Storm Huxley was the victim in Rebel Without a Pulse (Case #17 of Travel in Time).


Storm was a resistance fighter and the son of resistance leader Isabelle Huxley. He had short brown hair that was gelled into spikes, brown eyes, a five o'clock shadow and a scar across his chest. At the time of his death, he wore a brown shirt under a dirty gray jacket with a purple collar, gray trousers and brown shoes.

Murder details

Zara and the player found Storm's body at the black market with a wide hole in his chest after Isabelle alerted the team to his murder. Since the wound was perfectly cauterized, Janis deduced that the murder weapon was a laser gun. She also found bruised tissue on Storm's neck, along with traces of pizza sauce. This led Janis to conclude that the killer ate pizza.

At Anubis Square, Zara and the player found a laser gun hidden in a bin of celebration items. The perforations caused by the gun matched the hole in Storm's chest, allowing Kai to register the laser gun as the murder weapon. Additionally, Theo found traces of lapis lazuli and ebony on the gun's handle, which were materials used to make senet sets. This allowed Theo to conclude that the killer played senet.

Relationship with suspects

In order to make the resistance heard, Storm planned to bomb the 5th of July celebrations, something which his mother, resistance leader Isabelle Huxley, disapproved of, resulting in an argument between the two of them. Storm's girlfriend, Sadie Kek, blamed him for the near-death of their son, Aldo Huxley, after he contracted measles because Storm had refused to have Aldo vaccinated to prevent the Ptolemy Dynasty from keeping track of him. He accused spy Ravi Jabari of betraying the resistance and stole historic artifacts from historian Sirius Atwood to sell them to finance the resistance. Spokesman Eugene Donkin tried to hit on Storm, but his advances were rejected, annoying him.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be Sadie.

Upon admitting to the murder, Sadie told the team that Storm was risking their son Aldo's life to further the resistance, refusing to get him vaccinated to avoid him being put on the registry and sending him on missions to spy and to plant bombs during the 5th of July celebration as he would go unnoticed. Sadie begged Storm to stop involving Aldo and when he refused, she shot him with a laser gun. Resistance leader Isabelle Huxley then decided to delay announcing her punishment for Sadie.

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