Raphael Soza was a suspect in the murder investigation of his girlfriend, teenager Jennifer Carter, in The Grim Butcher (Case #3 of Grimsborough). 


Raphael is an 18-year-old man who has black hair and green eyes. He is seen with a green top under a brown jacket which has a few rips in it. It is known that Raphael's feet measure 10 inches and he is a smoker.

Height 5'9"
Age 18
Weight 130 lbs
Eyes green
Blood O+

Events of Criminal Case

Raphael was an apprentice in Raoul Colletti's meat butchery house who lived in Cooperville.

Raphael was interrogated after the player and Jones found out he had access to Raoul's warehouse apart from Raoul, which was the murder scene. Raphael said he was working for Raoul for two years and after being asked about the victim, he said they did not had any great amount of interaction.

Raphael was interrogated again after the team found his DNA on Jennifer's panties. Raphael said he did not knew anything about them.

Raphael was interrogated for the third time after the player and Jones found the victim's diary which indicated that he and the victim were in an affair. After being asked about it, Raphael told them Jennifer kept putting pressure on him to break up with Trish Colletti, his girlfriend, which he couldn't do.

Raphael was found innocent after the player found enough evidence to arrest Trish for the murder.


  • In the mobile variant of Criminal Case, Raphael's hairstyle is slightly different, and he sports a stain on the left side of his jacket (see image).
    • Also, in a later update of the mobile port, his head is tilted in the "Suspects" section of the case screen after Chapter 3.

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