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Isaac Bontemps: <Name>, I can't believe how much Concordia has changed in the past six months under Justin Lawson's regime...
Isaac: Not only did Lawson institute martial law and abolish the freedom of the press... but now he's sentenced someone to death in a fit of anger!
Evie: At least <Name> didn't let him get away with it! Thanks to us, Miss Samuels will serve her time in an Australian penal colony.
Isaac: Nevertheless, Judge Takakura is dead, and who knows who Lawson will appoint in his place!
Evie: Not to mention, we've brought Lawson's wrath on the Squad. I still can't believe he forced the Chief to fire Diego!
Isaac: Yes, by going against his orders, we have exposed ourselves. Another open show of defiance and Lawson will have the entire Flying Squad disbanded...
Isaac: ... and who will protect the people of Concordia then?!
Evie: The people of Concordia are ready to fight back, either way. The resistance is proof of that!
Evie: And speaking about the resistance, Katherine has asked me to lead you to their headquarters, <Name>!
Isaac: Is this quite safe, Evelyn? We cannot be seen supporting the resistance! It would put us and them in grave danger!
Evie: We won't be seen... The resistance headquarters are in a barn, outside of town. I'll lead the way, <Name>!

Chapter 1

Investigate Printing Press.
Evie Holloway: <Name>, there... there's a dead body stuck in the printing press!
Evie (queasy and sweating): Oh my, I feel sick! How could this have happened?!
Isaac: Please sit down and take a few deep breaths, Evie. <Name> and I will take over from here!
(Evie leaves.)
Isaac: A man being murdered in the headquarters of a clandestine movement means we must solve this murder discreetly! Lawson must not get wind of this!
Katherine: <Rank> <Name>, there you a-
Katherine: Goodness! That's Dylan Mitvok! What happened here?!
Isaac: So you know the victim! Please sit over there, Katherine. <Rank> <Name> has some questions to ask you!
Isaac: And I agree, we'd better put that torn paper back together! We must solve this murder as fast as we can, <Name>!

Question Katherine about the victim.
Katherine: <Rank> <Name>, I know how this looks, but you have to believe me: the resistance is about fighting oppression, not killing people!
Isaac: I must admit this is not what we hoped to find when Evie led us here, Katherine.
Katherine: I have no idea who could have done such a thing! Dylan was a good man, worked himself to the bone for the resistance!
Katherine: People like him don't grow on trees, <Name>... Most people are too afraid to even acknowledge that Lawson should be fought, let alone risk their lives defying him!
Katherine: And now, if this murder gets back to Lawson's ears, he'll swoop down on us and arrest us all!
Isaac: We will try our hardest for this investigation to remain a secret, Katherine. I just hope the resistance had nothing to do with Dylan's death.
Isaac: And you're right, <Name>. We shall need to look outside the barn to see if the killer left any clues as they fled!

Investigate Farm Field.
Isaac: <Name>, nice catch! This box is labeled "Printing Ink" - it must belong to the resistance!
Isaac: You'd better crack that lock if we're to check what's inside, though!
Isaac: But looking through that pile of manure?! You know what I think of horses at the best of times...
Isaac: Yes, I do know every clue counts... Let's dig in!

Examine Pile of Manure.
Isaac: <Name>, you did find something in that manure... and we've seen this locket before!
Isaac: It's the locket Giulietta Capecchi gave to her lover, Seamus O'Neill!
Isaac: That was back before Seamus was killed by Giulietta's mother during the gang wars... Those two were truly star-crossed lovers.
Isaac: We haven't seen Giulietta since then... Why would she be at this farm, so close to the hidden printing press? We'd better find her and ask!

Ask Giulietta why she is at the farm.
Isaac: Miss Capecchi, it's been a while since our paths crossed. We found your locket-
Giulietta: Thank you so much for returning it, <Rank> <Name>! It's the only keepsake I have of Seamus.
Isaac: We're happy to restore it to you, but why are you here at this farm?
Giulietta: Oh! I assumed Katherine had told you - I'm leading the resistance against Justin Lawson!
Isaac: You're leading the resistance?
Giulietta: Yes, I know what you think. A gangster's daughter, claiming to defend the people... but I know first hand how bad people like Lawson can get, <Rank> <Name>! Somebody has to stop him!
Isaac: If you're the resistance leader, I assume you knew Dylan Mitvok?
Giulietta: Yes. His murder is a tragedy. But at least he lived alone, and isn't leaving a family behind.
Giulietta: This is war, <Rank> <Name>, and I'd wager Dylan's just the first casualty of many!

Examine Locked Crate.
Isaac: You managed to unlock the crate, <Name>! It was filled with ink, as expected... but there's also a letter!
Isaac: Most of the letter is faded, but look! It was sent by the late Judge Takakura!
Isaac: We know Takakura was involved in the resistance... he must have sent this before he died! I'll get your dusting kit!

Examine Faded Letter.
Isaac: <Name>, this letter is addressed to a certain Mildred... She was the judge's niece!
Isaac: It reads, "My dear niece Mildred, here is the ink you asked for. But please, leave the resistance and return to your engineering studies. Concordia will need young women like you to lead the way!"
Isaac: So Mildred is part of the resistance... she must have known our victim! Let's speak with her at once!

Speak to Mildred Takakura about her involvement in the resistance.
Isaac (presenting his badge): Miss Takakura, I'm Detective Bontemps and this is <Rank> <Name>. We're from the Flying Squad, and we had the honor of working with your uncle, Satoshi Takakura.
Isaac: We found this letter to you, asking you to leave the resistance.
Mildred: Hush! Don't speak so loudly!
Mildred: But it's true... Uncle Satoshi had almost convinced me to leave, to go back to my studies... and then he was murdered for speaking out against Lawson!
Mildred: There's no question of me leaving the movement! Not anymore!
Isaac: Can you tell us anything about your fellow movement member, Dylan Mitvok? I'm sure by now you know he's been murdered.
Mildred: Yeah, I heard. I didn't know the guy. And I didn't join the movement to make friends!
Mildred (holding a cup of sake): ... but I'll raise a glass of sake to his memory...

Examine Torn Flyer.
Isaac: This is a flyer for the resistance, <Name>! It seems they're focusing their efforts on fighting Justin's hold over the press...
Isaac: But you're right, these strange markings were very likely made with the victim's blood! Possibly by some sort of machine!
Isaac: We must find out what these strange markings on the flyer are! Let's hope Charlie can help!

Analyze Bloody Flyer.
Charles: <Name>, this flyer you sent me gave me a fantastic idea!
Charles: Once Maddie gives birth, she won't be able to put the baby in her MadMobile...
Charles: So I've designed a bicycle with a special seat on the back, adapted for children!
Isaac: I see. But what does that have to do with the flyer <Name> found on the crime scene?
Charles: Oh, sorry! The markings on the flyer were made by the tread of a bicycle wheel!
Charles: After the murder, the killer must've gotten on their bike, rolled through the blood and over the flyer!
Isaac: So our killer rides a bicycle! Well, their next mode of transport shall be a prison van!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Dick: Hello there, <Name>. I hear you've been on an exciting adventure to a clandestine movement's headquarters!
Isaac: It was rather more eventful than we'd have liked, Richard. What can you tell us about our victim?
Dick: A few things... It would seem the victim made the killer incredibly angry.
Dick: First, they knocked Mitvok out with a blow to the head, probably with a heavy metal object.
Dick: Then, they tied him up with some black rope, and laid him on the printing press.
Dick: That's when the killer got creative. Dylan was fed into the printing press, feet first, for the machine to crush his body!
Isaac: The printing press is the murder weapon? The pain must have been atrocious!
Dick: It was, but the victim bled out quickly, which cut short his suffering.
Dick: The killer had to handle the victim a great deal in the process, so they did leave something on the body: camomile tea!
Isaac: So our cold-blooded killer enjoys a relaxing cup of camomile tea? It must be the only way they can sleep at night, <Name>!

Later, on the airship...
Isaac: <Name>, this investigation puts us in a terrible position!
Isaac: We cannot let this murder go unsolved, but solving it might help Justin Lawson find members of the resistance!
Isaac: For now, all our suspects - and our victim - are part of the clandestine movement against Lawson and his takeover of Concordia.
Isaac: But would the resistance members turn on one another at such a crucial time? I cannot believe Katherine would resort to such violence, at least...
Isaac: That said, Giulietta Capecchi's upbringing is playing against her.
Isaac: Could it be that somebody outside of the resistance got wind of the activities taking place in the barn, and Mitvok just happened to get in their way?
Isaac: Either way, we must try and keep this from Lawson and his Justice Corps for as long as po-
Evie (sweating): <Name>, there's somebody here to see you!
Evie: He's from the Justice Corps!

Chapter 2

Isaac Bontemps: <Name>, Dylan Mitvok's death has put us in a terrible quandary!
Isaac: We cannot let his murder go unsolved, but investigating it might help Justin Lawson find members of the resistance!
Isaac: We must try and keep this from Lawson and his Justice Corps for as long as po-
Evie: <Name>, there's somebody here from the Justice Corps! He says it's about your investigation!
Isaac (sweating): Well, <Name>, it seems like the cat's already out of the bag! Let him in!
Bill: Captain Bill Beatty, Head of Clandestine Operations for the Justice Corps! Who's in charge here?
Isaac (presenting his badge): I am Detective Isaac Bontemps, and this is <Rank> <Name>.
Bill: <Rank> <Name>, your victim, Dylan Mitvok, was one of my subordinates!
Isaac: Dylan was working for the Justice Corps?!
Bill: He was indeed. He infiltrated the resistance on my orders. <Rank> <Name>, I demand a full briefing on your investigation so far!
Isaac: ... Very well. Please, go wait for us in the interrogation room, we'll be right with you.
(Bill leaves.)
Isaac: <Name>, we can't tell Mr Beatty anything about the resistance, or he'll arrest everyone! We must tread carefully!

Ask Captain Beatty about the victim's spying.
Isaac: So Captain Beatty, Dylan Mitvok was a member of the Justice Corps?
Bill: That is correct! When I first heard of this so-called resistance movement, I knew it had to be destroyed, and fast!
Bill: So I ordered Mitvok, one of my most intelligent and trustworthy officers, to find out all he could about the movement - who the insurgents were, where they were hiding, what insidious schemes they were planning.
Bill: He would report to me at Smokey's Café. I almost spat out my camomile tea when he told me he'd managed to infiltrate the resistance after a few days!
Bill: Unfortunately, he barely began giving me information before he was killed. Which brings me back to your investigation: I need to know everything you've found out!
Isaac (sweating): Well... nothing much yet, I'm afraid. We found his body in an abandoned barn. We're struggling to identify potential suspects.
Bill: Curious... Mayor Lawson told me that you were the best and the brightest. I thought you might even bring me the resistance leaders.
Isaac: We'll find Mitvok's killer, of that you can be sure! But we shall not waste time trying to track the rest of the resistance down.
Bill: We will catch them sooner of later, either way. But I expect a full report soon, <Rank> <Name>! Or Mayor Lawson shall hear about this!

Isaac: <Name>, I can't believe our victim was a spy for Justin Lawson!
Isaac: It's lucky he didn't have time to report anything of interest to his boss, or Katherine and the others would already be in a cell!
Isaac: You're right, this does bring to mind whether or not the resistance knew he was a double agent...
Isaac: But we cannot risk offering this information to them, lest they adapt their stories and compromise the investigation! Time will tell whether or not they knew about his true identity...
Isaac: In the meantime, if this Beatty thinks we're going to rat out the resistance members to him, he'd better think again!
Isaac: Good point, he said he'd meet the victim at a place called Smokey's Café for his reports. We may find new leads there, let's go!

Investigate Smokey's Café.
Isaac: You're right, <Name>, this black rope looks exactly like the one used to tie up the victim! The killer must have come to this café after the murder! What luck!
Isaac: Perhaps collecting those strange flakes on the rope could give us a lead!
Isaac: And I agree, if the victim came here, we might just find something of his in this Lost and Found box!

Examine Lost and Found Box.
Isaac: I don't see anything connected to our victim in this box, but if you think this torn card is of interest, <Name>, we had better patch it back together!

Examine Torn Card.
Isaac: <Name>, this is a loyalty card for Smokey's Café, and it belonged to our victim!
Isaac: A loyalty card's one of those new-fangled ideas to persuade people to come back to your establishment.
Isaac: Mitvok's card is almost full, which means our victim did not just come here for his reports to Beatty! He was a regular customer!
Isaac: You're right! This also means the owner of this place must know Mitvok well - we had better have a word with him!

Question Tomas Marin about the victim.
Tomas: Welcome! Tomas Marin's my name, but everyone calls me Smokey, hence the name of this establishment!
Isaac (presenting his badge): <Rank> <Name> is investigating the murder of a certain Dylan Mitvok. He used to come to Smokey's Café often - do you recall seeing him?
Tomas: Of course! Dylan! He'd been comin' here a lot recently.
Tomas: But you say he's dead? That's a shame, he looked like a decent chap.
Tomas: Always met with the same person - a smart-lookin' fella dressed up all dapper in a suit and glasses.
Isaac: You must be talking about Bill Beatty. <Name>, at least this confirms Beatty's story!
Tomas: Now, how's about I get you two a nice hot beverage? And perhaps you'd like a loyalty card?

Examine Black Rope.
Isaac: Viola's sure to tell us all there is to know about these flakes you picked up from the killer's rope, <Name>!

Analyze Flakes.
Viola: <Name>, this investigation is a real nail-biting experience! A resistance movement, spies...
Isaac: I agree. Did the flakes <Name> picked up from the killer's rope provide any answers?
Viola: Ah, dear Bontemps, that is what I was getting at!
Viola: You see, I analyzed the sample you collected, and it turns out the flakes were pieces of human nails!
Viola: I spoke with Dick, and the victim's nails were well maintained. This means these bitten nails can only have come from your killer, who was made nervous by their own actions!
Isaac: Well, <Name>, let's go give the nail-biting killer something they can really worry about!

Isaac: Funny, <Name>, it turns out the killer was more nervous than the victim, yet Mitvok was the one spying on the resistance!
Isaac: And speaking about the resistance, I agree that we should go back to the farm. After all, that's where our victim spent most of time!

Investigate Wagon.
Isaac: <Name>, I'd expect to find flowers at a farm, but not in an elaborate bouquet like this one!
Isaac: I agree, we ought to have a closer look at the wrapping. Something was written on it...
Isaac: As for that suitcase, I'm sure its lock will be no challenge for you, <Name>!

Examine Bouquet of Flowers.
Isaac: The message on the bouquet reads: "For our powerful Queen, from her forever warrior, Dylan."
Isaac: So this bouquet was sent by our victim to someone he referred to as a "powerful Queen"...
Isaac: You're right, <Name>! We know Giulietta Capecchi runs the resistance - she has to be the "powerful Queen" in question! We need another conversation with her!

Ask Giulietta about the bouquet from the victim.
Isaac: Miss Capecchi, <Rank> <Name> found the bouquet the victim sent you...
Giulietta: Oh, that man was infuriating!
Isaac: Whatever do you mean?
Giulietta: Dylan was a valuable member of the resistance, but that's ALL he was. And he refused to accept it!
Giulietta: He just wouldn't leave me alone! I'd try to relax with a cup of camomile tea, and here he'd be, offering me sugar! Or following me when I went cycling in the hills around the farm...
Giulietta: He bothered me so much, I almost bit my nails to the quick!
Giulietta: <Rank> <Name>, you know my heart still belongs to Seamus. I couldn't even dream of being with another!
Giulietta: But Dylan wouldn't take no for an answer!
Isaac: Miss Capecchi... Did you kill Dylan Mitvok just so he would stop bother you? You did threaten Archie Rochester with death back in Elysium Fields...
Giulietta: Of course not! <Rank> <Name>, the time when I tried to be like my father is over! That's not who I am anymore!

Examine Locked Luggage.
Isaac: <Name>, is that a camera? What's it doing in that suitcase?
Isaac: Splendid idea! Let's get this contraption to Charlie, he will know how to retrieve its footage!

Analyze Camera.
Charles: <Name>! This camera you sent me... it's pure genius! It's one of the most beautiful machines I've ever seen!
Isaac: What's so beautiful about it?
Charles: Well, it's a moving picture camera - except it records images AND sound!
Charles: I cannot fathom how they managed to make one time enough to fit into a piece of luggage! So ingenious!
Isaac: This is all rather thrilling, I agree, but did this "ingenious" camera contain anything of use to our investigation?
Charles: It did! The footage makes it clear the camera had been hidden in the luggage so as to film people without their noticing - but let me just show you!

Start of film reel...
Katherine (adjusting the camera): Ok, this seems to be working...
Katherine: Finally, I'll know once and for all if I can trust Mitvok!
Dylan: Katherine? What are you doing there?
Katherine: Oh, nothing, nothing! I was just getting my luggage!

End of film reel...
Isaac: So Katherine was trying to film our victim without his knowing?
Charles: Looks like it! And he caught her red-handed, too!
Isaac: I agree, <Name>! If Katherine did suspect Mitvok was a spy for Lawson, that would give her the perfect motive! We must speak with her again!

Interrogate Katherine about trying to film the victim.
Katherine: <Rank> <Name>, how's the investigation going? Anything I can do to help?
Isaac: You could start by telling us the truth! We found your hidden camera!
Katherine: ......
Isaac: You knew Mitvok was a spy for the Justice Corps, didn't you?
Katherine: So he WAS a spy! Blast him!
Katherine: From the first time I met Mitvok, I had a bad feeling about him. Something was off... Call it a journalist's instinct if you will!
Katherine: I get enough stress working for the resistance. I have almost no nails left from biting them so much! Even darling Evie's camomile tea doesn't help me relax.
Katherine: I decided to find out the truth by setting up my hidden camera in the barn...
Katherine: But that blasted Mitvok came in before I was done, so I panicked, tossed the luggage and camera away and fled on my bicycle!
Isaac: Well, let's hope for your sake that your suspicions about Mr Mitvok didn't lead you to murder him, Katherine! Because if you did, there's nothing we'll be able to do to protect you!

Later, outside the barn...
Isaac: <Name>, when we started looking into the murder of Dylan Mitvok, I didn't expect to find out he'd been a spy for Justin Lawson!
Isaac: The resistance is very lucky that he did not have time to betray them all to the Justice Corps...
Isaac: ... or maybe someone in the resistance made sure he would never speak to anyone!
Isaac: Katherine suspected Mitvok of working for the enemy... could she have taken matters into her own hands?
Isaac: On the other hand, we know Giulietta is not a saint. Murder could have been her answer to stopped unwanted advances from the victim.
Isaac: As for Bill Beatty, I don't trust him one b-
Isaac: What's that noise, <Name>?
Isaac: Sounds like someone's crying for help!

Chapter 3

Isaac Bontemps: <Name>, discovering that our victim was spying on the resistance on Lawson's account has only made this investigation harder to crack!
Isaac: And it does cast heavy suspicion on the resistance members. What if-
Isaac: Did you hear that scream, <Name>?!
Isaac (holding his gun): Someone is calling for help! They're in the barn! Hurry, <Name>!

Inside the barn...
(Mildred is seen holding Evie at gunpoint.)
Mildred: Stop! Don't move or I'll shoot her!
Isaac (aiming his gun): Mildred! What are you doing? We are on the same side!
Mildred: That's what you say, but I just can't trust you! You're all henchmen for Lawson!
Isaac: You know we're not! We've already taken a stand against him!
Mildred: Yes, by freeing my uncle's killer!
Isaac: Mildred, please! Your uncle trusted us! We only made sure someone wasn't sentenced to death on Lawson's whim!
Evie: He's right, Mildred! Your uncle would NEVER have passed such a sentence!
Mildred: .........
Isaac (holding his gun): Mildred, please, hand over your weapon.
Mildred (handing over her gun): I'm so sorry...
Isaac: Evie, are you alright?
Evie: I'm unharmed, but my heart is beating a mile a minute!
Isaac: Mildred, I'm afraid we must take you into custody.
(Mildred and Evie leave.)
Isaac: And quite right, <Name>! While we are here, we need to take another look at the barn! There is no time to waste, we must catch the killer!

Investigate Resistance Desk.
Isaac: My word, is that a bomb, <Name>?
Isaac (sweating): You're right, it's not wired. What a relief! But we should still be careful while taking a sample of this stain on the bottom of it. Perhaps it can tell us more about who made it!
Isaac: And this picture says Mitvok Family...
Isaac: The photograph looks old... I guess the victim is the baby boy.
Isaac: The man holding him is probably Mitvok's father, but who's the other man? Let's check the photo against the archives back at the airship!
Isaac (holding a carrier pigeon): But, um, <Name>... why did you just hand me this pigeon?!
Isaac (sweating): Oh, I see! The... creature has something on its back. Let's... have a look inside...
Isaac (holding a piece of paper): The box appears to contain a coded message! We must decrypt it!
Isaac: One of these clues will bring us a new lead to catch the killer, there's not a second to lose!

Examine Coded Message.
(Isaac is seen with the carrier pigeon on his shoulder.)
Isaac: The numbers you found on the back of that pigeon mean nothing to me... but Evie will know what to do with them!
Isaac (noticing the pigeon, sweating): .........
Isaac: Oh no! That THING is on my shoulder! Get it away from me!

Analyze Set of Numbers.
Isaac: Evie, are you feeling better? Is your heart still racing?
Evie: I'm fine... And I hope Mildred is, too... She's been through so much!
Evie: But to happier news! I cracked the code you found on the pigeon!
Evie: You see, the answer lies in the pro-Lawson propaganda rag, The New Truth. This message refers to certain pages and words in the last edition!
Evie: If you take every word this points to, you get a message saying, "I know you are hiding information! Smokey's Café! Tonight!" And it's signed, "B.B."
Isaac: "B.B.", eh? You're right, <Name>, it must be Bill Beatty of the Justice Corps who signed it!
Isaac: So that's how Captain Beatty and Dylan sent messages to each other!
Isaac: But it seems the Captain was not happy with Dylan's work... Let's get to the bottom of this!

Ask Captain Beatty why he was upset with the victim.
Bill: <Rank> <Name>, any news of the resistance?
Isaac: We'll be the ones asking questions, Captain Beatty. So you were disappointed in Dylan's reporting? You thought he was keeping things to himself?
Bill: ... I did.
Bill: At first he did a wonderful job. Every time we met, he gave me new information. I could feel he was getting closer. Soon he would be able to give us the resistance leaders!
Bill: But quite suddenly, the information dried up, and even worse, some of it was completely wrong!
Isaac: And you needed to know why... that's why you sent him a message to meet you.
Bill: But he never showed up! I spent two hours waiting for him, biting my nails. In the end, I took my bike and went back to the office. That's when I heard about his death.
Bill: <Rank> <Name>, do not forget the only purpose in solving Mitvok's murder is to get us the resistance members. When will you bring THEM in for questioning?!

Examine Photo.
Isaac: The mystery man in the photo of Dylan and his father is Tomas Marin, the owner of the café!
Isaac: Mr Marin told us that he barely knew the victim, but this proves otherwise! We must speak with him!

Question Mr Marin about his relationship with the victim.
Isaac: Mr Marin, you told us you only knew Dylan Mitvok as a customer, but this picture seems to prove otherwise!
Tomas (sweating): Alright, you got me there... but you have to understand me!
Tomas: I saw Dylan grow up. His father and I were best friends! I saw Dylan take his first steps, speak his first words!
Tomas: But we lost touch after his father passed away...
Tomas: When he started coming to my café, I expected him to be as happy as I was to see him, but he only spoke to me to order coffee!
Tomas: I started to worry that I had done something to make him mad. I almost bit my nails to the bone trying to understand what happened.
Tomas: When I tried to remind him of the past and his childhood, he shoved me and told me to "take a hike"!
Tomas: Suddenly, he was too important to talk to his own father's best friend!
Isaac: Well, if that shove led you to murder, it will be your turn to talk to nobody, in jail!

Examine Unfinished Bomb.
Isaac: Good job getting a sample of the substance on this unfinished bomb, <Name>!
Isaac: Let's take a look at the substance under the microscope to see who made that device!

Examine White Substance.
Isaac: So the substance you found on the bomb was sake...
Isaac: Sake is Japanese alcohol made from rice. The person who made that bomb was probably drinking some while they built it!
Isaac: Good memory, <Name>! Mildred Takakura mentioned sake the last time we spoke with her!
Isaac: Mildred's an engineering student, which makes her more than capable of building a bomb... and let's not forget she held Evie hostage! I agree, <Name>, we must speak with her!

Interrogate Miss Takakura about her bomb.
Isaac: Mildred, first you took Evie hostage and held a gun to her head, and now we find out that you were in the process of building a bomb?!
Mildred: Yes, I did all of that, and I'll do it again if needed!
Isaac: This is not helping your case, young lady!
Mildred: You know what's not helping anything? The resistance! I'm tired of delivering newspapers on my bike! We don't need more words, we need action!
Mildred: Violence is the only way to throw Lawson off his throne! But Dylan saw me making the bomb and told Giulietta.
Mildred: She made me stop building it. If only that stupid Dylan had kept his mouth shut!
Isaac: Mildred, I hope making that bomb is all you did. For now, we'll have to keep you in custody!

Later, on the airship...
Isaac: This investigation is a nightmare, <Name>...
Isaac: The closer we get to catching the killer, the more we put the resistance at risk! That means Katherine, and through her, Evie, could be in serious trouble!
Isaac: Nevertheless, I agree, justice must prevail. No matter the cost!
Isaac: Good idea, <Name>! We should return to the café. We know the killer went back there because that's where we found the rope! Maybe they left something else! Let's go!

Investigate Café Tables.
Isaac: A bloody bicycle helmet? We do know that the killer fled the crime scene on a bike, and they came to this café straight after the murder! This helmet must belong to them!
Isaac: If you can collect a sample of the blood from the helmet, Viola should be able to tell us more!
Isaac: And you were right about the pigeon, so I don't doubt your hunches about this washing up bin! Rummage away!

Examine Washing Up Bin.
Isaac: Your hunch about the washing up bin paid off, <Name>! I have no idea what it's for, but this big hook does not belong in a café.
Isaac: And not only is there blood on it, but I also spy a handprint, you're right! Quick, let's send this hook to Viola!

Analyze Bloody Hook.
Viola: Evelyn, I already told yo-
Viola: Oh, <Name>, it's you! Sorry, I thought Evie had come to ask me about the test results, AGAIN.
Isaac: I suppose the poor dear is worried about Katherine being a suspect...
Viola: Worried is an understatement!
Viola: All that said, I have some results for you!
Viola: The blood you got from the killer's helmet was, of course, mostly your victim's.
Viola: But there was another blood type mixed in, which must have come from the killer themselves: and it's A-!
Isaac: So the killer's blood is A-! The list of suspects is getting smaller by the second!

Examine Bicycle Helmet.
Isaac: You have the blood sample from the bicycle helmet! Viola will surely find evidence from it!

Analyze Blood.
Isaac: Viola, were you able to get anything from that hook <Name> found in the café?
Viola: Of course! And more than I expected, to be honest!
Viola: Not only was the blood on it your victim, but that type of hook is used to hoist hay bales in barns!
Isaac: So it WAS the killer who left it at the café! Were there any fingerprints?
Viola: Unfortunately, the handprint was too blurry, but I did find printer's ink!
Isaac: Pardon me, Viola, but the barn did contain a printing press, so ink is to be expected...
Isaac: Yes, but the handprint was made with the ink, which means the killer had it on their hands. And if it got on their hands, it most probably got onto their clothing, as well!
Isaac: So we're looking for someone with an ink stain. <Name>, for better or worse, we're closing in on this killer!

After completing all the tasks...
Isaac: <Name>, we have all the evidence we need to find Mitvok's killer!
Isaac: ... I only hope that we won't be forced to arrest a member of the resistance!

Take care of the killer now!
Isaac: Captain Bill Beatty, you are under arrest for the murder of Dylan Mitvok!
Bill: Be careful who you accuse of murder, <Rank> <Name>. I'm the Head of Clandestine Operations for the Justice Corps, after all!
Isaac: Your position in the Justice Corps won't help you with all the evidence we have against you! You should have been more careful, you left some camomile tea on Dylan when you killed him.
Bill: Ha! More than half of Concordia enjoys a good camomile tea to unwind... your evidence is useless!
Isaac: But only one person in Concordia forgot their bloody bicycle helmet in Smokey's Café after fleeing the crime scene on a bicycle!
Bill: Do you really think I would be stupid enough to leave such evidence behind if I murdered someone?
Isaac: Your A- type blood was mixed in with the victim's on that very helmet! Admit it! You killed him!
Bill: You never back down, do you, <Rank> <Name>?
Bill: Yes, I killed Dylan Mitvok. It was my DUTY!
Bill: When I realized Dylan was withholding information, I decided to do a little spying of my own. It wasn't long before he unwittingly led me to the barn!
Bill: I was disappointed that no other resistance members were there... But then I saw the opportunity to make Dylan to tell me everything and I seized it!
Bill: I asked him to give me all he knew about the resistance, but he said that he would not say anything anymore... He had been seduced by the ideas of the enemy!
Isaac: So you decided to crush his legs with a printing press until he talked?!
Bill: I never intended to kill him, but the idiot went and bled to death!
Isaac: You killed him, and you feel no remorse even now! But you will feel justice. You're under arrest!
Bill: Did you forget who I am, <Rank> <Name>? I work directly with Justin Lawson! You can't do anything to me!
Isaac: We'll see about that, Beatty! I heard Lawson has appointed a new judge, and I hope for your sake she's not a proponent of the death penalty!

Honorable Umbright: Right. Let's get to business. I am the Honorable Dora Umbright, and you are... Bill Beatty!
Bill: CAPTAIN Bill Beatty, if you please! You cannot try me, Judge Umbright! Speak with Mayor Lawson! He'll set things straight!
Honorable Umbright: I'm afraid not... Given your supposed rank, I did indeed speak with Mayor Lawson's office...
Honorable Umbright: And they said that there is no one by that name on the city's payroll!
Bill: Nonsense! I am Captain Bill Beatty! Head of Clandestine Operations for the Justice Corps!
Honorable Umbright (holding a piece of paper): Not anymore you're not! You're just Bill Beatty, accused of murdering Dylan Mitvok via exsanguination during torture, if I read this correctly...
Bill: He was an enemy of Concordia! It was my duty to destroy him!
Honorable Umbright: You could have simply arrested him, but you chose to torture him instead. I doubt very seriously that Mayor Lawson would approve...
Honorable Umbright: Your bloody and fiendish crime has set you on the wrong side of the law. This Court hereby sentences you to life in prison!
Bill: Life in prison?! But I'm CAPTAIN Bill Beatty of the Justice Corps! This is a mistake!

Isaac (dabbing his forehead): <Name>, I am so relieved that the killer was not a member of the resistance!
Isaac: Still, it's quite tragic to think the victim died just as he'd embraced the ideals of the resistance...
Isaac: Now maybe we should-
Jaubert: So this is where the Flying Squad works... Rather unorthodox...
Isaac: Inspector Jaubert?!
Jaubert: <Rank> <Name>, I've come to give you one last chance before I arrest all of you!

Final Judgment (2/6)

Isaac Bontemps (dabbing his forehead): I am so relieved that our friends and the resistance is safe!
Isaac: But to think the killer was none other than a leading officer of the Justice Corps!
Jaubert: What's this about the Justice Corps, <Rank> <Name>?!
Isaac: Inspector Jaubert?! What are you doing here?!
Jaubert: I have come to your floating den of villainy to give you one last chance before I arrest you!
Isaac: Arrest us?! Can't we discuss matters before it comes to that, Inspector Jaubert!

Speak with Inspector Jaubert about his threat of arrest.
Jaubert: <Rank> <Name>, the Justice Corps KNOWS that you have been in contact with the resistance!
Isaac: We had a murder to solve! It isn't as if we were colluding with them!
Jaubert: Yes, but you got close enough to obtain vital information! And I demand to see it, or you shall all be arrested!
Isaac (sweating): You can't be serious, Inspector! We were acting in our capacity s law enforcement officers under Mayor Lawson!
Jaubert: Exactly! And the Mayor demands that you submit a report to me by the end of the day...
Jaubert: ... or I will bring my troops to your airship and your little Squad's flying days will be OVER!

Isaac: What are we going to do, <Name>?! If we don't get a believable report about the resistance to Jaubert by the end of the day, we'll be locked away!
Isaac: But if we tell him everything, we put the resistance at risk...
Maddie: Maybe what we need to do is learn more about the Justice Corps! We can't betray the resistance to Jaubert, but we can convince him we're on his side!
Isaac: That sounds like a long shot... but I guess you might find more about them at the café where Beatty met the victim!
Maddie: Excellent! Then <Name>, I'll meet you at the café!
(Maddie leaves.)
Isaac: <Name>, be careful! Anything we do might hurt the resistance!
Evie: They're already at risk! They can't go back to the farm now! It's too compromised.
Isaac: Yes, the resistance will need to find a new base of operations...
Evie: And a new source of revenue...
Isaac: A new source of revenue? What do you mean, Evelyn?
Evie: <Name>, the resistance had an unknown benefactor who left money and other valuable items for them in a scarecrow on the farm.
Evie: They can't go back there now, which also means they won't be able to retrieve any funds!
Isaac: Never fear! We'll help them! I shall meet you at the farm, <Name>, unless you wish to join Maddie at the café first!

Investigate Farm Field.
Isaac (sweating): Excellent! The Justice Corps goons haven't made it to the farm yet!
Isaac: Could this be the scarecrow that Evie mentioned? It does have a lock, and I've never seen such a thing on a scarecrow before...
Isaac: Perhaps you can open the lock and we can see if anything is inside this straw man!

Examine Scarecrow.
Isaac: Great Scott! Those are precious gems! Whoever left these for the resistance means serious business!
Isaac: If the resistance wants to keep their support, they'll need to figure out who that person is... maybe Evie can track down who left these gems!

Analyze Precious Stones.
Evie: <Name>, I managed to track down the owner of those gems but... I can hardly believe the result!
Evie: Such stones are insured, so I checked insurance records, and...
Evie: These gems belong to Lady Highmore!
Isaac: Lady Highmore?!
Evie: At first I thought maybe someone had stolen them from her, but she hasn't filed a theft report!
Isaac: Which means Lady Highmore has been helping the resistance all along! <Name>, we must speak with her straight away!

Speak with Lady Highmore about helping the resistance.
Highmore: <Rank> <Name>, how delightful to see you! You're a bright light during these dark days!
Isaac: You're very kind, Lady Highmore... In fact, we have every reason to believe that you are almost too kind for words...
Isaac: We found the precious gems that you hid for the resistance, to help fund their activities.
Highmore (sweating): That's... that's... preposterous! I would never collude with anyone against the Mayor!
Isaac: Please, do not fret! We're on the side of the resistance! Katherine even took us to their headquarters!
Isaac: Of course, their headquarters are no more... The Justice Corps knows about the barn.
Highmore: Oh dear! That IS bad news... But, perhaps, I can be of some further assistance...
Highmore: My manor has far too many rooms... more than I'll ever need! If the resistance needs a new base of operations, I am only too happy to donate it to their cause!
Isaac: But, Lady Highmore, such a generous gesture puts you at great risk!
Highmore: Pish-posh! Let an old woman have a little adventure! Besides, I want Lawson removed from his self-appointed throne as much as anyone!
Highmore: Well, after this exciting turn of events, I am a bit peckish... <Rank> <Name>, would you care to join me for an afternoon snack?

Back on the airship...
Katherine: Oh, <Rank> <Name>, such excellent news! Evie told me that Lady Highmore has offered to share her manor for resistance operations!
Katherine: I'll be able to set up another printing press and get the word out to all of Concordia again!
Katherine: If only I still had my Braille spelling plate...
Isaac: Braille? You mean the system of writing in relief that allows blind people to read?
Katherine: Yes, indeed! When I say that I want to get the word out about the resistance to all of Concordia, I mean ALL! Including the blind!
Katherine: But I lost the spelling plate when we were fleeing the barn. I must have dropped it outside somewhere on the farm!
Isaac: Never fear, Miss Woolf! <Name> and I shall return to the farm and find that Braille spelling plate post-haste!

Investigate Wagon.
Isaac: Those pieces of metal could very well be the Braille spelling plate that Miss Woolf lost!
Isaac: Perhaps you could reassemble the pieces back together at the airship. I do not feel at ease here... The Justice Corps could arrive at any time!

Examine Broken Plaque.
Isaac: Excellent work, <Name>! This Braille spelling plate looks as good as new!
Isaac: We've done all we could for the resistance for now, <Name>! I'll take care of bringing the plate to its new headquarters, do not worry!

Investigate Smokey's Café.
Maddie: A magazine rack? <Name>, could the Justice Corps have left something there?
Maddie: Well, you may be onto something... they could have hidden something in plain sight!

Examine Magazine Rack.
Maddie: You found a little red book called the "Justice Corps Guide" in the magazine rack!
Maddie: Oh, I've heard about these. This is what Lawson gives to his little goons!
Maddie: This book could help give us exactly what we need to keep Jaubert on our good side... Let's send it to Evie!

Analyze Justice Corps Guide.
Evie: This book you found really chaps my hide! It's an instruction manual for the Lawson regime!
Maddie: Instruction manual? Do you mean a type of "How to Be Like Lawson" guide?
Evie: It even includes a sort of Ten Commandments, if you will. But there's nothing sacred about these rules, believe me!
Evie: It includes treasures like, "You must say 'Mayor Lawson shall never falter!' when ending your conversations."
Evie: Then there's this one... "We must remain steadfast. Tomorrow belongs to justice!"
Evie (holding multiple papers): I've compiled a list of useful quotes for you, <Name>. They may help you fool Jaubert into trusting you!
Maddie: <Name>'s right, we'd better practice them first...
Maddie: Good point, <Name>! We should test our plan with Bill Beatty... If we can fool one member of the Justice Corps, maybe we can fool the whole lot!

Convince Captain Beatty that the Squad supports Lawson.
Maddie: Captain Beatty-
(Bill is now wearing his prison uniform.)
Bill: I'm not Captain Anyone anymore, <Rank> <Name>. Are you here to gloat?
Maddie: Not at all! We came to tell you that we think you were in the right.
Bill: Then why didn't you help me catch the resistance?!
Maddie: We are hard at work on that, Captain Beatty. But we want to take down as many of them as we can. It takes time...
Maddie: But we must remain steadfast. Tomorrow belongs to justice!
Bill: Yes... Yes, it does! We must not give up until the entire resistance is rooted out and held accountable!
Bill: Here, <Rank> <Name>. Take this. You may need it in the days ahead...
Maddie: Mayor Lawson shall never falter!

Back on the airship...
Maddie: <Name>, we did it! Beatty completely believed that we were working with the Justice Corps!
Maddie: Jaubert will come back in a few hours. But now I'm sure we can convince him we're on his side!

A short while later...
Maddie: Well, <Name>, Jaubert should be here any minute. I just hope we-
Jaubert: <Rank> <Name>, where is your report on the resistance?
Maddie: Ah, Inspector! We... didn't see you there... We've been rather occupied...
Jaubert: Nobody expects the Justice Corps! Now, I assume you didn't-
Evie (holding multiple papers): Here's your report, <Rank> <Name>! You forgot it in the archives!
Jaubert: So you did prepare the report!
Maddie: There, you see, Inspector? No need to be upset! Let's settle in and discuss this report...

Discuss your report with Inspector Jaubert.
Jaubert (holding a report): Why, there's hardly a mention of the resistance in this report! It's USELESS!
Maddie: Sir, if I may, we never said that we had any valuable information...
Jaubert: But you must! Dylan Mitvok knew everything!
Maddie: Well, Captain Beatty is largely to blame for Mitvok not being particularly talkative... As Mayor Lawson says, "Justice above all!"
Jaubert: Did you discover NOTHING during the course of your investigation? Who is "Tater Head"? Or "The Mugwump"?
Maddie: Code names, sir. No one having to do with the resistance would be so foolish as to give their REAL names!
Jaubert: .........
Jaubert: If you are trying to trick Mayor Lawson and the Justice Corps, so help me, I'll-
Maddie: Of course not! We know that tomorrow belongs to justice!
Jaubert: ... Indeed, it does! Don't you forget it!
Jaubert: Keep looking for the resistance wherever it may be. Take these additional funds to help you!
Maddie: Thank you, sir! Mayor Lawson shall never falter!

Moments later...
Maddie: <Name>, we did it! We got Jaubert to trust us!
Maddie: Right in time, too! Ending conversations with "Mayor Lawson shall never falter" was getting on my last nerve!
Isaac: And thanks to Lady Highmore, the resistance has acquired new headquarters!
Maddie: Good! Lawson's cruel command has gone on long enough! I just wish we could do more to fight him!
Isaac: I feel this time will come sooner than we think...
Maddie: I hope so. For now, <Name>, let's make sure the citizens of Concordia are kept safe!

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