Sandy Grimmes was the victim in Burying the Hatchet (Case #53 of Grimsborough).


Sandy was a social worker who started working in the Aloki settlement at some point in her life. She had neck-length blonde hair and green eyes, and donned a gray overcoat with a purple blouse underneath it. She also wore a name tag with her name on it on the right side of her coat.

Murder details

Jones and the player found Sandy dead, gagged with a rope and tied to a post in the Aloki settlement with her hands chopped off. They sent the body to Nathan, who said that the murder method was consistent with a Native American form of punishment for incorrigible thieves. He then said that he had found cigarette burns on Sandy's chest, meaning that the killer smoked.

Later in the gas station, the team found a bloody replica Indian hatchet. After confirming the blood was the victim's, Grace registered it as the murder weapon. She had also found molecules of pinene, the main component of turpentine, in the blood, meaning that the killer used turpentine.

Relationship with suspects

Sandy was fighting to keep delinquent Keanu Ashokan in the settlement, even making gas station owner Ron Riggs hire him to keep him there. However, Ron was sick of having to employ young offenders to keep them on the settlement, so he had threatened Sandy to get Keanu straight. He later slipped a note to Keanu to deceive him into thinking that Sandy wanted to send him to a young offenders' home.

Sandy was also taking care of Aloki Indian Shanaya Peota's children in foster care while she (Shanaya) fixed her life after her divorce with Delsin Peota. Delsin was in a relationship with Sandy, but he was angry at her for moving their children into foster care instead of with him.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be Shanaya.

Shanaya admitted to the murder and was sent to court. There, she said that she was angry with Sandy for enchanting Delsin and for sending her kids to foster care. She then accused Sandy of disrupting their community much like her ancestor, Solomon Grimmes, did by stealing Inaya, who was betrothed to Keme Peota. After she told the Court that the murder was retribution both for her and for Keme, Judge Hall sentenced her to life in prison with no chance for parole.

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