Sarah Cardwell was a suspect in the murder investigation of her husband, plastic surgeon Alan Cardwell, in Under the Knife (Case #10 of Grimsborough).


Sarah is the 47-year-old wife of Alan. According to her wedding ring, they were married on May 8, 1982. She has curled brown hair that parts in the middle. She wears a black shirt underneath a gray coat and a pair of rectangular glasses. It is known that Sarah is right-handed.

Height 5'5"
Age 47
Weight 138 lbs
Eyes green
Blood A-

Events of Criminal Case

Sarah found herself in trouble the moment Jones and the player asked her about her husband. She told them that Alan received an anonymous letter the day before his death, in which he was issued a death threat should for any reason he did not stop communicating with a singer, although Alan ignored the death threat.

Sarah was interrogated once again when the team found a life insurance policy in value of half a million dollars made out a few weeks before Alan died. She said that this was just a coincidence.

Sarah was found innocent after Paul Oaster was found guilty of murder, but Sarah wanted the team to find Alan's missing wedding ring. After finding the ring and analyzing the number on it, the team gave Sarah the ring.


  • Sarah strongly resembles Sarah Palin, an American politician, commentator, and author.

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