Ralph McKenzie was the killer of his nephew, racer Jerry McKenzie, in Dead Heat (Case #12 of Supernatural Investigations).


Ralph is a 62-year-old former racer and uncle of the victim. He has wrinkles, brown eyes, balding black hair, a gray mustache and beard, and liver spots. He wears a mint green polo shirt with a cream collar and gray buttons, along with a logo of a green horse on his left lapel. It is known that Ralph knows how to cast spells, drinks Rocket Cow and wears sunscreen.

Height 6'0"
Age 62
Weight 232 lbs
Eyes brown
Blood AB+

Events of Criminal Case

Ralph became a suspect after Luke and the player discovered that he was the victim's uncle. He described Ralph's death as a tragedy and revealed that he had been fortunate to only sustain injuries during his forty year career, whereas Jerry had been killed during his first race.

Ralph was spoken to again about the law school brochure he had given to Jerry. He told the team that the racing life was dangerous, so he had tried to persuade Jerry to live a safe, secure life. He then mentioned an old church friend of Jerry's being disappointed with his life choices.

In the end, it was proven that Ralph was Jerry's killer. Initially denying the murder, Ralph admitted that he made a deal with the Devil that he made in his youth, promising him success in racing on the condition that he be the last racer in his bloodline or he would suffer eternal hellfire. When Jerry thought of getting into racing, Ralph started seeing signs of the Devil coming for him. He then placed a cursed jar in Jerry's car to ensure that he would not be able to race again. The team presented Ralph to Chief Arrow, who informed him that the Devil was not real, and that he entirely owed his success at racing to his own skill. With the indirect nature of the murder, Ralph could not be properly indicted in a court of law, however, only being burdened by the thought of him pointlessly murdering his own nephew.


  • As Ralph turns out to be the killer of his nephew at the climax of his murder investigation, he is thus far one of the killers in Supernatural Investigations to commit domestic homicide.

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