy: Good idea, <Name>: let's ask Mayor Bower why he made that poster!

Ask Mayor Bower about his Night Waker Poster.
Désiré: This Night Walker legend is getting out of control, <Rank> <Name>. Someone has to stop it! That's why I'm putting up these posters!
Amy: Mayor Bower, are you aware that a man died near the forest bridge? It's the second murder in connection with the Night Walker, not counting various disappearances!
Désiré: And? Are you suggesting it's the work of some ghost from the 19th century? I thought the police chased living criminals.
Désiré: Look, I love a good spooky story as much as anyone! But your Night Walker attracts too many dubious characters to White Peaks.
Désiré: Like that filmmaker girl. The Night Walker didn't killer her! Her own producer did! Nutjobs killing other nutjobs, so close to the village of love!
Désiré: The sooner they pack up their gadgets and leave, the sooner we can have a group hug and forget about murders!

Examine Scarecrow.
Amy: Well done, <Name>, you've collected threads from the fabric of the scarecrow! Let's send them to the lab!

Analyze Threads.
Yann: Hello, <Name>. The threads you took from the scarecrow are from an old shirt. They look discolored, as the fabric is worn out...
Yann: But under the microscope, I could see the thread is from a checkered green fabric.
Amy: What are you saying, <Name>? That you know a guy wearing a checkered green shirt? Someone who lives in the forest and likes to scare people?
Amy: Ah, you mean Allen Muir, the local hermit! Incredible memory, <Name>! You're right, we've had complaints against him because he frightens the hikers. Some even believe he's the Night Walker.
Amy: Which means he might have made this scarecrow, too! I agree, <Name>, let's go and talk to Allen!

Ask Allen Muir about the creepy scarecrow he made.
Allen: Yes, I made that scarecrow. To scare the humans! The birds are already 'fraid to sing, like in that old song!
Amy: That rhyme again! Did you make the paper boat, too? To threaten Roberto before you killed him?
Allen: I made no threats! I didn't kill anyone! I'm just an old man standing guard against evil! How many more people must die before you listen, <Rank> <Name>?
Allen (shouting): Run home and lock your doors, you fools! The Walker visits YOU tonight!

Examine Mobile Phone.
Amy: Amazing, <Name>, you've unlocked the victim's phone! Alright, let's send it to Hannah.

Analyze Victim's Phone.
Hannah: <Name>, this phone was a great find! Remember your last investigation? You learned that Roberto wanted to catch the Night Walker on camera...
Hannah: Well, it turns out, Roberto was filming with his phone when he got killed! Take a seat, <Name>, I'll show you the footage!

Recorded on Roberto's phone...
Roberto: I've just seen the Night Walker! So close I could almost touch it!
Roberto: Its face was behind a mask, but I could smell distinctive on it: blackberries!
Roberto: I can feel it again! The scent is getting stronger...
Roberto: It's back!!! Oh, no, please don't kill me...

Back in the lab...
Amy: So, the Night Walker was lurking in the shadows as Roberto recorded the message?
Amy: Perhaps if he had kept quiet instead of talking, he'd still be alive!
Amy: You're right, <Name>, Roberto lost his life, but he gave us a vital clue: the killer carries the scent of blackberries! Seems like an innocent thing for such a monster!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Roxie: Want some ice in your drink, <Name>? How 'bout icicles in your murder victim? A fantastic weapon: if it melts, you'll never find the evidence!
Roxie: Except we're in the mountains, with sub-zero temperatures, haha! A couple of smaller icicles are still sticking out of Roberto's body. Only the one that pierced his heart is missing.
Roxie: And there's another thing, <Name>. I couldn't make sense of it, but luckily, Russell was around!
Russell: Hey, <Name>! See the victim's t-shirt? I used to have "Government Denies Knowledge" written on it, but now some letters are missing. The killer must have cut them out. It's a message!
Amy: I see. It now says G V MEN EN K LEDGE. But... how is that a message, Russell? It doesn't mean anything!
Russell: That's because the real message is formed by the letters that are missing. O-E-R-N-T-D-I-E-S-N-O-W.
Amy: I still don't understand! It's still just a bunch of letters!
Russell: A bunch of letters that can almost exactly form the words ANOTHER DIES NOW. Like an anagram. And, considering it was written on a dead body, no doubt about what the killers means.
Amy: So, the killer cut out these letters to send <Name> a message via the victim's t-shirt? Sounds like a macabre crossword puzzle!
Russell: Exactly! <Name>, you're dealing with a killer who likes riddles! What a fascinating criminal mind!

Later, on the mountaintop...
Amy: <Name>, I don't know what to believe anymore! I'm just so cold, and confused, and worried about my brother getting mixed up in this.
Amy: You're right, we should recap the evidence before getting emotional. We know the killer pretends to be the legendary Night Walker...
Amy: Which rules out Mayor Bower, right? I mean, how can a guy in a pink suit be the Night Walker?
Amy: Allen Muir, on the other hand, uses the Night Walker's legend to keep people away from his territory...
Amy: It's the Night Walker! The killer's coming for us, <Name>!

Chapter 2

Amy Young: Did you hear that strange sound, too, <Name>?! I don't know what's real anymore and what's in my imagination!
Amy: To think that we're chasing the Night Walker sends shivers down my spine...
Amy: And knowing my brother is a suspect in the murder of Roberto Vasquez totally confuses me...
Amy: Oh no! Here it comes again!
Amy: The sound came from up the hill! I'm shivering but I'll follow you anywhere, <Name>!

Investigate Ice Cave.
Amy: Goodness me...! Are those human bodies in the ice wall?! They're frozen! They're dead!
Amy: <Name>, you think this means we're in the Night Walker's lair?!
Amy: Then these bodies must be the people who went missing in the mountains, you're right!
Amy (talking into her walkie-talkie): Station? <Rank> <Name> found the Night Walker's hideout! We need some specialists to recover frozen bodies from the ice!
Amy: You're right, <Name>: we must send this hand to Roxie straight away! We don't have a moment to lose, and from this hand she can at least identify the body!
Amy: And you found a map, too! Can you make those faded marks on it visible again?
Amy: Hmm, and is that a melted snowman? I don't even want to look while you search through the bits. Even a snowman can hide something sinister in this place!

Examine Melted Snowman.
Amy: Ugh, you found an eye in that melted snowman? That's disgusting!
Amy: Oh, you think it's a fake eye? Phew!
Amy: And you're saying there seems to be writing on it, too? Ah, yes, it's so tiny I can barely see it! Why would anyone write on a fake eye...
Amy: Whatever it is, I'm afraid this eye will give us a glimpse into a nightmare. But if you want to reveal the message, <Name>, I'm right behind you!

Examine Fake Eye.
Amy: <Name>, you revealed the message written on that fake eye! What does it say? "Roberto, you're wrong! Dr Crane."
Amy: Hmmm... it's funny, because we know a Dr Crane, don't we, <Name>? Russell's last name is Crane, and he's a Doctor!
Amy: Oh, wait, it's not funny! Please tell me this heinous eye couldn't have come from Russell!
Amy: <Name>, is it just me jumping to dark conclusions, or... you also think this makes Russell a suspect?
Amy: Alright, let's talk to Russell. My world just crumbled... yet again.

Quiz Russell about his message to the victim.
Amy: Russell, I hope you have an explanation for this fake eye, because this investigation already made me scream, and hallucinate a scream, and...
Russell: You look exhausted, Amy. Take a deep breath and try again. What's troubling you?
Amy: Russell, this is serious! Why did you send this creepy message to the victim?
Russell: I'm afraid I'm guilty of playing a prank on poor Roberto! I read his theories about the Night Walker. What a dilettante!
Russell (laughing): So I bought that eye at the flea market, and told Roberto it belonged to the war veteran whose story got the legend started. He believed it!
Amy: Russell, I don't recognize you! You've been very cruel to poor Roberto! And worse: you made yourself a suspect just when <Name> needs your skills more than ever!
Russell: Well, <Name>, you'll just have to make your own judgments about people now. Keep an open mind: anyone can be the Night Walker!
Russell: For example, I've just made a cup of blackberry tea. Can you smell it? Don't forget to write it down, Amy, it's part of the killer's profile!
Russell: And you already know I love puzzles, too! I was the one who helped you discover this evidence, remember? I hope this secures my place on your suspect list, <Name>!

Analyze Frozen Hand.
Roxie: <Name>, this frozen hand is the coolest thing I've analyzed in ages! And not just because it was in an ice cave!
Roxie: First, I can confirm the hand belonged to a girl who went missing eighteen months ago.
Roxie: Second, see this hole in the palm? It's a stab wound, inflicted with an icicle!
Roxie: Which proves that whoever killed Roberto also killed that girl. It's the same modus operandi!
Amy: You're right, <Name>, it's the final proof that this killer has been actively killing people for some time, using the Night Walker's disguise!
Roxie: And <Name>, I've found other marks on the hand. Made by metal chains - the kind used on the wheels of vehicles in the snow. Such snow chains are very common in the mountains.
Roxie: But in this case, snow chains were used to tie up the victims and drag them up the mountain, to the ice cave. So, your killer uses snow chains!

A few minutes later, at the station...
Miriam (shouting): <Rank> <Name>, I demand to see my daughter! Where is Amy?
Amy: Mother? I'm right here. <Rank> <Name> and I are working on a case, so this isn't the best time, but...
Miriam: That's exactly why I'm here! Because of your investigation! I won't move an inch before I talk to both of you!

See why Miriam Young is so upset.
Miriam: I've just found out Amy has made her own brother a suspect in a murder case! <Rank> <Name>, I can't believe you allow this disgraceful behavior on your watch!
Amy: Mother, that's no way to talk to <Rank> <Name>! Please excuse her, <Name>, she means no disrespect...
Amy: We can't discuss this case with you, Mother, but... <Rank> <Name> can assure you Duncan was questioned as a matter of routine. He cooperated, and...
Miriam (shouting): What choice did he have? It's easy to bully someone who can't defend himself! <Rank> <Name>, if my son is a suspect, make ME a suspect, too! Let Amy humiliate her entire family!
Miriam: Duncan and I were both at home last night, sitting by a blackberry-scented candle at the kitchen table, playing WordScore. See? We have an alibi!
Miriam: But feel free to treat us like criminals, <Rank> <Name>! Ah, I can already see the headlines in the press: "Mother and Son Suffer Police Abuse of Power!"

Examine Faded Map.
Amy: <Name>, you revealed some strange symbols on the map you found! But do you know what they mean?
Amy: A sad silhouette, mountains, a car, and a funnel on someone's head? It beats me!
Amy: <Name>, you think this map is actually a riddle?
Amy: Gosh, then this means it must have been left by the killer! Let's send the map to the lab quickly!

Analyze Symbols on Map.
Hannah: <Name>, your killer really likes riddles! Luckily, I've managed to crack this brain-teaser you found in the Night Walker's cave.
Hannah: It's an old-school picture puzzle. Each image represents a word. A lone figure, mountains, a car, and a funnel on somebody's head.
Hannah: "Loneliness" and "mountains" are easy. The car is a bit harder: it means "drive". And the funnel on the head means "crazy".
Amy: Loneliness... mountains... drive... crazy...
Amy: Oh, <Name>, you've got it: "Loneliness in the mountains drives me crazy!" The Night Walker is someone who lost their mind because of loneliness!
Amy: But loneliness is no reason to kill people! Is the Night Walker trying to justify murder?!
Amy: You're right, <Name>: this message also tell us that the mountaintop has a special significance to the killer. It's a lonely, desolate place...
Amy: Lots of people commit suicide there, and... oh, <Name>, what if this is a trap to kill us all? I'm not ready for the final showdown with the Night Walker!
Amy: Alright, <Name>, I'll get a grip... We should return to the mountaintop, come what may. We can't let this killer get away!

Investigate Suicide Peak.
Amy: <Name>, you've found a broken slab of stone? With a message on it? I agree, the best you can do is to restore it!
Amy: And you picked up a locked tablet, too? I wonder what it's doing here, in the mountains! But you excel at unlocking gadgets, I'm sure we'll know more in a minute!

Examine Broken Slab.
Amy: <Name>, you've restored the broken stone! It looks like... a prehistoric cartoon!
Amy: It's a sketch of a wavy-haired fat man, and an old guy trying to scare him. And the message says "I hate you".
Amy: You're right, <Name>, the figure on the left looks like the victim! And the other one looks like Allen, when he growls at people!
Amy: But then the message can only mean that... Allen hated Roberto! I agree, <Name>, it's time for another chat with him.

Ask Allen about his drawing.
Amy: Allen, what's this drawing about? Why did you hate Roberto?
Allen: <Rank> <Name>, do you remember the filmmaker girl who was murdered?
Amy: Of course! Virginia was my friend! I'm still devastated by her death.
Allen: She was my friend, too! She visited me, we'd sit by the fire and solve riddles together. She said I smelled of blackberries! How sweet!
Amy: But what does this have to do with the sketch you drew?
Allen (shouting): Roberto should have protected her! They were both trying to catch the Night Walker! They were on the same side!
Allen (shouting): But Roberto let her die! I hope the Night Walker got him in the end!

Examine Tablet.
Amy: <Name>, you unlocked that gadget! And you're right, it's the logo of the Love Village on the screen!
Amy: You're right, this could be Mayor Bower's! What is his tablet doing here, on a hiking trail? I agree, it's best to send it to the lab!

Analyze Tablet.
Hannah: <Name>, I confirm this tablet you found on the mountaintop belongs to Mayor Désiré Bower.
Hannah: But listen to this: according to his diary, he goes to a weekly Puzzle Convention! Isn't that part of the killer's profile?
Hannah: More importantly, the mayor harassed the victim! He stalked Roberto, took pictures of him, called him late at night! But his notes don't say what he wanted from him.
Amy: Do you think Mayor Bower was secretly in love with the victim, <Name>? He's always talking about love, and hugs...
Amy: Alright, I agree, it's best to ask Mayor Bower directly.

Ask Mayor Bower about his obsession with the victim.
Désiré: What do you want now? Are you still chasing ghosts?
Amy: Looks like YOU were chasing our victim, Mayor Bower! <Rank> <Name> found your tablet!
Amy: You'd been stalking and threatening Roberto for weeks before he died!
Désiré: Roberto was spreading rumors, ruining the community! Murders here, kidnappings there, Night Walkers everywhere! This is a village of Love, not hatred and horrible murders!
Amy: But the murders and disappearances are real! The Night Walker's legend is just the killer's disguise! Anyone could be behind it: even a man in a pink suit!
Désiré: If I was the Night Walker, I'd believe in it, right? But I don't, so I'm not! Simples!
Désiré (holding a freshener bottle): Now, I have a crisis to solve: the town hall has run out of blackberry-scented toilet fresheners. I had to bring in my own from home! I pray the taxpayers never find out!

Later, at the station...
Amy: What a nightmare this case is, <Name>! There really is a Night Walker, living in an ice cave in the mountain, killing people, just like in the legend.
Amy: But <Name>, could the Night Walker be a flesh-and-blood killer? Someone lonely, clever... and wicked.
Amy: Which means it couldn't be Mother, right, <Name>? She's often snippy, but she loves Duncan and me! Well, she... loves Duncan. She'd never do something like...
Amy: And Russell... he's smart and sometimes cold... First Bobby, now Russell... what's with these men, <Name>?
Amy: Everywhere around me, there's people I love but cannot trust! It breaks my heart!
(Amy cries)
Chief Marquez: What's going on? Is Amy alright, <Name>?
Amy: I... Chief Marquez, there's something I have to tell you.
Amy: I've always been a disappointment to all of you. But this investigation is the last straw. I can't do this anymore...
Amy (holding out her badge): Mother is right, I'll never be a good detective. So, I... I'm leaving the police.

Chapter 3

Amy Young (holding out her badge): <Name>, Chief Marquez: there's something I have to tell you. I've... decided to leave the police. I... want to resign.
Chief Marquez: What?! Amy, you can't quit in the middle of an investigation! <Rank> <Name> needs you!
Amy (crying): But I can't face this case! Duncan, Mother, Russell: everyone I love is a suspect! I'd rather not know if one of them is the Night Walker!
Amy: Being a detective was my dream. I wanted to be like my brother Duncan: a hero! But I've disappointed you enough, <Name>. I'll never be any good at this, so...
Chief Marqez: Amy, the clock is ticking. I must send <Name> back to the crime scene! Can you hold it together for just a little bit longer?
Chief Marquez: What would your brother do, Amy? Would he let his partner face danger alone? Would <Name>?
Amy (saluting): You're right, Chief. I owe it to <Name>, and to Duncan, to finish this. I'll go back to the bridge, if it's the last thing I do.

Investigate Riverbank.
Amy: Ugh, what is that thing, <Name>? A wooden leg? See, this is exactly the kind of thing I wish I didn't have to deal with now! And you think there's a message carved into it?
Amy: You're right, <Name>: the veteran who inspired the Night Walker's legend had a wooden leg! Could you retrieve the message?
Amy: And what is that burnt paper? Something "by Roberto Vasquez"... Something written by the victim!
Amy: But someone burnt it! <Name>, it'll take all your skill to collect any substance from it, given how damaged and contaminated it is!
Amy: And you've found a backpack, with the victim's name! Right, I'll brace myself for whatever you'll find in it!

Examine Victim's Manuscript.
Amy: <Name>, you've collected DNA from the victim's burnt manuscript! Let's get the sample to Yann!

Analyze DNA.
Yann: <Name>, I have news about the DNA you've collected from the burnt page on the crime scene. But you won't like it, Amy...
Amy: You're making me nervous, Yann! What is it?
Yann: The DNA on the page belongs to your mother, Amy. I'm sorry.
Amy: But... Okay, so Mother's DNA is on a burnt paper, which means she's... burnt a piece of paper. What's the big...
Amy: Okay, she burnt something written by the victim. I still don't see why...
Amy: Right, <Name>, let's just ask Mother what this is all about.

Question Miriam Young about burning the victim's writing.
Miriam: You really are useless as a cop, Amy. You never asked me if I knew the victim!
Miriam: Well, I knew Roberto. And I burnt his book for good reasons!
Amy: Mother! Why would you burn a book? What was it about?
Miriam: Roberto told me he was writing Duncan's biography. I thought he meant his heroic past with the police! So I agreed to help.
Miriam (shouting): But then I found out the book was about Duncan's accident! Roberto wanted to call it "The Fallen Hero"! It was pure defamation and lies! I won't even mention the details!
Miriam: I burnt the manuscript before Duncan had a chance to hear about it. He must never find out, d'you hear, Amy?!
Miriam: Now, can I go home? It's a long drive even with my snow chains, and I want to make dinner for Duncan. I don't expect you'll eat with us tonight, Amy.

Examine Wooden Leg.
Amy: <Name>, you revealed the message on the wooden leg! Let's see: "The Night Walker can outrun you, Roberto!"
Amy: Do you think this leg could have belonged to the original Night Walker, <Name>? Maybe Russell can tell us if it's authentic!
Amy: Oh, you're right! We can't ask Russell because he's a suspect! For playing a prank on the victim with that horrible fake eye!
Amy: I agree: if Russell sent the fake eye, he could easily be responsible for this wooden leg, too!
Amy: What a horrible discovery! We still have to ask Russell to explain this, but he'll have to do it as a suspect, not as an expert this time.

Talk to Russell about the prosthetic leg.
Russell: <Name>, I already admitted it was wrong to mock Roberto for his Night Walker theories...
Russell: But I have nothing to do with this wooden leg, fascinating as it is.
Russell: And now we got that out of the way, you have to listen, <Name>! I've done my own research on the Night Walker! Whoever it is, it's someone very intelligent, who won't confess to the murder easily.
Russell (reading his book): They'll deny it, and try to negotiate with you. Ambush you with their intelligence!
Amy: Deny it? But... wait... isn't it exactly what you're doing now, Russell? You're intelligent, what if... it's you?!
Russell: <Name>, Amy is very upset. Half her family is on the suspect list, no wonder she's second-guessing everyone around her! It's a natural reaction.
Russell: But I didn't kill Roberto! I just happen to be a very clever guy!

Examine Roberto's Backpack.
Amy: <Name>, you've found a broken badge in Roberto's backpack? I have a horrible feeling about this... Can you restore it?

Examine Broken Badge.
Amy: Oh, no! The broken badge you found in Roberto's backpack is Duncan's old police badge!
Amy: Duncan would never part with his old badge! It's his most prized possession! But... how did it end up in Roberto's backpack?
Amy: I guess you're right, <Name>: we need to ask my brother how his badge fell into the victim's hands. Let's go.

Ask Duncan Young how his old police badge ended up in the victim's backpack.
Duncan: Amy's right, <Name>: my old police badge means everything to me. Thank you so much for returning it!
Duncan: Being a cop was the best time of my life. I miss it so much! Civilian life is not the same...
Amy: <Name> understands, Duncan. But how did your badge end up in Roberto's backpack? Did you give it to him?
Duncan: No! Roberto must have stolen it from me!
Duncan: I remember bumping into him at the workshop where I had snow chains fitted on my wheelchair. I need them to be able to go outside!
Duncan: The mayor was there, too, gearing up his pink love-o-mobile for winter. I'm sure he'd back me up on this.

Later, at the station...
Amy: <Name>, I dread to think what we'll find next, but I'm glad I've stuck with you.
Amy: We know that Roberto wrote a book about Duncan. Mother found out and burnt the manuscript... but did she kill the author, too?
Amy: And Duncan thinks Roberto stole his old police badge... It's out of character for him to be so defensive. But then, I can't imagine he'd lie...
Amy: And Russell acts as if he's reading the Night Walker's mind! How can he do that if he's innocent?
Amy: What? You want to go back to the ice cave, <Name>? Well... maybe we'll find something that proves my family is innocent. Alright, then.

Investigate Night Walker's Lair.
Amy: <Name>, you found an icicle! On a... pillow? As if it were some precious jewel?
Amy: You're right: we know Roberto was stabbed with an icicle, but it was missing... which means you've just found the murder weapon, <Name>!
Amy: Do you think that pillow holds some forensic evidence you could collect? Oh, <Name>, I know it's silly, but I hope it's something that points to the Mayor!
Amy: Or even to Allen... or to anyone but my family!
Amy: And you found a mask, too! Goodness, it's definitely the Night Walker's!
Amy: Alright, try and collect something from the mask, <Name>! You must uncover this terrible secret, even if it crushes me!

Examine Night Walker's Mask.
Amy: <Name>, did you find anything on the Night Walker's mask? Some tiny fibers? OK, let's get them to Yann as fast as we can!

Analyze Fibers.
Yann: <Name>, the fibers you found on the killer's mask are strands of hair. But they were badly damaged: all I could determine from the DNA is that it's human hair.
Amy: So, we are no closer to the killer? We cannot let the Night Walker walk free, Yann!
Yann: And we won't, <Name>. Where genetic testing fails, simple chemistry still helps. I analyzed the bio-synthetic pathways for different kinds of melanin, and...
Yann: ... discovered that none were present in the sample. In other words, the hair that got stuck on the killer's mask is blond!
Amy: So, our killer has blond hair! Oh, <Name>, this means it's a tie between people I love!

Examine Icicle.
Amy: Great, <Name>, you've collected skin cells from the murder weapon. I'll get the sample to the lab straight away!
Amy: Gosh, we're so close to the end! Will I be brave enough to look at the Night Walker in the face, <Name>?

Analyze Skin Cells.
Yann: <Name>, the skin cells you found on the pillow holding the murder weapon proved challenging.
Yann: The killer took care to remove the evidence, there was barely any DNA in the sample. But even careful killers make mistakes.
Yann: The low temperature helped preserve enough biological material to isolate the Y chromosome... in other words, your killer is a man!
Amy: So, the killer is a man!
Amy: I guess it's a relief... in a way... at least it's not my mother, <Name>!

After completing all tasks...
Amy: Well, this is it, <Name>. You have enough evidence to arrest Roberto's killer, and uncover the true identity of the Night Walker!
Amy: I dread to think who will be accused... But I know you're right: the truth must prevail!

Take care of the killer now!
Amy: Duncan! <Rank> <Name> wants to arrest you for Roberto's murder! But you didn't do it, right?
Duncan: Of course not! <Rank> <Name>, I'm sorry, but you must have made a mistake. I just hope my sister won't get the blame for this!
Amy (holding her necklace): But Duncan, <Name> proved the killer is smart, and likes riddles... An ex-policeman fits the profile perfectly!
Duncan: Oh, come on, that's really flimsy evidence, <Rank> <Name>!
Amy: But you also have snow chains on your wheelchair, and you're blond, and... oh, Duncan, I'd give anything if only <Name> was wrong!
Duncan: Amy, look at me: I'm stuck in a wheelchair, how can I be the killer? How could I be the Night Walker when I can't walk?
Amy: I don't know... <Name>, what if you really made a mistake this time? I know you're never wrong, but...
Hannah (holding Roberto's phone): <Name>, Amy! I have something very important to show you!
Amy: Right now? What is it, Hannah?
Hannah: Remember the video on Roberto's phone, <Name>? I've been working ever since to retrieve the rest of the recording, and I finally have it! You have to watch it right away!

Recorded on Roberto's phone...
Roberto: Oh no, it's back! It's the Night Walker, again!
Duncan: Hello, Roberto!
Roberto: Get away from me!
Duncan: Hey, calm down! It's just me! Come on, don't tell me you're afraid of poor old crippled Duncan!
Roberto: Get back! I know everything! I know you're the Night Walker! I just don't understand how you killed all those people when you can't walk!
Duncan (standing up): I wanted everybody to believe that I couldn't! But I taught myself to walk again after my accident!
Duncan (holding an icicle): And with that, came a thirst for blood!
Roberto: No, no, please, Duncan! I won't tell anybody you can walk! I won't tell anyone you're the Night Walker!

End of footage...
Amy (tearfully holding her gun): You can walk! All this time, you could walk!
Duncan (standing up while holding his hand out): Ssssh, Amy, I wanted to tell you... It's still me, it's Duncan, your brother... Now, put that gun down, okay?
Amy (holding her gun): You killed Roberto!
Duncan: Amy, I've protected you all my life - now it's your turn! Help me escape, and I'll make everything alright, I promise!
Amy (holding her gun): I'd love to believe you, Duncan, but... you're just trying to sweet-talk me into a horrible mistake!
Duncan (shouting): Have I ever let you down, Amy? Have I not been your hero all your life? I'm the only one in your family who ever loved you! Just help me escape, dammit!
Amy (holding her gun): Duncan, I remember what you told me when we found you at the crime scene: you said you trusted me to do the right thing.
Amy (holding her gun): I'm doing this in honor of the cop you once were, Duncan: I'm stepping aside while <Rank> <Name> arrests you for murder.

Honorable Dante (holding the gavel): Duncan Young, you're charged with the murder of Roberto Vasquez, along with several other murders in White Peaks, committed under the guise of the "Night Walker".
Honorable Dante: We don't know the exact number of victims, but it's clear Roberto was just the tip of the icicle... I mean, the iceberg.
Honorable Dante: The evidence <Rank> <Name> collected is compelling. What I don't get is why you never told anyone you could walk!
Duncan (shouting): Because no one deserved to know! After I was shot and lost my job with the police, everyone turned away from me! I was no longer a hero, just a cripple!
Duncan: I taught myself to walk again, just to prove them wrong! And that's when it clicked: I was like the legendary Night Walker! We were both heroes shunned by society!
Honorable Dante: Is that why you killed those girls who disappeared in the forest? And then you kept them frozen in the ice cave, like a giant refrigerator?
Duncan: I killed them because they had everything I'd lost: beauty, youth, happiness! I wanted to preserve all that beauty in ice, so they'd never be broken, like me!
Duncan: Well, Roberto was an exception: he was ugly as sin, but he almost blew my cover. That was just damage control.
Honorable Dante: What a sad, fallen hero you are, Duncan Young. I pity your family who stood by you all this time, blissfully ignoring you were a monster.
Honorable Dante (holding the gavel): This Court sentences you to life in prison, for a series of brutal murders in White Peaks. All rise!

Amy (holding her necklace): <Name>, I still can't believe my brother was the Night Walker!
Amy: I can't believe he can walk! And he never told me! And Mother, what is she going to do now?
Amy (crying): I'm sorry, <Name>, I need some time to... to hide in the dark and cry!

Additional Investigation

Chief Andrea Marquez: <Rank> <Name>, I wanted to congratulate you. You handled the Night Walker's case with professionalism and composure.
Chief Marquez: Now, Amy, considering everything that just happened, I'm putting you on leave of duty. It's high time you got some space to grieve an-
Amy: Please, Chief Marquez, don't! I'd rather be here, helping <Name> out, than at home thinking about what happened...
Amy (holding her necklace): Anyway, my mother is here. I don't know why, she wasn't even at Duncan's trial, but... <Name>, if you don't mind, I would like to check on her.
Chief Marquez: I do not approve of this, but there's no time to argue. <Rank> <Name>, strange symbols were spotted by the bridge.
Chief Marquez: I want you and Frank to go there and make sure we do not have another Night Walker on our hands!
Frank: Sure, Andrea. <Name>, do you want to go to the bridge, or talk to Amy's mom first?

Talk to Miriam Young.
Amy: Mother? I didn't see you at... at Duncan's trial. I was worried ab-
Miriam (shouting): Do not pretend to care about your family, Amy. You've arrested your own brother! You should be ashamed of yourself!
Amy: But, Mother... Duncan... Duncan killed people! <Rank> <Name> was right to arrest him!
Miriam: I will not listen to this nonsense. <Rank> <Name>, I demand you help me. My son's belongings are still in that ice cave, and I want them back!
(After talking to Miriam Young)
Amy: <Name>, I want to apologize for my mother. She should not have spoken to you that way... She must be distraught because of... You know.
Amy: You still want to go have one last look in the ice cave? Very well. But I dread what we might find there...

Investigate Night Walker's Lair.
Amy: You're right, <Name>, I wouldn't be surprised if this police bag was my brother's, he was pretty nostalgic of the time he worked for the police...
Amy: I'm not sure if I want to know what Duncan could have hidden inside, but... Let's have a look.

Examine Police Bag.
Amy: <Name>, you found my brother's diary? Oh, but I don't think I could read it, it's too personal...
Amy: Wait... You're right, it's a picture of my mother! And she's saying: "Duncan, you're a failure!"
Amy: Mother told Duncan he was a failure? But that can't be! She loved him! He could never do anything wrong if you asked her! It even made me a little jealous...
Amy: You're right, maybe the rest of the journal could make sense of this. Can you retrieve the faded parts, <Name>?

Examine Faded Diary.
Amy: I can't believe this is really my brother's diary, <Name>! "I'll show you!"? He sounds so angry with our mother!
Amy: I still can't believe our mother could ever call Duncan a failure. She practically worshipped him!
Amy: You're right, <Name>. Maybe it's time I finally confronted my mother about all this... I'm just glad you'll be with me to face her!

Give Duncan's Diary to Miriam.
Miriam: What is this diary, <Rank> <Name>? Duncan would never write such a thing about me! Are you sure you didn't pick up Amy's diary instead?
Amy: Mother! I would never write such a thing about you! Although... Although I could have, it's true.
Amy (holding her necklace): You've always brought me down. Nothing I can do is ever good enough! And this diary shows you've been the same with Duncan!
Miriam: You foolish girl! You're just jealous because, unlike you, your brother was a hero! And I reminded him of it every day!
Amy (shouting): But you always talked about the past! You never told him how great he still was, even though he was in a wheelchair! You only cared about who he used to be!
Amy: Duncan didn't need that after having his career destroyed, he needed your love! You could have avoided what he did, but instead, you contributed to it!
Miriam (shouting): <Rank> <Name>, are you going to let my daughter talk to me that way?! I have always supported the Police force and I demand-
Amy (shouting): You don't get to demand anything, ever again! We're through, Mother! I don't need your approval anymore!
Amy (holding her necklace): <Rank> <Name>, please, let's go. I know my brother saved money for the Police funds, we can go get it together if you want. I know he would have wanted you to have it.

Investigate Covered Bridge.
Frank: <Name>, you think this stone's what we're looking for? There does seem to be some faded symbol on it... Well, you know what to do!

Examine Strange Stone.
Frank: Gee, <Name>, this symbol on the stone you found by the bridge makes no sense to me! You're right, we should send it to Hannah, maybe she'll find out what it is!

Analyze Strange Symbol.
Hannah: <Name>, I had a look at the symbol you found on the bridge, and it's part of the hobo "alphabet".
Frank: Homeless people have their own alphabet?! That's fancy!
Hannah: Drifters and itinerant workers use symbols to let others know about certain places. For example, if a hideout is safe, or if a house offers food.
Hannah: The symbol <Name> found means "Town is hostile, get out quick!"
Frank: A drifter left a message warning that White Peaks should be avoided? Do we know anyone who might have done that, <Name>?
Frank: You're right! We know a hobo, Allen Muir, the hermit! Could he have left this symbol? Let's go talk to him!

Ask Allen about the symbol on the bridge.
Frank: Allen, <Rank> <Name> found a stone by the bridge with a hobo sign telling anyone who would read it to leave the place asap... Is there any chance you did it?
Allen: Yeah I did, I got into way too much trouble out here, and I was never guilty of anything. I'm skipping town, and advising any new soul here to do so too!
Allen: Shame I left something behind... Kinda kills me to leave it, but I made it all the way down here from the mountain and I feel too weak to go back...
Frank: Well, I'm not sure we can help you with that, buddy, we're in a rush, and...
Frank: But <Rank> <Name> wants to help you with this, it seems... Sure! Let's go to the mountaintop, but, please, let's grab something to eat before, I'm starving!

Investigate Mountaintop.
Frank: You found a torn picture, <Name>, what a surprise... Alright then, let's piece it back together!

Examine Torn Picture.
Frank (pumping his fist): Great, you restored the picture you found on the mountaintop, <Name>! Damn, it looks old, and that soldier looks kinda... tough I'd say. Who's this guy, do you think he's still alive?
Frank: That's right, if you find what the guy looks like today, we could have a match with someone and find the owner... Sure, let's do this!

Examine Picture.
Frank: So that's Allen Muir on that picture, <Name>... Yeah, that's probably what he was sad to leave behind.
Frank: It's hard to figure he could have been a soldier one day, that's nuts! But you're right, we should find him and give him back his pic!

Give Allen his picture back.
Allen: You found my picture, <Rank> <Name>! Ah, those were the days... Best time of my life!
Allen: I was a marine, and I've seen a few conflicts, I can tell you that! At that time, I still believed in my country and its so called values...
Allen: But one day, I got wounded, and everything changed... With my low veteran pay, I couldn't afford much... They told me I was a hero, but I was not treated as such!
Allen: So, I packed my stuff and hit the road. I had my share of adventures, let me tell you, <Rank> <Name>!
Allen: Until I came to this place. I just wanted to be left alone, but people accused me of being a monster... Which is why I'm leaving.
Allen: You're one of the few people I'm going to miss, <Rank> <Name>. Please, take this, I won't need them where I'm going. It's not much, but it's all I have.

Later, at the station...
Amy: <Name>, maybe I was too tough with my mother... My brother is in jail, and... Maybe I shouldn't leave her alone...
Frank: Trust me, Amy, you made the right decision! If you stayed with her, it would only have gotten worse.
Frank: <Name>'s right, don't worry, we're here for you! We'll never let you down!
Amy: Thanks. But I think... I need to get away from White Peaks for a while...
Frank: Good idea, kid. Why not go for some sunshine, for a change?
Chief Marquez: You'll be happy to hear, then, that since <Rank> <Name> did an outstanding job here in White Peaks and the crime rate lowered substantially, we're moving to Ivywood!
Frank: Ivywood? I was there in the 80s... The rock stars, the concerts and the drug busts... Man, that was crazy! But as it is now... thanks but no thanks!
Chief Marquez: We won't go there to have fun, but to catch criminals! <Name>, I trust you'll keep Frank in check!

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