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Chief Diane Parker: Well, <Name>, it's been a week since the earthquake hit and it's still chaos here in the Financial Center!
Chief Parker: Relief efforts are ongoing and the extent of the damage hasn't yet been fully assessed...
Chief Parker: ... but one thing is for sure: it'll be a long time before the district returns to normal!
Gloria: Well, one thing that's definitely going ahead as planned is the movie premiere of Transmutators 9! It's taking place in the aftermath of the earthquake!
Gloria: Carter is a huge fan of the series! Personally, I think they're just explosions and robots with no real storyline, but this is not the time to begrudge people some lighthearted distraction!
Cathy: Lighthearted distraction? You can forget about that, <Name>! There's been an attack at the movie premiere! There are reports of a fatality!
Gloria: What?! <Name>, if there was an attack on the red carpet, we'd better head over there at once!

Chapter 1

Investigate Red Carpet.
Gloria Hayes: Oh, no, <Name>! That's Ronald Rooney, the star of the Transmutators movies! He's been shot in the chest!
Gloria: It sure is brazen to kill a celebrity at their own red carpet premiere, in front of cheering fans and journalists!
Gloria: Mind you, according to the reports, everyone fled the scene in a panic. The killer must've taken advantage of the chaos to run away, too.
Gloria: On the plus side, this also means they didn't have time to get rid of the evidence! What did you find, <Name>?
Gloria: Nice one! That wallet must've belonged to the victim! Let's take a look inside!
Gloria: And I agree, putting that broken keychain together might still lead us to a witness!
Gloria: <Name>, the press has already gotten wind of this murder, so it's up to us to solve it before it becomes a full-on media circus!

Examine Broken Keychain.
Gloria: <Name>, this key is for a room at the Grimsborough Park Hotel...
Gloria: And I recognize the guest's name! Savannah Blake is the female lead in the Transmutators 9 movie!
Gloria: Carter has a massive crush on Savannah Blake, but rumor has it she's dating a royal!
Gloria: Anyway, I digress. The poor woman must've fled back to her hotel after the chaos following the shooting... But she won't be getting into her room without that key.
Gloria: Good idea, <Name>, let's return the key to Savannah and see what she can tell us about her co-star's murder!

Speak to Savannah Blake about the murder.
Savannah: Officers, if you're here to ask me about what just happened, I... I'm not ready to talk about it!
Gloria: We understand that you must be in shock, Miss Blake, but time is of the essence. Did you witness the shooting?
Savannah: No, I didn't see anything... I was blinded by the photographers' flashes... Then panic broke out, everyone was screaming and running...
Savannah: The next thing I heard, people were saying that Ronald was... dead!
Savannah: Ronald was more than just a co-star to me, <Rank> <Name>, he was a friend!
Savannah: I knew all his little quirks... Like how before a premiere, he always insisted on eating at Benibana Sushi!
Savannah: But now he'll... he'll never eat sushi again!
Gloria: Thank you for your help, Miss Blake. We'll be sure to check out that restaurant at once!

Investigate Sushi Restaurant.
Gloria: This restaurant sure is swanky, <Name>. I'm not surprised someone like Ronald Rooney would come to eat here.
Gloria: And you're right, this receipt was signed by him! The rest of the ink's been rubbed away. Can you recover it?
Gloria: It's anyone's guess who this cellphone might belong to, though. But if they were here earlier, they might've seen our victim. Let's see if you can crack that password!

Examine Faded Bill.
Gloria: So, according to this receipt, our victim ordered a diet cola, some gyoza...
Gloria: But wait, what's this? There's an item which reads, "Restaurant damage: $2,800"!
Gloria: Damage? But this place looks pristine! <Name>, perhaps the restaurant owner could shed some light on this!

Talk to Yoshinobu Akagi about Rooney damaging his restaurant.
Gloria (presenting her badge): Mr Akagi, we'd like to ask you a few questions about Ronald Rooney. Why did you bill him for "Restaurant damage" when he visited earlier today?
Yoshinobu: Look, we get a lot of celebrities in here, <Rank> <Name>. Some of them are... better behaved than others. Mr Rooney doesn't usually cause trouble...
Yoshinobu: But the last time he visited, Rooney and his buddies got wasted and trashed the place! I don't know what got into him!
Yoshinobu: Mr Rooney was in no state for me to ask him for repairs, so I waited until he came back today and handed him that bill.
Yoshinobu: He took it like a gentleman, though. He apologized for his behavior, and paid up, no questions asked! He's welcome back here any time!
Gloria: Haven't you seen the news, Mr Akagi? Ronald Rooney was murdered earlier today!
Yoshinobu: What?! No, I've been in the kitchen all evening! Mr Rooney's dead?!

Examine Locked Cellphone.
Gloria: Well done cracking the password on that cellphone! And look, there's a post on social media network Buzzer!
Gloria: A woman posted a selfie here in the restaurant, holding a magazine with Ronald's face on it...
Gloria: ... and the caption reads, "Hoping to get this autographed!!!"
Gloria: This woman is clearly a fan of our victim's, <Name>. If she met Rooney before the murder, it might be worth speaking with her! Let's see if we can identify her in the database!

Examine Cellphone Photo.
Gloria: So, the woman who posted a selfie waiting to get out victim's autograph is a certain Annie Schmidt.
Gloria: Apparently, she's the president of the official Ronald Rooney fan club!
Gloria: I guess we'd better go and see if this Annie managed to meet Rooney in person, <Name>!

Ask Annie Schmidt whether she saw the victim.
(Annie is crying.)
Gloria (presenting her badge): Excuse me, are you Miss Schmidt?
Annie: Oh! I didn't see you there, Officers. Please excuse me, I haven't been able to stop crying since I heard the news about Ronald...
Annie: My entire life revolved around him! He was the greatest man on Earth! I spent every minute following his movements online, moderating the fan club forums...
Gloria: ... Yes, we gathered that you were a fan when we found your phone at the sushi restaurant.
Annie: Thank you for returning it to me, <Rank> <Name>... I went there hoping to meet Ronald, but I missed him by a matter of seconds!
Annie (crying): All I ever wanted was the chance to see him in the flesh! Now here's dead, and I never will! I don't even know what the meaning of life is anymore!

Examine Victim's Wallet.
Gloria: <Name>, let's take a look at that folded paper you found in the victim's wallet...
Gloria: The note reads, "You deserve to suffer like you made me suffer!"
Gloria: And look, that's a picture of our victim with a target on him!
Gloria: This is clearly a threat to our victim, <Name>... which means it came from his killer! Let's get it to Cathy at once!

Analyze Cut Out Letters.
Cathy: Hello, <Name>! This threat you sent me reminds me of one of my guilty pleasures!
Gloria: ... You enjoy sending anonymous threats to people in your free time?
Cathy: Not quite. But you might've noticed that the message and the photo were cut out from a magazine...
Cathy: I thought I recognized the style, and a little research confirmed it: this typeface is specific to Hearsay Weekly - one of America's most well-known gossip rags!
Gloria: THAT's your guilty pleasure? I didn't have you pegged as the type to enjoy celebrity gossip, Cathy!
Cathy: I do, and clearly I'm not the only one! Your killer cut out their message using the latest issue!
Gloria: So, our killer reads Hearsay Weekly! They'll have plenty of time for reading once you've got them behind bars, <Name>!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Martine: Well, <Name>, I'd always hoped to meet Ronald Rooney... but these weren't really the circumstances I had in mind!
Gloria: I didn't know you were a fan of the Transmutators movies, Martine! I expect Carter will be devastated by the news of Rooney's death, too.
Martine: The hot ones are always the first to go! Anyway, your victim was killed by a single shot, which struck him in the chest.
Martine: The shot couldn't have been fired from a long range, so the killer must've been hiding in the crowd at the movie premiere.
Martine: I managed to retrieve the bullet, and Rita confirmed that it was fired from a Big Bauer P253 pistol!
Martine: What's more, I found traces of a mixture of celery juice and cayenne pepper on the bullet! Your killer must've had it on their hands when they loaded the gun!
Gloria: Celery juice and cayenne pepper? That doesn't sound like an appetizing combination!
Martine: It's not. But it's a common ingredient of a so-called juice cleanse. It entails consuming nothing but juice for days, supposedly to lose weight and detoxify the body!
Martine: I had to practically live off the stuff when I participated in beauty pageants! It's vile!
Gloria: So, at least now we know our killer is on a juice cleanse!
Gloria: Well, the killer will have bigger concerns than their weight once you've caught them, <Name>!

Later, at the station...
Gloria: <Name>, I thought the people of Grimsborough needed some fun and distraction after this earthquake that devastated parts of the city...
Gloria: ... But instead of entertainment, the premiere of Transmutators 9 brought us a high-profile murder investigation!
Gloria: Ronald Rooney, the lead actor, was shot dead on the red carpet...
Gloria: ... And his shooter seems to have taken advantage of the ensuing chaos to flee the crime scene! None of our suspects saw anything!
Gloria: Rooney's co-star, Savannah Blake, was understandably shaken by the experience... And his devoted fan was inconsolable!
Gloria: <Name>, we're going to need new leads if we're gonna solve Ronald's murder!
Gabriel: Then you might want to get down to Grimsborough Hotel Park, <Name>!
Gabriel: A press conference on Ronald's death is just about to start!

Chapter 2

Gloria Hayes: Well, <Name>, the premiere of Transmutators 9 certainly managed to raise our adrenaline levels... Just not the way we expected!
Gloria: Ronald Rooney, the lead actor, was shot dead on the red carpet!
Gloria: The shooter used the ensuing chaos to escape without anyone seeing them, leaving only a host of grieving suspects... But we'll need more than that if we're gonna solve this murder!
Gabriel: Then you might want to get down to Grimsborough Park Hospital, <Name>!
Gabriel: The director of the Transmutators movies is just about to start a press conference about Ronald's death!
Gloria: They're holding a press conference? Then we'd better get over there quickly, <Name>!

At the press conference...
Mike (at a podium): Today, we lost one of the greats of modern cinema, Ronald Rooney...
Mike: What a talent! On set, Ronald dealt masterfully with everything that I, as a director, could throw at him.
Mike: Big explosions, small explosions, computer-generated explosions, real explosions... You name it, Ronald took it in his stride!
Mike: I know that many among you will feel the loss of Ronald as sharply as I do...
Mike: But never fear, because you can still see him in Transmutators 9, coming soon to a theater near you! Thank you for coming, and good night!
Gloria (presenting her badge): Actually, Mr Cove, before you go, we're going to need a word with you!

Talk to Mike Cove about working with the victim.
Mike: Touching speech, wasn't it, Officers? I've always had a talent for connecting with an audience!
Gloria: Quite. Mr Cove, you worked closely with Ronald Rooney. Can you think of any trouble in his life? Or anyone wishing him harm?
Mike: Lord, no! Not at all! This morning, we did interviews to promote Transmutators 9 together, and nothing foreshadowed he'd be shot tonight!
Mike: I thought an earthquake-ravaged city would be the perfect backdrop for my disaster film... but I didn't expect my star to die!
Mike: At least the death is good publicity for the movie. I hear Hearsay Weekly is dedicating an entire issue to the shooting!
Gloria: Your compassion is overwhelming. And speaking of the shooting, where were you when it happened?
Mike: I missed the whole thing! I hadn't even arrived at the premiere when Ronald was killed, <Rank> <Name>!
Mike: Now, if you'll excuse me, I urgently need the bathroom. It's one of the side effects of this juice cleanse Savannah and I are on!
(Mike leaves.)
Gloria: ... Well, Mr Cove is quite a character, <Name>! But you're right, if the victim was at the press junket here this morning, we should take a look around!

Investigate Hotel Lounge.
Gloria: <Name>, this is a box of bullets!
Gloria: And you're right, those bullets are a perfect match for the Big Bauer P253 pistol Rita said was used to kill our victim!
Gloria: There's no doubt these belong to our killer, <Name>. We need to collect a sample of that substance on the box!
Gloria: As for that plastic crate, if you believe there might be a clue inside, we'll have to crack that lock!

Examine Box of Bullets.
Gloria: <Name>, let's get that substance you collected from the killer's box of bullets to Rupert!

Analyze White Liquid.
Rupert: <Name>, have I ever told you how baffled I am by the Americans' dedication to their pearly whites?
Gloria: You haven't, no. But what does that have to do with that sample <Name> collected from the killer's box of bullets?
Rupert: Well, the substance was, in fact, a hydrogen peroxide gel which acts as a bleaching agent...
Rupert: And in this case, it's the kind of bleaching agent found in teeth whitener! Your killer's sporting some sparkling white gnashers!
Gloria: So, our killer uses teeth whitener! Their dazzling smile won't be enough to stop a judge from locking them up, <Name>!

Gloria: We're finally making some headway into this investigation, but we need more leads if we're gonna put Ronald Rooney's killer behind bars!
Gloria: I agree, <Name>, taking another look at the sushi restaurant Ronald visited before his death might prove useful. Let's go!

Investigate Restaurant Tables.
Gloria: Well spotted, <Name>, that iPear watch has our victim's initials on it!
Gloria: What better way to learn more about our victim than by looking at his smartwatch? Let's see if you can guess his password!
Gloria: And you're right, we should stitch that torn fabric back together, too!

Examine Torn Fabric.
Gloria: Dang, that sweater is quite the statement piece!
Gloria: It says, "Ronald Rooney Official Fan Club"...
Gloria: <Name>, we've only met one person who could possibly own a sweater with Ronald's face on it!
Gloria: But why would Annie have torn it up? Let's ask her!

Ask Annie Schmidt why she tore up her sweater.
Gloria: Ms Schmidt, we found your Ronald Rooney fan club sweater. Why was it ripped to pieces?
Annie (sweating): Oh dear... <Rank> <Name>, I hoped I wouldn't have to tell you this story.
Annie: You already know that Ronald's been my idol forever, but this is the first time I'e managed to save enough money to come to his premiere.
Annie: I read in Hearsay Weekly that he loved Benibana Sushi, so I went there hoping to meet him...
Annie (sweating): And I lied to you when I said I'd missed him, <Rank> <Name>! He was there! I was just too embarrassed to admit what happened when I asked him for an autograph!
Annie: Rooney laughed and said he didn't take photos with ugly people! He said that I had a face that would stop a clock!
Annie: I tore up that sweater there and then! I was stupid for thinking someone like Rooney would talk to someone like me, <Rank> <Name>!
Annie (crying): I'm ugly and fat! Even that juice cleanse I did wasn't enough to help me shift the pounds!
Gloria: Ms Schmidt, you're neither of those things, and Ronald had no right to make you feel this way! I just hope that his words didn't push you to kill him!

Examine Victim's iPear Watch.
Gloria: <Name>, you unlocked our victim's smartwatch, but it'll be quicker for Cathy to go through it, you're right! Let's send it to her!

Analyze Victim's iPear Watch.
Cathy: I've gotta say, <Name>, I don't envy celebrities, even if I do enjoy reading about them! It's so hard for them to maintain any privacy...
Cathy: Take your victim, for example. He erased everything in his iPear storage on a regular basis!
Gloria: That's no surprise, given how many celebrities have had their cloud storage hacked!
Gloria: But does that mean you didn't find anything interesting on our victim's smartwatch, Cathy?
Cathy: I'm afraid all I found were messages from a guy called Yoshinobu. He seems to have been close friends with Ronald. They spoke almost every day!
Gloria: Yoshinobu? Like Yoshinobu Akagi, the restaurant owner we met earlier?
Gloria: <Name>, when we spoke to him before, Mr Akagi made it sound like Ronald was nothing more than a customer. Let's ask him why he lied!

Ask Yoshinobu Akagi about his relationship with the victim.
Gloria: Mr Akagi, why did you fail to mention that you were good friends with Ronald Rooney when we spoke to you earlier?
Yoshinobu (sweating): Ah, <Rank> <Name>... that's because I wasn't sure what to say!
Yoshinobu: Ronald and I had known each other since college, you see. We kept in touch all these years.
Yoshinobu: Of course, our lives took us down different paths: him being glamorous and famous, and me just serving sushi... But we remained good friends!
Yoshinobu: So when I heard the Transmutators 9 premiere was happening here, I asked him to take me along, give me a VIP ticket or something.
Yoshinobu: I imagined my red carpet pictures appearing in Hearsay Weekly... I even whitened my teeth and went on a juice cleanse to look my best!
Yoshinobu: But when I asked Ronald to take me to the premiere, he got furious! He said I was exploiting him, that he always knew I just wanted to use him for his fame!
Gloria: Was that when Rooney trashed your restaurant?
Yoshinobu: Yes, <Rank> <Name>. I never knew Ronald could be like that! I guess I never really knew him at all!

Examine Locked Box.
Gloria: Now that you opened that crate, <Name>, let's take a rummage inside!

Examine Equipment Box.
Gloria: That press card you found in the crate belongs to a Louis Leroux.
Gloria: <Name>, that name sounds familiar somehow...
Gloria: Right! You met a journalist called Leroux while you were looking into that missing social worker!
Gloria: Well, if he was here for the press junket, there's a good chance he interviewed our victim. Let's talk to Mr Leroux!

Speak to Louis Leroux about his interview with the victim.
Louis: <Rank> <Name>! Just who I hoped to see! Can you give CCN a comment about the progress of Ronald Rooney's murder investigation?
Gloria: No comment, and actually we hopped YOU'd help us! We believe you interviewed the victim earlier today?
Louis: Yeah, I did... What can I say, interviewed self-obsessed stars isn't the kind of journalism I expected to do when I joined CCN...
Louis: I couldn't care less about how Ronald Rooney prepares for a role, or what his superpower would be if he had one! But that's what we talked about!
Gloria: Well, his death must've given you something more thrilling to report!
Louis: Yes, it was quite the scoop! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw him go down on the red carpet like that!
Louis: Anyway, if you're not giving me any exclusive info on the investigation, <Rank> <Name>, I've got to dash to start digging elsewhere!

Later, at the station...
Gloria: <Name>, TV and movies often give us the impression that we know what celebrities are like in real life...
Gloria: But this case shows that nothing could be further from the truth! Ronald wasn't at all the type of person I want my son to look up to!
Gloria: Not only did Ronald trash Mr Akagi's restaurant simply because the latter wanted to be invited to a movie premiere...
Gloria: ... But he also told his devoted fan that she was too ugly to have her photo taken with him!
Gloria: With behavior like that, who knows who might've been driven to kill him!
Amir: <Name>, there's something you need to see!
Amir: Your victim got into an argument just a few hours before he was murdered!

Chapter 3

Gloria Hayes: Well, <Name>, the media may make people think they know what celebrities are like in real life, but this case is teaching me that Ronald Rooney was no role model!
Gloria: His nasty behavior of late could've pushed anyone to do him harm. Possibly even shoot him!
Amir: <Name>, there's something you need to see!
Amir: Your victim got into an argument just a few hours before he was murdered!
Gloria: An argument? Who with?
Amir (holding his phone): Let me show you the video and you'll see for yourself! It's all over social media!

Start of footage...
Louis: Ronald, according to one of your exes, you didn't live up to your famed... erm... stature between the sheets...
Ronald: Excuse me, Leroux, but what the heck does that have to do with me doing my own stunts in Transmutators 9?
Louis: Well, perhaps your lady loves would have been better off if you'd used a stuntman in the bedroom...
Louis: How does it feel to know your past lovers are calling you a disappointment to anyone who'll listen?
Ronald: I don't have to take this crap! I'm out of here!
(Ronald leaves.)
Louis: Did the camera catch it? Did you get him storming off?

End of footage...
Gloria: <Name>, Leroux told us he wasn't into interviewing celebrities, but he looked like he enjoyed pushing Ronald's buttons!
Amir: Yeah, with what he said about Rooney's ex-lovers, it definitely sounds like he was trying to provoke him.
Gloria: Let's go have another chat with that intrepid reporter and see why he might've pulled a stunt like this!

Talk to Louis Leroux about provoking the victim.
Gloria: Mr Leroux, your interview with Rooney a few hours before he was killed is exploding the internet! Why all the provocation?
Louis: Why else? I provoked him because I wanted the interview to go viral!
Louis: If I was stuck talking to dumb actors, at least I'd make a splash. Make my bosses notice me!
Gloria: And did they?
Louis: Oh yes! But not the way I intended. And it was all that Rooney's fault!
Louis: After that interview where I poked at his spore spots, Rooney went and complained to my boss!
Louis: That soft-skinned nitwit almost got me fired from CCN! They told me I'd be gone if he pressed harassment charges!
Gloria: How convenient for you that he's dead! Now, far from fired, you're the rising star reporting on his murder!
Louis: Oh, <Rank> <Name>, surely you don't think I'd stoop so low as to kill him! I'm a journalist with integrity, after all!

Gloria: A journalist with integrity, my foot! Mr Leroux seems no better than any gossip rag writer chasing a scandal!
Gloria: Anyway, you're right, <Name> - who knows what other dramas the victim got into at the press junket! We should look around, quick!

Investigate Lobby Sofa.
Gloria: <Name>, is that white substance on the hundred-dollar bill what I think it is?!
Gloria: Well, we all know drugs can make people irrational and violent. We'd better vacuum up that stuff to check exactly what it is!
Gloria: And that movie poster features the victim... but someone wrote "You're no hero!" above his head!
Gloria: It seems someone here had a beef against Rooney! A sample of that pink substance on the poster might tell us who!
Gloria: <Name>, I can tell this investigation is heating up! We'd better not get stage fright now!

Examine $100 Bill.
Gloria: <Name>, let's get the white powder from that hundred-dollar bill to Rupert! If it's drugs, we need to know, stat!

Analyze White Powder.
Rupert: Well, <Name>, you and Gloria are quite astute. The white powder you sent me was in fact cocaine.
Rupert: Did you know that doctors in the 19th century used this drug as a pain reliever? Why, there are records of some Concordian cocaine tooth drops that-
Gloria: Sorry, Rupert, we're more concerned with the present! If someone was snorting cocaine at the press junket, it probably wasn't for toothache!
Rupert: Well, <Name>, one thing I can tell you is that it was your victim who took these drugs! His DNA is all over the sample!
Gloria: So Ronald Rooney, movie star extraordinaire, liked to dip his nose into snow?
Gloria: If Ronald blatantly took drugs at the press junket, you gotta wonder how he was during filming! Let's see what Mr Cove thought!

Talk to Mike Cove about Rooney's drug use.
Gloria: Mr Cove, our investigation into the murder of Ronald Rooney has led us to conclude that he had some... bad habits.
Mike: Well, he did show up late on set a lot. He made the schedule so erratic, I had to miss some of my teeth bleaching appointments!
Gloria: We were thinking of something a lot more illicit. Rooney's drug use, to be exact.
Mike: Oh, so you know about that! What a relief!
Gloria: You're... happy we know your star was a drug addict?
Mike: Well, usually I have to hide it, for publicity and everything, but now I can tell you openly what a nightmare Ronald was to work with!
Mike: Without his fix, the guy had the attention span of a goldfish and the temper of a grizzly bear! Forget about learning his lines!
Mike: And you know the worst thing? I was contractually obliged to make another three movies with the guy! THREE! I thought I'd go mad!
Gloria: Only now that he's dead, a new actor will take his place, I imagine...
Mike: Oh yes, I couldn't be happier! The fans might mourn his passing, but I'm free! I'm free!

Examine Defaced Poster.
Gloria: You got a sample of the stain from the movie poster! Let's see if the microscope can tell us more!

Examine Pink Powder.
Gloria: That stain on the poster was blush from Forever and Ever Makeup?
Gloria: Wait... that actress, Savannah Blake, she's the face of that brand! I've seen her on all the billboards!
Gloria: So our victim's co-star was the one who defaced the poster, saying Ronald was "no hero"?
Gloria: We'd better go have a chat with Savannah about that!

Confront Savannah Blake about defacing the movie poster.
Gloria: Miss Blake, we found a little message you left for the victim. What did you mean by claiming he's "no hero"?
Savannah: Ah... I didn't want to speak ill of the dead earlier, but I see it's time to talk plainly.
Savannah: Ronald kept playing noble heroes in the movies, but in real life he was a selfish slug!
Savannah: I know it may look like I'm a bimbo who talks about her teeth bleaching in Hearsay Weekly, but, unlike Ronald, I CARE!
Savannah: And so I organized a fundraiser for the victims of the earthquake. I am trying to be a good person and give back to the people!
Savannah: I asked Ronald to attend the event, maybe donate some money... but he refused!
Savannah: Using his influence to help some poor souls would've cramped his style! He was selfish! And now he's been punished!
Gloria: That may be, Miss Blake, but for your sake we hope you weren't the one doing the punishing!

Later, at the office...
Gloria: Well, <Name>, clearly not all was well on the set of Transmutators 9, the movie our victim starred in.
Gloria: His co-lead claims he was heartless and refused to help her charity efforts...
Gloria: And the film director couldn't wait to be rid of him because of how unreliable his cocaine habit made him!
Gloria: Would either of them have shot Ronald? Who knows! But it would help if we found the gun!
Gloria: You're right! We need to head back to the crime scene! The key to solving this case must be there!

Investigate Limousine.
Gloria: <Name>, look at that handkerchief! That stain looks suspiciously like gunpowder! Think you can get a sample?
Gloria: And you're right, that crate of empty champagne bottles would be a good hiding place! Let's look though it!
Gloria: We're closer to catching the killer than we've ever been! Let's do this, <Name>!

Examine Champagne Crate.
Gloria: Well, I'll be darned! You found a gun in that champagne crate, <Name>!
Gloria: This must be the weapon the killer used to shoot Ronald Rooney! Rita will be able to confirm!

Analyze Gun.
Rita: Hey, <Name>! You'll be glad to hear that the gun you found was the murder weapon!
Rita: This is the Big Bauer P253 pistol we've been looking for. A nice, reliable firearm. I approve of the killer's choice!
Gloria: We're... glad to hear it. But did you find anything to lead us to the killer?
Rita: Well, when examining it, I found some green fibers lodged in the magazine, so I sent them to the lab rats.
Rita: They couldn't retrieve any useful DNA or any other substance, but said the fibers must've come from the killer's clothes.
Rita: So here's something for you: your killer wears green!
Gloria: Well, their green-toting streak won't last for long! <Name>, the killer will be wearing orange soon enough!

Examine Dirty Handkerchief.
Gloria: So you got the sample from the handkerchief! Rupert can analyze it and tell us everything we need to know!

Analyze Gunpowder.
Rupert: <Name>, I'll get straight to the point. The sample you took from the handkerchief was indeed gunpowder!
Gloria: Given that we found the hanky on the crime scene, it must've been the killer who dropped it there!
Rupert: Oh yes! The killer clearly wiped their hands on the handkerchief to remove the residue and allay suspicion...
Gloria: But they didn't count on you, <Name>!
Rupert: Especially since they wiped their hands so vigorously that they left skin cells behind mixed in with the sample you took!
Rupert: I could only get a partial DNA profile from the sample, but I can tell you that the killer has brown eyes!
Gloria: Well, the killer's brown eyes will be crying soon, that's for certain!

After completing all the tasks...
Gloria: <Name>, we have all the evidence we need to put Ronald Rooney's killer behind bars! Let's do this! Lights, camera, action!

Take care of the killer now!
Gloria: Yoshinobu Akagi, you're under arrest for the murder of Ronald Rooney!
Yoshinobu: What?! You think I would murder my old friend? You're crazy!
Gloria: Well, we're not the ones who left teeth whitener on the box that held the bullets used to kill Mr Rooney!
Yoshinobu: Please, whitening your teeth is a common thing nowadays, and not just for fancy rich people. Besides, why would I go near a box of bullets?
Gloria: Probably so that you could load the Big Bauer that killed Rooney! Only you left green fibers off your clothes in the magazine!
Yoshinobu: Again, I am not the only person who wears green in Grimsborough...
Gloria: No, but you also left your skin cells on the handkerchief you used to remove the gunpowder from your hands! The game's over, Mr Akagi!
(Yoshinobu starts sweating.)
Yoshinobu: Alright, <Rank> <Name>... You got me. I did kill Ronald!
Yoshinobu (crying): I killed the only person I ever loved! That's the truth!
Gloria: Loved? As in... you were romantically involved with Mr Rooney?
Yoshinobu: Yes! We'd been together on and off since university! Long years full of hiding, secrecy, and Ronald refusing to come out of the closet!
Yoshinobu: I tried to be patient and not pressure him, <Rank> <Name>, but how long was I supposed to wait? I just wanted him to admit that we were together!
Yoshinobu: But when I asked him to take me to the premiere as his date, he exploded! He suddenly turned all his anger, all his frustration against ME!
Gloria: So Rooney was torn between love and fame... is that why he became so volatile that he trashed your restaurant?
Yoshinobu: My restaurant, and my heart! He said that if I couldn't understand his need to be in the limelight, it was over between us!
Yoshinobu: <Rank> <Name>, I never felt so betrayed, angry and distraught! Ronald ruined my life, so I decided to ruin his! I went to the premiere with a gun hidden under my vest...
Yoshinobu: I wasn't sure I'd have the strength to pull the trigger, but when I saw him smiling at the crowd, I lost it! I then threw the gun away and escaped in the ensuing chaos.
Yoshinobu (crying): I killed the man of my dreams! Now Ronald will never smile at ME again!
Gloria: Indeed not. Mr Akagi, we've got no choice but to put you under arrest.

Judge Powell: Yoshinobu Akagi, you are before this Court for the murder by gunshot of movie star Ronald Rooney...
Yoshinobu: I'm guilty! I killed him! Nobody can feel worse about losing him than me!
Judge Powell: Then perhaps you can clear up a question. It says here that you attended the press conference to commemorate Rooney. Why did you do that?
Yoshinobu: I wanted to hear all the nice things people would say about him! I wanted to have other people around me who grieved for him too!
Judge Powell: Unfortunately, Mr Akagi, your heartbreak can't undo this murder. And so this Court sentences you to 10 years in prison!
Yoshinobu: I will pay the price for my crime. And one day, Ronald and I will be together again...

Gloria: What a tragic ending to a romance, <Name>... But this is what happens when passion gets the better of a person.
Gloria: Yoshinobu Akagi could no longer think clearly, to the point that he killed the only person he ever loved!
Gloria: I must say, interesting as it was to dip my toes into the world of movie stars and their dramas, I'm relieved it's over, and-
Rupert: Err, actually, <Name>, do you have a minute?
Rupert: There's a young lady tearing her hair out in my lab, and she says she knows you!

On Shaky Ground (3/6)

Gloria Hayes: Well, <Name>, our latest murder case has definitely been all glitz and glam on the surface...
Gloria: But at heart it was about what everyone can relate to - craving attention from the ones you love.
Gloria: I hope Carter never feels like I'm not giving him enough attention because of my job. I sometimes worry he's lonely.
Gloria: Speaking of worry, <Name>, there's something I'd like to discuss with you, if you-
Rupert: Err, actually, <Name>, do you have a minute?
Rupert: There's a young lady tearing her hair out in my lab, and she says she knows you! She calls herself Savannah Blake!
Gloria: Really? Then, <Name>, you'd better help Rupert sort out Miss Blake, and then find me for our talk later!

See why Savannah Blake is upset.
Savannah: <Rank> <Name>, this is an outrage! I'm absolutely livid!
Rupert (sweating): Please, Miss Blake, tell us what happened. Would you like some tea?
Savannah: I don't need tea, I need justice! My charity auction for the earthquake victims is tonight...
Savannah: ... And someone's stolen all the donated artwork! I was going to sell the pieces to raise money, but they're gone!
Rupert: An art heist! That is serious indeed!
Savannah: Exactly! And there's more! Not only did someone steal the artwork... But they replaced it with their own distasteful "creations"!
Savannah: The thief left some ghastly paintings, depicting the earthquake and the horrible suffering it caused! As if this disaster was something to gape at!
Savannah: I can't auction off such garbage! But all the original art is gone, and now the fundraiser can't go on!
Rupert: Don't worry, Miss Blake, I'm sure <Rank> <Name> will be able to do something!
Savannah: I hope so! I tore up all the robber's art, but maybe some is still left at the hotel. Please alert me as soon as you know more!
(Savannah leaves.)
Rupert: Alright, <Name>, I guess I'd better leave you to find the miscreant who robbed the gala!
Rupert: Oh, you want me to come to the hotel with you? Well, I suppose Amir does nag me to get out of the lab more often...

Investigate Hotel Lounge.
Rupert: <Name>, this torn canvas must be the "artwork" the thief left here!
Rupert: Miss Blake destroyed it in a fit of rage, but I gather piecing it back together is one of your specialties?

Examine Torn Canvas.
Rupert: <Name>, this is... vile! Two dead bodies, the belongings of people who perished... with photos of actual earthquake victims! Is this what people call art nowadays?
Rupert: It's like the artist took joy in depicting suffering! No wonder Miss Blake didn't want to display it at her charity gala!
Rupert: And what kind of a person would rob a fundraiser and replace all the art with this sort of monstrosity?
Rupert: You're right, <Name>, whoever they were, they signed their deed! I trust Gabriel can shed some light on their identity!

Analyze Offensive Art.
Gabriel: <Name>, I hear you managed to take Rupert out on some field work with you!
Rupert: Oh, it's a treat to witness <Name> at work! So how about that art we sent you, Gabriel?
Gabriel: Ah, yes. A sight designed to provoke, to be sure. It was created by an up-and-coming young artist named Meera Kat.
Gabriel: I recognized her signature because she recently made a buzz painting earthquake debris around town!
Rupert: She seems rather fixated on this earthquake, I must say!
Gabriel: Well, judging from this piece alone, the artist clearly has a sadistic streak and an unquenchable need for attention.
Rupert: It doesn't surprise me, since she's stolen prized pieces donated to the charity fundraiser, and replaced them with her own!
Rupert: <Name>, I say we interrogate this rogue artist and thief without delay!

Confront Meera Kat about stealing the art.
Meera: Well, well! I remember you, <Rank> <Name>! We met once when I was snapping some pics of the earthquake!
Meera: Now, what have I done to merit a visit from the police?
Rupert: You know perfectly well what you've done, Miss Kat! We found the statement piece you left for the charity gala!
Rupert: And we know you were the one who stole the real auction art!
Meera: Oh, great, so it worked! Have you posted my work online? I need as many search engine hits as I can get!
Rupert: Is this a game to you, Miss Kat? You're being questioned by the police for a crime!
Meera: Dude, chill out! I planned to confess on social media anyway! The whole point was to get my name out there!
Rupert: Well, you got your name on an arrest warrant! And now tell us what you did with the art you stole from the fundraiser!
Meera: Oh, that garbage? I dumped it on the red carpet. I didn't think anyone would miss it!
Meera (holding her phone): Anyway, knock yourselves out, arrest me! My fans have already started a collection to bail me out!
Rupert: As you wish! Meanwhile, <Rank> <Name> and I will find the real auction art at the red carpet! We'll just have a bite to eat first!

Investigate Red Carpet.
Rupert: <Name>, this crate has "garbage art" written on it!
Rupert: That's how that deviant young lady referred to the pieces she stole from the auction! So the paintings must be inside!
Rupert: I'll let you work your magic on the lock, <Name>!

Examine Locked Crate.
Rupert: Thank goodness, we finally have the original art from the charity auction back in our hands. Let's return it to Miss Blake at once!

Return the art to Savannah Blake.
Savannah: <Rank> <Name>, I can't thank you enough for finding the fundraiser's art for me!
Savannah: The auction will raise thousands of dollars for the victims of the tragic earthquake, and greatly contribute to the relief efforts!
Rupert: We're just glad to be of help, Miss Blake!
Savannah: No, no, you deserve a proper reward! How would you like to attend the gala tonight, <Rank> <Name>? Just make sure to dress to impress!

See what's worrying Gloria.
Gloria: <Name>, thanks for finding time to talk. This isn't easy to bring up, but... it's about Jones. I'm really worried.
Gloria: Remember when we recently looked into the missing social worker's case? He acted very oddly, didn't he?
Gloria: Jones kept trying to convince us that there was nothing to the case, but it seemed like he was hiding something. So I tried to look into it...
Gloria: I checked the evidence room to see all the info on the case, and, <Name>, there's nothing! Jones took it all out!
Gloria: The logbook says that Jones removed evidence on that case right after we stumbled on it. Why would he do that?
Gloria: You're right... we'd better ask the man himself. He left the station a while ago, talking about getting some fancy sushi...
Gloria: Alright, good idea! Let's look for Jones at the sushi restaurant and hope he'll clear up this mystery!

Investigate Sushi Restaurant.
Gloria: No sign of Jones, but this camera is obviously from the evidence room! It still has its tag!
Gloria: And the case number matches that missing social worker's file! What do you want to bet it was Jones who took this out of the evidence room, and forgot it here?
Gloria: Do you think you can unlock the camera, <Name>?

Examine Video Camera.
Gloria: Perfect, <Name>! Now let's have Cathy dig through this camera and find out what Jones didn't want us to see!

Analyze Camera Files.
Cathy: <Name>, the camera you sent me was quite a shocker! Maybe you'd better sit down for this!
Gloria: Why, what is it? Do you now know why Jones removed it from the evidence room? Is it to do with that missing person?
Cathy: Yes... and I think you should see it for yourself, <Name>.

Start of footage...
Zoe (adjusting the camera): Alright, I think this should work... I think it's recording now.
Zoe: It's not often that I do videos like this, but it's a special occasion, so-
Jones (hugging Zoe): Awww, darling, are you recording something for my birthday?
Zoe: How did you sneak up on me, you sneaky detective? Now you've spoiled your own surprise!

End of footage...
Gloria: <Name>, did... did you just see what I saw?!
Gloria: Apparently, Jones and our missing social worker were... dating!
Gloria: I guess that explains why Jones acted so strangely about Zoe Kusama's disappearance... she was his own girlfriend!
Gloria: Poor Jones... Imagine having to investigate your own missing girlfriend, not knowing if she's alive or dead...
Gloria: But why didn't he say anything to us? And why remove clues from the evidence room?
Gloria: I agree, <Name>, this is not right. I heard Jones just made it back to the station. We'd better talk to him!

Ask Jones why he didn't tell us about his girlfriend.
Jones: Sorry, <Name>, this isn't a good time... I've just lost something important, and I've got to-
Gloria: Would it be Zoe Kusama's camera that you lost, Jones? The one you took out of the evidence room?
Jones: You... oh God, you found it? Did you... did you watch the footage?
Gloria: We did, Jones. And yes, we know the truth. You were dating Zoe.
Gloria: The only thing we don't understand is, why did you go to such lengths to conceal this from us? We could've helped you look for her!
Jones: I know, I know... I should've been honest with you, <Name>. But it was a confusing time... and the longer it went on, the harder it was to tell you the truth.
Jones: <Name>, the few short months I spent with Zoe were some of the happiest in my life. She's so kind, and also likes donuts, and-
Jones (crying): Her disappearance was like a bolt from the blue! She was a caring, lovely woman, I can't imagine who could've wished her harm!
Jones: I kept looking for her even after everyone else stopped... but it's not looking promising so far. So I didn't want to involve anyone else in my search.
Gloria: It must've been terrible, Jones! Carrying that inside you, being so afraid for her and not telling anyone! But we're here for you now!
Jones: Thank you, <Name>. I never doubted you'd have my back. I'm sorry for lying to you. For what it's worth, it wasn't easy.
Gloria: Well, let's have no more secrets between us now, my friend. You're not alone! And I promise you, we'll find Zoe together! I'd put good money on that!

Later, at the station...
Rupert (wearing a suit, holding a cocktail): <Name>, I say it's a spiffing thing Miss Blake invited us to that fundraiser! The champagne is incredible!
Rupert (sweating): That is to say, of course it was also fantastic to see so much money raised for the earthquake relief.
Chief Parker: Well, while you were out partying, that artist you put in custody for theft was released on bail.
Chief Parker: It seems the stunt did win her the notoriety she wanted! Social media is abuzz, and everyone's talking about her art!
Rupert: It strikes me as rather poor taste on her part to seek profit off others' misery, but to each their own.
Chief Parker: Somehow I doubt this is the last time we'll hear of this Meera Kat.
Jones: And I wanted to thank you again for being so understanding, <Name>. I never should've lied to you about my relationship with Zoe.
Chief Parker: No, you shouldn't have. You should've disclosed the conflict of interest to me, since you were the officer on her case.
Jones: I know. And I admit that I do feel better now that the truth is out in the open.
Gloria: Jones, remember you'll always have us! And together, we'll keep searching for Zoe! Nothing will stop us from bringing her home!

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