Reggie Pratt was a suspect in the murder investigation of werewolf Danny Kwame in Hour of the Wolf (Case #4 of Supernatural Investigations).


Reggie is a 32-year-old security guard of the Alcatraz Museum. He has blue eyes and short ginger hair. He wears a blue and black security guard uniform with front pockets. Moreover, he sports a nametag clipped to his right lapel and an Alcatraz Security badge on his left lapel. It is known that Reggie eats steak tartare.

Height 5'6"
Age 32
Weight 172 lbs
Eyes blue
Blood O-

Events of Criminal Case

Reggie became a suspect after Gwen and the player learned that he was the one who had contacted them about the murder. He revealed that he had gone to junior high with the victim. When Danny was bitten by a werewolf, Reggie let him and his pack lock themselves up every full moon in an abandoned wing of old Alcatraz. Reggie then led Gwen and the player to the prison wing where the werewolves were staying.

Reggie was spoken to again about the cash envelope that the victim had given to him. He admitted to extorting the werewolves, claiming that his wife had ordered him to charge the werewolves a small fee to use the wing as Reggie's wages were poor. However, his wife kept making him increase the fee, which meant that Danny could no longer afford to make the payments.

Reggie was found to be innocent after the team incarcerated Serena Kwame for Danny's murder.


  • While unconfirmed, it is highly speculated that Reggie is a descendant of Regulus, given their similar appearances and that Reggie told the team that one of his ancestor had been a Roman centurion.

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