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Jones: Good morning, <Name>! Isn't it a beautiful day today? Pity we've got to be here, at work, instead of lounging in the sun...
Ramirez: <Rank> <Name>, I'm glad you're here! King wants to see... Oh hi Jones... pfffheeheehee!!
Jones: Ramirez, I told you to stop that! It was an honest mistake! Anybody could have picked the wrong costume!
Ramirez: Hahahahaha it w-was just s-s-so FUNNY!
Jones: Ramirez! You're at work, have a little dignity! What did King want to see us about?
Ramirez: Um, sorry. I'm calm now. I don't know why King wants to see you, <Rank> <Name>, but it sounded pretty serious. You'd better go see him straight away!

Chief King: Ah, <Rank> <Name>. Jones, glad to see you've dressed appropriately today.
Jones: Oh great, even the chief knows...
Chief King: <Rank> <Name>, you are needed at the lake. Something horrible has happened there.
Jones: Oh, yeah, it's Spring Break season, isn't it? But, with all due respect chief, I know students get a little wild, but it-
Chief King: I'm not talking about the students drinking too much! A young woman is dead!
Jones: Oh dear, how did it happen?!
Samuel King: That's for you to figure out. The girl was identified as Aaliyah Banks, a second year student. People saw her floating on the lake... in a pool of blood.
Samuel King: <Rank> <Name>, go to the lake, and try to sort this mess out! Oh, and take Ramirez with you. You'll need help to keep students away from the water.

Chapter 1

Investigate Beach Lake.
(Before investigating Beach Lake.)
Ramirez: Oh <Rank> <Name>, what are we gonna do?! The students aren't listening to me, they keep trying to go for a swim! What if... what if IT kills somebody else?
Jones: "It"? What in the devil are you on about, Ramirez?
Ramirez: The Creature of the Lake!! Don't tell me you've already forgotten about it, <Name>? I know you dealt with a fraud last time, but the Creature still exists!
Jones: Oh not this again! Ramirez, you stay here and take care of the students. <Name>, are you ready to have a look at the victim? And maybe we'll manage to find some clues about how it happened, too.
(After investigating Beach Lake.)
Jones: I think I'm going to be sick, <Name>... What in the world happened to that poor girl?! It looks like... like she's been eaten!
Ramirez: She was! By piranhas!
Jones: What the... Don't be stupid, Ramirez, how could piranhas end up in Grimsborough lake?!
Ramirez: But it WAS piranhas! That's all the students can talk about! Everybody says they saw piranhas jumping in the water, going straight for Aaliyah's body!
Jones: ... <Name>, you're right: the clues will help us untangle all this. Those shoeprints you spotted going to and from the lake look like a great lead.
Jones: The footprints must have been left by our victim: they don't come back inland. Which means the other prints must belong... to her killer!
Jones: I'm sure we can determine which kind of shoes the killer wore through our database! What do you think, <Name>, shall we have a look?
Jones: And this pile of algae you found... I think it's safer if you search through it. I'm still feeling a little queasy...
Madison: <Rank> <Name>! Thank heavens you're here! I need your help, right now!

Examine Pile of Algae.
Jones: So what did you find in the alga-EEEEEEEH!! Ohmygodohmygod, it's a piranha!!!
Jones: You're so lucky it didn't bite you, <Name>! Look how hungry it looks! Those crazy eyes are staring at me as if I was a... a burger!
Jones: Y-yes, of course, you're right, we need to figure out what kind of piranha this is, if we want to discover where it came from. Whoever freed those in the lake must be our killer!
Jones: A look at the official state records on rare animals should give us our answer. With your keen eyes, surely you'll be able to recognize that monstrosity in the records!

Examine Piranha.
Jones: Alright! So the piranha you found in the lake is a Red Piranha! Whoa, the records say that it's the most ferocious species there is!
Jones: Aaliyah didn't stand a chance... Brr, it gives me shivers, look at those teeth!
Jones: Anyway, thanks to you, we also know that all specimens of Red Piranhas have to be registered with the State. And the only piranhas in the region belong to... Grimsborough University!
Jones: There's probably a biology class that uses them. Let's go have a look at the University, <Name>!

Investigate Biology Amphitheater.
(Before investigating Biology Ampitheater.)
Jones: This must be the biology amphitheater. Oh, look at that fish tank, <Name>, and the blackboard! We're definitely in the right place!
Jones: Let's have a look around, alright? And watch out for piranhas!
(After investigating Biology Ampitheater.)
Jones: You're right, the killer must have gotten the piranhas from this fish tank... but how did they scoop them out without being hurt?!
Jones: Oh, right! I hadn't seen that fish scooper! Nicely spotted, <Name>! Let's have a closer look at it!
Jones: And what about that book? "The Tropical Fish Encyclopedia"... Let's see what it says about piranhas...
Jones: Oh! The page about piranhas has been torn away!
Jones: You're right, there are indentations on the next page... I hope you've brought your powder duster, <Name>!

Examine Fish Encyclopedia.
Jones: The missing page on that book about piranhas must have been about their feeding patterns. The annotations you brilliantly revealed are all about beef hearts and... ugh, live rats!
Jones: And the student in charge of that lovely research is called... Ah, there's his name at the top of the page: Michael Fletcher. Surely he must have noticed his piranhas weren't in their aquarium anymore!
Michael: <Rank>! I'm Michael Fletcher. I assume you're here for me?
Jones: GHA! What the... where did you come from?!
Jones: Hm, anyway, yes, we were actually looking for you. <Rank> <Name> has got some questions for you, it'll only take a minute.

Talk to Michael Fletcher about the piranhas.
Michael: Thank God you've come! When I called the Police to report the theft of my precious fish, the man on the phone laughed! Laughed! So I thought nobody would come to investigate!
Jones: Um, actually, we're here because your "precious fish" have killed a student, Aaliyah Banks.
Michael: Killed a student? You mean my piranhas ate someone?!
Jones: Yes. Horrible, we kn-
Michael: This is FANTASTIC! Oh, I knew it! I knew piranhas could eat a human being! I'm so happy I could cry!
Michael: Could I see a picture of the body, please, <Rank>? I need to know exactly what kind of damage my babies were able to do.
Jones: What the... Are you sure you're alright, boy? A woman has died and you want PICTURES?!
Michael: Well, it would really be a great asset to my thesis, you see. I've always said piranhas were just as dangerous as they say in the movies, but everyone just laughed at me!

Examine Fish Scooper.
Jones: Good job, <Name>! It appears our killer left a little souvenir behind when they used that fish scooper, although I have no idea what that pink residue you collected could be.
Jones: You're right, hopefully Grace will know! Let's send this sample to the lab, <Name>!

Analyze Pink Substance.
Grace: <Name>, the sample you collected from that fish scooper was a real lucky find!
Grace: The sample was still fresh, which is why you could collect it. Half an hour more and it would have been impossible to take off that scooper.
Grace: I broke the substance down into several molecules, and I can tell you it was composed of elastomer, vegetable oil and lecithin.
Jones: I'm sorry, is that supposed to ring any bell with us? I don't know about <Name>, but I've got no idea what you're talking about...
Grace: Those components are at the base of one of the most popular kinds of candy, Jones: bubble gum!
Jones: Bubble gum! Oh, I haven't chewed some in years!
Grace: Well, maybe you can ask Aaliyah's killer for a piece of gum when you arrest them, Jones, because they've definitely chewed some!

Examine Shoeprint.
Jones: Perfect deductive work, as always, <Name>! Now we know those shoeprints you found on the lake's shore were made by flip-flops. And really fancy ones, at that!
Jones: Oh, you got flip-flops too, <Name>? Aren't they lovely? They've been distributing them to everyone at the lake!
Jones: ... Something tells me those flip-flops aren't going to be enough to catch our killer, <Name>... but they're a first lead!

Talk to Madison about the murder.
Madison: <Rank> <Name>! Am I ever glad to see you! That freak over there just tried to zoom in on my breasts! You MUST do something about him!
Jones: And hello to you too, Madison. I'm afraid <Rank> <Name> has got rather more urgent things to deal with right now. Like investigating a murder.
Madison: Oh, of course. First Rush Week, now this... It seems somebody is dead set against students having some much deserved fun. One of those horrible fish bit me, can you believe it?!
Jones: I guess life on the farm was quieter, eh? Mind you, we've already discovered your Amis-
Madison: Don't you DARE say the A-word around here, officer Jones!
Madison: I'm sorry, I shouldn't yell, but... If people at the University learned the truth... I'd lose everything. I'm sure YOU understand, <Rank> <Name>, don't you?
Chad: Hey Madison, are those cops bothering you? D'you want me to take care of them?!
Madison: Uh, no, I'm okay. But thank you, Chad, you're very sweet.
Madison: Look, <Rank> <Name>, I'm afraid I can't be of any help with your investigation. But you really should go see that camera-creep! Who knows what he might be up to!

Jones: The boy who interrupted Madison looked familiar, didn't he, <Name>?
Jones: Hey, you're right! It's Chad Baker, the kid who became quarterback for the Grimsborough Quails after Troy's death!
Jones: Let's go have a talk with him. Maybe he knew our victim!
Jones: Aaaand I guess we'd better see who that "camera-creep" is, as well...

Talk to Kurt Leary about his activities.
Kurt: Whoa, I can't believe there's been a freaking murder during Spring Break. I've been filming student parties for years, and I had yet to see THAT!
Jones: You've been filming parties? Do you mean the students pay you for your services?
Kurt: Pay me? Dude, you mean you don't know who I am? Kurt Leary? "Babes in Bikinis"?! ...You never watch TV at night?
Jones: Sorry, weird how staring at young drunk women does nothing for me. Did you know about those "movies", <Rank> <Name>?
Kurt: Whatever. Too bad you took away the body so fast, though. Didn't even get to film it. Might have been able to sell the footage to the press, or something.
Jones: Look, this isn't a show. A young woman has been killed! Here's a picture of her. Did you see her today? Talk to her maybe? Film her?
Kurt: Hm, nah, can't recall seeing her. Mind you, if she was partying in that kind of clothes, it's no wonder I didn't notice her!
Kurt: My viewers are interested in bikinis, like that bombshell over there. If they want to see buttoned up shirts, they can look at their girlfriends, ain't that right?

Jones: No wonder Madison was enraged. That guy films women as if they were pieces of meat!
Jones: Oh, I guess you're right, <Name>; kicking him where it hurts won't make our investigation progress. Let's go, before I lose my cool.

See what’s up with Chad.
Jones: Hey there, Chad. How have you been doing since becoming quarterback for the Quails?
Chad: Oh I've been doing great, thanks for asking. The new coach says I've got good chances of being picked up by a major league team next year!
Jones: Good for you. Now, <Rank> <Name> is investigating the murder of a certain Aaliyah Banks. Did you know her?
Chad: Can't say it rings a bell. She mustn't have been a Quails' fan.
Jones: You do know there are other girls in College apart from the football fans, right?
Chad: Yeah, but they don't care about football, so why should I care about them, am I right?
Jones: Charming... Well, thank you for your time Chad. <Rank> <Name> might have more questions for you, so don't stray too far.

Autopsy Victim’s Body.
Nathan: <Name>, you MUST tell me more about those piranhas everybody's talking about! Have you caught some specimen? I would love to get a closer look at them!
Jones: Uh... We're glad this makes you happy?
Nathan: Oh sorry, am I being weird again? It's just that, from a scientific point of view, seeing what piranhas can do to a human body is... well, frankly, it's fascinating!
Jones: So the piranhas really are the murder weapon then? But how could the killer know they'd attack Aaliyah? Or did they just want people to die, regardless of who they were?
Nathan: Oh no, it wasn't a coincidence. There is a bruise on the top of Aaliyah's head, consistent with somebody knocking her out.
Nathan: And there is also a cut on her leg... or what's left of her leg. The killer drew blood to make sure the piranhas would attack HER, I'm positive about it.
Jones: So... this is a bona fide murder then, not a tragic accident or a random attack? Aaliyah was the one who was meant to be killed?
Nathan: Yes. The piranhas wouldn't just attack a human being without severe encouragement. The killer planned everything so Aaliyah would die!

Chapter 2

Jones : Alright <Name>, let's regroup. What have we learned so far?
Jones : We know Aaliyah was killed by piranhas, and that she was deliberately targeted by her killer.
Jones : And we know the killer stole the piranhas from the Univers-
Taylor Kirby : SAVE THE LAKE!!!
Jones : What the...

Jones : What the... What's happened? <Name>? Are you still here?!
Jones : I don't get it! One second we were talking about Aaliyah's murder, and the next everything went blue!
Taylor Kirby : Such things wouldn't be needed if people just listened to me! But you lot only respond to provocation!
Jones : YOU're the one who threw this paint at me?! <Rank> <Name>, please, handcuff that madwoman!
Taylor Kirby : You can't do that to me! I have a right to protest!
Jones : You can protest all you want once I've cleaned the paint off my face! We'll have a serious talk with you later, miss!
Samuel King : Ah, <Rank> <Name>, I was just looking for you. A word in my office, please?
Samuel King : ... Jones, you could at least clean up before you come to work, you know.

Samuel King : So! How is your investigation on Miss Banks' murder going? Any leads so far?
Jones : Well, we've got several good suspects, and we know the killer was definitely targeting Aaliyah: they cut her before pushing her into the water, to make sure the fish would attack her.
Jones : We also know the killer stole the fish from the University. <Name> found the empty fish tank in the amphitheater!
Samuel King : I see. What about the killer's path from the University to the Lake? Have you checked the Oiltop Gas Station yet?
Jones : The... uh... gas station, sir?
Samuel King : It's a well-known watering hole for students heading to and from the lake, Jones. But you knew that, of course?
Jones : Of course! <Name> and I were just getting ready to go there, weren't we, <Name>?

Lecture Taylor Kirby about what she did to Jones.
Jones : Now why in the world did you throw a pot of paint at me, young lady? Don't you know assaulting a police officer is a felony?!
Taylor Kirby : You can only be heard through your actions. And I need to be heard! That party on the lake must be stopped!
Taylor Kirby : Students are polluting a precious natural resource with their empty cans and their pizzas and... everything!
Taylor Kirby : They're treading on beautiful flowers with their flip-flops, like that Madison-girl, as if they were nothing more than daisies!
Jones : Uh, but I can't help but noticing that YOU're wearing flip-flops, too...
Taylor Kirby : But I'm not using them to tread on Nature!!
Jones : I'm sorry, but... You do realize there's also been a murder there? Shouldn't that be more important?
Taylor Kirby : Sure, it's very unfortunate, but that mostly means more pollution! And do you even know how much damage the piranhas might cause? I can't BELIEVE they haven't all been captured yet!

Jones : Well, that girl is a little intense, but she's at least right about one thing.
Jones : Let's call up Ramirez and see how he's doing at the lake. Those fish must be caught!
Ramirez : Yes? Officer Ramirez at the ready!
Jones : Ramirez, what is the status with the escaped piranhas? Have they all been caught yet?
Ramirez : C-c-caught? But... <Rank> <Name> said I just needed to make sure nobody got into the water! I can't catch the piranhas!!
Jones : Alright, don't freak out! Just make sure nobody approaches the shore.
Jones : Well, <Name>, I guess we'll have to take care of those fish by ourselves later... But for now, we must focus on catching Aaliyah's killer, you're right!
Jones : Maybe we should go back to the amphitheater? That's where the killer took the fish, there might be more to find there...

Investigate Students’ Desks.
Jones : Alright, let's see what we've got! This torn paper should be no problem for a puzzle-fiend such as you, <Name>, am I right?
Jones : And about this notebook... Oh! There's the victim's signature on it! But the page she wrote on has been torn... Do you have your dusting kit, <Name>? Because I think we're gonna need it!

Examine Torn Paper.
Jones : Hm, the paper you found torn to pieces was actually a flyer for the Prom Queen Election. I can't believe students actually campaign for that title!
Jones : Hey, but that's our victim on the flyer! So Aaliyah was competing for the title of Prom Queen...
Jones : Which means she was competing against Madison! Somehow, I doubt she took that well. Let's go talk to her.

Talk to Madison about the victim’s competition.
Madison Springer : Oh, you found one of those silly little flyers. Hers or mine, they all seem to end up torn to pieces...
Jones : Madison, why didn't you tell us our victim was your main rival for the Prom Queen election?
Madison Springer : Main rival? You're saying this as if being the Prom Queen actually mattered!
Jones : I thought you'd be dead set on winning that crown, actually!
Madison Springer : Puh-lease. Yes, I enjoy being popular. And yes, I do want to be the Queen of the Prom Ball. Just to see what it feels like, to shine, to be valued for your beauty and your charm.
Madison Springer : But do you really think I'd kill someone over this?! I wasn't raised that way, <Rank>!
Madison Springer : This competition, it's all just like...
Madison Springer : ...a gum bubble! Inflated one moment, and blown to smithereens the next!

Examine Notebook.
Jones : So the notebook you found in the amphitheater was used by the victim to write a message to... Michael Fletcher!
Jones : The note reads "Michael, if you don't stop playing God right now, I'll have no choice but to report you to the Dean! What you're doing is disgusting!"
Jones : Wait, but this means Michael actually knew our victim... and they were clearly not buddies! Let's go bust his chops, <Name>!

Talk to Michael about the victim’s threats.
Jones : Hello again, Michael. Say, <Rank> <Name> was wondering about that note Aaliyah wrote to you... Why didn't you mention you knew our victim?
Michael Fletcher : I was so excited about it all, I didn't recognize her name straight away. Sorry about that...
Michael Fletcher : I didn't know Aaliyah that much, anyway. She came to see me at the end of a Biology lecture. She asked me if I had some gum, so I gave her some, but I could tell she wanted something more.
Michael Fletcher : She seemed fascinated by my piranhas, so I told her how I tried to feed them mammals, etc. I thought she'd be fascinated, but... I guess she failed to see the scientific value of it all.
Michael Fletcher : Anyway, after that she kept coming to see me, demanding that I stop my experiments! As if I could stop working on my thesis! She really wasn't reasonable at all.
Jones : And now the woman who wanted you to stop your experiments dies under the teeth of your very own piranhas...
Michael Fletcher : Well... It just goes to show science moves in unfathomable ways, <Rank>.

Jones : Is it me or is Michael super creepy? If it was up to me, I'd have put him behind bars already...
Jones : I mean, what if he decided to see if his "babies" could eat a whole human being? I'm sure giving them rats must have gotten boring after a while!
Jones : Ah, I guess you're right, <Name>. We need more proof before we make such judgements.
Jones : And you're right, we HAVE gotten some useful information: if Michael offered some gum to Aaliyah... it means he chews some!

Investigate Gas Station.
Jones : King can say all he wants, I don't see how that gas station has any relevance to our inv-
Jones : What? You think he's right? Oh, I see, this cooler looks exactly like the ones we saw at the lake! D'you think there might be something interesting inside?
Jones : And what about that employee's badge you picked up?
Jones : There's so much grease on it, it's hard to decipher what's written... Want to take a shot at it, <Name>?

Examine Cooler.
Jones : Okay, the ice cubes and the beers, I get. But what could those scales be used for? Fish-cocktails?
Jones : Oh! You mean... Alright, <Name>, we'd better get those fish scales to the lab!

Analyze Fish Scales.  
Nathan : Thanks to the piranha you got from the lake, <Name>, analyzing the scales you found in the cooler was a walk in the park. They definitely came from a Red Piranha!
Jones : Wait, are you telling us you've kept the piranha <Name> found in the lake?
Nathan : Why, I wasn't about to let a poor fish die, was I? Look how happy it is in its tank! I called him Brutus.
Jones : Everyone around me is mad. That's the only explanation...
Nathan : Anyway! <Name>, you were inspired to take a look at the cooler in which you found the scales. The only way they got in there is if the killer used the cooler to transport the piranhas!
Nathan : It's quite clever, actually. If it wasn't for you, <Name>, nobody would have looked at it twice!
Nathan : But you know what? Your killer must have been strong. Filled with water and fish, that cooler would have weighed at least fifteen pounds!
Nathan : Your killer is definitely really fit. They must exercise often!

Jones : Well, <Name>, we already know two of our suspects fit the athletic profile.
Jones : Madison is the captain of the cheerleaders, and God knows those girls are in shape!
Jones : And as quarterback of the Quails, there's no doubt that Chad is strong!
Jones : Now we just have to figure out who else among our suspects might have the strength necessary to carry that cooler!

Examine Employee’s Badge.
Jones : Alright! Now we know the employee who dropped this badge is named... "4U-6J-OBDI".
Jones : Great, we'll go real far with that info! Couldn't they have used the person's name instead?! Unless they're employing robots, but I doubt they could afford them.
Jones : Hm, you're right, the gas station must have declared their employees. Let's pop back to the lab and run this number through the State records!

Analyze ID Number.
Alex : Sometimes it's nice to leave all the work to the computers... I've got your results, <Name>! The employee's badge you found at the gas station belongs to Chad Baker!
Jones : Chad? I'm surprised he has a part-time job. I thought he spent his days training with the Quails! Why don't we go ask him about this, <Name>?

Talk to Chad about his job at the gas station.
Chad Baker : Oh hi, <Rank> <Name>! Is there a problem? Do you want some gas for your police car?
Jones : No thank you. <Rank> <Name> was just wondering... Have you been working here long?
Chad Baker : Nah, I just started a couple weeks ago. I'm trying to save up money to invite Madison to the Prom Ball, and she's not a cheap date.
Chad Baker : I'll need a proper costume, and proper shoes. It's not like I could come pick her up wearing those crummy flip-flops, y'know?
Chad Baker : I don't think she would mind all that much, actually. But I'm sure you know best.
Jones : Anyway, Chad, we're pretty sure the killer must have come through here on their way to and from the lake. Did you see anybody suspicious here today?
Chad Baker : Nah, I didn't see anything, sorry... I kinda took an extra long break to go party with Madison at the lake, so, uh, I wasn't here a lot.

Kurt Leary : <Rank> <Name>! I've been looking for you everywhere! I need help: my camera was stolen!
Jones : Yes, and? <Rank> <Name> doesn't take care of felonies. You'll have to speak with the appropriate department.
Kurt Leary : But I need that camera back! It's got the entire day's shooting on it!
Kurt Leary : Look, there's something... there's something on that camera you'll really want to see, too, <Rank> <Name>.
Jones : If it's students' breasts, no thank you. I'm too old for these things.
Kurt Leary : No! The camera... I'm pretty sure the camera filmed that girl's killer!

Chapter 3

Kurt Leary : Look, I know I've got no proof, but I swear, I think my camera filmed that girl's killer!
Jones : Are you telling us that you witnessed Aaliyah's murder and did nothing to stop it?!
Kurt Leary : Whoa, no! No way! I didn't notice what I was filming when it happened! I only realized it when checking up what I'd shot earlier in the day.
Kurt Leary : Except now my camera's gone! Some punk stole it when my back was turned! I tried to catch up with them to give them a taste of my boxing training, but those damn flip-flops slowed me down!
Jones : Just our luck. We'll have a good long talk with you later on, Kurt, you can count on that...
Jones : But for now, let's go have another look at the lake and see if we can find that camera!

Talk to Kurt about what he filmed.
Jones : So! Kurt. About those images you filmed...
Kurt Leary : Hey about that, uh, I'll get my camera back once you're done, right? I've got big plans with that footage!
Jones : You sincerely think we're going to give you back a camera on which the murder of a woman is recorded? ... really?
Kurt Leary : You mean you're not going to give it back to me?! You can't do that! I need that tape, goddamnit!
Kurt Leary : I can't believe I have to deal with this kind of crap. I'm a real artist, you know!
Kurt Leary : This whole thing gave me the idea I'd been looking for! Spring Break Piranhas! It's gonna be huge! Maybe Bruce Anderson could even play in it!
Jones : Bruce Anderson? You sure don't doubt anything!
Kurt Leary : Whatever man. I know it'll be huge. Now, is there any gum in here? They won't allow me to smoke, but I can at least chew gum, right?

Investigate Sun Umbrellas.
Jones : Well, this must be Kurt's camera. Whoever stole it wanted to make sure he wouldn't use it again... and I can't blame them! D'you think you can fix it, <Name>?
Jones : And we could have a look at that beach bag, too, what do you think?

Examine Broken Camera.
Jones : And as always, you've restored Kurt's video camera as if it was nothing more than a kiddie puzzle!
Jones : I just hope the data inside hasn't been irremediably damaged! Let's see what Alex can make of it.

Analyze Camera.
Alex : So um, I had a good long look at the footage in the camera. There... There were a lot of scantily dressed girls in it, you know!
Jones : We do know, but hopefully there was something more?
Alex : There sure was! It's fleeting, but I managed to pause the video on one key moment. Look, <Name>!
Jones : A zoom on boobs. Lovely.
Jones : Oh, you're right, <Name>, there's someone in the background, and are those... are those piranhas, jumping at them?!
Jones : You're right, we can see the cooler at their feet! So this has to be Aaliyah's killer... and they got bitten when they freed the piranhas!
Jones : Too bad those fish didn't bite their arms off, but at least now we know we're looking for someone with a bite mark on their body!

Examine Beach Bag.
Jones : So what did you find in the beach bag, <Name>? Hm, this newspaper article is a few months old. It's about a protest against the destruction of a park.
Jones : Taylor's on the picture, what a shock. She looks ready to kick ass...
Jones : Hey, you're right! Next to her, right there... that's our victim! I had no idea they knew each other, had you, <Name>? Let's go talk to Taylor, she should still be at the Station!

Jones : Ramirez! Where is Taylor Kirby? <Rank> <Name> needs to talk to her!
Ramirez : She's... right over there... She asked... to go to the bathroom but then she... knocked me over and... ran for the exit!
Jones : You were beaten by a girl, Ramirez?
Ramirez : Hey! She's stronger than she looks! I had to ask for backup to keep her from escaping, and... and she spit her gum in my face!
Jones : Such violence! ... Well, <Name>, what do you say? Shall we be brave and go face the woman who beat up Ramirez?

Talk to Taylor about her ties to the victim.
Taylor Kirby : I really don't have much time to talk right now, <Rank> <Name>. I've got to get back to the lake to picket!
Jones : The lake will have to wait, Taylor. Look at this newspaper article <Rank> <Name> found. You didn't tell us you knew Aaliyah...
Taylor Kirby : And? I barely knew her, anyway. We did a few protests together, but she was too soft.
Taylor Kirby : Like, she didn't even care about most of it. I think she just went to those things so that it'd look good on her resume. People like that sicken me.
Jones : Isn't the protest the important thing? Who cares why she did it, as long as she took action against injustice?
Taylor Kirby : You seem to think we live in Fairy Land, Mr Jones. Of course her reasons were important! What good can you make if you don't believe in what you're defending?!
Taylor Kirby : No, believe me, Aaliyah was a fake. I severed all ties with her as soon as I realized that.

Jones : <Name>, I'm stumped. We're still lacking evidence and I don't know where to look next!
Jones : The gas station? But surely you've already seen everything there was to see there?
Jones : Alright, I'm not foolish enough not to trust your instinct! To the gas station it is!

Investigate Vending Machine.
Before Investigation
Jones : Well, here we are. What should we look for, <Name>? ... Oh c'mon, I know you already have an idea!
Jones : The vending machine? Hey, good idea! That must be the only thing that hasn't yet been reviewed by your expert eyes!
After Investigation
Jones : You were spot-on as always, <Name>! There's blood on the vending machine's dial pad!
Jones : Oh! And you're right! The only keys on which there is blood are the ones you need to press to buy... gum!
Jones : Ooooh, this is getting exciting! Quick, let's collect a sample while the blood's still fresh!

Examine Dial Pad.
Jones : Great, now we've got a good blood sample from the vending machine's dial pad!
Jones : Let's get the blood to Grace, <Name>!

Analyze Blood.
Jones : So Grace, the blood <Name> collected from the vending machine belongs to Aaliyah's killer, right? Right?
Grace : Not... exactly. Or rather, not entirely. Most of the blood you collected was actually... piranha blood. The killer may have accidentally killed one during transportation.
Jones : You said "most of the blood". Please tell us the rest belonged to the killer?!
Grace : Yes, it did. But with the two bloods mixed up like that, trying to isolate white cells and get a good DNA sequence... it could take weeks.
Grace : I know, Jones, you don't have weeks. Here's the best I could find in such a short time: your killer has green eyes.
Jones : That... sounds quite impressive, actually! Thanks Grace, you're the best!

Jones : That's it, <Name>! We have all the pieces of evidence we need to put Aaliyah's killer behind bars!
Jones : Let's go arrest that monster, <Name>!

Arrest Killer.
Jones : Taylor Kirby, you're under arrest for the senseless murder of Aaliyah Banks. What in the world were you thinking?!
Taylor Kirby : No! You can't lock me up! I did it for the lake! The only time they listen is when people DIE! What other choice DID I have?!
Taylor Kirby : The lake... the lake is getting more polluted everyday. Soon people won't be able to fish there anymore. I knew I had to do something to wake people up!
Jones : So you decided to release the deadliest kind of fish there is into the lake?!
Taylor Kirby : I thought if students got hurt, they wouldn't dare party around the lake anymore. Sure, the piranhas would harm the local fauna, but surely the authorities would catch them in time!
Taylor Kirby : I'd seen those piranhas in the Biology amphitheater before. I knew they were ferocious, the most ferocious kind there is.
Taylor Kirby : I went there before class, when there was nobody around. I picked them up with the fish scooper and I put them in a cooler. I was so afraid they'd die during the trip!
Jones : But you didn't just want students to get hurt, did you? You wanted to set an example!
Taylor Kirby : It was all Aaliyah's fault! She shouldn't have been so... so... She should have cared more!
Taylor Kirby : I used to think she was like me! But she only cared about her reputation! Once she realized doing protests wouldn't get her elected as Prom Queen, she stopped helping me!
Taylor Kirby : I called her over at the lake, to test her, to see if she would rally my cause. But when I saw the way she gaped, when she saw the piranhas, I knew she would only scream for help. So I...
Taylor Kirby : I did what I had to do.
Jones : You knocked her out, you cut her to draw blood, and you fed her to those fish!! How COULD you?!
Taylor Kirby : It was the only thing I could have done! And it worked! Now the students won't be allowed to party at the lake anymore! It'll be protected! I won!

Judge Hall : Miss Kirby, you stand in front of this Court today to answer to the brutal killing of a fellow student, a young woman with a bright future. Do you have anything to say for yourself?
Taylor Kirby : No, your Honor. There is nothing to add.
Taylor Kirby : I just know... I KNOW I did the right thing. The only thing I could have done. I know it in my bones.
Judge Hall : May your bones learn the error of their ways in jail, then. And may you realize that defending Nature does not excuse commiting crimes against the human race!
Taylor Kirby : I will try, your Honor. But at least now the lake is safe. This is all that matters.
Judge Hall : Taylor Kirby, for the murder of Aaliyah Banks and the endangerment of dozens of students, this Court hereby condemns you to 15 years in jail, with no chance for parole. Court is adjourned!

Jones : You know, <Name>, something felt strangely familiar in that trial...
Jones : You agree? So it's not just me then! But what was it? It was like... Like we'd already heard those same words before!
Jones : Ah, maybe the stress is getting to our heads. All those murders... it takes a toll on you, doesn't it?
Jones : Why don't we go out for a drink, clear our heads? Are you in, <Name>? I'll buy the first round, promise!

Additional Investigation

Samuel King : <Rank> <Name>, I have to say your investigation made quite a splash. Our victim may be swimming with the fishes, but at least her killer won't be able to do any more harm!
Samuel King : And talking about fish... <Rank> <Name>, I'd like you to go back to the lake. Ramirez is supervising the retrieval of those flesh-eating piranhas, and he's clearly out of his depth.
Samuel King : The divers are hard at work, but Ramirez has been complaining about members of the public trying to interfere with the process. I would really appreciate it if you could help him out.
Samuel King : Oh, and by the way, Jones, last time you brought the patrol car back, it was with an empty gas tank and a ruined tire. Next time this happens, I'm taking the repair out of your pay!

Jones : Glups! <Name>, do you mind if we stop by the gas station on our way to the lake? We could have Chad fill the tank up and check out the car... Please?
Nathan : <Name>! I'm glad I could catch you before you left! I have a favor to ask of you! You remember Brutus, my piranha?
Nathan : Well, I've been ordered to "get rid of him"! Just because he's tasted human flesh, everybody says it's not safe to keep him around!
Nathan : It's just completely unfair. And I know they think I'm going to kill him, but there's no way I'll harm little Brutus! He didn't even know what he was doing! He was just hungry!
Nathan : No, I intend to bring him back to his rightful owner, the student in charge of the research! I know you know him, so I thought maybe you'd like to come with me!

Shoo Kurt Leary away.
(Before talking to Kurt)
Ramirez : <Rank> <Name>, thank God! Chief King has put me in charge of the piranha-retrieval, and now I'm having to supervise everything and the guys keep bringing piranhas to me because they think it's funny when I yelp!
Ramirez : And to make matters worse, this Kurt Something has been pestering me! He keeps trying to film the crime scene even though I've told him to go away!
Ramirez : Please, <Name>, I'm tired, I hate piranhas, and this guy is rude with me! Can you take over, pretty please?
Jones : Don't worry, Ramirez. We'll handle Kurt, won't we, <Name>? He's right over there, let's go talk to him!

Kurt Leary : Hey, <Rank> <Name>, good thing you're here! They won't let me film the crime scene, even though the investigation is finished! Can you help me out?
Jones : Actually, we're here to tell you to scamper away, Kurt! There are no more girls in bikinis around here, so what in the devil are you trying to film with that new camera?!
Kurt Leary : I told you, I've got bigger plans now! I'm taking shots for Spring Break Piranhas, and I've noticed something strange, right next to where the body was! But I can't get a closer look!
Jones : What are you blabbering about? <Rank> <Name> inspected the entire crime scene, we've already found everything "strange" there was to be found.
Kurt Leary : I'm telling you, there's a weird drawing, right over there! Looks like some kind of Modern Art crap, you won't make me believe that's the right place for something like that!
Jones : I don't believe you for a second, but <Rank> <Name> is more lenient than I am. We'll go have a look at the shore. Don't move an inch from here until we're back!

Investigate Sun Umbrellas.
Jones : Well I'll be... Kurt said the truth, there WAS a "drawing" on the crime scene! But it's not art, it's that test psychologists do to see if you're crazy...
Jones : This one looks like two dwarves clapping hands, don't you think?
Jones : Oh, you're right, the exact name is Rorschach test, <Name>! Now that I can see it... it reminds me of something. Maybe we should have a closer look at it?

Examine Inkblot Test.
Jones : There was a message hidden in the test! What does it say, <Name>? "Some people just need a little push to do the right thing"...
Jones : "The right thing"... You're right, it's what Taylor said about killing Aaliyah, that it was "the right thing to do"! But... she can't have written that.
Jones : I agree, <Name>. I can't shake the feeling that we've seen another Rorschach test before, either...
Jones : Well, there's a way we can check that, at least! All the pictures taken during investigations are saved in our central database. Alex could see if we've photographed another one of those tests before!

Analyze Rorschach Enigma.
Alex : Whoa, <Name>, I can't believe you found a Rorschach test on a crime scene! That's so exciting!
Alex : Personally, I think it shows a mask, but I bet you thought it looked like ice creams or something, didn't you, Jones?
Alex : But anyway, I've got even more exciting news! I searched the entire archives and... This isn't the first time such a test was left on a crime scene!
Jones : I knew it, <Name>, I knew you were onto something! On which crime scene was there another Rorschach test, Alex?
Alex : On which SCENES, you mean. There were two of them! First on the campus grounds, where that sorority pledge was killed by her own sister. The second one was in the library where you found that student hanged!
Jones : Wait a second, I just got something: you're telling us there were Rorschach tests on those two crime scenes and we failed to notice them at the time?!
Alex : Well, that's what's so clever about it actually. You had no reason to pay attention to such a piece of paper unless you were actively looking for it! The killer did not want you to notice them straight away, I think!
Jones : So... What does this mean? I mean, <Name> caught the killers in all these investigations. The proof was rock-solid, we KNOW we've got the right criminals! Were they accomplices?
Alex : I very much doubt it. No, I think what you have here, <Name>, is... the proof that a serial killer is on the loose in Grimsborough!! A serial killer who uses other people to kill, what's more!
Jones : A serial killer?! Oh my God, <Name>, imagine the panic if the media get wind of this! We must make sure Kurt doesn't talk about this drawing to anyone! Let's go!

Make sure Kurt doesn’t talk to anyone about the Rorschach text.
Kurt Leary : So, <Rank> <Name>, you spent an awful lot of time searching the place and then vanished! I bet you found something! Was the drawing I saw important? Had you missed a vital clue? Can I film it?
Jones : Now you're just being ridiculous. <Rank> <Name> never misses any clue! Do I need to remind you that we've already put the murderer behind bars? And she confessed her crime!
Kurt Leary : Whatever, I'm still sure you found something! Coppers always lie and the publ-
Jones : And <Rank> <Name> has solved the case, end of topic! Now, we've just lost hours looking for an imaginary drawing, so we're not in a good mood. Which is too bad, because we were going to let you film the piranhas' "rescue"...
Kurt Leary : Oh! Uh, I wasn't implying you didn't do your job properly, <Rank> <Name>! Everyone knows you're awesome in what you do! This city OWES yo-
Jones : Alright, cut it out. Just tell the officer in charge that <Rank> <Name> has allowed you to film everything, alright? Now get out of our sight!
Kurt Leary : Thanks, <Rank> <Name>, I owe you one! Say, why don't you join me for lunch-break later on? I make a pretty awesome burger, you know!

Give Brutus back to Michael Fletcher.
Nathan : Hello, Mr Fletcher. My name's Nathan Pandit, and I work with <Rank> <Name>. I'm here to put Brutus back into your capable hands.
Michael Fletcher : Brutus? Who's Brutus? <Rank> <Name>, I'm sorry but I don't really have time fo-
Michael Fletcher : Wait a second, I know this piranha! It's one of my babies! Thank God for small mercies, at least I get one of them back!
Michael Fletcher : Now I'll be able to continue my thesis! And with what happened at the lake, I've got a lot to do! Thank you for bringing him back!
Nathan : I didn't have much of a choice. Everybody wants Brutus dead because of the accident at the lake, but I just couldn't... I guess it's time to say goodbye. I'll miss you, buddy...
Michael Fletcher : You did the right thing. And hey, you can come see Brutus whenever you want! Actually, do you want to feed him one last time? There are some guppies in a bowl, over there. Why don't you both fish some out?

Investigate Biology Amphitheater.
Nathan : Well done, <Name>! This little bowl is full of guppies! Just let me grab a little cup or something so you can take one or two fish from it!

Examine Fish Bowl.
Nathan : Perfect job, <Name>! It's amazing how easily you fished those guppies from Michael's bowl!
Nathan : Oh, don't make that face, <Name>! I know it's a bit sad to use such lovely guppies as piranha-food, but that's the way Nature goes!
Nathan : Personally, I can't wait to see how Michael will proceed to feed the guppies to Brutus! It's going to be very interesting!

Give the guppies to Michael.
Nathan : So, is Brutus happy to be back in his tank? <Rank> <Name> fished a few guppies, is it going to be enough? Should we bring more? Are we just going to drop them in the fish tank? Is Brutus very hungry?
Michael Fletcher : Brutus is perfectly fine, don't worry. As for the guppies, I'll just release them in the fish tank, and he will hunt them down! You will see, it is quite exciting!
Nathan : I bet it is! But I will really miss him. He seemed to enjoy being in my lab so much... He was a great listener, too.
Michael Fletcher : Trust me, I know how you feel; piranhas are such endearing creatures! But you can come back here whenever you want! And I could use a hand for my thesis, with most of my dear piranhas gone.
Michael Fletcher : <Rank> <Name>, I hope you will also come visit us! Please, have these gift-vouchers as thanks! Maybe this will inspire you to start your own aquarium?

Ask Chad to check the police car.
Chad Baker : Oh hello, <Rank> <Name>. Can I help you?
Jones : Yes, actually. It's about our police car. We need a gas refill. And maybe a little revision, I think the brakes are a bit loose...
Chad Baker : Oh, right! Of course, I'll take care of it! It's nice to help you without being suspected of murder for once, <Rank> <Name>.
Jones : Yes, you seem to be adjusting very well to this part-time job. I hope it pays enough for your big plans. By the way, have you already asked Madison to the Prom?
Chad Baker : No, uh... I still haven't quite gotten to it. But we got really close so I already bought the flower corsage I'll give her for the ball! It's beautiful, just like her! I put it...
Chad Baker : Uh? I put it right there, I'm sure of it... Oh no! I lost it! What am I gonna DO?! That corsage cost me forty bucks!!
Jones : Well, Chad, you may be the best at football, but nobody's better than <Rank> <Name> to find the unfindable! Have a look at our car while we search for that corsage, okay?

Investigate Gas Station.
Jones : Uh, <Name>, I'm hungry too, but we can't steal a chocolate bar from this cart! Come on, we can pa-
Jones : Oh! You're right, I'm sorry! Chad's corsage could have fallen into the vending machine stocks when he refilled it! Let's have a look at it!

Examine Candy Cart.
Jones : Uh oh! Looks like Chad's corsage didn't like being thrown in this cart. It's a pity you could only gather a bunch of flowers and pearls, it seemed very pretty!
Jones : You want to repair it, <Name>? But those flowers seem so delicate... You'll need to be even more careful than usual!

Examine Flowers and Pearls.
Jones : You've proved me wrong once again, <Name>! You managed to recreate a lovely flower corsage from the mess you found in the cart!
Jones : I bet it's even prettier than when Chad bought it! Let's bring it back to him, he'll be so relieved!

Give his flower corsage back to Chad.
Chad Baker : You found my flower corsage, <Name>! And... it looks even better than I remembered! Thank you SO much!!
Jones : That's <Rank> <Name> for you: everything they touch turns to gold. But uh... You still have some time before Prom night. Aren't you being a little... early, with this corsage?
Chad Baker : I know, I know, I'm being very optimistic, but I'm sure it's going to be okay! I mean, Madison and I are really getting closer, and she's being so nice to me! I really think she'll say yes when I ask her to the Prom!
Jones : I meant the flowers, Chad! They're going to rot before the Homecoming Ball even starts!
Chad Baker : Oh, that! Don't worry, I met some guy when I bought the corsage, he's some kind of doctor and he gave me advice so the orchids will hold until the Ball.
Chad Baker : Anyway, I'm done with your car. In case you want to take a swim, when the lake is cleared from its piranhas, here are some nice swimsuits! Please, take them as a thank you for the corsage!