Robyn Ash was the killer of DJ Kalua Kaboom in Murder on the Dance Floor (Case #15 of The Conspiracy).


Robyn is a 21-year-old partygoer. She has shoulder-length blonde hair with pink streaks and brown eyes. She wears a light blue striped tank top which is orange at the neckline, and a wooden bowtie on the right side of her chest. She is also seen wearing a pair of pink sunglasses on her head, a choker with a moon charm, a necklace with a crystal charm and another with a triangle charm, as well as two multicolored glass bead bracelets around her left wrist. Furthermore, she sports pink eyeshadow, navy blue nail polish, and silver earrings. It is known that Robyn eats waffle pops, uses a Kameroid 260 and takes Scrappy Snacks.

Height 5'4"
Age 21
Weight 120 lbs
Eyes brown
Blood O-

Events of Criminal Case

Jones and the player first talked to Robyn after finding her VIP to Kalua's DJ set. Robyn said that Kalua's music was awesome and that the parties she hosted and DJ'd were "mega-lit." When the cops told her Kalua was dead, Robyn said she did not notice anything odd or suspicious about her.

Later, Jones and the player found one of Kalua's promo T-shirts that Robyn had written "Dumb Kalua!!" on. Robyn said that she had hired Kalua to play at her 21st birthday. During the birthday however, she played music and used strobe lights that induced a seizure in one of her friends, ruining her party. After the party, Kalua sent her VIP invites to her shows to apologize, but Robyn did not want to do anything with her.

Eventually, Robyn was found guilty of the murder. When she admitted to the crime, Robyn explained that the one who got a seizure in her party was her sister, Piper, who suffered from epilepsy. Prior to the party, Robyn told Kalua not to use strobe lighting. Kalua, however, disobeyed and used strobe lights that induced a fatal seizure in her sister. The death was ruled as an accident, and Robyn did not have enough money to hire lawyers for an appeal for the decision. Angry, Robyn killed Kalua by attacking her with a stun gun, but she realized that nothing would ever bring back Piper. Judge Powell sentenced her to 7 years in prison.

Case appearances


  • Robyn wears nail polish throughout the case, but she does not in her mugshot. This is most likely a developer oversight.



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