Scott Lee Allan was the victim in Of Rats and Men (Case #22 of Pacific Bay).


Scott was an escaped convict with brown hair graying at the temples. He had brown eyes and a darkening beard forming. He donned a typical prison uniform with a name tag which read, "LEE ALLAN". Above that read his prisoner identification number, "243342".

Murder details

Frank and the player found Scott tied up and half-eaten by rats in an abandoned Jazz Town theater upon the report of drag queen Kitty LaBombe. Roxie said that Scott was covered in Rat Attract, thereby making the rats eat him, thus registering the rats as the murder weapon. Furthermore, Roxie said that Scott was tied up with a Mexican knot only taught and used in the military, meaning that the killer had military training.

Relationship with suspects

Scott used to study at the St. Benedict's military orphanage along with Freddie Alonzo, whom he often bullied, so much so that it would take Freddie years to recover. Kitty was the drag persona of Scott's son, Daniel Allan, who Scott had tried to beat the gay out of before sending him to military school to toughen him up. Before he landed in prison, Scott had scammed Veronica Blade's father into investing in a fake business deal, leaving the Blade family broke. He then kept the money hidden somewhere. During Scott's term in prison, he was cellmates with Andre Roche, who Scott often bossed around and made a punching bag out of. When Andre found out about the hidden loot, Scott refused to tell him where it was. When Scott escaped prison taking advantage of the riots from the hurricane, he joined the looters, eventually turning up at Ethel Hubcap's shop. After she melted his chains off and fed him, he then looted her shop, much to Ethel's anger. Scott had also stolen Veronica's necklace.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be Andre.

When Andre saw Scott among the looters, he devised a plan to get the location of the hidden loot out of him. He collected rats, lured Scott to the theater, tied him up, and then tortured him. After Scott revealed where the treasure was, Andre tried to untie him but the hungry rats ate him alive. For torture, the murder, and the endangerment of Pacific Bay rats, Judge Dante sentenced him to 40 years in jail.

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