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Chief Andrea Marquez (crossing her arms, curiously): Ah, <Name>, there you are. I've got a question for you. How good are you with ancient relics? I mean besides Frank, that is!
Chief Marquez (scratching her head): I'm asking because I've been getting reports that some archaeologist has been digging up the Rhine Canyon desert without permission!
Chief Marquez (putting her hands on her hips): This guy's been blowing up sand dunes, smashing private property and digging trenches everywhere! It's like an infestation of moles out there!
Amy (excitedly): Archaeology! I love that stuff! Ancient ruins, mummies, adventures! Wonder what they're looking for?
Chief Marquez (crossing her arms): Why not ask the archaeologist himself! His name's Burt Montana. Rumor is he's looking for some lost temple...
Amy (gasping): Seriously?! THE Burt Montana! He's a world famous archaeologist! I've read about him, he travels the world studying lost treasures and having adventures!
Chief Marquez (putting her hands on her hips): Fame or not, this archaeologist's not above the law! <Name>, take Amy to the archaeological dig and talk to him! Make sure he stops destroying the desert without a permit!
Amy (pumping her fist): Awesome! I can't wait to get to that archaeological dig, maybe we'll bring back some treasure!
Chief Marquez (scratching her head): Fine by me... Just don't bring back trouble!

Chapter 1

Investigate Archaeological Dig.
Amy Young (nauseated): Oh God! That body you've found has been cut wide open and left to rot in the sun!
Amy (gasping): Oh no! I recognize him now... the victim... That's Burt Montana!
Amy (holding her fist, angrily): Who would murder a famous archaeologist?! Let's get his body to Roxie and find out!
Amy (saluting): Good job sweeping the scene for clues, <Name>. Could this ancient scroll be a lead? Can you retrieve what was on it?
Amy: What about those broken bits of stone? You think they'll tell us something? Let's put it back together and find out if-
(Louis appears on the scene.)
Louis (nervously scratching his neck): Is it safe to come out now?
Amy (surprised): Who the heck are you?!
Louis (sweating nervously): I'm Louis Scripps, Burt Montana's assistant! I heard screaming... What's going on?
Amy (sadly): Sorry to say this, but your boss is dead. <Rank> <Name> will need to interview you in a moment.
Amy (saluting): Well, <Name>, no luck finding treasure at this dig, but we sure found a murder!

Ask Louis Scripps what he was doing at the crime scene.
(Louis is seen with sunburn throughout the murder investigation.)
Louis (crying): I can't believe my boss is dead! We've been through so much together, canoeing down the Amazon, hiking in the Himalayas. He saved my life so many times!
Amy (writing down notes): You were on the crime scene when we arrived. Did you hear anything?
Louis (nervously scratching his neck): No... well, I heard screams. So I hid. Not a very brave thing to do... Burt was always the brave one. At least before we'd started searching for the lost temple...
Amy (putting her notepad away): Is that lost temple what you and Montana were looking for all over Rhine Canyon?
Louis: Yes. We've been searching for this temple for years. We were getting so close!
Louis (excitedly with sparkling eyes): Legends say there is a priceless statue inside the temple. It's supposed to have magical powers! Burt was obsessed with it.
Louis (nervously scratching his neck): The closer we got to it, the weirder Burt got. Almost like... he was afraid of something... I guess now I'll never know what.
(After talking to Louis Scripps)
Amy: Louis seemed really excited about this lost temple the victim was looking for.
Amy: Maybe Burt Montana's murder is connected to this lost temple? We need to find out more about this place!
Amy (inspired): Nice idea, <Name>! Let's check out Burt Montana's study. We'll surely find clues as to the temple's location there!

Investigate Victim's Office.
Amy (in awe): Wow, looks like our victim went around the globe three times over! There's so much archaeology stuff in this study!
Amy: Good idea picking up that bank box, <Name>. Why would an archaeologist have this?! Think you can get it open?
Amy (pumping her fist): And that duffel bag's got the victim's name on it. Let's look through it!

Examine Bank Box.
Amy (surprised): Whoa, <Name>, this bank box you found in the victim's study is stuffed with gold!
Amy: Why would our victim have all this gold? Good idea, Hannah will know where it came from, let's get this to her.

Analyze Gold Bars.
Hannah (innocently): Thanks for sending this gold, <Name>. But, as police officers, we're not allowed to take bribes. However much we're tempted...
Amy (sternly): Nice try, Hannah! This is evidence. <Name> found this bank box filled with gold in the victim's study.
Hannah (smirking): But of course! I didn't think you got paid THAT much, <Name>!
Hannah: I searched bank records for these bars. The account's registered to one Otto Schmetterling.
Hannah: He's one of the wealthiest art collectors on the planet! Nasty piece of work, if you ask me. I've heard he'll stop at nothing to get what he wants.
Amy: What was the victim doing with gold from an art collector? Jerk or not, we better go talk to this Otto, <Name>.

Ask Otto Schmetterling what his gold was doing in the victim's study.
Otto (holding a staff, smirking): Ah, <Rank>. How may I assist? Be swift, though. My time is very precious.
Amy (taking notes): We found a bank box filled with your gold at Burt Montana's study, what was it doing there?
Otto (happily): Why, I gave it to him! It's all perfectly legal. The gold was a down payment on the statue I wanted.
Amy (puts down her notepad in disbelief): All that gold just for some statue? Sounds suspicious.
Otto (angrily): Madam, you have no idea what you're talking about. That statue's worth double what I gave Montana. It's the most powerful thing in creation!
Amy (picks up her notepad): Wait, <Rank> <Name>'s right. Burt's assistant mentioned Burt was looking for a lost temple because a statue was inside. Was it the same statue?
Otto (shouting): Yes! With that statue the whole world would be at my command! Princes would kneel before me. Kings would call me master! I would be a God!
Amy (nervously puts down her notepad): That sounds... insane.
Otto (smirking): Don't believe me? Fine. Just wait. I'll get that statue and then you'll see!

Examine Duffel Bag.
Amy (excitedly): Well done, <Name>! This photograph you found in the victim's duffel bag looks exciting. Is that the victim?
Amy (curiously): You're right, it's him. But who's the woman he's with? They look pretty close here.
Amy (winking): Good idea, maybe you can find her in the database. Let's have a look!

Examine Photograph.
(In the station...)
Amy (excitedly): Nice work, <Name>! So the person in that photograph with the victim is called Pearl Montana!
Amy (in wonder): It says here that Pearl's the victim's wife!
Amy (pumping her fist): I'm right behind you, <Name>, let's see if Pearl can shed some light on her husband's murder.

Talk to Pearl Montana about her relationship with the victim.
(Pearl is seen with sunburn throughout the murder investigation.)
Pearl (holding some brushes, grinning): Hurry up now, I haven't got all day. That lost temple isn't going to find itself!
Amy (nervously): Mrs Montana, you've been told your husband's dead, right? You don't seem that upset...
Pearl (puts down her brushes, furiously): Ex-husband, actually. We were in the midst of a divorce, if you must know.
Pearl (picks up a brush): We argued through our three-year marriage. We both wanted to be the world's best archaeologist. Things were often... competitive.
Amy (sadly): But surely, you'd be a little upset. You looked so happy in that picture...
Pearl (puts down her brush and places her hands on her hips): I didn't get upset when I was being eaten alive by fire ants in the Orinoco Delta, or chased by Pygmies in the Congo. I'm not going to start now!
Pearl (winking): Besides, now my husband's dead, I guess that makes ME the best archaeologist in the world. There are always silver linings!

Examine Ancient Scroll.
Amy (grinning): You cleaned up that ancient scroll beautifully, <Name>! What are all these drawings on it? Animals?
Amy (gasping): Wow, great spot, <Name>! The last drawing on that scroll looks like our victim! That's the same hat!
Amy (confused): I don't understand why a drawing of our victim's on this scroll?!
Amy (pumping her fist): Great idea, let's get this scroll to Russell! He's a world expert in things no one else understands!

Analyze Drawings.
Russell (excitedly): Thanks for bringing me this scroll, <Name>. All these pictures remind me of when I was a kid.
Amy (curiously): Awww, did you like stories with lots of pictures too?
Russell (grinning): Ha! More like I was bored one day so I taught myself to read the Aztec alphabet.
Russell: And that scroll you found on the crime scene is a message written in the ancient Aztec language!
Amy (twirling her hair): Whoa, Russell! You have so many hidden talents! What does it say?
Russell (opens his book): The scroll says: "The sacrifice will be tied down and cut open at sunrise, to please the God Cuexcotzin!"
Russell (puts away the book and winks): Your victim was tied down, cut open and found in the morning! The killer must have been following these instructions!
Amy (pumping her fist): <Name>'s right! This means the killer reads the Aztec language. This will be tricky <Name>, not many people are as clever as Russell!

Examine Broken Pieces.
Amy (puzzled): Those broken bits of stone you found at the dig... is that a wheel? Do you call that a tablet?
Amy (gasping): You're right, it depicts a man being tied down and cut open! Just like our victim!
Amy: There's no doubt, this tablet's linked to our murder... We need to find out more!
Amy (taking out her notepad): <Name>, I actually know a little bit about archaeology. I'd guess this tablet is Mesoamerican in origin...
Amy (puts her notepad away): So what we need right now is a local expert on Mesoamerican works of art... But how will we find one?!
Amy (inspired): Great idea! Let's give Hannah a call! She's always got the answers!
Amy (on the phone): Hannah, <Name>'s found a stone tablet we think is Mesoamerican. Do you know anyone who's an expert on that kind of thing?
Hannah (on the phone, grinning): Sorry, I don't know anyone who knows about old stuff. My friends think DVDs are ancient history! But give me a second...
Hannah: There's this Mesoamerican tribe based in Rhine Canyon. Maybe try talking to their chief, Zuma Tlatoani?
(Hannah and Amy hang up.)
Amy (pumping her fist): Okay, <Name>. Let's see what this Zuma Tlatoani can tell us about this stone!

Talk to Zuma Tlatoani about the stone tablet.
Amy (nervously): Errr... Mr Tlatoani? Can you tell us anything about this tablet <Rank> <Name> found at the archaeological dig?
Zuma (angrily): Ignorant woman! How little you know of my culture! This is no mere tablet! It is an ancient calendar of the stars, illustrating a sacrifice!
Amy: Listen, Burt Montana's been killed in the same style as on this calendar! Do your people still perform these sacrifices?!
Zuma: Not any more, no. But for Burt Montana, I'm sure many of my people would make an exception!
Amy (surprised): Wait, you knew our victim?!
Zuma (shouting): Yes! That thief tried stealing every artifact, every treasure and secret belongings to my people.
Zuma (raising his hands in praise): I thank the Gods that someone killed him before he took more treasures! Our ancestors can rest in peace!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Roxie: One thing I can say about you, <Name> - you've got a big heart... unlike this guy!
Amy (holding up a finger): Oh, Roxie! Show some respect for the dead!
Roxie (surprised): But it's the truth! This corpse you brought me from the dig doesn't have a heart! It was removed!
Roxie (excitedly): This poor guy was knocked on the head, tied down and sliced open. The killer took his heart out when it was still beating!
Amy (nauseated): Yep. I'm going to be sick!
Roxie: The corpse was clean of any DNA, fingerprints, etc. But I did find something interesting on his wrists and ankles, where he was tied up.
Roxie (grinning): I found a crushed chili seed. The kind you get in red chili peppers.
Roxie (excitedly): <Name>, your killer sure likes spicy food, because that red chili seed must have come from them, trust me!

Later, in the desert...
Amy: Why are we out in the desert, <Name>? You think there are clues out here about Burt Montana's murder?
Amy (shaking her head): Hopefully this desert sun will help clear my head to think about this case!
Amy: So, archaeologist Burt Montana was really close to finding the lost temple of the Aztecs.
Amy (nauseated): But then he winds up sacrificed, with his heart cut out!
Amy (sadly): His wife seemed unmoved, she's now claiming to be the world's top archaeologist! But is that enough motive to kill?
Amy: But that Aztec chief had plenty of motive. He hated Montana for stealing his people's treasures!
Amy (angrily): You're right, <Name>. It seems like everything is tied up with Montana's hunt for the lost temple. But where could it be?
(The ground starts to shake.)
Amy: Hang on, the sand's shifting... <Name>! What's happening?!
(All of a sudden, the ground collapses underneath Amy.)

Chapter 2

Amy Young: So archaeologist Burt Montana was murdered whilst looking for a lost Aztec temple? I don't know, <Name>, if we don't find that temple, we-
(The ground starts to shake.)
Amy: Hang on, the sand's shifting... What's happening?!
Amy (screaming): <Name>! I'm falling!

A few minutes and 50 feet later...
Amy (holding her head): What happened, <Name>?! One second we were in the desert, the next...
Amy (smiling): Thankfully, you climbed down here to rescue me!
Amy (holding her hands up, puzzled): Anyway, where ARE we?!
Amy (gasping): Oh my! <Name>, you genius! You've discovered the lost temple of the Aztecs! Come on, let's have a look around!

Investigate Aztec Temple.
Amy (excitedly): Excellent, <Name>! This is definitely the lost temple Burt Montana was looking for! Look at you go, archaeologist!
Amy: What about this place could have gotten Burt killed?
Amy: Think there's something inside that stone chest? That lock looks ancient, but I'm sure you'll unlock it quickly!
Amy (curiously): And let's piece those colorful broken pieces back together!

Examine Broken Pieces.
Amy (disgusted): Ugh! Those broken pieces you found in the temple were a painted skull!
Amy (taking out her notepad): We know it's not the victim's skull, but you think it's related to Burt Montana's murder?
Amy (puts her notepad away): Yes, I see those initials painted on the skull. "B.M."... What's it mean?
Amy (gasping): Oh, of course! "B.M." are the initials for Burt Montana!
Amy: We need to find who painted this skull! I agree, the big bird could be useful... Can you find it in our database?

Examine Skull Symbols.
(At the station...)
(Before examining Skull Symbols)
Amy: Alright, so someone wrote the victim's initials on this skull.
Amy (pumping her fist): The other symbols on the skull may tell us who painted it. Let's have a look in the database!
(After examining Skull Symbols)
Amy (happily): Great job, <Name>! So that symbol on the painted skull you found in the temple is from Zuma Tlatoani's tribe!
Amy (gasping): So Zuma painted that skull!
Amy: Remember how Zuma hated the victim for stealing his tribe's treasures? Is this a threat?!
Amy: You're right! We need to talk to Zuma. Let's go!

Talk to Zuma Tlatoani about the painted skull.
Amy: Mr Tlatoani! Can you explain why <Rank> <Name> found a skull with your tribe's symbol and our victim's initials on it?
Zuma (shouting): "Mr Tlatoani"?! I am Chief Tlatoani, of the northern Aztec, guardians of the-
Amy (furiously): I only know one Chief and that's Andrea Marquez! Now, tell <Rank> <Name> what this skull means!
Zuma (defeatedly): So be it... It's a curse. A magic spell. It was revenge for how Montana tricked me!
Zuma (angrily): A few nights ago, Montana came to me. He wanted to know where the lost temple was!
Zuma: He offered me some red chili tequila, my favorite! Soon I was very drunk!
Zuma (nervously): He tricked me into showing him some of my ancient Aztec scriptures, revealing where the lost temple was!
Zuma (shouting): He tricked me! So I painted that skull with an ancient curse! I left it in the temple for him to find!
Zuma (holding up his hands in praise): Now the spirits of my ancestors have been avenged. He is dead and the secrets of the lost temple will die with him!

Examine Locked Stone Chest.
Amy (gasping): Jeepers! That chest from the temple... it's got a human heart inside!
Amy (nervously biting her nails): Wait, this heart looks fresh... Oh no, <Name>, that's right! Roxie did mention the victim's heart had been ripped out. Could this be it?
Amy (worried): But what do those pins mean? Some sort of voodoo?! Let's just get this to Roxie!

Analyze Human Heart.
(Russell is also present in the lab.)
Roxie (excitedly): <Name>, that was the coolest puzzle ever! That heart fits inside the victim's chest like a glove!
Amy (nauseated): Nice, Roxie. So what can you tell us about those pins?
Roxie (in disbelief): Nothing, but Russell-the-weirdo practically battered my door down to get to this heart!
Russell (grinning): Look, <Name>! Those pins are arranged in a specific order, with a familiar shape...
Russell (pumping his fist): The pins in the heart match Orpheus Polaris! It's a little known constellation.
Russell (winking): The killer arranged the pins to perfectly match the constellation. You'd have to be an astronomer, like me, to even know about it!
Amy (pumping her fist): A killer who knows astronomy? Ha! They had better hope their prison cell has a window! Let's go, <Name>!

Amy: You're right, <Name>, finding the victim's heart in the temple proves the killer went there!
Amy (inspired): And if the killer found the temple... it probably means they went to Montana's study, to have a look at his research! I like your reasoning! Let's go back to the study!

Investigate Victim's Desk.
Amy (pumping her fist): I'm sure you're onto something, <Name>! Searching the victim's study one more time was a great idea!
Amy (curiously): Why did you pick up that empty picture frame? The paper inside is completely faded. You think you can retrieve what used to be drawn there?
Amy (biting her nails): And if you're searching through that reptile tank, count me out! I hate snakes!
Amy (nervously): You're right. As always. There could be a clue inside. Watch out for the snakes... Yikes!

Examine Reptile Tank.
Amy (covering her eyes): Ohmygodohmygod! Is it over? Did you find anything under those horrible snakes?
Amy (gasping): Is that a statue? Wait... <Name>! This is the priceless statue everyone has been talking about!
Amy: And there's a note attached! It reads: "If I'm dead, ask that damn professor!" <Name>, did the victim know someone was going to kill him?!
Amy (saluting): I agree, let's get this to Hannah to identify this "professor."

Analyze Victim's Note.
Hannah (curiously): Mind if I keep that statue from the victim's study, <Name>? It'd go well in my apartment.
Amy (in disbelief): Fat chance. Now what can you tell us about the note <Name> found with the statue?
Hannah: I looked at Montana's contacts for any professors... One guy stood out. He and Montana were in contact all the time.
Hannah (excitedly): His name's Dr Howard Haggard. He's had a constant feud with Montana about the statue you found.
Hannah (winking): Furthermore, get this... he's a professor of astronomy!
Amy (pumping her fist): Just like the killer... Come on, <Name>, let's go and talk to Dr Haggard!

Talk to Dr Howard Haggard about his feud with the victim.
(Howard is seen holding a lot of scrolls in his left arm.)
Howard (excitedly): Really?! Burt Montana is dead?! Finally! My prayers have been answered! Now the statue will remain forever safe!
Amy (holding the statue): You mean this statue? <Rank> <Name> found it in the temple and-
Howard (freaking out): ARGHHHHH! The statue of the Aztecs! We're doomed! That statue will kill us all, cities will crumble, oceans boil! It will end the world!!
Amy: What?! You think this little statue can end the world?!
Howard (nervously): That's what the ancient Aztec legends say! I should know, I've read them all! The statue will bring about an apocalypse!
Howard (shouting): Burt Montana never understood that! He just thought it was another treasure to play with!
Howard (freaking out): <Rank> <Name>, you should have left that statue in the temple! We're doooooomed!
Amy (puzzled): ...Okay... Professor, the statue is in safe hands with the police. There's nothing to worry about.

Examine Framed Document.
Amy (gasping): There's a message for our victim in this frame! "Burt! Don't make me add you to my collection!" <Name>, it's a threat!
Amy (in disbelief): So someone threatened to make our victim part of their "butterfly collection"?! That's the weirdest threat I've ever heard.
Amy: This must have been sent by someone who likes collecting things... and butterflies...
Amy (inspired): Nice catch, <Name>! That creepy old guy dressed all in black is an art collector! And he even wears a butterfly on his coat!
Amy (holding her fist, angrily): So he sent this threat to Burt! Come on, <Name>, let's see what Otto has to say!

Ask Otto Schmetterling about the threat he sent to the victim.
Amy: Mr Schmetterling! <Rank> <Name> found this message you wrote to Burt Montana! Do you often threaten to add people to your butterfly collection?!
Otto (smirking): Every morning I eat five red hot chilies, just to feel the pain. <Rank>, you are not dealing with a normal man!
Otto (shouting): Burt said he hadn't found the statue, but I knew he was lying! I might only have one eye, but I can spot a liar eyes closed!
Otto: So I sent him that drawing as a warning! Find me my statue, or else!
Amy (holding her fist, angrily): No object is worth murder, Otto! If <Rank> <Name> finds you were involved, nothing will free you!
Otto (smirking): Everyone has a price, <Rank>. I'll find whoever has my statue, if it's the last thing I do!

Later, at the station...
Amy (curiously): Phew! What a case, <Name>! Lost temples, snakes, priceless statues! Is this Pacific Bay or an adventure novel?
Amy: Right, from what we've learned, it's clear the victim found the lost temple he'd been seeking.
Amy: And chief Zuma was infuriated! Montana tricked him into revealing the temple's location. Zuma got so mad he cursed the victim!
Amy (nervously): Then there's the mad professor, screaming about the end of the world! Maybe he's just crazy.
Amy: And that priceless statue for Otto... Could this statue you found be the one Burt was searching for?
(Russell runs in the room.)
Russell (excitedly): <Name>! Amy! Come see this! It's... I just don't believe it! It's the statue!

A few moments later, in the storage room...
(The player, Amy and Russell enter the room to see the statue floating over a crate.)
Statue: "Ixtli, yollotli quitquitinemi. Áiac xictli in tlaltícpac!"
Amy (gasping): What?! The statue's talking? How? It's hundreds of years old!
Amy (nervously biting her nails): <Name>... Remember what the professor said about the statue? Could this be... the end of the world?!

Chapter 3

Statue: "Ixtli, yollotli quitquitinemi. Áiac xictli in tlaltícpac!"
Amy (shocked): What?! The statue's talking? How? That's impossible!
Statue: "Ixtli, yollotli quitquitinemi. Áiac xictli in tlaltícpac!"
Amy (nervously biting her nails): <Name>! Remember what the crazy professor said?! Could this statue be foretelling the end of the world?!
Amy (shaking her head): Let's take a step back... Russell, do you know what the statue's saying?!
Russell (reading his book): I'm trying to work it out. I think it translates as "Avenge the sacrifice's spirit before sunset! Or more shall perish..."
Amy (shocked): What?! Is it talking about Burt Montana when it says "the sacrifice's spirit"?!
Russell (nervously putting his book away): I don't know. Statues don't just float and talk! There's got to be a logical explanation! But I'm worried about the "more shall perish"...
Amy (gasping): <Name>, you think this message refers to our case?! That more people will die if we don't find the killer by sunset?! Then there's not a moment to lose!
Amy (biting her nails): So we have a sacrificed victim, a talking statue and a killer to find by sunset. What now?
Amy (pumping her fist): Good plan! This whole case revolves around that temple. Russell, you keep an eye on that statue, <Name> and I are going back to the temple!

Investigate Temple Altar.
Amy: Great searching skills, <Name>! That map looks pretty old. It appears to be a map of the temple, but most of it is faded... Can you clean it up in time? We need to get this murder solved by sunset!
Amy: That camera looks pretty modern. Think it's Burt's... or the killer's?
Amy: It's locked. There's only one way to find out what's on it, <Name>... Let's unlock it!
Amy (covering her eyes): Whoa! Keep that away from me! It's dynamite! Don't blow this place sky high!
Amy (prompted): What is dynamite doing down here? Was someone trying to blow up the temple? You're right, I see some gray fibers on it... Let's get a sample quick!

Examine Locked Camera.
Amy (excitedly): You unlocked that camera from the temple really quickly, <Name>! Go on, switch it on!

Recorded message...
Louis (scratching his neck): Err hello? Is this thing on?...
Louis (excitedly): Greetings, my alien overlords! On behalf of everyone here on Earth, I welcome you!
Louis (excitedly with sparking eyes): My name is Louis Scripps and I'd be honored to greet you in person, please come seek me on your arrival!
Louis: Now how do I lock this thing?

End of message...
Amy (gasping): That was Louis Scripps! The victim's assistant recorded a message about aliens?!
Amy (holding her hands up in disbelief): Aliens?! This case keeps getting weirder! Who leaves a message for aliens inside a lost temple?!
Amy: You're right, this needs some explaining. Let's go ask Louis!

Question Louis Scripps about the message he left for the aliens.
Louis (excitedly): Sorry to keep you waiting, <Rank> <Name>. My mom made red chili con carne for lunch, it's my favorite! She takes chilies and-
Amy: You lied to us, Louis! <Rank> <Name> found your camera in the temple. You said you'd never been there! And explain this message to our "alien overlords"?!
Louis (shouting): Why did you take that camera? Now the aliens will never get my message!
Amy (holding her hands up in disbelief): Seriously?! You actually believe in aliens?
Louis (excitedly with sparkling eyes): Of course they exist! I've studied astronomy forever and I know I'll be the first person on earth to meet an alien!
Louis (in awe): A few years back I learned Aztec temples were actually built by aliens. The Aztecs could communicate with other planets! Cool, huh?
Louis: So I taught myself Aztec and got a job as Burt's assistant, to help find the lost temple and one day communicate with aliens!
Louis (excitedly): After Burt and I discovered the temple, I left that camera there, so if the aliens return, they'll know I'm their friend. See, it all makes sense!
Amy (shaking her head): <Name>, I think this is a dead end. If we wanted to talk to crazy people, we'd have stayed in Ivywood! Come on, we've got a killer to find!

Examine Dynamite.
Amy (pumping her fist): Great, you managed to collect hair off that dynamite without getting blown up! Let's get this hair to Yann!

Analyze Hair.
Amy (impatiently): Time's running out, Yann! What do you know about the grey hair <Name> found on that dynamite?
Yann: Those hairs were interesting, they weren't pulled out or cut off, they fell out of the person's head. It must be someone very stressed!
Amy (impatiently): Have you got a name?
Yann (amused): You may want to unwind a little, Amy... But, yes, I tested the hair's DNA to save you time! It matches the profile of Dr Haggard!
Amy (holding her hands up in disbelief): Dr Haggard?! The crazy professor who warned us about the statue? Why would he want to blow up the temple?!
Amy (prompted): Let's go hear what he has to say for himself, <Name>! We'd better be quick, we need to find this killer by sunset!

Ask Dr Howard Haggard why he wanted to blow up the temple.
Amy (angrily): So, Dr Haggard, you tried to blow up the Aztec temple! Don't deny it, <Rank> <Name> found your sticks of dynamite. Are you crazy?!
Howard (shocked): Is it crazy to try saving mankind?! Crazy to care? Crazy to put red chilies in your coffee instead of milk? Is it?!
Amy (in disbelief): Yes... Yes, that does sound crazy.
Howard (angrily): Let me tell you this! I knew Burt Montana wasn't going to stop in his quest, that half-wit!
Howard: So I followed him... or "stalked" him. And he led me straight to the temple! I was horrified he'd find that statue!
Howard (scared): I knew I had to do something. That statue would destroy us all! So I got some dynamite, like any NORMAL person would do, and tried to blow up the temple!
Howard: But Burt saw me. He threatened to take my PhD thesis and shove it right up my "lost temple" if I didn't quit following him! That man was so thick headed, it's a wonder his hat stayed on!
Amy (in disbelief): If you were ready to blow up a temple, you could have easily murdered Burt to "protect" us! Stay nearby, Dr Haggard!

Examine Temple Plan.
Amy (grinning): Well, Pearl Montana sure didn't want anyone to forget this map of the temple was her property!
Amy (gasping): And that statue... You're right, it's the magical statue you found! So this map indicated where to find it in the temple...
Amy (prompted): Good point, if Pearl's map was in the temple, she must have come here! Let's go talk to her!

Talk to Pearl Montana about her map of the temple.
Amy: Pearl, <Rank> <Name> found your plan in the Aztec temple. We didn't know you had discovered it...
Pearl (shocked): What?! I HAVEN'T found the temple! I'm still looking for it! You're telling me you've been there?!
Pearl (furiously): My lying toad of an ex-husband stole that map from me! He's always stolen everything from me!
Pearl (holding a paintbrush): When we met at college, he used to steal my astronomy homework!
Pearl (grinning): Then, when we married he started stealing my archaeology work! Hell, he even used to steal my packed lunches - he couldn't be bothered to make his own red chili sandwiches.
Amy (holding her hands up in confusion): But, Burt's a great archaeologist, why would he steal-
Pearl (shouting): I'M the great archaeologist! When I met Burt, he couldn't even speak Aztec, I had to teach him! I sacrificed everything for him!
Amy (in disbelief): No, Pearl, he was the one who ended up sacrificed. We'll be keeping our eye on you!

Later, at the station...
Amy (nervously biting her nails): What will we do, <Name>?! Burt Montana's killer is still on the loose!
Amy (crying): We haven't got long until sunset! We need to solve this murder, otherwise who knows what that weird statue will do!
Amy (wiping her tears): You're right. I'll get a hold of myself. What are the facts?
Amy (shaking her head): The victim's ex-wife hated him. Turns out he became the most successful archaeologist in the world by stealing her work!
Amy (nervously): We've got that Dr Haggard. He'd stop at nothing to prevent Montana from discovering the statue, even blowing up an ancient temple!
Amy (biting her nails): I don't know what we can do to solve this crime!
Amy (saluting): Right, good idea! Maybe we missed something at the crime scene! We're in a race against the sun, <Name>! Hope we'll make it to the archaeological dig in time!

Investigate Excavated Ruins.
Amy (pumping her fist): I knew you'd find more clues, <Name>! Like that crate with the victim's name on it! Let's search through it!
Amy: And what about that flashlight you picked up... You think the killer might have handled it? I guess they could have knocked the victim out with it...
Amy (grinning): Your instincts are never keener than when we're getting close to an arrest, <Name>! There's some kind of clear substance on the flashlight, let's collect a sample!

Examine Flashlight.
Amy (pumping her fist): Great! You got a sample of that clear liquid off that flashlight you found on the crime scene! Let's get it to Yann now!

Analyze Clear Substance.
Amy (impatiently): Yann! You kept us waiting long enough - that clear substance <Name> found on the flashlight, what is it?!
Yann: Alright then, I'll get straight to the point! That substance is a petroleum-oxide compound with Aloe Vera. It's used in cosmetics and creams.
Yann (crosses his arms and winks): I cross-referenced the molecular structure. The cream is found in cooling cream used for treating sunburn.
Yann (happily): And that's not all. There were faint traces of red chili mixed in with the Aloe Vera, which means that your killer left that cream on the flashlight!
Amy (pumping her fist): So the killer has got a sunburn? Well, they shouldn't worry, once <Name> catches them they won't see sunshine for a long time!

Examine Crate.
Amy (excitedly): <Name>, you genius! You found a dagger hidden in that crate!
Amy (gasping): Look at all that blood! You're right, <Name>! You've found the murder weapon! The killer used it to cut Burt Montana open!
Amy (pumping her fist): And if the killer touched it, they may have left something on it! Let's collect a sample!

Examine Dagger.
Amy (prompted): Great work collecting that blood from the murder weapon. We're getting closer to that killer, <Name>! Let's get this to Yann!

Analyze Blood.
Amy: Yann, I can't wait any more! What can you tell us about the blood on the murder weapon?!
Yann: The victim's blood type is all over this dagger. But there was also some O+ blood on it!
Yann (happily): The victim put up a fight when the killer attacked him, and the killer's blood got on the dagger!
Amy (holding her fists): So it's the killer's blood! Burt's killer has O+ blood!
Amy (pumping her fist): Come on, <Name>! The sun hasn't set yet! There's still time to solve this case!

After completing all tasks...
Amy (nervously biting her nails): We only have a few minutes till sunset! Do we have everything we need, <Name>?
Amy (prompted): Okay, then! Let's go arrest Burt Montana's killer, at once!

Take care of the killer now!
(At the dig...)
Amy: Louis Scripps, you're under arrest for the murder of Burt Montana!
Louis (shocked): What!? I would never do that! You people don't know anything!
Amy (holding her fist, angrily): <Name> knows everything! We know you used this ancient scroll as a guide for Burt's sacrifice! And a flashlight to knock out the victim! Your sunburn cream was all over it!
Louis (sweating): It's hot out here! Lots of people have sunburn!
Amy (disgusted): We know you tied the victim down and sliced him open. We found your blood all over the sacrificial dagger you used!
Louis (nervously scratching his neck): That could be... well...
Amy (holding her fists): And we know you ripped out Burt Montana's heart and stuck it full of pins as part of some sick spell! Tell the truth! No aliens are going to save you now!
Louis (angrily): You sound just like Burt when you say that. He didn't believe me either. Well, look what happened to him...
Amy (holding her hands up in shock): What didn't he believe? He didn't believe in aliens?!
Louis (shouting): He didn't believe me when I told him the truth! I am an alien!
Amy (shocked): What?! You think you're an alien!!! You're crazy!
Louis (angrily): Really? Shows what you know! A few years ago I found an ancient description of an alien race: red hair, pale skin and a love of chili! Sound familiar?!
Louis: When I realized I was the only alien on earth, I felt so alone. But when I read the Aztecs could communicate with aliens, I came up with a plan.
Louis (excitedly with sparkling eyes): I knew there'd be a way of contacting my alien brothers. And with Burt's help I found it! That statue is a beacon to space! A radio to aliens! All it needed was a human sacrifice to activate it!
Louis (angrily): I told Burt all of this. But he just laughed at me. He told me I was insane... well, I showed him. He made the perfect sacrifice!
Louis (curiously): Now tell me, did it work? Is the beacon activated? Is it glowing at all? Are my alien brothers coming for me?!
Amy (in disbelief): The only person coming for you will be Judge Dante! Louis Scripps, you are under arrest for the murder of the archaeologist Burt Montana!

Honorable Dante: Oh great! Another alien! And I still don't have jurisdiction to rule on inter-galactic matters!
Louis (excitedly with sparkling eyes): Now that's more like it! No human can judge me! I am not of this world!
Honorable Dante: Oh. Wait a moment. It says in your file that you're delusional!
Honorable Dante (skeptically): Listen, we've all made stuff up when we're young to make ourselves sound more interesting than we are. Why, when I was a kid I told all my friends I could fly... It went well till someone made me prove it...
Honorable Dante (holding the gavel): But you went too far! You actually murdered someone in your delusion! This Court has no choice but to sentence you to 30 years in prison!
Louis (shocked): 30 years! That's inhumane!
Honorable Dante (amused): But you're not a human... remember?

Amy (excitedly): Great job, <Name>! That's the first time we've put away a killer who claims to be from a different species! I hope Louis gets the care he obviously needs.
Amy (curiously): You're right. I forgot about that statue! I wonder if it's still talking and floating. Let's go have a look!

Later, in the storage room...
(The statue is seen still floating over a crate.)
Statue: "Ixtli, yollotli quitquitinemi. Áiac xictli in tlaltícpac!"
Amy (nervously): Dammit! That statue is still talking... Wait! What's that?!
(The statue slowly falls back down on the crate.)
Amy (shocked): Something's happening... <Name>, the statue's going back to normal!
Amy: Looks like Russell was right, the "sacrifice's spirit" in its message was the victim! But how did it know about Burt Montana?!
Amy (curiously): Considering Louis' behavior, he really believed this statue was from aliens. It can't have been him who made this thing! Maybe the Aztecs were more advanced than we thought?
(Hannah walks in the storage room.)
Hannah (grinning): Hey, <Name>. I was asking myself the same question, so I had a look at that statue.
Hannah: I carbon dated the whole thing, it was made 2,000 years ago! But the Aztecs didn't have this kind of technology! They couldn't have made this statue!
Amy (in disbelief): Hannah, you haven't gone Utopian on us, have you?! I hope you're not implying this little statue was made by aliens!
Hannah: I don't know. But there's an explanation! And I'm going to find it, if it's the last thing I do!

Map to the Stars: Part 2

Frank Knight: Why didn't you tell us you're from Rhine Canyon, Andrea?
Chief Marquez (hands on her hips): I like my private life to stay private. Now what did you discover about Colonel Spangler's presence in Rhine Canyon?
Frank (grinning): Well, Spangler is losing it. His project seems to be about aliens this time! As if aliens were real!

Chief Marquez (scratching her head): Alright, <Name>, I know you were hoping to rest after your investigation, but one of your suspects has just been arrested!
Chief Marquez (hands on her hips, angrily): Otto Schmetterling was caught as he tried to break into your victim's study. Since you already know him, I'm putting you in charge of this investigation.
Chief Marquez (crossing her arms): Also, a certain Zuma Tlatoani has come to the station, asking to talk to you.
Amy (pumping her fist): Okay, I guess we'll be busy for a while then. What do you want to start with, <Name>? Interrogating Otto about his break-in, or checking on Zuma?

Question Otto Schmetterling about the break-in.
Amy (holding her fist, angrily): So, Otto, you're in serious trouble, why did you try to break into Burt's study?
Otto (angrily): I didn't "break into" his study, I was just trying to get my things back!
Amy (in disbelief): Get your things back? That doesn't sound very precise, right, <Rank> <Name>? I think you were trying to steal something...
Otto (shouting): No, I wasn't! Burt had a small chest that belonged to me, that's all, I didn't think I'd get arrested for breaking in!
Amy (skeptically): Right... I agree with <Rank> <Name>, we'll go check up the place. If you've stolen anything, we'll know!

Investigate Victim's Office.
Amy (pumping her fist): Nice catch, <Name>, this chest must be the one Otto talked about. Want to try to unlock it?

Examine Locked Chest.
Amy (curiously): Well done, <Name>, let me see what's inside the chest you opened... This pottery looks ancient. Do you think Otto tried to steal it?
Amy: Oh, you're right, there's an erased inscription over it... Well, be careful with the powder then, it'd be a pity to damage this antique pottery!

Examine Antique Pottery.
Amy (inspired): Good job revealing those drawings, <Name>! You're right, these look like Egyptian hieroglyphs... Maybe that vase dates back to Ancient Egypt!
Amy (grinning): I agree, Otto might have said this pottery belonged to him, but we can't take his word for it... Let's send this to Hannah, she'll be able to find its real owner!

Analyze Egyptian Hieroglyphs.
Hannah (smirking): Alright, <Name>, this vase you found in Burt's study is indeed an antique Egyptian vase! It'd probably be worth a lot on the black market...
Hannah (winking): But I found its real owner, and it's neither Otto nor Burt! See, its discovery made a bit of noise in the archaeological community at the time.
Hannah (happily): And the archaeologist who found this potter is Pearl Montana! It officially belongs to her, so I suggest bringing it back to Pearl whenever you can!
Amy: You're right, <Name>, we should have a little chat with Otto first. He lied to us and tried to steal this vase... Then we'll give it back to its rightful owner!

Confront Otto about the pottery he tried to steal.
Amy (shouting): Otto, you lied to <Rank> <Name>! You tried to break into Burt's study and steal a precious antique pottery belonging to Pearl Montana!
Otto (angrily): How was I supposed to know it was hers?! Burt owed me a lot for funding his little adventures in the desert! It's my right to get my money back however I can!
Otto (shouting): This is defamation, I'm not a thief! You can't keep me behind bars like a criminal, <Rank> <Name>, you haven't seen the last of me!
Amy: Well, you haven't technically stolen anything, but how about we leave you to calm down in your cell a bit more?
Amy (thoughtfully): You're right, <Name>, we should go return the vase to Pearl. I'm famished, though, how about we stop for a burger on the way?

Give her antique pottery back to Pearl Montana.
Pearl (holding her brushes, grinning): Thank you, <Rank> <Name>! This vase you found means a lot to me, and it's a rare piece of Egyptian history.
Pearl (furiously): Burt had had it ever since we decided to divorce and was trying to negotiate with me to keep it!
Pearl (holding her brushes, grinning): When you think I found it in a pyramid during our honeymoon, it's really ironic! At the time, I even thought this was a good omen for our marriage!
Pearl: We just ended up fighting over every piece of stone we discovered together... I'm glad to have this pottery back!
Pearl (winking): Thanks again, <Rank> <Name>, I can at least donate to the Police department to show my gratitude! Good luck on your next investigation!

Ask Zuma Tlatoani what is wrong.
Zuma (angrily): <Rank> <Name>, finally, you're here! I have a pressing issue to discuss with you!
Amy: What's wrong, Mr Tlatoani?
Zuma (shouting): Our Temple has been trampled by heathens! It's a sacred place for my people, and if it's damaged w-
Amy (nervously): Wait, the temple? Well, I don't think we damaged anything... But <Rank> <Name> is right, we were focused on our investigation.
Zuma: <Rank> <Name>, the Temple has been protected by my ancestors for millenniums! You must make sure nothing was broken!

Investigate Aztec Temple.
Amy (nervously biting her nails): Oops, <Name>, these glass pieces you found weren't there when we entered the place. You think we could have caused something to fall down and break?
Amy: You're right, repairing it won't hurt. Maybe it doesn't even belong here! Think you'll be able to restore this item?

Examine Shattered Glass.
Amy (gasping): Wow, <Name>! This skull you restored is entirely made of glass!
Amy (nervously): It's creepy, it reminds me of the curse Zuma sent Burt... Do you think someone might have put this skull here to curse someone else?
Amy (prompted): You're right, I'm panicking for nothing, let's send it to Hannah, she will be able to tell us what this skull was made for!

Analyze Glass Skull.
Hannah (grinning): Don't be afraid, Amy, the skull <Name> found in the temple isn't a cursed relic. It's not even a real relic...
Hannah (amused): See, this skull is a fake, it's just plain glass. But it's a reproduction of a very old and unique Aztec treasure, a crystal skull!
Hannah: The real skull's existence is documented, but nobody knows where it is nor how it was made... The techniques described to carve crystal are way beyond what the Aztecs could do!
Amy: Then who would have made that skull? The real one, I mean.
Hannah (optimistically): Well, a week ago I'd have said the real skull just couldn't be real, but after seeing that other statue speaking...
Amy (holding her hands up in disbelief): Oh no, you're not going to tell us you think aliens made the skull, are you?! Hannah, aliens don't exist!
Hannah (nervously): Then how do you explain the glowing, floating, talking statue?! I'm telling you, there are weird things happening around here!
Hannah: Anyway, like I said, this particular skull you found in the temple is a fake. And there are your victim's fingerprints all over it, too!
Amy (confused): Burt put this fake skull in the temple? But... why?
Amy: <Name>, you think Burt could have found the real skull and replaced it with a fake one? You're right, whatever happened, we might find more information at the excavation site!

Investigate Archaeological Dig.
Amy (curiously): Good job, <Name>, that crate is full of excavation tools, it would make the perfect hiding place for a very rare relic! I'll let you dig into it...

Examine Excavation Tools.
Amy (excitedly): I think you've found it, <Name>! This must be the real Aztec skull! Burt must have hidden it in that crate!
Amy (nervously): Look, it's glowing! This is so weird... What kind of material could make it glow like this?
Amy (inspired): You're right, we should give it back to Zuma. He'll be happy to have the real skull back in the temple.

Give the Crystal Skull to Zuma Tlatoani.
Amy (happily): Mr Tlatoani, we have good news. the temple is intact, and <Rank> <Name> even found the legendary Aztec skull!
Zuma (holding his hands up with thanks): The sacred skull! <Rank> <Name>, this is a very important relic! I can't thank you enough for bringing it back to the Temple!
Amy: Actually, we were wondering, what is it supposed to represent?
Zuma: This skull is a representation of our Gods. It was created with the technology they brought us from the stars, to remember them until the day they come back...
Amy: From the stars?! Wait, your Gods came from the stars? You're saying they were... aliens?
Zuma (holding his hands up in praise): Aliens, Gods... Their names may vary, but they came to the Aztecs and offered them knowledge. My people will forever be grateful to them.
Zuma: And to you, <Rank> <Name> for bringing the skull back. Here, I can only offer this as a show of gratitude from the Aztec people.

Later, at the police station...
Amy (pumping her fist): I'm glad you kept that greedy Otto from stealing that antique vase and gave it back to Pearl, <Name>!
Hannah (excitedly): Talking about antique pieces of art, <Name>, did you find the real Aztec skull?!
Amy (grinning): Of course <Name> found it! They're the best! And we gave it back to Zuma.
Hannah: You gave it back already? Damn, I was hoping I'd be able to study it, I read that it's supposed to be glowing, and I know very few materials that would look like glass but glow...
Amy (skeptically): Yes, it was glowing, <Name> can confirm that... You're going to talk about aliens again, right?
Hannah (excitedly): Amazing! You know, this alien theory is more and more plausible! Did Zuma say what the skull meant for the Aztecs?
Amy: He said it represented their "Gods from the stars" and was made thanks to the technology they brought with them to the Aztecs...
Hannah (shocked): See? I KNEW it! I'm sure aliens visited the Aztecs in the past and helped them build their civilization!
Hannah: But you're right, it's only a theory for now... We'll need more proof! I'm counting on you, <Name>!
Amy (holding her hands up in surprise): You want us to help you prove aliens are real?! We'd have better chances of proving Frank can go sober for a day!

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