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Previously, on Criminal Case...
Amy Young: <Name>, you did a great job on your first time travel mission! Not everyone can say they solved a crime in Ancient Egypt!
Jack: And not just any crime - Caesar's murder! To think he died three years early at the hands of a rogue time traveler...
Amy: Well, that's why our time police unit exists! To make sure we chase down such criminals and put time back on track!
Jack: And now the job's done, we go home! I could do with a nice pizza!
Amy: Alright, everyone! Departure in 3... 2... 1...

Presently, 37 BCE...
Jack (quivering): <Name>, what the... this isn't home! I don't recognize this place!
Amy: You wouldn't! The time machine's computer says we've only gone forward ten years to 37 BCE! We're still in ancient times!
Jack: We're still in Egypt? But... why is it so cold?!
Amy: Apparently, we're in France - or what will later become France. Which means we're in Ancient Gaul!
Jack: Ancient WHAT?!
Amy: Northern Europe, in 37 BCE! And it's a good thing we've still got our Roman disguises, because Gaul is currently under Roman control.
Kai: That's probably the only good thing about this situation. Something clearly went wrong with the time machine's time reactor!
Kai: I'm Kai Malano, <Name>, the tech dude around here. I'll start on fixing the reactor, but we might be here for a while.
Zara: Then let's treat this as an adventure! <Name>, let's get into our disguises and have a look around old-timey Gaul!

Chapter 1

Investigate Dolmen Hill.
(Zara is seen wearing a Roman centurion outfit throughout the case.)
Zara Tien: Oh, no, <Name>, there's a dead body here! There's no way this guy tripped and hurt himself - his skull was clearly bashed in by someone!
Zara: Judging by his clothes and his headband, this man looks to have been a Chieftain of some sort.
Zara: How exciting, <Name>! We should investigate!
Zara: Oh, okay, you're right. We'll first check in with Orlando to see who this man is and if we'll disrupt history by meddling.

In Orlando's lab...
Orlando: <Name>, darling, it seems we have a problem. You see, your dead Gallic Chieftain must be one Katurix...
Orlando: Who, in the winter of 37 BCE, held successful peace negotiations with the Romans and lived until next year, when that treaty was broken.
Zara: So he shouldn't be dead yet!
Zara: What went wrong? Did something in history go screwy?
Orlando: There could be outside interference... or ripples from our previous investigation. We never made it back home to check in with timeline control.
Zara: Well, then we'd better find out who killed him! That's the only way to understand what's going on! Let's return to the crime scene, <Name>!

Investigate Dolmen Hill again.
Zara: Good eye, <Name>! This cape has a Gallic Chieftain's symbol on it. So it's our victim's...
Zara: The cape is covered in blood. Could be that it was torn off in the struggle. Let's take a sample!
Zara: And here's a helmet with a wolf's head on it! You know, the Romans were the ones who put animal heads on some of their helmets.
Zara: Suspicious, finding a Roman helmet where a Gaul was murdered!
Zara: You're right, first, we should examine the helmet to figure out the rank of the person who wore it.
Zara: <Name>, we've got to find out exactly why this man is dead before his time!

Examine Roman Helmet.
Zara: According to the records, <Name>, this helmet belongs to an aquilifier! That's a special soldier who carries the Roman flag on the battlefield.
Zara: I spotted a Roman camp down the hill. We'd better see their aquilifier about why his helmet was on the crime scene!

Talk to Regulus about what he was doing at the crime scene.
Zara: Greetings, Aquilifier Regulus! We found your helmet on a nearby hill and came to return it.
Regulus: Oh, thank you, Centurion! General Antony would have my head if he knew I had lost it!
Zara: We found the helmet near the body of the murdered Gallic Chieftain, Katurix. Would you know anything about that?
Regulus: Katurix was killed? Aio! And right in the middle of his negotiations with General Antony!
Regulus: I bet you anything it was one of those Gallic savages that killed the Chief. They're not civilized like we are.
Regulus: We Romans kill only in the context of war! And for sport and entertainment, of course. But Gauls, they'll just murder you on a whim!
Zara: Alright, I think we have everything we need. See you later, Aquilifer Regulus.

Zara: <Name>, the "General Antony" that Regulus referred to must be THE Mark Antony!
Zara: Mark Antony was Caesar's famous general who fought a bitter war against Octavian to succeed Caesar after his death!
Zara: We should try to have a word with him! But it doesn't look like he's here at his tent...
Zara: Let's take a look around the Roman camp to see if we can figure out where to find him!

Investigate Roman Tents.
Zara: <Name>, this wax writing tablet is broken, but there's something written on it. Let's put it back together!
Zara: And you're right, there could be something helpful in this basket of clothes. Dump 'em out, and we'll have a look!

Examine Wax Tablet.
Zara: <Name>, this wax tablet says, "Domine, ad medicinae tabernaculum veni." They made me take Latin before this job... Let's see if I can get this!
Zara: The message translates to: "Please come to the medical tent." And the "Domine" or "Sir" at the beginning proves this was definitely written to General Mark Antony!
Zara: So Mark Antony is in the medical tent! Let's go talk to him!

Talk to Mark Antony about the tablet message.
Antony: Centurion <Name>! I heard you were at our camp, and hoped to get the chance to congratulate you on a job well done.
Antony: I commend you for having brought Caesar's killer to justice! His murder may have been ten years ago, but Rome - and more importantly I - will never forget it.
Zara: Thank you, General Antony. All in service to the Republic!
Zara: We wanted to speak with you about something else. The Gallic Chief Katurix was found murdered at the dolmen up on the hill.
Antony: Murdered, eh? Well, that speeds up our negotiations. They were a formality, anyway. Everyone knows a "peace agreement" with Rome is tantamount to surrender.
Antony: Ah, "surrender" is the most delicious of words, don't you think? Whether it's said of an enemy commander or a woman, "surrender" is like sweet honey on the lips.
Zara: I guess it is. Please excuse us, General Antony, we must be going now.

Examine Roman Equipment.
Zara: <Name>, what's that you found in the basket of Roman soldier clothes? It looks like a canteen.
Zara: But it's not Roman. The pattern on the skin is typical of what Gauls use.
Zara: There's a name on the leather strap, but it's hard to make out. Care to give it a try?

Examine Canteen.
Zara: Excellent, <Name>, you figured out the name on the canteen! It says, "Delignata". Not a Roman name to my ears...
Zara: Right, the Gauls' village must be nearby. Let's find this Delignata there!

Talk to Delignata about her canteen found in the Roman camp.
Zara: Miss Delignata, we found your canteen at the Roman camp.
Delignata: I probably lost it there when I went with the Chief for the negotiations. But... your civility makes me wonder if you're real Centurions!
Zara: Heh, uh, we also found Chief Katurix murdered up at the dolmen. Do you know anything about that?
Delignata: Ah-ha! I knew your politeness was insincere! Our Chief was murdered - you must have come here to gloat!
Delignata: Admit it! You killed him to frighten us into submission! You Romans believe we're foolish and weak.
Delignata: Our soldiers go into battle nude! We have no need for protective clothing. So prepared are we to fight to the death for our freedom!
Delignata: Meanwhile, the Romans cover themselves with plates of metal, and kill the enemy Chief before battle has even been declared! COWARDS!
Zara: Miss Delignata, you have our word that Roman or not, Katurix's killer will be brought to justice!

Examine Victim's Cape.
Zara: Great, now let's get the blood sample you took from the victim's cape to the lab for testing!

Analyze Blood Sample.
Theo: Zara, you... you look very nice in that Roman armor. Very... fierce. Like a warrior princess.
Zara: Oh... thanks. Never figured myself for a princess, but I'll take warrior.
Theo: But <Name>, what's this I hear about new time disturbances? Is there some time-faring evil afoot, or did we not fix something back in Egypt?
Zara: Pretty sure we did everything, but without the computers back at home, who knows?
Zara: Anyway, let's live in the present! What've you got from the blood on the victim's cape? Was it torn off in the struggle with the killer?
Theo: Yep, and while ripping the cape off the victim, the killer left some gooseberry juice behind! I found it in the sample.
Theo: Your killer definitely eats gooseberries!
Zara: <Name>, with this clue, our killer's gooseberry is cooked!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Janis: <Name>, is there any news about why we're still in the past, instead of back at home as we should be? I hoped to see my grandkids today...
Zara: Kai's working on it. And meanwhile, we have more time shenanigans: a Gaulish Chief dead before he should be! Do you know what killed him?
Janis: Yes, your victim died from blunt force to the head.
Janis: Judging by the contours of the wound and the way the skull is caved in, I'd say the weapon was something improvised, like a stone.
Janis: And I found a substance on your victim's shoulder - a mix of ashes and animal fat, which is actually an early form of an soap.
Janis: Given the placement of the smear on the victim's clothes, it's clear the soap was left by the killer when they held the victim in place.
Janis: So your killer uses soap, which is a rarity in this era!
Zara: Well, <Name>, our killer may use soap, but their hands are far from clean!

Later, at the dolmen...
Zara: <Name>, our day didn't go as expected: we're stuck in the past and found more disturbances in the timeline!
Zara: I know everyone's freaking out... but honestly, it's an adventure, and I love adventures!
Zara: We've landed in the middle of a Roman-Gaulish standoff, with the Gaulish Chief killed mid-negotiations, whereas he should've survived to sign a treaty.
Zara: For now, our investigation had us speak with General Mark Antony, who makes me uncomfortable in ways I can't describe.
Zara: We also spoke with Regulus, a Roman standard-bearer who despises the Gauls...
Zara: ... and Delignata, a Gallic warrior who's certain the Romans killed Katurix.
Zara: It's too soon to jump to any conclusions, so-
Zara: Wait, did you hear something just now?
Zara: <Name>, what is- ARGH!
(Zara is hit with a piece of guts.)

Chapter 2

Zara Tien: Well, <Name>, I hope Kai gets the time machine fixed soon. Not that I don't enjoy hanging out in Ancient Gaul.
Zara: While exploring, we discovered the Gallic Chief Katurix murdered. He was killed too early, indicating another time disturbance.
Zara: We've got a couple of leads, but it's too soon to-
(Zara is hit with a piece of guts.)
Zara (having a gut stain on her face): What the- That was a piece of... of guts! Hitting me in the face!
Atreba (holding a knife): Many apologies, Romans! I was so focused on my haruspicy that I didn't see you were here!
Zara (having a gut stain on her face): Haru- what? You know what, I don't care! Urgh, gross!
Atreba: Haruspicy is a divination practice. A sacrifice is made, and the entrails of the sacrifice reveal truths about our world.
Atreba: One of the truths the entrails told me is that you both are a kind presence here, Centurions. My name is Atreba. I am a druid for the late Chief Katurix.
Zara (having a gut stain on her face): Well, Atreba, we'll need a word with you as soon as I've cleaned myself up!

Speak with Atreba about the Chief's murder.
Atreba: Centurion <Name>, I'd like to apologize again for the earlier mishap. I performed the ritual in a rush, but one cannot rush nature.
Atreba: The murder of the Chief is a sad occasion of violence and loss for this world. But the entrails told me that his spirit is safe and sound in the Otherworld.
Zara: The murder happened here at the dolmen. Were you here at all earlier this morning?
Atreba: I was not here. I was in the forest, communing with the ethereal plane. The moss was particularly anxious. But I am happy to say it has since been put at ease.
Zara: Okay. Uh, good. Well... we will let you know if we have further questions.
(Atreba leaves.)
Zara: For now, <Name>, I think it's wise to take a look around the Gaul village and see what we can find.

Investigate Gaulish Village.
Zara: <Name>, that's one fancy frame! I wonder what was in it. I'll get our dusting brush!
Zara: And this broken metal could be a lead! Let's piece it together!

Examine Frame.
Zara: <Name>, the text in this frame is Latin. How weird to find Latin writing in a Gallic village.
Zara: Unfortunately, my Latin skills only go so far. This text is too complex for me to handle! We'll have to get Penelope to translate it for us.

Analyze Latin Writing.
Penelope: <Name>, this Latin stuff you brought me was a poem... and, well, I don't like talking badly of other authors, but it's pretty bad!
Zara: "Other" authors, Penelope? Do you mean that you write?
Penelope: I, ah, I mean, sometimes? Just a hobby! Inspiration came while waiting for the machine to be fixed... but you're not here for that!
Penelope: The important thing here is the poem, and it was written by Julius Caesar! I identified it from a line that survived to our present.
Penelope: You see, Caesar's poetry was lost. An ancient historian said it was for the best, since it was bad. And, while I was excited to see some... yeah.
Penelope: It says, "The gladiator is formulating his plan in the arena, an empire within an empire. If I cannot bend the will of Heaven, I shall move Hell."
Zara: Yeah... That sounds like Caesar, right.
Penelope: As I said, not much is known about his poetry... but during the Gaul period, he dedicated some of it to his friends - including Mark Antony!
Zara: But if it was a gift to Mark Antony, what was it doing in the Gallic village? Let's go talk to the man himself about it!

Talk to Mark Antony about the poem.
Zara: General Antony, we found this poem in the Gallic village. We understand it's yours.
Antony: I knew that Gaulish scoundrel Katurix had stolen it! I could burn this entire camp to the ground with my rage!
Antony: How DARE he steal a cherished gift given to me by Caesar! MY Caesar! The only true memento I have of my friend, so cruelly torn from me!
Antony: Had I witnessed it happen, I would have cut Katurix down where he sat and sold his carcass back to his village in pots of stew!
Antony: These Gauls I have adopted use of their "soap", and I partake of their gooseberries as much as I do of their women. But they are a sneaky, scheming people!
Zara: Oh... yes, definitely. We can see you're very busy right now, we'll just leave you be...

Zara: Man, <Name>, Mark Antony was livid about that stolen poem!
Zara: Anyway, while we're here - and he's not - let's make another sweep of his tent.

Investigate Mark Antony's Tent.
Zara: <Name>, you found Chief Katurix's bag! Strange, we've found Roman things in the Gallic village, and now here's a Gallic object in the Roman camp.
Zara: Did he leave it here, or was it brought by someone else? I agree, we should have a look inside!
Zara: And this fancy trunk could hold some clues! Let's try to get it open!

Examine Victim's Bag.
Zara: Oh, my God, <Name>, look at that drawing in the Chief's bag!
Zara: Looks like him, like how he was killed! His murderer must've drawn this as a threat! Let's get the whole thing to Theo!

Analyze Drawing of Victim.
Theo: Say, <Name>, have you heard a strange clanking noise here in the ship? Sounds like it's in the vents...
Zara: No idea... maybe it's Kai tinkering with the time reactor, trying to get it working again!
Theo: Reminds me of the ghost that supposedly lives in my family's castle! I was scared of any night noise when I was a kid. And my nannies were too!
Zara: Your nannies... in your castle. The more I hear about your ridiculously cushy life, the more I can't believe people like you are real!
Theo: I don't know what you mean. I'm totally down to earth.
Zara: On some planet, I'm sure, but not this one. Anyway, what did you find from the killer's drawing of our victim?
Theo: Well, I took a sample from the markings themselves, and found the drawing was done with calcite limestone. Chalk, basically.
Theo: Your killer clearly drew this with whatever material they had around, so you can be sure that they use chalk!
Zara: Well, we can chalk this evidence up to the killer's carelessness!

Examine Roman Trunk.
Zara: You got the trunk open! What's inside? Hey, it's a flag!
Zara: And not just any flag - the Gallic flag, but with a Roman eagle crudely painted on it! This message is loud and clear: Roman domination!
Zara: Good point! We've met someone who cares deeply about flags and what they represent. Let's have a word with Regulus about this!

Confront Regulus with the defaced Gallic flag.
Zara: Aquilifier Regulus, care to explain this defaced Gallic flag we found?
Regulus: That? I was going to fly that flag the next time Katurix came for negotiations! Would've liked to see the look on his face!
Zara: Why would you do this? The Romans - er, I mean we - already have the upper hand! There is no need to make things worse.
Regulus: If I didn't know any better, I'd say you sympathize with the Gauls! You'd better show more loyalty to your fellow Romans.
Regulus: Katurix had the same problem, no respect! Every time he showed up to speak to General Antony, he refused to bow to the Roman flag!
Regulus: I even saw him spit at our flag as he walked by! I was so rankled, I nearly choked on the gooseberries I was eating!
Zara: Aquilifier Regulus, it'd be a grave error to murder a Chief with whom General Antony is negotiating! We hope you didn't do it!

Examine Broken Sculpture.
Zara: <Name>, that's an intricate sculpture of two figures fighting! And both of them look like Gaulish soldiers...
Zara: Ah, you're right, <Name>! There's a stamp in the metal here. It was left by the blacksmith who made this.
Zara: Blacksmiths were important in times of war, since the strength of the village's defense rested on their shoulders. We should have a word with the one here!

Talk to Venextos about the Chieftain's murder.
Venextos: Ah, Centurions! I am delighted to see you are already calling on me for wares!
Zara: It's a pleasant surprise that you would be so welcoming to us Romans, given that your Chief was in negotiations with us before he died.
Venextos: Oh, I greatly support the negoti-
Venextos: Wait, what did you say? Chief Katurix is dead?
Venextos: What does this mean for the negotiations? Are you going to invade us?!
Zara: Not... just now. But why are you so in favor of your Chief dealing with Rome?
Venextos: If we joined forces with the Romans, I could be making weapons for hundreds upon hundreds of centurions! I'd be RICH!
Venextos: As it is, I soap my own hands, dreaming of having people to work under me, dirtying their own hands while mine remain clean.
Venextos: I would sit, giving orders and eating gooseberries all day... or so I dreamed! But now with Chief Katurix dead, trouble is upon us!

Later, at the Roman camp...
Zara: <Name>, I'd like to say we're making progress in the search for Chief Katurix's killer, but at this point it's hard to say.
Zara: We know that the murder is somehow the result of a temporal disturbance... the Chieftain died too early. Who killed him is another question.
Zara: Our suspects include members of the Gallic tribe, but they don't seem to have had problems with Chief Katurix.
Zara: For now, the real fire is coming from our Roman suspects!
Zara: Mark Antony was ready to burn the camp down when he found out Katurix had stolen Caesar's poem...
Zara: ... and Regulus was peeved at Katurix for disrespecting the Roman flag.
Zara: It's clear tensions are high, and-
Zara: What is that sound, <Name>? It's coming from the Gallic village.
Zara: If I didn't know any better... I'd say that was a WAR HORN blowing! <Name>, we've got a problem!

Chapter 3

Zara Tien: <Name>, it's hard to tell whether we're making progress in the investigation into Chief Katurix's death.
Zara: We know that the murder is somehow the result of a temporal disturbance... the Chieftain died too early. Who killed him is another question.
Zara: We've met some angry Romans, and some members of the Gallic tribe, but we're still lacking more concrete evidence.
Zara: It's clear that tensions between the Gauls and the Romans have-
Zara: What's that sound, <Name>? It's coming from the village.
Zara: If I didn't know any better... I'd say that was a WAR HORN blowing! Come on, <Name>, we've got to go see what's going on!

Moments later, in the Gallic village...
Delignata (blowing the horn): BRRRRRAAAAAAAA!
Zara: Delignata! What is going on?
Delignata: You Romans think you can step on us! But we will fight to keep what is ours! We Gauls prepare for WAR!
Zara: Do you have to fight right now, when you don't even know who's killed your Chieftain?
Delignata: You won't befuddle me, Romans! With that weakling Katurix gone, I'll be a better Chieftain - a force for you to respect!
Zara: Oh, so you've been aiming to take the Chieftain's place, have you, Delignata? Let's have a talk about that!

Confront Delignata about wanting to replace the victim as Chieftain.
Zara: So, Delignata, it's a bold move to proclaim wanting to be the new Chieftain before the old one's body has cooled!
Delignata: I didn't kill Katurix, if that's what you mean! I am a warrior, and I have honor! Which is exactly why I should be Chief of our tribe!
Delignata: Once our people finish mourning his death, they will come to their senses and ask me to negotiate in his stead...
Delignata: I will wash myself with soap in the river, and decorate my skin with chalk patterns of our tribe. Then I will take my sword, and cut down you Romans!
Zara: But Delignata, wouldn't you prefer an agreement be reached without violence?
Delignata: I am not a weakling like Katurix! I'm ready to battle for our freedom!

A moment later...
Zara: Uh, <Name>, Delignata sure is bloodthirsty. And tensions are so high, the Gauls and the Romans might start fighting at any moment!
Zara: You're right, it's all the more important that we make haste. Let's take another look around the Gaul village!

Investigate Gallic Forge.
Zara: Hey, good eye, <Name>! The boar symbol on this money pouch matches the one we saw on the Chief's cape. This must have belonged to him!
Zara: The pouch feels super flat... it's empty. Did someone take the money? Let's examine that strange stuff on it.
Zara: And what's this box? Anything hidden behind a lock could be a clue! Let's get it open, quick!

Examine Ornate Box.
Zara: <Name>, what do you think those tiles in the box are for? Maybe some kind of game?
Zara: Let's get this box to Orlando. Maybe he can tell us something!

Analyze Open Box.
Orlando: <Name>, did you touch or move these runes when you got the box open?
Zara: Not at all. Why?
Orlando: See, runes are a method of divination. Ancient people used them to predict the future, or interpret present or past events.
Orlando: The configuration of runes here communicates the concepts of "authority" and "death."
Zara: Authority and death? Wow, it sounds like these runes had something to say about the murder!
Orlando: Yes, and the divination tools clearly belong to the druid you met. You'd be wise to talk to her!
Zara: Yes, definitely! <Name>, let's go find Atreba!

Talk to Atreba about the runes.
Zara: Atreba, we found your runic divination about the death of Chief Katurix. What was-
Atreba: You mustn't tell anyone! On the day the negotiations began between Chief Katurix and Mark Antony, when the sun was at its highest...
Atreba: ... I was out picking gooseberries and drawing chalk guardians on the trees, when suddenly the forest went dark!
Atreba: The sky blackened, the owls became restless, and an elk stopped on the path. She spoke with the voice of my mother, the sorceress Galantina.
Zara: Okay... and what does this have to do with your prediction about the Chief?
Atreba: Well, the elk told me I must cleanse myself, or the village would suffer. I rushed home and washed with soap until my skin was raw! Then I heard her voice again...
Atreba: She said no amount of soap would suffice. A sacrifice must be made to set things right.
Zara: A sacrifice? You mean a human sacrifice?
Atreba: Shhh, do you hear that? I must be going.
(Atreba leaves.)
Zara: Well, <Name>, let's hope Atreba didn't commit the crime just because an elk god told her to.

Examine Money Pouch.
Zara: Alright, <Name>, the microscope in the time machine will help us make sense of this powder on the victim's empty pouch!

Examine Gray Powder.
Zara: Hmm, the substance you collected from the Chief's money pouch is a combination of ash and metal powder.
Zara: Good call, <Name>! Ash-
Zara: Hey, that's the clanking noise Theo was talking about! Kai, is it you, working on fixing the time reactor?
Zara: Hm, maybe he didn't hear us. Anyway, ash and metal stuff a blacksmith works with! But what was he doing with the victim's money pouch?
Zara: Venextos had better not have stolen it! Let's talk to him!

Confront Venextos about the victim's money.
Zara: Venextos, tell us at once: did you steal money from Chief Katurix?
Venextos: I did nothing wrong! I was only taking what was owed to me!
Zara: What do you mean?
Venextos: Katurix was scared the negotiations with your army would fail, so he asked me to make him a fearsome weapon... and didn't pay me!
Zara: So you stole money from him to take your payment?
Venextos: People are always taking things from me! Mark Antony took all of my chalk for his camp the one time he came to visit the village!
Venextos: None of these things are free! This is my livelihood! And Chief Katurix didn't care one bit!

Later, aboard the time machine...
Amy: <Name>, it was bad enough that our time machine malfunctioned and threw us into Ancient Gaul instead of home...
Amy: But then I hear that there's also a timeline disruption, with a Gaulish Chieftain dead too early, and nobody told me! I'm looking at you, Zara!
Zara: I knew you'd be stressed about it, so I didn't want to bother you! But we've got it under control... kind of!
Zara: Our suspects include THE Mark Antony, who has a super scary temper, and Delignata, a Gallic warrior who wanted to replace the Chief!
Zara: Things are, ah, a bit tense between the Gauls and Romans at the moment. But hopefully there'll be no fighting!
Amy: The quicker you wrap this up, the better! I recommend you search the crime scene again!

Investigate Dolmen Circle.
Zara: <Name>, that stone's got blood on it! This is clearly our murder weapon. Let's collect some of the bloody hair on it!
Zara: And is that a snowman? It's nice to think that they were building these even in ancient times.
Zara: You're right, it's also a cute way to hide evidence from a murder... Let's break it apart and search through it!

Examine Bloody Stone.
Zara: Great, now let's get this hair sample you took from the murder weapon to Janis for testing!

Analyze Brown Hair.
Janis: <Name>, do you ever get the feeling you're being watched? I've had that all day...
Zara: Maybe it's the stress of being stranded in time. You probably just need some rest.
Zara: But first, please tell us the bloody hair we collected from the murder weapon is helpful to our case!
Janis: Yes! I found boar fur in the hair sample. Very common animal around the area at the time, you know.
Janis: Anyway, since your victim wasn't wearing fur, boar or otherwise, it was your killer who donned some for warmth!
Zara: <Name>, we're getting so close to solving this case! When we catch our killer, we're going whole hog!

Examine Snowman.
Zara: So there was something hidden in the snowman! What is this golden thing? Looks important...
Zara (looking at her tablet): It says here that it's a torc; Gaulish Chieftains wore them around their necks as a mark of nobility.
Zara: The killer must've torn the torc off the victim's neck! Theo will tell us if there's any trace of the culprit!

Analyze Torc.
Theo: You know, <Name>, I'm glad I'm not a Chieftain in Ancient Gaul. This thing can't be comfortable to put on your neck!
Zara: Hah, funny, I had the same thought. Anyway, did our killer leave any clues behind it?
Theo: Yes! There were recent traces of a mixture of fucus seaweed, chestnuts, and verbena. That's an ancient remedy for healing scars!
Theo: I couldn't find this stuff anywhere on the victim's body, so it's your killer who's got a scar.
Zara: After murdering a Gallic Chieftain, our killer's going to be scarred for life!

After completing all the tasks...
Zara: <Name>, time to arrest the killer and hopefully find out more about why this death happened a year too early!

Take care of the killer now!
Zara: Venextos, you're under arrest for the murder of Chief Katurix!
Venextos: Why would you say I murdered the Chief? I was going to profit from his negotiations from Romans!
Zara: Yes, that seemed to be your plan, until you changed your mind and followed him up to the dolmen.
Zara: You picked up a rock and snuck up behind him, cracking him on the skull! Then you wiped your hands with his cape, hid his torc in a snowman, and fled!
Venextos: What?! How- how do you know that?
Zara: We've got you, Venextos. It's useless to lie!
Venextos: The Chief had forsaken us! He was going to leave us to be slaughtered!
Venextos: I kept an eye on him since he didn't pay me, and I saw him creeping out of the village...
Venextos: I followed the Chief up to the dolmen... and heard him ask the gods to provide him protection while he ran away and abandoned the tribe!
Zara: Chief Katurix wasn't going to stay and negotiate with the Romans?
Venextos: No! He was afraid of the Romans, and thought only of saving his own skin! I could not abide such a coward, such a traitor!
Zara: So something changed your Chieftain's mind and he betrayed the tribe... but aren't you also a traitor for turning against your leader instead of reasoning with him?
Venextos: Tribal matters aren't your concern, Romans!
Zara: No, and that's why we're going to leave it up to your fellow villagers to decide what to do with you!

Later, in the Gallic village...
Zara: It shall be known that Venextos is the man who murdered Chief Katurix!
Venextos: But he was going to abandon us! He'd leave us to the Romans' mercy!
Delignata: Yes, but you cannot take the life of a Chieftain without consequence.
Delignata: Venextos, you must demonstrate the courage lacking in Chief Katurix... by standing first in line when we face the Romans!
Delignata: As punishment for murdering a Chieftain, you will not be given a shield with which to defend yourself.
Venextos: If I must atone for my sins before the tribe... so be it!

Back aboard the time machine...
Zara: <Name>, when we started looking into why Katurix died too early, we wondered if the problem was a rogue time traveler... or ripples in the time stream.
Zara: Now we know the killer wasn't a time traveler: the blacksmith who killed Katurix is a genuine member of this epoch.
Zara: But that means that something IS wrong with the timeline! Because the historical Katurix didn't run away - he stayed and negotiated with the Romans!
Zara: I don't get it. We fixed things in Egypt! There should be no ripple effects! What could be-
Zara: Hold on, <Name>, do you hear that noise?
Zara: That's not Kai fixing the machine! It sounds like someone chewing! And it's coming from under that desk!
Nebet (eating a burrito): Uh, hello, Centurion <Name>...
Nebet (begging): I'm really sorry if I caused any trouble!
Zara: Wha-? Nebet! What are you doing here?!

Kingdoms of Clay (2/5)

Zara Tien: <Name>, finding Katurix's killer taught us one thing...
Zara: Something is wrong with the timeline! Some unforeseen ripple effects! But we've fixed things in Egypt, so what could be-
Zara: Wait, do you hear that noise?
Nebet (sweating): Uh, hello, Centurion <Name>...
Nebet (begging): I'm really sorry if I caused any trouble!
Zara: Nebet, how did you get here?! The last time we saw you, you were in Egypt, serving Cleopatra!
Nebet: I... yes, but my life... a slave... so awful! All these beatings, and... I wanted to run away! And you saved me once, so I followed you...
Nebet (sweating): But now I don't understand anything! What is this place? And are you really Roman Centurions?
Zara: We are... uh. You shouldn't be here, Nebet! It's dangerous for you to know anything, and for everyone else since-
Zara: Oh! <Name>, Nebet must be the unforeseen ripple! Her displacement from her time must've caused the changes in Gaul!
Zara: I agree, it's above our pay grade. We need Amy. Nebet, you stay right here, and don't touch anything, okay?

Soon after...
Amy: <Name>, what's this I hear? A slave girl from Ancient Egypt somehow snuck aboard our time machine?!
Amy: She must have gotten in right before we jumped forward in time... We need to take her back!
Kai: Um... that might be difficult. From what I can tell, half the machine's time reactor circuits are fried.
Kai: Some of the parts I need to make are solid gold. It's one of the best conductors of electricity... and we don't have any on board.
Amy: Kai, am I getting this right? Unless we can find you some gold, we'll be stranded here forever?
Kai: I mean, that sounds awfully dramatic, haha... but, um, yes. And I'll need quite a lot of it.
Amy: Hm, the Gauls were known for their gold... The new Chief is unlikely to cooperate, but the druid might help us.
Amy: And speaking of them, the ripple in time caused by Nebet's arrival means a changed timeline - now the Gauls have no treaty with Rome.
Amy: To fix things, we must make sure the treaty is signed! When talking to the druid, you and Zara should influence her in that direction, <Name>!
Amy: And then of course we'll need to speak to our unwelcome guest! She's already seen too much - I'm afraid we must explain our situation.

Ask Atreba where we might find some gold.
Atreba: Centurion <Name>, the stones told me you would come back ere the day turned dark. You have helped our village, but I sense now it is you who requires aid.
Zara: Those stones are spot-on, Atreba. Our... chariot has broken down, and we need gold to repair it. We were wondering if you might have any?
Atreba: Gold is the least the village could give you to thank you for unmasking Venextos, the slayer of Chiefs.
Atreba: However... only Katurix knew where the village's supply of it was, and he's dead.
Atreba: But Katurix's memory was notoriously bad. He wrote everything down...
Zara: Then we'll be sure to find his directions! But actually, there's another matter we need to speak to you about, Atreba.
Zara: You see, we also practice, uh, divination. And our augury told us that, if Gaul doesn't sign a treaty with Rome, a plague will descend on both.
Atreba: Ah. That's why you've been so ardently working for peace, Centurions... but I'm afraid our new leader will not trust the Romans.
Zara: Yes, but could you maybe influence Delignata? If you tell her of the ill omens? Will she believe you?
Atreba: Oh, I see. Yes, my voice is heard. I could give Delignata your prophecy as if it is my own... and stop her hand in unleashing war.
Zara: By doing so, you would save both our lands, and put us in your debt!

A minute later...
Zara: Phew, <Name>, that should hopefully take care of the bloodthirsty Delignata and fix history by having the Gauls and Romans sign that treaty after all!
Zara: And now let's check the village for Katurix's notes on where to find the gold!

Investigate Gaulish Village.
Zara: <Name>, this piece of paper has Katurix's seal on it. Let's retrieve the rest of the text!

Examine Parchment.
Zara: <Name>, I have no idea what this drawing means, but this is definitely a bag of gold!
Zara: Could this drawing somehow tell us where Katurix hid the village gold? I agree, we'd better hope Orlando can make sense of it!

Analyze Parchment Drawing.
Orlando: <Name>, I'd only seen such maps in history books before. Being able to handle one was a treat!
Zara: You're saying this is a map? It just looks like doodles to me...
Orlando: Ah, that was the whole point of it, darling. Ancient Gauls would sometimes conceal maps through highly stylized illustrations.
Orlando: That head here represents the village... And those squiggles represent the stone dolmen...
Zara: And the bag of gold shows where Katurix hid the village's gold!
Orlando: Precisely. According to this map, you will find the gold buried in the forest, ten feet from a dead pine tree!
Zara: Great! <Name>, let's grab some shovels and try to find that gold!

In the forest...
Zara: <Name>, according to Orlando, this is the place Katurix indicated on his map!
Zara (holding a shovel): Nothing to it... let's start digging! Hopefully we'll find enough gold for Kai to fix the time reactor!

A while later...
Zara (holding a shovel, sweating): <Name>, we've been digging for ages, and no gold in sight!
Zara: The map said Katurix had buried the gold there... but someone must have dug it out!
Zara: I agree, we need to talk to Atreba about it again!

Confront Atreba about the missing gold.
Atreba: Centurions, behold my tidings! I've spoken to our new Chief and told her that the gods demand she sign a treaty with the Romans...
Atreba: And she reluctantly agreed to lay down her weapons and come to the negotiation table!
Zara: We're very relieved to hear that! However, we've got another problem... We found the place where Katurix kept the gold, but there's nothing left!
Atreba: What? The gold is GONE?!
Atreba: Katurix must have given all the gold over to your general during their negotiations! He was ready to do anything to save his skin!
Zara: So the gold is at the Roman camp? We'd better return there. And let's stop at the cook's tent first - I'm famished!

Investigate Roman Tents.
Zara: <Name>, I can't see a pile of gold anywhere, but that box does look promising, if you can unlock it!

Examine Fancy Box.
Zara: <Name>, look at the boars on these coins! This is clearly some of the Gauls' gold that Katurix gave to the Romans!
Zara: ... except there's only four coins left! That'll never be enough for Kai to fix the time reactor!
Zara: We need to know where the rest has gone! We'll have to ask Mark Antony... we'd better not tell him we intend to take it, though!

Ask Mark Antony about the missing gold.
Zara: Sir, we were wondering, what has happened to the gold that Katurix gave to you?
Antony: Heard about that, did you? He thought this would make me more merciful. It was quite a generous sum.
Antony: I intend to buy more troops with it, but that dirty snake Octavian ordered that all spoils of war be returned to Rome.
Antony: That boy understands NOTHING of war! If Caesar were still here, he'd have sided with me!
Zara: I'm sure he would have, sir. So the gold is in Rome. Thank you for your time, we've... got to go shine our shields!
Antony: Wait! You have served Rome well. We have no gold, but take these bronze coins!

Talk to Nebet about what she's doing here.
Nebet: Centurion - I mean, um... Most Respected Amy, it's... hard to believe what you've told me about who you all are and what you do...
Nebet: I'm still unsure I'm not dreaming, this sounds so strange! Travelers from the future!
Amy: Time travel is very dangerous, Nebet. You've already inadvertently messed up history by sneaking aboard our machine!
Nebet: I'm really sorry. I... I just couldn't stand it anymore. And when Queen Cleopatra nearly entombed me with Caesar, I knew I had to run!
Nebet: I wasn't always a slave. My father was a learned scholar. When he died, I was taken into the palace... if I return there after running away, I'd be killed!
Amy: I understand why you wanted to escape, Nebet. And right now, we can't return you to your own time anyway. Our machine's time reactor is broken.
Nebet: Oh... I hope that's not because of me!
Amy: No, an extra time traveler on board doesn't cause damage. But we're stuck together for a while.
Nebet: I swear I can be useful! I can read! My father taught me. And I can clean, or help you dress, or make food...
Amy: Food? That could actually come in handy. We've got some rations in the machine, but depending how long we're stuck, they won't last.
Nebet: I'm a good cook! Cleopatra loves food from exotic places, including Gaul. Please let me show you what I can do!
Amy: Oh... I guess that'd be alright if you want to go to the forest with <Name> and see what you can find. But please be careful!

Investigate Dolmen Hill.
Nebet: Centurion- oh, I mean, <Rank> <Name>, what an odd place Gaul is! You say this is called "snow"?
Nebet: It's very cold... I'm grateful for the boots Miss Amy gave me.
Nebet: Anyway, those eggs, mushrooms, and chestnuts will work perfectly! Can we impose on one of your scholars for a laboratory in which to cook?

Analyze Food Ingredients.
Theo: So, Nebet, you're the reason for the mysterious noises I kept hearing all day!
Nebet: Yes... I apologize.
Theo: Nah, I can't be mad at anyone who makes such a delicious omelet as you did with those Gaulish pickings!
Theo: We've never had a stowaway in the machine before. How did you even sneak onto a shuttle? It's normally cloaked...
Nebet: I just followed <Rank> <Name>. A life as a slave teaches you how to make yourself very silent and unnoticed.
Nebet: I know it was wrong to sneak aboard, but I can't regret it. It's like entering a new exciting world! Such complex alchemy, such contraptions!
Nebet: Anyway, <Rank> <Name>, should we bring the food to your Chieftain?

Bring the omelet to Amy.
Amy: Nebet, this is delicious!
Nebet: I'm glad I can be useful to you. I'm already imposing on your kindness enough.
Amy: I'm sure your knowledge of these times' customs might come in useful as well...
Amy: But you staying here is temporary, remember! When our machine has been fixed, we will take you back to 47 BCE, where you belong!
Nebet: I understand. I will take what comes. Here, <Name>, you have been so kind to me, I wish for you to accept this.

A few hours later...
Amy: <Name>, what a day! We get stuck in Ancient Gaul, then learn that something went wrong with this timeline...
Amy: And then it turns out the cause of the temporal disturbance was somehow a stowaway in the time machine!
Jack: I can't believe we have an Ancient Egyptian onboard. Won't T.I.M.E. freak out?
Amy: Maybe, but what can we do? We can't return her to ten years ago in Egypt - our machine's time reactor is broken!
Jack: And I suppose just kicking her out and leaving her in Gaul is a no go...
Amy: That's heartless and unproductive, Jack! But we'll return her to her own time as soon as the reactor is fixed.
Kai: Unfortunately, I can't say it'll be soon! The gold we've found in Gaul is far from enough.
Amy: Well, apparently the time disturbance meant that Chief Katurix tried to appease the Romans with gold and flee, rather than follow through with the negotiation.
Amy: ... which means the gold should never have wound up in Roman hands to begin with! We've got to go get it!
Kai: Well, the machine's thrusters are still working! As long as we don't attempt any time jumps, I can get us to Rome!
Amy: Excellent! Fire her up, Kai. We're going to Rome!

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