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The Temporal Investigation, Management and Exploration Agency (frequently abbreviated as T.I.M.E.), acting as the primary law enforcement agency in the sixth season of Criminal Case, is an international body that regulates time travel as of the year 2029. It is comprised of multiple divisions that coordinate in order to preserve history in the age of time travel.



An overall administration oversees all the activities done by the multiple divisions of T.I.M.E. This chart enumerates and explains the roles of each member of T.I.M.E.'s administration.

Personnel Age[a] Position Duties Status
Christopher Scott 65 T.I.M.E. Agency Chief Oversees the entire agency including the criminal investigation operations performed by the team. Active

Temporal Crimes Division

The Temporal Crimes Division is a special division within T.I.M.E. in charge of investigating crimes across space and time. Eleven people, including the player character, have acted as members of the Temporal Crimes Division over the course of the game. Each member of the team has been assigned a particular job:

Personnel Age[a] Position Duties Status
Amy Young 37 Team Coordinator Reads and reviews reports in behalf of Chief Scott, organizes the division's missions, and handles all the members of the Temporal Crimes Division. Active
Player N/A Homicide Detective Recruited from 2019; performs homicide investigations as the investigator-in-chief of formal murder investigations; brings killers to justice by all means necessary. Resigned
Jack Archer 39 Temporal Agent A temporal agent and one of the three partners assigned to the player; works with the player as a team to solve homicide investigations. Active
Zara Tien 25 Junior Temporal Agent A junior temporal agent and one of the three partners assigned to the player; works with the player as a team to solve homicide investigations. Active
Nebet 29 Partner A stowaway from Ancient Egypt who becomes one of the three partners assigned to the player; works with the player as a team to solve homicide investigations. Deceased
Janis Rivers 73 Chief Medical Examiner Autopsies bodies of various murder victims, analyzes the murder weapon if necessary, issues new leads whenever possible, and handles anatomic forensics when needed. Active
Theodore Moon 28 Lab Chief Handles and analyzes physical, biological, and clinical evidence to help homicide investigators incriminate the killer's identity, and sometimes discovers the murder weapon. Active
Kai Malano 33 Tech Expert Handles digital and technical evidence to help homicide detectives incriminate the killer's identity. Also issues new leads whenever possible and is in charge of the maintenance and repair of the time machine. Active
Marina Romanova 46 Profiler Analyzes objects and/or clues that cannot be analyzed by digital, physical, clinical, anatomic or technical forensics, but instead, through psychological analysis. Active
Orlando Ordelaffi 55 Historian Analyzes objects and/or clues and uses historical, cultural, or linguistic measures to bring or decipher important information from them. Also ensures the proper flow of time by preserving as much history as possible amidst manipulation by time travelers. Active
Penelope Sage 19 Assistant Historian Assists Orlando in translation tasks to help homicide investigators incriminate the killer's identity as well as ensuring the proper flow of time. Also takes other historical, cultural, or linguistic analyses when assigned to do so by Orlando. Active

Other personnel

Other departments/divisions in T.I.M.E. include the history research department, the police department, and the marketing department. This chart enumerates the T.I.M.E. personnel revealed throughout the game that are unaffiliated with administration and the Temporal Crimes Division.

Personnel Age[a] Position Status
Benjamin Milo 36 Researcher Incarcerated
Zayden Ito 35 Mechanic Active

Notable events of Criminal Case

Two recruits: the player and Nebet

While the player was attending a wedding in the year 2019, Jack, who had come from the year 2029 representing the Temporal Crimes Division, recruited them, saying that the future needed them.

Upon accepting the position, Chief Scott immediately assigned them to investigate the murder of Napoleon Bonaparte in 1804 Paris. Afterward, Amy assigned them to take on a time disturbance in Ancient Egypt, 47 BCE, which turned out to be the murder of Roman leader Julius Caesar. They eventually took researcher Benjamin Milo back to the present to be judged for the murder and for illegally traveling to the past under the guise of a royal guard named Pamiu. Whilst investigating, the player met most of the team members, the last of them being Kai, whom the player met shortly after being stranded in Ancient Gaul, 37 BCE.

There, after solving a murder, the team discovered that Nebet had snuck aboard the time machine, creating a time disturbance in the ancient times (which the team managed to fix later). Due to the breakdown of the time machine reactor, the team was unable to promptly return her to Ancient Egypt, forcing them to temporarily recruit her as a cook. After proving her usefulness, as well as revelations from Orlando that she had seen too much of the future, the team decided to take Nebet with them to 2029 so that the T.I.M.E. scientists could decide on how to deal with her situation. However, due to the time machine being sabotaged, the team became stranded in 1969, resulting in Nebet staying with them for longer and eventually becoming the player's partner.

Stranded in the past

After solving a murder in the Woodstock Festival, where the team suspected Janis' 13-year-old self of the murder, the team found out that the time machine was sabotaged by a rogue time traveler, stranding them in 1969. Per T.I.M.E. protocol, Zara and Theo posed as Chief Scott's parents to leave a distress message in New York (where the T.I.M.E.'s HQ would stand) for him in 2029 to rescue the team. The team then went to S.A.R.A.'s launch pad in Houston to set up their homing beacon.

Seeing that T.I.M.E. had not rescued them yet, they decided to carry out their backup plan. Kai said that the time machine's coding formula had been sabotaged, prompting the team to track down the owner of Leonardo da Vinci's treatise, Ruminations on Time, which T.I.M.E. had based all of its research about time travel on, to make him understand the formula. As the treatise was auctioned off to Hollywood actress Lorna Westerberg, the team decided to head to Las Vegas to get the treatise from her three days after successfully setting up the actual Moon landing mission.

There, after solving Lorna's murder, the team discovered that she had bought the treatise for Soviet ambassador Lev Romanov, who had taken it back to his embassy. The team then teamed up with top-notch catburglar Nicoletta Marconi to steal the treatise in the Soviet embassy. There, after arresting Lev's killer (with Marina, Lev's granddaughter, being a suspect due to her unwarranted meeting with him), Nicoletta told the team that she had found the treatise and kept it in the embassy driveway. Unfortunately, the pages with the needed formula were missing. Therefore, the team decided to travel to the Renaissance to get help from Leonardo himself regarding the formula after preventing a nuclear crisis that had sparked from Lev's murder.

There, after they were able to rescue Leonardo from the Spanish Inquisition and take him safely to France so he could finish a mural for Francis I and stopped Penelope from trying to elope with Alexandre Devereaux in the Ottoman Empire, they soon headed to Florence where they solved the murder of Henry VIII's soon to wed wife. Throughout these investigations, Leonardo was able to gather all the information and calculate the right calculations for time travel so the machine could be properly realigned, allowing the team to head home after Henry married Anne Boleyn and they bade farewell to Leonardo.

Fugitives in the altered present and Nebet's betrayal

The team landed in 2029 New York, only to notice that the present had been altered — New York was now called New Cairo and ruled by the Ptolemy Dynasty and neither T.I.M.E. nor time travel existed. They were immediately arrested by the palace guards, who seized the time machine and took Nebet away from them. After escaping from their cell, they headed to T.I.M.E.'s HQ to brief Chief Scott about their findings, only to discover that it was now replaced by an apartment complex where the Chief lived. However, the team found him dead inside. Despite the circumstances of the team being fugitives, they were able to catch his killer. After learning that the regime was ruled by Pharaoh Ramses XLIII and Queen Shabaka, they left a message for the resistance rebelling against the Ptolemys, resulting in resistance leader Isabelle Huxley took the team into their headquarters.

During the 5th of July celebrations, the team was shocked to see Nebet onstage as Princess Nefertiti. They soon found out that Nebet was indeed Nefertiti, the heir of the Ptolemys, and she was corresponding with the regime's head of intelligence Ammon Bast, who was the time machine's saboteur back in 1969. After solving a murder at Ammon's party, the team discovered that the key to restoring the timeline was undoing Ammon's securing of the trade routes in the Age of Sail, a crucial element to the Ptolemys rise in power. Later, thanks to the late resistance-aligned journalist Tabu Kebu, they discovered that the time machine was kept in a secret room in the royal pyramid. The team then plotted with resistance-aligned palace insider Ravi Jabari to infiltrate the pyramid during the changing of the guard. However, the team and the resistance members were unfortunately arrested by the palace guards for the conspiracy while preparing to execute their plan.

Soon after, the team was temporarily released as Nefertiti requested their assistance to solve the murder of the Pharaoh. Amidst the investigation, the team found the secret hangar, where the time machine was located, but however, it was protected by forcefield and Kai was re-arrested to prevent the team from unlocking it. After discovering that the key they had stolen during Ammon's party could unlock the forcefield, they found Nefertiti guilty for the murder and handed her to Shabaka, who, after exiling Nefertiti to forced labor at Wolaniu Island, prepared to execute the team and the resistance, only to be interrupted by an explosion which allowed Kai and the resistance members to escape. After healing Kai from the damage of the explosion and unlocking the forcefield with the help of time machine warden Zayden Ito (who happened to be T.I.M.E.'s mechanic in the original timeline), the team escaped to 18th century Cape Verde as the palace guards stormed to arrest them.

Restoring the timeline

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Notable arrests



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  3. Takhat Wabet is Nefertiti's future self in 2060, who disappears from existence as a result of her causing herself's premature death.