Rosie Gatewood was the victim in The Poisoned Truth (Case #54 of Grimsborough).


Rosie was a famous history novelist, sporting a white dress shirt, a black dress overshirt, dress pants and carrying a book or two with her. She had auburn hair and green eyes, and she was also seen sporting a golden necklace, golden earrings, and a golden bracelet with blue beads on her right wrist.

Murder details

Rosie murdered

"The secret... 'White Acres'."
—Rosie, stating her last words to the team.

Rosie was shot with a dart to the neck while talking to Jones and the player about a dark secret in the Pilgrim village in 1645, but was able to say her last words which would help them in the investigation. Jones and the player sent the body to Nathan said that the blow dart contained a poison that stopped her heart from beating almost instantly. He then said that the poison was a mixture of several plant compounds which could only be concocted by a killer who knew botany.

Relationship with suspects

Rosie had discovered that Geert De Haan, who had become the leader of the Pilgrim village after presenting a "miracle baby" he had found in the woods, was actually installed there by the Crimson Order after he had killed prostitute Harriet Gatewood (Rosie's ancestor and mother of the miracle baby) so it would not be exposed that he had sex with a prostitute.

Due to this discovery, Baxter Trask speculated that the Crimson Order had killed Rosie, as the Order had installed Geert as a puppet leader of the Pilgrim village at the time. Rosie intended to publish this research in her latest book, ghostwritten by Jenny Quaid, who she left all her fortune to.

Pilgrim groupie Chantelle Limousin had warned Rosie not to publish her novel. Rosie would then file a restraining order in retaliation. Geert's descendant, Kirk De Haan, sent a death threat to Rosie to stop her from publishing the novel as well.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be Ashton Cooper, descendant of city founder William Cooper.

Ashton had wanted to join the Crimson Order as he wanted to join them in "protecting" the city as well as its history. Therefore, he discreetly killed Rosie with a dart laced with poison he had made from plants grown in the secret cave so that Rosie could not depict the Order as insidious manipulators. Judge Hall sentenced him to life in prison, after which he told the player that their days were numbered.


  • Rosie is one of the characters who animate (or move) in at least one cutscene in the game.

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