Thanid Tongproh (Tha: ธนิต ทองเพราะ; 1996–2016) was the victim in Death Match (Case #31 of World Edition).


Thanid was a 20-year-old Muay Thai boxing champion. He had short black hair, dark brown eyes, and wore red and white ropes on his arms, as well as a mongkol of the same color on his head. At the time of his death, Thanid wore blue boxing trunks, and somehow lost his mongkol. It is known that Thanid's blood type was AB+.

Murder details

Thanid was found strangled in a boxing ring. Based on the wound's pattern, Angela deduced he was probably strangled with some sort of short rope. She also determined the killer was able to approach and attack Thanid because the Muay Thai boxer was drunk, but still had to be physically fit to struggle with him. This meant the killer was physically fit.

At the Ayutthaya ruins, Jack and the player found a mongkol (a traditional Muay Thai headband) belonging to the victim, which was filed as the murder weapon according to Lars' analysis. The mongkol had traces of lemongrass, which meant the killer used lemongrass.

Relationship with suspects

Thanid's coach since childhood, Orlando Weathers, said that he was a drunkard, a smoker, a philanderer, and never attended training. Thanid's wife, Maniwan Tongproh, reiterated this and even said that he would beat her when he lost his temper. Bookie Chon Sansurin, who always bet on Thanid and thought him a sure victory, bet against him in his final match against Baxter Fraser due to his vices. Meanwhile, Baxter himself tried to postpone the match due to his broken arm but Thanid refused. Scientist Marshall Metcalf, meanwhile, had been boosting the performance of other Thai fighters, which Baxter and Thanid were vocally against.

Unbeknownst to the team at the time, Baxter and Thanid were both recruits of SOMBRA, had both survived the "hunt" that would pit them against other orphans, and had experiments performed on both of them to enhance one of their qualities, most probably strength for the two of them. As such, Thanid was in correspondence with Obaasan, who said that the fight was his last chance to prove his worth to SOMBRA.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be Chon.

After denying involvement, Chon admitted he strangled Thanid with his own mongkol after he refused to throw his fight against Baxter, violating their agreement in which Chon would bet for Thanid's defeat and then give him part of the profits. Judge Adaku sentenced him to 20 years in prison for the murder.

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