Shane Kolinsky (also known as "The Slayer"), appearing as a minor character in Criminal Case, was mentioned during the events of Ashes to Ashes (Case #55 of Grimsborough).


A member of the Crimson Order, Shane was a man of medium-to-average build. He sported a bald-headed look and wore a rain jacket.

Events of Criminal Case

Shane was thought to have murdered Chief King's wife Donna through a forced robbery. When the team listened to an audio recording issued by Morgan Goodwin, however, the death by robbery was actually a cover-up by the Crimson Order; Chief King had become disillusioned with the Order's ways, causing him to consider leaving the secret society. The Order could not afford to let this happen, however, as Chief King was too valuable to let go, so they ordered Shane to kill the man's wife. The moment Shane was caught red-handed killing Donna, the police arrested him. Shane was sentenced to 30 years in jail, but two weeks after he was detained, he died of food poisoning.

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