Sean Flynn, appearing as a minor character in Criminal Case, was mentioned during the events of Bridge over Troubled Water (Case #31 of Mysteries of the Past).


Sean is an Irish potato vendor. He has short curly red hair and green eyes. He wears a white shirt under a black apron, and is seen holding a potato. It is known that Sean is missing a finger.

Events of Criminal Case

After arresting Thomas Boyd's killer, Maddie and the player arrested Butcher Betty, who admitted that the Italians had asked her to hide packages in the slaughterhouse, where they found a package with a finger. Per Dick, it belonged to an Irish vendor called Sean Flynn, whose finger was cut by Tony "The Scorpion". Tony slipped that he attacked Sean, who saw him placing a spying device on Thomas's car, prompting Maddie and the player to go back to the car.

Case appearances



  1. Referring to the Mysteries of the Past era.


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