Scott Ridley was a suspect in the murder investigation of Hollywood actor Rex Lane in Weirder Stuff (Case #13 of Supernatural Investigations).


Scott is a 65-year-old film director. He has wrinkles, wet gray hair, brown eyes and eyebags. He wears a light gray top underneath a blue winter coat with a black collar and white fur. He also sports a Weirder Stuff director badge around his neck and is seen holding a megaphone on his left hand. It is known that Scott eats waffles, uses snowshoes and plays Dragons & Dungeons.

Height 5'10"
Age 65
Weight 190 lbs
Eyes brown
Blood A-

Events of Criminal Case

Scott became a suspect after Gwen and the player found his clapperboard and discovered that he was the director of Weirder Stuff. Assuming the guise of fans, they told Scott about the murder. Gwen questioned his lack of reaction to the news, prompting Scott to tell the team that that was life. He said that he was more worried about shutting down production for a few days and explained that there had recently been a series of strange disasters on the set. He then left to call the studio.

Scott was spoken to again about the victim's plan to leave the show. He told the team that guys like Rex were a dime a dozen, and that there were plenty of other actors who wanted to get on the show. However, Rex demanded to have a noble on-screen death, annoying Scott, who told him that he would die any way that he told him to. He then mentioned that Rex's character was meant to be killed by a huge fireball, which was ironic considering that that was how Rex had been killed.

Scott was found to be innocent after the team incarcerated Ruby Rees for Rex's murder.


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