Rose O'Malley is a minor character in Criminal Case, appearing during the events of That Sinking Feeling (Case #11 of Mysteries of the Past).


Rose is the cousin of Maddie O'Malley. She has cranberry red hair and green eyes. She dons a pale yellow cardigan over a white dress. Additionally, she wears pearl earrings and a sun hat lined with pink and red roses. She is seen carrying her infant daughter, Maggie O'Mally in her arms.

Events of Criminal Case

After the Gigantic had been cleared to sail, Maddie briefly introduced the player to Rose and her daughter, who were traveling to Paris on the Gigantic. Rose made a note that their names on the tickets were misspelled as "O'Mally", missing the "e". Maddie then bade the two farewell as they boarded the ship of dreams.

Later, when the Gigantic sank, she and her daughter survived the tragedy. News of her survival came to Maddie with the help of Charlie and journalist Katherine Woolf.

Case appearances



  1. Referring to the Mysteries of the Past era.
  2. Unborn as of the Mysteries of the Past era.


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