Terrance Williams was the killer of politician Sandy Turner and his driver, James Parker, in Up in Smoke (Case #50 of World Edition).


Terrance is a 21-year-old student who witnessed the explosion. He has tall curly black hair, octangular glasses, and fuschia headsets around his neck. He wears a sky blue plaid shirt over a white shirt with a notepad and pen in one pocket, and a phone in the other one. It is known that Terrance knows electronics, smokes weed, and eats quinoa.

Height 5'4"
Age 21
Weight 142 lbs
Eyes brown
Blood A-

Events of Criminal Case

Terrance became a suspect after the player and Carmen found his camera at the crime scene, which had pictures of the victim just before he was killed. He was in shock, and explained that he was there to do a photo rally for his politics class, but arrived late as the victim's car was leaving as he arrived. Not wanting to leave empty-handed, he decided to take some pictures, and then the explosion happened. Thinking he would be next, he dropped his camera and ran off, but he did not notice anything unusual.

Terrance was interrogated again regarding his fingerprints on a USNay button. Although he tried to brush it off at first, Carmen managed to get through to him. He did not bother to hide it afterwards, saying the current system was too broken and the victim's idea of staying in the UN were stupid. According to him, the USNay were honest, saying that power rules the world, not friendship.

In the end, Terrance was proved to be the one who killed both Sandy and his driver, James. Initially denying involvement, Terrance admitted to killing Sandy and James. He said that someone from the USNay movement had paid him online to kill Sandy. With the payment and the willingness to kill Sandy due to his political affiliations, he had switched Sandy's regular tie pin with an explosive pin and detonated the bomb from a distance to kill him and his driver. Judge Adaku sentenced him to 30 years in jail. After the trial, Terrance told Carmen and the player that he was going to receive a second payment through a mailbox in Lombard Street.


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