Shí Mìyuān (Chn: 石密淵) was the killer of landowner Jin Bingxu in For Whom the Bell Tolls (Case #28 of Travel in Time).


Miyuan is the 49-year-old first minister of Emperor Lizong. He has short gray hair under a black Chinese hat. He wears a ruby kimono with a gold koi fish collar. It is known that Miyuan eats dried jujubes, reads Confucius and uses an abacus.

Height 6'3"
Age 49
Weight 140 lbs
Eyes brown
Blood O+

Events of Criminal Case

Miyuan became a suspect after Zara and the player found his badge on the armory field. After Zara explained that they had been authorized by Emperor Lizong, she told him about the murder. Miyuan revealed that he was the one who kidnapped Princess Torgoljin, the Great Khan's daughter, and said that he had paid the victim to keep the princess locked up. He then refused to tell the team where the princess was.

Miyuan was spoken to again about him being extorted for money. He confirmed their suspicions that he was being extorted by the victim and informed them that once Bingxu found out that the hostage was a princess, he demanded to be paid double. Despite him attempting to offer the victim one of his jujube fields, they were unable to come to a deal.

In the end, it was proven that Miyuan was Bingxu's killer. Miyuan told the team that Bingxu was planning to go to Ogedei Khan himself, pretending he had rescued Princess Torgoljin, in order to gain a hefty reward. To stop Bingxu from jeopardizing the operation, Miyuan waited in the opera before bashing his head in with a bianzhong bell. Emperor Lizong had the guards take Miyuan away to await his full punishment, but refused to hand Torgoljin back.


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