Radovan Radich (Srb: Радован Радић) was the victim in Eastern Promises (Case #13 of Pacific Bay).


Radovan was a shisha shop owner. He had short gray hair, blue eyes, and a light stubble. He donned a long white tunic shirt, a red collar, and a brown overcoat. He also donned a pair of brown jeans and shoes.

Murder details

Frank and the player found Radovan impaled on a Cupid's Arrow wedding decoration in the reception room during his daughter's wedding. After filing the Cupid's Arrow as the murder weapon, they sent his body to Roxie, who noted that Radovan's lungs were taken post-mortem. She also found handprints left by the killer when they pushed him to death, finding traces of shisha pipe fluid, meaning that the killer smoked shisha pipes.

Relationship with suspects

Radovan's daughter, Manka Srebnik, loved him as a daughter but found him annoying, especially after he had disinherited her. Radovan did not like Manka to marry Steve Srebnik, even signing him up for a dating profile behind his back. When the wedding pushed through, Radovan decided to invite the Chinese much to Steve's displeasure as he did not want them (as a Serbian couple supposedly allied with the Russians) to be socializing with the Chinese. Radovan invited them partly due to his shisha shop being administered by businesswoman Sue Xiong. However, ready to retire and start dissociating from the Chinese for the sake of him and his daughter, Radovan was planning to sell his shop to Sue for $5000.

Meanwhile, Radovan was keeping tabs on street urchin Ahmet, even hiring PI Eduardo Ramirez in order to send him to school and improve his life. Radovan was also a client to hammam masseur Tom Zhang, who did not like Radovan rambling about his daughter during their massage sessions as it disrupted his concentration.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be Tom.

Tom denied involvement but then admitted to the crime. Tom felt alone and wanted to belong somewhere. To prove his toughness to a Chinese gang and gain their acceptance, Tom decided to kill a non-Chinese person. He snuck into the Serbian wedding and pushed Radovan against a Cupid's arrow sculpture, impaling him. Judge Dante sentenced him to 20 years in jail.

Later, the team would learn that Radovan's lungs were stolen by Mark McKenzie under Rupert Snow's orders, who wanted his lungs transplanted in him to "breathe the air of a fresh city" in his grotesque plan to end the community feud in Inner City.

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