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Rathimael (also known as Bob Nelson and The Pilgrim), appearing as a minor character in Criminal Case, was mentioned during the events of several cases in Supernatural Investigations.


Rathimael was a demon who participated in the demon war on the rebel side. After the war, he lived on Earth under the guise of Bob Nelson. As Bob, he had brown hair and wore a green jumper over a white, long-sleeved collared shirt.

Events of Criminal Case

Scry for Help

When Arthur Darkwood told the team about the demon war, he said that Rathimael had made the five keys to the cage in which the rebels locked the demon queen. Four of the keys were: the Scimitar of Carpathia and the Manuscript of Benbecula, which were already stolen from the Louvre and the Smithsonian, respectively. The other two keys were a sextant aboard a sunken ship guarded by the Kraken (but eventually stolen) as well as the core of a magical tree in Yellowstone, guarded by werewolves but stolen by Zeke Davis. However, Rathimael had been captured, tortured, and killed by the queen's supporters before he was able to divulge the identity of the fifth key. Arthur did not know Rathimael's human identity, but he did know that he lived on the East Coast for a while.

No Leg to Stand On

In Highsmith University in Pennsylvania, the team met Johann Zeit, a revenant who encountered an entity called "The Pilgrim" seeming to fit the description of a demon. Johann then told the team stories of The Pilgrim, who was said to have won a card game via mind-reading, chased down the street by his challenger, only to find that he had disappeared. Simultaneously, a hunter had spotted him in a forest miles away. He then told the team that there was a parchment in the library named "The Pilgrim's map" which was said to bestow passing grades to students who touched it. The team found the map which had a red circle around the area of upstate New York.

Niagara Fallen

At the Supernatural Ball in Niagara Falls, the team found case files belonging to FBI paranormal consultant Bucky Johnson regarding The Pilgrim. In it, they found a cold case regarding a body burned beyond recognition near Niagara Falls and with traces of sulfur on the crime scene. Because the body had a colonial coin on it, the investigators nicknamed the victim as "The Pilgrim". With the team concluding that it was Rathimael who had been killed near Niagara Falls, George Mathison gave an address related to The Pilgrim — 95 Tumbleweed Crescent in Salem, Massachusetts.

Hocus Pocus

The team then investigated the attic of the mansion at 95 Tumbleweed Crescent, which had been converted to a witch museum. They found a ring belonging to Rathimael. Arthur said that Rathimael had owned the ring since before the war, but there was a new magical inscription only viewable with the Eye of Sparron, which the team discovered was stored in the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C.

Scarab to Death

In the Smithsonian, the team found the Eye, and they were able to decipher the inscription, which listed symbols of all five keys. From it, the team learned that the fifth key was a human baby. The team then learned that Theresa Rosenthal had spearheaded an archaeological dig near 95 Tumbleweed Crescent. Rosenthal then recalled that the man living at 95 Tumbleweed Crescent was an odd, creepy man named Bob Nelson, who was always holding a baby.

The Third Degree

After Rosenthal was driven to suicide by one of the queen's supporters, the team found in her belongings a picture of Rathimael along with the baby serving as the fifth key. Later, the team discovered that the baby was actually Hope. Arthur then told the team that Rathimael had stored the demon queen's cage in a dimension with periodically waxing and waning forces that would strengthen and weaken the cage at different times.

To the Lighthouse

After finding out that supernatural hunter Falcon had bound the demon queen to Lily Arrow's body, the team went to interrogate him. Falcon told the team that he had joined forces with Rathimael to destroy the demon queen during the demon war. After the queen was defeated, the two of them decided to put the queen in a cage that would have to be made from an utterly pure being. However, the only one who fit the qualifications was Lily, who was actually a good fairy who had her wings cut. Feeling guilty, Falcon told the team that he got a vampire to drain Lily's blood and that he and Rathimael exhumed her body from the grave a week after in order to bound the queen to her body. Due to his penetrable mind, he then left before Rathimael imprisoned the queen in the cage locked with the five keys.

Divided We Fall

After the supernatural alliance meeting took place, the team found and restored the note detailing about the demons' weakness, which was erased by vampire leader turned demon ally Roxanne Vega. Felix and Hope found out that Rathimael wrote the note saying that "There is still hope." The team then talked to Ben regarding the note, who agreed with them that it probably meant Hope herself. Ben and Hope then decided to start looking through her notes during her mentorship under Rathimael to discover how she could bring down the demons.

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