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At the Smithsonian...
Chief Jacob Arrow: <Name>, we've come to Washington DC to find a magic magnifying glass called the Eye of Sparron.
Chief Arrow: We need the Eye of Sparron to decipher the inscription on the ring that the demon Rathimael, otherwise known as The Pilgrim, made.
Luke: It would be a shame if this mission was in vain. You know, since Hope may have left the team forever after your fight about that ring...
Chief Arrow: Well, she shouldn't have taken it! She was acting like a spoiled brat when the fate of our world could be at stake!
Chief Arrow: The demons have four of the five keys they need to release the evil demon queen!
Chief Arrow: Deciphering the inscription on the ring could lead us to the final key! We need to get it before the demons do, otherwise they will be able to free their queen!
Luke: True. If she breaks free, the veil between the Netherworld and our world will be destroyed! Demons will take over! We can't let that happen!
Chief Arrow: Exactly! That's why we've come to the Smithsonian. We have reason to believe that the Eye of Sparron is here!
Cleo: Oh my goodness, it's awful! He... he's dead!
Chief Arrow: Who's dead? What's going on?
Cleo: A student working at a Native American archaeological dig outside the museum!
Chief Arrow: Ma'am... we're research consultants for the FBI, we'd be happy to help.
Chief Arrow: Luke, you and <Name> go to that dig site and see what's going on!

Chapter 1

Investigate Archaeological Dig.
Luke Fernandez: Whoa, <Name>! Look at this poor guy! His left arm looks totally fried, almost like he was electrocuted or something!
Luke: You're right, he's holding something in his left hand! Looks like it's from ancient Egypt! Like one of those beetles holding the sun!
Luke: So what's part of an ancient Egyptian artifact doing at a Native American excavation site?
Luke: It seems unlikely that the victim found it here by chance... If this scarab amulet killed him, this is murder! But only Ben can say for sure!
Luke: The victim's name is Dan Quang, according to the name tag. He was a student at Highsmith University in Pennsylvania.
Luke: Did you find anything else? It's true that calla lily is out of place here.
Luke: Those flowers are usually only seen at funerals, so it's likely that the killer left it! Let's get a sample of the substance on its petals.
Luke: And I wonder if that faded folder might provide us with some information about this Dan Quang and what he was working on when he was killed...
Luke: Well, looks like the Eye of Sparron will have to wait while we deal with this mysterious murder!

Examine Faded Folder.
Luke: So, <Name>, this folder you found confirms that Dan Quang was assigned to this excavation site...
Luke: But it also tells us that his thesis advisor was Theresa Rosenthal.
Luke: Didn't we meet her in Pennsylvania? She's an archaeology professor, and was a suspect in the murder of a student there!
Luke: Let's go tell Ms Rosenthal about Dan Quang, <Name>. She has one less thesis to advise now...

Ask Theresa Rosenthal about the victim.
Luke: Ms Rosenthal, I'm afraid we have some bad news... we have reason to believe that your student, Dan Quang, was murdered here!
Theresa: Murdered?! But how? Why?
Luke: I'm afraid we can't say much more for now... but what do you know about ancient Egyptian artifacts?
Theresa: Well, it's not my area of expertise... I focus more on Native American archaeology - that's what this excavation is all about!
Luke: So if this is a Native American excavation site, why did Quang have an ancient Egyptian scarab amulet on his person when he died?
Theresa: No idea! But he may have found it in the museum's storage facility. Dan spent a lot of time there...
Luke: Thank you for your time, Ms Rosenthal, we'll have a look at the museum storage facility.

Investigate Storage Room.
Luke: Oh no, <Name>! There's an open sarcophagus in this storage room! I hope there isn't a mummy on the loose!
Luke: But seriously, this museum does have a lot of Egyptian antiquities...
Luke: I mean, look at this fancy box! It looks super old and Egyptian. We should open it and see if we can find a clue!
Luke: But this other thing is a lock picking set... Maybe we interrupted someone's break-in!
Luke: The insignia on the kit can probably tell who it was! We'll need to run this image through the database!
Luke: Call it a hunch, but I think we might be on our way to catching Quang's killer!

Examine Egyptian Box.
Luke: You got that fancy Egyptian box open, <Name>! Care to have a rummage through the contents?

Examine Egyptian Items.
Luke: Well, <Name>, it's true that note doesn't exactly fit the other items in this box! For one, it's not in hieroglyphics!
Luke: It reads, "Thanks for lunch, Cleo! Let's keep talking Egyptology!" and it's signed "Danny Q"!
Luke (looking at his phone): So the victim went to lunch with this Cleo person... I'll check my phone to see if she's listed as museum staff.
Luke: ... looks like Cleo Sinclair is a curator here, <Name>! And it just so happens she's the lady who alerted us to the murder!
Luke: Funny, if she bought him lunch, why didn't she tell us his name when she told us she'd found his body? We'd better go have a chat with Ms Sinclair!

Question Cleo Sinclair about her relationship with the victim.
Cleo: Oh good, it's you, agents! Have you found the killer?
Luke: Not yet... Ms Sinclair, we found a note you'd received from the victim. Did you know him well?
Cleo: I'm not sure what you're suggesting... Daniel and I would go get lunch sometimes, or drinks after work...
Cleo: He was really fun to talk with and we were into a lot of the same things. He had so many questions about Egyptology...
Cleo: For a young guy, he had a lot of knowledge, but was always looking to learn more!
Cleo: I just can't imagine why anyone would want to kill him!

Examine Lock Picking Set.
Luke: That lock picking set belongs to a man well-known to our team...
Chief Arrow: Hey, is Falcon in DC? That insignia is his brand, how he claims a hunt!
Luke: Whoa, chief, you know that at a glance?
Chief Arrow: I ought to! When he was mentoring me, I designed it for him!
Chief Arrow: So what's my old teacher got to do with this investigation?
Luke: We found these tools of his in the museum's storage facility...
Chief Arrow: That can't be good... but knowing Falcon, he'll be back there looking for them! Go have a chat with him and see if he knew Quang!

Interrogate Falcon about his activities at the museum.
Falcon: Well, I'll be! If it isn't Jacob Arrow's most recent stray puppy! What brings you to DC, <Name>?
Luke: Funny, we want to ask you the same thing, Falcon!
Falcon: I'm doing personal research...
Luke: Research that requires a lock picking set?
Luke: Whatever, no need to answer that... In your personal research, have you ever bumped into Dan Quang?
Falcon: And who might that be?
Luke: A Highsmith University student, he was also doing research in this very storage facility. And he was murdered today!
Falcon: Why would I have anything to do with some college kid? Unless he was being haunted or got bitten by a werewolf, I wouldn't know him!
Falcon: Now get lost! Let me get back to my research!

Examine Calla Lily.
Luke: You collected a sample of that liquid from the calla lily, <Name>! Let's get it to Priya!

Analyze Brown Substance.
Priya: Did you know, <Name>, that white calla lilies symbolize purity, innocence and resurrection?
Luke: Well, we do now! What does that have to do with the sample we collected from the flower?
Priya: It helps confirm that the killer left the flower on the scene, and that they are experiencing some remorse...
Luke: I bet they are! But what was that substance?
Priya: It was a tangy, bitter, hops-heavy India Pale Ale, or IPA. Zander really loves IPAs!
Luke: Seems like Zander loves a lot of things... including you! How is your smoochie-coochie man anyway?
Priya: He's fine... but back to business, IPAs are really popular these days, even among killers, it seems.
Luke: So the killer chugged an IPA after killing some hapless college kid... I guess they had to calm their nerves!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Ben: Hello, <Name>! After seeing the victim, I double-checked for power surges in the area, and there weren't any.
Ben: Combine that with the lack of burn marks and other generalized electrocution phenomena, and I have to agree with your assessment.
Ben: The scarab amulet Dan Quang held in his hand is what killed him!
Ben: The tissue necrosis started in the hand and spread up his left arm until it reached his heart and stopped it from beating!
Luke: So it was the scarab amulet that managed to do all that?
Ben: Appears to be. That said, I couldn't find any sign of it being rigged or poisoned...
Ben: But I only have the top half of the scarab, so as soon as you can find the bottom half, we can find out more!
Ben: And speaking of finding out more, I also found traces of valerian root, passionflower and melatonin - ingredients for a natural insomnia remedy - on Quang's neck!
Ben: The killer left residue from the ingredients of insomnia treatment on the victim when they checked his pulse!
Luke: So the killer has insomnia... well, I'm afraid they've got a few more sleepless nights ahead, <Name>!

Later, in the storage facility...
Luke: Well, <Name>, I know that we've had to put off looking for the Eye of Sparron, which we need to read the inscription on The Pilgrim's ring...
Luke: But at least we've got an in at the Smithsonian as undercover FBI consultants through this investigation!
Luke: Then again, we've also got a murder. Dan Quang appears to have been murdered with an scarab amulet from ancient Egypt!
Luke: Whoever killed him is feeling remorse...
Luke: Maybe the curator who alerted us to the murder in the first place?
Luke: Meanwhile, Quang's thesis advisor, Theresa Rosenthal, seemed very affected by the loss of her student.
Luke: Then there's my real worry: Falcon. Him being here at all is suspicious if you ask me. Especially since there's a supernatural element to the murder!
Luke: <Name>, did you hear something?
Luke: What's that sound?!

Chapter 2

Luke Fernandez: Well, <Name>, we've had to put off looking for the Eye of Sparron, which we need to read the inscription on The Pilgrim's ring...
Luke: But at least we've got an in at the Smithsonian as undercover FBI consultants through this investigation!
Luke: Then again, we've also got a murder. Dan Quang appears to have been cursed to death by a scarab amulet from ancient Egypt!
Luke: Ummm... <Name>, what's that sound?!
Luke: It's a MUMMY!
Mummy: Must... speak... with... youuu!
Luke: Uh... um... ok... no problem, Mr Mummy! Let's talk!

Speak with the Mummy.
Luke: So... Mr Mummy... what do you need to tell us?
Mummy: I... am... Sephtah the Sixth. A pharaoh!
Mummy: Raven-haired boy... bad! Opened sarcophagus... disturbed... eternal peace...
Luke: Raven-haired boy... You mean the young man in blue who was in the storage facility? Dan Quang? He opened your sarcophagus here in the storage room?
Mummy: YES! He... deserved... death... for this!
Luke: But did you kill Dan?
Mummy: NO! But Dan... DESERVED!
Luke: Mr Mummy, what's that piece of paper stuck to your... shoulder rags?
Mummy: That boy... Dan... left it! Take it!
(Mummy leaves.)
Luke (holding a receipt): <Name>, it's a receipt for a bar called The Fifth Amendment! And the table reservation was for Quang!
Luke: Since the victim went to that bar, we need to check it out!
Luke: Mr Mummy, thanks for-
Luke: Oh man! Where did the mummy go? I hope he stays here at the museum... For now, we need to get to that bar!

Investigate The Fifth Amendment Bar.
Luke: This bar sure has its theme down, huh, <Name>? Busts of old presidents and everything! Definitely a DC vibe...
Luke: Anyway, good call! We should check that lost and found box for clues! The victim may have left something behind here!
Luke: And I'm not sure what this torn page could be about, but if you think piecing it together could help the investigation, let's do it!

Examine Torn Page.
Luke: Whoa, <Name>! The page you pieced back together is basically a diagram of Quang's death!
Luke: Look, there's the scarab amulet! It seems that anyone who touches it with their bare hands will meet Dan's fate!
Luke: And there's a message in hinky writing, "Dan, Stop this nonsense!"
Luke: It's not signed, but this message means that someone KNEW about the curse, and probably used this information to kill Quang!
Luke: We'd better get this page to Felix and see what he can tell us!

Analyze Page.
Felix: Well, <Name>, the page you found is definitely a recipe for Quang's murder...
Felix: And while the message doesn't seem to be a threat, it is proof that someone knew about the curse!
Felix: And that particular someone left some dried droplets of IPA on the paper, too!
Luke: Hmmm... we know that the killer drinks IPA...
Felix: And since the intended recipient was Dan Quang, it's safe to say the killer wrote this message!
Luke: Were you able to learn anything about the killer from all this, Felix?
Felix: Well, given the handwriting, with its backwards letters and general wobbliness, I can tell you that the killer exhibits dyslexia!
Luke: So we have a killer with a developmental reading disorder... but it didn't stop them from understanding that ancient curse!
Luke: And speaking of ancient stuff, we'd better get back to that museum storage room and have another look for clues!

Investigate Sarcophagus.
Luke: So what have you got, <Name>? That security camera could have a useful lead on it if you can unlock it!
Luke: And this faded document has Quang's name on it! I'll grab your dusting kit so that we can see the rest!

Examine Faded Document.
Luke: <Name>, that's the victim's thesis. It's called, "Traces of the Ancients in DC."
Luke: And, yeah, looks like his thesis was "Rejected" - ouch!
Luke: Hey, that's right! The only person who could've rejected this thesis would be Theresa Rosenthal, the victim's advisor!
Luke: We'd better go check in with Ms Rosenthal and ask her about shutting down the victim's thesis!

Question Theresa Rosenthal about rejecting the victim's thesis.
Luke: Ms Rosenthal, why didn't you tell us that you had denied Dan Quang's thesis when we spoke earlier? Was there a problem?
Theresa: With his thesis? Most certainly!
Theresa: That young man was off his rocker! He honestly believed that an ancient Egyptian pharaoh had built a city where DC stands now before any other civilization!
Theresa: We were supposed to be working on Native American archaeology and he brought me this silliness!
Theresa: I had plenty of sleepless nights over this, and finally decided that I no longer wished to be associated with his line of research!
Luke: Did you argue about your decision with him at all?
Theresa: Well, Dan found it unfair, of course... But you must understand, I fought hard to get where I am today, a full professor despite my dyslexia!
Theresa: And if I signed off on that nonsense, I'd lose my tenure! It was all superstition and no science! I couldn't risk my career over his hare-brained theories!

Examine CCTV Camera.
Luke: Now that Hope has left the team, I guess we'll send the camera to Felix!

Analyze Security Camera.
Felix: Hey <Name>, while I was looking through the footage, Hope replied to a text I'd sent her a couple of days ago!
Luke: What did she say? Is she ok?
Felix: She seems to be, but she said she's never coming back to the team... she's still really mad at the chief...
Luke: Well, I can understand that... I mean, he did pull a gun on her, but maybe one day Hope and the chief will make amends... I hope so!
Felix: Me too... Anyway, about that footage! The victim had a close encounter of the ancient kind - check it out!

Start of footage...
Mummy: Give... it... BACK!
Dan: Give what back? What are you talking about?
Dan: I am so out of here!
(Dan leaves.)
(The camera malfunctions.)

End of footage...
Luke: Man, the mummy directly threatened to kill the victim!
Luke: But what did he want back? We'd better go talk to the old guy and get some answers!

Interrogate the Mummy about his threat to the victim.
Luke: Mr Mummy, we know you were upset with that young man Dan Quang for waking you, but-
Mummy: YES. HATE... DAN...
Luke: Right, but he also took something from you?
Mummy: Yes... am-u-let!
Luke: The cursed scarab amulet?
Mummy: Yes. scarab amulet... cursed for... protection... but will... give me... peace.
Luke: So the scarab amulet that killed the victim would help lay you back to rest?
Mummy: Yes! No scarab amulet means... I undead FOREVER!
Luke: Never fear, Mr Mummy! We'll do all we can to restore your scarab amulet to you, but first we need to solve Dan Quang's murder!

Examine Lost and Found.
Luke: Hey, <Name>, that Alcatraz Security ballcap from the lost and found reminds me of someone... let's check for a nametag!
Luke: Look, this cap belongs to Reggie Pratt! You remember him, right? We first met him in San Francisco...
Luke: But the last time we saw Reggie Pratt, he was selling occult items in Niagara Falls like some kind of hustler!
Luke: So what could he be doing in DC, at the same bar as the victim? We'd better find Reggie Pratt and have a little talk...

Ask Reggie Pratt if he knew the victim.
Luke: Mr Pratt, we meet again! What brings you to DC? Any more occult wheeling and dealing in the works?
Reggie: Hardly! Just wanted to see our great nation's capital. And this bar got great reviews on Welp, so I'm becoming a regular!
Luke: Oh good! Then you can tell us if you remember seeing a Highsmith University student here, name of Dan Quang? He was murdered earlier today.
Reggie: That's awful! I remember that Dan kid! He sure was riled up, carrying on about mummies and all that!
Luke: Did he seem frightened? Did he want help?
Reggie: You know, we just kind of figured the kid had one too many cocktails, that the booze went to his head!
Reggie: Since I'd only had one IPA a few hours before, I ended up driving Dan to the place he was staying and dropped him off there. He was a mess!
Reggie: I'm sorry he got killed. I hope you can find who did it!

Back at the camp...
Luke: <Name>, this investigation definitely has some unexpected elements, wouldn't you say?
Luke: Dan Quang was killed by a cursed scarab amulet from ancient Egypt! Not something we see every day, and we've seen a lot!
Luke: While the Mummy from the Smithsonian has the strongest motive, I doubt he'd know how to write in English.
Luke: Reggie Pratt is down in DC from his last stop in Niagara Falls... but he helped the victim when Quang was in need...
Luke: And what about Quang's thesis advisor? Rosenthal seemed really upset about his thesis on Ancient Egyptians in DC!
Felix: Need your help, y'all! There's trouble in town!
Felix: The mummy escaped from the museum!

Chapter 3

Luke Fernandez: <Name>, we came to Washington DC to look for the Eye of Sparron, but we got waylayed by another mysterious murder!
Luke: Dan Quang was killed by a cursed scarab amulet. Not something we see every day, and we've seen some weird stuff!
Luke: From lake monsters and witches to vampires and werewolves... and now a mummy!
Felix: Speaking of the mummy, there's a disturbance at The Fifth Amendment bar!
Luke: What does that have to do with the mummy? Did he escape from the storage facility?
Felix: Yep! Mr "Funk of 40,000 Years" is out on the town! The mummy's looking for his bling!
Chief Arrow: Of course, the scarab amulet! We can't let a mummy wander around town, we need to go get him back to the storage facility, <Name>!
Chief Arrow: I'll just grab a glove, <Name>, and then you, me and Luke will head to that bar!

At The Fifth Amendment Bar...
Chief Arrow: Now... where's our ancient buddy gone?
Chief Arrow: Oh, there he is!
Reggie: Thank goodness you're here, <Name>! Is this some kind of a prank?
Chief Arrow: Afraid not! Now stand back, Mr Pratt! We need some space!
Chief Arrow: Sephtah the Sixth, I have your scarab amulet! But if you want it, you must follow me!
Mummy: Yes... want!
Chief Arrow (holding the scarab amulet): Okay then, your royal ancientness, come along now...
Mummy: Will... follow... want... scarab amulet... want... peeeeaaaaace...
Chief Arrow: <Name>, you and Luke should stick around the bar and continue with the investigation! I'll see you back at camp!

Investigate Bar Counter.
Luke: So, <Name>, the lock screen wallpaper on this phone is the scarab amulet! It must be Quang's phone - let's unlock it!
Luke: And what's an FBI notepad doing here? Let's have a little look inside...
Luke: Whoa... looks like someone was taking notes about the victim! You'll need your dusting kit to see the rest!
Luke: And what is this Egyptian-looking thing? An Eye of Horus? Man, <Name>, how do you know so much about, like, everything?
Luke: Hey, there's something written on that tag, but it's not signed! It reads, "Protect yourself, Quang!" A warning to the victim!
Luke: You're right, <Name>, there's also some weird oily stuff on this tag. We should collect a sample - it could tell us who wrote the message!

Examine Eye of Horus.
Luke: Now that you've got a sample from that warning written to the victim, let's get it under the microscope, <Name>!

Examine Oily Substance.
Luke: <Name>, that substance from the warning to the victim was an oil mixed with garlic, wolfsbane, and sage!
Chief Arrow: I know those ingredients well. Garlic to protect from vampires, wolfsbane against werewolves and sage for everything else!
Chief Arrow: That's Falcon's protective oil mixture. He taught me how to make it my first day with him!
Luke: So Falcon wrote that warning to the victim telling him to protect himself! We'd better ask him for more details, <Name>!

Question Falcon about his warning to the victim.
Luke: Falcon, we found a warning you wrote to Dan Quang! You know, the boring university student you never had any contact with?
Falcon: Alright, you got me... I'm as bitter about this as the last IPA I drank...
Falcon: But I had to warn him. That kid had no idea what he'd unleashed opening that sarcophagus and taking that scarab amulet!
Falcon: He had to protect himself and return that trinket to the mummy in order to protect us all!
Falcon: But he didn't! I resolved to take the kid out for the greater good if need be. Looks like the curse got to him first!
Falcon: And now I heard that the mummy got out of the museum looking for his scarab amulet! He won't rest until he has it!
Luke: The chief has got the mummy under control, Falcon. You should be more concerned about being a murder suspect!

Examine Notepad.
Luke: Look, <Name>, all of these notes are about a recent lunch Quang had at The Fifth Amendment...
Luke: And the person who took the notes was Reggie Pratt! Why would he want to do that? And why is he working for the FBI all of a sudden?
Luke: True, <Name>, he's not a total crook. He did help us discover that Roxanne had stolen her own dhampir son's blood to strengthen the vampire coven.
Luke: Maybe he's helping the FBI now! Only one way to find out - let's go ask Pratt what this is all about!

Ask Reggie Pratt about keeping the victim under surveillance.
Reggie: Hey guys! Thanks so much for getting that mummy out of here! That just about scared the pants off me! I won't sleep a wink for a while, let me tell you!
Luke: Even after all your dealings with the supernatural, you wouldn't be scared of a mummy, would you, Reggie? Especially now that you work with the FBI!
Reggie: Wha... what are you talking about? Me with the FBI?! They'd never take me, not with my dyslexia...
Luke: Dyslexia didn't stop you from taking notes for them about Dan Quang. So what was the deal, Pratt? Was he a suspect or one of your marks?
Reggie: Oh, stop it with that! You're right, I'm working for the FBI now. I'm not doing any more supernatural trading, I swear!
Reggie: I was just keeping an eye on Quang for an agent. The feds are convinced that this kid was connected to an antiquities smuggling ring!
Luke: And was he?
Reggie: I don't know! I'm not an analyst! I just observed and reported! I never took any action against that kid, I swear!

Examine Locked Phone.
Luke: You got that phone unlocked, <Name>! We'll send it to Felix and see what he can find!

Analyze Unlocked Phone.
Felix (with Gwen): Hey, <Name>, you'll be happy to know that I had a little help with the phone you sent me!
Gwen: All that time rooming with Hope paid off! I took some notes on how to de-encrypt secret conversations in messaging apps!
Luke: So what did you find in the victim's phone, Gwen?
Gwen: Well, some lady named Cleo was super angry at Dan Quang...
Luke: Cleo Sinclair? The museum curator?
Felix: That's the one! In the last message she sent him, she said she wished that they had never met!
Luke: Hmmm... that's a pretty stark contrast to the buddy picture she painted when we first spoke with her...
Luke: We'd better ask Ms Sinclair why she wished she'd never met the victim!

Interrogate Cleo Sinclair about her last message to the victim.
Luke: So, Ms Sinclair, we now know that you were pretty upset at Dan Quang. You even wished that you'd never met him!
Cleo: How did you find that out? We stopped hiding notes for each other in the storage facility and started using encrypted messages!
Luke: As you might imagine, we feds have our ways... so what happened?
Cleo: Well, if you must know, that little jerk was just using me, that's what happened!
Cleo: We'd meet up at The Fifth Amendment because he knew I loved their IPA... ever since Theresa Rosenthal told me about it!
Cleo: I confided in him about my insomnia...
Cleo: And he even pretended to care that I battle my dyslexia every day as a museum curator!
Cleo: I thought it was because he was into me, but no! He was just buttering me up because he wanted clearance to certain restricted archives!
Cleo: Now he's dead and what I said in a moment of anger... well, I still feel that way! I wish I'd never met him!

Back at the camp...
Luke: <Name>, this investigation is really something... Dan Quang was killed by a cursed scarab amulet...
Luke: He knew not to touch it with his bare hands, so the killer must have tricked him or forced him into holding it that way!
Luke: The victim was using Cleo Sinclair to get clearance for special archives, so she was plenty ticked off at him!
Luke: Quang also didn't heed Falcon's warning to protect himself. But it seems like the victim might've needed even more protection from Falcon...
Luke: And there's still the problem of the mummy wanting his scarab amulet back from Quang so that he could return to his eternal rest!
Luke: You're right, <Name>, finding the other half of the murder weapon is our best bet for finding the killer! Let's go back to the crime scene!

Investigate Excavation Site.
Luke: Hey, <Name>, that's a box of sleeping pills! And we know that the killer has insomnia! They probably dropped the box here!
Luke: Let's collect that dust from the box and see if the killer left any evidence!
Luke: And good call, <Name>! Maybe the missing half of the scarab amulet is in that crate of archaeology materials! Time to rummage through it!
Luke: We're on the right track to finding Dan Quang's killer, <Name>! I can feel it!

Examine Box of Sleeping Pills.
Luke: You collected a dust sample from the killer's box of sleeping pills! Let's send it to Priya!

Analyze Dust.
Priya: So, mom... I have something to tell you... about Zander... and about me...
Luke: Umm... Priya, who are you talking to?
Priya: Oh, this is awkward! I was just trying to figure out how to tell my mom about, well, Zander and...
Luke: About being a werewolf?
Priya: Yeah... but you're not here for that, are you? You want to know about that dust sample!
Priya: Let me tell you, <Name>, that sample you sent was so much more than dust!
Priya: In fact, it was a mixture of dust from the dig site, the dried contents of some of the pills, and some bits of hair!
Priya: And I was able to isolate a hair and grab some DNA from it! I discovered that the killer has black eyes!
Luke: Well, our black-eyed killer might be about to shed some tears!

Examine Archaeology Toolbox.
Luke: So the second half of the scarab amulet was in that crate of archaeology stuff! Glad you're wearing gloves, <Name>! Now we've got to get it to Priya!

Analyze Lower Amulet Half.
Priya: <Name>, I'm so happy that you were able to find the other half of the scarab amulet!
Luke: Yeah, not only will we be able to help lay the mummy to rest now, but maybe you can give us some information about Dan Quang's killer!
Priya: I definitely can! The scarab amulet half had bandage adhesive residue on it!
Priya: I know that the victim didn't have a bandage or any trace of one on his body, so it had to have come from the killer!
Luke: But how could the killer have gotten bandage adhesive on the scarab amulet and lived to run away?
Priya: Well, remember how the killer warned the victim about touching the scarab amulet bare-handed?
Priya: So the only possibility is that the killer handled a bandage with their gloves on. The adhesive transferred to the gloves and then to the scarab amulet!
Luke: Well, that bandaged killer made another boo-boo when they tricked or forced Quang to touch that scarab amulet! And now we're gonna catch them!

After completing all the tasks...
Luke: <Name>, we have all the proof we need to catch Dan Quang's killer! Time to lay this investigation to eternal rest!

Take care of the killer now!
Luke: Theresa Rosenthal, we know that you killed Dan Quang with that cursed scarab amulet!
Theresa: Oh come on, guys... there's no such thing as ancient curses...
Luke: Oh yes, there are, and you know it! That's why you forced Dan to hold the scarab amulet without his gloves on!
Theresa: NO! That's not how it happened!
Luke: So you admit that you killed Quang with the scarab amulet!
Theresa: It was an accident! Well, sort of...
Theresa: See, I was really getting fed up with Dan's theories about ancient Egyptians in Washington DC. He was obsessed! He wouldn't shut up about that scarab amulet!
Theresa: I tried to warn him; I told him to stop it with that nonsense and stop messing around with that artifact.
Theresa: But not because I believed that it would actually hurt him! It was superstition as far as I was concerned. Just a load of horsepucky!
Luke: And so when he didn't listen to you about the scarab amulet -
Theresa: I decided to prove to him that ancient curses aren't real!
Theresa: One day at the dig site, before he could get his gloves on, I yelled, "Here, catch!" and tossed the scarab amulet to him, knowing he would instinctively try to catch it...
Theresa: I didn't think anything would happen, but now I am so happy I already had my gloves on for the dig!
Theresa (disgusted): As soon as the scarab amulet hit Dan's palm, his hand started to change color! Then his arm...
Theresa (disgusted): Some sort of otherworldly power surged through him! It was so strong the scarab amulet broke in two! Dan was screaming as if his arm were on fire!
Theresa: But then he stopped. Because whatever crept up his arm had reached his heart and... and...
Luke: And he was dead. All to prove a point. You should have erred on the side of caution. There is more to life on this planet than meets the eye!
Luke: Come with us, Ms Rosenthal. We need to deliver you to the authorities.

Luke: <Name>, I can't believe it, but Quang's thesis advisor killed him with the cursed scarab amulet, just to prove her belief that the curse was fake.
Luke: But now that we've handed her over to local authorities for processing, we can use that very same scarab amulet to lay the mummy to rest!
Luke: And let's not forget the reason we really came to DC! We need to find the Eye of Sparron to decipher the inscription on the ring! So let's get to it!

The Keys to the Kingdom (4/5)

Luke Fernandez: So, <Name>, now that we solved the murder of that archaeology student, and made the scarab amulet whole again, I guess we can put the mummy to rest!
Chief Arrow: Not so fast, we still need to find the Eye of Sparron to decipher the inscription on The Pilgrim's ring and uncover the fifth key!
Chief Arrow: I suggest we split up. Luke, the mummy already knows you and trusts you, so you can go speak with him... Just don't forget to put on some gloves before you touch that scarab amulet!
Luke: No problem! I'm ready to go read Mr Mummy a bedtime story! See you in a bit, <Name>!
(Luke leaves.)
Chief Arrow: Gwen, I want you to head over to the Smithsonian and wait for <Name>. Once you're both there, go speak with Cleo Sinclair.
Gwen: Oh good call, chief! Sinclair is a museum curator! She might know where we should look for that Eye of Sparron!
Chief Arrow: Exactly. And don't forget, Cleo believes we're working with the FBI, so stick to that story.
Gwen: You got it, chief. I'll head over there after I tell Tilly where I'm going! <Name>, join me when you're ready to talk to Cleo!

Restore the amulet to the Mummy.
Luke: Mr Mummy, check it out! We have your scarab amulet! We can lay you to rest again!
Mummy: Yes... peeeeaaaaace...
Luke (holding a scarab amulet): That's right! Here's your bling!
Luke: Have a nice... eternity!
Mummy (holding a scarab amulet): Ahhh-muuu-let...
Mummy: But... also... need... special drink!
Luke: A special drink? You never mentioned that before!
Mummy: Special drink... two handfuls of barley... a royal spoonful of honey... need... drink!
Luke: Hmm... okey dokey...
Luke: <Name>, isn't barley in beer? Sometimes brewers put honey in it, too! Maybe we can find this special drink at The Fifth Amendment!

Investigate The Fifth Amendment Bar.
Luke: Funny, the mummy needed his scarab amulet, but he also needed beer! No wonder he came to The Fifth Amendment on his search for eternal rest!
Luke: You're right, <Name>, that fridge probably has beer in it! Think you can unlock it so we can check?

Examine Locked Fridge.
Luke: <Name>, the fridge is open and full of beer! Seems to be mostly The Fifth Amendment's signature honey ale!
Luke: But good point! We'd better send this beer to Priya to make sure that it has the right balance of ingredients!

Analyze Beer.
Priya: <Name>, I have great news! You said that the draught the mummy needed contained two handfuls of barley and a royal spoonful of honey, right?
Luke: Thus spake the mummy! How does that honey ale measure up?
Priya: This beer's got the perfect balance! And it doesn't taste bad either!
Luke: Well, I hope you saved some of that ale for our ancient friend!
Luke: Speaking of, let's go finish up this ritual of sorts and help Mr Mummy go back to sleep!

Help lay the Mummy to rest.
Luke: Mr Mummy, we ran some tests on this beer and it meets the needs for your special drink!
Mummy: Drink... plus... scarab amulet... equals... eternal peace!
Luke: Yes, that's what you said before... and I sure hope we got it right!
Mummy: Must... drink... now!
(The mummy drinks beer.)
Mummy: To... eternity and... beyoooond!
Mummy: But... first... I give you... REWARD! Thank you!

Ask Cleo Sinclair for permission to search for the magnifying glass.
Cleo: You again, <Name>? But the murder was solved!
Gwen: Ms Sinclair, we originally came to the Smithsonian for another reason... we're looking for a special magnifying glass.
Cleo: A magnifying glass? How is that special? We have a ton of those around here!
Gwen: This one could possibly have been used in some sort of... occult activity...
Cleo: Well, we do have a supernatural and occult studies collection in the storage facility. You could look there!
Gwen: Excellent! We'll head to the storage area right away! Thank you, Ms Sinclair!

Investigate Storage Room.
Gwen: Nice catch, <Name>, the Eye of Sparron could be hiding in that archive box of supernatural items! Let's dig in and look!

Examine Archive Box.
Gwen: Awesome, <Name>! You found a pretty fancy looking magnifying glass in that box of occult stuff!
Gwen: But if we want to be sure it's the one we're looking for, we'd better get this magnifying glass to Felix! I sure hope it's the Eye of Sparron!

Analyze Antique Magnifying Glass.
Felix: Yo, <Name>, look who came to visit! Our old pal Arthur!
Arthur: Hello again, <Name>. I am so happy to have good news for you. Felix and I tested the magnifying glass and it works perfectly!
Felix: Yeah, when we hold the ring under the magnifying glass, the different symbols light up! You found the Eye of Sparron!
Arthur (holding a magnifying glass and ring): Exactly! The first four keys are part of the ring inscription: the scimitar, the manuscript, the sextant, and the tree core!
Felix: We waited to check the last one until you got here, <Name>! Are you ready?
Arthur (holding a magnifying glass and ring): It's a...
Arthur: ... baby?!
Gwen: What the... ? A baby is the fifth key? Arthur, we need to talk! Can you explain any of this?

Ask Arthur Darkwood about the fifth key.
Gwen: So, Arthur, what gives? The fifth key is a baby? Like, a HUMAN baby?
Arthur: Well... if a human child was chosen to be the fifth key, they would be 25 years old now!
Gwen: But would this at least 25-year-old be a man? A woman? Or what? And where would they be?
Arthur: I'm sorry... I don't know any more about that than you do!
Gwen: Well, that's just great. What are we going to do? We have to find this 25-year-old human key before the demons do!
Gwen: You're right, <Name>, maybe we can go back to the storage room to find another clue!
Arthur: I agree, <Name>. Another pass at the museum archives is worth trying! Keep your eyes open for anything archival starting from 1994.
Gwen: Will do, Arthur! But before we go to the storage facility, I really need to grab something to eat, <Name>!

Investigate Sarcophagus.
Gwen: Hey, <Name>, the faded paper on that clipboard has 1994 written on it! Arthur said to look for something archival from that year!
Gwen: I'll grab your dusting kit so we can uncover the rest of the information on that paper!

Examine Clipboard.
Gwen: So, <Name>, that paper from 1994 was some kind of inventory?
Gwen: Wow! It was an inventory of items recovered during an archaeological dig in Salem, Massachusetts?
Gwen: But wait... "93 Tumbleweed Crescent"... Isn't that next to the witch museum where we solved the murder of Agnes Leek?
Gwen: It seems that there was an excavation before someone started building next to the museum...
Gwen: And that dig took place while The Pilgrim was still living in the mansion!
Gwen: And look who the lead on that excavation was! Theresa Rosenthal!
Gwen: I wonder if Rosenthal would remember anything about The Pilgrim, like maybe his name? We'd better go ask her!

Ask Theresa Rosenthal about The Pilgrim.
Gwen: Ms Rosenthal, we have a few questions about an excavation you led in Salem, Massachusetts. Do you remember it?
Theresa: Of course! How could I forget? It was my first case as a lead and it helped me get tenure! What do you want to know?
Gwen: So... do you remember anything about the man who lived in the mansion next door to your site?
Theresa: Definitely! What a character that guy was! Kind of creepy... and there was that little baby with him but no mother...
Theresa: I know it sounds judgmental, but I couldn't help but wonder how that oddball came to be a father...
Gwen: Do you remember his name?
Theresa: Yes, it was Bob Nelson.
Gwen: Bob Nelson, huh? Okay... I'll make a note.
Theresa: It sort of became a code we'd use in the archaeology department. When something didn't make sense, we'd call it a "Bob Nelson."
Gwen: Fair enough... Do you remember anything about the baby? Like if it was a boy or a gi-?
Officer Blake (with Theresa): Theresa Rosenthal! Come with me! You're being transferred to FBI custody! They want you at their headquarters!
Gwen: What? Why?
Officer Blake: Above my paygrade, sweetcheeks. And yours, too, if you had no idea about it! Come on, Rosenthal!
Gwen: What would they want with you at FBI HQ, Ms Rosenthal?
Theresa: I guess I'm about to find out! But before I go, please <Name>, take this money! I want to help in some way after all the damage I caused!

Back at the camp...
Chief Arrow: So give me a sitrep, people! What do we know?
Luke: Well, the mummy has been laid to rest! He just wanted his scarab amulet and a beer!
Chief Arrow: And how close are we to finding the fifth key?
Gwen: Hard to say, chief, but we do know that the fifth key is a baby, or it was... the "key" would be at least 25 now.
Chief Arrow: Any idea of where we can find this 25-year-old?
Gwen: No, but Theresa Rosenthal told us that a strange man named Bob Nelson lived at the mansion that later became the witch museum in Salem.
Chief Arrow: So The Pilgrim went by the name Bob Nelson? Boring and inconspicuous... makes sense...
Gwen: Yeah, and this so-called Bob Nelson had a baby with him, which she thought was more than a little odd...
Chief Arrow: So Rathimael - also known as Bob Nelson - had the fifth key with him in Salem!
Chief Arrow: I just hope Theresa Rosenthal's information is solid...
Felix: Yo, chief! We're gonna have to go with what Rosenthal told us because we're never gonna be able to question her again!
Chief Arrow: Never question her again? What do you mean?
Felix: Theresa Rosenthal was found dead inside FBI headquarters!
Chief Arrow: Rosenthal was found dead right after she gave us the name of The Pilgrim? That's no coincidence! We have to get to FBI HQ - stat!

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