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Chief Andrea Marquez (hands on her hips, excitedly): You all did such great work solving cases in Ivywood, especially you, <Rank> <Name>!
Chief Marquez (crossing her arms with a wink): But it's time to leave the glamour and glitz behind... We're headed to Rhine Canyon, the desert district.
Chief Marquez: Rhine Canyon is a beautiful wilderness, if a little harsh... But it's also an excellent place to hid if you're breaking the law.
Chief Marquez (grinning): The district's law enforcement could use our expertise. It appears that the officers there are a little overwhelmed...
Frank (grinning): Rhine Canyon... That's the place with all the UFO sightings, right? There seems to be one every week...
Chief Marquez (hands on her hips): We don't need to be overly concerned about UFOs. There are more important issues, I'm sure...
Chief Marquez (crossing her arms): <Rank> <Name>, I want you and Frank to head out to Rhine Canyon first to get a feel for the place.
Frank (pumping his fist): Great! It'll be like living in a country song. Let's head out on the road again!

Out on the highway...
Frank (furiously): Could our luck be any worse? A flat tire on a desert highway?! Give me a break!
Frank (glancing at his phone): And my phone has no reception, of course... <Name>, could you check the trunk for a spare tire?
Frank: What now? You've spotted something odd? Well, I'll take care of the tire while you go investigate...

Chapter 1

Investigate Route 76.
Frank (shocked): Whoa! Some poor kid's been impaled on a cactus! I agree, cacti don't do this on their own... This man was murdered!
Frank: What are the odds that we'd break down right by a dead body? Did you see anything else, <Name>?
Frank: A faded plastic badge, huh? The top of it says, "Red Stone Army Base"... Wonder what it's doing out here? I'm sure you'll unveil the missing information. You always do...
Frank (pumping his fist): And that tire track wasn't left by our car, so it must have been left by the killer's! Let's have a look at the database to see which car it matches with!

Examine Faded Badge.
Frank (shocked): Holy horny toads! Is that Colonel Spangler on the badge you found on the crime scene?!
Frank (in disbelief): The last time we met Spangler, he was running the Army's crazy weather machine project in Jazz Town!
Frank: The badge says that he's now attached to the "Red Stone Army Base". Nobody below a certain clearance level can access that place...
Frank: I'm with you, <Name>, let's call in Colonel Spangler and ask what his badge was doing at our crime scene!

Question Colonel Spangler about his badge.
Colonel Spangler: Hmm... I can't seem to shake the Pacific Bay Police... To what do I owe the "pleasure", <Rank> <Name>?
Frank (grinning): <Rank> <Name> found your Army badge near a murder victim and was wondering how it got there...
Colonel Spangler: I can't tell you anything about my activities in Rhine Canyon, as you might imagine...
Frank (skeptically): Taking a look at a photo shouldn't hurt your security clearance... Do you recognize this young man?
Colonel Spangler: Yes actually, that's Cal Stark!
Frank: So you knew him! And you don't sound surprised to hear of his murder!
Colonel Spangler (grinning): Believe what you will. Cal lived on the only farm for miles. It's off Route 76. You can't miss it, <Rank> <Name>.
Colonel Spangler: Now if you'll excuse me, I have some top secret work to do...
(After talking to Colonel Spangler)
Frank: Isn't it convenient for Colonel Spangler that he can never tell us anything?
Frank: You're right, <Name>. At least that jerk gave us a lead. We should follow it and head over to our victim's farm!

Investigate Stark Farm.
Frank (curiously): I have to ask, who farms wheat out in the desert? Good thing it isn't a cactus farm. How ironic would that be?
Frank (grinning): Anyway, looks like you found some clues, <Name>. Like... a torn photo... Are you sure it's not just trash?
Frank (winking): And I do hope you didn't pick up that crate of animal feed looking for a snack! Joking, have a ball searching through it!

Examine Torn Photo.
Frank: That photo you restored shows the victim, but who's the old guy next to him?
Frank (winking): Whoever it is, we'll know soon enough... You'll use your database searching skills to find the name in no time, I'm sure.

Examine Photo.
(In the police station...)
Frank: So that old guy in the photo you put back together is called Jordan Stark... The file also says that Mr Stark is the victim's grandfather!
Frank (sadly): We should definitely go have a chat with Mr Stark. He should be told what has happened to his grandson.

Inform Jordan Stark of his grandson's death.
Jordan (cheerfully holding a pitchfork): It's a scorcher today, folks. Would you like some fresh lemonade to cool off a bit?
Frank (sadly): You're very kind, Mr Stark, but <Rank> <Name> and I came to give you some sad news. It's your grandson. We found his body along Route 76...
Jordan (puts down the pitchfork, shocked): His body?! Cal's... dead?!
Frank: It appears he was murdered. Can you think of anyone who might have wanted to hurt Cal?
Jordan: Oh lord, I was afraid this would happen...
Jordan: His parents died in a car wreck when Cal was 10. Me and Cal were all the family left to one another in the world!
Jordan: I raised him the best I could, but I have a farm to run. I couldn't keep my eyes on him all the livelong day!
Jordan (crying): But I should have tried harder! I let Cal down...

Examine Animal Feed.
Frank: So what did you find in the animal feed, <Name>? A mini revolver? I'd expect a bigger gun on a farm! And how did it end up there?
Frank (inspired): Let's get this mini revolver to Hannah. I bet she can track down who it belongs to!

Analyze Mini-Revolver.
Hannah (excitedly): Howdy, <Name>! I examined the tiny revolver you found on the victim's farm an-
Frank (amused): Aren't those revolvers ridiculous? They couldn't dent a tin can!
Hannah: Believe me, Frank. In the right hands, a mini revolver can do just as much damage as a full-sized gun!
Hannah (optimistically): Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, I checked it against the local gun database and it's registered to Ana Herdez, a Rhine Canyon Highway Trooper!
Frank (winking): Oh goodie! We finally get to meet a member of local law enforcement! Maybe she can explain why we're doing all their work for them!
Frank: And while she's at it, maybe this Ana character can tell us what her mini revolver was doing at our victim's farm...

Question Ana Herdez about her mini-revolver.
Ana (angrily): Oh that's where my little gun was! It must've fallen off when I visited the farm to check up on Cal Stark...
Ana: Cal's a real troublemaker! And it's my job to keep the peace in Rhine Canyon!
Frank (in disbelief): Well, your "check-ups" didn't do much good. Your teenage troublemaker was murdered!
Ana (shocked): Cal Stark is dead?!
Ana (nervously): Well, I'm not totally surprised. Cal was bound to end up in big trouble...
Ana: He was mostly pulling petty crimes, but I've seen a lot of kids like him over the years and it never ends well.

Examine Tire Track.
(Before examining Tire Track)
Frank: I sure hope you can find a match in the database for the tire tracks you found at the crime scene... It could be essential for catching the killer!
(After examining Tire Track)
Frank (grinning): So the tire tracks left on the crime scene by the killer match tires used on pick-up trucks, huh?
Frank (innocently): No offense to your skills, <Name>, but we are in a desert. If a person isn't riding a horse, they're in a pick-up truck...
Frank (saluting nervously): Of course, you're right! Looking for a killer who drives a pick-up truck will be essential to finding who killed this poor kid!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Roxie: So I heard you guys had a flat tire. Looks like you weren't the only people who got punctured on Route 76...
Roxie (excitedly): The cactus was indeed the murder weapon! It's a breed with exceptionally hard spines. They're like the ice picks of the desert! As if a desert needed ice picks...
Frank (in disbelief): You're seriously telling us that a cactus killed the victim?
Roxie: The killer got lucky, in a way. One of the cactus' spines damaged the victim's liver. Toxins tainted his blood. He was poisoned by his own body!
Roxie (sadly): The sad part is that he might have lived if someone had helped him down and got him to a hospital...
Roxie (winking): But I do have some good news! Bruising around the abdomen showed that the victim was pushed onto the cactus!
Frank (puzzled): And how is that good news?
Roxie (grinning): The bruising helped me find the amount of force needed to impale the victim, which showed me that the killer weighs 210 pounds!

Later, at the station...
Frank (sadly): You know, I don't tend to get emotional, <Name>, but our victim was just a kid. He had his whole life ahead of him and someone pinned him to a cactus and left him there!
Frank: Poor Jordan Stark... Losing the only family he had left. I know we have to treat him as a suspect, but I don't have to like it!
Frank: Spangler wasn't helpful at all, as per usual, but he did recognize the victim. Who's to say he isn't hiding something from us, working at that super secret Army base?
Frank: And that Ana Herdez! She lost her gun and didn't even notice! If that's local law enforcement, we have our work cut out for us...
(Bubba enters the room.)
Bubba: Where's <Rank> <Name>? I'm here to pick up Cal Stark's body!

Chapter 2

Frank Knight (rubbing his head): This murder case just tears me up! That poor Cal Stark kid... impaled on a cactus and left for dead by the side of-
(Bubba walks in the room.)
Bubba: Where's <Rank> <Name>? I'm here to pick up Cal Stark's body!
Frank (puzzled): Excuse me? Just who are you and what do you want with Cal Stark's body?
Bubba (drinking his whiskey): I'm Bubba Wyatt and I was a friend of Cal's. Me and the Crystal Skulls want to give him a proper biker gang funeral!
Frank: What exactly does that include, Bubba? Extra meth in your whiskey?
Bubba (puts down the whiskey): Harsh, man! We just want to take his ashes out to the Rhine Canyon lookout point! It was the only place he liked around here!
Frank (furiously): Cal Stark's body will not be released to anyone until this investigation is over and that's final!
Frank: I have a hard time believing that Cal would be friends with a bunch of bikers, anyway. You stay put until <Rank> <Name> is ready to question you!
Frank: You're right, <Name>. If our victim loved the Rhine Canyon lookout point as much as that biker says, we should go look for clues there!

Ask Bubba Wyatt about his friendship with the victim.
Bubba: Hey, <Rank> <Name>, do you think I could have my whiskey back?
Frank (drinking his whiskey, innocently): Your whiskey? I have no idea where it could have gone...
Frank (puts his whiskey away): Anyway, you'll get all your stuff back after you've answered how exactly you know Cal Stark!
Bubba (holds out his right knuckles with the word "love" on them): Cal was a junior member of my biker gang, the Crystal Skulls. He was a great guy... We all had a lot of respect for the kid!
Frank: Somehow I'm having trouble seeing Cal as biker-material...
Bubba: Hey man, Cal hungered for freedom and adventure, and that's something we respect! We welcome all the free spirits!
Bubba (holds out his knuckles, shouting): He was one of ours and nothing can take that away! Not even death!

Investigate Canyon Vista.
Frank (pumping his fist): Wow! What a view! No wonder the victim loved this place so much! I'm starting to hear the call of the wild...
Frank (grinning): So what did you find while I was enjoying the scenery? A rock slab? Big deal! We're surrounded by them!
Frank (shocked): Wait, you're right! This one has a message: "I'm sorry I killed you, Cal!" Looks like the killer is showing remorse.
Frank: The message was written with some kind of substance... I suppose that's why you have your collecting kit out.
Frank (grinning): And I see you've found a torn magazine to keep yourself busy. You can never resist those, can you?

Examine Torn Magazine.
Frank (fantasizing): What are you doing with that teeny-bopper magazine, <Name>? Oh I see! The victim's head has been glued over the head of the cover model.
Frank (skeptically): And there's a message, too. "Cal Dream BIG!" And it's signed by a certain Missy.
Frank: Who's this Missy person? We can't just drive around the desert calling her name like she's a lost cat!
Frank (taking out his phone): Oh you're right, <Name>. We can call Hannah! She can find all the people named Missy in Rhine Canyon!
Hannah (on the phone): Hey Frank, need more of my mad skills?
Frank (grinning): Sure do, smartypants! We're looking for all the people named Missy in Rhine Canyon!
Hannah (happily): Missy with a "Y"? Well... you lucked out! There's only one: Missy Benedict!
(Frank and Hannah hang up.)
Frank (winking): Good thing deserts are so... deserted. Let's go talk to this Missy Benedict about Cal's big dreams, <Name>!

Ask Missy Benedict about the collage of the victim she made.
Frank (grinning): Ms Benedict, <Rank> <Name> found this art project of yours. What exactly was your relationship to Cal Stark?
Missy (sadly): Cal and I were friends all the way back in grade school... I felt like a sister to him. I protected him. He confided in me...
Missy: We used to drive out to the Rhine Canyon lookout point in my pick-up truck and talk about running off to Ivywood.
Missy (affectionately): He had everything he needed to be a big star! Good looks... talent... did I mention good looks?
Missy (crying): Now, that dream can never come true! None of our dreams will ever come true!

Examine Rock Slab.
Frank (grinning): Did you get a decent sample from the message the killer wrote on the rock slab? What do you think it is?
Frank: You don't think it's blood. Well, that's a start, I guess... Let's get the sample to Yann and have him figure it out.

Analyze Brown Substance.
Yann (crossing his arms, grinning): Hello, <Name>! The sample you brought me from that rock slab seemed really tasty!
Frank (sweating, nervously): You're telling us you licked the slide?!
Yann (innocently): Of course not! But I was able to determine that the sample would go well with just about any type of meat!
Yann (laughing): I found garlic, a touch of honey and even a bit of cayenne pepper! Whoever wrote the message on that rock slab loved barbecue sauce so much they used it as ink!
Yann (confidently): You heard that right, <Name>! Your killer eats barbecue sauce!

(In the station...)
Frank (fantasizing): So we have a killer who eats barbecue sauce. Mmm... I could go for some barbecue myself... with a nice cold beer on the side!
(Chief Marquez walks in the room and puts her hands on her hips.)
Chief Marquez: No time to daydream, Frank. You still have plenty of work to do to catch Cal Stark's killer!
Chief Marquez (pointing her finger): Speaking of which, we need to learn more about the victim. You two need to head back to the victim's farm and see what you can find.

Investigate Hay Cart.
Frank (grinning): Find anything new at the Stark family farm? A nest? Have you gone cuckoo, or are you getting into ornithology?
Frank (saluting nervously): Of course, <Name>, if you want to dig through that nest for evidence, trust your instincts!
Frank: You also found a picture of a... is that black thing supposed to be a UFO, an alien spaceship? What a bunch of baloney! But fine, go ahead and retrieve the faded bits...

Examine Faded Document.
Frank: So what was the full message on that crazy UFO picture you found? "The truth is out there, Spangler!" And it's signed by our victim!
Frank (in disbelief): Cal wrote a note to Spangler about a UFO?! Was the victim one of those UFO nuts?
Frank: Seems there's more to this case than we thought if there's a UFO angle... We should go grill Spangler about Cal's message!

Ask Spangler about the victim's UFO picture.
Colonel Spangler (nervously): It's true that Cal contacted me about his "encounter", <Rank> <Name>. He said he'd release the picture to the media if I didn't verify it right away.
Frank (laughing): Wait, he really thought he'd seen a UFO? Ha! And so... did you "verify" the picture's authenticity?
Colonel Spangler (angrily): I am not at liberty to answer your question. What I can tell you is that the last thing Rhine Canyon needs is panic!
Frank (in disbelief): Wait, you took him seriously?! ... Just how far would you go to silence Cal's goofy theories, then?
Colonel Spangler (smirking): I didn't have to go as far as murder, if that's what you mean! I simply drove the Army base's pick-up truck to the farm...
Colonel Spangler: Cal agreed to sit down with me over some fries with barbecue sauce to talk about the situation. He told me he wouldn't share his story, a wise move on his part.
Colonel Spangler (nervously): That said, if you have no further use for that document, I wouldn't mind having a closer look at it...
Frank (skeptically): You seem to be taking this picture very seriously, Colonel Spangler. Interesting... Too bad for you, it's evidence and it's staying with us!

Examine Bird's Nest.
Frank (amused): I'm glad it was you going through that stinky bird's nest and not me! Was anything hidden in it?
Frank: Half of a document... Hey, you're right, <Name>! That's a picture of the Stark farm. And "Deed" is written above the photo!
Frank: There used to be a file number under the picture, but I can barely read it! Go ahead and show off your deciphering skills, <Name>!

Examine Document.
Frank (pumping his fist): Did you get the number from that deed on the victim's farm? Great! Let's ship it to Hannah!

Analyze Deed.
Hannah (excitedly): So I ran the number that you found on that deed! It's what known as a beneficiary deed. The farm would go to Cal upon Jordan Stark's death.
Frank: So Jordan Stark intended to leave the farm to his grandson? That's nice. But why then was the document ripped in half?
Frank: Seems like we need to have another chat with Jordan Stark to get a clearer picture of what transpired...

Question Jordan about the deed on the Stark Farm.
Jordan (holding his pitchfork): Yes, <Rank> <Name>. Cal and I did have an argument over that deed. The thought of it still pains me...
Jordan: With my only son dead, it was Cal's responsibility to take over the farm. I wrote that deed so that he would carry on the family legacy.
Jordan: It was supposed to be a special day. I made a big barbecue dinner for us, with lots of barbecue sauce. But when I showed him the deed, he ripped it in half!
Jordan (angrily): Then he went outside and kicked my pick-up truck a few times. I let him go blow off steam... Teenagers, what can you do?
Frank: Taking over a whole farm seems like a lot of responsibility for a 17-year-old, Mr Stark.
Jordan: It's true that he hadn't been interested in the farm for a few years, but I thought he'd eventually come to his senses and honor the family history.
Jordan (crying): He just needed to grow up a little bit... But now, he'll never grow up!

Later, at the station.
Frank: Looking back over our investigation so far, it's still hard to say who impaled Cal Stark on that cactus...
Frank: But then again, the kid was a member of Bubba Wyatt's biker gang and you know how clingy gangs can be.
Frank: Spangler is still a big jerk and he was upset about the UFO picture Cal was threatening to release to the media. As if anyone would take it seriously...
Frank: Missy is a wreck over losing her childhood friend, but grieving and remorse often look alike... We'll have to keep an eye on her...
(Ana walks in the room and pulls out her gun.)
Ana (angrily): Stop your speculating right there! I'm taking over this investigation!

Chapter 3

Ana Herdez (pointing her gun at Frank, angrily): <Rank> <Name>, I'm taking over this investigation!
Ana Herdez (smirking): With my knowledge of the locals, I'll get to the bottom of who impaled Cal Stark on that cactus way before y'all do!
Frank (pulling out his gun, furiously): Hey, watch where you're pointing that gun!
Ana (shouting): This is my jurisdiction, city slicker! From now on, I'm leading this case and I say we're going back to the canyon!
(Chief Marquez walks in the room.)
Chief Marquez (pointing her finger, shouting): Officer Herdez, stand down this instant!
Ana (puts her gun away): You're not my commanding officer, Andrea!
Chief Marquez (skeptically): No, but if you want a job come tomorrow, Ana, you better holster that gun and sit your butt down!

A few moments later...
Frank (shocked): I can't believe that a fellow law enforcement officer pointed a gun at us! I know Ana Herdez is also a suspect, but still!
Frank (curiously): Hey, you're right, <Name>! She called the Chief "Andrea". Do you two know each other, Chief?
Chief Marquez (scratching her head): We went to the Police Academy together. If you want my opinion, she never should have been allowed to graduate...
Chief Marquez (crossing her arms): Anyway. <Name>, I'll keep an eye on Ana until you have time to question her.
Chief Marquez (pointing her finger): And now, go wrap up this investigation! Head over to take a closer look at the Rhine Canyon lookout point! We need to catch Cal's killer before sundown!

Ask Ana about her attempt to hijack the case.
Chief Marquez (crossing her arms, grinning): Hello again, <Name>, I thought I'd sit in on this interrogation if you don't mind.
Chief Marquez (putting her hands on her hips): And Ana, I'd like to see you explain yourself to <Rank> <Name>!
Ana (furiously): I hope you're both happy! While I'm in here, the real killer is probably getting away!
Chief Marquez (shouting): You didn't even know Cal Stark was dead until YOU were a suspect! Or am I wrong about that? Are you trying to steer us in the wrong direction?
Ana (sweating nervously): Look, Andrea, that kid was nothing but trouble. And he was slick, too! I could never catch him in the act.
Ana (nervously): He even hot-wired my pick-up truck once and went joyriding!
Ana (shouting): Because of Cal Stark, no one in Rhine Canyon respects my authority! I thought if I took charge of the murder investigation and solved it, I'd get some respect!
Chief Marquez (sternly): Or maybe you got rid of Cal so you'd have a murder to solve in the first place... Stay put, Ana, we're keeping an eye on you!

Investigate Lookout Point.
Frank: Looks like Cal's suitcase ended up at the canyon! I'm sure you can find the code that will open the lock on it, <Name>.
Frank: Again with the rocks? No, of course, dig through them if you think they could be hiding something important. We're tight on time, though!
Frank (pointing at his watch): News travels fast. We're getting closer to catching the killer, but they could cut and run!

Examine Pile of Rocks.
Frank: There was an animal skull under all those rocks? And it looks like something was written on it... "No escape, Cal!"
Frank (cracking his knuckles): Someone threatened the victim? This could be our breakthrough! The last part of the message is faded, but knowing you, you'll recover the info in no time!

Examine Skull.
Frank (shocked): The message on the animal skull was signed with the symbol of the Crystal Skulls biker gang!
Frank: The Crystal Skulls sent a message to Cal saying that there was no escaping the gang, yet Bubba said he thought Cal was a "great guy"...
Frank (holding his fists): Looks like Bubba has some explaining to do. Let's go have a chat with him before he tears out of town on his motorcycle!

Question Bubba about the message on the skull.
Bubba: That skull wasn't a threat, <Rank> <Name>. It was more like a friendly reminder to Cal...
Frank (in disbelief): A friendly message? Written on a skull?
Bubba: Cal told us at the annual Big Bubba's Biker Barbecue - that's my birthday party - that he wanted to leave the Crystal Skulls!
Bubba (shouting): But Cal couldn't just leave the Crystal Skulls! Not after everything he'd seen!
Frank (grinning): Interesting! And what did Cal see exactly?
Bubba (holds out his left knuckles with the word "hate" on them): I refuse to say anything that could land my butt in jail!
Frank (shouting): Did Cal see something illegal? Was he going to turn you in? Is that why you killed him?
Bubba (sadly): You can't disown your brothers, man! Once Cal was in the gang, he was in for life!
Frank (holding his fist, angrily): Stick around Rhine Canyone, Bubba. We're not through with you yet!

Examine Cal's Suitcase.
Frank (puzzled): So you got the victim's suitcase open, <Name>! But what the heck is that pile of junk inside it?
Frank (cracking his knuckles): You're right, we better get this tech junk to Hannah if we want to get answers fast!

Analyze Device.
Hannah (excitedly): The device you found in the victim's suitcase reminds me of a movie I saw once! At any rate, I figured out what it was for!
Hannah: See this turntable? And this radio? Cal was using this homemade contraption to send messages to aliens!
Hannah: At least, that's what he thought he was doing! In reality, he was just recording his own conversations! And he recorded one with Missy Benedict, listen!

Recording of Cal Stark and Missy Benedict...
Cal (excitedly): I know what I saw, Missy! I'm going to communicate with those aliens and catch a ride light years away from Rhine Canyon!
Missy (frightened): Wha- What are you talking about? What about running off together to Ivywood! We were going to be stars!
Cal (pleading): How can being a star on Earth compare to seeing a star in space? You're my best friend, Missy. Please drive me out to where I saw the UFO!
Missy (biting her nails): Of course, I'm your best friend, Cal! But I think you're making a big mistake!

Back at the lab...
Frank (laughing): Wow, the victim was really sold on the whole UFO shtick, wasn't he? He really believed it!
Hannah (nervously): I'm willing to believe that we're not the only life in the universe, but Cal was acting like he was headed to a cosmic bus stop!
Frank: Funny that Missy didn't mention her disagreement with Cal when we first questioned her... Time for another chat with the victim's "best friend"!

Question Missy about her disagreement with Cal.
Frank (rubbing his head): So, Missy, <Rank> <Name> found the wacky device Cal used to communicate with aliens...
Missy (panicked): You found it!? How embarrassing!
Frank (skeptically): More than embarrassing, it's suspicious! Seems like you disagreed with Cal about his kooky plan to run off with aliens... Not that we blame you!
Missy (sadly): I did, but he was my best friend! So when he came to see me with flowers and some of my favorite barbecue sauce, I told him that I would take him to the alien rendezvous point...
Missy (biting her nails): But only if he promised to take me with him! I couldn't imagine being left behind in Rhine Canyon!
Missy (crying): But Cal said that it was something he had to do on his own... It broke my heart! How could he leave me all alone?!
Frank: I wonder just how far you'd go to keep Cal beside you, Missy... Don't run off to Ivywood just yet! We may be chatting with you again!

Back at the station...
Frank: The victim had some kooky ideas, but whether on a UFO or in a pick-up truck, we know Cal Stark wanted to leave Rhine Canyon!
Frank: And I can think of a few people who really didn't want Cal to leave, can't you, <Name>?
Frank: Bubba Wyatt said that Cal was in the gang for life and couldn't leave.
Frank (skeptically): Missy seems to have more of a motive than I thought, too. Cal was ready to not only leave her behind in Rhine Canyon, but also on Earth!
(Chief Marquez walks in the room and places her hands on her hips.)
Chief Marquez: <Rank> <Name>, there you are! You need to get back to the original crime scene before the sun and sand ruin evidence!
Chief Marquez (crossing her arms, grinning): We're going to show Ana Herdez who's the top cop around here and by that I mean you, <Rank> <Name>!

Investigate Desert Roadside.
Frank (happily): You found a broken camera? By all means, piece it back together! No need to ask my permission!
Frank: And that mile marker sign has blood all over it! You're bound to get a useful sample. I won't block your light!
Frank (pointing at his watch): But you better hurry, <Name>! The killer must be aware that we're getting closer!

Examine Broken Camera.
Frank (cracking his knuckles): You put the camera back together faster than lightning! Maybe there's a picture of the killer inside! We better get it to Hannah STAT!

Analyze Camera.
Hannah (excitedly): So I took a look at that camera you brought me. Most of the film was overexposed, but I was able to develop some of it and one photo is going to blow your mind!
Frank (in disbelief): What are we looking at? The victim took a picture of a mirror, so what?
Hannah (grinning): Have you seen many mirrors hanging in the desert? Look at the cactus. Cal's on your crime scene!
Frank: Then what's making the reflection?
Hannah: See the rim around the reflection? Cal's image was captured in a pair of sunglasses!
Hannah (nervously): Cal's standing right in front of the cactus where he was impaled... He must have taken the photo when the killer attacked him! Maybe he hoped it would help the Police catch his killer...
Frank (cracking his knuckles): And he was right! We're looking for a killer who wears sunglasses! We're so close to victory, I can almost taste it, <Name>!

Examine Mile Marker.
Frank (holding his fists): Great, you got a blood sample from that mile marker in record time! Let's get it to the lab and nab that killer!

Analyze Blood.
Yann: The blood you collected on that mile marker was actually composed of two different samples, <Name>!
Yann (skeptically): I was able to determine that one sample belonged to the victim. It's safe to say that the other sample belonged to the killer!
Yann (sweating nervously): If I could have more time, I could find out more aboout the killer's blood-
Frank (holding his fist, angrily): Yann, we don't have more time!
Yann (panicking): Fine! For now, I can tell you without a doubt that the killer is male!
Frank (cracking his knuckles): So we're looking for a male killer! Thanks, Yann! This is just the information we needed to catch him!

After completing all tasks...
Frank (holding his fists): We have all the evidence we need to grab the killer, <Name>! Let's do this!

Take care of the killer now!
Frank: Jordan Stark, <Rank> <Name> is arresting you for the murder of Cal Stark!
Jordan (shocked): I never would have hurt Cal! He was the only family I had left in the world!
Frank (grinning): The film left in Cal's camera tells a different story! He snapped a photo of you just before he died. We saw his reflection in your sunglasses!
Jordan (picks up his pitchfork): Do you know how many people wear sunglasses in the desert, <Rank> <Name>?!
Frank (skeptically): Nope, but I'm sure not all of them are men who weigh 210 pounds...
Jordan (shouting): But how could I kill my own grandson?! What kind of a monster do you think I am?!
Frank: Oh, we don't think you're a monster, Mr Stark. In fact, we know you have remorse. <Rank> <Name> found the message you left at Cal's favorite lookout point.
Jordan (putting down the pitchfork, crying): You're right! I do have remorse! Killing Cal has been eating me up inside!
Jordan (picks up his pitchfork): I saw him standing by the side of Route 76! He was hitchhiking to get away from here! I pulled over and tried to talk some sense into him...
Jordan (puts down the pitchfork): As usual, Cal was being a smart-ass. He tried to snap a picture of me. He said it was to have a memory of home because he was never coming back!
Jordan (picks up his pitchfork, panicking): I tried to grab him and force him back into the truck. Cal took a swing at me. I dodged then ran at him... I pushed him into the cactus...
Jordan (crying): Cal got stuck. He started bleeding... I should... I should have helped but I... I panicked and left him there. I'm such a coward!
Frank: Well, Mr Stark, you're about to get stuck... in prison! You're under arrest!

Honorable Dante (shocked): Jordan Stark, you stand on trial for the murder of Cal Stark, your... grandson!?
Honorable Dante: I'll admit sometimes grandchildren can get annoying. As if kids aren't bad enough the first time! But to go as far as to kill them?! That's a little harsh!
Jordan (tearing up): Your honor, Cal was a good boy. If he went wrong, it was because of me. I tried to steer him right-
Honorable Dante: You steered him right into a cactus and left him there! You didn't even call an ambulance!
Jordan (shouting): He should have just stayed and taken over the farm! Continued our family legacy! All the years I took care of him meant nothing to him!
Honorable Dante: His dreams meant nothing to you either... Be that as it may, I believe the death was accidental and you do show sincere remorse...
Honorable Dante (holding the gavel): As a result, Jordan Stark, this Court hereby sentences you to 10 years to prison!

Frank (pumping his fist): That's another investigation all wrapped up, <Name>! Way to go!
Frank: Cal Stark had such big dreams. If you ask me, they were a little off-kilter... I mean, hitching a ride with aliens? Come on!
Frank (sadly): But Jordan Stark should have kept his temper under control. In one moment of anger, he lost all the family he had in the world, his legacy, and his freedom!
Frank (shocked): I'm no stranger to family issues, but I'd never go that far!

Map to the Stars: Part 1

Chief Andrea Marquez (crossing her arms, happily): Good job on your first investigation in Rhine Canyon, <Name>! I'm glad we came here, local law enforcement need all the help they can get...
Chief Marquez (placing her hands on her hips): By the way, Ana is still pretty angry at us, and I'd like you to go offer her help. I want to calm her down after my previous intervention!
Chief Marquez: Also, I'm not comfortable working near another project of Colonel Spangler's. His "top secret projects" have already caused a lot of trouble...
Chief Marquez (crossing her arms): Could you talk to him? I want to be sure he's not working on another crazy machine!
Frank (grinning): Don't worry, we don't trust him one bit. We'll go grill Spangler, won't we, <Name>? Unless you'd rather talk to the trooper first.

Interrogate Colonel Spangler about his presence in Rhine Canyon.
Frank (angrily): Alright, Spangler, spare us your usual rant about top secrecy, we're all tired of you popping up and making a mess everywhere!
Colonel Spangler (angrily): Making a mess? I work on top secret projects for our country, watch your mouth, officer! My mission here is bigger than your murder investigations!
Frank (in disbelief): For our country? You created a monster plant, nearly got Jazz Town destroyed and now you're expecting us to let you roam around Rhine Canyon? What's your business here?
Colonel Spangler (shouting): My project is confidential, I'm not allowed to tell you anything! Stay away from the canyon, <Rank> <Name>! I can't let you interfere, this is way too big!
(After talking to Colonel Spangler)
Frank: What the heck is Spangler on this time? I wonder what kind of "big project" could take place in this desert...
Frank (winking): You're right, <Name>! He said to stay away from the canyon... I don't know about you, but I think we might find a lead there!

Investigate Canyon Vista.
Frank (grinning): Well done, <Name>, this torn paper might be helpful. You should piece it back together, Spangler tends to lose his important documents anywhere!

Examine Torn Paper.
Frank (grinning): Good job with this newspaper, <Name>. Let me read this: "Aliens: What the government doesn't want you to know"...
Frank (amused): Oh great, a loony conspiracy about aliens being real... Because that never gets old!
Frank (shocked): Wait, you think this might have a link with Spangler?! I know he got some alien-related crap from Cal but... Alright, alright, let's send that newspaper to the lab!

Analyze Newspaper.
Hannah: <Name>, that article you found at the canyon was a complete conspiracy theory! The person who wrote it also has a website where people report their "alien encounters"!
Hannah (grinning): They basically say they've met aliens in Rhine Canyon, that they're among us already, and that the Army is trying to keep it a secret...
Hannah (nervously): I first thought they were just delusional, but several people on the site report having been threatened by a certain Colonel S...
Frank (shocked): Colonel S? That must be Spangler! Why would he threaten loony alien-believers? Surely the Army doesn't care about crazy people?
Frank (nervously): <Name>, you really think Spangler's top secret project might be about... aliens? Yes, I know his previous projects were equally crazy but... aliens! That's just nuts!
Frank (in disbelief): If you want my opinion, Spangler's finally lost it. But alright, let's go grill him about this.

Talk to Colonel Spangler about his preoccupation with aliens.
Frank (grinning): So, Spangler, you want to explain why you're so invested in silencing the alien rumors in Rhine Canyon?
Colonel Spangler (angrily): For the last time, <Rank> <Name>, I can't tell you anything, my project is confidential!
Frank (pumping his fist): Oh, come on, this is hilarious! You've come to Rhine Canyon to assist the "Alien Division"?
Colonel Spangler (shouting): Enough! You'd better remember I still outrank you, Detective Frank! You don't even know what you're talking about! This project isn't a joke!
Frank (angrily): You might outrank me, but last time you worked on a top secret project, you nearly destroyed Jazz Town! <Rank> <Name> and I will keep an eye on you!
Colonel Spangler: Do whatever you want, but stay away from the Army's operations, <Rank> <Name>! Enjoy your stay, and beware of the sun in this desert... You'll probably need proper clothes!

Offer your help to Ana Herdez.
Ana (shouting): <Rank> <Name>? What do you want this time? Trying to steal another investigation?
Frank: Hey, you're the one who tried to hijack our investigation! Anyway, we're here to offer a hand, not to replace you...
Ana (smirking): Help me? Yeah, right... Alright, if you want to feel useful so badly, us troopers have been swarmed with reports of drug trafficking recently.
Ana (nervously): We already have trouble with the gangs and we're out of troopers to patrol, and the Stark farm is empty now that Jordan's behind bars.
Ana (angrily): I don't want any gang or criminal to break in and use it as a hiding spot. I've got enough work as it is, so make yourself useful, go patrol that farm!

Investigate Stark Farm.
Frank (sighing): <Name>, did you find anything? This farm is totally empty, it's getting boring...
Frank: What's up with that book you picked up, then? Look, we're not here to study!
Frank: Fine, if you think that book's got something to do with Ana's concerns, why don't you try and recover the missing words on it?

Examine Book.
Frank: Alright, that formula you revealed in the book means nothing to me, but that "Could get rich easily!" sounds promising, doesn't it?
Frank (cracking his knuckles): Good idea, let's get this book to the lab! Surely Yann can tell us what that formula's about!

Analyze Chemistry Book.
Yann (holding his mug, happily): That book you found at the farm was interesting, <Name>, it describes the multiple effects and uses of methylene in chemistry...
Yann (puts the mug down, excitedly): And the formula you revealed on this page is actually the most interesting of the book. It's the synthesis formula of methylenedioxy-methamphetamine, or MDMA.
Frank (confused): Methlyenedixo-what?
Yann (crossing his arms, grinning): MDMA is also more widely called ecstasy. It's a drug, Frank.
Frank (shocked): This is a recipe to make ecstasy?
Yann: Yes, it's the chemical formula and synthesis of ecstasy. With the note "Could get rich easily!", I'd say whoever had this book was thinking of building a lab and selling drugs!
Frank: You're right, <Name>, Ana said troopers had identified a new drug being trafficked in Rhine Canyon, this must be related!
Frank: I can't picture Cal owning this book, or cooking up drugs, though... Yeah, I agree with you, <Name>, we should show this to Ana!

Talk about the drug formula to Ana Herdez.
Ana (shocked): A formula to make ecstasy in the Stark farm, <Rank> <Name>? This is bad news!
Ana (nervously): But I can't imagine Cal making drugs... I would've busted him before! There must be someone else behind this!
Ana (pleading): Look, I need you to take care of this for me. I'm swamped already, and I'm sure your Chief will understand. After all, she grew up here, she knows what it's like.
Frank (shocked): Wait, what? Andrea never told me she grew up in this district!
Ana: Why do you think we know each other?! She may act fancy in the big city, but she'll always be a Rhine Canyoner inside!
Ana: Anyway, for now you should go check out the highway, <Rank> <Name>. We've identified it as one of the main places for the drug trade.
Frank: Guess we'll go to the highway then, <Name>... But I suggest a snack first, I'm not dealing with the drug trade on an empty stomach!

Investigate Route 76.
Frank (shocked): Woah, <Name>, that pack you found looks like a pack of ecstasy! Look, there's even a smiling face on the pills...
Frank (grinning): And here I thought drug dealers had stopped doing this since TV shows had made this popular... That's definitely ecstasy, I worked on enough drug cases in my youth to know this!
Frank: Yeah, you're right, you should inspect these pills. Want to try to dust the pack for fingerprints?

Examine Drug Bag.
Frank (grinning): Good job revealing these fingerprints, <Name>, let's send them to Hannah! I hope identifying them won't take her too long...

Analyze Fingerprints.
Hannah (grinning): Alright, <Name>, the fingerprints you sent me belong to someone you know: your favorite biker gang leader, Bubba Wyatt!
Frank (shocked): Bubba? We know he's part of a biker gang, but I wouldn't have thought he'd be selling drugs...
Hannah: Well, in Rhine Canyon, police forces are more limited than in the city, so such biker gangs are way more powerful. I'm not surprised they're into drug trafficking...
Frank: You're right, <Name>, let's interrogate Bubba, we can't let his gang break the law freely!

Question Bubba Wyatt about the drugs.
Bubba (angrily holding out his left hand): What do you want, <Rank> <Name>, won't you cops stop harassing innocent bikers?!
Frank (grinning): So innocent we've found your fingerprints on that little bag of pills... And we've found a chemistry book in Cal's farm, did the kid help you cook up the drugs?
Bubba: Cal? Nah, kid didn't have the guts. He just translated the chemical formula to the gang!
Bubba: Not that the gang's making drugs or anything!
Frank (grinning): Nice try, Bubba. Here's a fine for drug possession with intent to sell, and I'm sure Ana will be delighted to lead an inquiry into your gang's activities!

Later, at the police station...
Frank: So, Andrea, Ana told us you grew up in Rhine Canyon! Why didn't you tell us earlier?!
Chief Marquez (hands on her hips): I like my private life to stay private, you know that, Frank! Though I apologize for not saying anything before sending you to work with Ana, <Name>...
Chief Marquez (crossing her arms, grinning): She's still against you getting involved in local investigations, but since you helped her with the drug trafficking problem, she won't bother us anymore.
Frank (in disbelief): All these years and you never mentioned your hometown, what's so horrible about growing up in Rhine Canyon for Pete's sake?!
Chief Marquez (shouting): Enough with this, Frank! Now, <Name>, what did you discover about Spangler?
Frank (sighing): Fine... The Colonel is losing it, his project seems to be about aliens this time! As if there could be aliens here...
Chief Marquez: You never know, Frank! Let's be careful, with Spangler around, we have good reasons to be worried...

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