Ronnie Hawk (1992–2020) was a suspect in the murder investigations of property developer Jeremy Cross in The Curse of Black Ridge (Case #3 of Supernatural Investigations) and oil tycoon R.J. Fielding in The Ghost of Murders Past (Case #10 of Supernatural Investigations) before being murdered in Niagara Fallen (Case #22 of Supernatural Investigations). After his murder, he reappeared as a ghost and became a suspect in the murder investigation of his mother, vampire leader Roxanne Vega, in Divided We Fall (Case #29 of Supernatural Investigations).


Ronnie was a 27-year-old dhampir and paranormal TrendVidder with brown eyes and brown hair under dark gray night vision goggles with green lenses. He wore a black t-shirt emblazoned with a green ghost and the words "I SEE DEAD PEOPLE" in matching letters. He was seen carriying a green backpack and holding a walkie talkie in his right hand.

In his first suspect appearance, it is known that Ronnie was left-handed, read The Spectral Plane and gambled.

In his second suspect appearance, Ronnie ditched his night vision goggles. It is discovered that he ate chicken fried steak.

At the time of his death, Ronnie wore a disheveled long brown wig and matching sideburns. He wore a red tank top with fake fur around his arms, as well as blue jeans and white sneakers. In addition, he sported black eyeshadow and wore yellow contact lenses.

In his third suspect appearance, Ronnie reverts back to his second suspect appearance and his body glows blue. Not only that, he ditches the walkie talkie and his eyes and hair turn respectively white and gray due to being a ghost. It is revealed that he has read Dealing with Demons.

Height 5'6"
Age 27
Weight 200 lbs
Eyes brown
Blood AB-

Events of Criminal Case

The Curse of Black Ridge

Ronnie became a suspect after Luke and the player found his video camera at the crime scene. After they apologized for moving his camera, Luke and the player informed Ronnie about the murder. Ronnie explained that Black Ridge was a ghost town and detailed the town's history. After denying knowing the victim, Ronnie retook his camera.

Ronnie was spoken to again about his hologram projector that generated fake ghost projections. He admitted that the ghosts in his videos were not real, despite imploring that he had captured real ghosts on his camera in the past. In order to uphold his reputation, he bought the projector in case that the ghosts did not show.

Ronnie was found to be innocent after the team incarcerated Rick Lewis for Jeremy's murder.

The Ghost of Murders Past

Ronnie became a suspect again after Luke and the player found his night vision goggles. He explained that he was in Amarillo, Texas scouting out locations for new videos, telling the team that the abandoned place was rumored to be haunted. Ronnie then denied knowing Abigail Riley and told the team that the house had been a letdown.

Ronnie was spoken to again about his TrendVid post that suggested that he had made supernatural contact. He admitted that he had encountered Riley's ghost. She had offered to let him film an interview with her as long as he convinced Fielding to go to the house. Ronnie denied knowing that Riley was plotting to kill Fielding.

Ronnie was found to be innocent again after the team incarcerated Axel Bross for Fielding's murder.

Divided We Fall

Appearing as a ghost, Ronnie became a suspect for the third time after he scared Gwen with a mysterious message on a mirror in the energy orb room. Gwen told Ronnie that his mother had been killed, shocking him. He told the team that although he had not known Roxanne for long, she had opened up another supernatural side of him that he never knew existed. He told the team that being a ghost was a dream come true and wished that vampires could also become ghosts.

Ronnie was spoken to again about his spirit board threat against his mother. He claimed that Roxanne deserved to die because she did not turn him into a full vampire. As a ghost, he confronted Roxanne about it, but she told him that she only cared about his blood as it made her more powerful.

Mid-investigation, Ronnie informed Gwen and the player that he had heard someone digging around in the assembly hall, prompting them to reinvestigate the amphitheater.

Ronnie was found to be innocent for the third time after the team incarcerated Fabien de la Mort for Roxanne's murder. Later, Gwen and the player strategized with Ronnie, who told them that he had overheard Roxanne talking about a note that she had found that revealed a weakness of the evil demons. He suggested that they searched the energy orb room for the note and revealed that it had been written in demonic symbols.

Murder details

Ronnie's body was found strangled to death at the Supernatural Ball. Ben registered strangulation as the murder weapon, but was unable to find any fingerprints on the body. However, he found a ripped ticket for a Niagara Falls boat tour gripped in Ronnie's hand. This allowed Ben to conclude that the killer took a falls boat tour.

Relationship with suspects

Ronnie angered vampire Bathsheba by sexually harassing her during the ball, causing her to rip off part of his costume when she tried to push him away. He had also annoyed occult dealer Reggie Pratt by attempting to extort more money out of him in exchange for his contacts. FBI consultant Bucky Johnson received orders to end Ronnie's TrendVid career as his videos on supernatural phenomena made him a threat to national security. Wendigo Wendall Goh made a sign warning Ronnie to stay away from his property as Ronnie was trying to film him. Ronnie had discovered that he was the son of vampire coven leader Roxanne Vega and begged her to let him join the coven, although Roxanne refused, fearing that she would be removed from power if the secret came out.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be Wendall.

Wendall said that Ronnie was planning to buy the abandoned cabin that he was inhabiting from the city council and move in. Despite not officially owning the cabin, Wendall saw this as Ronnie trying to steal his home and so strangled him when he refused to back down from the purchase. The team took Wendall to Bucky for his punishment, although he said that he would outlive the punishment anyway.


  • Ronnie is one of the non-main characters to physically appear in four different regions in Supernatural Investigations.
  • Ronnie is one of the characters to appear as a suspect thrice.
  • Ronnie is one of the non-human victims in the game.
  • "I SEE DEAD PEOPLE", the words on Ronnie's shirt, is a reference to the 1999 American supernatural horror drama film The Sixth Sense.
  • Ronnie, Jean Connerie and Zoe Kusama are the only victims whose body is autopsied twice.

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