Stewart Benedict was a suspect in the murder investigation of middle-aged man Edward Ramis in Hear My Cry (Case #6 of The Conspiracy).


Stewart is a 32-year-old bus driver for Fairview High School. He has brown shoulder-length hair with a large bald spot on his head. He sports a light purple bus driver uniform with a matching hat and wears a Fairview High School badge on his left chest. It is known that Stewart listens to Byron Uno.

Height 6'1"
Age 32
Weight 170 lbs
Eyes black
Blood B-

Events of Criminal Case

Stewart became a suspect after Jones and the player discovered that he had been involved in a fight with a parent of a student at Fairview High School. He told them that it was his responsibility to protect the kids, comparing the situation to jungle wildlife. After Jones mentioned the Rocket Cow Killer, Stewart said that to catch them, they had to think like them. Jones then told him to leave the catching to them.

Stewart was spoken to again about his presence in the woods. He told them that, since someone needed to watch over the kids, he circled the school in order to look out for any trespassers. However, Jones criticized Stewart for his creepy tone and told him that they would be keeping an eye on him.

Stewart was found to be innocent after the team incarcerated Rosamund Wilcox for Edward's murder and the eleven other murders she had committed as the Rocket Cow Killer. But he was later placed under arrest after the team discovered that he had acted as Rosamund's accomplice by stealing the amlodipine she used to kill her victims. Despite initially denying the accusations, he admitted to the crime and told them that he did it to protect the students. He also admitted that Rosamund had paid him to help her. Stewart was then arrested and had his ill-gained money confiscated. Judge Powell would sentence him to five years in prison.

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